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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 30, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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on this. >> windmill energy. >> yeah. if you have your own hit or miss. tweet it to us. that's it for our show. thanks for watching. hope to see you here next week. hello everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> hello everyone. i'm eric shawn. top of the news this hour, obama facing more criticism after controversial comments that the u.s. does not have a strategy yet for dealing with the islamic terrorists of isis in syria. the latest in a live report from washington. >> and russia possibly facing new sanctions over its actions in ukraine and european union leaders huddle on the next steps. and the boston marathon bombing suspect, well he's now looking to put on his day in
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court. but first we start with the debate wage on capitol hill. how to deal with the islamic state and the isis. controversial comments obama said the u.s. admitting does not have a strategy yet for confronting the terrorist group if syria. meanwhile today secretary of state john kerry if isis poses a threat not only to the middle east but the u.s. homeland here as well. live from washington with the latest. molly, after the president said there was no strategy, is this op ed, the secretary of state now trying to explain a supposed strategy. >> the white house contends when president obama said he doesn't have a strategy yet for combatting isis in syria, what he meant was he was trying to give the pentagon more time to
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work up options. at the same time kerry he's work together to put up a series of nations to fight isis. next week on the side lines of the nato summit meeting in whales we'll meet with our counterparts from our european allies. the goal is to enlist the broadest possible assistance. following the meeting mr. hagel and i plan to travel to the middle east to develop more support among the countries most directly tretened. meanwhile king abdullah of the saudi arabia says if they warn isis, they will quote reach europe in a month and america in a another month. >> that is definitely chilling and frightening. meanwhile republican senators are saying the president really does need to lay out a plan that would defeat isis. what are they saying. >> republican senator mccann and
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gray called it startling and dangerous. and also said quote the president clearly wants to move deliberately and consult with ally about what to do about isis. no one disputes that but the threat only grows over time. it cannot be contained and must be confronted. this requires a comprehensive strategy, presidential leadership a far greater sense of urgency. senators graham and mccain say if changes course and adopts a strategic approach to defeat isis, then quote, he deserved bipartisan support. eric. >> thanks for latest. well dozens of u.n. peace keepers rescued in the go lan heist this after syrian rebels surrounded the peace keepers for days. they are stressing the incident
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highlights the risk of being drawn further into the conflict. live in the mideast bureau with more. john? >> three dozen u.n. peace keepers managed to escape syria crossing back into israel today but tonight u.n. forces remain under fire. earlier this morning the al qaeda linked front attacked 40 troops manning a camp in the heights and u.n. says no reports of the casualties but the fighting continue there is tonight. israeli troops at this point remain posted along the syrian boarder and taken up positions at the main crossing because of the situation. this all of this happening as the whereabouts of 44 other u.n. peace keepers taken by islamic militants earlier this week remains unknown. although u.n. officials say they are quote safe and in good health. that said as you mention, there
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is growing concern that u.n. peace keepers in syria will be drawn further into the conflict as various rebel groups continue to battle the syrian military. >> thanks a lot john. to the crisis in ukraine. russia now facing possible new sanctions of its military involvement there. this as heavy fighting continues in the eastern part of the country between the ukrainian military and pro russian ribls. shells hit a nearby market in donetsk. the largest rebel held city. meantime in brussels, military leaders to discuss more sanctions against moscow. that as nato claims at least 1,000 russian troops inside ukraine despite putin's denials. live in the west coast news room with the latest. do you think that poroshenko what's been addressing the meeting in brussels, can get
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enough support to put pressure on putin to back down? >> it seems so. short while ago he was giving a media briefing and saying in fact that the european union seems to have taken on board all his recommendations to sanctions. we'll hear shortly wh they are. but ukrainian president poroshenko speak as we see the latest video coming out of ukraine where government troops having to flee after come under attack in the area. this sort of video we're seeing now the pressure on the ukrainian government troops, according to the president says the conflict is heading only in one direction. >> indeed i think we are very close to the point of no return. point no no return is full scale war, which already happened from the territory controlled by
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regular russian troops. >> and poroshenko saying he expects the european union to provide additional details of the military cooperation. they helped arm the police rece recently. will probably add arms to the military there to help the response. and we'll find out in a few days time. >> and ukraine saying they may try to apply nor nato member sh ship. we'll have more on that in a moment. meanwhile there are already sanctions against putin's inner circle. do they feel if new sanctions would have effect? >> they may. with some of the sanctions both the united states and european union have put on in the financial service industry and cutting off investment. but david cameron, the u.k. prime minister saying that really they have to actually start contemplating very severe
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action towards vladimir putin. listen to what he had to say. >> countries in europe shouldn't need to think long before realizing just how unacceptable that is. we know that from history. so consequences must follow if situation continues. >> it seems almost unfathomable but sounds like talk western europe may have to start to contemplate war with russia. but that would be a massive step. but that's the thinking right now. >> and give you an insight on history and the current events. dominick, thank you so much. and meanwhile the boston marathon bombing suspect asking for a delay. his november 3rd trial date would only about half the preparation time they need. they have allowed delays for others facing a death sentence. they are asking to move the trial beyond september 1st,
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2015. tsarnaev pleading not guilty in last years attack that killed three people and wounded more than 260. and a long labor day weekend and today president obama delivering his weekly address on this holiday. talking about american worker's rights and benefits. in the meantime laying out the gop plans for the economy. think about this labor day. this thing we often take for granted like social security and medicare, workplace safety laws and the right to organize for better pay and benefits. even weekends. we didn't always have these things. workers and the unions who get their back had to fight for them. and those fights built a stro stronger middle class. >> we need to restore real opportunity finish all americans. that is why we sent the senate solution to make education more affordable and accessible for middle class families and we are ready to fix the tax code to
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make it simpler and fairer for everyone. these thigh things, getting people back to work lowering costs at home and restoring opportunity will continue to be the focus in the weeks ahead. >> the said the president must raise minimum wage to strengthen the middle class the congressman talked about coal. saying attacking a affordable source of energy costing countless jobs. >> we stay with the president. reports he may delay a decision on immigration until after the december mid terms. despite the president's promise to act on his own in june due to what he called obstruction from republican lawmakers. elizabeth with the latest in washington. >> it's possible the president will stall his pledge to change the immigration system. he vowed to unilaterally take care of by late summer. facing tough midterm reelection
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campaigns, especially in leading states where any action by the president could be seen as a liability. on the other side republicans say an executive order is simply not within the president's legal parameters. >> the majority of the american people don't want him to go around congress. they want him to play by the rules himself. we live in a democracy. >> the recent amount of the people crossing the border activated had reform. immigration advocates are already frustrated, adding are pressure for him to show leadership and act alone. the reform could potentially protect millions of the illegal immigrants from deportation and low many to obtain official work papers. when this will happen remains am ambiguous. >> we're going to be working through as systematically as possible in order to get this
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done. >> the administration could also enact limited less expansive measures to make it easier for people to get legal status for spouses or children. into the holiday weekend, it honors labor, lots of sales and also marks the start of a time honored american tradition, college football. >> bring out the popcorn, break out the beer. go ahead eric. >> coming up we'll take a closer look at who they say is really going to the games, not just watching them on television. and you know what? they say it may no be who you think. >> here is question for you. paper or plastic? one state moving closer to restricting the option in grocery stores and we'll tell you why. stick around h. heartburn.
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california law makers
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narrowly approving a ban on plastic bags. now the measure goes to governor jerry brown. jesse benton, campaign manager for senator minority leader mcconnell considers resigning. over a scandal from the iowa 2012 caucuses his loss is locked in a tight campaign in kentucky. 22 of 26 miners rescued in nicaragua after a mud slide sealed it shut. they struggle to free the four remaining in the coming hours. heavy rains likely triggered the landslide. congress for comments and a white house agent defending them. the president's surprising remarks a about isis in syria after he said, quote, we don't
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have a strategy yet. >> the president's demonstrating a willingness to order military action and strikes in iraq. those were part of a thought through strategy in terms of safeguarding american citizens who are in iraq. and the president is -- wanting to be similarly rigorous as he think through other aspects of strategy that could include military action. >> for now the defense doesn't seem to have much effect. a research today finds 54% says the president is not tough enough on foreign policy. the number by the way has jumped 13 points since september, 2012. is this a big gaffe or just measured judicious response. allen ratner joins us and the author of "what works." by the way both are fox news
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contributors. cal, cameron importance about the terrorist threat. and says severe. and our president says, plan? what plan. >> this is not just about bombing isis and the cal fate over there. this is about a coordinated strategy to defeat this evil. if this were a disease we would be in stage four right now. the administrations going back several decades have made mistakes in approaching radical islam. not that it is a secret they are trying to destroy us. they say so in sermons every friday at mosques around the world. they teach it around the world including the united states. they have people going to british prisons recruiting mostly african american but not exclusively to the cause of radical islam. we need to close the border and find these people, these preachers e these immoms and get
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rid of them. get them out of the country. if we don't address this forcefully with more than just bombs king abdullah of saudi arabia is right. they are going to be in europe in a month and america just after that. >> how come the president hasn't taken action or has to strategy. >> i agree with everything with what everything cal said about this. but my only point is the president, he tried to rescue that journalist who got his head cutoff. and they went to the wrong place. our intelligence isn't that good and to just act to satisfy the american people or to look like he's taking action without being clear about what to do about all the things that cal just talked about is not a smart strategy either. so just acting without really a clear plan is not a good thing. so i think the president is getting bad press. >> well it may not be -- >> i agree with that. >> let he just say one thing.
12:21 pm
it's not just trying to protect the american people. it's trying to kill them before they kill us and stop the spread of the radical terrorism we've seen spread in new york and started back in 1990. we've been living through this for years. >> i agree with ellen. we need a coordinated strategy but this is not new. this is not something suddenly appeared overnight. we didn't see it coming before. george w. bush made some major failures in this regard. freedom beats in the heart of every human being. no it doesn't. at least not our kind of freedom. the radical islamist leaves the law is the radical kind of freedom. this is a war between civilizations. those who want toe drag us back to the cave and those who want to drag out to the future. >> i don't have the answer and i think what president obama needs to do is bring all sides in,
12:22 pm
including, you know, people like cal thomas, people who have had a long experience with it. >> don't bring me in. >> that will never happen. >> and then the move ahead and come one a coordinated plan. because i think honestly this is very complex. >> look, a couple years ago he refused to arm the syrian levels. and some think we might not have gotten to this point if we agreed with hillary clinton. >> there is hundreds if not thousands of syrian rebel groups operating there. free syrian army is the group we're working with and they are much more moderate. but this is something that switches very quickly. sometimes you don't know who you are dealing with. >> can this spreading ideology -- and it is spreading and growing. duke it can be shopped? >> i think it can be stopped but we have to fight it as if we are really in the a war. this is a war.
12:23 pm
this is not some come buyia. this is a major mistake during the bush administration, when karen hughes was dispatched to saudi arabia to talk to women there and say look in america we can drive cars. and she was told hay wee don't care. we don't want to drive cars. how do you respond to that. and if you blow up cities like las vegas and chicago that are rumored to be targets by jihadists, what are you doing to do? the first rule of the president, any president is to protect the american people and the american homeland with a porous border i don't care this president is doing that. i don't think this prosecute is doing that. >> what would you like to see? >> a closed border, number one. number two, shut down the schools that teach hate. we need to dpopt deport these who are not american citizens and engaged in sadism.
12:24 pm
we have got to behave as if we are at war because we are. and if we don't behave that we're going to pay the price. >> ellen? >> i agree with him on most things. except i think actually our borders have to be open to people people who really do need and will participate in our economy. >> thanks so much. that is the threat. that is what we face. it is the challenge of our generation. thank you so much. >> thanks eric. >> thank you. okay eric we have a programming note. a can't miss investigation. looks into the terrifying spielly face murders that spread panic across the u.s. >> the university in lacrosse seemed a great fit. not the at least of which it was close to his family's home. >> close enough he's away from home yet we can drive down and pick him up or visit or what
12:25 pm
have you. we did not hear anything about the drownings. >> the drownings richard hadn't heard of where are the unsettling doet of three men in. just a month. three all disappeared during nights out with friends in lacrosse downtown bar district. days later their bodies were discovered in the mississippi river. less than six months after settling, jeffrey also disappeared. >> we went missing on the weekend. his roommate let us know. i called around to see if had shown up. and nobody had seen him. and then i called the police and i said i think i have a missing person. and they said, well he'll turn up. and i was sitting in my office. and it hit me that yeah he's going to turn up but in the mississippi. >> and you can catch the full
12:26 pm
investigation at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here. >> and have you heard about this? we're learning more about the arrest of the aleena sarn rtsar. the sister of the marathon bombers. >> and watching for the latest on this legendary entertainers condition. denturthan real teeth.erent they're about ten times softer and have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday. been all fun and games, here at the harrison household. but one dark, stormy evening...
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bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. legendary comedian joan rivers while he remains in serious condition in a new york hospital at this moment t 81-year-old is in a medically induced coma after cardiac arrest during vocal cord surgery thursday. doctors are not sure how long she went without breathing and determining if her brain was
12:31 pm
affected. in ohio several fights broke out in the stands and on the field during a high school football game. the fight played into at least three arrests and the game being called off. both teams received a loss for the incomplete game. and small science of normalcy in gaza. families heading back to the beach after a cease fire. after more than 50 days of the fighting and according to reports more than 2200 people died during the hamas israeli conflict. the sister of the boston marathon bombing suspect now accuse of using her brother's reputation to scare the mother of her boyfriend's child. ailina tsarnaev was arrested and accused of one charge of harassment. does her case deserve special consideration because of her relationship to the alleged bombers? weighing in our legal panel.
12:32 pm
david schwartz and keysha. both former prosecutors. david i'm going to start with you. what now that she has made this threat? he's been arrested but can authorities take further action besides, of course, putting her under heavy surveillance, i'm guessing. but because she is the sister of, are there any grounds to call her in anymore? >> first we don't know if she made the threat. that is an accusation at this threat. i believe this case should be looked at in a vacuum. justice is blind. just because she has a relationship with the brother of the bomber. just because there is a family relationship there doesn't mean she should be treated any differently in case. so i don't think there should be any further action. besides analyzing the case. >> keysha, do you agree? a we're not sure if she made this threat. >> i don't. as with any prosecution, the defendant says i didn't do it.
12:33 pm
that is not anything new. but i do think her relationship to the bombing suspect should be considered in the prosecution. because it goes to what the victim of this threat felt. and any reasonable person who was told i have someone who can put a bomb o on you and you know they are related to this person, that would great high end alarm. >> regarding the so called "people" she allegedly has. what might that entail in terms of the possibly connecting the dots to those alleged people? >> i think that would be a far fetch. but i think there could be some further investigation into her. but i don't think it will affect their prosecution at all because it is not related to that incident. >> david, you are telling me she's been arrested and that's that. and maybe they will just keep her under scrutiny in terms of surveillance. but you are saying they are not going to be tracking her whereabouts in the u.s. and perhaps her travels abroad? >> look. it's a serious accusation to
12:34 pm
threaten to bomb someone. that is a very serious accusation. it has to be analyzed. my point is it has to be analyzed the same way every other case is analyzed. just because she has a relationship with these people doesn't mean the threat -- >> but again this is all alleged at this point. >> right. >> i understand however. you are saying just because she has a relationship, first of all a blood relationship. but secondarily because of who they are. we are not just talking about the college frat boys. >> right. >> she was not accused of anything during that horrible tragedy that took place. so she should be judged within herself. justice is blind. >> why would she make such a ridiculous comment knowing her brother is a suspect in the bombing that destroyed many people's lives. that is not something she should play with and to me makes her very suspicious. >> would it shock you if if victim knew about thank you and she made it p that the defendant said these horrible words to her knowing her brother was involved
12:35 pm
in the bombing? >> we know that does happen but it is all about credibility at this point. >> and that is my whole point. >> and keysha's point is that she would say -- we understand again it's all alleged. these are allegations and perhaps the girlfriend could have made this up. we don't know. but if you looking in terms of reputation, key ma sha's more likely to side in the with the girlfriend in this case. >> and i'm more likely to side with justice. justice is blind. let the case roll out, the prosecution do their thing. let the defense defend and let the people treat it like every ore case. that is the credibility of our justice system. >> let me ask, is there any further questioning of the baby mama, if you will? >> i think there has to be. okay, when did she say it? do you have proof? with any investigation. but i think in today's society you that can't take that lightly. i understand what you are saying about the justice but they have to look with high scrutiny on this type of situation.
12:36 pm
>> and i agree with that. they have to investigate the situation. but not more than any other situation. every threat -- >> so she can go about her business and they are not going to be tracking her moves. >> they may. with but if they do it in any other -- anyone who makes a threat like that could be potentially dangerous and people are tracked all the time. and sometimes people make good on threats and that's why this is very dangerous and has to be treated had same way. >> last word. >> i disagree. i think she has to be treated different because of her connection to the suspect in that bombing. and i feel if we didn't and something happened, then what? it will look gad. >> keysha heaven, david schwartz. now that you have done your duty and come to work today. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> eric. well, you know, hertz, aifs avis. nationals. they all rent cars and now you can do. would you be willing to give you keys to a stranger?
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one start-up wants to do that so you can make extra cash. live with the intriguing concept. hi brian. >> it's relay rides and now available in 2,300 cities allowing car owners to offer their vehicle's for rent on the company's website for free. you set your only price. mileage limits and availability. the average car is renting for about $40 a day. the money is direct deposited into your account within days and you keep 75% of the profit. >> the average owner makes around 250 to $300 a month. by renting out the car 8 to 10 days a month. so by sharing the car a third of the time they are recovering pretty much the cost of their car on a monthly basis. >> the ceo says prices are on average 35% lower that be traditional car rentals and offer more variety of cars. for instance they have over 800
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different car models available. car owners are protected be a million dollar liability insurance policy. every renter's driver history is screened and car owners choose who they want to rent to. in philadelphia we caught up with pamela who was handing off her keys for the day. >> having a little extra money never hurt anybody. you know, it's been great to have. it's just pocket money. you know, i don't have to think about it. >> i needed a car today. i wanted to go to the beach. and i just got the app on my phone and got in contact with her and i got a car now. >> now the company is a part of the emerging peer to peer market with owners renting or sharing their things for profit like air bnb for homes and spinders for bike renters. >> my car, the air conditioner doesn't really work but you can have it. >> it's just sitting there, put it out there.
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>> thanks. on a more serious note. the president of ukraine, what he is warning about the growing conflict with moscow? he says it threatens the stability of all of europe. vladimir putin is saying his country has no part in all this and of course that is something world leaders don't buy. our new flatbread sandwiches may be flat... the flavors, are anything but. so whether it's taste inspired by the freshness of the mediterranean...
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the european union potentially hitting russia with a whole new set of sanctions. earlier today leaders held a summit in brussels addressing the continuing conflict in ukrai ukraine. this as russian president putin claims that any russian soldiers in ukraine are there he says because they got lost. how do you spell hoots pa in russian. boy, does this guy have them north?
12:44 pm
it's unbelievable ambassador. you have the sanctions already. now they may put on even more. why would anyone think that further sanctions would deter putin when the previous sanctions have not. >> precisely. well the russians have calibrated their actions in ukraine, seizing crimea, engaging in this kind of activity in the two eastern provinces. giving the separatists weapons and equipment. people have forgotten about the shootdown of the malaysian passenger plane all because they don't see a effective u.s. european response. and as long as that continues put listen continin will contin strategy. and watching the european union meet to discuss new sanctions as if this is that is going to solve the crisis we might as well turn to the ladies aide society. >> the cowanis club.
12:45 pm
they had a meeting, poroshenko and putin. they had a meeting and shook hands. and during the meeting poroshenko the fate of europe is in stake. what is at stake if putin succeeds? >> well i think what putin ultimately wants a government in kiev that is ulterly compliant with moscow's wishes. in effect a satellite. they don't want ukraine toe join nato. and whatever economic connections ukraine may develop with the european union russia nonetheless would want them subordinate to its dominate economic position and i think he's using military force in the negotiations with poroshenko. but these things have a way of spinning out of control. the german foreign minister today effectively warned of that
12:46 pm
possibility. and poroshenko himself today said that ukraine and russia were right on the edge of all out war. this is extraordinarily serious. and i know the president is trying to find a strategy to deal with isis in syria. but the world's a complex place. and it requires american leadership to prevent these kinds of hostilities that we are seeing now spreading into something much worse. it is not just ukraine. i think all the countries of central and eastern europe t former republics of the soviet union are watching very carefully how the west responds to putin and ukraine. right now they are getting pretty cold comfort from it. >> he sent the signal canceling the antimissile shield in the czech republic and poland. do you think putin took a step from that and seeing his measure of the president obama and therefore felt emboldened to do this. >> absolutely.
12:47 pm
i think they have been watching obama in georgia in 2008 when he was just a candidate for president. watching him crushing the georgiaen army. canada called on both sides to exercise restrain. and watched the recap policy when the president put it up in first year in effect giving up the missile defense systems engaging in association over a very ill advised nuclear weapons treaty t new star treaty and on and on and on. they have bargained against obama in the classic way. whatever concession he makes the russians put it in their pocket and say what do you have for me now and obama doesn't seem to get it. i think he's hopefully outclassed by putin. obama things his words actually describe reality. putin knows reality is affected by raw power and that is what he's using.
12:48 pm
>> what about what would be the president's position. in is sense keeping us out of war, no boots on the ground and this being a good use of american strategic ability. >> what it is is display of this administration's weakness. and the laudable goal of preventing hostilities is undermined by american weakness. it is american strength and the deterrent power that we have that our alliances have that dissuade adversaries in engaging in this kind of hostilities. a weaker america doesn't make for a more peaceful world. it makes for a more complex and troubling world. and that is what we're seeing right now. this is a result of american and western weakness. >> ambassador john bolton. as always good to see you. we'll see you tomorrow at 12:00 noon in your usual spot. >> thank you. and you know labor day weekend means a trip of the beach or a day off from work. it also means the kickoff
12:49 pm
tailgating and college football. yeah. but check this out. a lot of those big stadiums are not filling up the way they used to. we'll talk about it. ♪ defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. beauty is bone deep. so i'm going pro. [ male announcer ] new crest tartar protection rinse. the only rinse that helps prevent tartar build-up and cavities. a little swishing. less scraping. yes! [ male announcer ] new crest pro-health tartar protection rinse. it helps you escape the scrape.
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comcast business. built for business. advertise the advertise -- football kicking off this weekend. wall street reports fewer students are going to the game. that is a trend that could spell serious troubles for schools in the long run. but why? let's talk about it. kyle harrington the founding of the founder. joining us from the beautiful san diego. hello. >> how are you? >> i'm well thank you. good to see you. so i want to start here. tell me, kyle, what is keeping the students out of the stadiums? and how do you get them back into the seats? >> well, you know, this topic is near and dear to my heart. i played basketball at princeton. so having camaraderie in the
12:54 pm
stadiums is i think these schoo. let me highlight this. the reality is is that tuition costs across the board have gone up three times as much as the consumer price index and two times as much as medical costs over the past decade. so the there it is, arthel. it is just becoming more and more expensive for students to go to school, pay tuition, pay for books, and also pay tickets to go to the stadium. >> in some minor stadiums the ticket prices are going up, as well on top of everything else. >> that is right. the ticket prices are going up. a lot of that i believe we can talk about why these costs are going up. i think that there is an army of bloated salaries within these institutions that continue to go up no matter what the economy currently does or if we're in a difficult economy. these salaries continue to rise and so the cost of tuition
12:55 pm
continues to go up and it becomes difficult to have dollars left over to pay ticket prices. >> huh. you know, kyle, be college football is huge moneymaker for universities. but listen, if the revenue stream for college football's top division, it's soaring 99% in the last decade because the schools make major bucks to get their games on tv. so i ask you, kyle, are the universities cannibalizing themselves? >> i think they are, arthel. i think they are very much. i mean, you have -- i've done some research. you have tenured professors actually not teaching in the classroom as much. what they're doing is doing research projects, on sabbaticals and that's fine but they have to hire other more junior level teachers to come in and fill these roles so there's more expense. that's a major issue in these universities. and so i think the answer is you know, you bring up a good word, cannibalization. i think in turn, they may be doing that because the revenue
12:56 pm
from this major you know athletic revenues are not coming in as much as they used to. >> hmm. well, we have to leave it there. i did hear you say you played basketball. what position? just curious. >> i played guard. that was a once upon a time a long time ago. but i did play guard. >> listen, tell your daddy said hi and enjoy the rest of your labor day weekend. >> you too, arthel. >> thank you. kyle harrington, good to see >> they didn't draft kyle in is. >> give him props. >> that does it for us. thank you for watching. we'll be back here at 6:00 tonight, about two hours from now. >> stick around. meanwhile, here is carol alt. a healthy you. and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles.
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