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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 8, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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unr isis control. a pentagon spokesperson says the u.s. is doing everything it can from the air. but it's not enough to save the city. he says other towns are also at risk. california grounding 22 air tankers used to battle an out of control wildfire in yosemite national park. firefighters are now relying on a national parks service helicopter and air tankers from the u.s. forest service. the so-called dog rough fire grew to more than 250 acres in just one day. and is still 0% contained. i'm kelly wright. hannity starts now. for all your headlines, log on to watching. see you tomorrow at 9:00. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. the first person to be diagnosed with ebola on u.s. soil died today at a dallas, texas hospital. the liberian national, thomas eric duncan, arrived in the u.s.
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on september 20th after arriving from liberia and diagnosed on september 28th. the same hospital confirmed another patient was admitted to its emergency room after admitting possible exposure to ebola. and that person had been in dallas apartment where duncan was staying and in the wake of these increased fears about ebola in america, the obama administration ordered five u.s. airports to screen passengers arriving from west africa for fever. joining me now is dr. mobly. if i'm on a plane and know i'm going to be checked for a fever, what am i going to do before getting on the plane, four, five aspirin, right? >> absolutely. it's not foolproof, but we have to stop the clusters before we get overwhelmed. >> you have been more outspoken about the real dangers. how bad could this get? >> we don't know. looks like the worse case scenario continues to play out.
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the cdc doesn't seem to be truthful. they've been planning this for seven months. but 55-gallon containers of ebola waste sat outside emory university for a week before they found out what to do wit. and blood and urine, saturated mattresses the family sloshed around in for four days before finding out what to do, and the day i pulled that call to action at the airport, thermal scanning won't work and it's not feasible. after my call to action took them four days to start it. >> let me ask you about a top u.s. commander warning of mass migration if in fact ebola were to hit central america. he said if it breaks out talking guatemala, honduras, el salvador, it's literally cayty bar the door, mass immigration from the u.s., or if they suspect they're infected they'll try to get to the u.s. for treatment. how real is that scenario? >> it's very real. a million people right now on the continent of africa are
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quarantined. and 10,000 of those people leave west africa every single day on 35 nonstops all around the world. and you believe mr. duncan is the only one that brought it around? he was misdiagnosed and is being missed elsewhere as well. >> we were first told you couldn't get it through casual contact. now we learn today that in fact it can live for 70 hours in somebody's semen. they said three feet. possibly if you're close to a person, why does it keep changing? >> that is one of my biggest pet peeves right now. they say it's hard to catch, but tell that to the nbc cameraman that caught it from a car. tell that to the lady with ebola in spain that killing her dog. same thing goes for the transmission. they were saying touching three feet away. don't blame me for the panic. blame misinformation from the government. >> the scientist who discovered ebola says you cannot overprotect against this. what does that mean to you? i take that guy's obviously a
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pretty smart guy. you have now four people -- four more people under ebola watch in spain that killed the dog of the person that got infected. that contracted the disease. >> that's who we need to listen to. and maybe the world health organization as well. they said september 4th that ebola was coming to industrialized nations. it's a matter of time and inevitable. yet up to a month later the president was saying there was a very small chance. that's why we missed it in dallas. our guard was down. we should have had a heightened -- >> are hospitals in america -- now, this guy died. what should we take from that? there's a part of me that doesn't blame this guy. he knew he was walking dead. if he knew he had this or likely contracted ebola, he knew if he stayed in liberia, he knew he was going to die. so he makes his way to liberia, wasn't thinking about other people. he was thinking about himself. we were always told that our infrastructure is so much better than that of sierra leone and
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liberia that we are safe. >> i don't care how good the infrastructure is. president obama says we have a great health system and best doctors in the world. but when clusters formed in america, it only took one hour to overwhelm the dallas health department. they flew in plane loads of people and are still doing it. >> thank you for being with us. coming up, more on ebola later in the program tonight. and is it at risk for you and your family and is the government telling you the truth. first, yoer overs seas with isis in the middle east. criticism of the president is once again pouring in. this time it's democrats and former members of the obama administration that are now distancing themselves from the commander in chief. watch this. >> i think it's really important when the president commander in chief says that there's a line out there. said they should not cross that and use chemical weapons. at that poipt the credibility of the united states is on the line. >> the reality is they're not going to be able to be
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successful against isis strictly from the air. >> david axelrod, you're not writing president obama's speeches anymore. >> no, i would not -- it was obvious when you saw the speech that that was not the way -- it was a mistake. >> both of his sectors of defense after they got out of office have been very critical at the lack of positive action. >> here with reaction to this and much more, former bush senior advisor, fox news contributor karl rove. not only jimmy carter, but top military leaders, hillary clinton, bob gates, leon panetta, we'll get into that in our next segment here. and "new york times" in an article today in this election obama's party benches him. karl rove, what do you think of that? >> well, a world of trouble for president obama and hence a world of trouble for his party.
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it's interesting. take a look at this. this is from gallup. they ask is your vote going to be a message to support president obama? four years ago at the same time 22% said my vote will be support for president obama. 20% said today it would be. 30% four years ago said their vote would be a message to oppose president obama. it's 32 today. he's in worse shape than he was before the 2010 drubing. and it's only going to get worse with comments like these coming out. it's only because they have force of credibility people like leon panetta and bob gates bring to the issue. >> let me ask you, 27 days out of this election. you were more skeptical than others about the republicans ability to take over the senate. i don't know where you are today. certainly you believe south dakota, montana, west virginia. you're pretty confident they'll go republican, right?
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>> yeah, but we got a new poll out this week in south dakota saying the race closer than most people thought. i think it's an outlier, but it's a three-person race. we now have a super pac headed up by a harvard professor coming in to spend $1 million in south dakota on behalf of the democratic candidate for the senate. that's a lot of money in a little state like south dakota. so i feel good about him. but you can't take him for granted. i feel good about those three races. >> then you've got arkansas, louisiana, alaska, all three of those races now the republicans are leading. you feel fairly confident there? >> i do. but again, like in alaska there's a new fox poll out today, 44/40 with dan sullivan in front, arkansas 36/39 with the republican out front. several weeks ago good margin for the republican candidate. nobody's pumping over 50%. and these are going to be hard-fought battles right to the end. the democrats are not going to give up on any of those.
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in fact, my sense is in some of those races we'll see like in alaska see double down. louisiana won't be settled until december because all the candidates are running in a november primary. and the two top vote getters assuming nobody gets 50% and no poll says that any candidate has a chance of getting more than 50% go into the runoff. so we'll have mary landrieu and bill cassidy republican in a december runoff. but, yeah, i feel good about those. again, it's going to be a brutal fight right to the end. if we get those three and hold our own, that gets us to six, we've fwot a republican majority ther chances -- >> then you've got cory gardener in colorado, up by a small margin. a very good candidate out there. >> he's a great candidate. and today fox news poll -- new fox poll has him at 43/47, good number outside the margin of error. lots of things can happen. he's one. another one is joni ernst in
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iowa. >> yeah, she's doing well. >> she was three weeks ago. it was a tie, but there have been recent polls showing her starting to pull ahead. i think that's an excellent shot for republicans. if that happened, we're now up to eight. >> and tom tilles in north carolina has narrowed the gap. poll came out it's within the margin of error. there's a poll going back about a month ago where he was up by five. the real trouble for the republicans seems to be pat roberts, although i think there's a poll today that showed him up by one. >> actually, there are two polls out today. one is a poll by cnn which showed him up by one, but with serious movement towards him. and then the new kansas poll out by fox news has him up 44/39. i think the reality is somewhere in between. but both polls show he's beginning to get the message through, which is if you vote for greg orman, it's voting for barack obama. choice is between supporter of obama and an opponent of obama in pat roberts. >> if you had to pick today,
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where would the senate -- where will the senate be in january? >> well, in january -- and it may incidentally take until january because georgia has a requirement that you get 50% -- >> georgia's interesting this year. you've got jimmy carter's grandson, one running for senate and one running for governor. pretty interesting what's going on there. >> talk about going back to the future. look, if i were a betting man i'd say 51, 52, 53. i wouldn't be surprised if the republicans picked up six. i wouldn't be shocked if they picked up eight. i'd be mildly surprised if they picked up five. i'd be mildly surprised if they picked up more than that. but i think we're trading in the range. i'm still thinking particularly since i think kansas is going to hit up in the republican column, i think we're going to be at 51, 52 or 53. >> karl rove, good to see you. coming up next on this busy news night on "hannity". >> did you use the word terror attack? >> i used the word attack. >> an attack by terrorists, a
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bombshell new revelation about what president obama knew and when he knew it. and that is the night of the benghazi terror attack that left four americans dead. so did the commander in chief purposely consciously lie to you, the american people. tonight, two members of the benghazi annex security team will join me to answer that question. later, tonight's question of the day. here is a hint. >> yeah! >> that's a clue in a roundabout way. stick around and find out what it is as much more continues tonight on "hannity." (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management.
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welcome back to "hannity." former defense secretary under president obama leon panetta continued heavy criticism of his old boss right here on fox news last night. in addition to slamming the president for his disastrous foreign policy, secretary panetta revealed exactly what he told the commander in chief immediately following the benghazi terror attack. watch this. >> on the night of the attack, say you told president obama you believed it was not a spontaneous attack. it was a terror attack. is that correct? >> general demp sey and i were talking to the president when we got word what was happening. what i told the president was that there was an attack going on in benghazi and that we were
10:16 pm
concerned that consulate there was in trouble. and it was based on that the president then said let's try to do everything we can to see what happens -- >> did you use the word terror attack? >> i used the word attack. >> there was an attack by terrorists. why did he then deliberately mislead you, the american people, in the days and months that followed? remember this. >> did he tell you, secretary panetta, it was a terrorist attack? >> you know what he told me was that there was an attack on our compound. >> he didn't use the word terror? >> you know, in the heat of the moment, bill, what folks are focused on is what's happening on the ground, do we have eyes on it, how can we make sure our folks -- >> i just want to get this on record. did he tell you it was a terror attack? >> bill, i'm answering your question. what he said to me was we got an attack on our compound. we don't know yet who's doing it. >> here with reaction are the
10:17 pm
co-authors of "13 hours," the inside account of what happened on the ground. guys, good to see you again. welcome back. so leon panetta said that he said that the console was under attack, hit by terrorists, yes, i used the word attack, according to his own secretary of defense lied. you both knew it was a lie at the time, didn't you? when you heard what their explanation was. >> most definitely, sean. most definitely. i was laying in bed in the hospital when state department representative was there. and, you know, we discussed the same issues. >> chris, when you first heard their excuse, spontaneous demonstration connected to youtube video, what did you think when you first heard that? >> what i first thought why on earth -- i've said it amillion
10:18 pm
times now. why are they lying about what happened that night? why are they misleading people when we knew the truth and we had passed it onto our superiors at that time as well? it made me very angry. it still makes me angry to this day. i'll say it a million times again. it was misleading. it was not the truth. it was a lie. that's basically it. what else can you say? >> so remember susan rice did the sunday shows, what five of them. >> yeah. >> and she repeated over and over and over again the talking points. but even two weeks later the president himself he said at the u.n. that it was in fact related to this video. in your mind then do you conclude, chris, i'll start with you, that the president of the united states consciously and purposely lied to the american people? >> i don't think you can think anything other than that. if you're connecting the dots,
10:19 pm
what else can you say? it was put out there. we said what happened that night. we told our superiors. now, i don't know if it got up to him. but if it didn't, what are his subordinates doing? >> they say it didn't go ep to him, but we know leon panetta was telling him when it was happening there was attack by terrorists. >> there's no other explanation. it's blatant misleading. >> also, sean, in that time as leon panetta said, you don't bring rocket launchers and machine guns to a -- you know, we've said that -- to a demonstration. >> yeah. i've been saying that from day one. who has an rpg, you know, a rocket propelled grenade, in their back pocket of a spontaneous demonstration? oh, let me pull it out of my pocket. i think we'll start a terrorist attack here. it never made sense to me. it's more serious because we lost four americans. the mother of glen dorgety spoke
10:20 pm
to greta van sustren. >> some of the stories, like glen went to help and one of the fighters on the roof said he was the only one that came up to help. that's a good story. >> do you have any, you know, i guess criticism's a harsh word especially from a mother of a child who lost his life, but about how the government handled it that night? >> well, the more we're finding out, the more criticism you feel, yes. i felt in the beginning that it was such chaos that it couldn't be helped. but now as more details have come out, yes, it could have been prevented. >> mark, if i remember, you were
10:21 pm
there when glen doherty died, right? >> yeah, he was about four or six feet behind me. >> what would you tell his mom? she obviously hasn't gotten the truth yet. what do you want her to know about what her son did that night? >> you know, it's a hard one, but, sean, you know, her son was one of the bravest guys i've met. he came up on that roof, no regard for himself to help out. to do what he could to lend a hand. i mean, cause he had, you know, the experience as a sniper. he's a shooter. he's drawn to the fire -- the gunfire. that's where it's at. that's where it's happening. that's where you're going. >> chris, after you were given the standdown order, he was one of the guys that defied orders, risked his whole career and his life and then gave his life -- >> that was tyrone. >> yeah.
10:22 pm
we're talking about glen coming up on the roof once the tripoli guys got there, yes. >> so explain -- what would you say, if it was my son, i'd want to hear from you guys. you were there when he died. mark, you were there when he died. i'd want to know what you have to say to the mom. >> i'm actually finding out these things myself that they weren't told. it disgusts me. if it was my mother, she would be up in arms. i can't believe that now they're finding out what's going on after we came out with the book two years after -- almost two years after the fact. it's disgusting. it's stuff if we would have known earlier as well, we would have went directly to glen's mother and also pat smith and said, look. even though it would have been detriment -- >> charles woods. >> yes. and say this is -- we had no idea they weren't told the truth. just ridiculous. >> our government, you have no doubt was lying and covering up. >> that's the only conclusion
10:23 pm
that can be drawn from the facts that are out there. >> yeah, exactly. >> i mean, i think it would take a blind and deaf man not to know that. >> how much more do you need? we'll keep giving them more if they need it though. >> all right, guys. thank you. appreciate it. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity". >> i lived with her for the past year. so i have that connection with her. i lived across the street from them before the tornadoes hit both of our houses last year. got to have weekly dinners still. >> the daughter of the oklahoma beheading victim braved the cameras to share with the world just how truly special her mother was. coming up next, our team of law enforcement experts explain how they would handle the investigation. why are we not looking into the history of this mosque? do they teach extremist things? plus, tonight. >> as a western civilization, we're to blame for a lot of the problems we're facing now. i don't think anyone would argue that we didn't create the problem of isis ourselves. >> college students, who is worse, america or isis?
10:24 pm
their answers downright disturbing. and later tonight, mcguirk geraldo and much more straight ahead. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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10:27 pm
still. with that more and more discussions came up and more and more stories. and it was a blessing in disguise looking back now. [ inaudible question ] -- going forward -- >> we'll still have them. we'll still have them. she'll still have her spot at the table and we'll still have them. that's not going to change. >> so, how should our law enforcement experts be handling this beheading in oklahoma? should it be considered a terror investigation? should we be investigating the mosque? joining me now former lapd detective mark furhman. the fbi, mark, is now asking the public to help them if they know of anybody that has extremist views. we know about this guy's of radical postings of all sorts of things. and we also know that he was arguing that day about stoning women to death and trying to convert people. and when he was involved in the
10:28 pm
beheading, he was saying things in arabic we're told. now, i had on this program and he had to disguise himself a member of the mosque that talked about the radicalism that is discussed behind closed doors at this oklahoma mosque. i want to play it for you. >> things that were taught behind closed doors were things like the choice that nonbelievers are to be offered by muslims to either convert, live under islamic domination and be in submission to the islamic state or to be fought against with jihad for the sake of allah. other things that were mentioned were open support at least among muslims, fellow muslims, for suicide bombings in israel. >> he told me, mark, that they had a convert or die mentality. they supported suicide bombings. and even supported bin laden. now, why is our government not
10:29 pm
looking into the imam, maybe communications with other mosque members? why aren't they doing a full fledged investigation if this guy's telling me this? >> well, i have no idea, sean. when you look at an investigation, you have one homicide, one attempted homicide and a very gruesome way of beheading. and i challenge anybody to find short of a serial killer a beheading in a murder in the united states in the last decade. so that being said, and you have all this information and your guest, the man known as noor, he should be a confidential reliable informant that law enforcement kept back. and the first time he notified them of some kind of disturbing conduct in the mosque, they should have taken him. they should have found out exactly how much probable cause they could have developed. they should have gotten electronic search warrants for the mosque under the patriot act.
10:30 pm
this is the key, if you don't call it an act of terror, it doesn't reach the patriot act level. if you call it workplace violence, then really the federal government can wash their hands of any advanced investigation or surveillance of a mosque. anything like this should be investigated to the absolute end of the earth. and that means every person, every cell phone, the mosque, undercover people going in, there's enough evidence right now to do a search warrant on this mosque. >> danny, we have a former member of this mosque telng me that radicals exist there. and this past weekend the white house sent a representative and a letter commending the imam of this mosque for something apparently they did during the tornado, they say, i'm not so sure i believe it. and my question is shouldn't we be getting e-mails, communication records, investigation and maybe a warrant as mark says? >> well, yeah. mark is exactly right.
10:31 pm
but you have to remember the fbi's not the master of its own destiny. all their ninvestigations are controlled not so much by the patriot act but by attorney general guidelines. and very recently as you pointed out last night, the attorney general guidelines relative to investigations of mosques changed dramatically. we're back in the ed levee days. now, i will say this, post this beheading, the fbi -- they can do whatever they want now. it's a criminal act. the problem is here we have to wait for a crime to occur before they can do a detailed investigation. >> a crime occurred by a member of the mosque. and we have another member of the mosque saying radicalism is being taught here. was he influenced by the radical teachings of the imam? was he encouraged to engage in the activities of a lone wolf? i think there is enough information here from this
10:32 pm
individual to warrant that full investigation. why aren't we investigating? >> no doubt. but remember the fbi can only investigate what the attorney general allows them to investigate by his guidelines. so the fbi had no way of knowing that. that's one of the reasons the fbi's going to the public and saying help us out here. we're so limited in what we can do, we need volunteer support. >> that is unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable. >> mark, what would you want to know? if you were investigating this, mark furhman, what are the things you would do? >> look at this, you've got a homicide. oklahoma, if they maintain this homicide, since it's not a terrorist act, i guess they're going to maintain the control of this as a homicide. >> you don't believe that. you think as i do this was an act of terror. >> well, i do. but let's just for the sake of argument we're going to keep it as a homicide. so if you keep it as a homicide
10:33 pm
and you're handling this, doesn't mean you have to meet the standards of a federal attorney general to say it's terror. you can go in and say what exactly is this man doing? what is the evidence? what was his motive? what was his direction? where was his influence? was there a conspiracy? and you're going to have a guest on here that's going to speak that is a confidential informant. he can give you that information to get a search warrant, get into that mosque, get electronic, you know, search warrants of cell phones, you know, hard files. get into the mosque. you don't need the federal government to get a search warrant. >> so we're politically incorrect and the government's going to standby political correctness over the safety of the people of oklahoma and the united states. that's where it stands, right? >> sean, can i just add? >> real quick. >> real quick. if this man went in and raped two women, would it be workplace violence? >> no. >> or would he be a serial rapist? >> it's a great point. >> sean, can i point something out quickly? >> danny, we'll give you the
10:34 pm
last word. yeah. >> sean, right now the fbi's going to do all those things. i know they are. they can do search warrants. they can do records checks. they can go and look at his cell phone. they can search his house. >> how about interview the guy i interviewed? >> absolutely. >> i'll find him. i'll help them. eric holder, call me. >> the problem is a crime has now been committed. it changes the rules so they can do almost anything that's logical. and they're doing that now. >> that mosque needs to be investigating. i'll say what everybody else is too timid to say. investigate the mosque based on what one person that attended that mosque is saying and the act of this guy that attended the mosque. i say investigate it. thank you both. >> i agree. coming up, game changer against the fight in ebola here in the u.s. as the first patient diagnosed on american soil has died. so is our government being completely open and honest about the severity of the disease? do you trust them? do you trust them? coming up next, mcgu on my jour,
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welcome back to "hannity." so after claiming 3,000 lives in west africa the u.s. has now confirmed its first death of the ebola outbreak. thomas eric duncan became the first diagnosed on american soil. he died earlier today in a dallas hospital. also today was announced that a second patient was admitted to the same dallas hospital after reporting possible exposure to ebola. now, according to the frisco, texas, fire chief, that person had been in the dallas apartment where duncan stayed. meanwhile, officials announced five u.s. airports will now take the temperatures of travelers from ebola-stricken countries, a precaution already practiced in airports all across africa. but is this move too little too late? imus in the morning producer, bernard mcguirk, gerald rivera
10:41 pm
and daegan mcdowel. we need a travel ban and we need to secure the border. those are two things we can do in light of duncan. tenn isis guys came across our border -- >> which is a lie. an absolute lie. >> it reminds me of joe mccarthy, i have a hundred members in the state department -- who are they, sir? well, check with me next week. >> i was down at the briefing that obama -- >> sean, this has nothing to do with the mexican border. >> gerald, gerald o, let me educate you. this is important. i sat through a briefing of former navy s.e.a.l.s., top law enforcement officials of every branch of texas law enforcement. they are capturing people from syria, yemen, afghanistan, pakistan. it is a reality. i've been to that border ten times, geraldo. it is porous. it is wide open. >> i know that border better than anybody in this building.
10:42 pm
it is absolute -- so now it's isis. then it's ebola. >> that's right. what's going to be next? >> secure the border. >> why not start here? dallas presbyterian hospital committed a colossal act of medical malpractice. the president of the united states spoke to the general assembly of the united nations on the 24th of september. ebola, ebola, ebola, thomas duncan presents himself on the 25th of september to the hospital. he's got a fever, he's vomiting, they send him home. they send him home to come back three days later. >> don't believe for a second that that incompetence is only unique to that dallas hospital. it is far and wide. that's why you have to monitor these people coming in this country. and by the way -- >> do you support a travel ban from liberia, sierra leone? >> i do. >> do you support a travel ban. >> yes, indeed. >> do you support securing the border? >> i do. but i don't think ebola patients can make that arduous journey --
10:43 pm
>> really. >> maybe the isis man can. >> we have a top general, marine corps general john f. kelly said that if it breaks out in guatemala, honduras, el salva r salvador, there's going to be a mass migration of people that either have ebola or fear they have ebola into the united states. secure the border. >> what if it breaks out in chicago? what if it breaks out in new york city? >> this is not about immigration. >> secure the border anyway. >> exactly. >> that's a different argument. if you want to secure the border -- >> can you imagine an ebola patient making the 1,500-mile walk across mexico? he is in africa, doesn't speak spanish, he's got a fever, he's walking across the desert. please. >> geraldo, we need the border secure. >> that's a different argument. >> i tie it to isis, terrorism --
10:44 pm
>> disease. >> do you remember reading how you irish were condemned in the 19th century for bringing disease in the middle of the 19th century? they were associated with disease because that's what you do with immigrants. you say they're guilty of disease or they're going to rape your women. >> geraldo, i don't want people from liberia or sierra leone, an ebola-ravaged nation coming to the united states. is that bigot. >> if their passports are from there. >> if they book two separate tickets, the authorities here are not automatically alerted. if those two tickets from africa to another city to here they have -- immigration doesn't have to catch it. >> we've got to catch them. >> ere on the side of caution. you can ban travel to and from those countries. the criticism it will stop aid workers from going. you can make exceptions for aid workers. it's practical. you can do it. >> i agree.
10:45 pm
>> there's one thing i know, if it comes to new york city and you're on the subway and somebody sneezes in their hands and touches a rail and you've got a cut on your hand and you touch that rail, that's how you catch it. it's that easy. >> you know what an irish seven-course meal, a six-pack and a potato. i can say that because i'm irish. >> it's wrong he said that. >> i'm going after my own people. coming up right after the break with our panel, straight ahead. >> as a western civilization, we're to blame for a lot of problems we're facing now. i don't think anyone would argue we didn't create the problem of isis ourselves. >> harvard college students asked who's worse, america or isis? our panel responds to the shocking answers coming up next straight ahead. turn the trips you have to take,
10:46 pm
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "hannity." campus reform, recently visited harvard university and asked students there what they think is more reform visited university. >> what is the bigger threat? america or isis?
10:51 pm
>> world peace? oh, america. >> i think america. >> what is a greater threat to world peace? america or isis? . >> i think american imperialism and our protection of oil interests in the middle east are lining the region and allowing groups like isis to gain power. >> we continue with geraldo riviera and megan mcdonald . >> i don't know what to say. >> spoiled ingrates. the united states sent troops to africa and tell what they did to survivors of the holocaust. i would say this. our policy of going over there and dethroning these dictators
10:52 pm
did somewhat lead to the rise of isis. >> no. what led to the rise of isis is obama not keeping training and intelligence on the ground after after we won over iraq. >> in retrospect -- >> we should have kept intelligence as a young man. >> were you a liberal? didn't you want to help everybody? >> no. i was 13 and they were screaming turn off the talk radio. >> you're rare. most kids are progressive liberals . >> i got in more trouble than you. that is saying a lot. >> as a young kid? >> harvard are raising some sort of cheat sheet from a left wing philosophy professor. >> go to cemetery at arlington you little losers.
10:53 pm
>> get a job. >> oh, the irony. >> jimmy kimmel asked people who is the vice president. watch this. >> joe biden. i think he, is our governor? >> i think he's the governor or something. >> joe biden? i don't know. terrorist group? i don't know. >> who is joe biden? i have no idea. >> do you know who the vice president is? >> no. i don't. >> do you want to guess? >> condoleezza rice. >> that is it. >> first female black vice president. >> that is less scarier to me than those kids in harvard. >> try to tell the difference between the two of them. >> they're all stupid. >> the gas and gaffes by joe biden? >> doesn't it make you feel like
10:54 pm
who are we talking to? they're not listen something it's a generation or two that this whole thing happens in the world? they're living their lives? worried about traffic and weather? >> they're worried about having an ass that looks like kim kardashian's than running the nation. . >> i do like biden. you know what? >> i'll be the minority in this one. that is all the time we have left. good to see you guys. >> when we come back, question of the day. wait until you hear the question and you get to answer it, straight ahead. want to know how hard it can be... breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide
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11:00 pm
that is all the time we have left. time to set your dvrs. record "hannity" the series start your day with ainsley and fox and friends we'll see you back here tomorrow