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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 13, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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i go to bed. >> you never miss an episode. that's it for us. you've got about ten seconds to wave good-bye. breaking tonight, another video and another self-inflicted wound by one of the principals behind obamacare. members distance themselves from a member they celebrated five years ago, so now what? this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. new video on tonight's story line as what's being described as the unbridled arrogance and condescension. it's not just republicans. causing big problems for the
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president right now could lead to each more in the very near future as republicans map a way forward to deal with the law. we have fox team coverage tonight. ed henry traveling with the president in burma with reaction there and here to the emerging scandal, but we begin with correspondent doug mcelwain and the latest discovery on a blast from the past with the president. good evening, doug. >> good evening. bret. in this one he points out what he believes is the key to obamacare in massachusetts. >> the dirty secret in massachusetts is the fed pays our bill. we had a powerful senator, ted kennedy. they basically have figured out a way to rip off the feds for about $400 million a year. >> when he signed that into law he thanked jonathan gruber. >> jonathan gruber at m.i.t.
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devoted hours and hours. >> how does a nerd get in a game like this? through numbers. >> reporter: having designed a program. susan connecticut, delaware, kansas, and oregon came calling. >> almost immediately i was called by governor schwarzenegger in california. >> among his fans, a young senator named barack obama. one meeting led to another. before long he was elected president and gruber was summoned to the oval office. >> he realized he had to take on health care costs and that this law could be a vehicle for doing so. >> reporter: but gruber knew just as mitt rollny did that the massachusetts model wouldn't work nationally. massachusetts had extra money to pay for it secured by its influential senator ted kennedy. >> ted kennedy who had been delivering $400 million a year in flush funds to our safe net hospitals that the bush administration was threatening to takeaway. the romney administration went
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there and said can we keep the money to use it to pay for the uninsured and they said yes very he knew the only way it would nationally is through mandates. for americans the idea of mandates was toxic. congress found out just how toxic during their august recess of 2009. in drafting obamacare, gruber demonstrate thad he is brilliant at the numbers game. he was well paid, earning almost $300,000. but his blood talk of stupid voters and hidden taxes in front of hot mikes painted a different picture of both him and obamacare. bret? >> doug, thank you. now to how they're handling this mess and a clear effort to get as far away from jonathan gruber as possible. chief correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president tonight. hello, ed. >> reporter: while the president
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is here to focus on foreign policy, the republicans think the gruber fallout will fund the fuel. the president posed in front of a buddha statue that looked like a massive gold throne as they stepped up their attacks against gruber's comments. >> what this insider is saying, confirms that they were spinning tales from beginning to end because they knew they couldn't tell the truth about obamacare and have a chance of passing it even with the democratic senate with 6 60. >> the president spokesman was actually trying to shift blame to the gop. >> it's been the republicans who have been less forthright and transparent about what the proposed changes before affordable obamacare act would do. >> except it was gruber, an
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architect of the president's health law who said the opposite. >> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. basically call it stupidity or whatever but basically that was really, really critical. >> house speaker nancy pelosi who famously said you needed to pass the bill to find out what's in it today tried to say she knew nothing about gruber. >> i don't know who he is. with all due respect to your question, you have a person who wasn't writing our bill kmejt on what was going on when we were rising the bill who has withdrawn some of the statements that he made, so let's put him aside. >> one little problem. she seemed intimately familiar with group never 2009 when she was selling the benefits. >> i don't know if you have seen jonathan gruber's analysis and what the comparison is to the status quo versus what will
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happen in our bill for whose who seek insurance within the exchange and our bill takes down those costs. >> now, democrats are running from gruber. >> to suggest that voters are stupid and that's how you passed it, you don't feel bad about that at all? >> i disagree with the assessment. the fact of the matter is this was a difficult undertaking. >> the republicans say the ends do not justify the means. >> i would think we're going to strip out most, things that have already passed the house with bipartisan support, the mandate, get rid of that. focus and try to work on the individual mandate. >> another of the law kathleen sebelius ducked the question about grouper. you can talk to gruber about what he said but i don't have a comment about his comments. anything else? >> they went on to say that republicans still do not have
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the votes to repeal. as for pelosi, her staff insists gruber did not help write the law even though she and others praised his work. bret? >> ed's traveling with the president. ed, stand by if you will. after obamacare, the next big issue sure to enrage republicans is immigration reform. tonight chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel has reaction. >> speaker john boehner today, lit jeopardize immigration reform and other issues as well. >> we're going to fight the pretty tooth and nail if he continues down this path. >> the draft order obtained by fox calls for allowing up to 4.5 million illegal immigrants of children born in this country to stay in the u.s. it would expand deferred action for children brought to this country illegally by their
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parents. >> i'm confident that what the president will do will be consistent with our laws. in the absence of congressional action as the president has indicated, he is prepared to use in an appropriate way the executive power that he has. >> one border state republican warned activists they should be careful what they wish for regarding executive action. >> being from arizona, a border state,ly tell you if this president goes unilaterally, i believe he'll make the subject of immigration absolutelydecade >> and sh week earth said the cost will be more than political. >> our school districtnd and all the other things that go along with that. >> there are concerns in other ways. the current measure runs out at midnight ott december 11th. arizona republican congressman matt salmon sent this letter with 63 members to the chairman and ranking appropriations. quote, we write to even courage
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you to include language that would prohibit funding for the president's reported intentions to create work permits and green cards for undocumented immigrants currently in the united states. if he passes the reform bill there will be an explosion on capitol hill but rogers says a shut joup is not an option. >> there's no one more strong than me. however, like it's been said before, don't take a hostage you can't shoot. >> in burma white house press secretary josh earnest didn't reveal when the president would act. >> in some ways the timing of the president's decision is not nearly as important as the decision facing house republican leaders on whether they want to continue to block bipartisan legislation that has already passed the senate and would do so much more to address the challenges of the broken immigration system. >> he said there will be no
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default, no government shutdown but clearly there's a concern about the impact on this congress and the next one. bret? >> thanks. let's bring back chief white house correspondent ed henry from early morning in burma right now. let's talk more about this immigration issue. ed, you're hearing there's a split over some of the president's advisers about whether to move this month or next? >> yeah. circle december 11th, 12th on the record. you heard mike emanuel says basic funding for the government runs it right about then. i'm told some of the advisers are saying don't blow up that budget deal by doing the immigration executive orders in the next few days. they don't believe either party will shut the government down over this. there are a lot of nominations that the president wants to get through while harry reid is in charge of the senate. they're saying don't do anything in the short term. wait until mid-december. but i'm told there are other senior advisers saying go
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forward in the next week or next few days and get this done, rip the band-aid off. republicans are going to be mad either way. get this done and over with, bret. >> it could happen as early as next week. thanks. do you believe the president will go through with the executive order next week? let me know on facebook or on twitter @bretbair. small business enrollments are much lower than expected. it says just 76,000 people had signed up for 12,000 plans by the end of june. one of the reasons? the perception that the tax credit for small businesses is too small and too difficult to get. up next, the leader of isis is not dead and he's vowing to keep fighting until he is. first here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 29 in philadelphia with terrorism charges against a man
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accused of ambushing the state police barracks and killing a trooper. eric frein had already been charged with first-degree murder. he told them he wanted to wake people up. a former executive who oversaw a mine that exploded in 2010 kill 20g people. don blankenship facing several charges that could get him 31 years in prison. blankenship has denied wrongdoing surrounding the accident at upper big branch mine. >> and this is a live look at st. louis. the big story. a warehouse on fire east of anheuser-busch brewery east of the city downtown. the building has been evacuated. they're still fight it. that's a live look from outside the beltway on "special report." we'll be right back. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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the leader oi isis terror said he'll fight to the last man. no, he's not dead. it comes about after possible's plan to defeat them and whether changes are being considered. national correspondent jennifer griffin hath that story tonight from the pentagon. >> as dempsey and they face lawmakers for making a case for fighting the war against isis, a new audio tape of isis leader abu bakr al gagdy appeared online after officials claimed he was badly wounded or killed. the tape appears to have been
3:17 pm
recently made. baghdadi vowed to fight to the last man as u.s. lawmakers threatened not to fund president obama's military request. someone had restrictions on u.s. troops as advisers or trainers. >> i will not send them in in harm's way with their arms tied behind their backs. >> so far it's costing the pentagon $300,000 an hour. >> where is it coming from? please explain to the america people and to this congress how this war is going to end some day? >> we need to be clear on what with are asking and will ask of our brave servicemen and women what the cost might be. >> general dempsey opened the door for potentially asking u.s. combat forces to fight alongside the iraqi army. >> i'm not predicting at this point that i would recommend that those forces in mosul along the border would need to be accompanied by u.s. forces but
3:18 pm
we're strongly considering it. >> he denied they're considering a major shift in strategy that would focus onremoving assad. >> no, there is no change in the strategy. >> isis meanwhile may be changing its strategy. reports from syria indicate its leaders met with the al qaeda n knew fa front. >> thank you. news tonight that isis fighters are flowing back and forth to the middle east with very little resistance. michael mccaul says europe is on the brink of becoming a jihadist super highway. today eric holder said justice departments oversees will help nationings fight back. >> they're to increase the
3:19 pm
capacity of those nations to investigate in these kinds of cases and to work with them in partnership and then determinations made at that point as to where if charges are to be brought. >> they acknowledged that the air campaign against isis has not released the flow of recruits to the organization. no surprises tonight in the congressional leadership congressions. republican much mcconnell won. democrat harry reid switches jobs with mcconnell becoming the minority leader. four democrats actually voted against read. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren now joins the team of democrats as a policy adviser. on the house side they rejected their lep with john boehner wchl're told there are at least three descenters on boehner. nancy pelosi is expected to be re-elected next week. all the changes take effect next year. still ahead, how congressional republicans may
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you crane says the security situation in its rebel-held east is steadily worsening. one official says a russian attack could come soon. moscow continues to deny any such intentions. here's senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg. >> the fighting in eastern ukraine has fired sporadically but now nato says significant number of russian tanks, troops, and weapons are crossing the border again. it's claimed that russia wants
3:24 pm
to consolidate. >> it is our first guess that these forces will go in to make this a more contiguous, a more whole and capable pocket of land. >> russia again denies any of this is happening. >> translator: there are no military forces or any military movement across the border and mo moreover there is no. >> meanwhile they say they can't do their job. their drones are being shot at and jammed by sophisticated actors. russian president vladimir putin may be escalating the situation now according to this analyst because he feels he's losing political influence in kiev which means a further ukrainian drift. >> i see it as being in competition with the united states. his enemy is not keyer.
3:25 pm
it's the united states. so he wants to upset this development of democracy, human rights, but also between the united states. >> the question remain as what is the end game here? does russia want to pull the strings on ukraine or exit? either way, while many refer to this as a frozen conflict, many ukrainians will tell you it's still very much a hot one. >> thank you. back here at home stocks were up today. the dow gained 41 for another record close. the s&p finished at 1. the nasdaq was up 5. a $9 million video game about a fat kid who wants to get out of town. people with type 2 diabetes
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wholesome ingredients like the original recipe and lets you bake just the batch you want. so bake the world better, and turn any moment into a warm cookie moment. find them in the frozen aisle. nestlé. good food good life. and now some fresh pickings from the political "grapevine." as we first reported in the "grapevine" monday and have covered extensively ever since, republican architect jonathan gruber apparently does not thing too highly of american voters saying repeatedly your stupidity is the only reason the law he helped craft was able to pass. we feel this is something our viewers deserve to know. the three broadcast networks apparently disagree. despite this story growing throughout the week as more and more clips of gruber surfaced showing him essentially bragging about fooling americans. cbs did not cover the story until this morning.
3:30 pm
neither abc nor nbc have mentioned it at all. the conservative website news busters notes "the new york times," "usa today," the "los angeles times" and the "associated press" have also avoided the story. quote, the national media had largely reacted to the gruber story like it is a virus that should be carefully quarantined. more than 9 million of your taxpayer dollars paid for a video game about a boy trying to escape a town full of fat people. for six years the national its substitutes of 4e89 granted federal money to this project. it centers around an athletic kid named d.j. who finds himself in a town where everybody eating food from vending machines including lard, chips, butter, breads, and creamy cakes. the grant says the goal of the game is to address obesity and type 2 diabetes in kids. video games may seem like an odd place to synch more than $9
3:31 pm
million considering the cdc claims time spent in front of a screen a major contributor to childhood obesity. finally like many major cities carmel, indiana, must make concessions regarding its budget. the outlook is beyond bleak. "the indianapolis star" obtained an information packet distributed to council members with this recommendation. if the debt cannot be covered, and i quote, shoot council, cass trait mayor, and put head between legs, kiss blank good-bye. another option increase property taxes and kiss political action good-bye. the councilmember said he made it as a joke. they apologized for attaching the wrong chart.
3:32 pm
many in the gop fear the president is too anxious for a foreign policy win. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell golan looks at the situation tonight. >> reporter: as the president plans a trip to asia, they look at a vote. his aides warned against it. >> the purpose of the nuclear negotiation is to arrive at a resolution in which iran can demonstrate to the competency of the international community that that is the case. >> reporter: officials say as iran shuts down the elements of its nuclear program that could lead to weapons production and inspectors verified that, sapgss could be implea mentally relaxed but experts don't trust iran. >> not only is it not complies with questions about its nuclear program, it's been cheating on the agreement by developing a program. >> many don't trust the pretty.
3:33 pm
>> my biggest concern is president obama wants a deal with iraq way too battley. >> senator rand wands them to have a deal and robert menendez is skeptical. there was a statement released that said, quote, gradual sanctions relaxation would only occur if iran strictly complied with all parts of the agreement. in a hearing last year secretary of state kerry warned congress not to insert itself in foreign policy insisting the white house would ask for more sanctions if iran dragged its feet on a deal. >> iran, when you say that the administration is not going to come and ask for it. you're dead wrong. we're telling you, we will. >> but kerry is push against the powerful prime minister ally benjamin netanyahu. >> the worth thing that can happen now is the u.s. to agree to a deal that leaves iran with the nuclear power and removes the sanctions. >> reporter: netanyahu said a
3:34 pm
nuclear armed iran would trigger a race with sunni and muslim shiiads. >> bret? >> the philae is landing. it's come to rest in the shallow of a cliff and that could keep its solar panels from properly charging. they'll try to adjust it to get rays on the panels coming up. president obama could use sunshine amid the storm over some comments by one of the creators of his health care law. we'll talk about all of that with the panel when we come back. ♪ ain't no sunshine when she's gone ♪ cocoa or eggnog?
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we have breaking news now. let's go live to my colleague
3:38 pm
shepard smith. >> bret, a whale of a fire happening in jackson, mississippi, and it is impossible for firefighters to deal with this. this is a museum or a complex of them. the mississippi agriculture museum, a livestock exhibit, fitzgerald museum. all of these buildings, one fire pushing into the next. the wind is cold, howling, about 35 degrees. they don't know when they'll have this under control. no word on injuries. we'll bring it to you, bret. >> okay, shep. thank you. we've been talking about health care. a lot of videos have surfaced. >> obama's like, well, you know, mine he's really a realistic guy. he says, look, i just can't do it. it's not going to happen political politically, the bill is not going to pass. we talk about it. lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and
3:39 pm
basically call it the stupid political voter or whatever. >> they knew they couldn't tell the truth about obamacare and have a chance of passing it even with the senate with 60 democratic votes. >> this was a very difficult understand ttaking undertaking. it's the republicans who have been less than forthright and transparent about what their proposed changes of the affordable care act would do. >> let's bring in our panel. syndicated columnists. >> george. i wish fox news would give gruber his own show so he could talk and talk and talk because the more he talks the more the american people will understand two things. first the academic culture that is the incubator of the progressive spirit in this country. he's arrogant, con da sending, and he's not just indifferent to the hostile academics but more
3:40 pm
than that, they would understand the long pedigree of what he said. he was channeling herbert 104 years ago which is today a beacon of progressive thought. he published a book "the promise of american life" and in it he said the following. the average american individual is morally and intellectually inadequate to a serious and consistent conception of his responsibilities, which is why progressivism for 100 years has said we need a clerisy, a small clerisy of experts to regulate and manage the bovine masses who do not know how to conduct their lives. this is a tutorial we're getting this week in the progressive spirit. >> roger, does this change the dynamic as we head now to a republican held congress? does it change the dynamic about the perception of the law? >> yeah.
3:41 pm
look it. it undermines the president's credibility even further. it undermines the central element of the democratic party that a government is honest and transparent and can get things done well. it undermines their faith, frankly, in the media which to a large degree has given this whole issue a pass. i've been really struck by the fact that this is a democratic lie, so we'll pass on it. i've seen it in the past where republicans have take an pass on rb lies. it's like we have blue lies and red lies in this country and white lies, honey, that dress doesn't make you look too fat. a lie is a lie is a lie is a lie. it's not only a lie but it's insulting to the american people to say we're stupid and, yes, it's going to affect the president's ability to have any credibility with the public and defend this law. i see it as somebody who would
3:42 pm
like to see this law work in its offensive. >> and you yoet about it. what is amazing is the minority leader was again currently asked about gruber's comments. take a look at nancy pelosi's comments now and what gruber said. >> mr. gruber's comments were you're old and he has backtracked from most of them. he's not even advocating the position that he was at some conference. so i don't know who he is. he didn't help write our bill. >> that, to be honest, is political. you've got to say you like small business in america or you're a communist. it's one bill i actually wrote. >> our bill brings down rates. i don't know if you have seen jonathan gruber and my team's analysis of what the comparison is to the status quo versus what will happen in our bill. >> you know, charles, nancy pelosi's spokesperson said we've cited the work of dozens upon dozens over the year. as leaders said today they
3:43 pm
played no role in drafting our bill. he's talked about specific writing of sections. he's been in the oval office with creators as well as the president. what is going on here. >> and she cited him and now she claims she never heard of him. i think the moral of the story is if you're going to tell a lie on camera, make sure that there isn't a video that directly contradicts what you said coming out of your own mouth. look, i think this could be important in the evolution of the bill. there are three stages. in the first it was the protest and ten people said i don't like the way it looks. i have the idea that it's not going to help, it's going to hurt us. now we upstage you where it actually takes effect last year and this year. people realized that it really is having deleterious effects on them. and now they're about to be in a position with the new congress to actually destroy it by a thousand cuts starting with the repeal of the medical device tags, the individual mandate,
3:44 pm
the corporate mandate and the republican mandate. i think what republicans ought to do is keep their cool now, not to go nuts, to recognize that the most important element of this now is to overcome the media blackout on this. the way to do it is next year when you control the senate, start holding hearings on each of these repeals. at every hearing you start by calling professor gruber. you show what he said, you ask him about it. there is no escape. he can't say i didn't really mean it, it was off the cuff. because he said it again and again and again. so that will set the mood that all the things that people had suspected in stage one, experienced in stage two was already known by the democrats, hidden and was deceptively covered up, and now they can't deny it. i think they will set the mood for repeal of these elements. >> you know, he first surfaced in a story we did weeks and weeks ago that we did on the helding case which by the way
3:45 pm
received at the supreme court, the king case, which is the same, and it's a big deal. it could potentially undermine this law. i want to talk about the substance of something. i'm not going to play the whole sound bite but in january to 12 he said employers not offering health insurance, it's not the end of the world. it's not clear why we want lawyers in this game. if this whole thing ends up where people drop their insurance and people go to the exchanges, so be it. that may be, quote, where the system needs to move. this is what we had been talking about at this panel for years. >> sure. the affordable care act is at bottom an attempt to drive more and more people into the arms of the state, to dump more and more people into, if possible, medicare and sometimes medicaid in order to enlarge government control of our lives. that is the unchanging progressive agenda. and how does -- do you buy that? >> that's one way to look at it. i think it's also an attempt to
3:46 pm
get a lot more people covered with health insurance. to do that, you have to get the state involved. that's a more ideological difference. i do believe that they have a public play here if they do what charles said. the problem is they don't have much more standing than democrats do. they don't have much more than democrats do. i think the biggest risk to this law right now is the supreme court because of what you said and gruber has backed up. i think it could be overturned by the supreme court. >> about the exchanges. >> right. >> but here if they have the hearings, they should make no speeches. let the other guy speak, just show the gruber tape and then ask, would you comment on this, sir? all you have to do is let the other side destroy itself. >> now it's the gruber tape. the frgruber confession. next up, the roar over immigration. patented sonic technology with
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comcast business. built for business. want the president to do is to act big, act bold, and act broadly and act soon. >> we're going to fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path. this is the wrong way to govern. this is exactly what the american people said on election day they didn't want talking about executive action we talked about it first yesterday executive details on immigration. now you hear the back and forth on capitol hill the attorney general saying what the president will do will be consistent with our laws. harry reid saying, quote: the president has said he will do the executive
3:51 pm
action, the question is when. he can do it, you know, it's up to him. but i would like to get the finances of the country out of the way before we does it talking about continuing resolution which the funding of the u.s. government. comes to an end -- and now, lame duck congress has to deal with that we're back with the panel. ron, what about this? and it seems like they are moving forward executive order. >> the president stood up last week and said i hear you to the american people. now he is say sit down, shut up, i know better than you. left to the two gentlemen on this issue. i think we need immigration reform. but you don't do it this way. i actually think, i will make a prediction that if he goes aheads and does this, and if we don't get a bipartisan agreement on immigration reform, which is what we need, that the hispanic turnout will
3:52 pm
actually be significantly lower in 2016 to the short-term detriment of the democrats. to borrow a phrase from gruber, hispanics aren't stupid people. they know they are being pandered to by the administration. by the ineffective feckless administration and they also know this is a temporary initiative that isn't durable and lasting. they know they need the leaders that come together and do something. they will see this the president here is undermining any chance we had of getting this done right. >> pew had a palm last week healthcare, -- >> shown asen arab that hurts the republican party bad on this. >> george? >> let us stipulate that in a democracy, what you do is often less important than how do you it therefore, let us stipulate that when great changes are made in hotly contested policies, the political branches of government ought to get together to do it.
3:53 pm
>> what are we talking about. he has said he allow millions of illegal immigrants to say here. policy for 20 years. or 8 million illegal immigrants in the country under bill clinton in no attempt to round them up. 11 million under george w. bush no extent to equities tract them from our communities get some kind of identification, george, how do you take that back if congress decides to go a different way. >> congress won't take that back. what this means is they were given the right to work. the workforce participation rate of illegal immigrants is 71% which is higher than the workforce participation rate for the american public, generally. they are 5% of the american workforce and only 3.7% of the american population. >> charles? >> why do it if it doesn't make a difference? >> why do what? >> why do it -- why should
3:54 pm
the president do this if it makes no difference? >> he wants to give them a secure status i'm saying it does not radically change de facto policy. >> the status, of course, isn't secure because in theory it expires as soon as the next executive decides to cancel the order. >> or he says when congress comes forward with legislation that supersedes his executive order. >> right, that's just a naked direct threat. and, remember, it's coming from a president who had control of the house and the senate for two years and did absolutely nothing on immigration reform when he could have had it legislation, which would have been binding and permanent. and enduring. so, it shows you, as ron was talking about the cynicism of this administration. but i think republicans have to be really careful here they have to keep their cool. they shouldn't go near shutting the government down. that's exactly what obama wants. that will put him at the
3:55 pm
center of the universe. it makes him relevant. it redeems his presidency after the she lacking he took in the election. and it scrambles the deck in a way that's unpredictable. >> this is the second panel in what you are saying republicans need to be really careful. >> they have to be. because they will have the upper hand in january because once they are in control of the congress, all kinds of things they can do for example, you don't shut down the government you simply announce no executive appointments will even be considered if this is done or until it's repealed. >> quickly? >> another thing the president is reported to be contemplating is to regulate the status of illegal immigrant parents with children. half of them have children. 81% of those children were born here. they are american citizens. if you deport the parents, you either create orphans or you deport american citizens. who is comfortable with that. >> all right. does it happen next week? >> yes. >> oh, yes.
3:56 pm
>> i have no idea. >> okay. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for one key thing to remember before you start a weather casting marathon. but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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finally tonight, al roker our good friend is on a mission for charity during a 34 hour weather marathon he took one of his allotted bathroom breaks. unfortunately he left his microphone on. those watching were quick to react on twitter, quote: al roker left his mike on in the bathroom and i haven't stopped laughing and tuned in to see al roker, seems like the mike was still on while in the bathroom. it happens, but you go, al, break that record. but the best response may have come from roker himself. >> i have my break i went to heed nature's call and you know, i forgot that my mike was on. >> rokerthon. >> gave new meaning to the phrase live stream.
4:00 pm
>> well, good luck thanks for inviting us into this "special report" tonight, fair, balance and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> this absolutely incredible. minority leader nancy pelosi must think all americans are stupid, would someone please tell her about google? just got daughter. >> >> he didn't help write our bill. >> call it the stupidity of the american voter. >> i don't know who he is. >> made explicit get money it would not have passed. >> let's put him aside. >> and representative steve joins us. good evening, sir. welcome back to washington. and minority leader nancy pelosi she doesn't have know