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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 8, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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judge jeanine yts.ta pirrghi thank you for being withl7te us tonight. you know, i believe in truth and po/ this pastj delivered much-deserved justice to president barack obama, his policies and his party. you put truth tor2 power to chae the direction that barack obama and yourkqáçx determination to back america was historic. majority in more than 80 years.
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a republican-controlled senate. replacing democratic governors in blue states. republican control of more state legislatures than at any point since the 1920s. president barack obama's effort úy a socialist-style government under the guise of being simply progressive was overwhelmingly rejected by you, the u?thu and the assent of power of those in the business community, those in the xdñmilitary, and philanthropists was a sharp contrast to the community we have become accustomed to over the past six years. you rejected the make believe war on women that this administration tried to sell.y&r reducing our reproductive
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-éñ into jeopardy.ductive
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more anger and more hostility than most of us can remember in recent history. you didn't come clean about benghazi, health care, fast and furious. you skirted scandals in the nsa, the irs, you su yo high-level officials. and your incompetent handling of ebola in this6ro country put o nurses at risk. and now you dig your heels in even deeper? after laying the"7béw groundwor order more thanli)ñ 34 million permits and green cards, you throw down the gauntlet;ú saying -- >> congress will pass some bills i cannot sign. i'm dds(retty sure i'll take so actions that some in congress will not like. so before the end of the year, we'reacá=%9
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this is a fox news alert. you're looking live near tacoma, washington. former detainees are arriving as we speak, also on the plane the u.s. director of national intelligence, james clapper, ben yej bey is a korean american missionary, arrested while leading a tour group and charged with antigovernment activities, and sentenced to 15 years in prison. and 24-year-old matthew miller of bakersfield sentenced to six years hard labor for espionage. their release came after the national intelligence director
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james clapper made a secret visit to north korea. looks like we're looking at kenneth bae right now. clapper is the highest ranking american to visit in ten years. the report of abuses could result in charges against kim in the international criminal court. a former cia analyst is quoted as saying that prospect, quote, startled the regime, leading to frantic attempts to derail that process we're looking at one of the two detainees, kenneth bae getting a hug from a loved one there. this is a special moment for bae. he was in a failing health. his sister pushed hard for release said he had lost 50 pounds, suffering from kidney problems, deliver problems and being shuttled back and forth
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from the labor camp and the hospital. he was having trouble using one of his hands and he looks good right now. happy, of course to be back on u.s. soil. bey and matthew miller are the last americans held by north korea. last month, jufry seoul was accused of leaving a bible in a nightclub which he says he did. and now, kenneth bae and matthew miller, bae's sister saying quote we have been waiting and praying for this day for two years. this ordeal has been excruciating for the family. we're filled with joy now. i am thrilled to imagine hugging my brother, soon. he will not have to send another day in a labor camp. he can now recover from this imprisonment and look forward to his wife, kids, and the receipt
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of his life. our thanksgiving celebration this year will be one we'll never forget. you can see kenneth bae getting hugs from his family. they do look happy to have him home. his sister was a constant presence in washington as i mentioned she was trying to keep the pressure on u.s. officials to push for her brother's release, u.s. senator patty murray saying his family was very worried about his health. he was put in a labor camp and as his ability owe take care of himself deteriorated the worry about his health was front and center. it did come out the 46-year-old had been transferred from the hospital to the labor camp where his sister said he lost weight and was having health problems the u.s. state department requested bae's release on humanitarian grounds since there are no diplomatic
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relations between washington and he told he says he was working eight hours per day, sich days per week at that labor camp and he asked viewers to pray for him. he said his health was failing. he said my hands are numb and tingling and it is difficult sleeping at night. another detainee also released and on this plane here on this base is tacoma is matthew miller convicted after a 90 minute trial. accusation is that he committed hostile acts against the north korean government. he travelled to north korea with a tour group in april. later that month, north korea accused him of tearing up his tourist visa and requesting
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asylum and claims matthew miller wanted to be imprisoned so he can investigate human rights violations. he was sentenced to six months hard labor. looks like maybe matthew miller will be getting off next. and as they arrive at the coors field, we can hope now the ordeal is over, they can focus on healing and moving on. this release does not indicate a break through when it comes to north korean nukes officials told reporters anonymously. this talk stalled during 2008. there was an attempt to restart them but talks collapsed when north korea violated a ban "a back to yous of ballistic missle technology." the country launched a long range rocket.
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so the talks that restarting negotiations ended in 2012. it's still an area of major tension between the united states and north korea. i seem this is the family of matthew miller we saw kenneth bae. and as for james clapper's role, james clapper also on this plane. he flew over to north korea for secret talks, it is not clear what clapper's role was in the detainee's release. the office is not giving details about whom dave clapper met with or what was said clapper did not get engaged in this diplomacy. he's a retired general and that is not usually his role. secretary of state john kerry
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spoke from oman saturday. and right now coming off the plane. again, he's 24 years old and had been sentenced to six months getting hugs from his family. an emotional time. so happy to have this u.s. citizen back on american soil. we're watching this live right now. at again, near tacoma, washington. he lives in california. and kenneth bae lives in washington state. an emotional time, finally having their loved one matthew todd miller home. back to secretary of state john kerry. he, i said made a statement saturday saying their release has been a focus every day. and we've been working all angles available to bring them home. we're pleased this gesture has
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taken place. again that is matthew todd miller. earlier we saw kenneth bae. they're home after separate detentions in north korea. we're wondering whether or not they're going to speak. so far there hasn't been any comments but we're seeing emotional reunions with their loved ones and you can assume there is going to be a long recovery for them. experts saying that there is a long recovery process after going through something like this. we understand there is a podium set up inside the building where they're headed so hopefully, we'll hear from them, kenneth bae and matthew miller and perhaps from the director of national intelligence, james clapper with more details, perhaps, on how this release was secured. again, speculation from analysts being that kim juning-un is
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feeling vulnerable because of the fact the united states released a report in which north korea was accused of flagrant human rights violations, and this report could actually lead to indictments against some of the top north korean leaders including kim jung-un himself and that he is quite worried about the possibility of indictments. and we're, that that puts the united states in a better position to negotiate a release. we're switching cameras now, moving inside. and you can see we have a podium set up there so we can hear more. outside tacoma, washington with the merger of louis mccord and we're hoping that kenneth bae
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and matthew todd miller will make comments to the press after their long ordeal. so, again, we have these two americans finally home again. back on u.s. soil. and with them, the u.s. director of national intelligence, james clapper who did negotiate their release in a secret mission not made public. we don't have details about it. kenneth bae, a korean american, a missionary from lynwood, washington. he's from south korea. he became a u.s. citizen and he was arrested back in 2012 leading a tour group. to a north korea economics zone charged with antigovernment activities. sentenced to 15 years in prison. he did hard labor while there.
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the other detainee from bakersfield, california sentenced to six years hard labor for espionage. looks like they're checking out microphones now. hopefully we'll hear comments soon. national intelligence director james clapper did engage in a visit to north korea. and he's the highest ranking american has visited north korea in more than ten years. last one would have been madeline al bright more than a decade ago. but again, the issue seems to be kim jung-un's concern about possible charges in the international criminal court. and this release comes a month after jeffrey seoul of ohio was released after six months detention. he left a bible in a nightclub
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hoping that that would make it into the hands of the christian community but instead, it led to charges against him he was released first and now, these two, kenneth bae and matthew miller. and as mentioned earlier, bae's sister, terry chung was pushing hard for release. and in her statement talked about how they'd been waiting for this day, praying for this day two years, and talked about how excruciating this ordeal has been for the entire family. you can imagine if excruciating would be the word when what you're hearing from north korea is word of his failing health. so they say they're filled with joy, right now. and terry mentioned she wanted to hug her brother and she did get that hug. so long overdue.
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and they had u.s. senator patty murray from washington state also talking about trying to get his release and about her worry, the family was worried about him being in this labor camp. and apparently, bae, who is 46 years old, was going back and forth between the hospital and the labor camp. very difficult for him. he lost weight, he had kidney, liver problems. and the state department was asking for his release on humanitarian grounds. this is difficult to engage in dip plow massy with a country like north korea in which the united states doesn't have diplomatic relations. sweden was involved. and doing what they could. we heard secretary of state john kerry say they were doing everything they could, too.
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and exploring every avenue. bae was asking people to pray, he said his health was failing and hands were numb and tingling. and also, just a 90 minute trial for committing hostile acts against the north korean government he went there with a tour group. and there is a accusation that soon after arriving, he tore up his tourist visa and said he want add siel yim. and north korea in their state media, they were saying that what is going on is that he wanted to be imprisonned because he wanted to spy on the country and investigate human rights violations so that is what he was convicted of.
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now, you're looking at joint base lewis mcchord where bae and miller have arrived we're looking at the podium inside mcchord field. and hoping to get statements still emotional reunions going on outside of this room. and we're hoping that shortly, someone will be taking the podium and there is so far no indication this is going to cause a kind of change in the north korean nuclear situation. disarmentment talks stalled in 2008. and trying to be restarted in 2012 but then collapsed when north korea launched a long range rocket in violation of the un ban on its use of ballistic
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missile technology. north korea agreed to freeze it's nuclear program in exchange for food aid. so that dispute continues. and that apparently has no bearing on this the last two detainees in north korea are now back in america. and james clapper was involved in release we don't know details and the office is not saying if he met with kim jung-un, who did he meet with? and that he agreed to meet with high level officials. and you have people saying that is pretty much the only way
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you're going to have people release a detainee is through high level involvement in person. someone saying we want to take these people home. so they're home. kenneth bae and matthew miller. we're still waiting for comments from bae or miller or james clapper or perhaps all three. and hopefully those will be starting soon. >> once again we're live at joint base lewis-mcchord near
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tacoma, washington. they had been detained, they were convicted separately of separate charges, and held there doing hard labor and behind the scenes a lot of negotiations taking place and finally, it happened. we got the word they're going to be coming home and here they are, home at last. we're just looking at them getting off of the plane. and emotional reunions with loved ones. and they're very happy, clearly to be home. kenneth bae suffering from serious health problems but he got off the plane he looked very good. let's see.
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so we're still waiting to see whether or not kenneth bae or matthew miller or james clapper are going to give comments. they have a lot of press there gathered hoping to hear comments from them, also to possibly hear more details on how this detainee release was negotiated. and it would be interesting, of course to hear if james clapper did meet with kim jung-un, how did that meeting go? what was the sense he got from kim, who is you know issues of him being vulnerable right now and concerned about his image. certainly concerned about charges in the international criminal court. upset about the un report accusing his country of flagrant human rights violations so it would be interesting to hear if he did meet with him
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face-to-face, what is his demeanor? how did conversations go? so hopefully, he'll be able to reveal some of that. then, of course we want to hear from matthew miller and kenneth bae. what where the conditions really like? when they were interviewed both of them along with jufry -- jeffrey soul theshg said they're being treated twel but that didn't really mesh with some of what kenneth bae saying he was working many hours per day. and how his health is suffering. he said working eight hours per day, six days a week at this labor camp. and that he was really suffering from that. so there are going to be medical issues that have to be dealt with and emotional,
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psychological issues that they'll have to recover from after this ordeal. but for now, it's just a happy reunion. and we can maybe show them getting off the plane while waiting for a movement in the room. we're waiting now for them to give comments to the cameras. they looked good, happy to be home. and their loved ones looked happy to see them. so this doesn't change anything when it comes to the long range issues that the united states has with north korea. the united states has tried to put sanctions in place and trying to make north korea feel
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the pain so north korea decides it has to come through and comply with the disarmentment demands not just of the united states but the international community. there is a debate whether or not that economic pressure, that food aid pressure had any influence. so that stand off continues and doors opening now, maybe we're going to hear something. let's listen. he's not in front of a microphone. so not clear what he's saying.
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>> all right. okay. so apparently what we heard just there was that the sister, i would assume that means terry chung, kenneth bae's sister might be speaking in a few minutes we're going to take a break and will come back to that when that happens you're looking live at joint base lewis mcchord where these two detainees were released and landed on u.s. soil. we'll keep you posted. i'm patty ann brown and this has been a fox news alert. look, we immigration system, you have to remember this, judge,&é7y which some cases was driven by labor conditions south of the borderá and by tra that were bad trade laws that
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encouraged people to move north of the border. and so -- they worked for cheap wages under unbearablc conditions. >> and now we have a problem one employment. but that's not the u+point. what you're2.1v saying, and you're not looking at is the fact that there are people no other parts of the world who want to come here. but we're too busy having the southern border coming here illegally, some3(fpo committing crimes. the administration is lying to us. they're not even deporting the criminals. onlywtetñ low-level misdemeanord not deporting the people who are illegally here and committing crimes. >> judge, let me tell you controlling ther&,+ border, you're right. the border has to be controlled. it's common sense. we have to control the border. there's a -- that's a separate question from people who have been here for years and who have sms ! q >> that's the first question. look. gz?yä986 whenvobw ronald reaga amnesty to the illegals, that
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was as a result of the act of congress. what he:blh did was make sure d the congress agreeing with him. now if this president is going you say, article i, is a, you know, says that anything regarding the immigration should be handled by congress, then irst close the borders? why is that a bad word? ÷ a lot ofjh people with issues, what is the problem? >> we have a@pnñ right to contr the borderers. in bringing up the discussion, we're looking at a test of power in washington. the president has power, just keep something in mind. for years and years, congress has let the2ivhur+e go forward and make a path with war in particular, without congress weighing in. >> that's not what we're talkinz ab#w change with respect to the power.cans coming to >> congressman kucinich, good to have you on.
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thanks for being with us tonight. >> thanks. all right. and coming up, the latest danger ta china.
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test test. test.
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this is a fox news alert. north korea released two americans they were holding in captivity. kenneth bae and matthew miller
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returning back on american soil just moments ago. their plane touched down at joint base lewis-mcchord in washington state. miller was arrested while leading a tour group and charged with activities. matthew miller of bakersfield yensed on espionage charges. their release after james clapper made a secret visit to north korea. we can see kenneth bae with his sister. let's listen in.
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>> good evening. thank you for being here. it's, we're finally here. my brother is home. all of our hopes and prayers to this moment have finally been achieved. we're so thankful. we're thankful that god was with kenneth and never abandoned us though the last years have been a journey we won't wish on anyone. here he is today. i'm delighted and very thankful kenneth's reason for being in north korea is because he loved people. to know no one should leave where they're born and every human needs love he gave tours he was able to
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connect to the people and beauty of north korea. to us, north korea seems like a strange place. don't forget the people. tonight as we are reunited i am so happy to be here but my heartaches for the people in north korea. as we celebrate tonight we're together, we know there are many people in north korea who are locked up like kenneth. they remain a part from the families today. please pray for them. and advocate for those who continue to be there. that being said we're thankful for the mercy of those in north korea who relented and allowed kenneth bae and matthew miller. it's hard to believe this day is
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here. for two years, it's been unbelievabling agone unbelievable agony. we're thankful for president obama and secretary kerry for not forgetting him. they pledged their commitment. we want to thank director of national intelligence james clapper who negotiated kenneth and matthew's release thank you for that. we have to thank the swedish embassy for their time and efforts. they were the only source of human contact that was warm and loving and just a slice of home to kenneth when he was alone, locked up two years in north korea labor camp. there are many others who have stood with us and advocated for us and to give a special shout
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out to many at the state department who worked behind the scenes, really to advocate for us, they were many disappointments along the way. but here we are. and for that, i can't thank them enough for their advocacy. we have to also thank our washington state delegation for sure. congressman rick larson, senator patty mary, senator maria cantwell and also, congressman charles rangel have been advocates for us. there are countless others who have been instrumental in our efforts such as reverend jesse jackson and david sugarman and countless others that stood with us, prayed for us, wrote letters to kenneth, wrote letters to us. we cannot thank you enough.
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thank you. we're just so happy to have him home. >> i just want to say thank you all for supporting me and being just amazing blessing to see so many people being involved getting me released for two years. and not to mention, only mention for the thousands of people who prayed for me as well. i just want to say thank you for supporting me and lifting me up. not forgetting me. at the same time i was not forgetting the people of north korea. and thank you for supporting my family as well. it's been a tremendously difficult time for my family. and there are many people who have been supporting them to stay strong during this time.
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and also, i just want to say president obama and and all of the people in the state department working tirelessly hard to get me released as well. and also, i want to thank the north korean government allowing me to go home and come home and be united with our family. and it's been amazing two years. i learned a lot. i grew a lot. i lost a lot of weight. in a good way. but i stayed strong because of you. and thank you for being there. so i just want to say tonight thank you for your support. and prayer. and your love. that it's been encouraging for me and for others as well in the same shoes as well. thank you. god bless you.
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>> welcome home, how are you feeling? how is your health? >> i am recovering at this time. thank you. >> one of the reporters yelling welcome home! to kenneth bae. it is a welcome home for this man who spent two years in north korea, much of that time doing hard labor in a prison camp. if not there, being shuttled back and forth to the hospital due to failing health. here he is just a short time ago, when he arrived at joint base lewis mcchord near tacoma, washington after his ordeal getting some hugs there, and a big fight by his sister who we just heard from, who fought hard to keep the pressure on officials here in the u.s. to secure his release. terry chung thanks president
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obama. earlier today, at his press conference announcing loretta lynch as attorney general he spoke about this issue of the two detainees being released saying it's a wonderful day for them and their families we're very grateful for their safe return. and i appreciate director clapper doing a great job on what was obviously a difficult mission. james clapper went on a secret mission and was able to negotiate a release of kenneth bae, as well as matthew miller also released after his detention in north korea. this has been a fox news alert i'm patty ann brown, now let's go back to "justice with judge janine". ea that are doing cyber warfare conception chully. we don't understand it like conventional warfare. we have a lot of catching up to do and educating as your guest
9:42 pm
was say, both in the government and the private sector. >> and ambassador, if we had known about this since 2011 and it appears that this is just coming out now, wouldn't the government have been trying to eliminate this malware? >> well, i think we're definitely making a lot of progress in defense against cyber warfare. but here's -- this is a conceptual question. what is a couple of graduate students playing around? what substitutes espionage? what substitutes active clandestine activity? what constitutes an act of war in the sicyber world. is that an act of war now, or when they finally trigger it? we're not ready on those grounds, and we've got a long way to catch up. let me say, even if the government is working hard, the private sector is much more as a rule vulnerable.
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>> thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. and coming up, tuesday's veterans day. now some four-legged friends can make life after war a little easier for our heros. you're not going to want to miss our next segment. do not go away. and ah, so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car, ah speak to customer service, check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one. geico anywhere anytime. just a tap away on the geico app.
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veterans' day is tuesday. and we remember the brave american men and women in the military who've risked everything to protect us. make no mistake, the transition
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from military to civilian life is not easy. in fact, in this country on average, 22 veterans commit suicide every day. groups like guardians of rescue and paws of war make comie inine easier for vets. with me and robert, the founder and president of the guardians of rescue and veteran sarge steve. sergeant, first of all, thank you so much for your service. you were in iraq and afghanistan. two tours. >> yes, ma'am. >> and now that you're back home, is the transition difficult? >> yes, it is, ma'am. it was kind of hard coming out, being in that brotherhood and i always look for that what i'm out. and trying to adjust is actually -- it's really been difficult, the transition. trying to get back to being a normal life. >> and how long were you gone, sergeant? >> i was in the army for five years. but i was deployed to afghanistan for 12 months and iraq for 15 months.
9:47 pm
>> wow. robert, to you. tell me about guardians of rescue and pause of war. what is that? >> guardians of rescue is the mother company, the organization. and paws of war is the program. >> what is the program? >> places service dogs with veterans suffering from ptsd. and traumatic brain injury. >> how did you two come together, sergeant? >> i suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and had a traumatic brain injury. i was told about paws of war and the program and what they do about placing dogs with wounded veterans. and i know that it helped a lot of veterans out. so i met them and started working with paws of war and hoping to get me a service dog. >> and i understand that you have been working with rob. and a dog -- and how does this dog help you? >> i've been working with paws
9:48 pm
of war and also with the dog while train. she's been helping me while i was training. she got my anxiety down a little bit. and also she made me feel secure being around people i didn't know while at the training. >> and coming back from these two tours, i mean, you feel anxiety, you feel -- you have certain feelings, and working with the dog, that alleviates some of those anxieties? >> when i got out, some of my freedom was taken away from me. i like to go to malls and crowded places, and i don't sleep well at night. when i get the dog that'll help me sleep better and go different places i was never able to attend. >> and there is one dog that he's worked with. >> he's working with a dog now that's slated to go to him at some point. that dog's name is cally. >> and you -- he is not -- he has not been given to -- >> no, he only meets her at
9:49 pm
training only. >> okay. >> all right. he is aggressively trying to determine when we will make this happen. >> sergeants, i know you have been waiting a long time to take her home. is he ready? >> i think he is. >> all right. i think it's time that we meet cally who the sergeant has been working with. and right now we have some good news for you, sergeant. >> hi, cally. oh, my gosh. : cally is taking you home tonight. >> oh, my god, cally, oh, thank you. >> how would is she? >> under a year. >> under a year. he loves you too. are you excited ? >> yes, i am. you didn't know this was happening, did you? >> no, ma'am. i have a lot of emotions right now. >> you know what, everybody loves you, everybody thanks you for your service. you have done great things for us and this is the least we can
9:50 pm
do for you. and from the bottom of our hearts, trust me, we will be grateful to you, and if this dog can make you feel comfortable, god bless you and god bless the dog. give me a hug. i'm so happy for you. and i want to see the dog. all right. you're going home with her tonight. cally, hi. can i say -- oh, she is beautiful. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you know what? we're very, very happy. robert, thank you. >> thank you. >> i want to point out, the organization that is actually supplied this -- supported us financially to get this -- >> and that's the say it again? >> the cal warriors is an organization that puts on an event every year to support veterans. and this year they raised money for us to help veterans with service dogs. so we were able to financially make that happen. >> you're very excited, aren't you? >> yes, i am.
9:51 pm
>> so is she. >> get my first good night's sleep, obviously. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. sergeant, cally, you're gorgeous. you're a beauauauauauau hey! i like your ride. i just wanted to let you know... you can save a ton by switching to progressive, just like squirrel here. we offer great discounts, like responsible rider, paid in full, and homeowners. making us number one in motorcycle insurance. isn't this romantic. it was. going the distance to save you more. now, that's progressive.
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last week i talked about how president obama needs to stop the kumbaya politics and start protecting americans. your responses. zeus says, i love the term kumbaya politics, judge. if only obama could give isis a group hug and a flower, i'm sure they'd change their ways. and joe says he probably hasn't read the paper lately to learn what's really going on. and april says obama worries we violate everyone else's rights while he violates ours.
9:55 pm
and david says i support releasing gitmo prisoners at 35,000 feet with no parachute. and forrest says, judge, your job is to continue to fear monger? hey, forrest, my job is to state the facts. if you get your head out of the sand, you'd realize that there is a lot to be afraid of. and hassan says, why do you think the middle east is evil? hey, hassan, i am of middle eastern decent. i am a lebanese christian. i don't think the middle east is evil. i think isis is evil. radical islamists are evil. people who behead a evil. people who rape women and children are evil. i believe a vast majority of people in the middle east want peace and don't to want live in fear. and vera says who are you to give the president advice? hey, a, with the president is living in a fantasy world or
9:56 pm
disconnected from reality. my advice to the president, you shouldn't go golfing after beheading an american. or you shouldn't lie to the american people is about fundamental decorum, decenty and trust and justice. and by the way, it seems that most americans based on tuesday's election agree with me. and shane says, judge, i love your show, but let's be real. it's our job to protect ourselves. and now for the results of tonight's instant poll. what message did voters send on election day. brett says people are getting obama figured out and voted to go in the other direction. matt says, anti-obama vote, not the rock star he was on election night. debbie says we are sick of the dictator. andrew, hit the trail, obama, and don't let the door slam behind you and jan says we don't
9:57 pm
like your policies your life, and we don't like your covering up of countless misdeeds. ed, we're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. sharon, americans are taking back our country. and robert says here we go, giving republicans a second chance to blow it again. hope not. and vera says you people in two years, you'll be on your knees, regret. that's it for us tonight. remember, don't ever miss justice. just set your dvr and tell your friends to do the same. thanks for joining us. remember, friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter at judge jeanine. see use next week, same time and same place. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru.
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