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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 7, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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dvr if you can't watch it live. answer this, do you think president obama is engaged in his job or fining it in? don't forget 10:00 sean hannity has benjamin netanyahu. good night from washington. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> translator: we fled our house, money and properties behind when we heard the bombings. >> thousands fleeing terrorists in iraq as the isis army takes more ground. does president obama even care about the murder and mayhem? we will have a special report. >> we don't know yet whether sanctions are working. >> i'm a bit confused. as a russian tyrant putin masses troops on the border and henry will try to school me tonight. ♪ i love him so ♪ he'll never know
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>> also ahead, a celebrity war breaking out over israel. some prominent jewish hollywood stars remaining silent over the conflict with hamas. while other celebrities are actually criticizing israel. bernie goldberg on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching. the usa stands down in the face of hostile action. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the isis terror army now fighting the curds in iraq and in the west lebanese forces as it tries to establish a muslim caliphate in the middle east. the offshoot of al qaeda controls much of iraq and syria and is threatening lebanon and jordan, as well. according to the u.n. at least 200,000 refugees have fled these
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killers while murdering christians and other folks they don't like in grisly ways. yet president obama has not yet ordered the u.s. military to move against them. the administration continues to study the situation. although today there were indications that some bombing is being considered. the obama administration will understand most americans do not want any reinvolvement in iraq. and are tired of sacrificing for foreign nations. but that is foolish thinking. you don't walk away from a dire threat. you confront it in a smart way. the isis army could be downgraded by using american air power and drones. without the usa getting directly involved with iraqi politics which is a fool's ear and. a country must sort out its own problems but the isis threat extends far beyond baghdad and here's where they're making a mistake. they're allow islamic terrorism to gain power. >> it's important for everyone to understand and the president
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has made this clear there are no american military solutions to the problems in iraq. we can't solve these problems for them. >> but we can diminish the fighting ability of isis and we should because they will come after us eventually. so question the americans look weak. the russian tyrant massing forces on the eastern border of ukraine continuing to sabre rattle despite economic sanctions. does president obama even have a plan ready to go in case putin does invade that sovereign country? if so, might it not deter russia if that plan was made public? it's completely understandable many americans do not want to involve our country. in far away places like ukraine and the middle east where most americans will never go and do not understand that the world is interconnected. for example, if the taliban defeats the afghan forces that we armed and trained, yet
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another terrorist state will re-emerge and as we saw on 9/11 these fanatics are not just content with brutalizing their own people, they want to kill us and other infidels all over the world. talking points have said for years american power is the last hope in defeating worldwide terrorism. who will do it if we do not? spain? but president obama seems comfortable staying on the sidelines with the rest of the world allowing isis and putin to disrupt civilly sachlgs the l g longer we wait the more painful the confrontation will be and that's a memo. top story reaction. general wesley clark former supreme allied commander of nato. where am i going wrong? >> i think isis will be a threat to the united states. it's not a threat right now. has some nasty rhetoric. certainly a threat to governments in the region and i think the united states has to work with our allies in the region and bring a concert of
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various nations to put their power to work against isis. >> you want a coalition of the willing. >> well, i want a coalition of the people who are there and -- >> like who? >> we need to be helping the curds. they're going to fight. the turks have an interest. they'll fight. the lebanese army is going to fight. the saudis are engaged and, of course, the iraqi military. >> this isis thing is going on for more than a year, all right. u.s. intelligence have informed president obama that isis is growing in power in syria, that it was a threat and president obama had done nothing for more than a year. now, now they're on the verge of attack baghdad 60 miles away and attacking lebanon. they're attacking in syria. they may attack jordan so all of this rhetoric we have to get the saudis and the turk, this doesn't mean anything anymore. would you if you were the president of the united states of which you were considering running at one time would you bomb isis? would you bomb them? >> you know, under the right
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circumstances i think american air power can be usefully employed. >> good. i'll take that as a yes. why didn't we bomb them six months ago when they poured across the flat border in the desert and violated iraqi sovereignty and came across, we let them. we let them attack mostle a lll most sul and the curds we're impotent. >> it's a disservice to men and women in uniform -- >> you can't fight if their commander in chief won't order them. >> you don't want to be quoted saying bill o'reilly is the expert on america. you know that's not true. we trained that iraqi military. we put it in place and we lectured and hectored and did everything we could to get prime minister maliki to build a representative government. he didn't do it but our stepping this at that point wasn't going to be considered -- >> air power is different than stepping into iraqi internal politics to make it quite clear. this isis threat doesn't -- i
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don't really care about maliki and these guys. i mean i don't care about them. i care about the united states. and if you are not going to do anything about a growing terror army and offshoot of al qaeda and about putin threatening ukraine, you're impo tent. my word is absolutely correct. >> i don't think the administration or the united states is saying we're not going 0 do anything. the opposite is the case. so take the case of ukraine. so the first thing, the first real requirement is there is to pull nato together. that's what the administration has been doing. i certainly supported that when i was the nato commander, i knew -- >> i don't understand what that means. >> to single bombing target was more important than nato unity. now, i think nato is coming together. >> you think? >> i think they are. >> after all this time. crimea is gone. malaysian airlines shot out of the sky. >> ukraine is not a member of nato. ukraine is not bound by any defense treaty -- >> that's true. >> if the circumstances were
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reversed you might be saying the president is out there trying to get -- >> i want a plan. i don't want to hear, we have to. we might. we should, turkey, saudi arabia, i want a plan. i don't think president obama has a plan. if putin goes in tomorrow to ukraine which is certainly possible what is he going to do. >> let me tell you asking if putin goes into ukraine tomorrow the consequences for putin in russia are simply in challenge kab -- incalculable. >> the sanctions are -- >> but they are going to be very disruptive to russia's economy. they're going to continue to pose a problem for putin. he can't get the technology and the financial -- >> he already has -- >> just a second. there are light sanctions. they will be a lot tougher. secondly, he will have a lot of rearmament facing him in nato. third, he's going to have continued resistance in ukraine. you know, ukraine is 45 million people. they're not syria. they're thought a bunch of people saying, hey, come and fight. they're fighting themself.
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>> why doesn't president arm them. >> they're extremely well armed. that's a former member of the soviet union. they have military equipment up the wazoo. they need night vision goggles and flack jacks. >> why didn't we give them to them six months ago. >> some is on the way, i'm told. could we get more? i'm sure. but, look -- >> the perception is reality in the world and military matters. the perception is we're weak and president obama is the commander in chief who doesn't have the heart for conflict right now. that could change. i hope it does. these are threats. always good to see you, general. >> just remember, from putin's perspective he can say whatever he wants about obama or the united states, but if he crosses that line and puts his forces overtly into ukraine for him the course -- the consequences are incalculable. >> we'll have you back if that happens. >> okay. >> even if it doesn't.
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this is america's election headquarters. i'm bret baier in washington. a big race in tennessee seen as the last real legitimate choice tea party supporters may have to unseat an incumbent involves lamar alexander against six candidates like joe carr. we will check in a few minutes but also keeping an eye on the situation in iraq. a dire situation and what the obama administration and the president may be doing tonight. let's get the latest from chief white house correspondent ed henry. he's live in the briefing room. >> reporter: what senior officials are telling us at least the humanitarian aspect of this mission has begun in the
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sense that you have up to 40,000 christians as well as other religious and ethnic minorities waiting basically on a mountain in northern iraq without food, water, shelter for hours, days now, could be slaughtered by isis these islamic militants, bottom line is the humanitarian aspect has started. it's unclear whether u.s. air strikes will be moving forward tonight. we may hear from the president in a short time. we've been waiting for him but once if we do hear from him, that would be the sign obviously this mission is completed so we're waiting for more detarryls. bret. >> the humanitarian mission has started. >> correct. >> ed, thank you. if we do hear from the president you will see it right here on fox news channel and more election up greats throughout the night. i'm bret baier in washington. back to "the o'reilly factor" in new york. some confusing rhetoric from president obama when asked if he thought sanctions were hurting russia and putin, this is what he said.
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>> well, we don't know yet whether sanctions are working. sanctions are working as intended in putting enormous pressure and strain on the russian economy. >> joining us now from d.c. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry. i'm not a nitpicker. i'm really not but, you know, we don't know if they're working but they're working as intended. >> reporter: right. >> can you explain? >> it's a moment when you need clarity and that was not coming in that statement. but i think what the president was trying to say was that the goal was to punish putin, hit the russian economy and that there are signs that that is, in fact, working where i think he's having difficulty, the president is that it's not changing putin's behavior. it may be impacting his economy. but as the white house continues to say, look, putin has never been more isolated. the fact of the matter is as you were noting a moment ago now again putin has more than 20,000 russian troops amassing around the ukrainian border.
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just today he decided to extend the visa for edward snowden for three years. >> he's obviously spitting in the face -- >> he's thumbing his nose at the white house. >> he wants to humiliate barack obama and i don't understand why because the president hasn't been anti-putin. why does he want to humiliate and succeeding to some extent. why? >> the most recent explanation putin is trying to flex his muscles on the world stage as general clark was suggesting where president obama may be able to play the long game here is that if putin continues to push it and push it at some point if he goes too far in ukraine, for example, he will have not just the u.s. but our key european allies jumping in and saying you've gone too far. that hasn't happened yet. >> i understand. lone cowboy. i got it. but all of this should have been done a year ago when they knew that this stuff was coming up and you -- this was today, henry
5:17 pm
is talking about the isis army which now has been accused of killing 40,000 innocent people. roll the tape. >> there's about to be a possible genocide and you're saying we're monitoring it. doesn't that seem like a disconnect. >> no, this is something we are closely watching and -- >> closely watching. people are being slaughtered. >> we're actively supporting the iraqi security forces and kurdish security forces to try to confront this problem. >> it's just gobbledygook. there's a disconnect. we got to get the saudis and 4h club and maybe the girl scouts to help. it's just garbage. here's the serious question. you believe that the obama administration is going to start to bomb the terrorists. i think they are. i think the president has to. when is that going to happen. >> the president has left that door open. that may be something that could be happening very soon, in fact, because the humanitarian crisis
5:18 pm
that earnest said himself, it could be coming. he realizes action must be taken and the reason it may need to be taken, the president has been, you know, behind closed doors here considering various options including providing humanitarian relief, the problem is, as you noted, isis is taken over so much territory in iraq you can't just drop that relief in. you'll have u.s. planes hanging over doing that and they may get shot down and we may get drawn in. you may need air strikes to pave the way to get that humanitarian relief in. >> all right. it's just a debacle. as i said to general clark, they knew about this for 18 months >> that's the -- you put your finger on the issue of which is -- >> it's like having cancer and not going to the doctor. do you think it's just going to go away. >> and if the president takes military action here, to at least get humanitarian relief, that could be helpful in the short term but to your point in the medium to long term it may do very little or nothing to
5:19 pm
actually stop isis' march to baghdad and that could be a real threat in the long term. maybe not today but in the long term. >> ed henry, thank you. middle school principal fired for encouraging students to speak english in the classroom. laura ingraham on that. hollywood war on israel and hamas. bernie goldberg covers for us those reports after these messages. factors like diet can negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria found in two parts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic.
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in the texas public schools. texas education code says "english is the basic language of this state. public schools are responsible for providing a full opportunity for all students to become
5:23 pm
competent in speaking, reading, writing and comprehending the english language." but when the prince pam of the hempstead middle school, a suburb of houston encouraged students to use english in the classrooms, she was harshly criticized and then amy lacey did not have her contract renewed. in effect she was fired. to join us from washington, laura ingraham who has been following the story. how could this happen in texas wh, one of the most conservative states in the union. >> i'm surprised it doesn't happen more often given the pc thought police crowd that dominates our public school system and really dominates our culture right now. you've documented time and again how there's this red line, we don't really know where the line is at any given point but there's a red line that the left will establish and re-establish, maybe one day it'll be you can't tell people to speak english. the next day it will be -- you
5:24 pm
can't refer to the washington redskins as the washington redskins. next day, you can't ever say that bilingual education is a bad thing. we don't know where that red line is but if you cross that movable red line you will be drummed out of public life perhaps. you will be -- >> that's what happened to this woman. >> terminated, fired. ha rationed, called all sorts of names and this is what this poor teacher came up against. against this movable red line where they decided to make an example of her. don't you dare make us speak english. don't you dare tell us -- >> it wasn't even making. here's how bad this is. miss lacey basically said, look, in the hempstead middle school you have to take tests. the tests are given in english. not spanish. the national and state tests are given in english. therefore, i'm encouraging not mandating, not forcing every student to speak english -- >> they interpreted -- that's an
5:25 pm
affront to our culture. >> right away some of the students -- >> an afront to our country, i meant our country, our homeland. this is a problem we have with this obsession with diversity. right. we must be diverse. well, diversity is fine. intellectual diversity i think is the most important thing without regard to skin color. you can't have a teacher who's trying to communicate in her own way her desire for these students to do better and to succeed and if you learn english and you're affluent in english you're going to be more successful in public life regardless of where you came from or your circumstances. >> here's the worst part of the story. when this woman, the principal, miss lacey, made this suggestion to the students, she was attacked by some students who said, oh, you're violating my rights. >> yeah, they're learning early, yeah. >> but there was no counterprotest that we can find to help miss lacey. >> bill, that's our point.
5:26 pm
>> they're afraid. they're afraid. they're making us afraid. >> you know, fools like they do almost everywhere -- >> look at their congressman on capitol hill. they're afraid to say what their own people think. the new reuters poll, bill, out today, just out, 70% of americans both democrats and republicans, it's a bipartisan poll, 70% say that illegal immigration is a threat to our economy, our culture and our beliefs. 70%. when is the last time you got 70% on any poll, okay. people have a certain view of what's happening to this country. they think their culture is under assault. their pro-immigrant but they're not pro what's happening to this country and yet the politicians are afraid. parents are afraid to speak out. they don't want to be vilified. i bet board members are afraid of their positions so we live in this -- >> everybody is afraid. >> that's what their goal is to shut down debate on this. >> i was surprised. i got a texas tie on.
5:27 pm
i don't know whether you can see this. texas things here. i was surprised that in this school district, all right, more people didn't say, you know what, the principal is looking out for the kids. wants the kids to do better and the only way they'll do better is if they become more proficient -- >> the next principal will have to learn -- she'll have to be reeducated according to the new red line, movable red line. >> all right, miss laura, thank you as always. plenty more as "the factor" moves on. legal identifying marijuana. we will see how far their research took them. bernie goldberg and hollywood in an uproar over the conflict in israel. hope you stay tuned for those. body.
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"mad as hell" segment and smoking hot letters. heather nauert and vicki fergon. "i am mad as hell because president obama recently celebrated a muslim holiday at the white house. has he ever celebrated a jewish holiday". >> ramadan. he celebrated it a few weeks ago. celebrated ramadan, muslim holidays as well as jewish holidays in equal number. >> jewish holidays were celebrated. >> passover, hanukkah. >> it's an even deal. >> it's an even deal. >> vicki shouldn't be mad as hell. >> sorry. she's wrong. >> okay, second letter, ed "i'm
5:32 pm
aggravated when i see smug liberals like kirsten powers and alan colmes on the air." if the liberal view were not represented we would be liars. that's ridiculous. how many of our contributors e aar are -- do lean left. >> we have 19. out of the likes -- a lot are military contributors. all of that so we're just talking about the political one, 19 liberals including bob beckel who, of course, is a host. evan bayh, pat caddell, james carville but then the rest of our guests that we have on who are not paid contributors such as wesley clark, you had on earlier in the show, austan goolsbee, the president's economic guru, you have him on a lot. so we have a mixed boat. >> we are fairly in our commentary balanced. we have much more on the left than, say -- i'm trying to
5:33 pm
think. cnn -- i don't know but 19, okay. >> yep. >> that's the number. >> the paid ones. >> letter number three, jude, "i'm angry about public schools not demanding the same information from illegal-alien students as citizens." that's interesting. register for school. you got to supply a lot of information and they don't ask the same for illegal aliens. >> this is according to federal law. so federal law states that every student in america, every child in america regardless of their citizenship status is entitled. that's the word, entitled to equal access to a basic public education. >> if you're an illegal alien child here, you have to be educated by the system. >> correct. it's just a matter of where you go. you're supposed to be able to prove residency but there are some ways around that, as well. >> what do you mean, there are some ways around it. >> some can claim they're homeless so don't -- >> you put that on the application. >> you could. you could do that if you wanted to get into a particular school district. >> contact me at the bus stop?
5:34 pm
>> that's kind of getting off track a little bit because the schools are preparing for this major onslaught of students who will be coming here. >> 100,000. >> miami-dade county estimates it'll cost $2,000 extra per illegal student to educate them. now, many of these children do not speak english. many according to a principal i spoke with today are below grade level. that's the term he used. >> of course. >> they don't have basic language skills. >> you're coming here to miami. they'll be a little behind. >> it's the school's responsibility to get them up to speed. >> the important thin is every child on american soil is entitled. >> entitled, yes and the supreme court ruled on that. >> finally a john roy bean "the pc surround that tiff americans makes me mad. everybody born in the usa is a native american." how many native americans are there officially. >> we have 5.2 million american indians and alaskans and there's been a bit of a name switch according to the federal government. the federal government is now calling them instead of native americans they're calling them
5:35 pm
american indians. i have an aunt and uncle -- and so there's been a little bit of a name change. i spoke to an aunt and uncle. they're native americans and they say the term is native americans. >> i can't keep track of all the labels. 5.2 million. >> yeah. >> if you're mad as hell we want to hear about it. please write us at when we come back, bernie goldberg on the intense jewish situation and how hollywood is playing it. bernie is next. when you get guaranteed low prices on everything you buy the most, everybody gets excited! staples. make more happen for less.
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i'm bret baier in washington. this is an america's election headquarters. focusing on tennessee. it involves senator lamar alexander up against six candidates but most notably tea party favorite dzhokhajoe carr. we're following another story. an american humanitarian mission to iraq has begun. the u.s. military is flying back into iraq. the question now, will air strikes again the terrorist army isis also be coming soon? let's get the latest from ed henry. good evening, ed. >> reporter: good evening, bret. what we do know from senior u.s. officials is that the humanitarian part of this mission has at least begun over
5:40 pm
the skies of northern iraq to start sending relief to maybe up to 40,000 christians, other ethnic and religious minorities facing potential slaughter from isis. these islamic militants. what we don't know whether or not that's paired with u.s. air strikes. some senior officials say they may need it to open a corridor. the president meat with his national security team. you can see in that picture. we're waiting for the potential for the president to come out in the next little while to confirm exactly what happened tonight. we're waiting for that, bret. >> okay, if it happens you'll see it here. i'm bret baier in washington. more election updates plus any updates on these military moves. now send it back to new york and "the o'reilly factor." >> announcer: "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 14 years running. thanks. this is bill o'reilly and in the weekdays with bernie segment, the hamas/israel conflict,penel
5:41 pm
who are married signed a paper condemning israel's conduct in the fight. meantime, in hollywood, some prominent jewish celebrities have remained silent on the issue thus far. even though there are reports some kind of statement is being worked on. also the national media in the usa covering the story in many different ways. and joining us from north carolina, bernard goldberg. let's get to the media coverage. >> okay. >> israel/hamas. has it been fair generally speaking? >> here's what the problem with the coverage is. video is a very powerful force, bill. especially when it it's showing death and destruction. and in this case, video doesn't do nuance very well. it doesn't do context very well. so video shows dead babies and rubble, but it doesn't explain the fundamental truth that one side wants to live in peace and the other side wants to kill as
5:42 pm
many israelis and jews as possible. video does a guy used to live in this house and now the house is destroyed. it does that very well but it doesn't explain very well why did the israelis shoot their missile at that house? okay. so in that sense in answer to your question, no, the coverage hasn't been fair. but that's because of the power of video and the fact that a lot of reporters are liberal and they tend to root for the underdog. the second point i'd like to make is that i wonder how the people covering this particular war would have covered hiroshima, nagasaki and the firebombing of dresden in germany. a lot of civilians were killed there too but i don't think reporters back then were all that concerned about the disproportion -- disproportionate number of deaths. i don't think they were saying 10,000 germans were killed today but only 17 americans were killed. because they understood that one
5:43 pm
side started the war and we didn't start the war. in this case hamas started the war. israel didn't start the war and i don't want to sound cavalier or insensitive but when you start a war, i'm sorry, bad things are going to happen. >> right, but there's always been tension in the liberal community and that brings us to the hollywood thing because as you said, you know, look, the palestinian people are devastated. all right. they're being held hostage by hamas. hamas got the guns, guns come from iran. the palestinian people don't have jobs. they don't have anything. they can't stand up against hamas so hamas controls. you got to feel sorry for the palestinians to some extent and i do and i think you do too. >> i do. >> jewish people, all they want to do as you said is be left alone. they made some mistakes in settlements but everybody makes mistakes. but it's a complicated issue that goes back thousands of years and most people don't understand what the hell it is but in hollywood they've been largely silent. the only guy that's spoken up is
5:44 pm
jon voight. he's not jewish. he's the only guy. everybody else, spielberg and streisand. streisand has been opinion about everything. where is she? what's going on there? >> i think -- let me fill you 0 in on something you may not understand but i think -- this is a field in which i'm something of an expert. many, not all, i want to make that clear, maybe not even most but many liberal jews in hollywood are liberals first and jews second. the religion is liberalism, okay. that's an important point. now, they know that hamas started this. they know that hamas wants to kill everybody in israel and if hamas could get away with it, kill every jew in hollywood. they know that. so that's on the one hand. on the other hand, they're liberals. they're moved by the images, the pictures that they see as we all are. so there's a bit of being torn
5:45 pm
here and i think part of it may be and we'll see what the statement that may be coming out says but i think part of it may be there's an ancient slander all the jews stick together. if spielberg and a bunch of others speak up against hamas, against the people that started this, you know that people out there, you know, israel haters or jew haters are going to say, there they go again, the jews are all sticking together against those poor palestinians and i think for that reason, the jewish population in hollywood sort of wants to keep hands off for as long as they can. >> all right, but, you know, penelope cruz and javier bardem, i think they hurt themselves by doing what they did but we'll see. bernie goldberg, everybody. legal identifying pot and the federal government investigating miley cyrus. we got to get her. did she cross the border illegally? miley. is that what she did? the boys, moments away.
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comcast business. built for business. what the heck just happened. feds investigating miley cyrus and washington, d.c. will vote for legalize pot this coming november. now bernard mcgurk and i know you've been investigating legalized pot in washington. good thing or a bad thing? >> i think you have -- it remains to be seen, bill. it remains to be seen. i believe pot is needed in government because i'm against an activist government. i want the irs too stoned to take my money and want the epa to high and passed out on a couch covered in cheeto film so they can't enact more regulation. this is the only way to curb government is make sure they're stoned out of their gourds. >> if they're more mellow maybe
5:50 pm
they'll be less hostile to each other. >> high people lay low. >> marion berry is wringing his hands going, to approve this first. >> federal territory. >> they have to pass a joint resolution. >> thank you. >> president already seems befund -- befuddled. nancy pelosi talks like she just snorted a tray full of hash browny. i would rather think it was because of drugs than this is the best we have to offer in this country. >> so the locals in d.c., they want the pot. but the fed's never going to do it. >> throw a pizza party that day. nobody will show. >> you have a good show. washington, weed and review. >> nice. >> why not? >> taxpayer money is now being used to investigate miley cyrus.
5:51 pm
she went on television and did some dubious things. now the s.e.c. or f.c.c. or some government agency is investigating. who is high now? roll the tape. ♪ >> all right, it was the fcc that's investigating. i think this is money well pent, right? >> i don't know. one man's twerking is another man's first amendment right. first of all, the nbc knew what they were getting. it's miley cyrus, she's very raunchy. she was doing this concert that she did on tv featuring huge bananas and twerking with abe lincoln and dancing joints. when you watch it, you want to
5:52 pm
put on rubber gloves and a surgical mask and take a shower afterwards. they knew what they were getting. >> the fcc fines that miley cyrus did something on television, what happens to them? >> i don't know. >> how would you punish them? >> we should keep watching the video over and over again. here's the obscenity here. how boring risky behavior has become. this is their idea of edginess. if she wants to be edgy, grow up, put on some pants. she seems like she's always dressed for the operating table. >> but in this case, they seem like they are picking on miley cyrus. they only got four complaints. have you ever seen "family guy"? >> they got more than four complaints. >> they are picking on miley
5:53 pm
cyrus. >> there's so much garbage. everybody has given up. i don't think our tax money needs to be used this way. what famous athletes can do to help their country. the tip, moments away. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica.
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the tip of the day, what athletes can and should do to help their country. first, you can help worthy charities if you go to billo' we want every american home to have these. also all the factor mugs on sale. stock up for gift giving in the
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future. get some for yourself. premium members get discounts on top of the discounts. as i said in the past, all the proceeds i get from the website are given to charity. some of which are listed on the website. so everybody wins. you win, get good stuff, charity wins. what are you spoking, bill? you said under president bush foreign affairs were fairly stable. never smoke, never will. i said when president obama took office in 2009 after bush the younger left, foreign affairs were stable. and they were. putin, not a problem. iraq, calm. afghanistan, under control. facts are facts, man. jeff davis from california, in your discussion, you laid out a great case that americans are losing faith in the federal government. why do liberals like him continue to live in a state of denial? i like debating with the doctor, but the left has a lot on the line if president obama fails.
5:57 pm
they are not going to go quietly into the night. mike from michigan, you are appalling. you just did the truth seruming isment on rand paul because he will not appear on "the factor." sorry, you're wrong. the senator contradicted on israel so we analyze d it. that's what we do here. pittsburgh, obama lies every time he opens his mouth, so why slam rand paul? whose side are you on? i'm on your side that's why we cover all the powerful in a fair way on this program. robert paul from illinois, bill, you got it wrong. senator paul didn't change his mind, he evolved. i assume you're not related to him. jared from massachusetts, after seeing the segment with miller, i'm glad i got tickets to the bolder-fresher show.
5:58 pm
charles in west virginia, check out all the shows. i'm 13, i read killing jesus because i was curious about christianity and wanted to know more about it. now i go to church. that's excellent. thanks for e letting me know. i'm glad that happened. finally tonight, encouraging big-time athletes to help their country. yesterday the new york mets visited the walter reid military medical center in maryland. david wright and the guys bringing good cheer to our wounded warriors showing them they are not forgotten and indeed appreciated by the big leaguers. a former marine officer who served in vietnam knows the
5:59 pm
importance of visits like this and the tip of the day is directed to famous athletes and performers. do what you can for your country by helping those who need help and giving attention to those who deserve it. use your fame inproud of the me. i went to the first met game ever. i did. 1962. roger craig on the mound. the mets lost. and they lost the next ten games. lost a lot that year, but they were fun. still root for the mets. i'm a loyal guy. i like the yankees too, but i like the mets. that's it for us tonight. check out our website. e we would like you to spout off about "the factor." name and town if you wish to apply. brand new word of the day. no billingsgate. it's a good word.
6:00 pm
it's a real word. don't you dare imploy billingsgate when writing us. please always remember the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, all eyes on the white house and iraq now as we're learning from senior u.s. officials confirming to fox that president obama has approved an emergency mission in the skies over the northern part of that country. we're hearing this is just for humanitarian purposes, but there are reports u.s. military action might not be far behind. welcome to ""the kelly file."" the u.s. cargo jets are in the air at this hour. the news that the u.s. could be launching air strikes in a nation where 5,000 american lives were already lost comes as the al qaeda offshoot calling it the islamic state forces thousands of civilians to flee into