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tv   Live Free or Die - Obamacare in New Hampshire  FOX News  November 1, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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we are done. >> controversial from the start. >> if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor. >> keep your insurance if you like it. >> obamacare has fundamentally transformed our medical system. >> i want to stay with the doctors i have. >> tonight we go to new hampshire, one state that is a microcosm of the nation. >> i'm married to someone of the same sex but i'm made to purchase birth control coverage. >> on doctors. on politics. >> we have had it confirmed. it's a disaster. >> your life may depend on it. >> in obamacare is not repealed and replaced, the american people will have worse health
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care. >> fox news reporting, live free or die, obamacare in new hampshire. now from the state capital of concord, brett baier. >> live free or die. that's the motto of new hampshire and right now there is a life and death political struggle going on here that reflects the national furor over the affordable care act, better known as obamacare, a law that is already reshaping health care in new hampshire and is part of a larger battle that may reshape the senate this fall. i've traveled here to the granite state to discover just what effect obamacare is having on these fiercely independent people. as you'll see, there are a lot of different opinions. but this much is certain, it's shaking things up. >> rochester, new hampshire, home to 63-year-old grandmother, margaret mccarthy. >> i'm not a lawyer.
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i'm not a political activist. i'm just an ordinary person that would like to have affordable insurance coverage that would allow me to continue to see the doctors that i know and trust. >> reporter: mrs. mccarthy is a retired bookkeeper who for years has purchased her own health insurance policy. >> right now i pay approximately $2500 deductible. >> reporter: like millions of amerq8k]é1j%5erjv(p)thy has discovered after obamacare if she wants to keep an equivalent insurance policy, she's going to have to pay a lot more. an extra $3,000 a year in premiums and a deductible of $3,000, a more than 30% increase. that's partly because the health reform law requires insurers to provide more features and to cover everyone, no matter how
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high risk and that costs money. margaret who has a chronic intestinal condition gets her facility. >> it's convenient. it is three, four miles away. i have a high level of trust for the doctors in this facility. i've been seeing these doctors for the past 15 years. we've built up a relationship. we have a rapport. >> reporter: but when we first caught up with mccarthy in february she was concerned that may soon change. frisbie is one of the hospitals that has been excluded from the obamacare insurance exchange under what is known as a narrow network plan being implemented by the state's biggest insurance company, anthem blue cross.xfe;ç experts say this narrow network phenomenon is a consequence of obamacare. insurers facing the higher cost
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of covering more people squeeze money out of the system by dealing with fewer health care providers and paying them less. these doctors and hospitals in turn make up for the lost money with volume. in the form of new patients, coming from those health care providers who have been excluded from the network. >> the fact that you have the inability as a consumer to go to a doctor they might want to go to is a direct result of the standardized plans that are required to be offered as a result of the aca. >> reporter: chris condeluci was present at the creation of obamacare, working for the senate finance committee that drafted the legislation. >> that is translating into a narrow network and limited ability for consumers policyholders to get the medical care that they need. >> i'm not sure what my -- >> reporter: mrs. mccarthy may be priced out of her own hospital. >> i won't be able to come to pá
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frisbie hospital. i won't be able to see my internist. i won't be able to see my gynecologist. i won't be able to have the same surgeons i've had in the past. i can't get my lab work done here in rochester. ypo5 >> it's eliminated a third of the hospitals in the state of new hampshire. >> reporter: al felgar, ceo of the frisbie hospital system is all aware of the narrow network. >> it's about 350,000 people in those service areas or those hospitals. our state is only 1.3 million. >> you took out a billboard criticizing the affordable care act. is this kind of activism a normal thing for you? >> no. hospital people are supposed to be conservative. and mild mannered and so on. but then -- this one -- but when i heard this rollout of this obamacare, i was incensed. >> reporter: angry enough he petitioned the state insurance commission to hold a hearing on the matter.j> 2
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his co-petitioner, margaret mccarthy. >> it doesn't seem fair that this new network was decided in secrecy and only made known to consumers a few short months ago. it doesn't make sense i should have to drive past my local hospital and doctors to seek health care in another community. >> reporter: the hearing was held in concord, the state capital, in february. >> we, the public are being denied access to the doctors. >> why the people are really mad is they were promised by the president of the united states that they could keep their v.e health care insurance and they h were told that they can keep their hospital and doctor and it has not happened. >> i felt validated that there were other people that said the same things that i've been thinking for months now.
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>> reporter: one of the reasons citizens were up in arms was that the new system wasn't supposed to work this way. >> you keep your insurance if you like it. it will increase choices for families. it will promote competition. >> reporter: jean shaheen, the democratic senator from new hampshire had echoed the president when it came to the promises of the affordable care act. >> one thing for the government to understand is don't tell me something is true and then i find out it's not. >> reporter: rogers johnson has been a health care consultant for 32 years. >> don't tell me it's affordable and it's not. don't tell me i can go to this hospital when i can't. when i know that what you're telling me is not true i then question the individuals who >> reporter: but in fact this wasn't the first time jean shaheen waded into the waters of health care reform. in the mid-90s then state senator shaheen, led a reform effort that created a prototype
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for obamacare. according to critics of shaheen's plan, the results were devastating. the law drove up premium and drove insurers out of the state. the same critics claim the affordable care act which superceded state laws has made matters worse. not only is there less competition so far, the narrow networks are narrower than expected. >> prior to january 1, 2014 you had access to a nationwide network of all providers and hospitals. >> reporter: based in hampstead, new hampshire, tom hart is the president of the national association of health underwriters and he says the new obamacare network doesn't cover out of state treatment except for emergencies. >> that's a big difference for someone who lives in new hampshire because many people prefer to have access to boston-based facilities or massachusetts hospitals. >> reporter: senator shaheen who
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is up for re-election wouldn't talk to us. but when she speaks in public these days, she doesn't seem to want credit for obamacare. >> i would have designed it differently if i had been designing it. but i wasn't the person who was writing the law. hindsight is always 20/20. >> but we spoke to someone happy to defend it. >> the narrow networks problem is an insurance company problem not a law, aca problem? >> that's correct. >> ron pollack director of liberal health care advocacy group, families usa as well as a man who is helping to sell the affordable care act saysfyç the law's opponents have the wrong culprit. >> the aca is encouraging more insurers to come into the plans in that marketplace. now anthem is no longer going to be alone and more insurance companies are coming in. that's going to create the
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competition that's going to improve this. >> that's not going to resolve the narrow network problem. those new four carriers could all be offering narrow network plans instead of competing with each other on developing a more robust plan. so the new entrants to the market is not going to solve the narrow network prom. >> reporter: while new hampshire waits, margaret mccarthy worries. >> i have to have blood work done every six months or so. this is savings that i'm spending. i have to draw down my retirement funds b before i ívz thought i'd have to so i can pay >> reporter: we'll have more of margaret mccarthy's story later. but first, someone's got to pay for your insurance plan. who should foot the bill?6&s that's after the break. ♪
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is it a good idea to subsidize health care insurance that individuals used to be it seems to be if you are on the receiving end, not so much if you're paying for it. a tale of two citizens. according to theederal lók government, more than 40,000 new hampshirites have signed up for obamacare, 3/4 of them receiving some form of subsidy or premium assistance. one of them is lisa kerrigan of rochester, new hampshire. >> i have the silver plan. it costs me $37 a month right now.vo÷ i have low copays, $10. $75 emergency room visits. $150 deductible. >> reporter: a 24-year-old single mother of two who works at a daycare center owned by her parents. she's the sort of person obamacare was designed for.
7:15 pm
she has been on public assistance in the past and says she didn't like the feeling.awj >> i've applied for food stamps before. i've applied for housing assistance. it was embarrassing.8k'eñ i should be able to take care of myself and it was embarrassing for me to have to ask for help. >> reporter: but when it comes to the affordable care act plan she thinks it's a great deal. and doesn't care who knows it. >> i brag to all my friends. and my parents are very telling them, you're wrong,nveì% isn't how it works all the time. and i haven't had any problems enlightening people and i want to teach people it has helped t/ >> reporter: she has become something of a spokesperson for obamacare making media appearances on its behalf. >> i don't make enough to pay for expensive health care. and i think this can show people you can still afford health
7:16 pm
>> when you bribe them of course they're going to get 40,000 to one of the biggest aspects is for a large number of people it truly isn't affordable unless they received a government subsidy.dx >> but former republican lawmaker rogers johnson claims there's no free lunch. >> i'll take as much free stuff% as you want to give me. right to the point you realize wait a minute, it really is free, someone's paying for it. >> one of the people being called upon to pay is susan price. >> we hear about the moral obligation to provide people with health insurance. >> reporter: she's a small business owner who works in insurance claims adjustment. >> i have yet to hear anyone in the national media or in the political arena discuss the ìáhp &hc% yourself, to your spouse, to !f1v family members, and society at large to basically take care >> reporter: from 2008 to 2010 she served in the new hampshire
7:17 pm
house as a democratic hv but this is one democrat who wants nothing to do with obamacare. >> we will opt out. we're being asked to pay for things that we don't need. >> reporter: price has been with her partner for nearly 20 years, her u;jt&háhp &hc%arly 20 years, >> i'm married to someone of th same sex but yet i'm being made now to purchase birth control coverage and i'm being made to purchase pregnancy coverage. i'm 50. artner is 57. i'm quite sure we don't need birth control. >> reporter: then!á3çe are othe items she can't remove from the >> we are very active people. i don't foresee mental health issues. i have no subsidence abuse problems, nor does my spouse or forced to purchase or pay a penalty if we don't purchase this product.bcígw
7:18 pm
>> reporter: there is always that penalty to consider. for just as there are subsidies are fines on the other. in 2014 it's $95 per adult or 1% of your income, whichever is greater. in 2015 it rises to $325 or 2% of income. and in 2016, $695 or 2.5% of but for now, anyway, susan price says she's opting out. >> we're paying about $450 a month under the aca we would be asked to pay nearly $1,000. we have long-time relationships they are willing to work with us and we will pay cash from our health savings account. >> reporter: what does price have to say about those she would help subsidize under the aca? >> a lot do have chronic problems. they have smoked for years.
7:19 pm
they are overweight, perhaps they do have some substance abuse problems. society to support someone who  has made choices that will costy the rest of society more expense? i do think that people should have access to it. but if you want access to health care because of certain that. >> reporter: lisa kerrigan doesn't see it that way. >> i feel to be critical of something that is helping so many people is counter progressive. there are so many things that we are paying for anyway. pay for corporate subsidies and for so many things. and to complain about people getting health care, especially people who have never had it l6y before, is a small price to pay. >> we don't need the government telling us every corner of our lives and i th)÷o people in new hampshire feel this way. >> reporter: when we return, obamacare is changing the lives of patients.
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is the golden age for you might think that if you listen to what physicians have >> my name is -- >> february 11th, concord.ááj >> i'm retired from practicing as podiatrist.(&iy the final decision to do so was done the day after the affordable care act was passed. >> reporter: appearing at an event held by americans for prosperity, an antiobamacare advocacy group.÷:)u another momentous decision. after quitting medicine he is contemplating a run for statewide office as a u[íf
7:24 pm
republican because of obamacare. >> this was not addressing patient care or health this was all about insurance reform.bknpz and forcing people to follow one a&sfyñ it brought down the standard of medicine in this country. i think it's going to get worse over time. practice in florida before moving to new hampshire in 2010. >> the health care act was the final nail in the coffin. it wasn't the main reason or thç only reason but it made it easier for me. >> reporter: hannon is hardly the only doctor complaining.úbuz the doctor's company, the largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurers found 43% of doctors werenyzt contemplati
7:25 pm
early retirement because of health care reform and nine out recommend health care as a profession. and 60% believe it will have a negative impact on patient care. >> i think that reflects doctors frustrations. anderson is chairman and ceo of doctor's company. >> they're losing control of the practice of medicines. and the reason for that is the y juu(urq't relationship. to increased access and improve quality and decrease cost at th' same time is admirable but exceptionally difficult to accomplish. >> reporter: obamacare supporter ron pollack believes these fears are unfounded. >> i think some of the doctors have been worried about something that is not really thñ doing of the affordable care act. they don't want to be employees of the hospital or whatever. but that has been happening irrespective of the affordable care act. >> we spoke to a doctor who $y% retired the day v9btsobamacare passed.
7:26 pm
he said it was the final nail in the coffin. he couldn't care for patients the way he wanted to. do you think the doctor-patient relationship changes with this law? >> i think ultimately it is going to improve matters. because what the affordable care we have significant improvements in quality of care and the payment system is now going to create incentives for good care. >> reporter: one reaction to obamacare already seems to be ⌟÷ the growing prevalence of concierge care or direct primary care. a cash basis system that opts out of insurance and has the patient pay the doctor a monthly fee. is a response to all the ways that the government has that the government has involved in practicing medicine. director of health policy
7:27 pm
studies at the cato institute. >> it's a healthy development that a lot of physicians are saying we're not going to accept any insurance. we want our patients to pay out of pocket. that reduces the price of a lot of services. >> reporter: the growth in concierge care is 25% a year especially in prosperous w4]jqf0c dr. laurie montague is experimenting with the model in claremont, new hampshire. one of the poorer towns in the state. we first spoke witááhr' per family gets them the entirety of their health care in a primary care setting without any additional need of outside insurance for their primary care "nk >> pay for it and away we go again. >> i have patients who have chose on the sign up under than they choose to sign up for the affordable care act and seek obamacare is trying to use the system that we know doesn't work.
7:28 pm
it has failed. it is becoming unaffordable. >> so what people are doing is >> reporter: ed is a senior research fellow at the conservative heritage foundation. >> this is happening realtime in cash. >> that's right. what this woman is offering is you can have a primary care doc on call, yours, who will see you for 30 minutes because the doc is busy being a doctor, not filling out paperwork. that is attractive. &bvt÷ >> direct primary care is a wayt primary care doc for a very tients even the small amount is appy ,en o she hoped that obamacare would ñ provide some insurance coverage for her type of practice but it didn't work out that way. >> a third to half of our 831=p revenue is going to billing and chasing down payment.)neo
7:29 pm
so unless we eliminate that, yo know, there's no sustaining it. >> reporter: as it worked out, it wasn't sustainable. dr. montague had to close up shop in early june. the shuttering of her practice brings us back to the larger rm question which four years since the passage of the health care reform still has no clear answer. medicine become under obamacare? >> as more doctors leave traditional practicing for retirement or other work fields that's going to definitely qi3dí affect how many doctors are available for everyone else who affordable but can't find a doctor plan. you hear about a doctor shortage as the baby boomers get older >> coming up, obamacare from a business !ic9ñ [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real.
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most working people get their health care through their
7:33 pm
jobs and soon, many of them will discover what surprises tc>j obamacare has in store for them. the affordable care act was a game changer and it was meant to be. >> it was an extraordinary í=r achievement that has happened. >> reporter: as we've seen on our trip to new hampshire it has affected patients and doctors, d but the change its brought about goes beyond that. paying for health care insurance has long been a major part of a business budget. >> health care is the second most expensive expense that the company has outside of payroll. >> reporter: mark lane started ÷ co ed sportswear in new o÷mpshire in 1990. 0 >> we're a full package organization. >> and through the years, lane has built it into a thriving business.beuk >> we'll create our own artwork and print it and finish it and ship it. soup to nuts for our customers.
7:34 pm
>> reporter: but he's got something hanging over his head. >> now we're in a situation with national health care where >> reporter: since co ed sportswear has more than 50 full-time employees it will be required to comply with obamacare's employer mandate 3qu when it's implemented in 2015
7:35 pm
related reasons. it will get implemented, i believe, at some point. make the decision unless there is a better answer there is no good decision. >> reporter: helping lane 5u'p)t the insurance expert we met earlier. "(f )t significantly higher premium as% a result of health care reform. i take care of 250 employers and all of our employers are talking about reducing hours, reducing the contributions to the health deductibles, increasing co pays. they are faced with insurmountable challenges and all bad choices. >> reporter: but to obamacare all about. -fl÷ >> obamacare proponents say it will prevent job lock. explain what that means. >> now that insurers are and a leg, people are freed up. they can leave a current job and
7:36 pm
go to another job.rézg[ >> reporter: the reality is, though, that the employees at co ym w necessarily have it easier with obamacare. bdy!b >> those employees, i've asked to see what the cost would be. and what they report back to me news. 13l >> mine was going to be close to 300 a month with $8,000 that's awful insurance to go down to 5,000 co pay was 400 a month. i don't know -- how on earth anyone can think it is affordable. bqó i guess i will roll the dice. >> anybody else go on the exchange and -- j/so >> i wouldn't be able to try to afford it, not even half of it. it's supposed to be cheaper than what i had been offered through
7:37 pm
work. but it ended up being more. >> reporter: crazy or not, the employer mandate is set to go >> the joo$k"ju$e health care law doesn't help. because i'm not going to hire additional people unless i really need them.zñ%>h we've hired a lot of temporary employees lately and when things slow down or the period or ñ it's not an ideal world but it's something you have to do in a reaction to this law.2+vñ >> reporter: when it comes to obamacare you don't know what you're missing. we'll ponder that when we return. chloe is 9 months old. she is the greatest thing ever. one little smile. one little laugh. honey bunny... (laughter) we would do anything for her. my name is kim bryant and my husband and i made a will
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as a state with no income tax and close proximity to the medical mecca of boston, new hampshire has become a haven foc medical innovation and nowhere such innovation more vividly it's the workshop of dean kamen one of the world's leading >> wow. we can pick up 20 pounds. >> the great inventor recently showed me some of his mechanical wizardry. such as the luke arm named as
7:42 pm
luke skywalker of star wars who lost his hand avtfkórá v >> it's a game changer. >> other creations are the machine and the ibot wheelchairñ >> you put someone in it and sañ you can go anywhere now but it' the really big deal, you just stand up. just stand up. and that's typically when they lose it. they have that very special human dignity of standing up.8tñ >> reporter: dean kamen's inventions have helped or healed millions. but now some fear with the advent of obamacare, that ÷: innovation will slow down or even grind to a halt.v= >> there is no question that (x is going to be stifled under obamacare.
7:43 pm
>> reporter: sally pipes a fellow in health care studies at the pacific research institute worries that too much government interference will impede the innovation9gjricans have come to expect in medical care. >> obamacare is a top-down system that is putting the government in charge of our health care.x7d@ñ >> finding a good health plan -- >> these exchanges are not rd competitive. they're government-run marketplaces.fn government-run marketplace, the government says where the money goes and perhaps more significantly, where it doesn't. >> things like mri machines these are very expensive machines to develop. if we do not allow the marketplace to work we'll see that these new machines are not developed. >> a lot of sophisticated electronics. >> reporter: dean kamen believes that the government has its r'rs place in medical r & d but is wary of too much intrusion.
7:44 pm
>> they are bean counters that see the cost of everything and  the value of nothing. i think most of the people in all sides of government believe that in the end they're doing the right thing. innovation requi2rá$vá @r(t&háh% and there's a whole lot of government that's primarily there to prevent change from >ar happening. >> reporter: is the government getting in the way of innovatio2 today. p)aqut(v hat's driving a lotñ the decision process as to where to put the resources is if we invest some money now can we reduce the cost of the technology to give people the same level of care that we're lyl.kx if people use that methodology in the 1930th and '40s,uasásq would still be getting polio. we would just have cheaper iron- lugs to keep them in.qxó
7:45 pm
>> dp#çkamen supports governmen money for research but he has trouble with one specific the 2.3% tax on medical devices. >> is thaty'fq@=9jut)(p& devices having a discernible impact? we put a heavy tax on alcohol because we're trying to discourage people by making it expensive. i don't know why we should be putting an extra tax on the behavior you're trying to >> the medical device people j don't want to contribute like áh$ave contributed tod9!;ç yes, they've been asked to pay a any way that's going to stymie >> the biggest risk of always the unintended damage it =
7:46 pm
effective, if costly, american health care system.gni sally pipes worries about what k we stand to lose. >> our cancer survival rates five years out are better than any country in the world in uuáq" in other countries. so we want to keep the pipeline open so that coma;!z]j(p' do the research and development that is not taking place in other countries.y⌞x >> it's true that pills may be cheaper elsewhere*szm but there's a reason for that. ñ to many, in the long run, the highesec]'qzer(s&, is the stifling of innovation. %b9(but the balance hasr change and innovation. and a government that is so good at making everything stable as a consequence is smothering the possibility for innovation.@jc"ñ
7:47 pm
and we as a society need to recognize that and factor that into public policy.zpspq if we don't do that we will get >> coming up, we've looked at the changes that obamacare has óm will it be responsible for changing the world's greatest t deliberative body? after the break. ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. in 2010. later that year, in no small part, thanks tozj+5áe1 obamacare was a political earthquake. republicans took back the house andçó gained sixluívt seats in
7:51 pm
upheaval in4-3ja 2014? >> do you swear or affirm that the testimony b>a you're about give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> remember thefv÷5juák @r(t&há% grandmother who affordable insurance plan who require her to drive out of her way over4ñx new hampshire's couy even know yet. >> your doctor is 11 milies fro wentworth douglas, is that right. fib. way. >vfacyx9s. >> it's may 14th and she's being mcafria, az9sh governor lawyer. >> i want to ask you that they contain within them that these f1 o hearing before new
7:52 pm
as part of1)÷ fáfrisby hospital complaint. someone other than açó gynecologist. additional tight tiuqitráqq places, these things affect people and )8xwell, just as easy as doctor. >> it's&'#hw(qq me very anxious because -- >> mccarthy'sxd story is one of manyzw1jgy%trátáháhat makeqk6ve coverage a central issue in the qt election.oq"3u pollingz/c'ñ having itzv poor i1
7:53 pm
>> do you approve of the jobj q k!aq!%mj5)t. do you approve, yes or no? tñ >%qswapprove. in some $cb%'things, i don't ap. >> that's senatorr)lñ debating republican challenger scott7( brown. >> she shocked the country when he won a93qd speciale1 senator massachusetts four years ago. 8 trillion dollars health plan now running in new hampshire, he's vowed to repealt$ obamacar >> they've already voted five #v she was deciding vote. l)q. everybody was a deciding vote. every democratvtñrñ voted and y every democrat wasd[b(z the dec vote for a terrible bill that's crushing businm&v. >> the average of the[óbnxqñ l
7:54 pm
polls suggests the new hampshirf t,tremely tight. >> scott brown won a senate seat part due to the 2é:oue1unpopula @#lñ care act.óu
7:55 pm
>> that's ridiculous. the states have done it in the past. matter for÷q9'u them and provide the care and coverages that are so:lrni very important their stcitizens. >> we tried to speak to himñhyx severala" the politicians -- but for cf1 o the debate so far has yielded uncertainty. >> all the bad things about the affordable care act that people
7:56 pm
forecast have basically come d3fmacare supporters predicted that once enacted, it would become more popular. so far inj[á3y new hampshire is cf1 o have happened.dn81s cf1 o it has created a lot of change. with more to come.c93
7:57 pm
or go some other way? give us that answer. tonig tonight, thanks for watching. thk all the way until the am. new aleve pm the only one with a safe sleep aid. plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. yyou would need like a bunch of those to clean this mess. plus the 12 hour strength of aleve.
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tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye", has global warming changed the face of detroit for the better? why you may want to rethink your holiday travel plans. plus, is the president reconsidering his thoughts about the man landing? >> it don't make no sense. it is just not true. thank you, god bless you. god bless america. >> and finally, people are head over heels for team corner. we wil >> ÷6qxffinally, people are hear heels for teen corner. we'll show you what happened hottest duo.


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