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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 18, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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generally asymptomatic except for her fever flew on it. they've taken the other plane out of commission, what are your chances of contracting ebola from one of these planes? >> this is probably the cleanest plane in the world right now. it is much lower than the chances of dying from influenza from getting the flu at random on a plane. i mean, they've done everything. they've taken a huge hit. the entire airline industry, if you look at that sector on wall street, has taken a big hit from merely what is a super stretch of a long shot for anybody to get this. >> thank you, doc. >> good to see you, megyn. after the break i'll tell you what my own doctor told me about your chances of getting it on an airplane. and you may have a chuckle. the cdc is now saying the newest patient may have been showing symptoms much earlier than originally believed. so what does that mean for the passengers who flew with her on the flight that she was on? or for those who rode in the plane in the days after? we'll look at who may have been
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exposed and what exactly is now happening with the plane. >> megyn, we're here at frontier airlines, the very plane that amber vinson flew from cleveland back to dallas. and to walk us through it here and to find out what she went through and what the flight was like for her is the ceo of frontier airlines. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste, and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost.
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i'm marcelle neville. sources telling fox there's been a possible citing of eric frein. he's the suspect in last month's ambush at a state police barracks that left one trooper dead and another one wounded. frein has aeluded capture. police offering a $175,000
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reward leading to his arrest. if you want to vote in texas next month, you'll have to show you id. critics say it will unfairly supporters say the lawom the will prevent fraud. i'll see you back here at 6 clock eastern. now back to "kelly file" investigation. >> nurse amber vinson was just showing signs of ebola and yet the cdc cleared her to fly home. now as we learn more about her illness, it's raised new questions about how many people may have been exposed.
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trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with more. trace. >> megyn, because amber vinson might have been showing symptoms much earlier than thought, that greatly changes the strategy of the cdc, frontier airlines and authorities in ohio. for example, we know she flew frontier airlines from dallas to cleveland on friday october 10th. this is a map of how many other flights the plane she was on flew in the days after she got to cleveland, dozens, carrying several thousand passengers. the plane was never taken out of service. but now the cdc says it's making good progress on contacting all of the passengers who flew with vinson from dallas to cleveland. while amber vinson was in ohio, family and friends say she kept her distance, no hugs or kisses. still, ohio authorities are monitoring 12 people she came in contact with and are taking other precautions. family members who work at kent state university have been told to stay home. an elementary school has been shut down because another family member goes there. and the bridal shop she visited is also closed until authorities give the all-clear. plus, her mom and several friends are under voluntary quarantine. listen.
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>> we're going to be very conservative. we're going to be very aggressive. we don't want to miss anything. there's no room for error. we're going to say that even back to friday that is possible. >> the cdc mistakenly allowed her to fly from cleveland back to dallas because her fever hadn't hit the danger zone. but she might have been showing symptoms. the cdc has now talked to every passenger on board that flight. but in the 24 hours after vinson got off the plane, it made six more flights carrying up to 800 people. you might ask, what's the risk if she's not on the plane? well, it turns out ebola can live on a dry surface, like a tray table or doorknob for several hours. in body fluids like blood or urine, it can live for several days. which is why frontier airlines is planning to replace the carpets and material on the seats. megyn. >> "the kelly file" got an exclusive look inside the very
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plane in which ms. vinson flew on october 13th, just one day before she was officially diagnosed with ebola. and everyone from the ceo to the head of the cleaning crews says no doubt about it this plane is safe to fly. fox news contributor dr. mark siegel has more from newark airport. >> with us is the ceo of frontier airlines to walk us through what the flight was like for her, where she sat and what she experienced. >> nice to meet you. come on aboard. let me show you around. >> amber vinson came onto the plane here. >> yes. >> show me where she sat. >> sure. she would have walked down the aisle. >> nobody observing her having any problem walking to her seat? >> there was nothing unusual noted. she sat in this seat here, in the aisle. i'll sit in it. >> do you have any qualms sitting in her seat? >> absolutely not. it's perfectly safe. >> was anyone sitting next to her? >> there was no one sitting in the middle seat.
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>> any complaints of her feeling poorly during the flight? >> no one observed any symptoms or any signs of illness with her or any other passenger on the plane. >> i understand that you heard from the cdc that she was taking tylenol before she got on your first flight on the 10th. tell me about that. >> we were told yesterday that they feel she was more symptomatic than originally believed. by taking tylenol they thought that her fever was much greater than it was. with that knowledge they wanted the information from the flight crew on the 10th and the passengers from the 10th. >> what have you done beyond what you usually do to clean this plane? >> this aircraft itself had a number of cleanings. after amber was on the aircraft and after we found out as well. but the normal cleaning that we do, we use antimicrobial and antibacteria cleansers and clean all the hard surfaces. basically do a deep clean of the aircraft.
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after we found out that she was on the aircraft and that she had symptoms of ebola, we took the aircraft out of service and cleaned it once again in cleveland. now, again, with all the hysteria that's out there, we then flew the aircraft empty to denver. and we did a fogging of the aircraft with a compound that is consistent with killing bacteria on contact. >> you know for a fact that the cleaning methods you're using kill ebola? >> yes. >> has there been any fear or hysteria among flight crew? >> there's been some. you know, candidly, in the media there's a number of, you know, different stories being reported. and candidly, as you know, there's a significant amount of fear out there. and as a result, there is concern as to how we approach this. and i might add that the cdc
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felt that the approach that we were taking was far above and beyond what they recommend. >> what have you learned about the role for the centers of disease control in terms of protecting people in this country from disease? >> i think there's a challenge in dealing with any government agency in working through their bureaucracy and various departments. so i think we learned that we had to take it upon ourselves to be proactive in trying to coordinate within the organization itself. and we had to be very aggressive and proactive with them to get information on a timely basis so that we could make sure we're delivering on our safety promise. we did our best to reach out to our passengers to communicate the information that we had and connect them with the cdc and state health departments. so we were as proactive as we could be with the information we had at the time. >> do you think frontier airlines has taken an unfair hit here? >> well, we certainly have been hurt by this experience
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financially. we really need to be very proactive and, at the same time, be sympathetic that they may be fearful or stressed out about the situation. but it is safe to fly. and not only frontier passengers but i think all u.s. domestic passengers should take comfort in the fact that the domestic system continues to be safe and that they are protected with the measures that we've taken in the industry. >> from the plane amber vinson traveled on to the bridal shop she visited, we'll tell you what the store owner is now saying. and shocking new allegations from inside that texas hospital at the center of the ebola scare. a reporter's experience inside the er just days after the first diagnosis is now sparking outrage. that's next. outrage. outrage. that's next. (receptionist) gunderman group. gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise,
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new questions about the dallas hospital at the center of the ebola scare after the first patient, thomas duncan, died and had two nurses are sick with the virus. our next guest is a reporter who had her own ebola scare and is here with an alarming experience in that same hospital. laura collins is a senior reporter for the daily mail online. laura, good to see you. very big fan of daily mail online. good to have you. >> good to be here. >> you went down to dallas and interviewed some of those who had been in direct contact with thomas duncan while he was ill with ebola. and a couple days later you started feeling ill and so you
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did the smart thing, which was go to the hospital, the very hospital that is now at the center of this storm. what you found was alarming you say. tell us why. >> what was most alarming really was the fact that there was an absence of complete certainty as far as what people should and shouldn't be doing. i basically showed up, presented myself, and explained my situation. the nurse in reception immediately handed me a mask, put a mask on herself and started making phone calls to try to establish what to do next. when i was ushered into an isolation room and essentially sat there while they weren't quite sure what to do next, i could hear the nurses outside discussing what they needed to do in terms of the order they should put on their protective
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clothing on, how they should take it off. >> but did they know how? they were discussing it. was there a clarity? >> they were discussing it. exactly that. this is the same er that thomas duncan had come in and actually been admitted. this is at the point where the cdc, where texas presbyterian were saying categorically, we're prepared, we're in a state of readiness and it quite wasn't true. the nurse who looked after me, and this is no criticism of her personally, apologized that he was fumbling because she wasn't used to wearing three layer of protective clothing. she then proceeded to take all those layers off while still in the room with me before leaving it and before it had been established how much of a risk, if indeed a risk i was. it just seems very uncertain. there was no clear instruction. and a lot of the complaints that have been coming out from nurses that they were using tape to seal things, that they felt unclear in what they should be doing, completely what i witnessed.
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>> you say that, as i sat and listened it was patently clear that this had not been rehearsed and there was no checklist there for them to refer to. it struck me then and there, they weren't sure. i mean, this is after thomas duncan had become an ebola patient at the hospital. and they did not know how to handle an ebola patient. >> no. essentially that really was my impression. and as much as i hate to say it, i left confident that i was fine, but far from confident that the situation was contained, because they just weren't clear about the protocols to the point where it seems there weren't really clear protocols. and we've seen that in the previous days with each new development that has shown that every single time somebody has said we're on top of this they're just not. there's something that they've missed. there's something that has changed. the nurses themselves, i think,
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are struggling with shifting protocols. and, frankly, there should not have been a situation where the people who were seem to me doing it for the first time. this wasn't something they had practiced. it's crucial when it comes to containment. >> thank you very much for telling your story. >> is this is one of the things that nurses are so upset about. the cdc says our protocols are great. the nurses say why weren't they shared with us. they put a notice up saying if you weren't prepared for ebola, you may or may not want to watch this ebola. some did, some didn't. no one from the cdc educated them. we all know what happened. nurse vinson is one of knows who cared for thomas duncan. after she did, she went from dallas to ohio to plan her wedding. the latest on her condition next. t beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy.
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we are learning more about the ebola patient, amber vinson. the second nurse from texas toxs contract the disease. she's being treatedract at emory university hospital. according to a cdc official, vinson indicated that she felt h funny during her recent trip to ohio where she spentre time at a bridal shop. she is getting married. senior national correspondent john roberts reports from atlanta. >> reporter: we don't know specific details about her condition. she has instructed emory hospital not to dischose that. we understand from other sources that she's in stable condition. we're also learning nor aboutndt how she was feeling during her weekend trip to ohio when she was preparing for her wedding going to the bridal shop. the cdcdc said she was feeling funny, tired, had to rest on several occasions. exhibiting typical symptoms of ebola. sore throat, fever, aches or
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pains, but definitely feeling off. cdc dr. braden said vinson may have felt ill all the way back to friday when she took that flight up from dallas to cleveland. >> we can't rule out that she wasn't ill, okay, for the time that she was here in ohio. so we're going to be very conservative. we're going to be verye'r. aggressive. >> reporter: because she may have been sick on that flightwep on october 10, cdc is contacting everybody on board the aircraft and make good progress. they i contacted mores than 50%f the passengers and say theypa contacted everyone who was on sa the return flight back from cleveland on monday. in ohio and dallas, officials are actively monitoring 12 people who came in contact with vinson, many of them family member, all of them said to be cooperating. though some family members areth leaping to her defense. her uncle reportedly telling people that she did nothing wrong. also insisting that she did not contact the cdc directly before
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she left because, quote, she didn't have to. cdc said there were clear records of her conversations. megyn? roberts, thank we'll be right back.
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1:59 pm kellyfile and answer this question, would you fly on frontier airlines? the only wayfly me you're catching ebola on an
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airplane is if you join the mil high club with an ebola patient in the airplane. let me know your thoughts. follow me on twitter. thanks for watching. our kelly file ebola in america. to have one person after this initial surge of activity. we can have a more regula process just to make sure that we're crossing all the t's andee dotting all the


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