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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 15, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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thermometer. >> i think if she had been out another half hour there's no way she would you have made it. >> we figured that would be a nice scene being that from the frozen movie but social security since she obviously has a fighting spirit. hello, everyone, welcome to "america's news headquarters. >> topping the news this hour, diplomatic drama at the g20 summit down under. which tell you which world leader is threatening to leave early and why. after a flawed launch last year obama care second enrollment period begins today and we're hearing complaints about rising premiums and gaps in coverage. >> it may be last place you want to hear about a meltdown. the latest on the management problems plaguing our nation's nuclear forces and how it got to
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this point in the first place. but first we begin with a fox news alert, the nation's top military brass says the battle against isis is starting to turn the corner. general martin dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff making a surprise trip to baghdad to speak to u.s. troops. it is first visit since the offensive began over the summer. praising our troops for helping iraqi and kurdish forces pull iraq back from the edge. however, he also warns it will be a long campaign. ahead this hour, captain chuck nash will join us with his take live. >> russian president vladimir putin now threatening to leave early from the g-20 summit apparently putin says he wants to skip out on the last day of the summit because he feels russia is being unfairly targeted. this comes as other world leaders threaten new sanctions against russia and president obama is calling out moscow for
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its alleged aggression in ukraine. and this summer's horrific shootdown of flight mh-17. >> we're leading and dealing with ebola in west africa and in russian i can't's aggression against ukraine. which is a threat to the world as we saw in the appalling shoot down of mh-17. it took so many lives, among them your fellow citizens. as your ally and friend, we share the grieve of these australian families and belief of your nation for justice and accountability. >> the g-20 wraps up this weekend, it's the third and final leg of president obama's week-long trip to asia. the stakes are high as open enrollment begins today for the next phase of obamacare. the obama administration is
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ensuring folks the health care website will work this time around. many americans may be forced to switch their plans or see premiums skyrocket this year. peter has more. >> here we go again. second ever obamacare open enrollment period started quietly this morning which is nothing like the way last year's first ever rollout went as the website health melted down locking out many who were able to enter information. it led to aneemic numbers at the start but now the administration promises it will work better although some lawmakers aren't so sure. >> the president is not saying anything big, he's going to continue to stake his legacy on what he thinks is the success of this law. we're seeing this is not the case with sky rocketsing deductibles and everything else. it's going to be a rough couple of years. >> there are pending court cases threatening to gut the important
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parts of the affordable care act and mechanisms for enforcing but insurance companies are still participating and they'll continue to offer coverage to consumers who never had it before. >> health care prices have grown at the slowest rate in 50 years. grew at the rate tied for the lowest on record. >> kathleen sebelius is out, now being run by sylvia matthews burwell, her job was to make sure today and the next three months goes smoothly. now the curtains are up and it's time to see how the new open enrollment period goes. >> all right, peter, thank you very much. kel kelly. >> intense manhunt is under way outside denver after a police officer was shot and wounded during a traffic stop last night. aurora police say two officers made the stop when shots were
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fired from inside the car, hitting one of them. the second officer returned fire but it's unclear if the suspect was hit. the injured officer expected to survive. officers say the shooting fled after abandoning a car two blocks from the site. another ebola patient is heading to the u.s. for treatment. he's a doctor, one of the countries in the middle of the outbreak in west africa. officials say he's going to a hospital in omaha, nebraska that successfully treated other ebola patients, dominic is live in los angeles with the latest on that. hey, dom. >> reporter: dr. martin due to touch down a couple hours later than expected. we do know the 44-year-old is a permanent u.s. resident, caught ebola while working as a hospital surgeon. now testing negatively twice for
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the virus, he was concerned on tuesday to have contracted ebola. the nebraska medical center says they don't know how advanced the viral infection is at this stage explaining in the statement, the patient's exact condition won't be available until doctors here evaluate him after he arrives. information coming from the team caring for him indicates he's critically ill, possibly sicker than the first patient successfully treated in the united states. that sounds really rather worrying. the evacuation was requested by his wife, an american citizen living in maryland. the state department says she has agreed to reimburse u.s. government for any expense. salia will be the third treated at the biocontamination unit. that since the outbreak escalated over the summer. he's also the tenth known case in the united states. it's been 24 days exactly since nebraska treated their last
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ebola treatment and they have been educating thousands of practices for caring for ebola. they have a lot of experience. last known person in the united states was released virus free from the hospital four days ago. homeland security secretary jeh johnson says he's confident that the u.s. can handle more cases. we've treated the cases that have been found here. and we have the best health care system in the world. ebola is a treatable disease if caught early enough. and my hat is off to the health care workers willing to go there. >> and one more point on salia, the reason he's being sent to omaha, some workers at the other specialty treatment centers are still in a 21-day monitoring period ending a couple hours time from now. >> thank you so much. kelly? >> meanwhile, the ebola death
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toll is climbing in west africa. the world health organization reporting 1100 deaths in guinea and sierra leone and 3,000 in liberia. the health agency saying while there are some signs that the rate of new infections may be slowing in guinea and liberia, they are surging in sierra leone. >> president obama plans to go it alone on immigration, setting up a showdown with congress. is the president jumping the gun and are things are going to change in washington? a fair and balanced debate ahead. the incredible images from the surface of a comet. maybe the only one we ever see. scientists warning the historic mission may already be over. a pricey house goes up in flames with dozens of people inside. >> we were all rushed out. these guys went walking around the house and determined it was a real fire, maybe from attic or
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outside or fireplace with the flut closed. we didn't know.
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home valued at more than $1 million goes up in flames in north dallas. firefighters say there were as
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many as 30 to 45 people inside at the time but thankfully everybody got out safely. it is believed to have been started by an outdoor fireplace. a nightmare ends for maryland family as a missing 12-year-old girl is found safe. police say jasmine baker was discovered with a man in raleigh, north carolina after she went missing on the way to school on tuesday. that man now being questioned by police. some panic in the suburbs of paris when residents spotted what appeared to be a baby tiger wandering the streets. the search for the big cat is now entering its third day. they don't know where he went. police aren't exactly sure what kind of cat is on the loose. the battle over immigration reform may come to a head this week when president obama is expected to issue an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and some republicans are threatening to tie the action to
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a must pass spending bill which could once again bring the government grinding to a halt. joining me now is matt slap, former political director for president george w. bush. and ben wickler, the washington director of and talk radio host of the good fight. i like that name by the way. >> appreciate that. >> we're going to have a good debate on what's going on in capitol hill right now and executive mansion in the white house. here's the question being raised in advance of what could be a very tough transition of this political power we're seeing unfold in washington. who would the american people hold at fault for whatever might happen, the republicans or president for forcing their hand by issuing executive action for immigration reform? >> we just had an election, this is an outrageous abuse of power if the president goes through it with. he's given a one finger salute to the american voter who said
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we ought to have republicans in control of house and senate. republicans have to put all of the tools on the table. they don't want to shutdown the government. it's the president that would be doing something that brings us to the brink. i hope he gets his senses back. >> ben? >> i think we've seen this movie before. if the republican party tries to force the administration to do its political will by threatening to shut down the government or shutting it down, the american people will know who's to blame. the real problem that the gop faces here is that a vast majority of americans, 71% support comprehensive immigration reform because they know that breaking families apart, taking tax paying hard working parents away from their children who are u.s. citizens isn't politically or morally pal atable -- >> why have we seen this delay in getting comprehensive immigration reform done? what's the holdup? just border security or is there something else?
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>> i would say that the delay on this is the same as the delay on just about any issue that would require bipartisan cooperation, which has been a deliberate republican strategy to not the democratic administration to rack up any legislative add plishmentes -- >> that's absurd. this is completely absurd. look, bill clinton was a democrat liberal president. he got a ton done with republicans in the congress. he even got a budget agreement that brought us to a balanced budget. he got all kinds of legislative achievements, the thing is barack obama is the anti-bill clinton. rehe refuses to even realize that the republicans exist. there are 300 bills sent over to the senate that harry reid and president obama didn't give consideration too. republicans are in a position to work with the president with their leadership in both the house and senate and they said they are willing to do it. but to start off this way with this absurd unconstitutional power grab by president obama, destroys that ability.
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i think for this time, the american people know what this is all about and it's about president obama overreaching and doing something they simply don't agree with. >> general, let me ask you this. we heard the president state, there are going to be areas of agreement between me and republicans, i'm quoting him now and areas of disagreement and there are going to be actions i take they don't like and there are going to be bills they pass that i don't like. so here we are, gentlemen, two weeks after republicans resoundingly beat democrats in the midterm elections and find ourselves in the middle of another political fight between the president and republicans. when will they get down to the business of governing? >> how about this, what about this? why don't the democrats and republicans, why didn't president obama sit down with mitch mcconnell and john boehner and come up with a budget deal. they were there before. he can get something long-term done on the budget. take this immigration question and put it off to the side, let's first resoofl our budget
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questions. when it comes to immigration, why don't we get something passed through congress. it's what the american people want and what our founders want, the democratic process. you get legislation through congress and president has the ability to sign it or not sign it. that's what we ought to do on big questions of immigration. if he does what he's plan on doing, it will destroy the ability to consensus for years to come and that's a tragedy. >> ben? >> the first half of your answer sounded like something that i would have said. this president -- >> then i take it back. >> the debate -- debate about the budget that's only about the budget would be great. the whole problem is republicans are threatening to tax things onto the budget negotiations that have nothing to do with the budget in order to win political points. >> but that's legal, ben. that's how it works. >> republicans pulled it off -- >> you know what i'm really hearing right now, the same thing that the american people have heard from years, the talking points from both sides of the issue. and bottom line is the american
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people want someone to do the right thing, step up, be a leader in government. do the right thij responsibly. -- how does this play out as we begin to focus, not only on this issue but in 2016? >> let me give you an idea. why does the president not as his very first action do something that everybody agrees is very controversial. he wouldn't say he would never do this executive order but put it off to the side and see first let's see what we can get done together and he's going to do something on executive order, it's all about the legal staff us of those here illegal. why doesn't he pair that with border enforcement and kicking people out who are law breakers and who aren't contributing to our society. there are many things he can do to represent bipartisanship. but what he is doing is exactly the opposite. it's a bill political mistake. >> you know, what we've seen with this president is a massive increase in funding and staffing and border security, huge
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increase in deportation. all of that has been part of an attempt to reach out of hand to conservative republicans who think that is the necessary price of enacting any reform to hold families together who are playing by the rules and working hard and contributing to american society. and what happened when he extended that hand, it was slapped away. the republican leadership wanted to pass immigration reform. this is something both parties should be able to agree on. the idea that now a group of even more conservative republicans is increasingly offended they will do what the previous house and senate didn't, they'll be more willing to compromise with the president and pass a bill. i don't see that happening. the president needs to act just to fill the campaign promise he was elected on twice. >> he had six years. i have to leave it there. he's had six years. for that matter, so have the republicans and democrats and nothing has been done. so i think the american people are saying, enough is enough,
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get in and get back to office. all of you do your job and do it to the best of your ability for the american people. >> that we can agree on. >> thank you both. >> thanks for having us. scientists say it may be days before they can communicate with the philae comet lander if at all. the probe has beamed back beautiful pictures from the surface of the comet but the batteries are dying apparently and mission commanders say they may not be able to operate the lander ever again if they can't get the solar panels into position. jonathan hunt joins us live from our new york city newsroom back here oj earth. hey, jonathan. >> the lander is now sleeping. the big question, will it ever wake up? the key to that is recharging philae's batteries via solar panels. it touched down in the shadow of a cliff face and that prevented it seeing the sun and therefore charging the batteries. scientists at the european space
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agency did manage to lift and rotate the lander by about 35 degrees before it shut down. they hope that may be enough to get those solar panels into sun light. but right now, they simply don't know the precise location of philae. >> we have no news providing contact so the location of the lander on the ground. as much as we would have wished so we are still awaiting the images from the science sequence coming down. >> scientists say the lander has already performed some 56 hours of experiments and data collection. and returned that data to the efa. officials say it has been a quote exciting and successful week. now the material beneath the surface of the comet is around 4.5 billion years old and scientists hope if the lander can get samples it might give them insight into whether comets brought the basic building
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blocks of life to earth. they deployed philae's drill with a command to drill a 10 inch hole into the comet. it began the task but they don't know whether it completed it or even whether the drill touched the ground. as the batteries ran low, philae tweeted, yes, it does tweet, i'm feeling tired. did you get all of my data? i might take a nap. the big question is that nap going to last days, weeks or forever. julie? >> she's actually tweeting now. >> i want a nap that lasts for weeks. >> i want a nap, period, i want to sleep. >> is that what you tweeted? >> i'm dreaming about sleep. all right, kel j. >> it's supposed to be one of the secure units, the u.s. nuclear armed forces but we'll look at this week's scathing report. did you hear about this one, about growing management mishappes and what led to the
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time now for the top of the news the health care fight up and running as the second face of obama case enrollment begins today. premiums on low cost plans are set to soar next yearúlz and fo who don't get insurance will get slapped with a higher penalty. meantime an ebola stricken surgeon is on his way to the u.s. from sierra leone. he'll be treated in nebraska medical center in omaha. he's a permanent resident of the united states who lives in maryland. at least two of comedian bill cosby's appearances being canceled after allegations resurfacing that he sexually
10:29 am
assaulted multiple women decades ago. it is alleged that cosby drugged and raped her more than once. he has never been charged and no immediate response from cosby. >> secretary of defense chuck hagel now vowing a complete overhaul of u.s. nuclear forces. the secretary making the announcement following a scathing review by the pentagon, which uncovered multiple failures, one glaring example, get this, a single wrench needed to attach warheads to missiles was being fed-exed from one base to another. captain chuck nash, fox news military analyst and retired captain. there is so much spending going on in washington, if there was one area where the money should be spent and well spent, it would be the defense department i would thing. and to think they do not have enough funding when it comes to
10:30 am
our nuclear securities and security of our facilities is alarming. >> well, julie, you can look at this several ways, one of which, which you just laid out, which is hey, you're kidding me, you're swapping a wrench and it has to do with nuclear weapons. well, that's kind of silly, we're also spending over half a trillion dollars a year in the defense department. you have to look where the money is being allocated, are we buying programs too big to fail or taking care of the basic needs. if you buy the too big to fail programs, they suck the oxygen out of everything you try to do to maybe you get down to a single wrench but it sounds stupid but that's the way it was and the secretary of defense is saying we're going to buy four wrenches. >> we learned of systemic problems including the budget tri follys, specializing one
10:31 am
wrench state to state. in the reagan administration, the joke was they were paying too much now they are sharing one wrench among three facilities. how in the world has it come to this? >> you know, it's absolutely amazing, i'm going to put it right at the feet of leadership quite frankly. when i was doing involved in nuclear weapons teams back when i was in the navy, the attention to detail was absolutely astronomical. you couldn't breathe without -- for it to get to the point where just a few years ago the air force flew a b-52 loaded with live nuclear weapons and all of the disciplinary issues that have come out. it's a leadership issue. is there some funding involved? yes, maybe they've been pulling too much money from it but first and foremost it's a leadership issue. >> it was revealed numerous
10:32 am
problems in management security, and safety which led to disciplinary actions against a range of our air force personnel from generals to air men. how do you begin to fix this? >> that's where you have to have a major shake-up. you've got to bring in people from the air force and just put new people in charge and you've got to work from the bottom up too, how do you recruit these people. how are they trained. what's their lifestyle like? this is not top gun kind of thing where the navy had a massive recruiting thing and it lived on the top gun thing for a long time. there's no top silo, it's day after day groundhog day, underground, deterrent force, not out in the public eye where you can get personal satisfaction out of that. it's very difficult to do but it is part of the nuclear triad, we have to maintain it and it's well past time to have a very serious look at this.
10:33 am
>> while we have you, we want to switch gears to a breaking story at the top of the hours, the top military brass saying the battle against isis is starting to turn a corner and general dempsey spoke to troops praising them for helping iraqi and kurdish forces pull iraq back from the edge. so what does this news mean about progress being made to wipe out isis sns. >> i think general dempsey is on the hot seat because he's chairman of the joint chiefs and has to come up with a recommendation of what's going to happen here. putting gr troops off the table. now, he's saying not straight leg ground troops, not army divisions or battalions but special forces types, pushing them out to work directly with kurdish and iraqi forces to continue to roll up isis by making air power more effective. for him to make that decision without first going over there to talk to the people directly, cut out all of the filters and
10:34 am
get in town and talk to the folks there. when he was a two or three star, he used to run the force that was the international support force for training iraqis for that very first transition. he is going over there to get a sanity check on what's going on. when he comes back and makes the recommendation, it's based on firsthand knowledge. >> does this mean wh doing is working? >> yes, it is slowly but surely working but it's not working to a point where we're going to be able to force the political solutions going to be needed to bring this to an end. the united states, our allies, are not going to be able to stop isis, the only people going to stop isis are the sunni tribes in the sunni areas fz iraq and syria. if they don't rise up and do it, it's not going to happen. >> he did still say it was going to be a long campaign so we're not nearly out of the woods yet. always great to have you,
10:35 am
captain. >> my pleasure, julie. >> kelly. >> every year they highlight achievement of stars and oscars and emmys and more. there's a program that recognizes celebrities for their accomplishments not so much on the silver crean or cd but using influence to help people in need. it encourages more of the rich and famous to show others and help others live their lives beyond the dream. the stars came out to shine their light off austin, texas. among them, popular star pamela anderson. the grandson of nelson mandela. and man ka watkins and their goal to cause attention to their causes as they receive recognition from the better world awards. pamela anderson using her platform to protect animals and
10:36 am
champion a cause of human rights. >> i like to help people more on front line. so any money that i raise i give within 24 hours to people right on the front lines. and peta for saving rainforest. it's always been a part of my existence since i started this business. what a silly thing to be a part of, i had to bring it more meaning. >> the grandson of nelson mandela is carrying out his grandfather's legacy through producing and directing films and documentaries. his foundation africa rising is telling the story of africa's potential and promise. >> for me it's vitally important. there's so many great stories. african, south african. and global universal stories happening. i want to be a part of telling unique stories going into the future. >> enre-tyler barrett of mississippi is working with his organization to launch a major plan to build modern hospitals
10:37 am
in africa to address the significant health care needs on the continent. >> whenever you look at a large problem like in africa right now with ebola, i see people in need and we in association with some companies there on the ground in africa, are trying to develop hospitals. we've got a number of maybe 12 right now that we're looking to develop. and then we're going to do everything in our power to get resources to get american standard health care in this cocountry. >> ford model monica watkins is a co-founder of beauty for freedom. raising awareness and funds for programs fighting the spread of human trafficking. >> to see sort of like the trafficking in some places that you go to because those are like hot spots for those, for that issue. southeast asia being one of those places and working in
10:38 am
these countries and knowing we're in an industry that has the power to do something about it. you know. >> olivia gainer long is a successful billionaire who uses her influence to help children in need around the world. she places particular support to kids living in her homeland of ireland through the make a wish foundation. >> up to us to show that within our communities that it's a great thing to do. volunteer. by all means be involved with technology and be involved in -- whatever it is you. but take time out to volunteer. we highlight and try to inspire people when they hear about it and get everyone hearing about different charities they don't hear about and maybe they get involved. >> the better world awards started in 2008, since then bringing high profile people together to not only recognize their charitable causes but help them develop partnerships to find ways to provide relief to
10:39 am
improve education and protect animals and environment and build a better world beyond the dream. >> it's really good intention to try to help people build a better world. when you see celebrities doing it, they kind of lead the way. use their influence, their power and influence to actually help lead others into that challenge of building a better world. >> i like the fact that pam anderson is involved in this. you wouldn't expect that from someone like her. she is a really passionate person. really nice person. >> she really is. >> people don't get that about her. >> we'll hear more about her next week as she continues to champion the cause. >> i remember you were palling around with pam on halloween, right? >> yes. >> we were joking around how you were yourself with pam anderson, not a bad halloween? >> forget the falling leaves of autumn, why you should get your snow shovels ready and be prepared for a blast of winter weather. and shoppers might not be
10:40 am
sitting outside walmart on thanksgiving night. what the retailer is doing that could change the business of black friday.
10:41 am
hey, how you doin'? it hurts. this is what it can be like to have shingles, a painful, blistering rash. if you had chicken pox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i wish that there was something i could do to help. the shingles rash can last up to 30 days. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk.
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we are expecting another round of snow and freezing temperature. a system couple dumped as much as 4 feet of snow in wisconsin and oregon and indiana. now the same storm is moving east and expected to blanket parts of the rockies and great lakes as much as 5 inches of snow. the northeast will not be spared either. the region bracing for a sunny monday morning commute and another blast of arctic air. i don't know if i'm ready for this. it's not even thanksgiving. >> i'm afraid it's on the way. >> walmart deploying new tactics
10:45 am
to attract new customers following underweming back to school numbers, rose 0.3% in the crucial member of september. looking ahead to the holiday shopping season the retail giant is expanding those black friday super sales to five days. while also offering specials found only online. walmart is hoping a bigger menu of deep discounts will bring in more customers. is this the beginning of the end of black friday as we know it? let's bring in ed, managing partner of chatwood investments. the walmarts rolling black friday strategy work do you think? >> i hope it does. so do a lot of brick and mortar stores. it cost a lot of money for any business to be run these days. we start looking at the brick and mortar retailers, higher electricity cost and every cost has risen over the years.
10:46 am
there's a lot of strain on the brick and mortar stores. do i hope black friday ends? absolutely. i can't stand that day. it's ridiculous people rurking through stores trying to get deals and more and more people are shopping online. the retailers that have a strong online presence are going to be the big winners, those that don't and haven't built it over the previous 11 months will suffer quite a bit this year. >> people could be avoiding the mayhem and madness of a black friday sale, especially with stores being open on thanksgiving day. do you expect other retailers to follow walmart's lead? >> yeah, they are going to have to. everyone will have to follow that lead. walmart is doing it. walmart's traffic has been hu hurti hurting. the economy being slow again has hurt their customer quite a bit. because of that, they are trying to do whatever they can possibly do and get away from the one day and let people know, walmart is open other days of the week, not just the one friday. that's why they are doing this. the online sales, when you buy
10:47 am
something online, it cost the walmart we'll use them as example, less money when you buy it online to open up the store and go through the process of going into the store and so on because they have to pay sales people and so on. as a result of that, people want -- these companies want more retail presence than ever before. >> we were showing visuals of cyber monday versus black friday. let me ask you this question. deviating a little bit. still staying close to home with the message. that is the fact that gas prices have gone down so much that it's actually projected that americans will have an average $100 savings. in most likely they'll spend that towards christmas presence. it could be a boost for retailers. >> it could be. we're all saying that and thinking it's going to happen. a lot of people don't realize because it's a very slow number in terms of the gas prices going down and more opinion in our pockets. we don't say, wow, here's my bonus check, it's a slow
10:48 am
process, people might buy a little bit more but costs are going higher. i don't think that's going to make it happen. i believe the sales and enticement that the companies like walmart and others are really going to drive the sales. i have to say this, the big high end stores like neiman's macy's and others, those companies -- this is a make it or break it time for them. it's difficult for them during other times of the year. i think that we're going to see once again some big names suffer quite a bit if they don't really do well this year. the neimans and the walmart are on very different sides of the equation when it comes to this shopping season. walmart will do very well i believe. i don't know if neiman's and other high end retailers are going to. >> that's a good point because everyone at this point in time looking for bargains. >> they sure are. >> good to see you. >> you too, kelly. >> i don't go into stores.
10:49 am
all i do is shop online. >> i feel like going into the store and seeing different people. >> i don't want to be around -- i want to be in my bed on my phone, all of the apps on the phone. >> i want to go out and meet people and see them excited about shopping. >> you are such a nicer person than i, would you not all agree in the studio. matt is not even paying attention. >> you might want to put down that cell phone. listen to this, there's a new study out and it's a bit alarming, a disturbing link between your mobile device and serious disease. what you need to know. we're going to find out next. ♪ this season, celebrate what's new, with the bigger, better menu at red lobster! try our newest wood-grilled combination! maine lobster, extra jumbo shrimp, and salmon! all topped with decadent brown butter. or savory new lobster scampi linguini,
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you may think twice about putting your cell phone to your head. the new study on the effects of cell phone use has found a disturbing link between our mobile devices and brain cancer. dr. radcliffe joins me here. this is something i've always
10:54 am
wondered and worried about it. cell phones haven't been around long enough to see if you could link brain cancer to cell phones. >> this study raises warning signs but not conclusive enough at this time to start making regulations or to stop using your cell phone. there's issues with the study. brain cancer is very rare, every 5 in 100,000 people have brain cancer. if there's something else that is coincidental, somebody with exposed to radiation, not cell phone related, this can then all of a sudden if there's 6 out of 100,000, it could appear there's a 20% increase. >> what kind of brain cancer are we talking about, a tumor that's very rare? >> specifically gliomas. at this time this is nonionizing radiation, it's been shown to increase the temperature in our bodies because we use it so close to the brain.
10:55 am
not been shown in other studies to increase the risk for having cancer. any time you are around a microwave, ever since microwaves were invented, there was fear you shouldn't be around it because it let's off radioactive damaging materials that we've always been fearful of. but i don't believe anybody has gotten cancer from their microwave. i don't want people to be overly alarmed about this, however it is a bit scary. should we take precautions and not use our cell phones around our heads as off wen as we do? >> whenever there's a concern we should take a better look and get more information. because of this concern for microwaves, a number of regulations have been put in place. there are doors that prevent any type of radiation from coming through and latches that will shut off the microwave itself if it's open. those are the types of safety things to look at. if we have more information are concerned this could lead us to do more -- >> just use hands free, use your speaker phone -- >> correct. >> somebody has got to invent a
10:56 am
case that somehow protects -- >> just like the microwave. >> why is there not a cell phone case at this point that actually will contain whatever material is harmful to us. >> new invention, just came up with it. >> the study might lead to things like that. we want to raise awareness. we need to understand cell phones are dangerous when we're driving -- >> children are more susceptible as well. keep the cell phones from the kids. >> for a number of reasons. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it so much. that's going to do it for us. >> we're going to sing and dance all way -- >> i'm not julie, but you can watch tonight at 7:00. because i make the best chicken noodle soup.
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