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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 31, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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full coverage fair analysis. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." this is a fox news alert. i'm lea gabriel in new york. jailed u.s. marine veteran on his way to becoming a free man again. a mexican judge ordering the immediate release of afghanistan war veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. it's been 26 months since he was arrested by mexican authorities for crossing the border with loaded guns. he maintains he got lost on a california highway that got him lost with no way back. he carried loaded guns because his weapons which were purchased legally in the u.s. actually make him feel safer. the attorney also saying tahmooressi often feels
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distracted which could have become attributed to him getting lost. the country's been tightening its border checks to stop the flow of u.s. weapons used by drug cartels. but mexican prosecutors argued tahmooressi broke the law. he's maintained his innocence throughout this ordeal. her mother says her son's time in mexican jail was worse than his two tours in afghanistan. family issuing the following statement" it is with overwhelming and humbling feeling of relief that we confirm that andrew was released today after spending 214 days in mexican jail." joining us now on the phone is william lodgeness, william, you've covered this story extensively for fox news. you've been in touch with the family. what's your take on this sudden development? >> well, there's one thing that's uncertain. we know that bill richardson, former governor of new mexico has been in san diego working on andrew's release.
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however, mexico's been very insistent that there was going to be no political interference in their judicial system. they're very sensitive about that. so even though congressman from arizona, congressman rois from california held a hearing in washington, they made phone calls to mexican attorney general, the president there has been certain, we don't want anyone messing with our judicial system. it is going to take its course. we know that both the prosecution and the defense had finished their closing arguments about three weeks ago and this was now in the hands of the judge. one thing we're uncertain of -- well actually two things. one is why was he released? was it number one because of his ptsd and psychiatrist for the state actually admitted and agreed with the feds that he could not get treatment in mexico there was it was inhumane to keep him inkars rated there
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when treatment was not possible. that was one strategy, if you will, for the defense attorney. secondly, that his rights were violated while he was at the port of entry by being denied an attorney, the right to see someone from the consulate and was detained for more than seven hours. those were basically what the defense was claiming. we don't know why the judge released him, only that he did. second question, where is andrew now? we've been informed by the family he's going to be taking a private flight from the area back to florida. we were led to believe previously by his attorney that he'd be handed over to mexican immigration and go to the port of entry probably to encante mexico which is about 45 miles east of the ocean where the san diego tijuana crossing is. that's because that's where the jail is. i've spoken to i.c.e. and border
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protection, it is uncertain if he's going to cross into the u.s. and then take a private flight back probably from san diego or he could potentially leave from the airport in tijuana which is actually quite large and fly from there back to florida and do immigration there. so exactly at this moment we don't know where he is, he's either been released and on his way back to florida. >> i know people want to see him as he makes his way back into the united states. a long period of time for people who wanted to see him released. we're not sure at this point what the conditions were of his release. i'm getting a couple reports in as we speak couple reports on the condition of his release. according to the san diego union tribune, a statement from mexico's federal judge council said that the judge ordered dismissal of the charges, dismissal of the charges and ordered his immediate release. also said mexican official said the grounds for dismissal was he was unfit to stand trial because
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of post-traumatic stress disorder. the associated press at this point is reporting that the judge released him without making a determination of the charges because of his mental state, william. so depending on the conditions of his release, what do you expect for him next legally? >> well, he's free. and he probably won't be going back to mexico any time soon. i'm led to believe because i know the personnel involved here. we've obviously spoken extensively with his attorney. i believe fernando spoke today with the u.t. i believe the charges were likely dismissed for the ptsd that he was unfit to stand trial and that was the reason for the dismissal as a whole. so there was really -- this situation in terms of a.p. reporting they don't know why. that's unusual. the judge in this case a high
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profile case even in mexico, he would have specified this is why. we know his condition was deteriorating, again, that was part of the strategy of the defense by saying he'd been there such a long time and he's getting worse and couldn't get any better. >> now, the timing of this seems a little bit interesting with the midterm elections coming up on tuesday. is this good diplomatic work happening behind the scenes? or is it good lawyering? what's your take? >> i think it's a combination of things, several things. mexico was making a point here. everyone i've spoken to who's been involved with cross-border relations in the past said this never should have gotten this far. usually a phone call is made from one contemporary or colleague to another. i'm on the u.s. side. you're on the mexican side. i said come on you need a break sometimes, i need a break sometimes. this guy's not guilty of anything other than making a mistake. it never should have got this far and once it did it became
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contention and mexico never feels like it's bowing to the u.s. i think after two bad lawyers he got a very good one who knew how to work the system and also made a very compelling argument. secondly, on this side of the border we have congressmen, former governor from new mexico pushing and pulling the political strings if you will letting mexico city know. and i think this is what the point of the congressional hearing if you watched it, we can make your life pretty miserable if we choose to. right now we don't want to meddle in your domestic affairs. that would be wrong. on the other hand, we give mexico close to $1 billion a year in both economic aid, judicial aid, reform, i think it was both. >> interesting. so it's a long time coming. he served two tours in afghanistan but his time in this jail has been worse. i've been to afghanistan. i served in the military. i know what it's like. this is a man with post-traumatic stress disorder
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who gave medical aid to someone essential essential essentially whose legs were blown off. now he's been through this whole additional ordeal. >> well, you know, i can tell you this. there is a padre priest who would see andrew every day. i think he kept him sane, if you will. and let him know there was light at the end of the tunnel. i think that was very important for andrew to see and have human contact on a daily basis, someone trying to look out for your emotional and mental well being. he was alone in the cell because of the problems he had inside la mesa prison in tijuana where he was assaulted by different inmates, tried to commit suicide to get out of the situation and clearly his ptsd was a factor in that behavior. so i'm sure, you know, this is
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what the experts do. and he'll probably come -- i assume he'll come back to la la jolla to get the treatment he was supposed to. now let's head to representative from arizona. congressman, you've been on the top of this case from day one. you're also the first to visit sergeant tahmooressi back in may. what is your reaction? >> i've been staked here in san diego with his mother for the last three days. so i'm breathing a big heavy sigh of relief. i've got to tell you something, i have long known the power of a mother's love. i'll tell you, i've never seen anything greater than jill's love for her son andrew. >> she has been strong through this. she has just continued to ask for people to help with this cause. tell us how she's feeling right
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now. >> well, you can't imagine how she's feeling. we've all been on pins and needles for the last several days. we were alerted several days ago that this was forthcoming. we'd been through every hoop you could possibly jump through. and governor bill richardson, former governor of new mexico and ed royce and myself have been burning up between here and mexico. and we're just really thrilled that, you know, he's finally coming home. going to be treatment for ptsd which should have happened a long, long time ago. but jill is, i think she's ecstatic. she's kind of, i think, a lot of adrenaline right now, a lot of joy. an amazing person. >> congressman, what can you tell us about how all this came about? and can you confirm if in fact the charges have been drop snd. >> what they did, the attorney general and his prosecutor
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recommended to the judge that they don't pursue the case. and they concluded everything they were going to do. and it was left to this judge to finally make the ultimate decision. he signed the order releasing andrew today at 3:00. and now it's just moving him through the system and getting him across the border into his mother's arms. >> and what is the family's plan for once they have him back? >> you know, i know she wants to spend some private time with andrew as any mother would. and i think that she and andrew are then going to determine what their future plans are. i wouldn't be -- i don't think it's my place at all to say that. i know i've had a lot of private conversations with jill, but i think she should be the one that
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discloses that information. >> you know, through this whole case mexico stood the ground saying he broke the law. and there are some questions about what happened that day, the day he was arrested. questions about the fact that he's reportedly had gone into tijuana earlier that day and then went back and got his truck. how do you respond to that? and will we be hearing more about what actually happened in the circumstances around that day? >> i think that there will probably be more information disclosed that andrew all along has been a standup guy. his first attorney he hired gave him some really bad advice and told him to state he had not been when he had. that wrongdoing was on the attorney's -- it wasn't andrew's. andrew is an american hero that served his country two tours in
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afghanistan. he can hold his head high. he needs to be in treatment for ptsd. i think that the mexico government acknowledged early on that they don't have the wherewithal to treat him. they don't talk about intentions. in u.s. law intent has a lot to do with whether or not you're ultimately prosecuted. in mexico they don't have that kind of a luxury. so, you know, this has been a labor of love. regardless of what went through the judge's mind, i think the ptsd weighed really heavily in the process. in fact, i know it did because i had a personal conversation with the attorney general from mexico about this. once we were able to provide information from psychiatrists
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on both sides and a validation, you know, from the united states side that he had been diagnosed with ptsd before going into mexico, i think that weighed heavily in the judge's ultimate decision. >> congressman, i know a lot of people very happy to see him be released. me as a veteran personally good to see a veteran getting that treatment. that is so important. thanks again if you're just joining us. a sudden development tonight in the case of jailed u.s. veteran andrew tahmooressi. it's been around seven months since the 26-year-old was arrested by mexican authorities for crossing the border with loaded guns. he maintains he got lost on a california freeway ramp that sent him to a tijuana port of entry with no way of turning back. in mexico possession of weapons for use by the army is a federal crime. tahmooressi's calls prompting for his release, now those calls
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have been answered. his family issuing the following statement "it's with overwhelming and humbling feeling of relief that we confirm that andrew was released today after spending 214 days in mexican jail. we will keep you updated on this story throughout the night. important to know that the u.s. veteran released from mexico sergeant andrew tahmooressi. now back to "hannity" already in progress after this break. you know, i think about money kind of a lot. -money's freedom. -money's always on my mind. credit cards. -mortgage. -debt. it's complicated. it's not easy. i'm not a good budgeter. unfortunately, i'm a spender. i would love to learn more about finances. so there's questions about the world that all of us have, especially about money and finance. the goal of khan academy and better money habits and the partnership we're doing with bank of america is to give people the tools they need to empower themselves.
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welcome back to "hannity." my next guest says the fast approaching midterm elections are actually a referendum on the president and his record. now, he also believes the stage is set for a major gop victory on tuesday. but he adds if the party cannot take back the senate in four short days, may be time for
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leaders to look for another line of work. and in a very desperate attempt to win votes on tuesday, democrats are resorting to old tricks, the race card. listen to this. >> everything we believe in, everything we believe in, they hate. they don't disagree, they hate. they think if you didn't come from europe 30 years ago, we shouldn't have immigration. some believe slavery isn't over and that they won the civil war. they refuse to help to have a wage for people to live a decent life. >> joining to explain the "new york times" number one best seller in over a million copies sold, things that matter, good friend dr. charles krauthammer. >> pleasure to be here, sean. >> all right. every election year we see the democratic party, they will divide the country rich versus
7:19 pm
poor, old versus young, black versus white, to scare women and children. happens every year. now it's georgia, north carolina, louisiana, there seems to be more desperation in this campaign than i've seen in recent campaigns. your reaction. >> well, the desperation and homonyms come into play when you don't have any arguments. the 2010 election, the sha lacking the democrats took was about ideology. it was about liberal -- over taxation, over regulation, we know what the result was. that set off this counterreaction called the tea party. and what we're seeing now six years later is an election that's not only about ideology. it is a rejection of hyperliberalism. in the second year of this administration, 2010, all of this stuff was aspirational. it was in the future.
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well, now we've seen six years of obamaism and actually the problem is not just the ideas and the ambitions, it's the fact they are just incompetence. remember in 1988 michael -- this is about confidence. if you're a liberal, you don't want it about ideology. you won't even use the word. now we've seen six years of governance. and now we've seen this string of incompetence flt everything from obama care to the v.a. scandal to the secret service, keystone cops routine where they leave the front door to the white house open. and now it's kind of crystall e crystallized in ebola with the overpromising, the running around, the contradictions and now we get the appointment of the ebola czar. has anybody seen the guy? i've been saying he's now in self-quarantine. everything that they have had -- >> he's the only one. >> so i mean it's not just that
7:21 pm
they are the party in government, they are the party of government. it's not just their values are i don't think, their values for ambitions are wrong. that's why there's this huge resentment against democratic party and that's why they've got to start calling people names. >> okay. but the reason i would argue they always try and scare old people and they play the race card because i think historically a strong case could be made, charles, that these tactics as despicable as they are work. so that's problematic. how should the republicans in your view respond or not respond in some cases? >> i think when you're accused of being a racist, you don't even dignify the accusation with a response. because then you're conceding the premise i have to prove i'm not a racist. i oppose the president because of his policies. i have since the beginning of
7:22 pm
his administration. if someone wants to imply it's on the count of his race, i will not give them the dignity of response. that's not america. and it might work on the fringes. i do believe when you scare old people on policy and you say they want to remove your social security, your medicare that's one kind, i don't think it's true. that's stretching the truth. when you accuse someone of racism or sexism, if you do a mary landrieu that she did yesterday, i think you simply say that's beneath contempt. you cannot speak about the issues. let me explain to the people why the issues at stake here are the ones in which you are on the wrong side and it has nothing to do with race and nothing to do with gender. >> all right. charles krauthammer as always appreciate your insightful commentary. we'll see what happens. what are you predicting in terms of senate seats? what do you think the outcome will be?
7:23 pm
if not by november 5th maybe by december or january? >> i'm not going out on a limb by saying -- i'd say there's at least 70% chance the senate goes republican. and i would say 51 or 52 votes. if we get -- look at new hampshire. if in some way jean shaheen loses that seat to scott brown, then we're getting a wave. >> i'm in the 51, 2 or 3 area. so we're in about the same ballpark. and i agree with you, i'm about 75%. charles, good to see you. thank you. >> pleasure. >> don't forget, our quick programming note, tuesday is election day. tune into fox news channel's election coverage. charles krauthammer will be here with his analysis, starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. coming up tonight right here on "hannity". >> the biggest threat to the future of our children and grandchildren is the poison of
7:24 pm
identity politics. >> bill clinton bashes the left's obsession with gender and identity politics calling it the greatest threat to america. plus tonight -- >> the same year she gave her own staff 25% pay increases, that is the worst kind of politics and we are going to escort her out the door. >> pretty unbelievable. we'll show you the whole tape when we get back. democratic opponent stoops to a brand new low. lanny davis, he's here to respond to that and much more as we continue. [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action? osteo bi-flex® with joint shield™ nurtures and helps defend your joints° so you can keep doing what you love. what'd you guys do today? the usual! the usual! [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, ready for action. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, you know your dunlike natural teeth. try new fixodent plus true feel. the smooth formula helps keep dentures in place. it's free of flavors and colorants. for a closer feeling to natural teeth. fixodent. and forget it.
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>> i believe that in ways large and small, peaceful and sometimes violent that the biggest threat to the future of our children and grandchildren is the poison of identity politics that preaches that our differences are far more important than our common humanity. >> joining me now to respond to president clinton's comments is his former special council, he loves the clintons, lanny davis. you know, lanny, i think back when hillary was going against barack obama, bill clinton said they used the race card on me, and they planned it from the very beginning. remember that? so now we see the race card being played in georgia, north carolina. we heard mary landrieu's comments. i can trace the history in modern democratic politics. it goes back for decades now. and i think it's even gotten worse this year. what do you say to that? >> well, first of all, i love bill clinton for what he stands
7:28 pm
for which despite all the divisions we remember when he was president he got some pretty hard shots thrown at him. he's always been somebody who sees common principles and doesn't go for add homonym what charles is talking about personal attacks. that's why identity politics is -- to him. i agree with him completely. i think both parties do it. i think we're all paying a penalty and the american people are disgusted with both parties in the polarization we see here in washington. it's not just the democrats. >> so we got mary landrieu this year. we got it happening on behalf of kay hagan in north carolina, michelle nunn in georgia. three examples where the democratic party's using the race card this year. i can play all the tapes and give you the fliers. give me one where you see republicans doing it? >> i really haven't followed the
7:29 pm
republicans very much. i must say i get more bothered when it comes from democrats because they're my party. i certainly remember -- >> so there is no -- >> in years past i remember the willie horton ad, i think republicans have a history. lee atwater apologized for it. i think michelle nunn made a mistake in allowing this to happen. she's a very good person. mary landrieu -- >> she's defended it -- >> i don't think she meant it. i don't think they meant it that way, sean. >> that's what she said, i'll give them the benefit of the doubt. but mary landrieu called the people in her state racist and sexist yesterday in her interview with chuck todd. >> i haven't seen the interview. read about it i know her for years. she's a really good person. if she said that, that's not the mary landrieu that i know.
7:30 pm
>> would you like me to play it for you again? >> i'd like to see the full context of it. >> she was very straightforward. >> i would rather tell you why i'm right rather than waste time on -- >> yeah, i know. you know, lanny, if one party is dividing the country, male versus female, black versus white, rich versus poor, old versus young. that is a major significant issue. if those are the tactics they've got to use to win. let me use for example mitt romney had binders of womens resumes, people he would have liked to hire if he became president. that became such a big deal in the 2012 election. listen to what the democratic candidate shaheen is saying about nicki haly. and let's assume he misspoke. watch the reaction both of the crowd and his reaction. watch this. >> she vetoed our public school teachers pay raises the same year she gave her own staff 25%
7:31 pm
pay increases. that is the worst kind of politic. and we are going to escort her out the door. we're going to escort her out the door. y'all -- [ laughter ] think about it, y'all. all right. calm down. >> that really creepy laugh, escort her out the door, doesn't apologize, laughs about it, the crowd laughs about it. if a republican did that, lanny, you and i both know it would be katie bar the door. good-bye. that candidate's finished by the media. i'm sure you don't accept that, do you? >> no. i think it's disgusting and i wish that person wasn't a democrat. i've seen same kind of horrible stuff from republicans over the years. if we agree on anything, what bill clinton is trying to tell the american people is we can be
7:32 pm
liberals and conservatives and debate the issues. i am a friend of hillary clinton's because that's the kind of person she is. if she runs for president and runs against jeb bush -- i hope it isn't jeb bush because he'll be the toughest run of all, it will be -- with an early gauge of that kind of nonsense and disgusting divisive politics -- will be able to benefit from that. >> you're a very good friend with the clintons. i know you love bill and hillary. it was such a big issue in 2012 the so-called manufactured war on women because mitt romney had women's resumes in a binder. who do you think has a worse record with women? would it be bill clinton or mitt romney? >> you know, i think mitt romney's a pretty good guy. and i think his positions on issues on choice would be viewed something i strongly disagree with. >> how about bill clinton's -- >> war on women so where i differ with my fellow democrats, i say i disagree with you on the
7:33 pm
issue. then i don't apply a label, the war on women. never liked that. still don't. but i strongly disagree with the republican party's position and it's platform on abortion -- >> bill clinton personally -- >> bill clinton has had his personal weaknesses. you always like to dwell on that, but i think -- >> or mistreatment of women? >> i think he apologized to the country plenty of times to even satisfy you, sean. you want to dwell on that, i think what he said about identity politics -- >> just asking considering this is such a big topic by the democrats. >> well, you haven't gone past 1998. i know that's when you had your -- >> way past it. >> now you're talking -- >> no. because -- i'll tell you why it bothers me. because the democrats seem to claim they have a monopoly of compassion for women and
7:34 pm
minorities. i look at the economy under barack obama and the people that are hurt most are minorities and women in terms of pay and the number of people that are now in poverty or on food stamps because his policies have failed. the promises he made he was never able to keep, but yet democrat -- this is a fox news alert. i'm gabriel in new york. free at last, after more than 200 days in a mexican jail u.s. marine veteran andrew tahmooressi returning to u.s. soil. a mexican judge ordering the immediate release of the afghanistan war veteran who suffers from ptsd. mexican authorities arrested the 26-year-old seven months ago for crossing the border with loaded guns. tahmooressi maintains his innocence claiming he got lost on a california freeway ramp that sent him across with no way of turning back. tahmooressi's attorney explaining his client carries loaded guns because his weapons which were purchased legally in the u.s. make him feel safer. the attorney also saying tahmooressi often feels
7:35 pm
distracted which could have contributed to him becoming lost. tahmooressi's detention prompting for his release, now those calls have been answered. in mexico possession of weapons for use by army is a crime. and the country is stepping up checks to stop the flow of weapons used by drug cartels. his mother says his time in mexican jail was worse than his tours in afghanistan. "it is with overwhelming and humbling feeling of relief that we confirm that andrew was released today after spending 214 days in mexican jail." i'm lea gabriel, "hannity" returns already in progress right after this break. how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa,
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four days away, the political ad wars are heating up as both sides make their final push to sway you, the american people. and in a recent tv spot the always outspoken "duck dynasty" patriarch had some advice. >> we need to elect godly men, for crying out loud, or we're going to get more of the same. therefore, if you haven't registered to vote, do so. if you have registered, go to the polls on november the 4th. just remember this, vote godly. we want godly men making political decisions, like george washington, like john adams, like thomas jefferson, like james madison. we need godly men like the ones who founded our country. >> joining me now with more, pollster, author, frank luntz. and from the university of virginia center for politics larry sabato is with us. you're watching the ads. i know that, frank, mary
7:42 pm
landrieu just doubled down on her comments that she made to chuck todd. i don't think it's particularly smart. i think she's basically calling people in her state racist and ma -- >> you don't want to hear united states senator insulting you or the people you represent. that may have been a good strategy in the 1960s and 1970s, but it's quite dumb today. and most of the polls that i've seen in louisiana show that the -- that she is not only behind her opponent in a head-to-head but that he's approaching the magic 50% mark. i think she made a big mistake here. >> look at these, larry. let's see, you, stu rothenberg, "new york times," "the washington post" in a big way, nate silver all saying the same thing, you think this is going to be a republican year. how big do you see it? >> currently i have it pretty much the way you discussed it, sean. 51, 52, 53 republican seats.
7:43 pm
i think republicans have an excellent shot obviously to take back the senate. and by the way, we don't include in the calculations the two runoffs. there will definitely be a runoff in louisiana in my view. and mary landrieu's going to have a tough time waiting another term. that's in early december. and then you have the very real possibility, not definite but the very real possibility runoff in georgia. again, runoffs -- >> that's in january. >> -- tend to favor the republican candidate. so those are two seats that the republicans kind of have in reserve if they need them after two tuesday. >> what do you think, frank? what's been the best campaign that you've been witnessing and the worst campaign? >> i think the worst cam tan, the two worst campaigns are the republican candidates in michigan and in minnesota. in both cases they try humor to an electorate who's very angry, very upset, very anxious about the future. there's almost no funny ads that
7:44 pm
have worked in 2014. the best campaign, i'm going to tell you something, scott brown in new hampshire. i know virtually every poll has shown him behind by about two or three points flt everything that i'm seeing and in the voters that i've talked to he's been gaining and gaining and gaining over the last two weeks because of an amazing ad campaign. >> going to be very interesting. >> that one's very close. the other one is cory gardner in colorado. he looks people straight in the eye. he looks at a camera like i'm doing to you right now and he explains what he's for and why he should be the next senator. very powerful. >> all right. good advice from both of you. four days away. it's like super bowl day. i can't wait. i'm going to fire up the barbecue, have some beer ready. it will be a fun night. good to see you both. >> you got it. coming up, the wife of republican gubernatorial candidate has now spoken out taking on her husband's opponent, in this case governor andrew cuomo, for dirty campaign
7:45 pm
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7:50 pm
back with a new ad, take a look. >> i'm not political, i'm a schoolteacher. but i'm also rob astorino's wife. i have to speak out about the ugly and the consultant said he would do anything and say anything, including lie to win an election i had no idea. what you're doing is unforgiveable. >> rob, a big part of the show tonight. that is tactics of democrats, especially desperate democrats in states where they're battle ground states. >> sean, you should see what
7:51 pm
they've been playing all year long $30 million in harsh, negative ads. even in the "new york times" have been false. the race cards al sharpton has thrown out. this is the kind of gutter tactics because cuomo feels it, i think, slipping through his fingers things are changing quickly in this race and cuomo is under investigation by the u.s. attorney the growth rate in new york was 0.7%. people are leaving, jobs are leaving. kuuomo is so scared he won't debate me. guess what? he was seen in cowardly lion,
7:52 pm
and pinocchio. >> you know, i live in new york and he made a comment about conservatives not being a part of new york which i took personally. new york is just a liberal state. that is the result of liberalism. isn't that why many people are leaving? >> yes. >> aarp came out with a study. 60% of new yorkers aged 50 and above are likely to leave the state. middle class is just being destroyed in new york. now, cuomo hitched on his wagon. and just raise taxes and so new
7:53 pm
york has a choice here. everyone said he can't possibly win. and i said we're going to grow the economy and cut taxes. the "wall street journal" said my plan was bold, would make it the most-competitive state. that is what new york needs. new york city is expected to be a lower turn out. and democrats are not endorsing him or voting for him. so suburbs are going to make the difference. we can win this race it's going to be a huge win tuesday a big statement.
7:54 pm
you have common core and big issues people may not normally vote for republicans >> are you, rob astorino. >> when we come back, the question of the day about halloween, straight ahead. new york state is jump-starting business with startup-ny. an unprecedented program that partners businesses with universities across the state. for better access to talent, cutting edge research, and state of the art facilities. and you pay no taxes for ten years. from biotech in brooklyn, to next gen energy in binghamton, to manufacturing in buffalo... startup-ny has new businesses popping up across the state. see how startup-ny can help your business grow at
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welcome back to hannity. today, today's question of the day. it's halloween. what is my favorite halloween candy? okay. i'll answer you know those little yellow, orange and white candy corns? if you eat one, you must eat a box. as many as you can get your hands on. it is the single-most addictive thing on the face of the earth. i've heard people talk about drug addiction. no. it's candy corn. don't eat one.
8:00 pm
and that is what i have to say about it. that is the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. wewe're one day from the mid te elections hope you have a great weekend. >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight... >> it's not always a good place for women. >> mayor -- did he expose what democrats believe? we'll deeb it it, tonight. a to be obama advisor compares an iran deal to obamacare. >> if it's about