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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 21, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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going to be putting another part three up on the interweb only. fox now. it's all about the descent and about the money we raise, where it's going, what it's doing, and compassionate international. fox >> it's beautiful and impressive. >> thanks. >> and thank you for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. today on "the real story" the department of homeland security announcing new rules for travellers from ebola outbreak countries. what airports will they be allowed to travel into here now in the united states? and the trail of a serial killer. did his ex-wife see any clues he could be responsible now for such a big deadly spree? plus, former president george h.w. bush none too happy his picture is being used in a campaign ad for the opposing party in a very tight senate race.
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♪ new details come out about confessed serial killer in indiana this week as police try to find even more victims. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, and we are here to bring you the real story today. investigators in texas and illinois now reviewing cold cases going back some 20 years. after 43-year-old darren van confessed to the recent murders of seven women. he is now charged in the murder of africa hardy, after he acknowledged leaving the 19-year-old prostitute dead in a motel room in hammond, indiana, on friday, killing her with a cell phone cord. investigators later using cadaver dogs to locate six other victims inside five abandoned homes in gary, indiana. sources say all appeared to have been killed elsewhere and then dumped inside those buildings. we're also learning that van was just released from a texas prison last we're after nearly killing another woman back in 2008. let's get the real story now from gill alba, former nypd detective and a private investigator and president of
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alba investigations. >> thank you for having me. >> great to see you. >> okay. >> killers don't usually confess, correct? >> that's true. under these circumstances, this guy thought he was getting away with it so long, 20 years, he has been killing everybody, getting away with it. they had the information. they had his phone. they went to his house. he was all relaxed. they started questioning him. of course, you got to give somebody their rights, and when they give them their rights, you have the right to remain seat or get an attorney. of course, he hose to hoos to speak to the detectives, and he gave them all this information. if he says i want an attorney, none of this would have came out. we're lucky that we're getting all this information now. >> no doubt. i mean, it's amazing that this could have been going on for two decades, and he was never caught. what do detectives and investigators do now with these cold cases? dna, i imagine? >> not only dna, but they really have to know where he was, what time, and they really have to prove that he did this. you know, just because you find a body and even with the confession, sometimes they can
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throw it outor any reason. you really have to do your work and take your time and make sure you have him, and then, you know, these people have been messing for a long time. you know, families. somebody cares at some point. at least you have somebody to have some kind of closure, and they know what happened to them. >> of course, speaking of family. i want to read to you a quote from his ex-wife. here's what she said. a total shocker. i never knew him to be violent. never. he was so protective of those around him. he was a real friendly person. that's why all this is a shock to me. gill, she was married to him for 16 years. what does this say? i mean, i know other serial killers, ted bundy, attractive guy, people would have never thought he was a serial killer. >> to survive for all this long killing people, even notice putting him in all these houses, have you to have some kind of a personality to be able to talk to people and know who are you stalk and getting. he is really good at this, finding somebody that they -- nobody is going to really look for. then feeling comfortable after
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you do it and thinking nobody is ever going to catch me. >> there are apparently 10,000 abandoned buildings in kerry, i understand i understand, and so far they've only gone through five. >> i'm sure theeing going to find a lot more. thank you for having me on. >> thank you, gill, so much. well, we have another fox news alert to tell you about now because a massive undertaking happening on the battle to stop an ebola outbreak in our country. homeland security now requiring all travellers from ebola-plagued countries in west africa be funneled through one of the five airports that you see here. now, these are where temperature hex are already going on for enhanced screening. john roberts, live for us in atlanta with the very latest. what do you know, john? >> officials say they have an agreement with airlines, anyone from a multi-leg ticket from west africa to -- what this does not solve, though, is a problem of so-called broken travel. that is, if somebody were to travel fro liberia to brussels
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and take a train sightseeing for paris and then fly to the united states on a separate ticket. customs and border patrol agents have been ordered watch for broken travel, and anyone who arrives at any port of entry 234 the u.s., carrying a passport, from either liberia, guniea or sierra leone, will have secondary inspection. not just the enhanced inspection going on at those five airports because not everyone across the country will have the equipment, including therm meters to do it. now, the centers for disease control, taking new steps to try to protect health care workers. new protocol and guidelines for personal protective equipment, everyone recommended to wear a splash proof suit that is a hood that covers their head completely. no exposed skin. a special surgical mask or a respirator and as well a face shield. this is to minimize the chance of cross contamination from ebola patients. it happened with amber vincent and nina pham, both at emory university hospital or at the
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n.i.h. where nina pham is said to be doing pretty well these days. >> john roberts, thank you so much for the update. well, new efforts to fight ebola down south where texas governor rick perry announcing the creation of two ebola treatment and infectious disease biocontainment facilities. in the meantime, we're looking at what kind of impact concerns about ebola could have on the midterm and the affect of having no congress around while all of this has been happening. time to bring in steven from the washington times for some real talk on this. >> you have president obama acting on his own. the one player missing from all of this is congress. you've heard members of congress sort of harping from the
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sidelines, but they're not in washington, and they left in the beginning of august. they won't come back until mid-november. that's two sdpaf months when the ebola crisis has been going on. they've only been in washington for about a week and a half, and they did nothing on it. it leaves him to handle it however he wants. >> we have seen a flurry of press releases coming out from the prospective members of congress who are home in their states, many of them campaigning right now. how do you think that this is affecting the midterms? >> so you've actually seen one thing. it's under scored worries, i guess, about being seen siding with president obama. you've seen a number of democrats come out and say, look, this isn't even about politics. this is about doing the right thing. we need a travel ban. we need to go much further than the president has gone. it's given democrats a pointed way of drawing distinctions between them and the president who is a drag on many of these democratic candidates. at the same time, of course,
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republicans were able to go out and campaign against president obama as they've always intended to do. you know, not only does it underscore president obama's own popularity, but chiefly, it gives republicans a hands togai. you know, the president taking these steps. he needs to go further. it booiz ties into border security and immigration. a lot of issues that play into republicans for the midterm. >> ah, might be the one time that they might regret being on vacation from capitol hill. all right. >> i think so. >> steven, great to see you. s thank you. >> my pleasure. sflirchgts another fox news alert now. we're waiting for a stat department briefing. we're expecting to learn new details about the release of an american arrested in north korea. that briefing about to get underway any minute now. jeffrey foul, arrested at the airport in north korea earlier this year while trying to leave the country. we're told that he was picked up by a u.s. government plane, picked up today and is now on his way back home safe. we are going to monitor that
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briefing. we'll bring you all the details as they become available. in the meantime, breaking news in the effort for the u.s. to deliver much needed supplies to kurdish fighters battle says isis for the keyboarder town kobani. wait until you hear who now is claiming that they have our weapons. one of the world's biggest oil companies rocked today by a bizarre plane crash. what investigators are saying about it and who it killed. the shocking new government report shedding light on your tax bears at work for federal workers that aren't. why they're getting lots of paid time off, and the jaw-dropping price thaiing. fox business network stew barney will be in the house to weigh in on that. coming up.
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welcome back to the real story. the ceo of a french oil giant was killed in a plane crash no moscow today. the corporate jet collided on takeoff with a snow plow and, get this, the driver of the snow plow reportedly drunk at the time. three other people on board, all of them crew members, also killed. the 63-year-old executive was a vocal critic of sanctions against russia arguing isolating the kremlin was bad for the global economy. >> these are weapons meant for kurdish forces defending kobani. great. greg palkot in turk where i for us. live again. what do you know? >> that's right, gretchen. yesterday we were talking all about that airdrops from c-130s of the united states air force bringing bundles of ammunition,
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guns, and other supplies to the embattalionsed kurdish fighters there in the town of kobani. now there is a new amateur video out, which is reporting to show isis fighters with one of those bundles. can you see the parachute. you can see the crates. you can see what our effort here says. mortars and grenades. we cannot verify the authenticity. neither can centcom. we just spoem with them. they say they're aware of thehe video. they can't say if it's real. what they have said is that all of the budgets bundles, except for one made it into kurdish hands, and they say the one was the one they blew up in a subsequent air strike to make sure that isis didn't get ahold of it. maybe just maybe the video that we're seeing of this bundle is the one that they later blew up, but we don't know that either. at the very least, gretchen, it shows how difficult it is to resupply from the air and urban close quarter fight.
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that he say they're already use it in battle, and, frankly, they're looking forward to more bublgdzs. no one said this would be easy for the u.s. or anybody, this battle with isis. back to you. >> okay. so what happened with the fighters, greg, who turkey allowed across the border? >> exactly. they announced yesterday, gretchen, the foreign minister of turkey, that they would now allow kurdish fighters against iraq to go across the border and into kobani to help in the fight. that was seen as a major about-face for turkey because turkey has been resisting helping out the kurdish fighters in any way. they say the transfer of fighters might be a while. it might take a week or so.
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we've been speaking to kurdish officials. they say, too, that they're not aware of any final agreement. there are a lot of differences, gretchen, in this region. there are different factions of the kudish people here. webb wecle solidly confirm that they desperately need it. isis remains definitely on the march. back to you. >> all right. very complicated situation. greg, thank you so much. so most people in the private sector who get in big trouble on the job, what happens them? they get fired, right? but deposit workers facing discipline, they're getting paid to stay home, and you are the ones footing the bill to the tune of billions. plus, nature's fury on the high seas. waterspouts forming on this incredible video, but the dangers that they -- that's crazy video.
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look at that. we're going to tell you what that's all about. as the royals get to play in the world series tonight after what has it been, 25 years? san francisco radio station the giants home temporarily banning the song "royals" by lorde. that brings us to our question of the day. what song would you rather not ever hear again? i know mine. tweet me@gretchen carlson. use the _#the real story. we'll read your comments at the end of the story. i'm an idaho potato farmer
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>> welcome back. government waste. we're not talking about a geeld
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toilet seat or a bridge to nowhere. many workers are paid to stay home for months at a time while facing possible disciplinary action. during a three-year period ending last fall, more than 57,000 civilian employees were sent home for a month or longer. that's 3% of the civilian work force. the government accountability office finding 53,000 being kept home for one to three months, and several hundred for one to three years. the tab for these workers? more than $775 million in salary alone. that's just the tip of the iceberg because the total salary paid for administrative leave, including more than a mourl workers kept home less than a month, 3.1 billion of your tax dollars. well, joining us now so he can keep his head on straight because is he so angry, fox business network sue barney. i ska see steam coming out of your ears. >> that's a lot of money to put people in their own home. there are two kinds of workers in america. there's government workers and then there's everybody else.
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if you work for the government, you cannot get fired. if you are rep manneded, if you have misconduct of some kind, you don't get fired on the spot like we would in private enterprise. clear off your desk and get out of hire by 4:00. no. you're put on paid administrative leave. >> it's crazy. somebody in an article said this "the private sector is focused on operating efficiently." yes? isn't that how government agencies should also be functioning? >> they should, but they never do. who would ever think that a vast government bureaucracy is an efficient machine that gets things done? look what's just happened in our society. all the problems with government implementation, ebola, for example, obama care, countless examples of where government is supposed to do something but cannot do it right. >> right. here's the excuse that they're giving. they're saying that each of these cases had to be processed through various government offices. which is bureaucracy, right? sflo that's bureaucracy. yes. it's nothing ever changes with government. it dances to a different drummer
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from private enterprise. private enterprise says you make a profit, you do it efishltly, now, or get out of here. government is totally different. you must do it fairly. i can't do it harshly. you have to go through the right channels. it takes time to do all of that, and it just is bureaucratic mess. >> well, another interesting take was to blame congress on this because they say that granting administrative leave congress has want passed any legislation addressing that. >> what bureaucracies have done is to re-interpret old regulations, open them up, so it's much easier to put somebody on paid administrative leave. now, senators grassley and testa, republican and democrat, they are proposed legislation to tighten the rules. new rules on paid administrative leave. that's a long way away. it will make enormous resistance. bottom line, two kinds of workers. government workers. you really cannot fire. if you want to rep manned them, really you have to send them home with pay. that's how it works. >> wow. >> you pay, by the way.
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>> i pay? well, we all pay. >> we all pay. >> all the taxpayers do. >> thank you so much. guess what, don't miss hugh barney on fox business network. if you aren't sure where to find it, log on to fox,/channel finder. >> thank you, grechlen. >> all right. time for my take now. when we talk about government waste, there are some pretty simple life lessoned involved. growing up it was ease where i to spend your parents' money, right? before you understood how much work it took to actually earn it all. i bet things changed when you were earning a paycheck and paying for your own things. that's not really the mentality with government-run operations because the money paying for all the work keeps coming in no matter what. it's called taxes. is that why it's eedzier to just blow through a bunch of it and not think much about it? remember these line dancing videos at the gao? how about this government employee relaxing in a vegas hot tub with two drinks on the side all on your dime. what about the tax dollars it
11:25 am
took to study shrimp running on a treadmill? my mom used to tell me and now i tell my kids, money doesn't grow on trees. well, apparently when our tax dollars are footing the billion dollar bill, it does, and it's just so much ease wrer to waste. coming up on the real story, the state department giving new details happening right now on the release of that american being held in north korea. we will bring you the latest. a deadly attack leaves a soldier dead, another wounded. the suspect's car later flipping over after a big police chase. disturbing new details. the democratic senate candidate in georgia trying to tie herself to a different president, but reps for george h.w. bush crying foul. how will this impact that very close race? huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that.
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fox news alert. information about one of the three americans being held. marie hart. this is still life going on at the state department briefing. she is talking right now with jeffy fowle's condition. here's what she said about t th just moments ago. >> he has been evaluated by a doctor, and he appears to be in good health. he has, however, been in detention in north korea. we will continue to provide any necessary consular assistance to
11:30 am
him. we have been providing it to his family. we will continue to provide it to him in the coming days and weeks if he requires that. >> as you may remember fowle was arrested at an airport in north korea earlier this year while he was trying to leave the country. we're told fowle was picked up by a u.s. government plane today and is now on his way home. meantime, the u.s. saying that they are also working on the release of two others. the two others still being held in north korea. well, president obama may now have some democrats seeing red following some controversial comments that he made on al sharpton's radio show about democratic candidates who have been avoiding him on the campaign trail. chief white house correspondent ed henry joins us live with more. the president has been keeping a low profile on the campaign trail up until now. >> that's right, gretchen. talk about awkward. you have these democrats in key senate races, especially in the south. they'll determine who runs the senate in just a few months, and they have been saying stay away,
11:31 am
mr. president. they're trying to distance themselves from the white house. yet, yesterday the president went on al sharpton's radio program and suggested he is actually in lock step with these democrats. listen. >> the bottom line is, these are folks that have supported my agenda in congress and voted with me. you know, this isn't about my feelings being hurt. these are folks who are strong allies and supporters of me. >> now, interesting because just a couple of weeks ago the president gave a speech in which he said, look, i'm not on the ballot in november, but my policies are. even his key advisor david axelr axelrod at the time said that was a mistake because it handed republicans an attack line to put in some of the tv ads saying, in fact, they are together. the president is on the ballot in november despite what senate democrats are trying to say, gretchen. >> all right. so it's your job to usually figure out what the white house thinks about these kinds of comments, so what did they say? >> well, look, they're not happy about the fact that all of this
11:32 am
squabbling among democrats is getting out there and is front and center just two weeks before those midterm elections, but josh ernest, after getting multiple questions about what's really going on here behind the scenes, finally said this. >> what i'm saying is that individual candidates across the country are running their own campaigns, as they should, and i'm confident that they will get all the credit or blame that they deserve for the outcome of the election. >> bottom line is a lot of these senate races are in red states, like georgia, north carolina, arkansas. those democratic candidates have said stay away to the president, but there is some democratic hand-writteninging about, look, is that a mistake? they've already taken a hit over the president's low popularity right now, but in some of the key southern battles, turning out the african-american vote could be crucial in the final days. it might actually be helpful in some of the states to get the president some of the key areas, gretchen. >> ed henry live at the white house.
11:33 am
thank you very much. so it is bad enough -- i'll wait for that animation. it's bad enough democrats don't want to be seen with president obama, but in georgia the u.s. senate candidate michelle nunn taking it to a whole new level. red cross two campaign ads featuring former republican president george h.w. bush, even though he has endorsed her opponent, and he has asked her to keep his picture out of his ads -- her ads. a bush spokesperson writing, "michelle and her team have been clearly, repeatedly, and consistently told that president bush did not want them to use his photo as part of his campaign. apparently the nunn team feels they can repeaedly disregard the former president's wishes, which is disappointing because it's so disrespectful." simon rose e penburg, the president of mgm, a democratic think tank, and larry oh connor, a radio show host, and ij if you were advising michelle nunn, would you tell her to take down these ads? >> no, because the fact that she
11:34 am
worked for the bush family for seven years. this is a major part of who she is and what she's done. she's trying to explain herself to the voters of georgia. >> she's not endorsing her. she may have worked on his points of light foundation, but he is not endorsing her. >> it would be like you if you went to go work at msnbc, having to deny that you worked at fox news. i mean -- >> oh, that's a low blow. oh. it's just a fact that you have worked here just like it's a fact that she worked for the bush family for seven years. >> yeah, but if somebody calls me up -- no, no, no. this is dirty politics. this is dirty politics because president bush has called and said that i am endorsing david purdue, who is the other candidate in this race, and i want my picture taken out of these ads because why is she doing it, larry? because it makes it look in a very, very close race like a former republican president might actually like the democrat. >> that's right, gretchen. she never mentions the word
11:35 am
democrat in this ad or align herself with the democratic party. by the way, simon makes a good point wrush work for president bush for seven years, and, yet, he still didn't endorse her. what does that tell you about how competent she is? i would like to take a moment to cleanse all of us of the thought of you working for msnbc. i'm going to have nightmares tonight, by the way. >> we're getting close to halloween. >> good cover, simon. all right. let's check out -- >> this is instructive. really quickly, this is not about who -- >> ms. nunn will do anything to be elected. that is the bottom line. she's disavoiing the president, the leader of her party, and trying to align herself against his wishes about former president bush. the boum bottom line is she is a political animal that will do anything and say anything to get elected. that's not going to fly in gorge george. >> i wonder which msnbc host i would dress up as. hmm. that could be interesting. hey, let's check out the real clear politics poll in the state of georgia, and look at that, simon.
11:36 am
it is a nail biter. is this why michelle nunn does not want to take president bush out of those ads? >> the truth is that if the republicans think they're going to win this very, very close race that could go either way by talking about this instead of the health care and the economy and national security, that's a -- voters don't care about this stuff. what they care about are the positions of the candidate, and i think this is far more to me a seen of desperation of the republicans and the democrats. >> really? >> no. >> because, larry, i'll give you ten seconds on that. >> ms. nunn does not want to talk about obama care at all. in fact, she won't give a straight answer as to whether she would vote on it or not. this is exactly what we're seeing. it's not just in red state. blue states larry hogan mounting a great campaign, and president obama on behalf of speaking for president boun, and the crowd left during his speech. >> simon and larry, hey, happy halloween early. >> happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >> please dress up like al sharpton. please.
11:37 am
>> oh, gosh. now i might have a nightmare. >> just come back with ideas next week. >> thank you, simon, larry. >> okay. moving on to a serious topic, possible terror attacks north of the border in canada where a driver hit and killed a canadian soldier with his car and wounded a second soldier. the suspect later led police on a chase before he was shot and killed by police, but now we're learning the attacker may have been inspired by radical islam. trace gallagher live with more on this story. trace. >>. >> the canadians are every bit as concerned about home grown terror as we are. i mean, their version of homeland security is now tracking i think 90 people who have either gone over to the middle east and have fought with the islamic state or are planning to go over to the middle east and join isis. now, the suspect in this case who ran down those two military men, he is well known to have been radicalized. his passport was confiscated earlier this year. he is identified as 25-year-old martin coutier who calls himself
11:38 am
akhmad. he has posted islamic rants on his facebook along with the isis flag and he has declared islam as the only true religion. now, authorities are trying to figure out exactly why he targeted these two military men or if he was simply targeting any military members. it's interesting the canadian authorities have also quickly linked this to terrorism. listen to this. >> what took place yesterday is clearly linked to a terrorist ideology, and that's why we are offering the support of the mcmv in the ongoing investigation. >> yeah. here in the u.s. the administration still continues to refer to the fort hood shooting as workplace violence. keep in mind that isis has called on its supporters around the world to find military members' names and addresses on the internet and then hunt them down and kill them. we're talking about militaries who were involved in the
11:39 am
campaign against isis and the canadians are among those. gretchen. >> very interesting the difference in how that word is used. whether or not it is. trace, thanks so much. time to check in with shepherd smith reporting live from fox news difgs. >> hi. jody arias,ates a big day for her as joorz in arizona are about to decide whether she will live or die. another jury already convicted jody arias of stabbing her boy friend more than two dozen times. shooting him in the face and slashing his neck from ear to ear. now it's time to decide whether she should get the death penalty as well. we'll speak with the defense attorney who sat through the original trial and says was in court again today. that's top of the hour on shepherd smith reporting. see you then. >> thank you, shep. a frightening new warning that may affect your car. millions of people being urged to fix something that's supposed to protect them in a crash. how it could spark exploding shrapnel in your car, your airbag. a report you absolutely must hear.
11:40 am
world famous burger joint unveiling its latest heart attack. move over, homer simpson. all hail the doh-nut. plus this. ♪ ♪ a heart so big it can touch ♪ >> a touching new documentary showing country legend glen campbell like you have never seen him before. his new song and his struggles with a debilitating disease when his wife kim joins me just ahead. ♪ many americans who have prescriptions fail to stay on them. that's why we created programs which encourage people to take their medications regularly. so join us as we raise a glass to everyone who remembered today. bottoms up, america. see you tomorrow. same time. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything.
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russia tightening its grip on the golden arches placing half of the country's 440 mcdonald's under government investigation with nine being shut down for safety violations, but experts say russian president putin is likely seeking revenge for those sanctions. speaking of hamburgers, a philly diner introducing this donut burger. beef patty, topped with american
11:44 am
cheese and chocolate-covered bacon on a glazed donut bun. wow. an amazing nighttime video as these pro skiers hit the slopes in alaska. part of a glimpse from their new short film called "after glow." that's cool. scary morning today for millions of u.s. drivers. the national highway traffic safety staigs now urging them to see their dealers and check their air bags immediately because they could explode with shrapnel. the recall affects certain toyota, honda, mazda, bmw, nissan, and general motors vehicles from the years to 2011. apparently according to at least one automotive expert, it is defective air bags can explode much like an ied sending shrapnel into the passenger's face. for more let's go to lauren, the car coach, the perfect person to talk about this. lauren, what are customers supposed to do to fix this? >> well, if you are affected by
11:45 am
one of these vehicles in the national highway strafk administration web site has a list of those vehicles, this highly recommended that you contact the local dealer. if it's a nissan or honda, go to your local dealer. they'll put the vehicles identification number in if your vehicle is affected. they're supposed to replace the airbag and put in one that is working fine. however, one thing that is being said, and this is really, really important, is that they don't have an airbag, they're supposed to remove the old one and send you on your way. i am totally against that, and people need to know i would ask for a rental car or something. if there is no airbag, you are taking away the passenger safety of the vehicle. you want to make sure that you have an airbag that is in the vehicle, and it is one that is fixed. >> all right. i want to be clear for our viewers that the airbag that can be defective is on the passenger side of these vehicles. that's the first thing. but to think that you would
11:46 am
leave with your car with no airbags now, i mean, the liability behind that, lauren, wouldn't that be huge if you have an accident and you die? >> absolutely. there could be severe injuries. the reason it passes safety systems, it's to include air bags and other safety features that are built into vehicles, is that they work in conjunction, believe it or not, with the glass, which is the windshield, and as well as your seat belts. if they're not working together as a team and some piece of that puzzle is missing, it could easily be death or a severe injury and the liability on that could be huge. attorneys would love to have their hands on that case. >> all right. so we should also be clear that these kinds of air bags that may be defective are made by takata, and that is why they are in so many different types of cars, right? it's not just one type of car because a bunch of different carmakers get their air bags from one source. >> right. we're looking at six different brands and 12 million vehicles across the world and in the u.s. we're looking at 4.7 million
11:47 am
vehicles. the big concern that nitsa and a lot of safety -- 07% of consumers go back to get a recall taken care of. many of them don't. they end up at car auctions or used car lots. people think, well, it's an older car. it's no big deal. the fact is it is a big deal. if that airbag demroiz with no notice, it's going to be dangerous. i want to let the viewers know the i have the full list of every car, model, make, and year on my facebook page. you can go there now to see if your car is affected. lauren, thank you so much. >> thank you. a florida man finds his dog floating facedown in the water in serious trouble. economic out this video. the extraordinary thing he does to save man's best friend. plus, a new documentary on country legend glen campbell. his wife joins us live in the studio. how to cope with alzheimer's.
11:48 am
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of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. caught on camera, a florida man springs into action to save his dog. the owner performing mouth to snout resuscitation on this dog, shadow, after she bit the toxic skin of a poisonous towed toad and had a seizure. hope toker noticed his dog was chewing on something before shadow went into contortions. he was able to pull her out of the water. >> right place at the right time and really happy. she is a great dog. pain show is alive. >> shadow is now doing just fine but the owner says despite the ordeal she has not learned her lesson and still wants to chase the toad.
11:52 am
>> country star glen campbell, entertaining for generations. after being diagnosed with alzheimer's in 2011, he decided to go on a final goodbye tour. and now he and his family are sharing their journey in a bland -- brand new documentary. >> what month is this? >> what is it? i don't know. >> what time of the year? are we in winter, spring, summer, or fall? >> i don't worry about those things. >> all right. do you know the year? >> 1870, something like that. >> no, no, no. >> i don't pay any attention to those things. when it's needed, i take care of that. >> joining me now i glen's wife, kim campbell. it's so great to meet you and this documentary is amazing. it's wonderful because of his amazing career, and it's so sad. i just wonder what you think
11:53 am
when you see that snippet. >> well, heartwarming to see him when he is able to speak and sing and laugh and communicate, because right knew he can't communicate anymore. he can say simple senses like, i love you, and he says to me sometimes, we are so blessed. so, he still has a sense of god and he'll raise his hands and say, thank you, lord. just living in the moment, and appreciating each moment, but i think it's important to know that even -- he has awareness of god, he is a spiritual being, and still knows who i am, and he can communicate in the universal languages of love, laughter, smiles, hugs, but he dund understand a word i say to him.
11:54 am
>> so many people listening are thinking to themselves, wow, that gives me peace to know that god is still in his life. i know in your first date, he prayed before you ate dinner and you thought, this is a god-fearing man. >> i had been praying for the lord to send me a christian man that i could fall in love with and he could be in love with me, and then glen came into my life. i forgot to ask, that wasn't addicted to any substances, because god sent me a tiger, and it took awhile, but we both committed ourselves to the lord, and god began to transform us, and we had beautiful life together, and three children. >> three children. i want to talk about the care-giving of alzheimer's, the statistic is scary. in 2013, 15 million family provided billions of hours of unpaid care to those with alzheimer's and other dementia, the care valued at $220 billion.
11:55 am
kim, what are your tips? you have done this. you lived with it. what are your tips for other people? >> well, i guess reach out to your family and friends and tell them that you need help you can't do it by yourself. it's not a one-person job. initially it took one person to watch him around the clock. then we started teaming up in teams of two, because he could potentially become really agitated, and then you need someone to run interference to try to redirect him. so many people think that alzheimer's is just losing your short-term memory and your long-term memory, but there are a lot of other things that go along with it. there's hallucinations and paranoia, and all d. >> all of that in the documentary. we started seeing that in the documentary in 2011 and)]06 movg forward. amazingly he still went on the goodbye tour and it is
11:56 am
fascinating. it comes out three days from now. >> thank you for having me. >> guess they should have waited for the next one. see how this group of passengers reacted after their elevator ride went south. stranding them in the basement and trapped behind a wall. i would have passed out. nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our snapfix app. visit today. ♪
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12:00 pm
>> we didn't get to your question today about the song that drives you crazy. mine was, william -- remember him from "american idol"? that's mine. >> the fight against the islamic state. new slide images show the effects of airstrikes in a key syrian up to. the u.s. looks to help out kurdish fighters by dropping supplies into syria. but did any of those airdrops miss their marks? islamic state fighter said they got some of the weapons and ammo for themselves. >> convicted killer jodi arias, returns to court today, trying to convince jurors she should not die for her crime. we have people inside the courtroom and you'll hear how this is going down. also, the men accused of jumping a fence at the white house and are youing the halls -- running to you the halls, set to appear before a judge. the incident led to the secret


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