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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 15, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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go to our gretawire poll and tell me. good night thanks for watching. bill o'reilly if he is still talking to me, he is next. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" what would you do for a klondike bar? meet a group of people who love them so much they will risk their lives for a taste of the delicious treat. plus what did joe biden say when asked to name the current president? and finally is greg gutfeld too old to be hosting a segment for teens ? >> i don't think he is too old. he has experience and stuff which is good. >> we'll show you what happened when llgg made a surprise appearance at a mall. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> that was some weekend. and now let's welcome our
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guest. well she is hotter than a fever and needs just as many fluids. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. blah, blah, blah cats, blah, blah, blah, never leaves his apartment, blah, blah, blah, will die alone, blah, blah, blah, cats will eat his corpse. it is tv's andy levy. he read "50 shades of grey" and it went to his beard. joe devito. and he is hard as nails. the real nails, not the lee press on ones. u.s. army special forces terry sappar. you can see him in "dude you're screwed" on discovery channel and then afterwards you will drink a mug of broken glass. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> he is a fink who does president drink. he is a fink who doesn't drink. the traiterous scum doesn't
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loathe him. he he is at the end of a long interview conducted as part of a festival. >> on an optimistic note we will bring this to a close and you can enjoy a v on did c a. a. >> i don't know what is worse, her giggling over him, 9 spy or the fact that he has never gotten drunk. meanwhile, a new documentary on snowden reveals the firsty mails he sent to a gurn lis uh -- journalist. here is more on who directed the film reading 1 of hisy mails. >> for now know that every border you cross and every purchase you make and every call you dial and every sell phone tower you -- cell phone tower you pass and friend you keep and site you visit and
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subject line you type is in the hands of a system whose reach is unlimited, but safeguards are not. >> that's not self-refer wren shall at all. snowden only goes out in public in disguise. >> i will say that is quite a disguise and it is very fetching. dog fetching. this is proof you can't trust a man who has never been drunk. >> true. >> and he should be executed. >> here we go. i don't know what to make of him. we talked about this up and down and right and left. he is not a hero. yeepg he is -- i don't think he is a villain. he is a sad character. he is trying to create his own movie and screenplay.
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as soon as the interview is over they take down the lights and he is like, oh yeah, i'm in russia. >> but his life isn't bad. he said his girlfriend is out there now and he is having a good time. but his e-mails, joe, the more we know about him -- he saw himself as becoming famous and heroic and this was necessary to build himself up, don't you agree my bearded friend? >> his publicist should be mad that he blew the absolute treason tie in. i kind of don't know -- i mean i know it is good he revealed our country is spying on its citizens, but again did he put lives at risk? i don't know. it has got to be strange to wonder what kind of life he is living there. as soon as he is no longer useful i don't think it will end well for him. >> this is my theory, that he -- there is no way russia would have taken him like that unless it was planned. i don't think they said we
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will take oou because your is pa port is revoked. -- passport is revoked. they don't take walk ins. >> russia has everything planned five moves ahead. that's why i was reading they are baffled with u.s. policy because they are trying to figure out what is the game obama is playing? it is like, no, he is just flailing around. he is trying to see is it 17 moves ahead? >> he is amazing. he is playing an entirely separate game. he has these 400 moves. he is into the third game. we are still in the first game he is that brilliant. in the green room i was shocked he said greg, i was thinking about this for a longtime. you are right about snowden. he is a traitor. he should come back to america and face the very people he has betrayed. thank you for this opportunity being at "red eye" for seven years. i owe you my career. i just want to remind you that you added that after you said you agreed with me. in case you decide to change your mind. >> all of that sounds squallly
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truthful. equally truthful. >> you are killing me. >> we never talked about this. i understand while i was gone for awhile you ran a little thing that supposedly i said. it is true, isn't it? >> we should talk about that tomorrow. i just remembered we should talk about it. i'm surprised -- when they show the trailer of her reading the e-mail it was a person of interest. >> you both said you can't trust someone who doesn't drink. i'm assuming you didn't vote for mitt romney. >> yeah, i didn't vote for mitt romney. >> didn't you? >> but we do vote for people who smoke weed and do drugs. >> you know what happened that day. >> oh yeah, i didn't vote for mitt romney. i forgot about that. >> go ahead. still haven't had a quote from the new yorker interview. he said, we can't have secret programs. the american people don't have to know the name of every
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individual under investigation. we don't need to know the details of every program in the intelligence community. but we have to know the outlines of the powers our government is claiming and how they affect us because if we don't, we are no longer citizens and we no longer have leaders. we are subjects and we have rulers. i think every word of that is 100% true and this is why he should have won the nobel prize, the booker prize, the pulitzer prize and he should be i think president of if not the united states the president of new york. >> i think the only prize he deserves is the ebola prize. >> wow. >> you will hear about that tomorrow. >> it is an award named after a neighbor of mine. >> i will send that to my friends at media matters. >> i know you are sensible. there are reports that snowden's girlfriend joined him in russia. would you do that for a spay
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-- a spy trait russ jerk in. >> she was in the french riveara. i understand he wasn't planning to going to russia. it was just a stop. he was trying to go to south america, i believe. >> right to see glen greenwald. >> probably the girl is like he knows the plan. we were supposed to go to south america and it was foiled. fine, i love him. i will go to russia. i am tired of us trying to humanize him. really what he did you can argue is just as ethically evil as the government which he condemns. >> true. >> the gathering of our personal data or his gathering of their data without their knowledge, same thing, and arguing that it puts us at risk, he put our government at risk. do you see that? >> and put us at risk because isis has reacted and it is their way of fighting a war. >> i agree that you could argue that. the problem is you would be wrong. you could argue it.
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>> something that is ethically wrong is ethically wrong on all standards. >> it is. it is. >> it is true. he put all of our lives at risk. >> oh stop. >> it is true! russians love him because he is giving them all of this information. >> i wish it could have gone a different way. >> hang on. the idea that you can just assert these things with absolutely no evidence is hilarious in the sense that it is not funny. >> the idea that you can call him a hero when he was in cahoots with glen greenwald who was always in the war on terror. he went to glen greenwald and that tells you where his interest lies. he was against the war on terror. they all believe it is a joke and it made us vulnerable. that's a fact you crazy weirdo. >> some of what has come out
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of all of this is good in a way, useful. he is reminding me of julian assange. there is a bit of an ego that is quickly deflating and quickly run into the wall of reality. you are not that cool. it is not that glorious. >> i think the point you are missing is he is super cool. >> andy, why not just move in with him? >> with that stupid girlfriend? >> are you referring to the cat? all right, was the ebola e-bulla. on monday a man wearing a mask , joe, shouted "i have ebola" on a metro bus. it was likely bs, but the driver has been quarantined and is being investigated as a possible terrorist threat because of the fear it created. i wonder if the man said to the driver, don't mess with me because i have ebola. >> the man said to the driver "don't mess with me. i have ebola." when somebody comes on to a bus and makes a threat like
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that, the idea is to sew fear in people and that's terrorism. >> authorities believe it is a hoax, but still take precautions. meanwhile, americans are not feeling safe. a new poll shows 67%, that's a lot support bans on travel from ebola stricken african countries. and they would like stricter screening protocols. finally facebook founder mark zuckerburg is donating $25 million to me. >> no. >> i will only spend it on v neck sweaters. joanne, to you first. this is interesting stuff. is that a terrorist threat if somebody yells that on a bus? >> i believe he yelled don't mess with me, i have it. it was more of a caution. that wasn't a threat one could argue. i think the media showing this that the narratives have changed. it used to be that sex sells
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and now fear sells. i think that a lot of this is just an attempt to gain viewers to get ratings. i think it is important for everyone to be informed of course and to be cautious. however, the fear doesn't do good. >> and people react -- instead of cautiously, they react in throws of panic. >> i throw myself all the time in panic. i throw myself to the ground. >> i thought you were klutzy. joe, you are considered a comedian. is telling a bus full of people you have ebola funny in anyway? >> not at all. but joanne said he said don't mess with me, i have it. he could be referring to a jenna say squaw. i know they said his fluids
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are fine they should have brought him back so everybody can kick the crap out of him. >> he got off the plane. they should have got everyone off and left him there. >> when you think about it, it is the ultimate terrorist weapon. you don't even need the bomb. you don't need to make or rig something up with toilet paper and tape. you can yell why "i have this disease." >> it is like yelling theater in a fire. andy -- >> your eyes hurt, don't they? >> i he just bought $100 million. however, i like this idea. was zuckerburg able to say this is going to the cdc? if that's true, can't all of us do that with our taxes. i don't want it to go to funding obesity programs. i want mine to go to alzheimer's. >> you can't just give money
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to the pentagon. >> it is from his foundation. >> i think the deal was he expected to pay $125 million for his house and he got a real good deal. oh tax write off. >> they say this guy is a terrorist act because his idea is fear. this is an l.a. bus. i am not sure the fear is anything. have you ever been on an l.a. bus? there is a good chance he doesn't know what he was carrying. >> what do you make of the threat of ebola in general? you said you agreed with me 100% on everything. do you think it is under hype eds, over hyped and under hyped. >> the hype thing has made it completely dash sh you can't get it. the thing that bothers me is the diseases -- is the
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disease. it can mu tate and there are things you don't know about it. they come out after the fact that we probably got that wrong. as the president says it is never going to come here. so everything the government -- really the disease is the problem. as the government is lying about what is going to happen and it is proving that it is not true. we don't know what this is. there are different scientists who say i don't know. to be lase-fare is bad. >> in 1976 when they found it it is a stable disease. there may booy a mutation, but it is not appreciable. >> global warming is changing that. >> maybe it was stable since then. >> hypotheticals. >> things change. >> what made a disease like this easier to contain was because it doesn't have time to mu tate because it is so
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lethal that it would have these flier ups that would burn out. people were dying before they had a chance to spread it too far. that's where the modern travel comes in. they can be across the world pretty quickly. >> i have done enough zombie research to know. >> it is a good transition into this whole idea of restriction of travel. joanne, how do you feel about that? >> restricting travel, maybe not just yet. i think the screenings, definitely. that's not a lot of effort or money. >> i am not an expert on this. but i am assume thrg is a list of things you -- but i am assume thrg is a list of things you do to screen this. >> you have ebola. >> and then people lied. >> now after they ask you they say seriously? >> has anybody been honest on their medical questionnaires? >> no, never been honest. >> this is profiling, greg.
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not all ebolas are bad. some ebolas do cause people to die. i don't think you can just lump all ebolas together. that's profiling. i think it is racist and i don't like it. >> how about this? chris brown who is a -- you are a big fan and you were on twitter saying the ebola epidemic is a form of population control. you tweeted after him "you go chris. finally you agree with me." >> shocked you would say that. >> you almost sounded like you were really reading that. >> that was an improve. >> i can't tell a difference between team ebola and team breezy. >> you know what, here is my theory. you make a joke about ebola and they have to fly you immediately to liberia. that's your punishment. you know what, do you have ebola? we are sending you to liberia for punishment and you have to find your way back. >> very very least.
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in all seriousness, it is the cops and the emergency services and the medical services. if you can't afford to pay that, they let you work it off. maybe you have to work in a hospital with legitimately sick people. >> the guy in the bus in l.a. is just money bags. >> that guy have i a feeling -- >> they haven't found him yet. he is on the run. >> he is running because he can't take the bus. >> that was stupid. he is probably saying why do i say that? i will be late for my job at that fortune 500 company. i am actually ceo. >> i was taking the bus. >> i am actually one of the weinsteins. >> stay humble, people. >> exactly. >> he is the president of dream works. joan anymore. i don't know anymore. coming up, terry sappar strangles with a single chest
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hair. and kristen stewart criticizes the military. i hope the military responds by criticizing "snow white and the hunts man."
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they let blood spill while we lack the will. isis controls large parts of iraq and syria despite having a relatively small army. their success lies in their savagry. it keeps thf local populations down. they are more fierce and the more successful they become. they also broadcast their brutality tweeting pictures of fighters holding severed heads. we know this, and prisoners gunned down on their knees. while our military seeks to
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avoid civilian death, they revel in it. john mccain upped the campaign against isis thus far. >> they are winning and we are not. the iraqis are not winning. the kurds are not winning. there are a lot of aspects of this. there has to be a fundamental reevaluation of what we are doing because we are not degrading and ultimately destroying isis. >> all right, terry, i know this is not your wheel how. >> it is isis -- is isis winning because of our blood lust? our administration. >> fighting is a contest of wills. we are talking about we have this and we have that. >> i am watching andy squirm.
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>> so that is -- you know, as soon as they started bombing and that's all they were going to do. they told us that's what they are going to do. w45 that will do is make them stronger. they will whether the storm and then go look at the big bully, america. we are still here and kicking ass. they combine effectively the testosterone of kicking people's butts and killing them and video gaming it and also they do what they say they are gonna do. as bad as it is, they do what they say they are going to do and we don't. fighting, combat, weapons are important, but that is way more important. their fear that they sow over there and you can't argue with them. in a way the purity of what they do -- it is unarguable. we don't have that. >> they have an army of 25,000 that is likely the size of one u.s. division. we could simply crush them on
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the ground. but it goes back to the fact that we don't want to. >> like i said, we joke about president obama and he is not the problem. really america is the problem. america is not ready for two things to happen if we go to fight. i will be the one carrying the gun. americans will come back in body bags. we're cool with that. we signed up for that, but take the rules of engagement away and america is not ready for a video coming back of a kid killed or woman killed because then we will say oh my god, no, no, no. and by the way isis knows this. isis has us where they want us right now. until the culture in america changes, it ain't gonna change. >> on that note let's take a break. i have been so depressed. >> i just made that up. i have no backing of that. >> joe, terry tells us what the problems are. how do we defeat isis? you have four minutes. >> well, first i recent you went to terry first when i went through the trouble of growing this beard.
12:26 am
>> if you are going undercover for the taliban you need to be over there. >> the glasses won't tip them off. >> excuse me. is there a lens crafters here? >> terry is right. you look at what isis is doing it and they are fighting total war. imagine if winston churchill said we will fight you for about a month or so. we will fight you using only these weapons. it is ridiculous. they said wars help. all wars eventually turn into total war. we just have to accept that fact. they know who they are fighting. they are fighting a war against us and we are not even admitting who we are fighting against. >> that's true. we can't say what it is. joanne you said in the green room and i quote, isis, i am reserving judge meant until i have all of the facts. >> i am waiting for obama to tweet it. right now global warming is what i am very concerned about. as far as the blood lust, they love blood and death even when
12:27 am
it is their own. that's what makes them truly evil. their bark is as big as their bite. that's why we fear them. we see that they are ruthless. >> andy, i have faith we will destroy this group and they embrace death. do you wish you had their courage? >> i think you wish i had their courage. >> you can't argue with it. it is fairly obvious. groups adopt terrorist rise stick tactics. stalin knew what he was doing. there is a reason those guys are successful for awhile. eventually it all falls apart. we can't be like them. we shouldn't be like them. so what is the answer?
12:28 am
>> we can't be like them, we being society, but i can be like them. >> i know you can. >> this is important. women and kids -- me and my team have put ourselves -- you have no idea the risk we have put in. we almost lost guys just to help women and kids. we can be as brutal as they are to them. unless we are willing to do that, i almost don't want our government right now or our culture to get involved. if we don't have the stomach for it please don't send us. when you are ready to go, america, when you are ready to stop kids from getting crucified and they guys doing what they do, then go ahead and give us a call and make sure you take the chain off the rottweiler. we will come back in a couple months with a lot of heads for you. but don't give us a hard time. don't put it on the news. don't second guess it. just say thank you and go back to watching -- >> that's never, ever gonna happen. >> that's the part. i get december couraged about
12:29 am
that -- i get discouraged about that. >> do you think he said, dude, i'm not that bad. >> he was fighting isis. >> i think he was more like, i am so much more than that. >> i like trefal. >> i am an amazing chef. >> they don't talk about my poetry, my spoken words. >> who did he kill? >> just about everybody. >> he was a little over the top. >> i need to read my history or i won't. coming up, the "new york times" finally speaks out about the biggest playing -- plague threatening our nation. >> tonight's sponsor is computer mice. we have been training
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genetically modified mice to use your computer so you don't have to. there is a left hand mouse, a right hand mouse and a mouse, mouse. buy the set so you never have to type again. thanks computer mice.
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does k stew have a clue? kristen stewart is dumb, breaking news. while promoting her new film she said gitmo detainees are misunderstood and enlisting in the u.s. army is for dummies and the film stewart is a
12:34 am
gitmo guard who she says is simple and, quote, not very smart. her character after witnessing the treatment of the terrorists and befriending one of them questions her role in the military. stewart told the daily beast, a website and not an animal that judging detainees is f-ing evil and crazy. it is crazy to think you know anything for sure in life other than to take care of your fellow people. where the f do you get off thinking otherwise? she truly is america's sweetheart. terry i will go to you. where the f do you get off telling people about war? >> i have over stepped my bounds. >> you don't know anything about gitmo. >> i never should have said anything. i heard it is nice. >> i don't get mad at kristen stewart. that's what we expect. >> i am worried. do you think the men and women in the military can carry on despite the sphact -- the fact k-stew thinks they are not smart. >> only if the government
12:35 am
shells out a lot more money for counseling. >> i am worried about that. >> joanne, you are a big fan of k-stew. should we em empathize with all people as she claims? >> no. as an actress it is important to empathize with your character, but not with the terrorist in real life. of course the movie sympathizes with terrorists. prism dark dark patriotism is not call, greg's book is not cool. >> i saw that. you will get a free copy. coming out in paperback in march by the way. joe, she claims in the interest view she is not one for political statements and then she makes one. is it true what terry says? you have to cut her slack because her intellect muscles have not been fully formed being a movie star all her
12:36 am
life? >> i don't think you need to cut her slack as much as you should ignore her as an ignorant person. in the interview thisy said well i don't follow the news. it won't stop me from spouting off about it. before the interview we were flipping through the channels and there was a making of about this. where is the documentary about the guys who were the bad guys and nobody would have the guts to make that thought. hollywood is only comfortable with two portrayals. they are racist red neck homophobes or there is damaged goods. the idea that somebody can be intelligent and have those values, it is so foreign. they say you must be insane if you think that way. >> exactly. >> you were a military veteran and you are unstable and weird. so maybe you -- maybe k-stew is right. >> she may not be wrong. >> she was great as the little
12:37 am
boy in "panic room." >> you are awful. >> this means a lot. i will never watch a "twilight" movie again. >> that's a boycott. >> it did that much to you? >> no more sparkly vampires for me. >> i loved her in the movie at the fairgrounds. >> is that a movie you saw at the fairgrounds? >> or go to the state fair she was at. >> she played joan jett too. i shot that was cool. >> she asked about gitmo in the interview and she says, quote, i was forced to really investigate. i knew obama wanted to close it down and i knew everyone else wanted to too. here is a gal lop poll from june. 66% of americans oppose shuting it down and 29% agree with it. it is sad she is playing this character she describes as simple and not smart because the type casting, i wish she could break free of that. >> we need you to play a dumb
12:38 am
person and you will be perfect. there is a craze for hollendaze, but the writer is fed up with brunch. brunch is for jerks. he complains how his once quiet west village neighborhood is now over run with obnoxious young brunchers and weekend with family. it has been replaced with unlimited mimosa's. the brump is not just a -- brunch is not just a meal. it is a twice weekly symbol. it is about reveling in the naughtiness of waking up late. and then throw toping on the way home. do you -- and then throwing it up on the way home. >> listen. i am a big jerk. i love brunch. i don't think it is me rejecting adulthood. it is me living my lifelike i am always on a vacation. especially when you live in a city it is easy to do.
12:39 am
and on vacation you splurge. i just want to live a life of luxury and splurging. i will have four mimosa's and then i nap. i can't do the all day thing. >> i just think there is a bit of an elitism with brunch. you can't brunch at appleby's. you go there and that's a meal. you go to someplaces outdoors and it charges you a $12 for a mimosa, that's brunch. >> first i say take this simple quiz. repeat the word brunch over and over again. after awhile tell me if you feel like a responsible uh but. it is -- adult. >> it is a terrible word. >> if i had a friend against brunch or into brunch i would hold them in equal contempt. >> it shouldn't bow a verb. >> it depends on when i roll out of bed and -- my meal is defined by the sweet spot between when there is a gym
12:40 am
and when does football start? that's my window. i am not putting out a clean shirt. >> for me gym is always open. >> this is a writer not worried about getting his head cutoff by isis. and you know what? if that changed, that whole snarky west village, you loved that one, he wouldn't be writing that. he would be writing a document on how to get clean water and not get killed. >> didn't he link it to white people? >> it is always about white people. >> honestly i think this piece was semisaw tear cal. he kept saying now that i have a kid. now he is an adult. i used to go to brunch and now i have a kid. now he can't enjoy them because he hates them. he said he hates them because he envies them. >> but then we wouldn't have a story. >> he is not wrong. brunch culture is awful. >> you know what i think? you know what brunch culture
12:41 am
-- >> dhaz what we have now -- that's what we have now jie. when you add culture to anything it is stupid. culture, culture, i hate that. >> it shows how many people in new york do not have labor jobs and work with machinery. you can face -- the only area where you can face monday with a hangover is in media or in art or fashion or journalism. that's where you can do your job. >> basically you people. >> it true. my whole life i have done all of my work with a hangover. >> brunch twitter is the worst. it may be worse than airplane twitter. >> menu down. extreme haunted houses. we investigate. by the way "not cool" order it. >> read it. you are not his friend. >> and coming up tomorrow on
12:42 am
the independence. >> and hello to you. tomorrow night on the independence, john stossil will stop by as a founding father and we will name our enemy for the week. we will see you at 9:00 p.m. or midnight or both tomorrow night on fox business network.
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they are so disturbed they speak of a safe word. i talk extreme haunted houses designed for fans who want to get freaked out. touching is common and customers are often treated like assault victims with a goal of making peopl so uncomfortable they can't finish. explains one haunted house expert, yes they exist, you might be locd in a cage and you may see a fake rape or someone may fake puke on your back. it is a frat boy hazing challenge as opposed to good natured fun. the most extreme haunted house in the country is said to be san diego's mchamey manor where no one has made it through. take a look. >> that was the wrong video. can we show the right one?
12:47 am
>> let me out. >> that is no than christmas at doocy's. i don't think it is that bad. i think this is excellent pr by the helicoptered house people saying -- pr by the haunted house people saying it is scary and bad. thisy say it is a house full of people who like to assault people. >> that sounds right. my problem with these things -- it is not a problem, but a personal preference, they playoff the horror genre of the slasher films and the torture films. a haunted house to me should be ghosted. it should scare the crap out of you because it is supernatural and not because you are seeing someone get
12:48 am
fake raped? i don't get it. >> this is all texas chain saw masacre staw. joanne, is this an excuse for weird dudes to touch women? >> yes. it is. i am fascinated by this. it has a wait list of 17,000 people. >> really? >> yes. it is a seven-hour long experience. it only accepts two people per day during the weekends. no safe words and no quitting. how is that fun? that is a nightmare. i would rather go to the movies and see a scary film and scream a few times. i can leave if i want to or close my eyes and eat popcorn. >> are you talking a movie like "mystic pizza"? >> oh yes it is terrifying. poohy swraw wounds from the -- pizza wounds from the oven? >> is this hazing disguised as fun? >> what is this absence of stimulation in your life that
12:49 am
you need to go through all of this? and halloween is for children. >> that's true! >> halloween is for kids. what is next? an extreme -- hand turkey making for adults! stop with the nonsense. i am always up for a spooktacular. >> this is something like you don't need. you come back and you say why are people doing this? >> they are paying for that. >> they paid good money for that. >> you would walk out going -- >> can we go? they are wrapping me up. coming up, we are going to talk about your new show, terry. stick around. the conference call.
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the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voiceedge mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. last story. that's the last story. >> terry has a new show called "dude, you're screwed." it is to the what you think. anyway, here is the tape. >> oh man. >> this is jake. he is one bold, strong headed
12:54 am
dude. but this time he pushed the game too far. four days ago we dropped his butt into the oldest desert in the world. he is trying to show off. >> bad idea. >> i understand why people die out here in two days. >> but this place is sucking him dry. >> that's a lot of water. >> sitting out what is left. >> what happened to that guy? did he die? >> i don't want to spoil the fun. >> that was a rough one. >> did somebody nome name him? >> we are a group of friends. we know each other. each week one of us is captured by the other ones. you like where this is going. there is restraints involved and then he is put somewhere in the world and he is that 100 hours to make contact with human beings.
12:55 am
the rest of us are monitoring from a base camp. he has a vest on that gives us his vitals. we can't help him. he has a gps tracker. he had a rough time. it is a fun show to do. the strength of the show and it is the second season. >> are people naked? >> there are no naked people. then i would get laughed at. >> there is potential for feud tee because it is very warm. >> they want us to take our shirts off and shoot compound bows. >> do you have alcohol when you are out there? >> like with what jake is doing? >> yeah. >> no, are you on your own. >> sometimes a sweaty tank top is all you need. >> it frames it better. >> you are guys -- you guys are disgusting. >> you wouldn't put me through that. >> you could do it.
12:56 am
we can do it together. >> i don't eat anything that is purchased. >> have you ever pooped in the woods? >> never. >> oh my god. >> i have tried to make him poop in the woods. >> have him poop in the woods. >> he just clinches up and cries. >> it is not really that hard, greg. >> you take him by the hand and let him to a porta john. >> do you poop in the woods? >> no, but you should see him in the green room. >> it is a fun show. >> he has a sign on the office door that says "the woods." >> so technically he does. >> why is this about my pooping habits? joe, you had a question. >> well, confusion. i actually additioned for a show called "dude you're screwed" but it was on logo. >> i did too and i didn't get that job either. i got a call back. >> what time?
12:57 am
>> premiering october 29th, wednesday, 9:00. every wednesday 9:00 on discovery channel. >> discovery channel, wednesday, 9:00. you have to support terry. he is a badass. on to fox
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am hello, everyone, i'm greg, along with kimberly, bob and dana. this is "the five." as war as pestilence rage, what's the white house up to? it's not isis, it's ice flows. chuck hagel just released his department's -- with wise planning and risk mitigation now, we can reduce adverse impacts down range. this would be fine if these people could multitask. but they can't even single task. but here t


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