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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 16, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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fox news alert on this very busy saturday. missouri governor jay nixon declaring a state of emergency and now imposing a curfew after new clashes and looting in the city of ferguson. good afternoon. thank you for joining us on this very busy saturday afternoon. i'm lee land vittert. >> i'm molly line. it comes after tensions reignited following the police killing of michael brown. looters attacked a convenience store last night, the same one that appears to show brown stealing a box of cigars shortly before he was shot. the community showing frustration as the governor once again called for calm.
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>> last night did she. >> there was looting for two hours straight. wait a minute. wait a minute. >> let the man talk! >> store owners with their own firearms. that is what we have police guarding our homes and businesses. >> what we're doing now is not who we are. it's not who we are. >> fairly contentious press briefing there. mike tobin is reporting live from ferguson, missouri. mike? >> reporter: molly, here we are seven hours away from the curfew and you got all the people who have floated out. this is the quick tie mart, the epicenter of all the demonstration. captain ron johnson and his force are really going to be challenged to enforce this curfew without creating another scene like we saw last night.
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with the tactical teams out here, with the grenades and pepper spray. each time the show of force comes out, you get a crowd that is more angry. you get more polarization with the police. at the same time you have a police force that is criticized for not using enough force, particularly as it relates to stopping the vandals and loot looters. >> last night except for a very few, folks on the street were peaceful demonstrators. but we also saw a pattern develop last night where after hours a peaceful protesting, small groups took to the streets with the intent of committing crimes and endangering citizens. that is unacceptable. >> reporter: captain johnson today said that the curfew can be enforced without bringing out heavy handed tactics, without bringing out the heavy equipment. i pressed him and said, how can you do that when you have so
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many people who have made it clear that they're going to resist the curfew? you see the people out here right now. he said quietly, if they've got to make arrests, they'll make arrests. molly? >> thanks. we can hear you just fine despite all of the beeping and honking going on in the background. that curfew kicking off at midnight 'til 5:00 a.m. we saw last night there were groups of individuals, locals that were trying to protect some of the businesses that were being looted that were standing their ground, so to say, to keep people from getting into the businesses. your thoughts on that aspect of all of this as we get closer to darkness now? >> reporter: i think you have a division within the crowds of the demonstrators. did you have the people who tried to protect the businesses. clearly it wasn't enough because the businesses ultimately were looted. and those business owners say they didn't get a response when they called the police. what we're hearing from a lot of people out here in the community is those who are busting up the stores, those who are causing the trouble are outsiders and they're here only for the
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trouble. they're opportunists who want to loot and steal and they're jumping on this cause as an excuse to do it. >> all right. thank you. very difficult situation there. >> fabulous reporting from where you're at. i want to break down your feeling about these protesters. are people now protesting the death of mike brown and they want this officer arrested or charged with something, or are they protesting the police tactics that we've seen over the past week? what are they really angry about >> reporter: the answer i've gotten is both. it really started out over the death of mike brown and changed over time. because you saw the heavy handed tactics of the police, because you saw the heavy equipment came out and people are saying that their voices were being silenced. they wanted to express a message about police brutality and they got more police brutality. and you've got more people on the street. >> it's going to be a busy night. you and your crew stay safe. this curfew coming into effect
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midnight, seven hours away. thank you. and we're also now learning fox news forensic analyst dr. michael bodien is headed to ferguson where he has been called in to perform a second autopsy on the body of michael brown tomorrow. we'll have more on the total situation in ferguson later on in the hour. texas governor rick perry firing back at critics and blaming partisan politics following his indictment by a grand jury for allegedly abusing his veto power. with more on these charges and the governor's response, chief washington correspond sent, james rosen is live from dc with what perry is saying. james? >> reporter: good evening. partisan political theatrics, a farce, and an abuse of power. thusly in a spirited defense of himself just hours ago in austin, did republican texas governor rick perry denounce yesterday's move by a travis county grand jury to charge him with two felony counts of abusing his office and trying to customers a public official.
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this case stems from the arrest and guilty plea on a drunk driving charge last year of rose mary lindbergh, the democratic district attorney in travis county. perry had demanded the head of the anticorruption unit step down. she refused and perry, as promised, used his veto power to withhold state funding for her office. today the governor sought to draw attention to the events of the night of april 12 last year when police footage captured her slurring her words, fail ago sobriety test, growing surgically and uncooperative with officers and ultimately being tied down to her chair. >> an individual who when booked in had to be restrained, was abusive to law enforcement, was kick the door. i think americans and texans who have seen this agree with me, that that is not an individual who is heading up an office that we can afford to fund.
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>> reporter: in a statement, texas democratic party chair said governor rick perry has brought dishonor to his office, his family, and the state of texas. we call on governor perry to immediately step down from office. texans, he said, deserve real leadership and this is unbecoming of our governor. however, david axelrod, president obama's top political advisor in 2008 and 2012, tweeted to the effect that absent additional evidence, this indictment seems pretty sketchy. >> very few people can see this as other than a politically -- at least initially, at least given the facts that we have, as other than a politically motivated indictment. >> reporter: this is the first time in a century a sitting texas governor has been indicted. the two felony charges in this case carry a maximum punishment in classic texas tradition of 109 years in prison. >> this is the beginning. it won't be the end of the story. james rosen, thank you. and don't miss the texas
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governor on fox news sunday tomorrow on what else he has to say about these charges. he's shannon breen's guest and check your local listings for times. the u.s. launching new air strikes against islamic terrorists in northern iraq in a bid to drive out terrorist. this coming after the terrorists kidnapped and killed women and children. now the latest. >> reporter: it looks very clearly like the u.s. is opening up yet another front here in northern iraq with its ally in its fight against the isis militants. fonews can confirm that f-16 and f-18 fighter jets, as well as unmanned drones have been hitting militant positions around the strategic mosul dam. word just in, nine strikes since this morning, local time. again, just in, those strikes destroying and damaging something like 14 militant
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vehicles. and official sources tell us this is air cover for joint kurdish-iraqi cooperation to retake the dam. sources say this is to keep isis from blowing up the dawn or letting it burst, which would be devastating to the region. this as they're still reeling from the news of the massacre yesterday near sinjar. take a look. >> it is a long way from sinjar to here, 150 miles. but that's how far these yazidi refugees have come. the horror, the terror that isis militants have created around their towns and villages still very vivid in their memoryies. >> the people were shocked, not surprised at the news. they have firsthand knowledge of the brutality of isis. one man told me 29 members of his extended family have been kidnapped. isis gave residents of that village an ultimatum, convert to
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islam or die. they apparently refused. and the men were taken off in groups and shot at close range, according to late eyewitness accounts. we are told u.s. surveillance spotted the massacre from the air and launched air strikes, killing some militants involved after the fact. reason why the humanitarian crisis is exploding in one northern iraqi province alone, 400,000 refugees, a million across northern iraq. a vast international air lift operation, kicks into place, two british plane loads of aid arrived here today. the u.s., many other countries involved. one final reaction to isis from one yazidi we talked to, he told me these militants of isis are less than human. they are less than animal. at least animals, he said, respect the laws of the jungle. isis doesn't respect any rules at all. back to you. >> thank you, greg, talking
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about that critical piece of infrastructure, the largest dam in iraq. we appreciate it. nearly 300 russian trucks are parked near the ukrainian border now. the convoy which russia claims is full of aid, is waiting for the go ahead to enter the country as inspections drag on today by the red cross and ukrainian border guards preventing them from getting into eastern ukraine and helping what many call suffering civilians in pro-russian areas. this as fighting between ukrainian forces and pro-russian separa around them. ukraine is hesitant to bring it, believing it's a trojan horse. the university of notre dame holding four top football players out of practice while it investigates accusations of cheating. this comes two weeks before college football season kicks off. dominic dinatale with the details on this. >> reporter: hey there. they're calling it academic
3:12 pm
dishonesty, but as you just said, they are being accused of cheating. these four players were supposed tore major contributors to the upcoming college football season. we can show you the photos of them and describe why they were so important for the upcoming season. the first two we've got russell here, he was the best cornerback that they have. daniels on the right you can see there. he's a leading returning receiver. the other two, williams is a defensive lineman and we've also got moore, a back up at linebacker. and really they would have been pivotal in the season. but now they can't play while there is an investigation underway into what is supposed to have happened here. and because they can't play, it means multiple setbacks. listen. >> if the investigations determine the student athletes would have been ineligible for past competitions, notre dame
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will voluntarily vacate any victories in which they participated in. >> the ncaa had to be notified because the potential violations there. it's understood that the end of the summer session evidence emerged that some of the papers they had written and some of the homework they had done had been written by somebody else. now questions to whether other students are actually involved here. this is really bad news for notre dame. it has one of the best reputations in the country, indeed, grads and fans have been saying that is a reputation it needs to keep. listen. >> i'd rather not win football games and have a gut honest team. >> it's one of the few schools that would look into the allegations, so as an alum, i'm proud of that. >> you go to a big expensive school doesn't mean you should be allowed to do whatever you want. >> reporter: no dismissal so far and no suspensions either. no doubt it will unfold over the weekend. back to you.
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>> wow. thank you so much for bring us that. appreciate it. montana democrats are picking a replacement candidate for senator john walsh after he dropped out of the november election amid a plagiarism scandal. we'll tell you who is on the ballot now. and the clock is ticking on the irs after a federal judge demanded a better explanation over how the agency lost all those e-mails. governor rick perry pushing back against allegations that he abused the power of his office. >> what strikes me though, is that the governor was using his veto power and i'm not familiar with the situation where a governor has been indicted for vetoing a law. if you wear a denture, touch it with your tongue.
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new develops in the irs targeting scandal as a federal judge says the agency has a lot more explaining to do when it comes to those missing lois lerner e-mails. elizabeth prann has more from washington. >> reporter: a federal judge in the u.s. district court in washington made a bold step thursday, pressing the internal revenue service for additional details with former agency official lois lerner's missing e-mails. the judge says the irs must provide under oath proof of her
3:19 pm
computer troubles and how the agency tried to retrieve what was lost, including alternative devices such as tablets, computers, and smart phones. it must also explain the inventory process of hard drives and how they're tracked while being serviced and/or subsequently destroyed. the president of judicial watch, the group filing the lawsuit against the irs, told fox business that judge's demands are unprecedented. >> you know, it's easy to stonewall congress, but you don't want a federal judge suspicious of you. i've been in judicial watch for 16 years, stewart, we filed hundreds of freedom of information act cases. there is nothing like this that i remember ever happening. a judge acting on his own like this. >> lois lerner remains a central figure over the irs's improper scrutiny of tea party groups seeking tax exempt status. shortly before the judge's orders, the irs submitted declarations to the court stating technology experts did everything they could to fix and recover data from her hard drive, they say, however, much
3:20 pm
of the trail is lost. the irs has not publicly reacted to the judge's orders since thursday. it has until august 22 to comply under oath. molly, back to you. >> elizabeth prann reporting from washington. these orders come days after the irs submitted several declarations to the court as part of a case from a conservative watchdog group. texas governor rick perry is now facing two felony counts for allegedly abusing his veto power. a grand jury charging that governor perry tried to force the resignation of a district attorney after she had been arrested torer for drunk driver. he's not taking the charges lightly and is firing back at his critics. >> it is outrageous that some would use partisan political theatrics to rip away at the very fabric of our state's constitution. this indictment amounts to nothing more than abuse of
3:21 pm
power. >> weighing in on this, tammy bruce, radio talk show host and fox news contributor and steven sigmund, former communications director to jon corzine and senior advisor at global strategy group. steven, i'll give you the first word in this. the governor calls this an abuse of power, outrageous. is it a way to look at this as something other than an abuse of power by the d.a.'s office? >> yes. look, i think layman's read of the indictment it does seem a little thin. but i don't know that that matters because politically, you have people reading a grand jury just indicted the governor of texas and i think it speaks -- it's a big political problem for him, but also speaks to a larger problem for the republican party having a weak field of potential presidential candidates when they've been trying to revive rick perry who was supposed to be the savior of the 2012 election and fell apart in the first place. this just adds that sort of problem on top of it.
3:22 pm
so the facts of the case will come out. but i think the politics of it are obviously very bad for rick perry and for the republican party. >> tammy, do you agree? is there a chance that republicans are going to be so incensed by what they see as a political move that they're going to rally behind rick perry even more? >> look, i'm not a republican. i'm an independent conservative. never actually really liked rick perry. but here is what i can tell you in a little bit of contradiction to my colleague there, is that this makes me like rick perry a little bit more. without this indictment, we would not -- i did not know of his action to try to remove a woman who pled guilty to drunk driving, spent 20 days in jail. she's a d.a. and ironically, oversees the public integrity unit. he felt that was improper and wanted to remove that person. so this is what this is based in and frankly, his reaction, i think was very good. i think this is bringing him to the forefront. people are seeing corruption in
3:23 pm
government across the board. and i think it's actually going to be helpful for people to get to know rick perry and the nature of what's important to him and what he's willing to do to stop something like that. i think the indictment ultimately will go away. but you can't buy this kind of publicity and i think ultimately it's going to be good for him. >> look, you absolutely can't buy this kind of publicity and i'm sure he wouldn't want to pay for it. look, he had up with choice today and he made the right choice, which was attacking the attackersers essentially. the only choice he had politically is to come out and call it essentially -- >> not only did he attack the attack -- >> steven, not only did he attack the attackers, but people on both sides of the aisle attacked the attackers. we have a statement from senator ted cruz which was a full throated endorsement of the governor. we also had a tweet, this is senator cruz saying i'm proud to stand with rick perry, the texas constitution gives the governor the power to veto legislation. continues, and a criminal
3:24 pm
indictment predicated on the exercise of his constitutional authority is on the face of it, highly suspect. that's from his own party. look at this from david axelrod, president obama's former senior advisor. this was his tweet in which he says unless he was trying to doethics unit for scrap -- scrap the ethics unit for reasons other than the stated reason, perry's indictment seems pretty sketchy. how do you defend that action on the part of the d.a.? >> i'm not defending the actions of the part of the d.a. the d.a. is not who indicted him. it was a grand jury from a special prosecutor. i agree with david axelrod. i said that the indictment seems thin. my point is only that politically, it's a big problem for him. there may be tea party folks -- >> that's the issue. >> who agree with him and like him. but that's not who elects presidents. >> people who are not astute readers of politics, all of a
3:25 pm
sudden you hear texas governor indicted. that can't be a good thing at some level. >> well, within the discussion -- and this is what happens and i think there is wishful thinking on the part that just the headline is going to matter. but this -- because the context of this and the visuals of that d.a., her arrest is on video. the mug shot, her attitude, the screaming, the visual of this woman in this framework is so outrageous, when you compare the two and that now is becoming part of the story. this is where not just social media, but the media coverage in general because it is so remarkable, rick perry is going to come out looking better than he did before. >> we're gog have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. we'll see how the optics end up playing out as this comes out over the next couple of months and plays out in court as it might. molly? >> fascinating for sure. a historic carousel that
3:26 pm
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. a violent nascar crash sending a driver to the hospital. he appears to have overcorrected causing him to slam into the wall head on and nearly 200 miles per hour. the front of his car badly
3:31 pm
damaged. but he was still able to walk to the ambulance. a teen spokesperson says 22-year-old status for sunday's race has still not been determined. in hawaii, brian shots winning the democratic primary for u.s. senate. it comes in a make-up election from more than 8,000 voters affected by a tropical storm. amanda curtis won in montana. the u.s. financial market ended this week nixed after a major selloff at one point yesterday after ukraine's president said his military attacking russian convoys. this as violence continues in ukraine and other countries like iraq and syria. so how should americans protect their retirement savings in this environment? joining us is partner with chapwood investments. all of a sudden you hear some news out of ukraine, the market drops 200 points.
3:32 pm
is that a overreaction or do these kind of headlines have the ability to long-term move the markets? >> yeah. in the lung ron. this is a great subject 'cause in the long run, ukraine is not a major economic event, nor is the events in iraq. they're terrible situations, but they are not affecting the economic markets. to understand, there is a lot of computer trading, so as soon as something negative happens, others jump on that band wagon. those aren't the problems people need to be worried about. anyone who is reacting to their 401(k) plan and moving money around based on those, they should stop it immediately. don't worry about the ukraine and do not worry about the events going on in iraq. they're terrible, but economically, don't worry about them. >> on that point, if you take a situation like ukraine that has the ability if it spirals out of control to begin to affect europe's economy with gas prices, something in the middle east where you all of a sudden have a speak in oil prices, those kinds of situations really can play into the market long-term, start to affect earnings if gas prices go up? >> that's exactly right.
3:33 pm
that's what worries me the most because you got to remember that the companies in the united states, the s & p 500, the majority of the growth in the earnings of those companies come from outside the u.s. there is really no nominal growth in the u.s. so most of the growth is coming from outside the u.s. europe scares me the most 'cause europe could really start to tank and that could happen because of some of these events, but right now i wouldn't worry about it. but when europe starts to falter, and you're starting to hear shrinking in germany, italy, you're seeing china getting slow. when that happens, it will be reflected in the earnings of the s & p 500 companies. so everyone has to be aware. we not just watch these headlines overseas with basically being a spectator. it will eventually, at some point f it continues, start to affect the earnings of the s & p 500 companies. that will then start to affect your 401(k) plan. so be concerned about it. it is something long run to worry about. >> what are you telling your clients in terms of a way to hedge against this kind of stuff?
3:34 pm
>> what we're doing in our portfolio social security buying a lot of utility stocks. the reason is that they are insulated for the most part from events that are happening outside of our borders. so utility stocks, we're buying these things called senior rate floating notes. and we're still staying fully invested because what also investors do is they shorten their time horizons, which is a big problem. people live a long time now and they got to stay fully invested. but they react emotionally. really take a long-term picture on your portfolio. don't overreact to anything. but watch europe. that is the big concern. not the ukraine right now. not iraq. although it could spread a little bit. europe, japan, china slowing. so be a little careful and start cutting back some of your gains right now. start selling a little bit of those if you've gotten a little too heavy in the equity market. be careful. >> be careful. that's always the words you want to hear from an investment guy. >> well, you got to be. right now you do. the stock market is not overvalued. you hear a lot of pundits saying we're definitely going to see it
3:35 pm
10% correction. we might, but there is nothing to substantiate that. a lot of people are saying things and it might come true, but right now the stock market, based on expected earns is 10% under value. markets can become overvalued. stock market hasn't been overvalued since 2001. okay? remember that. so markets are undervalued right now. they can become overvalued. so we can continue to see this market rise, but i think we're probably going to see it crush. >> we'll see when that comes and obviously how europe, ukraine, all those issues play into it. thank you for joining us with good news. nice to see some positive reinforcement here on a saturday. thanks. molly? hurricane sandy destroyed thousands of homes and landmashes. fortunately, some managed to weather that storm. now one of those survivors' historic carousel is up for auction. that is not sitting well with some of the locals. bryan llenas has more.
3:36 pm
>> reporter: it's one of 150 vintage merry go rounds left in the united states. this one in seaside heights, new jersey. but the family who owns it says they have to sell the ride because, quote, current market conditions. putting it on the auction block for potentially $3 million. the management company points to high insurance and maintenance costs for replacing antique parts and they say people just don't really like to ride merry go rounds anymore. >> everyone loves it, but i think the new attractions that are going to be coming, they're going to love it and kind of forget about the carousel in a couple of years. >> reporter: local residents say the carousel, the hand carved wooden carousel is a national landmark. they started a facebook page and on line petition with over 5,000 signatures. >> people have been coming to the carousel for years. i used to come here, now my daughter does. she loves it. i don't see why they would want to sell this. >> reporter: the auction company says if they can't sell it whole, they'll sell the ride
3:37 pm
piece by piece. just one of the 58 elaborate animal figures can fetch up to $200,000. some are hoping the state will step in and keep the carousel in new jersey. >> carousel isn't a carousel once it's broken up. it's a series of horses sitting in somebody's living room. it's lost all its spirit. it would be lovely to keep it together and i would just urge that the community and the state think about it, think hard about it. >> the owners say they're trying their best to make sure the carousel is sold intact and the auction could happen sometime in the fall. so far ten potential bidders expressed interest. molly? >> thank you very much. a lot of people interested in that one. they're beautiful. almost like art. >> it is. >> thank you. governor jay nixon declares a state of emergency in ferguson, missouri, is there a fundamental misunderstanding of the intense anger boiler over in this shattered st. louis suburb?
3:38 pm
our expert is going to weigh in. >> we understand michael brown's family ain't got nothing to do with this. we got our prayers to the family. we know the family, we know the kid are great. but the cops have to do something about these looters. you see we could take our own actions right now, we'd be in the police right now huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? i look around this room and i see nothing but untapped potential. you have potential. you have...oh boy. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. remind me to tell her happy anniversary. [ cortana ] next time you talk to caroline, i'll remind you. [ siri ] oh no, i cannot do that.
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ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. missouri governor nixon impose ago midnight curfew at midnight will also their a state of emergency. this coming after late night demonstrations turned violent with protesters looting stores and clashing with police officers. meanwhile the f.b.i. is launching a separate investigation into the fatal shooting of unarmed teen-ager michael brown and authorities say they've reached out to local witnesses to gain more testimony. with more on the investigation and the latest reaction, susan estridge, fox news contributor
3:43 pm
and a professor of law and political science at usc. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we've been watching this develop throughout the day. there has been quite a bit of news. first this curfew. that's the big development today from midnight to 5:00 a.m. but police have found it very difficult to keep peace thus far. what are your thoughts on this curfew tonight, legally and just practically given the circumstances? >> well, it certainly is legal and i'm old enough to have lived through los angeles' riots, 22 years ago where we were on curfew as well. and it's very sad to watch ferguson because it's clear that the police there and the city officials have not learned what was the most fundamental lesson i think of the l.a. riots and policing in the last few decades, which is you have to have a system that's based on trust. you've got to have a police department and a community that work together. that's the only way you survive
3:44 pm
incidents like this. we still don't know what all the facts were relating to michael brown's death and we need to know that. but what is clear is that there is no trust in this community. you don't have a police department that reflects the community. they overreacted to the first demonstration, shooting into the crowd with rubber bullets and tear gas. it's clearly a situation like we had in l.a. 22 years ago where you've got almost a war between the police and the community. and that's bad for everybody. >> colonel johnson, from the missouri state police has been credited with helping calm things down and he talked in a rather raucous press conference in that the f.b.i. is involved and seek to go speak with witnesses. at the same time in the evening hours we've seen in the last couple of days, some of the folks that are peacefully protesting trying to protect the local businesses, sort of lining up and trying to protect the assets of their fellow community
3:45 pm
members. your thoughts on that? >> well, this is the tragedy of what happens in circumstances like this. you've got local business people who have done nothing wrong, some of whom are themselves minorities who are going to see their businesses destroyed. you've got a local community which will lose as we did in l.a., it happens every time. you lose businesses you need. it took years to get supermarkets back into south central los angeles after the riots. and at the end of the day, there are no winners when you have a situation like this. obviously you need to get to the bottom of the facts on the killing. and the f.b.i. is important because frankly, i don't think anybody trusts the state authorities there. but beyond that, you've got honest and decent citizens trying to protect their community. you've got people standing up and rightly concerned that this young man was unarmed and why was he killed. we can't even get to the answers unless you can restore order and
3:46 pm
in the long run, hopefully the police department and this community have got to learn to work together and frankly, the police department has got to reflect the community. >> and your thoughts on this video that was released that allegedly shows michael brown committing what police have called a strongan armed robbery, taking a box of cigars, at the same time that the name of the police officer is also released. then hours later, the police chief revealing that in fact the officer that was involved in the shooting did not know that michael brown may have been a suspect at all. just your thoughts on the timing of the release, being released, and the way that things are being communicated. >> it's just all awful. all right? this is all awful because it's contributing to the fence that people are more interested in manipulating the facts than getting to the bottom of them. obviously if michael brown was robbing a store and did rob a store, that's something investigators have to look at. if the police didn't know it, it
3:47 pm
goes to whether it really is relevant to the officer's action. it may well be that mr. brown thought that he had been caught even if the police officer didn't know that the man he had stopped had just committed a crime. so this is my bottom line, we don't know the facts and in circumstances like this, we shouldn't be playing with the facts or trying to manipulate them in the press. if you've got a decent system and decent trust, then you have a real investigation. you talk to people, you get to the bottom and you find out what's going on. but you can't do that when you've got an atmosphere of racial distrust. so i feel very sorry for the people of ferguson, missouri, and i also feel sorry for some of the decent and law-abiding police officers who are trying to do their job and put their lives on the line and you're just in a terrible situation. and it's going to take a long time and a lot of work to work it out. >> all right. susan, thank you so much for y pleasure. for offering your >> domes forget you can read
3:48 pm
susan estridge's syndicated column in newspapers every wednesday and friday. now i have the pleasure of tossing things outside to lee land. >> there is one person i know with cannot live without her daily coffee, the folks from "consumer reports" shop smart magazine have got you covered and they're separating the best prepackaged ice coffee drinks from all the rest. we got all these out here and coming up next, we're going to pour them out and the taste test with expert molly line is coming up. woooo. i know what you're thinking. you're thinking beneful. [announcer]and why wouldn't he be? beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. ... ... chlorred [announcer]even accents of vitamin-rich veggies. [gso happy! you love it so much. yes you do! but it's good for you,too.
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3:53 pm
>> i brought something you will like. they like the iced coffee and fancy drinks and they can be in the supermarket and cheaper. >> this is cheaper to buy in the store than go get your frapsino. >> they are lined up in ratings order. we taste tested 8 and 5 we really like. that is good news. starbucks made three of their products that we liked. number one is starbucks and it is their discovery cafe mocha and $0.83 a serving. that is not a serving. >> this is 121 a serving. >> that is eight onces. >> this should taste fabulous.
3:54 pm
>> okay. the taste was a perfect mrevend coughy and chocolate and the milkiness and really thought it was the right thing and tasted almost homemade. >> i guarantee you i would like it on the list. >> i love the grab and go. >> and you can bring it to work and have after afternoon snack or pick me up. and this is also starbucks. this will cost you 1.66 for that 9.5 ounce serving. >> it tastes a little richer. >> it has more fat and calories and sugar. >> 180. and this is 120. >> and you know what, they make a light version that was number five. it is the same thing. >> you only have to work out for
3:55 pm
an hour. and next up, this is mocha sinno. and this is their coffee drink. and what we liked about. this if you don't like the dairy and you like more chocolate and more coffee. this is a drink for you. >> okay. it is a strategy and only 110 calories. that is a ical row bargain. >> and we what you think of that. >> here we go. ching. >> i still go with the starbucks. >> this is number four and our international iced coffee mocha. it had a coffee and chocolate and caramel. we really liked that as well. 150ical rows and this is the cheapest. $0.49 a serving. >> that is better than $4.
3:56 pm
>> here is our last taste, cheers. and what do you decide is the winner. >> i am a big grab and g. prepackaged and get it out of the door. >> it is. and not all bad. talking about the fat and calories and these drinks carry protein and calsium. >> work out and off your calories. >> and i am not willing to sacrifice my calories in my coffee. julie bandaras is up with the fox report. we'll be drinking coffee now. >> sue perry, we really appreciate it. thank you so much.
3:57 pm
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>> ferguson, missouri on edge tonight after another night of the looting and arrest. the governor signing a state of emergency and implementing a curfew. governor nixon said if there is justice there must be peace first. >> again, this is not to silence the people of ferguson or this region or others but contain those who are drowning out the voice of the people


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