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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 6, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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prime minister benjiman netanyahu. thanks for joining us. it's the "hannity" program. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> president obama is not using the power of the presidency. basic power of the american presidency is the power to persuade >> but is mr. obama beyond persuading anyone? a new poll sends him a message from the folks. we'll run it down for you tonight. >> just to be precise and all foreign aid including the foreign aid to israel as well, is that right? >> yes. >> but now senator paul has changed his story on israel sore so it seems. tonight we'll debut a brand-new segment called "truth or spin?" >> why? >> because you're lazy. >> the iconic actress sophia
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loren has a strong message for american parents. i wonder what that could be. dennis miller tells us. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching. the folks sent president obama a message the subject of this evening's talking points memo. a new "wall street journal"/nbc news poll of 1,000 adults is proof that barack obama is in trouble. that poll has historically been friendly to the president. but this time the stats are grim. here we go. do you feel confident or not confident that life for our children's generation will be better than it has been for us? just 21% of americans feel confident about that. 76% are not confident. do you think things in the nation are gem headed in the
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right direction or off track? 22% right direction, a whopping 71% wrong track. do you approve or disapprove of the job barack obama is doing as president? 40% approve. 54% disapprove. 6% not sure. do you approve or disapprove of the job congress is doing? 14% approve. 79% disapprove. 7% not sure. how do you feel towards republicans in congress? positive, 19%. neutral, 24%, negative, 54%. how do you feel about democrats? positive, 31%, neutral, 21%, negative, 46%. finally are you satisfied or dissatisfied about how the united states is dealing with immigrant children from central america? 11% satisfied. 64% dissatisfied. 20% don't know enough. now, here's what the poll tells us americans do not believe the country is being run effectively.
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in congress they blame republicans more than democrats but both parties get scorched. and finally president obama receives low numbers on just about every vital issue. it's very bad news for liberal america which continues to support the president. here's how dan rather put it. >> president obama is not using the power of the presidency. the basic power of the american presidency is the power to persuade, to persuade your own people, to follow your leadership and to follow those, persuade those overseas to follow. now, the power of the presidency has been declining through at least our last two presidencies with president george bush. there's no magic wand they can wave to solve that. >> mr. rather despising president oba president bush the younger and president obama is stymied by the problems he inherited. that is false. there's no need for a magic wand
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when you have six years to improve things. ronald reagan inherited a mess from jimmy carter and turned it around. lincoln walked into incredible chaos largely the fault of his predecessor james buchanan but he prevailed. president obama did inherit a terrible economy but a fairly stable foreign situation. not only has mr. obama failed to improve the economic story but on his watch foreign policy is nearly collapsed. by nearly every measure things are worse in america than when he took office. summing up, the american people sending president obama a very clear message, they're losing faith. and that's a memo. the top story reaction joining us dr. goolsbee former economic advise ir. i want to keep this in the big picture, but if you feel i'm being unfair to the president who you know very well and you worked for him let menow now if i'm being unfair. >> well, i think you're being a
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little unfair. you know, i think if you take just the economy, the early period of his first term for sure it's going down and really down the tubes but if you look at the last two years, we have had modest success and things have been coming back. the last six months we've had jobs over 200,000 a month. the last time we put six months together in a row like that was almost 20 years ago and we've added more than 10 million jobs the last 4 1/2 years so -- >> but here's why that at that time -- >> i don't think it's fair to say that everything is worse. >> here's why that doesn't resonate with the folks, and it doesn't. every poll shows most people think we're still in a depression. not a depression, a recession. here's why it doesn't resonate because wages are going down. fin to go down so the jobs that have been created don't pay much and that's the barometer of a good economy. consumer buying power in a
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capitalistic society so overwhelmingly the american public is not happy with the economy, does not think it's improving because for them it isn't. they're not making more money and prices are rising on everything they need. there's that. but surely you understand, surely you understand that when 79% which includes liberals and democrats and, you know, everybody, say, look, my kids, they're not going to have it -- even as well as i had it. that is devastating. >> look, i agree with that. that's the most disturbing thing in that poll, and that has actually been that style of thing has been growing over the last 15 years. i think we should be highly nervous about that. but i really don't think that has to do with what's happened in the last two years or last four years in congress. >> what's the explanation? why are americans so negative toward their country's future?
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if it's not the present administration, what is it? >> well, i think it's, "a," a lot of fundamental forces this the economy and,"b" when you're in a period that's not going that well where the economy is not going as strongly as what traditionally it has, people tend to be quite pessimistic about the administration, about congress and about the future. if you remember in 1983, when the economy was toughest for ronald reagan his approval rating was in the 30%. >> but he turned it around in six years. >> he did. >> and president obama has not. >> i think part of it -- i agree with you. most of it is the economy and most of it is a struggle to get ahead by working americans and that's why they're pessimistic but there's also the visible decline of american power overseas. people aren't stupid. they see the isis army unchecked, putting out a video
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mocking the president of the united states. they see putin massing troops, grabbing the crimea. they see iran basically gaming us on the nuke issue. they see china seizing islands it has no right to seize, and they see president obama not doing anything in the face of the provocations. that gets in there sfw. >> i don't know. that's being unfair. in my opinion the foreign policy decisions and mistakes that preceded obama were far worse than anything you would list that has happened here. >> when president obama came in, it was a stable situation in iraq. when he came in, it was stable. when he came in, it was fairly stable in afghanistan. casualties were not high. >> i'm happy not to go to war in -- we may have a diggs agreement -- >> you just said the problems
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overseas were worse, right, than they are now. >> they were going to war -- going to war in places where we shouldn't have done to war bringing discredit on america and making us look bad in the world i think that was far worse in previous presidencies than anything -- >> i don't know. i think american powary end the majority of americans by the polls agree with me is significantly -- has been significantly downgraded in the past six year. go ahead. >> even in those polls we had an election in 2012 in which there was an alternative and people said here's a different way to manage the economy and america voted and said we don't trust the other guys to do it better than what the current guy is doing. >> absolutely. things have gotten worse in the last two year, doctor, always good to debate you. you're very bright we appreciate you coming on. two illegal aliens kill a border patrol agent. later, miller on america's
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terrible story out of texas. two illegal aliens, charged with murdering a border patrol agent. these two thugs have been arrested multiple times, supported multiple times but they're still here. the agent survived by a wife and three sons, you can imagine their suffering. now to explain further and give us his border plan. lou dobbs. how could this happen? these guy, they were apprehended and convicted of crimes, right? >> right. and further, they crossed the border multiple times. and then were deported. >> they got caught, sent back.
8:14 pm
they're mexicans. >> absolutely, right. >> okay. >> and the fact is that in the instance of one of these gentlemen, four times that we know of, only that we know of, four times caught, apprehended and return ed then he comes bac. >> did he commit any other crimes in the united states other than crossing the border illegally. >> we don't know. we don't even know the caliber of weapon or the type of weapon used to kill agent vega. >> the texas authorities say it was a robbery attempt. >> right. >> hot a confrontation with a border patrol agent. it was a robbery attempt in rural texas and they didn't though it was a border patrol agent but shot him in front of his wife and kid. >> as he tried to defend himself as his father who was also armed then exchanged gun fire with these two men. this, as you say, in front of his three children. in front of other children who
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were there, his wife. it is just -- it was horrific. >> what it says in the big picture we do not have a secure border an the other thick is, if you're deported once and come back again that should be a felony. they should go to federal prison for that. >> you have like me been told how many timeses by the left in particular it is not a crime to cross our boarder. >> civil violation. >> tase civil violation the first time. the second time -- >> should be. >> it is under section 1325 of the u.s. code, it is a felony. >> is that right? i did not know that. >> two years in prison and the left has been pushing this, the activists, the bush administration. >> why weren't these guys charged with that penalty. >> because the border patrol under this president has a policy, in some sectors you have to show up and be deported at least seven times before anyone gets serious about you actually -- >> the federal government
8:16 pm
declined to prosecute these guys, even hoe it was a four, they did it four -- they declined to prosecute them. >> i think we can be more specific, bill. this president is insisting that there be no prosecution. >> how do you know he's up cysting? >> because it is his border patrol under his homeland security. >> the fact that he hasn't given them a mandate to prosecute all border crossers for the second time if they come across, the fact he hasn't done an executive order saying that means that you say it's on him. >> it is definitely on him because, let's go back to 2012, his executive order that is the foundation of what he calls a humanitarian crisis on our border with mexico now, that was at his direct order that there be deferred prosecution. >> for -- >> right. >> for minors and his -- >> he could have done that. he could have said, all right, i'm going to defer the minors, but i'm going to get tough on the guys who are deporting and
8:17 pm
coming over and this and that like these two kill sflers exactly. >> and -- >> a grow with you. >> the fact he has pulled the border patrol back in every sector, nearly every sector. >> we have some -- an example of that. roll the tape. >> border patrol. how many people on board? >> me. >> are you a citizen? >> yeah, but does it really matter? >> not anymore. thank you. > that border patrol agent didn't know he was being photographed. that truck driver had the cam in his truck and that's the attitude. not anymore. so i think your case is a very persuasive one. we can't get to lose border thing -- we will the next time you're in there. >> the nation will be patient. >> but this is very important, though. what we stated tonight is very important. we can mott have the law selectively enforced by the u.s. justice department. if these guys come back after being deported they have to be prosecuted.
8:18 pm
don't you agree with that? >> oh, absolutely. >> they have to be. >> the constitution of the united states has clearly this president must execute faithfully the laws of this nation. >> this has to stop now. mr. vega is dead because these thugs four times and they didn't prosecute when they should have. >> and, bill, the effect of all of this, this refusal to enforce laws -- >> it's got to stop. >> is effective ly aligning the united states with drug cartels and that has to stop. >> it's creating a massive amount of chaos in the system. lou dobbs,en, and he will be back shortly with his border plan. directly ahead. brand-new "factor" segment called truth serum. senator rand paul in the st stoplight. stoplight. watters visiting key [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ mom ] with life insurance, we're not just insuring our lives...
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vrments tonight we introduce "truth serum" where we take statements made by public figures and determine accuracy. with senator rand paul who in 2011 talked about aid to israel. >> i don't think funding both sides of an arm race particularly when we've got to borrow the money from china to send it to someone else, we just can't do it anymore. the debt is all-consuming and it threatens our well-being as a country. >> all right, so just to be precise end all foreign aid including the aid to israel as well, is that right? >> yes. >> that sounds pretty definite, does it not? however when asked yesterday about aid to israel, the senator said this -- >> i think the print headlines saying rand paul wants to end aid to israel just not true and
8:23 pm
inappropriate. really doesn't represent the truth. >> all right. here thousand to help us out with the truth serum segment fox news correspondents. here's your big moment. it looks like senator paul is not being up front. what's the deal? >> this is really interesting. he is tapping around doing a dance when asked directly if he changed his position as if he's tried to cut aid to israel here's what he said and how he words things. he never had a legislative proposal to do that. the problem is, he's talked about it out loud as we saw on camera. >> right. >> in the past. here's the truth. he has advocated for cutting aid to israel but hasn't singled israel out. what he's done in the past is advocating cutting all foreign aid. remember, he was elected 2011 and gets in office. he was a big favorite of the tea party. >> okay, so he wants all across the board foreign aid because of the debt and he says it's not just israel. >> right, exactly. that's what he's argued for in
8:24 pm
the past. of course, positions, things happen. he's proposed -- it was an ambitious effort when he got into office. he wanted to see the budget balanced in five years or so. pretty ambitious. of course, noting that the country's carrying this enormous debt, however, since that time in other budget proposals he's made he has advocated for aid for israel to the tune of up to $5 billion in some cases. de give us a statement here, once again, saying he never proposed any legislation. >> yeah, but i mean -- that's a dodge because i mean how many people would propose legislation on specific -- >> they like to point out that they've attempted to passion the stand with israel act, a bill -- >> let's be polite and say he may have changed his mind. >> right. >> he's ott as tough as he was in 2011. i think that's fair. thank you. now, we had a discussion last week about the border and how porous the border is and in that discussion, simon rosenberg, a smart guy, said, hey, o'reilly,
8:25 pm
you're a pinnen head because there really isn't an uptickn people crossing the border. roll the tape. >> let's be clear about the flow, right? under bill clinton it was 600,000 a year. under george bush it was 400,000. under barack obama it's down to zero. the flow of undocumented immigrants into the united states has gone to zereoue down from when mr. sweet was in office with -- >> what do you zero? >> the net flow -- no, that's wrong. that's simply wrong. >> all right. eric shawn, what's the truth. >> it's cockamamie. look at the facts. the pew center says in 2008 there were 11.8 million illegal americans. it was president bush in office. the first year of president obama's administration, there were 11.3 million illegal
8:26 pm
immigrants, that means, bill, there's really an increase of 400,000 and that doesn't even include the last three years. >> we don't have stats for the last three years. >> '13 and '14 but this explosion on the southern border so you know more are coming in. >> we don't know now and the left is claiming, look, the border is secure because it's pretty much the same under bush and obama but the economy sent a lot of people back. but now the flow is upticking in >> that's right? all right, so we're really not going to know how many are coming in under president obama until the stats for '12, '13 and '14 roll in. it should be soon for '12. >> by the end of the year but look what's happening on the border, 57,000 kid, 100,000 in october. >> that's the estimate now. >> 500% increase just on the -- >> you saw with lou dobbs, these guys are getting deported four times and coming back and the government is not prosecuting them as felons.
8:27 pm
all right. so that was good, right? >> yeah, it was great. >> we'll do that every week if they behave. but thanks for coming in. >> bill, thank you. "the factor" move as long and miller warming up. he wants to talk point weakness of america and sophia loren, the iconic italian actress. watters venturing into crazy waters. key west, florida. i hope you stay tuned for those reports. introducing nexium 24hr finally, the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand, comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™
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personal story segment. facebook, the internet site ten years old. 73% of americans ages 12 to 17 are on it. billions worldwide use it. is that a good thing? joining us now from philadelphia dr. chuck williams who teaches psychology at drexler. katie greer, former director of internet safety for the massachusetts attorney general, now runs her own consulting company. miss greer, begin with you. kids and facebook, what's your verdict? >> my verdict is what makes facebook so wonderful for kids is a double-edged sword and makes it dangerous. kids love to share and connect. but they also overshare and they also overconnect, so for me if kids are using the rules and if they're getting -- if kids are following the rules and getting some limitations and restrictions at home along with some oversight, i'm okay with it but there's a big concern for me when it comes to privacy when it
8:32 pm
comes to oversharing and when it comes to connecting with strangers. >> what are the rules? >> the rules are you have to be at least 13 to be on facebook and, bill, i will tell you i'm in school as cross the cotry and i go into kindergarten classrooms and see a large amount of kids on facebook and networking site sdmrgs that rule doesn't matter. any other rules. >> no. >> the rules -- that's it. correct, correct. >> now, parents have a difficult time, doctor, monitoring facebook because the passwords are changed frequently. some children don't give their parents the password and i s it as potentially very, very destructive although i understand communication is good but it's not personal communication now and that's a whole different deal. how do you see it? >> when you talk about facebook being potentially dangerous and how challenging it may be for parents to keep up, i believe we're sort of letting them off the hook, so to speak. when i talk about this issue and i do far too often what you'll
8:33 pm
find is far too many parents, adults, care givers are not aware that their kids are signed up for social media sites and have social media apps and use them and not aware of the danger, for example, cyberbullying. cyberstalking, child exploitation, these stupid and dangerous games that kids play from the knockout game to flash mob and, bill, i don't know if you heard of the latest trend, talk about stupid pet tricks, talk about stupid human trick, kids setting themselves on fire, videotaping it and posting it online. >> we'll do an investigative report on it next week. what can parent does? say the kid sets up a private facebook account and they have one or two friends, then it's hard to get into those things so have to demand your child -- know about it, first of all. these kids can do stuff, miss greer that parents are not aware of. they're so savvy these day. >> parents stick their head in
8:34 pm
the proverbial sand because this is overwhelming technology that is changing constantly. facebook is one of the culprits and some are moving away from it because it changes con aptly so for parents to keep on top of it they definitely need to be able to say no to their kids and one thing that i always recommend to parents is having their user name and passan word. if you find your kids aren't giving thaw information there's probably a good reason -- >> take the thing away from them. >> yes. absolutely. >> or shut it down and all of that. i agree with you guys. you know, 12 to 17, 73% of every kid in this country using it and they're immature, doctor, and they can be lured into certain thing, say certain things, do certain things, bad picture, bad language and that's forever. whoever gets it can store it forever. >> i agree, bill, and like katie said, parents are burying their heads in the sand but it's about more than just that.
8:35 pm
it's about more than knowing what the technology is, how it's used and the dangers. it's about setting a tone in your home in terms of what you will allow or disallow and that's what the research shows, if you say to your children, this is not allowed. i don't want bullying or name calling. i don't want you to posting pictures, sexting, you don't follow your kid to schooll but f you bring them up right hopefully they behave. >> all kids make mistakes and all can succumb to temptation and this is a big temptation. doctor, and miss greer, we'll give you the last word, go. >> i think also people don't understand it spreads like wildfire so these bad decisions are not ones we make once in a while. they stay there forever. you can't just erase it so i agree with dr. williams thaw got to talk in the home bit and you've got to start early because these kids are on early? all computers should be in common areas where anything can
8:36 pm
be seen at any time. >> absolutely. >> not behind closed doors, none of them. miss grier, doctor, thank you very much. when we come back, miller on america's weakness and what sophia loren can teach us. and watters in key west. you got to see it. right back. (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel tight like a vise. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like rocks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements. it helps you proactively manage your symptoms. do not give linzess to children under 6, and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe.
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thanks for staying with us. the miller time segment. southern california and joins us from santa barbara. earlier i did a two-part talking points memo on billo' on america's weakness and miller wanted to weigh in on that. what say you. >> well, first off let me explain the beard, billy. one of the new drought protocols out here. kill your lawn, grow a beard so i just wanted to explain the different look. i thought it was a really salient view o the state of the -- i guess at this point in history the state of the disunion and the peoplehood expialidocious. what was that cat that called it peoplehood? i thought it was a good breakdown. >> why -- michael eric dyson, white peoplehood is dominating america. >> can i tell you at this point
8:41 pm
the only thing i still dig about barack obama is that he's black, all right. i mean it was time we had a black president. i'm happy about that it's just the rest of it i don't get. >>o do you believe that when you were a child america was a stronger country or it has been -- has it been a facade? beckel and the left are saying it's not that we're weaker, miller, it's we're realigning, it's just changing, morphing. >> well, any time you realign an you're no longer at the top of the flowchart and you're the most benevolent country on the planet i don't think it's good for the world at large. i think there's like a gravitational field in the world, billy, and we're the tent pole in it and i think a lot of this stuff that gets pushed down the road crimea, isis, i think all that happens when the tent pole is not there. i think at some point people think, we better not push them.
8:42 pm
they don't screw around. i don't want to say frightened. i want to say aware of our ethics. we are an ethical principled country and go so far with bullies then we got to flatten somebody and i don't think they think we're in that business anymore. >> we're not in that business anymore. we're being taunted by isis. they're saying they'll raise the flag of muhammad in the white house on video they're saying that. putin basically every time you turn around he's got more troops on ukraine or whatever. what the hell does he want ukraine? what good does it do russia? it doesn't do any good at all. they're just doing it because they can. they know there won't be any response to that. >> well, listen, how do you think putin reads it? i saw president obama giving a speech this morning where he said, mr. putin, rebuild that wall. i don't think it's the same. >> he might. now, miller and i go to a lot of places and one of the places we
8:43 pm
visit on the road is sophia loren's movie, "boy on a dolphin." roll it. >> hey. >> why you do that? >> because you're lazy. i work. >> miller puts forth that miss everybody in that movie. go. >> billy, if that isn't a litmus test i don't know what is. whenever they talk about homosexuality and they say, you know, i hear fundamentalists say get some therapy or will your way out of it, i always want to say, hey, it's my dennis miller theory of homosexuality shot
8:44 pm
through the prism of the technicolor film classic "boy on a dolphin." 23-year-old sophia loren crawls up after the aegean sea after divering in that see-through gauze top riff lets of water dropping off her olive skinned areolas and you're 12 and you're watching that and still want to do it with the captain of the boat, you're gay, all right? case closed. >> so that -- that's it, right? >> what are you going to say? hey, forget her. who's this guy in the capri pants laying in the net. come on, you're gay. >> that makes it easy for all parents. show them at 12 that movie -- >> right there you know -- >> you know. >> you can prepare after that.
8:45 pm
>> there you go, billy. you know the lay of the land. >> miss loren has a book coming out and perhaps she'll come to "the factor" and we can discuss it further. >> well, you tell me if she's coming in the studio because i'm flying in too. >> all right. that will keep her out of the studio, miller. i have to say, though -- dennis miller, everybody and just four shows you get a taste of what's in them in 2014 left. october 24th will be in west virginia to charleston auditorium. that will be fun. next night saturday, october 25th. philadelphia at the tower theater. then on friday, november 7th, big show at caesars palace, vegas, saturday, december 6th, boston at the wang center. that's almost sold out so hurry up you guys in upg new england tickets going fast at billo' we will continue our special series with jesse in key west, florida. hot down there, hot up here. hot down there, hot up here. back in a moment. like diet can negatively impact good bacteria?
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back of the book segment. we continue our series on the best of "watters' world." maybe best isn't the right word. what the heck. tonight watters celebrates citizenship and goes to the super bowl and shows up in key west, florida. ♪ >> the economic model here in the united states of america, what is that? >> mhonestly not too sure about that. >> to me i'm not the brainiac of all brainiacs. >> you're not. >> no. >> money. >> money. >> everybody knows that. >> cuba has communism and we have what --
8:50 pm
>> stress. >> we have stress. >> we're capitalism. we have some socialism aspects of our economy -- >> unfortunately.unfortunately. >> is this a fox news? >> just kidding around. >> i'm just being humorous. >> how many senators are there in the u.s. senate? >> ten. >> i'm going to go with 300. >> there's about 25 or more. >> i'm so bad at this stuff. >> 52. >> more. >> 50. >> more. >> 70? >> more. >> 80. >> more. >> 100. >> yes! >> do you even care about the super bowl? >> i don't care about the super bowl. i'd take football off the air, as far as i'm concerned. >> do you even know who is playing? >> yeah, it's the albuquerque
8:51 pm
balloons. >> the football guys. >> this is for bill o'reilly. >> okay. >> all right? >> o'reillyy invited you on the show and i don't think you've been on. what happened? >> i work a lot. >> busy? >> yeah. >> we'd love to have you. >> thank you so much. >> what do i need to do? >> stick to this. you seem to be improving. >> you cannot be serious. >> how hard are you going to hit the party scene this weekend? >> maybe hit the payote. >> you must want to legalize marijuana. you seem like a real weed guy. >> no. >> you seem like the guy that would be -- >> very modest. >> thank you. >> you're keeping them guessing, aren't you? >> smackers! >> what are you doing down here? >> i moved here in 1999 and i'm
8:52 pm
just wasting time. >> a long week for a drink. >> let me talk. >> in new york, everything is yesterday. everything is like, come on, let's do this. and down here it's, i'll get my mail tomorrow. >> oh, man. i have too much stuff in my hand. >> spilled the bud light. >> oopsie. >> what do you guys do for fun out here? >> usually drink and chase women. >> i don't think so. >> ever worn a suit? >> you need to wax your eyebrows. >> could you do that for me in the parking lot? >> this is a little awkward. >> are you on food stamps? >> yes. i trade it for beer and vodka and cigarettes. >> you know you're supposed to be spending it on food. >> yes. >> do you know who i am? i am watters. >> no. >> beautiful place, key west.
8:53 pm
watters' is on vacation. he's not in key west. back with the tip of the day and discount for praying. discount for praying. part two tip, mome if you suffer from constipation, you will likely also suffer from gas. introducing new dulcogas, which starts working to eliminate gas bubbles in minutes for effective relief. dulcogas, from the makers of dulcolax- nothing relieves gas faster.
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top tip today, praying for a discount. first, we have replicas on parchment. you can frame them up. prices are very low because we want everybody to have them. also, we have mugs, all kinds of sayings on them. these are terrific mugs. and you get them almost at cost. you stock up for gift giving and get one for yourself. you'll like them. as premium members get discounts on top of the discounts. you might want to check out our premium membership program.
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now, the reason america is hated in the islamic world is because it supports israel. that is true. i've spent enough time over there to know that. but what are we supposed to do? don't jewish people have a right to live? shouldn't the usa support a democracy under siege? we're doing the right thing. mike o'neil, new zealand, how can americans entertain complaints about racism when you have a black president and attorney general? racism is used as a weapon and crutch in this country. it's wrong but it's real. barbara reid, anderson, california. you misspoke when you said obama is not playing the race card. he said trayvon martin could have been his son. my analysis is, he was comforting the martin family there, barbara. that being said, no president should ever, ever comment on a criminal case until after it has been adjudicated.
8:57 pm
daniel plum, wisconsin, president obama is failing as a leader of a free world. do you still believe he is a patriot? i'm so glad you asked that question, dan. when i said that to jimmy fallon a few months ago, some on the right got very upset with me. here's the deal. i believe barack obama sincerely wants to help the have-nots in america. i believe that. that's patriotic. but i also believe, based on the facts, that his policies have largely failed to do that and have even brought less prosperity to the poor precincts. that is a performance failure, not a patriotic one. he just wants it. foster, rhode island, as a former marine, i will not buy any product from mexico until subject tahmooressi is released.
8:58 pm
he gave his life, no one killed him. false, bill. the romans killed him in the most gruesome way possible and jesus suffered mightily before his ordeal knowing what was going to happen to him. paul stefan, buffalo, new york. no one cares who killed general patton. you are wrong. in the last days of world war ii and his strange death bears investigating which martin and i did. september 23rd and we'll see. we'll see. tip of the day, part two of getting a discount. tip last night mentioned that in winston, north carolina, if you say grace before your meal, they knock off 15% of the check. well, this letter rolled in from
8:59 pm
a man who lives in nor da and a restaurant that gives a prayer discount is discriminating against nonreligious folks. boulder dash, robert. let's get you up to speed on freedom. and that's the tip of the day. in your life, you have a constitutional right to be as generous as you want to specific people. it doesn't matter whether it's a business discount, a random act of kindness, you are free to give. you have two menus for the same items, that may be a certain deal. but you're absolutely right, be as generous as you can and choose wisely. and that is it for us today. please check out the fox news website. billo' thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. i believe i am, anyway.
9:00 pm
i was when i began the broadcast. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new video of a massive military exercise showing russian troops on the ukrainian border as secretary of defense chuck hagel warned, the threat of a russian ground invasion is growing. nato saying there are 20,000 russian troops poised to invade ukraine at any moment and without warning. in just minutes, we're going to speak with lieutenant colonel ralph peters who says he believes there's a good chance that russia will invade. breaking tonight, president obama facing tough questions about his go it alone approach to go