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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 26, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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november 26th. thank you for starting your day off with us as always. we have extreme weather creating a holiday travel nightmare. >> a massive nor' easter is hitting the east coast today as 46 million people are hitting the skies, the rails and the roads for thanksgiving. crews are already stopping the roads. >> flights have already been canceled with thousands of delays. how will this storm impact your travel? >> good morning heather and ainsley. we are tracking a storm system moving up the east coast. this will be producing all kinds of travel nightmares through out the day today. not only at the airport but also on the roads. we have areas of heavy rain pushing through the carolinas and up through the mid atlantics in parts of new england. the storm will go up the east
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coast in portions of the northeast. y you will be looking at the areas of snow. they should remain in the form of snow. because of this we are looking at winter storm warnings in effect for parts of northeastern pennsylvania up into maine. you are looking at amounts of 6-10 inches of snowfall. besides the rain and snow the other concern is the wind. those winds could cause delays as well. here's a look at one of the computer models in the area. temperatures are warm. rain changing over to a mix. snow across parts of northern
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iraqi. otherwise portions of the southwestern united states. >> there's another fox news alert. they are toefrping this police car in the wake of the grand jury's decision not to charge karen wilson. there is brand new information with police. >> good morning heather and ainsley. you missed the video last night. it was torched around that time. it was almost like enough was enough. it was a final line it seems like that's when they disbursed everything. it was miles from the fluorescent area before last. the demonstrations were back in august. this is an area of town called old town. not far away.
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you can see protestors have been moved away from the police station. they tried to flip over a police car eventually came back and set it on fire with molotov cocktails. one of the protestors caught himself on fire with a molotov cocktail. at that point the police and the national guard moved in dispersed a crowd and it was a matter of a short time when most of the crowd left the area. we will give you an idea of what it is like morning here in the same area. to the fire station to the right inside you don't see it but there are national guard troops inside there. this is fire station number one behind me. this is closed down it is the main thoroughfare in the old part of town. some of the signs are on the ground. if you go down here you will notice there is no bare kids over the police station. these are the riders moving overnight. to give you the idea there are 4 years old tonight there are more
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arrests in los angeles for their demonstration here in ferguson. there is a tense situation here it seems like there may be getting a little bit of a handle and putting up with as much as they did the night before with so many buildings burned. we want to give you one more interesting piece of information. two federal agents two fbi agents were shot this morning according to local stations not far from here. the question is, did it have anything to do with the story. the suspects were barricaded in a home and they were shot this morning. we are looking into that to see if it has any connection whatsoever. adam housley in ferguson. protestors are clogging the streets across the country. it is mayhem in manhattan as the angry swarms of individuals blocking the interest to the lincoln tunnel in rush hour traffic. 1400 people flooding the
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streets. >> police struggling to keep us off the highways and in los angeles demonstrators backed up traffic for miles. they are standing guard stopping froesers from matrching forward. a driver plows through a crowd blocking an intersection in minneapolis. >> that woman that was pinned under the car was not seriously injured. ferguson officer darren wilson breaking his silence about the shooting of michael brown. >> he through the first punch. >> through the first one and it hit me upside of the face. >> some of the witnesses said they saw you trying to pull him
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into the car. >> that would go against any training i have had as a police officer. >> i said get back or i am going to shoot you. when he grabbed the top of the gun he said you are too much of a (bleep) too shot me. i felt his hand trying to get over my trigger guard to shoot me. that's when i p you willed the trigger. >> some say at that moment he turned around he turned around and put his hands up. >> that would be incorrect. >> you are absolutely convinced when you look through your heart and your mind that if michael brown were white this would have gone down exactly the same way? >> yes. >> no question? >> no question. >> president obama speaking out about ferguson. >> president obama says he cannot comment on ongoing investigations and the
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department of justice is still looking into the michael brown shooting. for the second day in a row the president offered some p comments on the case. he spoke wiabout the frustratio the nation has seen in ferguson. nothing results in dpes struktive -- destructive acts can be good. >> i have no sympathy at all for destroying your own communities. but for the overwhelming majority who feel frustrated and in pain that they weren't treated fairly or some individuals aren't eveseen as worthy as others, i understand that. i want to work with you. 44 people were arrested last
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night during protests. the justice department is looking at civil rights investigation into the brown shooting. >> investigations will continue to be thorough and continue to be independent. they remain ongoing. they will be conducted rigorously and move forward as expeditiously as they can to restore trust to rebuild understanding between law enforcement and community members. >> 40 fbi news in the case in ferguson. >> molly henneberg, thank you, molly. >> former republican congressman allen west cherry picking the case for political gain. >> what i find hypocritical is that president obama or eric
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holder said anything about the black gang members who brutally car jacked and took kevin quick as a virginia police officer and murdered him. we didn't hear them say anything about the 19-year-old teenager brendan gevlin who were gunned down by the self proclaimed black jihadist. nor about the black teenager who shot a young toddler in the face in brunswick, georgia. the country has to get tired of the cherry picking with the social justice and their own agenda they are trying to use for their own elevations. this really is getting quite despicable. >> what if any were from ferguson log on right after the show for a live debate #keep talking.
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now to obamacare the architect jonathan gruber will be forced to explain comments like these. >> gruber is agreeing to testify before the house oversight committee next month on the lack of transparency surrounding the affordable care act. the hearing is set for december 9th. a top contender to succeed defense secretary chuck hagel dropped out of the running as new names are put in the mix. michelle flanoy is taking herself out of contention saying she wants to be hillary clinton's security chief. jay johnson the former council for the dod. >> ivy league debate. who are smarter students at
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harvard or yale? >> jesse waters went to find out with a help of a special guest. >> who is smarter harvard students or yale students. (laughter) >> what's so funny? >> have you ever heard of the gruber controversy? >> i take you beers ev -- -- ub every day. >> you don't like fish it's grouper. >> jonathan gruber. >> you know mcgruber. >> i thought you were dead. >> the group dating? >> and you are gina? >> gina, what's up? >> i apologize. >> your major is economics? >> he wrote the healthcare law
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and he's at mit. >> he's the mit professor that called you stupid? >> what? >> no, i have not. >> what's your name? >> emilio. you have no idea who gruber is? never heard of it? >> scared her away. >> what is putin doing that is making everyone so nervous these days. >> invading ukraine. >> immigration. >> is that it? >> he is doing executive order instead of going to congress. >> how do you feel about that? >> i like it. >> you lock your doors? >> trying to love everybody. >> he is trying to love everybody. >> trying to love everybody? >> yeah. >> i think he said it was a
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tossup at the end. >> it is 12 minutes past the top of the hour. tracking terror here at home. what we have just learned about two men accused of helping isis. >> it is a feel good story of the year. the bengals fighting off the field for his daughter with cancer. why it turns out he may not be fighting for her at all. >> cancelling christmas? >> the school district's plan which could be taking political correctness a little too far.
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>> rain, sleet and snow could be quite a disaster for this thanksgiving, 200 flights already canceled. >> they face serious will delay.
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we are live in massachusetts with more. cathed rin? >> good morning. west of the city this is one of the areas where this nor' easter is knocking on the door. it will be here in a few hours. we are expecting a lot of rain and wind. they are expecting a lot of snow some areas could get 6-10 inches. what you will probably see right now is different picture later. the department of transportation here in massachusetts they have been urging drivers to get out there early even leave the day before. a lot of drivers did in fact do that. the drivers watch for clouds they are saying they are going to have extra personnel on the roads the service disabled vehicles get them out of the way more quickly. also stop the road workthe stor travelers to get out of the state with the thanksgiving problem. could be a little chaos here
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later on today. we are live. back over to you. >> a new taste of home grown terror in minnesota. two men indicted for isis stopped in an airport before you travel to the middle east. now fighting for isis and syria. a dozen residents traveled to syria to fight with the terror network over the last year. a group of military members are spending thanksgiving. the 15th of december and one department civilian just returning from building civilians to fight the deadly disease. more exposed to the patients and they have no patients. it is now 18 minutes after the top of the hour. a jewel heist at one of the world's most prestigious stores. the shootout the escape and what made this a rare diamond. >> bracing for black grie at one
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of the nation's biggest retailers as they plan to calm the crowd.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". outrage over immigration reaching a flash point in chicago. the president interrupted by hecklers in his home town. >> i heard you. you were absolutely right. there have been significant numbers of deportations. that's true. but what you are not paying
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attention to is the fact that i took an action to change the law. >> it is revealed the president's executive action will extend the government benefits including medicare and social security to 5 million illegals. >> remember when jeff neeley went on that staffers returned for another tax payer funded music. a review of all of the invoices found 21 attendees dined on $24 lunches and the entire conference costing $2,500 per person. >> that's expensive. >> diehard shoppers and bargain hunters are bracing for black
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friday. >> which got an exclusive behind the scenes look of one of america's largest retailers. >> frantic shoppers pushing and shoving each other to get the best deals. the expensive items in the store don't break and people don't trample over each other that's a different kind of operation. >> they prep for black friday inside the stores is chaos. >> we only allow a certain number of people in the store to make it smooth. we make sure everyone knows what they are going to get. >> they are getting in line
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because they need a ticket. >> this is for the apple ipad air 2. >> outside we have determined what your color is capacity is. we have already picked out a couple of items for you we have your name on it you are ready to go. >> this is why people wait in line for these things, the tickets. >> what is the best reaction you have gotten from someone in line when united handed out the la-- you handed out the last person the ticket. >> customers know. they know we have a limited amount. >> compared to a busy saturday how much busier will you be black friday weekend? >> 3-4 times busier black friday weekend. everybody wants to be here anyway. the it is like our super bowl. >> how do you sleep? how do you figure out the schedule to make sure you get sleep? >> sleep? >> so they don't slip much. it's not just the retail workers putting in long hours.
2:26 am
they pa quarter of all american will be required to work on thanksgiving christmas or new year's day this year. >> we know the feeling. >> go to fox business >> grab your gun former city mayor michael bloomberg controversial advice about talking about your pro gun relatives. a oo the new star baltimore royalty.
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>> it is wednesday november 26th the day before thanksgiving. still in ferguson hitting a fever pitch as the officer at the center of the story breaks the silence. >> gone is the eyewitness. at that moment he turned around he put his hands up. that would be incorrect. officer darren wilson revealing his side of the deadly confrontation. >> a thanksgiving travel threat, a dangerous storm churning up the east coast right now. maria molina tracking the trouble. >> talking about travel trouble where passengers push the flame and below zero temperatures. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. the we are wide awake.
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welcome to "fox and friend first. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. we begin with extreme weather causing a holiday travel nightmare. >> a massive nor' easter packing heavy snow and rain hitting the east coast today as 46 million people hit the skieskies, the r and the roads for thanksgiving. >> flights have been canceled with thousands more delays affected. how will this storm impact your holiday travel? >> maria molina is tracking the latest for us. >> good morning. we are tracking the nor' easter. right now it is an area of low pressure developing off the northeast coast. you can see areas of heavy rain across parts of maryland and new jersey and down into portions of georgia and florida. pretty widespread area dealing with the precipitation early this morning. as it tracks up the coast it will start to pull in much colder air across parts of the northeast. you are going to be seeing snow
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breaking out across portions of pennsylvania and new york even up into southern new england by early this afternoon. across the i 95 corridor it will be a close call. temperatures at the surface are relatively warm. we are not thinking too much of that snow should stick but we should be seeing a mix of snow. it will help in new york city and down into dc. you will be seeing some of the flakes sflieing around tod flyi today. we have winter storm warnings in effect through north carolina into the state of maine. it could exceed a foot that includes parts of up state new york and into new england. the other with the storm system
2:33 am
as well strong winds cause dela delays>> thank you maria for the warning. >> 26 million people hitting the skies the rails and the roads. doug luzader is checking out the roads in dc driving around. >> heading to i-75 south which is generally a real bottleneck around here. >> the problem isn't the traffic. what you sees manageable. the problem is the rain. that is going to be hitting up and down the east coast. for many people it will be turning snow later on. it will lead to a backup. you mentioned 46 million that's the heist number in 7 years traveling 50 miles or more for this holiday weekend. the good news, gas is cheaper. $0.40 a gallon cheaper this
2:34 am
year. what's the best for the holiday travel with google maps crunching some of the data they collect. to be a bit more specific that will probably be between the average of 3 and 5:00 p.m. if you are waiting for the last minute you want to dip out of work early this day or not even go to work all together. >> that assumes you have the possibility to do that. if you do and you are traveling by air in and out of the northeast some airlines waved ticket change fees to get added ability. >> they are looking at big delays here. you have the cascade effect through the system. >> be careful out there on the roads. >> to our other big story this morning, another fox news alert fury in ferguson out of control
2:35 am
for a second night rioters flipping a police car and setting it on fire. adam housley here now with the latest. good morning, adam. >> good morning heather. this is where the epicenter was in the old town part of ferguson. two-miles or so from the area where they were back in august and riots two nights ago where all of the businesses were there. they moved over here they were a lot of protestors. it will be quiet for a while. the barricades that keeps people away. across the street you see two humvees filled with national guard troops all of the way around the police station and fire station behind. this road is closed unless you are somebody who is a local. if it comes down the street this time of the morning you can't go anywhere. compare what you are seeing right now to a few hours ago. we have video seeing the police
2:36 am
car as the police officers and national guard troops pull people down the street to get station. looted businesses broke windows and set the car on fire. not long afterwards thes streets were pretty much clear. to give you an idea guys give it back to you in new york a positive aspect of this compared to the night before much better. there were more people raised yesterday protesting in los angeles than they were in ferguson. having said that people here are intense and on edge watching what happens in the coming night. back to you in new york. >> adam housley, thank you. >> the chaos in ferguson sparking more marches across america. protestors in new york city turning ugly. in this video several men attack police in times square. they were forced to use their tear gas and made multiple arrests. the angry swarm also blocked the
2:37 am
entrance to the lincoln tunnel. that was right in the middle of rush hour. terrifying video as well in oakland, california showing riders lighting dumpsters on fire. they shut down part of the 101 freeway backing up traffic for miles in boston more than a thousand people took to the streets. >> police struggling to keep them off of the highway and caught on camera the horrifying moment a car plows through a crowd in minneapolis. out of control. thankfully the woman in front of the car wasn't seriously injured. >> officer darren wilson breaking his silence about the shooting of michael brown. >> he through the first punch?
2:38 am
>> yes. he through the first one and hit me in the left side of my face. >> some of the witnesses said they saw you try to pull him into the car. >> that would be against every training ever taught to any law enforcement officer. >> i said get back or i am going to shoot you. his response immediately he grabbed the top of my gun. when he grabbed it he said you are too much of a (bleep) to shoot me. i felt his hand trying to get under my hand to get the trigger guard to try to shoot me with my own gun. that's when i shot the first time. >> some witnesses said he turned around and put his hands up. >> that would be incorrect. >> you are absolutely convinced when you look through your heart and your mind that if michael brown were white this would have gone down exactly the same way? >> yes. >> no question? had>> no question. >> fox news contributor bernie goldberg says some media outlets are trying to turn michael brown
2:39 am
into a civil rights hero and that's wrong. >> more than a few journalists especially on television are trying to turn this into a civil rights story. you know what? ferguson missouri is not alabama. 2014 is not 1965 and michael brown is not emmit till or any other black person shot by a white big got. michael brown stole stuff sfr from a convenience store and roughed up the owner who was half his size. michael brown thought he would get away with roughing up a cop. he brought about his own demise. a tragedy when any 18-year-old is killed especially for the parents. we certainly sympathize with that. michael brown was the bad guy in this case and please, america, let's not turn this kid into some kind of civil rights martyr
2:40 am
because that he is not. >> a pair of thieves not the brightest diamonds. who men raised after ripping off a jewelry store in paris. he hopped on a scooter trying to get away. he stormed on to a hair salon trying to get out. after a couple hours they surrendered to police. >> france decided it is no the in the world's west interest to sell a high-tech war ship to russia. this huge tell carrier originally due to be handed over last month but now suspending that delivery siting russia's actions in ukraine. it would be the biggest arms sales ever by a nato country to russia. >> nanny bloomberg strikes again dishing out advice for talking to your pro gun relatives at your thanksgiving table. offering up myths from his organization. every town for gun safety. first it is a myth that guns make us safer claiming more guns
2:41 am
put everyone at risk. they don't stop crime and 92 hers support background checks. >> a new champion on "dancing with the stars." >> the wait is over alfonso and whitney. >> alfonso and whitney. >> robertson staying true to her faith after taking second place with her partner mark. >> it has been an amazing series. i am so thankful to god who brought me this far in the competiti competition. i feel like i accomplished what i wanted to accomplish. i am so glad it was alfonso. >> her proud parents were there to cheer on their daughter. >> can you do the carlton? >> no. >> can you?
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>> i can. it is something like that. >> coming up ex complusive reports out this morning about the bengals and his litertle gi with cancer. >> why prisoners are picking up millions in government refunds. it is a made up holiday how you can benefit. how you can get big digital freebies today.
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>> welcome back bracing for a blast of winter weather on the biggest travel day of the year. flights already canceled and delayed. wnyw is live at laguardia airport with the latest. good morning teresa. >> good morning, heather.
2:46 am
they are not happy here. people are attempting to get out this morning. unfortunately in some cases proving to be difficult. 26.4 million people are expected to fly to their thanksgiving destination this year. but for people here on the east coast laguardia, jfk airport it is a little tough. they are showing 62 delays newark 98 delays. jfk 18 delays as far as newark is concerned which is an incredibly busy airport. if you look at the whole map according to flights 403 cancellations right now. many preefrp presidented cancellations some trying to get people on flights earlier rather than later. some of these flights are really warm sunny places like palm beach and bermuda. that has to sting a little more. >> thank you so much teresa. it is now time for your 5@5:00. it is the biggest travel day of the year.
2:47 am
verizon wants to make life a little easier for those spending the day at the road with free stuff. we have the details. >> good morning ainsley. if you are traveling today verizon wants your business and they are lobbying you very hard. the top cell phone provider is holding connection day today featuring a lunbunch of free de bees. you can get one giga bite of data and get another gig next month. for those of us not on verizon they are doling out 5 freebies any one can get. special access to popular movies and tv shows and a selection of tenth free or discounted apps on amazon, a free 7 day trial of pandora one that's a subscription for pandora and free in-flight wi-fi between thanksgiving and christmas eve. you also want to keep an eye on
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apple today. they will be announcing a special itunes deal sometime today with verizon. they are also collaborating with boyning go wireless and more. there's a lot out there. they are working hard. who they are saying who needs black friday. >> to find joe on the fox business network log on to slash channel finder. >> the time now is almost 10 minutes after the hour. on thin ice. can you image this where passengers are forced to push a plane in sub zero temperatures. >> another school district decision that is infuriating parents. >> steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> nice to see you ladies. >> it is a month away from yesterday. i am steve doocy. pro at thors taking to the
2:49 am
streets following the grand jury decision not to indict darren wilson. there was trouble overnight. there's a good chance you might get sick. we have the tips you need before you hit the road so you wind up healthy. >> the national dog show is this week we have dogs here live. 10 minutes from now right here on the channel for news. hey matt, what's up?
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comcast business. built for business. it was the heartwarming story of the nfl season. cincinnati bengal devan phil taken care of his cancer stricken daughter leah. now the child's mother is saying that he still hasn't paid child support and hasn't paid in months and she had to get on food stamps. the mother sending a letter to the nfl asking them to investigate this and
2:53 am
investigate whether phil violated the league's personal conduct policy. heather? >> a colorado mother is going to jail for three months for faking her son's cancer diagnosis. she collected over $25,000 after convincing the aurora community that her six-year-old had leukemia. she was also posting fake updates about his nonexistent chemotherapy treatments. >> no more christmas vacation? >> a massachusetts school district banning the term just because of one complaint. anna kooiman is here to explain. >> bah hum bug. emotions running high as teachers, religious leaders, parents and students packed a high school auditorium furious over the school committee's vote to change the name of christmas vacation to holiday break. >> we want christmas back on our school calendar if even one student or family
2:54 am
is made to feel excluded in any way, even one. then we have not done right by them. >> 400,000 people signing the petition urging the committee to reconsider. the name change was originally approved in september after officials received just one complaint from one family. despite the outrage school officials backing the change saying it is in the best interest of all students and the town. residents not agreeing. >> you reach a certain level of just disgust with what's going on in the country. everyone knows it's on the wrong track. >> the school superintendent stressing the word christmas will remain on the school calendar. only the name of the break will be changed. ainsley and heather, it is not clear yet if they will file an appeal to get christmas vacation back on the calendar. back to you. >> thank you very much, anna. >> it is 54 after the top of the hour. a monster storm promising it make a mess of holiday travel. what you need to know before you leave the house. >> a yogurt a day?
2:55 am
how the key to staying healthy could lay in two spoonfuls.
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two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today, bracing for a winter storm on the busiest travel day of the year. a nor easter expected to drop heavy snow and rain across massachusetts, new york and d.c. some areas could get up to 14 inches. 200 flights have already been canceled and thousands of delays expected.
2:59 am
>> rioters in ferguson torching police cars in the wake of the grand jury decision not to charge officer darren wilson. let's keep talking about ferguson since the president responded. what if any should the president's role be in situations like ferguson? log on to "fox & friends first" facebook page right after for a live debate. #keeptalking. sphiep time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. a serving of yogurt, two tee teaspoons a day might lower your risk for diabetes. next the bad. the i.r.s. wasting your tax dollars paying prisoners behind bars. convicts are filing fake tax returns from jail and getting away with it. a shocking new report found in 2012, the i.r.s. paid $70 million in bad refunds. the ugly. a plane stuck on the runway in russia and the passengers are forced to push it.
3:00 am
the temperature, a frigid 58 degrees below zero. i wonder if they eventually got on that plane? i wouldn't. >> have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is wednesday, november 26. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a massive nor'easter threatening the bigiest travel day of the year, snow and ice disrupting thanksgiving plans for millions. hundreds of flights are already canceled. you're going to want to check yours. maria molina is tracking the storm straight ahead just for you. >> pretty much everybody is awake right now. overnight more violence flares in the streets of ferguson, missouri as the officer at the center of it all breaks his silence on television. >> i can feel his hand trying to come over my hand and [inaudible] and try to she me with my own gun. that's when i pulled the trigger for the first time. >> why officer darren wilsonay


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