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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 17, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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auction. and together they sold for more than $37,000. >> wow. >> half the audience is going, what's atari? you will have to google it. >> the other half are saying don't throw anything awake keep all the dvds. >> frogger definitely don't want to let go of. >> thank you for joining us. >> real story with, gretchen carlson starts right now. one day after islamic militants revealed the brutal death of peter kassig, breaking news the identity of one of the isis militants in the video. i'm, gretchen carlson, here to bring the real story today. the paris prosecutor's office confirming now that french citizen max seem owe shar is one of the men into the video the terror group released yesterday showing the beheading of syrian soldiers and kassig. chief intelligence correspondent is live in washington with all the breaking details. what do we know, katherine?
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>> reporter: thank you, gretchen. an effective source tells fox news the video appears to showcase the isis terror group's international recruits and after a review by french intelligence services, a 22-year-old french citizen has been identified. french authorities believe maxine owe shard is one of at least 18 executioners in the video, shown system mat lining up syrian pilots and military officers before beheading them. owe shard left for syria last year, saying he wished to become a martyr. only one of the executioners in the video is disguise and through forensic analysis of his voice and the vein mapping on his hand, a pattern as unique as a fingerprint, it indicate it is the british rapper, also commonly referred to as jihad johnny. british authorities are also investigating whether a former medical student from car div, wales, just 20 years old, took part in the massive execution. new tana appeared other propaganda tapes for isis. today, secretary of state john
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kerry con determined the murders. kassig is now the fifth western hostage to be decapitated. >> isil's leaders assume that the world will be too intimidated to oppose them. let us be clear. we are not intimidated. you are not intimidated. our friends and partners are not intimidated. isil is very, very wrong. >> reporter: the family of peter kassig has scheduled a news conference for about 90 minutes from now from their hometown in indianapolis. kassig's family is asking the media not to further the isis agenda by broadcasting images of their son in captivity. also, the governor of his home state of indiana has requested that flags be flown at half-staff today in peter kassig's memory. gretchen? >> live for us in d.c., thanks much. isis stepping up its propaganda war with the beheading of american peter kassig but this time, there are some major changes from their previous execution videos. there's no final statement by
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kassig. the video lasts much longer than the others and the terrorists don't show another hostage facing death as they have in the past. ryan morrow, a security analyst with the claire yip project and here to dereceiver what that means. good to sue again, ryan. let start with the fact that they don't have the american woman that they still have captive sitting next to kassig, like they have in the past videos, almost taunting the western world to say, hey, look, this person's next to go. >> right. there's two possible reasons. the first could be that they are actually scared of backlash, having a woman in one of these videos, because believe it or not, when i look at their communications on twitter, they argue that they are fighting for women's rights. they actually are trying to fight back against this depiction of them as having no morals and being inhumane. the second reason may just be logistics, what if she is being held in a different location
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one of the other big messages from this video is really that they are trying to tell their constituents that they are implementing end-times prophecy. the specific is location where the atrocity took place is a reference to an islam prophecy where there would be this final battle between the non-muslim world and the true muslims leading to their ultimate victory. >> and because that is the coming of what they believe in christianity to be christ, right? >> right. they believe that this messianic figure will come in and bring them victory, doesn't matter how superior their enemies are and they do believe in a twisted version of jesus, one that comes and gives them victory and implements sharia. >> okay.
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now, also happening today a u.n. report describes that the ultraviolent behavior of isis is part of a strategy to cement power, saying, by pub bliss sizing its brutality, so the called isis seeks to convey authority over its areas of control to show its strength to attract recruits and to threaten any individuals, groups or states that challenge its ideology. they are basically warping the world, are they not? >> right. they are worried about not just the world's reaction, but the reaction of the people that they have conquered. they don't want them to rise up. so the subtle message here, not so subtle, is if you rise up, this will be your fate as well and this video is exceptionally violent. usually, when they do the beheadings, they won't show the full act. this is the first time i'm aware of they actually did show all of it and dramatize it. they wanted everyone to see it and be revolted. >> what does it say about the so-called random acts of violence on behalf of isis, like
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the lone wolf? this report seems to say that this is not random at all. >> it's not random because there's a common denominator here. it is always about the ideology, this belief that they are supposed to fight to implement sharia around the entire world, including in the united states. we saw this in this video as well. they highlighted italy and spain, saying that our caliphate includes those countries. so, the common threat here is an ideology, not just someone losing their mind who would have been a mass murderer anyway and carrying out an attack. there is a common thread. >> ryan mauro, thanks for the expertise. >> sure. another fox news alert to tell you about now the white house trying to distance itself from one of the brainiacs behind obamacare, as yet another video surfaces in which jonathan gruber again explains how the government lied to the public about what was actually in the health care law. back in 2009, then-senator john kerry praised gruber's work. >> according to gruber, who has been our guide on a lot of this, it's somewhere in the vicinity of an $8 billion cost.
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democrats are now taking a different tone. former white house adviser david axelrod throwing gruber's own words back at him, tweeting, as one who worked hard to make aca and its benefits clear, let me say if you looked up stupid in dictionary, aid find gruber's picture. chris stirewalt is fox news digital politics editor and author of fox news first. some people are saying, like the president, hey, i just found out about this yesterday, when ed henry asked him the question. david axelrod on the other hand a close adviser formerly to the president, basically throwing gruber under the bus. >> they are gonna back it over him. they are gonna drop the bus on him. they are gonna shoot him out of a cannon, over a bus, anything they can do at this point, remember if we look back to the role that gruber played in all of this, yes, they used him as a campaign tool in 2012 to attack mitt romney, that was important. but the role that gruber played in all of this was to sell obamacare to scene cal moderate democrats, dogs and other fiscally aware democrats and they used gruber to say, look
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this is the guy this is the massachusetts, the mitt romney guy, this is the guy and he says that this gets a clean bill of health. so, when liberals were talking to their fellow democrats, trying to get them to sign on for the law, it was gruber on whom they relied as the authoritative voice. >> turns out back in 2009, right before that blue dog meeting, that gruber was one of just a handful of people who were in the oval office with the president. so, for the president to say that he doesn't really know this guy and he has nothing to do with obamacare and really wasn't one of them is maybe being disinjeep white house. i want to move on to the cost of jonathan gruber. it was reported last week, chris, that the administration paid him $400,000 for his work. well, guess what the grand total is now for your dollars, my dollars and everyone else watching. $5,900,000 of taxpayer money has gone to pay this guy for consulting about obamacare. >> and you wonder why he liked it so much. he was making that kind of dough off of it. no wonder he thought obamacare was such a good idea.
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and by the way, let not forget about this. if you get paid to sell something, you are a paid endorser, right? you say i'm getting paid to do this, as posed to somebody who says i'm just a scientist, i'm just a specialist up here at myth, i'm a mathematician, an economist and i figured it out and i like this law and i'm good. if you're paid to say and do something, it puts it all in a different context, the president tried to say today, he wasn't on staff, he was sure getting paid. >> on staff for the american people. listen to this surprising soundbite from cbs' bob schieffer on gruber. >> here is my question for mr. gruber. if all this was as bad as you say, why did you take the money you earned az an adviser, nor is too it too late to give it back. >> wow. >> i think we can just keep waiting. i wouldn't hold our breath as we wait for mr. gruber to give the money back because if essentially you think about what gruber's argument in all of this is look, you have to trick the rube sometime so that they will
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ge best thing for them. you just can't tell them what the best thing is. >> yeah. well, i guess american people don't like being called stupid, 'cause check out this latest gallup poll. americans' views of the affordab affordable care act an all-time low, 56% disapprove. 37% approve. >> not too cool. and certainly, as we get into the second year of approaching full obamacare implementation, they were hoping to see those numbers be going up and not going down. >> chris tire is want, always great to get your thoughts. thanks, sir. >> you belt. so democrats denying a pregnant lawmaker her vote in congress. congresswoman tammy duckworth, eight months pregnant, a double-amputee veteran and she can't travel right now. so, why is her own party rejecting her request to vote from home? and the russian government just releasing this satellite image, saying it shows the movement or the moment right
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tell you about extreme weather leading to a chain reaction crash backing up traffic for miles, around indianapolis. hard to believe it's already here, folks. black ice causing cars and trucks to slide all over the place there. one pile up involving 20 vehicles. luckily, no serious injuries reported. meantime, let's go down to another part of the country because there's a tornado warning in effect for northern florida right now. we are keeping an eye on that for you. it is in the jacksonville,
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florida, area. time for some real talk now. illinois congresswoman tammy duckworth, eight months pregnant, and asking for a waiver so she can vote by proxy in the upcoming leadership battles, but democrats, including nancy pelosi, are telling her, nope, because they don't want to set any sort of precedent. fox news contributor, julie rag begin ski, a political adviser to the late democratic senator, frack lautenberg and david la vel for gopac. >> you are really, really upset about this story, why? >> i'm so steamed about this, i can't begin to tell you. this is inexcusable. this woman, who is a veteran and a hero is unable to travel because she is eight or nine months pregnant. all of house have been in her shoes know you can't get on a plane that late, a very important leadership battle going on between congresswoman of california who nancy pelosi supporting and congressman of
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new jersey, my old boss from 20 years ago. seems representative duckworth was siding with congresswoman pollone, lo and behold, she can't vote by proxy, despite the fact she can't travel for a very good reason. she is pregnant and her doctor won't let her. this is not what democrats are about. we are better than this. i'm embarrassed and ashamed of the democratic party today because of this. >> that's interesting and i guess big of you to admit that and be upset about it, but david, the democrats aren't -- don't they frame themselves as the party for women and for women's rights and being feminist, et cetera, and so you would think that they would be jumping at the chance to allow duckworth to do this by proxy. >> you know, this just comes on the heels of hillary clinton attacking joni ernst and telling women that you must be more than just a woman. you must be willing to be committed, to push the values and opportunities for all women. and now that the campaigns are over, we see the democrats are back to away from campaign
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messages and more into doing things the way they want. and let me also say, gretchen, it's more than just the democrats. republicans and democrats need to look at how they are operating in congress and not by play by different rules than everybody else plays by. and as we as a country have tried to expand people's opportunities to vote, congress needs look at how they are operating and make sure they are doing the same. it is interesting, julia and david, we went back and did some research to see, has there been a precedent? have they allowed people to do this? and our research has shown that they have not, that, you know, we have these examples of people on their death beds literally being wheeled into the chambers to actually vote in person, but from our accounting, julie, we haven't been able to find where this proxy situation has happened. so, what do you sty that? >> first of all, the first time for everything. secondly, this is not a formal vote on the floor of the house of representatives, which is governed by a certain set of rules. this is a rules committee vote that the democratic caucus itself can establish.
11:18 am
congresswoman delauro of connecticut is in charge of this and she and nancy pelosi should take a look at what the democratic party stands for, what we have been talking about. you know, we keep talking about opportunity fosser women. this is exhibit a as to why she should be allowed to vote. >> speaking of that congresswoman delauro, the spokesperson says this, congresswoman does not want to set a precedent. there are many situations where the argument could be made for a waiver, including congresswoman duckworth's. the question is how do you choose? so, david, dos this smell of politics for what julie was setting up before about this particular vote and duckworth is not on the side of pelosi, et cetera, or what is it? >> you know, it's great question. and only the minority leader pelosi can answer that question. but at a time when pregnant women just a few weeks ago were able to cast ballots early, as shareholders across america, when they can't be somewhere, they can cast a proxy vote, as in business every day people conduct business over video
11:19 am
conferencing, congress needs to look at how they operate and get with the times. as julie said, there's a first for everything. and this seems like a forum pretty simple that will would allow better. >> well, and duckworth didn't even mention in the letter of her request that she is a double amputee, which by the way, might -- wow, i don't even know what to say about that. the meantime, two weeks ago, when you guys were on before the election, you had a friendly bet on the predictions for the alaska governor's race. went back to the videotape, but you actually said this off the videotape. and who won, julie? >> well, i believe i won that bet and it's interesting that mr. of a vella happen tosco incidentally not be in the studio today to not be able to give me that $1 in person. he is mysteriously across the country in los angeles. but i believe him anyway, david, i will take that dollar off you when i see you and dough it to the dnc in your honor, my friend.
11:20 am
>> he is showing the dollar. >> julia, i have your dollar and let me say that as a long-time washington redskin fan, i am well versed in losing. let me also say that with republicans now taking over in congress, maybe we will get tax reform and you will get this whole dollar, not 67 cents after you pay your tax. >> got to give me something, my friend, we didn't win anything this year, maybe the only thing the democratic party won. got to give me some credit here. >> you're both good sports. thanks much for the discussion. so was the plane crash that sent shockwaves around the world, new video now of the aftermath of malaysia flight 17 that was shot down over ukraine. we will give you an up close look at the moments immediately after it crashed. plus, nurse kaci hickox has been dubbed the so-called ebola nurse. what's she saying today about her nickname and why she doesn't want that nickname anymore. >> and arnold schwarzenegger posting this picture of himself, yeah, just feeding a donkey, or is it a tiny horse?
11:21 am
so that bring us to our question of the day. there it is. i want to know, what would you caption this photo? tweet me at gretchen carlson, keep it clean, use the #therealstory and we will try to read your comments coming up at the end of the show. don't make them too dirty, all right?
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about to show u.s. horrific cell phone video moments after flight 17 was shot down over ukraine n this new video, you can see plumes of black smoke spilling out of the wreckage, people nearby run to the scene. all 298 people on board were killed when that plane was downed in july. the west and ukraine say russian-backed separatists shot
11:25 am
down the plane with a ground-to-air missile much the video is being leased at the same time russian-state tv reveals this satellite photo show what is appears to be a fighter jet filing a missile at passenger plane. russian state tv says it is a ukraine fighter jet shooting down flight mh 17. but many dismissing this picture as a fake. a second person has died from ebola while being treated in the united states. dr. martin salia passed away this morning at the ebola center in nebraska. plus, a new update now on nurse kaci hickox, as she speaks out in a new op ed saying she doesn't want to be called the ebola nurse. so, why does she keep making herself the center of attention? trace gallagher has more on that. what did you find out, trace? >> reporter: we found out a lot about the nurse and surprised what her first statement was, but first, begin with dr. salia. when he first arrived back in omaha, gretchen, saturday, he was in the late stages of ebola. and they immediately took him to
11:26 am
a hospital biocontainment unit. he was given a traps fusion from ebola survivors and placed on a number of medications, including the experimental drug zmapp, but doctors say by then, he was simply too critical to reverse his condition. listen. >> in the very advanced stages, even the most modern techniques that we have at our disposal are not enough to help these patients once they reach a critical threshold. >> dr. salia worked in sierra leone, in fact, born there because he felt it was his life's calling and initially tested negative for ebola before testing positive five days later. another person who tested negative, the nurse, kaci hickox, who, of course, gained notoriety for fighting her quarantine, has now lashed out in a brand new op ed, as you mentioned, saying, "listen, i never had ebola so please stop calling me the ebola nurse now." she then criticized what she calls overzealous lying
11:27 am
politicians, talking, of course, about new jersey governor chris christie and maine governor paul lepage. she writes quoting "my liberty, my interests and consequently my civil rights were ignored because some ambitious governors saw an opportunity to use an age-old political tactic, fear." she also praised the judge who ruled against her quarantine and she praised europe for how they deal with aid workers returning from ebola-affected areas, saying she wants to live in a country that says "we loved and stood by you when you were fighting the disease. we will love and stand by you now." and we should note, the red cross is reporting they are having a tough time recruiting volunteers to go and help ebola victims in some of those affected countries. gretchen? >> all right, she had a lot to say. trace gallagher. thanks so much. time for my take now. if nurse kaci hickox doesn't want to be known as the ebola nurse or called the ebola nurse, she should stop writing editorials about it to call even
11:28 am
more attention to her being known as the ebola nurse. she says she couldn't be called and shouldn't be called the ebola nurse because she never had the disease. but that's how we know about her, right? she was savvy enough to call on the media when she wanted her sto sitting in what she calls governor chris christie's private prison in new jersey. and she certainly baited the media into following her around on that bike ride when she came out outside her home in maine to make a point to the governor in that state, whom she was negotiating with about a quarantine, that she was free and able to do whatever she wanted, that was the message. heck, if she was smart, she'd capitalize on why people know her, as the ebola nurse. and she'd write a become write now called "hi, i am the ebola nurse." if she doesn't want to be known as the ebola nurse, she should stop talking about it and just go back to what her passion apparently is, helping people get well. coming up on the real story, republicans weighing their options right now, as president obama threatens executive action
11:29 am
on immigration. should this and could this showdown end in a government shutdown? and are his actions legal? we will ask somebody who knows, former president bush attorney general, alberto gonzalez is here. the dea making a surprise visit to locker rooms around the nfl. what were they looking for and did they find it? a live report, coming up next. n car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse?
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welcome back to the real
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story. president obama ready to go it alone on immigration but republican on capitol hill considering ways to keep him from taking executive action. one option involves the looming deadline, of course to keep the government funded and running. chief congressional correspondent, mike emmanuel, live for must washington. my the white house is now talking about precedence when it comes to executive authority, right? >> white house aides are noting that two republican presidents in the past 30 years used executive authority and wasn't seen as a huge deal. president reagan extended amnesty in 1987 to spouses and young children of immigrants n 1989, president bush 41 advanced a family fairness policy to broaden legal status to families. president obama in australia over the weekend weighed in on whether his action will lead to a government shutdown. >> i take mitch mcconnell at his word when he says the government is not going to shut down no reason for it to shut down. we traveled down that path before. it was bad for the country. it was bad for every elected
11:34 am
official in washington. >> if the president acts this week, all eyes will be on the reaction, gretchen? >> all right. so, how do some republicans want to try and tie this although to government funding? >> we heard some talk about perhaps a lawsuit, some lawmakers, of course, are working on a government funding extension. a leading republican senator talked today about if the president acts before december 11th, before that funding bill is passed. >> i think there will be a lot of republicans who will be frustrated with him and say, okay, we are not going to provide funding for him to execute this executive orderer that's not shutting down government and i think that gets confused sometimes. >> and other gop voices have warned that republicans might get the blame if there's another government shutdown so it's time for better tactics. >> the idea of, you know, let's shut don't government unless the president agrees not to do the executive orderer that didn't work last year with getting him to get rid of obamacare, need to be a lot smarter and morage this will year. >> some suggest passing a short-term government funding
11:35 am
bill and there will be more flexibility when republicans have a majority in both the senate and the house, gretchen. >> mike emmanuel, thank you so much. so as we have just been reporting, president obama not backing down, staying congress won't act, he will. but also adding if congress passes a bill he likes, any executive orderers he signs will be kicked to the curb. >> metaphorically, i will crumple up whatever executive actions we take and we will toss them in the waste basket because we will now have a law that addresses these issues. >> so he has apparently been talking to his legal team and even though there was no briefing today, as mike emmanuel just reported, white house press secretary josh earnest tweeting, president reagan used his executive authority to fix problems in the immigration system. so did bush 41. obama will, too, this year. i'm joined by alberto gonzalez, former u.s. attorney general under president george bush. now the dean of belmont university college of law. good to have you with us, mr. attorney general. so, i guess obama's moving
11:36 am
forward. the president moving forward, no matter whatsome that how you'd read that tweet? >> well, you know, the president's made promises before on immigration and has failed to deliver. so i guess we need to wait and see, i think this is a very important debate whether the president has authority and the administration is citing previous actions by the presidents. you have to look at these things case-by-case and fact that other presidents have taken action, you know, that's not really going to be the determining factor here. we have to look at what exactly the president does and those details aren't out there. >> as the former attorney general of this nation, is it legal for him to do what he's put in this plan? >> i don't know all the details of the plan. i do know that in march of 2011, he told a group of hispanics that he didn't have the kind of authority to do the things that's being reported he is thinking of doing, and as we all know, he was advised by the current attorney general, general holder, when he made
11:37 am
that statement. look, the president, i go to the constitution, article 2, section 3, says the president has the duty to take care the laws faithfully executed. i don't think the president has the authority to repeal, suspend or amend the law so long as he believes it's constitutional. however, he does have discretion and the excuse of the law so to sum it up, i think the president has discretion to decide how to enforce the law, but he doesn't have the discretion to decide whether to enforce the law. and i think anyone challenging this in court is going to have to -- is gonna have to show there's been abuse of discretion and will have to show that they have standing and those are two not unstabbens hurdles. i think the debate about legal sit an important one but i would look -- i would shift to the question of why should he do it now? >> how do you answer that? >> it is ill advised. my own judgment is that it's ill vands shortsighted because we just now have a new congress. we have a new leadership in the senate. and i think the president owes it to the country to explain his
11:38 am
vision about moving forward on immigration, to sit down with the congressional leaders and see whether or not, can we reach -- can we reach a deal, because comprehensive immigration reform by the congress is the way to go not short-term, tenuous action by the president. >> i think some people are scratching their heads, because five, six years ago, he had control of congress and yet, some people say he didn't have the guts to bring it forward then and now, you know, apparently, it's urgent. >> well, you know, it's not so urgent that he waited until after the election to do this and why would he do that? my guess is for purely political calculations. i don't know how urgent it is to this president. but look this is a serious issue and we do need to get it solved new york question about it but i just question the method in which we are moving forward. i think the better sway to do it through legislation, sitting down with congress, let's pass a comprehensive plan that deals with all elements of immigration reform. >> mr. attorney general, alberto gonzalez, great to have you on this topic today.
11:39 am
thank you so much. so, federal drug enforcement officers are making surprise visits to at least three nfl teams. the's all part of an investigation into claims from past players that teams mishandled prescription drugs. jonathan hunt is here now with more. so, jonathan, what is this all about? >> in two words, gretchen, it's about prescription painkillers and the suggestion the team doctors and trainers may have handed them out essentially like candy to nfl players. now, there's no indication as to why particular teams were targeted, but among those that were the san francisco 49ers after their game against the new york giants at metlife stadium in new jersey yesterday. another team that faced bag searches and questions from dea agents, the tampa buccaneers, who were playing in washington yesterday. this all goes back to a lawsuit filed, a class action lawsuit filed by some 1300 former nfl players, saying that they were
11:40 am
given these kind of painkillers without being told about the risks. here's fox sports jim gray. >> to get them back out on the field, they would mask the pain or hide the pain or give them whatever would be tolerate sod they could get them to play. the players, many of them feel that they had no choice. now, the nfl has acknowledged that these surprise inspections took place but they say "no irreg mares the found." , gretchen? >> it is going to be a busy week for the nfl. why is that? >> a very busy week for the nfl and roger goodell. first of all, nfl officials due to make a decision on the future of star running back adrian peterson. remember, he has just pleaded no contest to a charge of child abuse after he beat his young son with a tree branch as part of what he says was discipline. then there's the ray rice appeal. an arbitrator is due to rule on his appeal against his indefinite suspension. she got final briefs from the
11:41 am
nfl and ray rice's attorneys last thursday and her ruling could come any day now. so for the nfl in general and for commissioner roger goodell in particular, this is going to be yet another fraught week, gretchen? >> jonathan hunt. thanks for the update. today is prematurity awareness day and united states not scoring as well as you might think with premature births. globally, prematurity the leading cause of death in children under 5678 the u.s. ranks 141st worst for deaths due preterm birth out of 162 countries. but some good news now, thanks to the march of dimes, a fourth unique prematurity research center at the university of pennsylvania opening today the third was opened in st. louis at washington and lee last week much the concept being team science, to try and find a cure. the march of dimes is investing $75 million over ten years in these research centers. time to check in with shepard smith reporting live
11:42 am
from the news deck now. i hope you had a great weekend, shep. what's coming up? >> i did. it is a tough hour ahead. expecting to hear from the parents of the american aid worker who was killed in an islamic state video. it will be their first comments since the video surfaced. why they said their son found his calling in syria, why this latest islamic state video is so different from the others and what all of that may mean. we will hear from the parents live on shepard smith reporting, top of the hour. >> look forward to that, thank you, sheppard. fury over a planned gun grab. a law in one u.s. city allowing police to confiscate a person's firearms within days of them dying. why cops have suddenly decided to enforce it now. plus, a pup stepped between a rock and a hard place. who came to the rescue? quickly? and this fist-pumping bruins fan winning millions of his own fans after this cute video goes viral, but it's his backstory that's really stealing our hearts. >> he was given to the world to
11:43 am
love and no doubt in my mind that he brings joy and this video sheep how much joy he's brought, not only locally, but across the world.
11:44 am
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11:46 am
time to check out what america is clicking on today, the cute little pup getting his hat stuck in a cathouse. police come to the rescue using crow bars and a hammer to pry it apart and sete. a hat worn by napoleon selling at auction for $2.4 million a south korean collector paying top dollar for that, part of a collection belonging to the prince of monaco. and amazon is hiring drone pilots, along with engineers to get its drone delivery service up and running it help it is you have experience flying drones and even better, a real pilot's license. so, here's that gun story. city of buffalo looking to pry legal guns from the cold, dead hands of gun owners. the city's top cop explaining
11:47 am
"we recently started a program where we're cross referencing all the pistol permit holders with the death records and we are sending people out to collect the guns whenever possible so that they don't end up in the wrong hands, because at times, they lay out there and the family's not aware of them and they end up just out on the street." lease wheels, fox news legal analyst and tack this will topic today. wow. >> yes, exactly right and using an old law, on the book there is for a long time, but they have never used it and it's an actual mismean fer those families don't turn over the guns to the cops within 15 days of their loved one dying. now, gretchen, think about it practically, your father, your uncle, your brother has died, right? and your mother. and you have to deal with getting the guns, first of all, even finding out about this law, deal with getting the guns to the authorities within 15 days of that person dying or you could be looking the a jail penalty of up to a year? >> first of all, we did some research this is the only city or town in america that has this
11:48 am
kind of law on the books and it wasn't being enforced. so obviously, it chief now wants to enforce it. he is saying it is for the good of the community 'cause these guns could end up in the wrong happened bus these are legal guns. >> legal guns. now, the -- what he is trying to do is not -- it is not illegal and i understand where he is coming from in the sense, yeah, you don't want guns out there, his thought is, well, you have got somebody who deceased, that home could be broken into, those arms could be taken, could get into the bad hands of somebody else, got it. but is the answer really to penalize someone up to a year in jail if they don't hand over the gun and also don't tell the families they can apply to get those guns back. they don't tell them that. they also don't tell them that the law doesn't apply to long-arm guns. there are certain ex-answerses like that. >> also, some of these guns have a lot of value. >> exactly. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> to come and confiscate somebody's personal property that's technically part of the estate. >> exactly. legally, they can only keep them under the statute up to two
11:49 am
years. what happens if the family doesn't know about the fact that they can reapply, what happens to those guns? >> a quote from the president of the new york state rifle and pistol association, they are quick to say they are going to take the guns but don't tell you the law doesn't apply to long guns or these families can sell their loved one's pistol or apply to keep t exactly what we have been saying. >> they need to know that. and really want to go back to the practicality, i'm a very practical person, back to the practicali practicalities, just lost a loved one, trying to think about funeral arrangements, calling relatives, trying to think about arranging all this kind of stuff. the last thing you're thinking about is their gun collection and the fact you could be looking at prison if you don't turn them over around you can reapply. not thinking about that in that time of grief. >> unbelievable story coming out of buffalo new york, thanks, lis. low blow for bengals fans when a saints fan, one of them, next to her, steals a ball tossed directly to her. the happy ending to the cold-hearted story. the heart-warming video of the boston bruins top fan. our real people series is going
11:50 am
to focus on that cute little guy right when we come back. >> gonna get high fives or knuckles when they go through, i'm gonna get them first. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours. ♪soft holiday music ]♪ can you help me up? [ snow intensifies ] [ sleighbells ring in the distance ]
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you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. today in our real people spotlight the little boy who might be the world's biggest boston bruins fan. liam fitzgerald has down syndrome and also a cancer survivor, already an inspiration to those who know him and is now inspiring the world after video of him fist-bumping bruins went viral online. watch him in action. >> i see him start to inch over to the end of the bench and the equipment manager is nervous because he's afraid he will fall off the edge. and he puts his knuckles out. ike getting them before the other kids. they're going to guess
11:54 am
high-fives. i'm going to get them first. >> hit me. >> campbell first, the hardest to fist, bump. and you said, our, and then went after the rest of them. that was fun? >> what what is most heart warmingly people see him and enjoy seeing him, enjoy his emotion and it makes him feel good. >> there you go. score! >> you're down. you still scored. >> the positive attention we want is not on him, it's the raise awareness for down's syndrome to raise awareness for childhood cancer, it's collusion, it's all of those things that go along with the things he struggled with that have brought so much positive in life. i will say it -- i say it over and over again, i'll say it again, he was given to us to raise, given to the world to love, and no doubt in my mind that he brings joy, and this video shows how much joy he has brought. not only locally, but across the
11:55 am
world. >> that is so amazing, and liam first met the bruins last february, and guess what, he is also a huge red sox fan. >> new effort to ease suffering at the vatican. what pope francis has in store for the homeless in st. peters square. that story when we return.
11:56 am
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11:58 am
>> check out this steal at an nfl game in new orleans. watch as this saints fan rips the ball air. from a female bengals fan. really? cincinnati tight end spotted the fan after the scored a touchdown. purposely tossed it to her but the saints fan wouldn't give it back. there's happy ending. gresham sent her a tweet apologizing and made sure she was compensate the saints gave her a football to take hem at the end of the game. >> pope francis showing charity
11:59 am
begins at home, installing public showers and toilets for the homeless in st. peters square. the idea came after a homeless man turned down a bishop's invitation to a free dinner because the man thought this own body odor was offensive. the bishop took him to din. >> the former governator, saying he has been losing weight because a miniature horse, or donkey, named whiskey, has been stilling his breakfast. mark says, i'll be back, with more carrots. >> she sames these car rots hem to pump, clap, me up. >> don says, it's about time he ponyed. but leon says it's just the terminator horsing around. thank you for it riding. thank you for being part of "the
12:00 pm
real story" for a monday. hope you had a texas weekend, and your week is off to a great start. now we'll turn it over next door to shep. >> man sacrificed his own gas mask to save his younger brother. but the heroic act could come too late. now the feds are trying to find out how both of them died in a chemical plant disaster. also, president obama says he had a blunt discussion with the russian leader, vladimir putin, as putin warns that pro-russian rebels in ukraine are not going away. now the ukrainian government reports it's ready for a, quote, full scale war. every worry that friending your boss on facebook could end in embarrassment? there's word facebook is about to become a little more office-friendly. safe for work. let's get to it. good monday afternoon to you and yours from the deck. first today, we're waiting to hear om


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