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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 27, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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we talk about the friends, the family we lost. >> donna says avoid anything that might suggest slipping the channel away from the game. >> to our families, we love you. happy thanksgiving. "fox & friends" starts now. >> hi everybody. good morning. happy thanksgiving. today is thursday, the 27th of november 2014. i'm anna kooiman. shocking images emerge of ferguson, missouri before and after the darren wilson decision. buildings leveled. but hopes rising from the ashes. a woman whose business was looted gets a $200,000 thanksgiving miracle. >> i'm so grateful. if i could have arms big enough, i would hug each and every last one of them. >> more as we are live in ferguson this morning. >> you plan on shopping today?
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>> no! >> anna! a list of stores that are open and a list of stores that are closed. the great shopping debate will unfold here on "fox & friends." retailers should take a back seat to family time? we'll ask that question. >> good morning. what if this happens to you? >> last-minute tips and tricks from a butterball expert. no matter what happens today in your kitchen, mornings are better with friends. >> wishing everybody a healthy and happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, joel. [turkey gobbling] >> i didn't know a turkey could jump that high. good morning. welcome to "fox & friends" on this thursday morning.
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we're getting all festive. >> what is that smell? it smells amazing. >> deep fried turkey in the studio this morning. >> turkeys can fly. >> can they? >> they can jump and fly. >> rick is here this morning. nice to see you. brian, elisabeth and steve are enjoying their thanksgiving. we've got a jam-packed show. rick, are you a little bit sad you're not at the parade? >> i've done it for eight years, it's one of my favorite things. but i am grateful and happy to be here. >> this is the 88th year for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. what an american tradition. it wouldn't be thanksgiving without the big parade, so there she is. >> good morning. rick, maybe you can meet me here for a little bit. we're not too far away from you. we're on 77th and central park west, the starting point of the parade, the
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macy's thanksgiving day parade. we expect a nice day. temperatures a little bit on the chilly side. we had a nor'easter move from the northeast. we're not looking at too much in the way of precipitation. however it is a chilly day. current wind chill temperatures in the 20's. 28 degrees is what it feels like. as far as the parade goes, we're expecting six new balloons. we're looking at five new floats that will be marching in the parade. that is in addition to marching bands, cheerleaders, dancers, singers and clowns that will be joining us. the temperature when the parade starts should be about 35 degrees. factor in the wind chill and it should feel like the low 30's out here. in new york city we had hundreds of thousands of people show up last night because balloons are blown up. they are going to be flying. the winds will not be an issue today.
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sometimes you hear winds can be a concern gusting over 30 miles an hour. weather conditions across the rest of the country, not bad. a relatively quiet thanksgiving day for many americans. we did have a clipper system move through portions of the midwest. that system is gone. behind it you're looking at temperatures that are chilly. 20 for chicago. teens for the city of fargo. out west across parts of the rockies, especially the northern rockies, that's where you could be looking at areas of snow. overall take a look at this weather picture. sunny conditions across parts of the south and also the southwest. a quiet thanksgiving day, something to be thankful for. let's head back to the studios. >> thanks, maria. >> everybody today is on the road and you want the weather to be looking good for -- >> 3,000 flights canceled yesterday. unbelievable the amount of people that were hampered by that big storm yesterday. favorite balloon? >> spiderman or --
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>> sponge bob is awesome. >> i live right where the balloons are blown up. it happens where i live. the day before thanksgiving about 300,000 people come up there, and it is one of the worst days to live right there. but you get to see all the balloons and sponge bob square pants, held down by a net. >> can't wait until he gets to fly. >> he wants to be let loose. >> a lot big stores open tonight. you've eaten all the turkey, hung out with the family and maybe you want to get up and go to a store. now more and more retailers are getting on to the band wagon of opening their doors on thanksgiving day. >> we've got a list of 14 major retailers that are open if you're one of those folks that as soon as the pie has settled you're ready to hit the retailers. target, macy's, kohl's, j.c. penney's, best buy, toys 'r' us. and the list goes on. >> it was just a couple of years ago when the first big department store decided to be open on thursday and so many have come in line right after. some of them are saying
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we're not going to do this. some who are not going to be open, the american girl store, barnes & noble, bed, bath and beyond and dillard's. dillard's made a point to say we are not going to be open. >> they basically said we think this is going to make our employees feel very valued. they're going to be better employees to us. treat the customers better. wield the spokesperson for dillard's -- we had the spokesperson for dillard's on yesterday. this is what she had to say. >> this is the right thing to do for them, allowing them this time off with their families on this special day to take a breather before things get really busy. we just believe that if we honor our associates, in the long run they will honor our customers as well. >> some retailers on the other end are saying thanksgiving is falling late this year, which always shortens their season because black friday being the busiest shopping day of the year, if that falls late in november that shortens their peak time.
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every year that thanksgiving falls late, they're praying it's going to be a good year. >> are your parents open today? >> they're not. >> tomorrow will be -- >> you spend all day with the family and get the in laws in -- by the way, we have great tips on how to survive that later on in the show this morning. but you're crammed in there, cabin fever all day. i know the feeling. when i was growing up just want to get out of the house a little bit. >> a lot of places are going to be open. there's also some states that are saying maybe we should put some rules in place and set some laws up. an ohio congressman decided to introduce a bill. he thinks they should not be allowed to. but if they're going to, there should be some monetary incentive. so he says that he believes there should be triple pay. >> triple pay -- >> that's why a lot of people like to work on the
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holidays. double pay. what is it? time and a half? >> time and a half. >> i'm looking at our camera guy. >> the congressman in ohio that wants to do this he basically met a woman and her mother last year, an 82-year-old mother, both of them had to work on the holiday and felt bad about it. he said can't there be just one day that's carved out of this consumer, imperialistic society that we're living in? >> there is one day. it's called christmas. >> on the other hand, people love black friday. it has become a family tradition. they map out which store they're going to hit. >> i think my wife hit target at midnight one year. i said really? >> door busters. >> there was no one there. she got all her shopping done. let's check in with
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ainsley. have you done all your shopping? >> i've done a lot of it. while y'all are talking i'm offense at the computer. >> shopping. >> while you're at the mall you can shop for obamacare this year. black friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. malls in eight different states will see health care navigators handing out fliers trying to get people to enroll. certain websites will be pushing insurance. even though there are massive deals on other products, obamacare, however, will still come at a full price. extreme weather heading out this thanksgiving, which is great news. prayers are answered for that. flights are back on track and roads are cleared after a nasty nor'easter caused travel nightmares for millions of americans. nearly 700 flights were canceled and thousands more delayed. the snow, sleet and rain also causing hundreds of accidents across several state including about 200 accidents in new jersey and more than 100 in
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connecticut. new overnight, passengers sent into panic mode when their plan is forced to make an emergency landing on the busiest travel day of the year. the united flight was heading to chicago when the indicator light went on in the cockpit. there was a problem with the landing gear. pretty scary. the pilot turned that plane around to wichita where it landed safely. the 42 people on board were able to get on another flight to their designation. a different kind of executive action making headlines at the white house this thanksgiving. >> today i'm taking an action fully within my legal authority, the same kind of action taken by democrats and republican presidents before me, to spare the lives of two turkeys. >> president obama pardoning the two turkeys. he names them mack and cheese. cheese took the top honor in an on-line poll. sasha and malia joined
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their dads but they kept their distance from the turkeys. the turkeys will live out the remainder of their days at a place called turkey hill in virginia. and those are your headlines. >> they've got shuffle board there. lovely. new video out of los angeles. a massive mob of ferguson protesters filling the streets in los angeles. police arresting 100 people there. >> we're live in ferguson where protesters were a bit calmer last night. good morning, dominick. >> no major confrontations last night on what was a majorly cold evening. we saw just two arrests which is an extreme change in the environment we saw just two nights ago. i'm standing in front of the ferguson market and liquor. about an hour ago we had the national guard standing outside here. they moved off. nobody has come. i think that is an indication of how calm
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things have become here. we can show you new video what happened precisely during the second looting of this store a rioters fled inside the building. they started a fire and believe it or not, a woman inside the store, a customer there, grabbed a carton of milk, poured it over the flames preventing the market from being burned down. we can show you what happened to businesses that were burned down during the rioting. one is a beauty parlor. another is an auto parts store. another is a title loan store. authorities here are gearing up for more protests on thanksgiving day because people are actually off. but you get a sense that it's going to be a much calmer, a much more tamer day or so ahead of us. one of the reasons for that is is it's going to remain cold. people also a sense of fatigue. we're going to see warmer weather over the weekend, about 54 degrees.
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the sense is more people could come out and there could be more confrontation then. back to you guys. >> thanks, dominick. it is a stunning reversal. senator chuck schumer says his party blew it when it comes to obamacare. should the president be admitting the same? we'll see if that happens. >> it's a thanksgiving surprise. >> we have a winner. >> holiday fliers making off with a lot more than their bags. it's an awesome story. stick around. >> i want to wish my family and friends in new orleans, louisiana, happy thanksgiving and i'll be thanksgiving and i'll be home with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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that's all i crave.e that's where this comes in. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus nicorette gum gives you intense craving relief. and that helps put my craving in its place. that's why i only choose nicorette. welcome back. 17 minutes past the hour. one of the top democrats changing his tune about obamacare at a speech this week, senator which you can schumer -- senator chuck schumer said democrats made a mistake after they passed the 2009 stimulus. >> democrats blew the opportunity the american people gave them. we took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem. health care reform. it wasn't the change we were hired to make. americans were crying out for the end to the
3:18 am
recession, for better wages and more jobs. not changes in health care. >> schumer's remarks on obamacare getting backlash from the left. but is there truth to his comments? let's ask republican strategist and former congressional candidate from georgia westin wallop. why is chuck schumer saying this now right before thanksgiving? >> i think thanksgiving, republican or democrat, we ought for thankful for anyone willing to break the script. i think on this specific issue this is what he feels like. i think there are people like senator schumer who want to be relevant beyond the president's political career and are willing to call a spade a spade now. >> anything out of a politicians mouth is always to me calculated. he's reading off notes as he's standing at the
3:19 am
national press club. he was on the front lines in 2008 and 2009 praising obamacare. what changed? >> i think he's one of the few people in washington -- i mean this -- who is willing to admit a mistake. i wish on my side of the aisle that speaker boehner would admit that last year it was probably a mistake not to allow a vote on the house floor on the senate version of the immigration bill. i think we probably would have never seen executive action from the preresident had speaker boehner done this. it is a healthier refresh for american politics for people at the top every once in a while to admit they might have made a mistake. >> he's really saying the president missed an opportunity to go after the recession straight on. when americans were calling for jobs, jobs, it was the president's mistake to be focusing on health care, health care; right? >> where senator schumer deserves some credit is he apparently hears from the american people even in the state of new york things that the president is not yet hearing. that is for six years the vast majority of the mimgdz
3:20 am
mimgdz -- middle class feels this administration is focused on small minorities. they spent six years spending a tremendous amount of energy to give health care coverage to nine million people. hundreds of millions of middle class, or tens of millions of middle class americans feel sort of lost and like they've got no support in the administration. >> nancy pelosi disagrees. she says there are 14 million reasons why chuck schumer is wrong on this now that they have insurance. thanks for getting up early with us. coming up, the president grants millions of illegals amnesty. now they may be taking our jobs. the incentive to hire them over americans that will have you furious. today we give thanks. it turns out it's not only good for your soul but it could save your life. dr. ratcliff is here to explain.
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thanksgiving day is a time to reflect and count our blessings. whether you're thankful for family and friends may be more important than you thought. we're talking about our health now. dr. nina radcliff, good morning. these tips on being grateful could help us save our lives. that's why it's important. what are some ways we can make sure we're thankful and grateful. >> it's about perspective. you want to see the glass as being half full instead of half empty. instead of focusing on what you do not have, think about what you do have. >> if you're going my dog died and my sweet potato casserole is burned and you go on and on and on -- you want to say maybe i'll love
3:26 am
the memories i have. and we need to express gratitude to those helping us. >> it is like having a gift you don't give to somebody. people need to know you appreciate them. the people who serve you, even the people who serve our country, they're giving up time with their family and risking their lives to protect our country. >> we should write things down before we go to bed at night or when we wake up in the morning. how does that help us get a better night's rest. >> if you're having trouble getting your z's write it down before you go to sleep. studies have shown this helps you go to sleep more quickly and staying asleep longer. instead of counting sheep, count your blessings. >> it can help prevent heart attacks. how does that work? >> when we have more positive emotions we decrease our stress. studies have shows people who have a more grateful attitude about life in general take better care of
3:27 am
themselves and are more likely to eat healthy, exercise and see their physicians. >> those things help us have a better immune system, fight off the flu. >> when you decrease stress our body is able to better suit itself against invaders like germs. >> smile more often and be more pleasant to be around keeps depression away. >> absolutely. when we feel positive we increase our levels of dopamine and serotonin. those are the hormones released when we take antidepressant medication. so we can incorporate this in overall treatment when we are depressed. >> we can create the same chemicals we would be taking in a pill, we can do it in our mind? >> absolutely. >> change your attitude. it's also a brain booster. this goes from high schoolers up to the elderly. >> for elderly americans thinking about your blessingsant counting what you're grateful for can help decrease dementia.
3:28 am
teenagers, it shows they have higher g.p.a. and you can shift to the head of the class. >> then you can get into a great college and mom and dad will be happy too. attitude of gratitude, good tip. 28 after the top of the hour. coming up, how does this sound? calories thrown in your face? you can thank the government for that. the wave of new regulations about to go into place. prayer jirls threatened by eight -- vigils threatened by atheists. the story ahead. first happy birthday to actor jalil white. he turns 38 today. of course you know him as steve urkel.
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♪ ♪ >> good morning everybody. happy thanksgiving. you can tell the holiday season is upon us. sixth avenue all lit up with the lights and christmas ornaments. >> a one-day transition. >> snap your fingers. >> the christmas balls, the lights go up here on sixth avenue. happy thanksgiving everyone. we want to say what we're thankful for this morning. my producer -- i want to say we have a fantastic production team here on "fox & friends." my producer, meghan, i am so thankful for you -- >> is she speaking in your ear right now? >> i'm a puppet. we are thankful for them. i'm thankful for my lovely family and working with you guys this morning. >> you have a big monument. >> my parents are here
3:33 am
visiting for thanksgiving week. i'm thankful for that. also, i paid off my student loan this week. i am 45 years old and finally paid it off. >> you've been talking about this for a long time. >> i am so incredibly thankful that now that is done. the first time really as an adult i will have no debt. >> can you believe the younger generation. you're 45 and you were paying like triple every month. >> i'm thankful for being able to get home weekends ago. one of my friends got married. she married a sailor and is being deployed. we had an early thanksgiving with family. >> as we get older thanksgiving don't necessarily happen on those days. they happen when you're able to be home with the family. >> we want to know from you what you're thankful for. go to our facebook page and
3:34 am
share your thoughts. mark tweets my beautiful fiancee, my family and the green bay packer. >> so thankful for my dog charlie. >> dottie tweets i'm thankful for my granddaughter. >> i'm thankful for our troops who for many will not be home with their family this thanksgiving. >> go to our facebook page, you can also find us on twitter, and send your thoughts as well. >> i'm thankful for delicious deep fried turkey this morning. >> it is about to happen. if you're heading out to the stores this thanksgiving there are no better deals than those at bass pro shops. professional bull rider luke is here with us. >> thanks for having us again. obviously tomorrow is black
3:35 am
friday but we want everyone to know we are open today. >> you're one of those stores? >> absolutely. and we have great deals. >> beef jerky, beef jerky is all the rage. >> absolutely. before we get to this stage you've got the grinder. for all the hunters out there and nonhunters you can do anything with this. it will grind, pump it out. you get this under $80. this is under $50. you can make jerky, make your deer into jerky, whatever you want, do apples, anything. >> it all comes as one package? >> right. we sell these at the store. obviously this is professionallally done but you can do this at home. this is under 60 bucks. >> amazing. >> more than that, if you buy all three of these together it is $230. >> that is awesome. >> it is $150 actually so you save a lot. we've got the turkey and
3:36 am
obviously we have one made right here. as we get to this, i want to give you a piece of this to let you know -- >> oh man! >> grab these. >> amazing. >> this is a butterball indoor turkey fryer. when i say indoor, there is no open flame whatsoever. you have a timer and you can set this so you don't get in a bind. this is -- you can't screw it up. >> this goes in there? >> yes. >> we have to be honest. it is potentially dangerous deep frying turkey. potentially it is a dangerous thing but this one you say is a safer version of it? >> that's exactly right. as we are lowering this turkey in, inject the marinade right here. we have all these seasonings. after you do that, sprinkle this on. you can never be too generous with that. the more you get on it, the better it tastes. we have all these rubs and
3:37 am
spices at bass pro. >> you drop that in there. while you're dropping that in i'm going to eat more turkey. >> you see these gloves but it's very z as long -- very eass long as you're careful. when you're doing these turkeys lower down like so. >> beautiful. it's nice to see they're making these safe. if anybody is at home and you're making these. beautiful. we can't wait to eat this, but we have one already. clayton and anna over to you. this is breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. >> i left my breakfast at home. i did steal cheese and venison meat. >> 37 minutes after the hour. do you have any idea how many calories you're about to consume today? wait because you're about
3:38 am
to face a barrage of nutrition information just about everywhere you eat. >> a new wave of federal regulations on all of these calories. doug has already eaten 1,000 calories this morning. >> good morning. these new regulations do not affect the thanksgiving dinner you serve at home, at least not yet. we'll start talking about calories because today is thanksgiving. this is leftover business from obamacare. these new regulations were timed to come out after the midterm election. this requires just about every restaurant, even small chains to analyze every menu item and provide calorie counts. >> movie theaters are included. bowling alleys are included. convenience and grocery stores are included as well as restaurants. basically all the chains that you know and love and frequently dine at will now be required to list calories on the menu. >> more information but that will come at a cost. from calories we'll move to
3:39 am
ozone and what could be the most expensive environmental regulations in u.s. history. the obama administration with new proposed rules to reduce air pollution to improve health but they could also cost up to $15 billion. finally, we'll talk about the internet. there's been a lot of talk about net neutrality and whether the internet should be treated like a utility. the f.c.c. will have to decide but the president has weighed in favoring more regulation. one thing to keep in mind, when you look at your phone bill and see those charges, taxes and fees and so on, these are the kinds of fees you may soon see from your internet provider as well if these new regulations go through. back to you guys and happy thanksgiving. >> universal service fund. who knows what this stuff is? doug, great to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> for a look at your headlines, ainsley earhardt is here. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. i'm thankful to work with
3:40 am
you wonderful people. we're glad you're watching. an accused terrorist back on the streets. when no one was looking 18-year-old abdul yousef slipped out the door of a minneapolis courthouse. the teen was arrested in may trying to board a plane to turkey to go fight with isis. he is the first terrorist suspect in minnesota to be released before trial shocking even his own attorney. president obama's executive action put illegal immigrants at the front of the job line? a shocking new report reveals this, that businesses have a $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over american citizens. that's because they say of a kink in obamacare. businesses will not face a penalty for not providing illegals with health care because they're ineligible for the president's health care plan. do they have a prayer? a d.c. based atheist group suing a florida city over
3:41 am
organized prayer groups. the suit comes after okala officials invited the community to pray after a drive-by shooting. the atheist group claims that violates separation of church and state. the city's attorney slamming the suit saying the vigil is open to all religions. fliers at jfk airport getting an awesome thanksgiving surprise. >> oh my god, that's my bag. >> we have a winner. one round trip ticket courtesy of jetblue. >> jetblue and zappos turning baggage claim into a prize game. one family winning a trip to bermuda. those are your headlines.
3:42 am
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of the bargain brand combined. cascade. now that's clean.
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>> hi everyone. happy thanksgiving. some quick consumer headlines. talk about mean-spirited, spirit airlines is raising baggage fees just for the holidays. it will cost you $2 more to check bags between december 18 and january 5. 69% of companies are turning a blind eye to their employees on-line
3:46 am
shopping at work. good news, ainsley. they claim a quick ten minute break to browse items will keep employees satisfied. >> a behind the scenes look at how the u.s. and its allies won world war ii. >> the imitation game is in theaters this week. it shows how a group of code breakers changed the course of the war and stopped the nazis. >> let's step into the fox light with michael tammero. he spoke with the stars of the film. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving guys. it is a little known story about a group of super geniuses during the war that helped crack the impenetrable nazi code that helped turn the war. i recently sat down with them. >> not much to learn about him really, although he's
3:47 am
an historical figure. it is where awld code workers are. >> you need me a lot more than i need you. >> dennison was surrounded by people who were far brighter than he was. >> isn't that a fantastic voice? the movie, it is a fantastic movie. it's won a ton of film festival awards. you'll be hearing a lot about it as we get closer to the oscars. the screenplay, a fantastic job of three distinct periods of his life, his boarding school years and later years where he was persecuted for being different. you can catch more of the interviews this weekend by tuning in to the fox business network where they'll be run being back to back war stories at 8:00
3:48 am
and more of my interviews including the director and the star will be playing throughout the evening. >> people should know about him. he was a nerd but we wouldn't have computers if it wasn't for him. >> yeah. amazing. >> thanks, michael. >> president obama and attorney general eric holder calling for social justice in ferguson. but why this case? colonel allen west joins us live. >> what if this happens to you today? >> the latest with tips and tricks in a few minutes. stay with us. ♪
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3:52 am
good morning. get ready, it's thanksgiving. are you about to cook that big dinner? don't worry, don't panic. we have got you covered here. >> it's one of my favorite
3:53 am
moments of the year, marks the turning of the holidays. here are last minute tips from our butter ball turkey. here is our expert. nice to see you. >> thanks. >> if people are panicking and realize, oh, wait a second, i still have a frozen turkey, what do you do? >> we're going to get them through it. >> can do you it? >> absolutely. we have our cold water thaw it, fill it with cooled tap water, still in the package. not warm. change the water every 30 minutes and we can get it defrosted. let's say off 15-pound turkey, it will take seven hours. but because you've already had it in the refrigerator, it will take 2, 2 1/2 hours because it's already jump started. if not, you can cook them partially frozen, too. >> do you suggest deep friesing a frozen turkey?
3:54 am
>> no. not unless you're look for a lot of fireworks. incredibly dangerous. >> you want to get your turkey out and look nice and golden brown. doesn't always happen. we want it to taste good, but you also want it to look good. what's the trick? >> everybody wants the magazine ready turkey. all you have to do is put it in open shallow roasting pan. vegetable oil on it. not butter. vegetable oil works the best. it gets the golden, crispy skin. salt and pepper. 325 in the end. >> tinting it? >> that's good. in the end. last half hour, you're going to put a little piece of tin foil over the breast portion so it doesn't dry out. >> we don't want that. >> when you pull the bird out of the oven, everybody is going nuts about it. you can't carve it right away.
3:55 am
how long do you wait? >> wait 20 minutes to a half hour, even 40 minutes. people worry about when am i going to make my side dishes. some of them only take 30 minutes. let the turkey rest. >> keep foil on top of it? >> just let it sit and it's perfect. a lot of these questions if they can't get through to us, we have a great option on our site called butter ball it. just type in your question, hit butter ball it and answers come back from 30 years of experience. >> you have a hot line? >> absolutely. we're open. 1-800-butterball. >> you are going to be here all morning answering questions for everybody who has a question. go to our facebook page, twitter, send an e-mail and you'll answer the questions and you'll be brack in an hour to answer some questions. >> good. because i have a few more for you. thanks. coming up here, the new stocking stuffer this year.
3:56 am
obamacare. the big health care sales pitch coming to a mall near you this black friday. plus, he grew up having to support his family. but the hard work certainly paid offment he's now a successful businessman that's giving back in a big way this thanksgiving. next hour. ♪ ♪ i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know.
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♪ it's black friday at verizon! hurry to snap up our best deals of the year! like the incredible samsung galaxy s5, now free! get any verizon ellipsis tablet free, like the new ellipsis 8! and get a $150 credit for every smartphone you switch! get these deals early online thursday! hurry and get it all on america's largest, most reliable 4g lte network! verizon. hi, everyone. good morning, happy thanksgiving. today is thursday, the 27th of november, 2014. i'm anna kooiman. you're not throwing down. protesters angry over the decision not to prosecute darren wilson shut down city hall. new developments from overnight. are you getting ready to meet your family for a big
4:00 am
thanksgiving feast? brace yourself because the white house wants you to put obamacare on your menu. when you're making a meal for your entire family, sometimes disasters are hard to avoid. don't let cook the turkey be one of them. a butterball expert here with the last minute tips and tricks to help you out. "fox & friends" hour two on this thanksgiving starts right now. >> this is robert davi and you're watching "fox & friends." happy thanksgiving, everyone. ♪ new york, new york ♪ i want to wake up in a city that never sleeps ♪ >> good morning, everyone. happy thanksgiving. the 88th macy's thanksgiving day parade is about to kick off here at new york city. a lot of our viewers have a real
4:01 am
distaste for new york. but on this day, absolutely not. it's americana. >> many of our viewers love bass pro shop. they're in the house, they decked out our studio. they've got fantastic deals this morning. we're going to show you all of those greateals. you can head over there tonight when you get tired of cooking. >> if you woke up and think oh, no, my turkey is still frozen, we have a butter ball expert here who can answer all of your questions. go to facebook, twitter or e-mail us and she'll be there and coming up on the show. >> she can save you. it may have snowed last night here in new york city, but the parade must go on n maria molina is live outside in the cold to give us a sneak peek of the 88th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. it's a great gig. how is it going out there? >> it looks really good out hire. we have a couple of snow showers moving through. so there is some precipitation, a lot of cloud cover. it could be a lot worse. yesterday we had a nor'easter and that storm system is long gone. like you mentioned, live here at
4:02 am
the 88th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. this will be viewed live. so 3.5 million people and more than 50 million people will be watching at home. it's going to be kick off right here on 77th and central park west. you can see right on your screen that map. the route will take you south and eventually down 6th avenue and ending at macy's. it's going to feature more than 8,000 marvers, giant balloon, marchers, several floats, clown, cheerleaders, dancers, and singers. during the overnight hours, more than about several hundred thousand people showed up to watch the balloons filled with air. thankfully the wind will not be an issue, so they will be flying. this is going to be six new giant balloons featured. five new floats featured. that's in addition to last year. and something very interesting as well. there will be a free parade app that fans can download and this actually gives them some information. they can interact with the
4:03 am
parade and get some information. so this is going to be really interesting. a bit of a blend using tradition and technology. like i mentioned, the weather conditions not expected to be an issue here in new york city. a little on the chilly side. we have windchill temperatures in the 20s climbing to 31 out there. that's what it feels like here. farther west, take a look at that. minneapolis, it feels like 14 below zero. 12 below in fargo. and precipitation across the country, it is a relatively quiet day. so we are thankful for that. there is some snow falling across parts of the northern rockies. that will be something to watch for. let's head back inside. rick, i saw some snow totals from yesterday's nor'easter, we had more than a foot of snow across parts of virginia, all the way up to new england. a very significant storm. >> absolutely. especially for this time of year. it's hard to get home in the snow, but a lot of people love snow. inside your house and there is snow outside, it's incredible. >> it's beautiful.
4:04 am
>> 3,000 delays yesterday, over 700 flights canceled. so it was a real pain. maybe that's what you should be talking about when you sit down and finally get around the thanksgiving table. thank goodness we're here, we're so thankful to be here. new study out this morning on what conversations you should actually avoid at the dinner table. scientists, wearing hats, got together and figured out these are the ones you want to avoid. >> we'll let you weigh in on this. do you agree or disagree? sex and relationships. >> maybe that's one you should start off with. >> how is it? >> what about when the food is bad? >> oh, yeah. >> avoid that. >> just cover it with a roll or something and pretend like you ate it. >> who made this side dish? this is interesting. >> religion. that should seem obvious. >> stay away from religion. >> we'll talk -- father john has a different take. we'll get o that in a minute. stay away from saying things like somebody is hungry.
4:05 am
oh, you know, you sure are filling up that plate. aunt janis is hungry. >> she went back for her third helping. >> somebody is hungry. >> the rolls are the ones everyone fights over. a lot of people say that you shouldn't talk about politics and money. >> avoid those conversation. >> we had a panel on the show over the weekend. part of jonathan morris and a couple of relationship experts. they have some ideas on what you should and shouldn't do. take a listen. >> it is a religious holiday. george washington, the declaration -- this is one line. president george washington proclaimed thursday, the 25th of november, 1789, a day of public thanksgiving and prayer devoted to the service of that great and glorious -- >> do you think you can have a conversation about anything,
4:06 am
that you have to bring compassion and empathy to the table and make sure you are giving the respect to the people around you. iit's a couple hours of your life. it's not going to change your world if aunt tilley doesn't agree with you. >> if you can't talk about sex, relationships, what someone is eating, politics, religion, the only thing left to talk about is football or the weather. >> football, the weather, and the food. that's all you're allowed to talk about. >> weather is always safe. >> could you talk about obamacare this weekend? on thanksgiving morning, this might be something to gather around your table. the white house is doing a big obamacare push on black friday, on line, you'll go on line to push for the enrollment period right now, as well as going out to the malls. >> a whole group of malls, westfield shopping menopauses rallying these other obamacare health care workers to hand out flyers. as you're shopping for all those door busters, you'll be getting bombarded with these flyers. >> they created these partnerships with certain malls and stores.
4:07 am
but also if you go on to facebook, they know who you are and they can target certain ads, they're doing that also. so on line, they're targeting specific people for this and putting those kinds -- >> right. you mention anything about your health, if you had said that on facebook, they might say, oh, you have a sore back? why not get a better premium. you might see an ad for obamacare popping up right in your news feed on facebook. >> also partnering with web sites like the, because these events in women's lives in particular, trigger maybe it's time to get new health care. >> what are you going to talk about today at the dinner table? let us know. you can e-mail us and give us some ideas. >> will it be obamacare? give us some safe words. new overnight, a massive mob of ferguson protesters filling the streets of los angeles. police arresting more than 100 people. >> dominic denatale joins us live in ferguson where protests were a bit calmer last night.
4:08 am
i guess some of the weather had something to do with that? >> reporter: yeah. dropped to 22. the forecast is saying it felt more like 16. that's an incentive for people not to come out. i want to show you the scene here. the corner of fluorescent and west ferguson. three cop cars at the moment, that's an extra car that appeared in the past hour. we're starting to see police move up and down. a bit more national guard. there were national guard on patrol here two hours ago. they vanished. i think that's a sign of really how things are going to be calm this thanksgiving morning. this is a mile long stretch that's been closed since monday when those hundreds of rioters stormed down here to start looting and burning down those buildings. it's going to be a while before any of those businesses actually open up again. no indication whatsoever just what the financial cost to these businesses is. not just the physical damage,
4:09 am
but of course tomorrow we have black friday. you guys were just talking about that. of course, a lot of business there. we're hearing about donations by the community being given to local businesses. i think it shows just how the people of ferguson really are now starting to come together with this. we've got this long weekend coming up. the weather is going to improve. that might bring people back out to the streets. that's something the authorities are very concerned about. back to you. >> thanks. warm up out there. gets get it over to ainsley earhart who is watching the other headlines this morning of the good morning. >> good morning. let's talk about the weather. extreme weather alert, a nor'easter caused travel nightmares for millions of americans. yesterday was the busiest travel day of the year. nearly 700 flights were canceled across the country. 4,000 more were delayed. the snow, sleet, all the rain, also causing hundreds of a stunning new report shows-
4:10 am
drones nearly hit commercial planes 25 times in the past six months. in one incident at jfk, a drone came within just one foot of slamming into the wing of a packed plane. the faa says that they do plan to propose regulations on drones before the end of the year. but it could be years before the rules are made final. talk about a special delivery, this texas mom had her newborn baby girl on the highway. the family ran into some serious road construction on the way to the hospital. they hit a road block and then the baby, who she couldn't wait. luckily officer robert scott was there to lend a hand, literally. >> get in, get my hand behind the head and just do a quick inspection, something not everybody is involved with with a life coming into the world. so it's very cool. >> thank goodness he was there. he is actually a former emt. a football feast on the
4:11 am
gridiron today. three nfl games to look forward to. first the chicago bears will travel to detroit to play the lions for the early game. then at 4:30 eastern time, the battle between the top two teams in the nfc east, cowboys and seattle. but before you watch the games, help clean up the kitchen. i'm always in the kitchen with my mom. the guys are in the den. honey, can you get me a beer? >> right! >> football starts around noontime. >> there is no way you're skipping the -- >> the eagles-cowboys game, battle for first place? >> move the tv into the kitchen. president obama and eric holder calling for, quote, social justice in ferguson. but why this case? colonel allen west says they're only in it for political points. he's here next to explain. plus, it's a hard sight to look at.
4:12 am
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4:16 am
there are issues in which the law too often feels as if it is being applied in a discriminatory fashion. >> long after this tragic story no longer sees this level of attention, the justice department will continue to stand with ferguson. we will continue the conversation this incident has sparked about the need for trust building between law enforcement officers and the communities that they serve. >> president obama and attorney general holder calling for social justice in ferguson, missouri. but why this case? why now? colonel allen west says it's all about scoring political points. good morning and thanks for being with us. >> good morning and howdy from college station, texas: happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving.
4:17 am
so what do you mean this is all about politics? >> well, there is no doubt that it is. as a matter of fact, when you look at all the other cases out there in the reverse, you can go right down to virginia where four black gang members brutally carjacked a reserve police officer by the name of captain kevin quick and killed him, but yet eric holder said the death penalty had to be taken off of that case. we saw out in spokane, washington where two black teen-agers bludgeoned to death a world war ii veteran. nothing said there. in oklahoma, the australian baseball player killed by two biracial teen-agers. the black teen-ager who shot a toddler in the face. nothing done there. and in new jersey, a person killed by a black man stating he was a jihaddist. no emphasis there. the georgia democratic party
4:18 am
used mailers to say if you voted for a republican person, you could possibly have a ferguson in the state of georgia. this is all about politics. >> you mentioned it being about politics. we saw al sharpton, many saying he was just agitating the situation and fanning the flames. but people said he was doing that to stay relevant, this is how he makes money. why does the president need to do this? why does eric holder need o do this? >> because for one thing, eric holder said that he is very fine with being an activist and this is their definition of social justice. this is once again being a part of the grievance industry and the race baiting industry that continues to keep the black community in a situation of economic servitude and also it is about lectural votes. the unfortunate thing is that no one is looking at the and the consequences of michael brown, his actions and what it resulted in, ragicly, his death. we really need a discussion in the black community about families, about families being together, about education, about
4:19 am
young black men having respect for authority and better jobs and education opportunities. the left, progressive socialist, barak obama, eric holier, they don't want that discussion. >> what also seemed ironic about this is on tuesday, the president spoke out in chicago about the situation going on in ferguson. the violence in chicago, we all know, there has been a huge problem there for quite some time. we have data between through october, there were 331 homicides, just from january to october of this year. january to september, 135 homicides between the ages of 17 to 25-year-olds. so what's the problem? why wasn't this mentioned at least for one or two sentences? >> because that does not fit the narrative. you know that. that does not help them in prom mull gating a message of victimhood. and jesse jackson lives in
4:20 am
chicago. where is he on that issue? barak obama is from chicago. where is he on this issue? speaking out about it. it does not help their political agenda whatsoever. so therefore, when you have a trayvon martin case, when you have a michael brown case, that falls into their lap and that gives them that opportunity instead of really focusing on what ails the inner city and the black community, which is the failure of progressive socialist policies. >> colonel, thank you so much for your time today and happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. coming up on "fox & friends," a minneapolis man tried to board a plane to fight with isis and this morning he's walking free? plus, he grew up having to help support his family, and now he's a successful businessman giving back in a big way this thanksgiving. you'll meet him next ame's louis,
4:21 am
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4:24 am
time for news by the numbers. turkey day edition. first up, 16 pounds. that's the average weight of turkeys bought for thanksgiving dinner. that feeds about ten people. next up, $35,000. that's how much a thanksgiving meal will cost you at old homestead restaurant in new york city. the nine course dinner includes a roasted farm-raised organic turkey stuffed with filet minyon. and sweet potatoes topped with $16,000 caviar. that's where rick is going tonight.
4:25 am
finally, 300,000. that's the total cubic feet of helium used by balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. that's enough to fill half a million mylar birthday balloons. they canceled it during world war ii because they needed it for the war effort. over to you, rick. >> growing up in tv and bussed tables to help his single mom support her family of six. he didn't go to college. he tried to start a business and filed for bankruptcy twice. with a lot of hard work, he was able to turn his bad fortunes upside down and now one of the most successful restaurant owners in fellow there and giving back to his community in a big way. the program is called helpings from the heart. eric is here to tell us what it is all about. eric, this is such a great story. how did you get this idea? how long have you been doing it? how many meals will you serve told? >> happy thanksgiving, rick. today we're going to serve 25,000 meals. that's what we're prepared to
4:26 am
serve. this is our 22nd year at the salvation army downtown orlando. it's presented by golden corral. >> i read that one year when you were in high school, you went to salvation army for your thanksgiving dinner. how does it feel to be a recipient of the kindness of others and now able to give back to so many? >> yeah, very humbling being able to give back at this size of a thanksgiving feast. but when we were children, that thanksgiving meal at salvation army meant an awful lot to us. we are thankful that we can give back like this today. >> i'm always amazed by people who come from humble beginnings and then can turn their life into something like you've done. you own 32 restaurants now. how did you do that? >> you start out with one and if that's successful, go on to two. after that, you start
4:27 am
multiplying it to four, six, eight, ten, 12. we're up to 32 now. golden corral has been an excellent chain to be able to develop and build a wonderful business in. >> when you think about all the opportunities that you have to give back to people, so many people don't have as many means, but what can the average person do today to help others? >> you can give your time, sort of like at our thanksgiving feast, we'll have it where 1,000 volunteers today that make this meal possible for those that are less fortunate than we are. we are very thankful for all these volunteers. many of them have been here for a very, very long time. our chef, jason, has been there for 20 years leading the chef team to prepare this meal. >> i tell you what, congratulations on your success. but thank you today for all you're doing. there will be 25,000 people in florida who will have something extra to be thankful for today.
4:28 am
thank you very much and happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you, too. coming up, a minneapolis man tried to board a plane to fight with isis. this morning he's walking free. plus, today we give thanks and it turns out it's not only good for your soul, but it could save your life. we'll explain that next.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
thanksgiving morning. we asked you what you were thankful for. a lot of men and husbands writing in with pictures of their wives this morning. how sweet. >> one tweet, i'm thankful for my wife, a five-year survivor of breast cancer as of this november 15. congratulations. >> another tweet, i'm thankful for my beautiful wife tammy of 25-plus years. >> tracy tweets us, thankful for these two beautiful kiddos. sydney and hudson. adore annual. and on facebook, i'm thankful for the family, freedom, food, friends and i love this one, "fox & friends." >> you get two for the price of one. we are honored you're inviting us into your home and letting us spend time with you. >> i always love doing this thanksgiving show because we have great food, get to enjoy great friends and i know our viewers are waking up this morning preparing with their family. it's comforting to know they're out there watching this morning. they can do nothing else but hang out with their family this morning.
4:33 am
>> really true. being thankful is one of those things. we have adiaphora it that we talk about it. but there is a lot of studies coming out that talk about how being thankful is a great way to having a happy and healthy life. >> right. and so the tips for being grateful came from our dr. ratcliffe. she says look at the glass as half full. so if you're struggling with something, count your blessings instead and write them down. she said expressing gratitude is a great thing to do, especially before you go to bed at night. you'll fall asleep faster and have a restful night. >> it will prevent heart attacks. taking the time to pray, to do meditation, to sit quietly and be thankful. we try to ask our son and daughter now when we sit down, what are you thankful for? if they have nothing to say about their day, we'll say, what are you thankful for? that cookie i had earlier. that works. >> they also say it prevents heart attacks. the mental state you have about gratitude can actually have
4:34 am
physical healthful benefits. >> and help boost your immune system. especially important during flu season. try to stay happy. >> get rid of depression, anxiety can reduced and ptsd. also boosts your brain when you spend that time being thankful and quiet and reflective. you can actually -- you find you remember things more, have better mental acute. >> right. in the elderly, it helps strengthen their memory n. high schoolers, there have been studies that show you have higher gpas if you're having an attitude of gratitude. >> and the people you like are always happy. here is a pleasant person, she's always sweet and nice, mar know. she's live at the -- maria molina is live at the parade. >> it's a much different scene on 77 and central park west than an hour ago. very quiet an hour ago. we just saw the floats getting ready, the balloons all set up.
4:35 am
now we have a lot of people here. i made a friend with a band i found. the drum major, you guys are from utah, right? >> yes. >> and how many members are there in your band? >> there is about 230 of us with us here today. >> how were you able to travel from utah to new york city? >> well, first of all, it's a blessing and opportunity to be here. but we had to send an application and be selected by the community to be chosen from here. >> how did you physically get here? >> we took five different flights. >> wow. so here you go. so we're going to start to hear you play. you're going to play a song for us and so you're the drum major. here is the band and i was a majorette in high school. so i'm going to twirl the baton while you play. what's the song? >> "76 trombones." let's listen. ♪
4:36 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> i had no idea she had that hidden talent. and she's doing that in gloves. >> i always felt nervous for the baton twirlers. because you knew there was that moment they were going to throw them in the air and there was always going to be one that dropped. >> it always made me nervous. >> that's why we watch it. >> that's amazing. >> we could never do that. let's check in with ainsley earhart. she's going to be playing the saxophone. >> yeah, right. i have no talent. she was just getting started. i wanted to see her. let me tell you about the headlines. accused terrorist back out on the streets. when no one was look, the 18-year-old slipped out of a side door of a minneapolis
4:37 am
courthouse after being released to his parents. he was arrested in may by the f.b.i. trying to board a plane to turkey to fight with isis. he is the first terror suspect in minnesota to be released before trial. shocking even his own attorney. creed sold 40 million albums world wide. but now the front man says that he's homeless. a rambling new video, he says he's pennyless and the government is after him. >> now i'm living in a holiday inn. by the grace of god, because there has been a couple weeks where i had to sleep in my truck. i had no money, not even for gas or food. >> during that video, the singer says unnamed people stole his money. the video comes just days after his wife, a former beauty queen, filed for divorce. car lovers, look away.
4:38 am
you might find these images very disturbing. a dallas man crashing his brand-new vehicle worth more than a million dollars. the 27-year-old driver losing control after hitting a wet spot and he did not even own that car for 24 hours. ouch. it's a video that will warm your heart on the holiday. they became instant best friends. veteran tanya mancini and her new service dog, venus, meeting for the first time. >> i'm super excited. i heard this dog is going to change my life and i know it is. >> mancini spent a year in afghanistan in 2003 and said during her tour of duty, she lived in constant fear. more than a decade later, she still suffers from ptsd. she was chosen by the healing heros program to receive a free service dog. venus is trained to notice if she's about to have a panic attack and can help her calm
4:39 am
down. very sweet. those are your headlines. over to you, rick. >> thank you. today kicks off bass pro shop's huge five-day sale and professional bull rider luke snyder is here to show us what you're going to find. welcome back. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. had you have a lot of great deals. >> starting with this. >> you bet. we're open today and we have a huge five-day sale. bass pro shop, these are $10. we have them in every size, youth, ladies, men. >> ten dollars for hoodies? >> can't beat it. >> north face jacket. >> absolutely. north face, great product. we sell these here at the store. you'll get that jacket for under 70 bucks. you got to hurry. >> very good. parka. this is great for skiing and anything outdoor. you got leather going on? >> absolutely. all our pros on our fishing team use it. i personally use it. it's a great rain suit. it will handle everything you got. you get there early, you're going to get both of the jacket
4:40 am
and the bibs for under 200 bucks apiece. >> wow. cheap. archery. >> this is a great way to introduce your youth to the outdoors. great for the whole family. this comes with the rest, arrows, a quiver and everything. so this is great. you're going to get that for under 40 bucks. >> i'm giving a test to anna later on to see what the parts are. what else is there? spinning rod and wheel? >> two different options for you. this is actually the turning special. this is a great little rod right here. you're going to save $50 on that and then this rod here is the real deal. you got a spinning base. you'll get this for under 50 bucks, saving $70. we're known for our fishing. >> awesome stuff. we'll have more coming up in the next hour. right now, back over to clayton and an ma. >> thanks. school bans the word christmas because one family complained. one of the thousands of parents fighting to bring it back joins
4:41 am
us next. ♪ ♪ >> i want to wish my family and friends in oklahoma, fort sill, happy thanksgiving. i love my family bells ♪ don't miss all the amazing deals at bass pro shops's 5 day sale. like ladies' thermal crews for only $10. save $50 on these ariat men's sahara boots. and save $100 on this ascend fishing kayak. that's all i crave.e that's where this comes in. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus nicorette gum gives you intense craving relief. and that helps put my craving in its place. that's why i only choose nicorette.
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pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. so don't wait. attack the flu virus at its source. ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we're live here in new york city. hello, everybody. welcome back to "fox & friends." we're live here for the new york city macy's thanksgiving day parade. the 88th annual. joining me this morning is a very special guest.
4:45 am
we have meghan trainer with us. she's well-known for her breakout single "all about that bass." good morning. how are you? >> i'm amazing. how are you doing? >> doing good. you're going to be participating in the parade and performing, correct? >> yeah. >> how is it going to go? what are you going to perform? are you going to be on a float? >> yeah, i'll be on a float. it's amazing. i'm with a bunch of kids. it will be adorable. i'm singing my new single. >> you've had incredible success. you made it to number one and beat out taylor swift. what does that feel like? >> incredible. i had no idea that would ever happen. but yeah, this year has been like christmas every single day. >> and your whole life, you always wanted to sing. did you have another career path in mind? >> it was only music forever. i was a song writer. then this song happened and i was signed and now i'm singing on floats at the macy's day parade. >> what's your song about?
4:46 am
what inspired it? >> all about the bass was about me loving my body, trying to get comfortable in my own skin and it just hit people in a personal place. it spread like fire. >> meghan, thank you for joining us this morning and congratulations on all that you've accomplished at such a young age. now back to the studio. >> thanks so much. no more christmas vacation. one massachusetts school district has been ban -- they just banned the term from every school calendar after one family's complaint. emotions ran high as parents packed the odd store yum, furious over the vote to change the name of the christmas vacation to holiday break. >> for us in all the town, we want christmas back on our school calendar if even one student or family is made to feel excluded, even one, we have not done right by them as a haunts. >> more than 4,000 people signed the petition urging the
4:47 am
committee to reconsider. school officials said too bad. elaine taylor is the resident behind that petition and she joins me now. elaine, nice to see you. welcome to the show. >> thank you. nice to be here. >> so what were you fighting for the other night in front of that school board? >> well, i was fighting for a voice to be heard. i was called right before i came here and a woman asked me, she said to me, you are the voice, you're our voice. at this school board meeting the other night, there was no consideration for the voice of those 4,241 signatures that we got. >> so one family complained about the term, christmas break. what was their overall complaint? >> it wasn't a complaint. it was a request. it was just a simple request asking if the school committee could change the name from christmas vacation to holiday break. they said that the name
4:48 am
christmas was archaic. with that one request, within just a little over a month, they put it on the school agenda and it was voted on and it was done. >> so you have some of these people now sort of jumping on the band wagon with this one family, saying well, the change to this calendar really symbolizes inclusiveness and diversity. it's not just christians celebrating this break. you have people of the jewish faith celebrating hanukkah. and you have many others celebrating this time of year. why just call it christmas break. that's what they say. what do you say to that? >> well, because it's about diversity. diversity is allowing people to be who they are. it's not to wipe them out. it's allowing them to celebrate and to express their faith. others should be allowed to do the same. it's not to make us clones so that nobody has their heritage, nobody has their traditions anymore. i'm here to hold to those
4:49 am
traditions. they're important to us. they're of value to us. it's what our town was built on and it's important. >> well, the school committee chairmanwoman disagrees with you about what your town is built on. i'll read her quote. she said supposedly our whole country is based on religious freedom. i certainly appreciate when people feel very strongly about their religious background, but as a school committee member, my job is to make decisions i believe are in the best interest of our town. what do you say to that? >> well, where is our freedom? where is our freedom in this? we're not having the freedom to express our faith in this. it's being censored out of the community. i feel all too often the elected officials feel like -- they're elected into position and forget who they serve. they serve the people of marshfield and where was the voice of these people, 4231 people, it wasn't heard at the school board meeting. >> you collected more than 4200
4:50 am
signatures right now. they did keep the word christmas on the day of christmas on the 25th. at this hour, they still have removed christmas break. what's the update? are they going to change their mind or sticking with it? >> well, right now they voted no. so the next thing that we could do is to vote no to them as they're trying to be elected again at the -- in may, when their elections come up. >> good luck to you and thank you for joining us this morning. happy thanksgiving to you and have a great christmas as well. >> thank you. thank you so much and it is a tradition, thanksgiving is also a tradition that's something that we hold dear to our hearts. thank you so much. >> absolutely. we appreciate you. coming up here, not sure what to do with your bird? we're talking turkey with the people who know all the tricks. butterball expert answering your questions next. there she is. first on this day in 1901, u.s. army war college was established.
4:51 am
in 1924, the first macy's thanksgiving day parade was held in new york city. and in 1983, "all night long" by lionel richie was the number one song in the country. that's joel's favorite song. i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's
4:52 am
go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
4:53 am
4:54 am
while you're prepping your thanksgiving dinner but facing last minute problems? back to answer your questions is our butter ball expert. >> have you been getting a lot of questions? >> i have been. there are a lot of common questions. >> what's the number one common question? >> is my turkey thawed? they're worried it's not. they've had it in for the proper amount of time. they feel like it still might be
4:55 am
cold. if you just kind of move it around, pick it up, you'll hear the juices and you're good to go. >> we had an e-mail that says i have heard you should cook the turkey breast facing down in the pan for the first hour. is this true? >> we don't recommend it. i'll tell you why. first of all, it doesn't change the flavor at all. we got so many requests through the year on that. i thought i got to try this out. it's really challenging to flip an 18-pound hot turkey out of the oven. it was going to be a whole family vacation thing gone awry. because you have to flip it while it's hot. it's not easy to do. >> another question says my wife uses a turkey bag. it cooks in half the time and stays juicy. are there any down sides of using the turkey bag and i wond better the bpas. >> they're absolutely safe. people love them.
4:56 am
it's a moist piece, so you're getting a moister approach, but not the crispy, golden skin. if you're okay with that, then that's great. but some people really want that crispy golden skin. you won't get that with the bag. >> this was a question i had. she wants to know do you suggest cooking the stuffing inside the turkey or separately? >> i cook it inside. that's the way i like it. but you want to make sure if you do choose to cook it inside, use your meat thermometer and take a registered reading off of that stuffing. you've got the raw juices going into the stuffing and you want to make sure it's 165 degrees. >> we do some of the turkey and everybody loves it so much. >> absolutely. >> you're going to continue answering questions. >> i am. >> thank you very much. you'll be back next hour. >> iz+mt will. first the president grants millions of illegals amnesty. now they may be taking our jobs. the incentive to hire them over americans that will have you furious. plus, will you stuff your belly and then go shopping
4:57 am
today? we've got the list of stores that are open and the stores that are closed. the debate over whether retailers should take a back seat to family time at the top of the hour. weigh in. ♪ ♪ is designed with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core technology stopping headaches and other tough pain. fast. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. okay patrick, let's go base,. shark, blitz. the nfl trusts duracell quantum to their game day communication. abort! abort! he's keeping it. duracell quantum. lasts up to 35% longer than the competition.
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♪ (holiday mhey! is playing) i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before.
5:00 am
see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event. visit today. happy thanksgiving, everyone. today is thursday, the 27 of november, 2014. i'm anna kooiman. a town ravaged, shocking images of ferguson, missouri before and after the darren wilson decision. buildings leveled. but hope is rising from the ashes. a woman whose business was looted gets a $200,000 thanksgiving miracle. >> i am so thankful and i'm so grateful. if i could have arms big enough, i would hug each and every last one of them. >> more as we are live in ferguson this morning. when you stuff your bell then go shopping today? we've got the list of stores that are open and closed. and the debate over whether
5:01 am
retailers should take a back seat to family time. and what if this happens to you? the last minute tips and tricks from a butterball expert no matter what happens to you today in your kitchen. mornings are better with friends. >> happy thanksgiving. you're watching "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ >> all the people are pushed off to the side. >> yes, they are, for the 88th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade and what a joyous occasion it is. in here and our studios, bass pro shop. >> mar where is at the parade and all of the turkey tips are here. >> what's your favorite balloon? >> i love sponge bob square
5:02 am
pants. >> felix the cat was the first one and i learned in 1928, they let him fly up into the air and they exploded. >> then a few years they got valves put on them. >> they would sew in the mailing address so if people found it in their yard, they could mail it back. it's become a big deal, shopping not just on the friday after thanksgiving, but also on the thursday. it's this big question now, should stores be open on thanksgiving to kick off holiday shopping season? >> here are some of the big retailers that are open tonight. so once your belly is full and you're thinking i got to get out, head to target, macy's, of course, you can go to wal-mart, k-mart, sears, dollar general, big lots, and walgreen's. radio shack. if you need dollar items, go to family dollar. >> how much does everything cost there? >> about 3.99. >> also there are a lot of retailers that are going to be closed. they're making a point of telling everyone.
5:03 am
we're doing this for a reason, so our employees can feel thankful this holiday. we've got a list of them. costco, crate and barrel, dillard's, vfw, game stop, hobby lobby. >> we had the spokesperson for dillard's on "fox & friends" earlier this week talking about why they made the decision to keep their doors closed. take a listen. >> this is just the right thing to do with them, allowing them this time off with their families on this special day, to kind of take a breather before things get really busy. and we just believe if we honor our associates in the long run, they're going to honor our customers as well. >> black friday really is getting this cloud hanging above it by people hating on it. i'm not somebody who likes to go out there on black friday or thanksgiving and go shopping and deal with the crowds. but it's become a family tradition for a lot of people. mom and daughter will look at the circulars and hop on line and map out their plan of attack for their shopping schedule. >> we were watching, i think it
5:04 am
was charlie brown thanksgiving, it's a tradition now. my kids love it. i was struck by thinking, is this like a new thing, this shopping on thanksgiving night? it's starting to trickle it. but the complaints about christmas starting back in september now. and even in the charlie brown thanksgiving special, charlie brown is talking about christmas items being out in september and october. it's like 40 years ago that thing came out. >> there are a lot of people who like to work holidays when they can because they get paid a little bit more money. and that makes a big difference for a lot of people. there is a ohio democrat, state rep there who is saying he believes that they should pay more and make it a law. in fact, he's saying they should be paid triple time if you're going to work. >> yeah. >> he said that last year around thanksgiving, he met a woman and her 82-year-old mother, both had to work. and he said i was offended. can't there be one day that's carved out of this consumerist
5:05 am
materialistic society we're living in? >> i would love to know if he was out shopping on that day. that's how he met her. here is your bag and receipt. by the way, i'm offended by this. >> but there are a lot of people who have to work the holidays. if you're in a winter community, that gets a lot of snow, you got snowplowers going, you got hospital workers. >> to regulate and have a contract saying we're going to regulate and have this business have to pay you triple time, many businesses pay double time or time and a half to work on holidays. let us know what you think about that. you can weigh in on our web site. here is somebody work double time. ainsley earhart standing by with the headlines. >> it's such a pleasure. it's so fun. thank you. let me tell you what you missed while you were sleeping. a fox news alert. a major terror plot foiled. security officials in israel confirming hamas militants were planning car bombs and kidnappings, even an attack on the soccer stadium in jerusalem. police arrested more than 30
5:06 am
militants and confiscated a large cache of weapons. it started to fall apart after a failed road side attack at the end of august. an extreme weather alert. most flights back on track. roads are pretty much clear after the nasty nor'easter caused travel nightmares for millions of americans yesterday. the busiest travel day of the year. nearly 700 flights were canceled across the country and 4,000 more delayed. the snow, sleet, all the rain also causing hundreds of accidents across several states. new overnight, passengers sent into panic mode when their plane is forced to make an emergency landing on the busiest travel day of the year. the united flight heading to chicago when the indicator light came on inside the cockpit. there was a problem with the landing gear. the pilot turned that plane around, went to wichita, where it did land safely. the 42 people on board were able to get on another flight to their destination. from humble beginnings to feeding the masses, businessman
5:07 am
eric holme is giving back to his community in a mighty way. he grew up with a single mom helping her bussing tables throughout high school. he didn't go to college, but he said he never gave up. now he owns one of the most successful restaurant chains in florida. he joined us earlier to talk about paying it forward with the helping from the heart program. >> very humbling being able to give back at this size of a thanksgiving feast. but when we were children, that thanksgiving meal at the salvation army meant an awful lot to us. and we are thankful that we can give back like this today. >> we are thankful for him. golden corral is the restaurant he owns. today they plan to serve 25,000 meals with help from 1,000 volunteers. those are your headlines. we had an opportunity to talk to him earlier. >> such a great story. wonderful guy. >> thanks so much. we have breaking news from
5:08 am
overnight. a massive mob of ferguson protesters filling the streets of los angeles. police arresting more than 100 people. >> dominic denatale joins us where protests were calmer last night. >> reporter: yeah. we saw a few dozen people protesting outside one of the gallerias here. they moved on pretty swiftly. we had the state troopers turn out. they're shifting out, turning around the shift with the county police that have been here for much of the night. the big difference we're noticing today is there is no national guard here on west fluorescent which we seen, having a significant presence here. they have been standing outside ferguson market and liquor here. images emerging of what actually happened two nights ago, three nights ago when rioters pulled down those boards and actually started storming in. the security footage shows how they stream through the door and started just grabbing whatever
5:09 am
they could. one of them started a fire and managed to find fluid to ignite a fire inside this store. the woman running a milk carton pulled it out. amazing of what was going on there that night. also some pictures emerging, "wall street journal" of what happened to businesses here. the clean-up certainly starting this thanksgiving morning as weapon come down here to see precisely what happened to their businesses. clearing up debris, also just trying to assess how much does this cost. no official estimate at this time. despite it being three days since the riots took place and more than two dozen buildings were torn down. we can not take for granted that the tension is being defused in any shape or form. it was a quiet night. it is a quiet morning so far. before the weekend, if you think about it, there is no indication yet of how many protesters will return and how much indeed there is still deep anger that this
5:10 am
turns into violence again. we'll see what happens today. back to you guys. >> wow. cold out there. great job out there and thanks. we'll check back with dominic a little later. meanwhile, we want to get to the 88th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade with a huge star, maria molina is live with a huge star this morning. hey, maria. >> hi, good morning. it's really tough to hear you because energy is picking up. we have a band playing. we have the balloons up and we have a very special guest with us this morning. welcome, good morning. how are you? >> happy thanksgiving. i'm good. very happy to be here. >> you're a tony award winning actress and singer and best known for your role in "frozen." the animated film that everyone knows about and that song, that everyone knows the lyrics to and sings along. so it's "letting go." how are you today? how does it feel to have so much success? >> really thankful for this incredible year. it's just been wonderful to share the whole "frozen"
5:11 am
experience. i'm here on broadway in new york and i'm glad to be back in new york city. this is a great way to kind of pull all that together and then i have this holiday album coming out. so i'll sing some things from that. ill love seeing everybody's youtube videos of "let it go." that was the most amazing thin is listening to other people outside of myself. >> their own renditions. and what will you be singing for the parade? >> i'm singing "all i want for christmas is you." >> will you be on a float? >> i will be on a float. the chocolate float. i've had a lot of chocolate in the last couple weeks, which i don't need. >> please share. >> i will. >> is this your first time at the thanksgiving day parade? >> it's not, because i've done a lot of theater, we come and perform at macy's. with "wicked" and" rent ." so great to talk to you this
5:12 am
morning. let's send it back to the studio s. happy thanksgiving. >> love her. >> my little girl sings repeatedly "let it go." coming up on the show, first the president granted millions of illegals amnesty. now they may be taking our jobs. the incentive to hire them over americans that will have you furious. and the new stocking stuffer this year, obamacare. the big health care sales pitch coming to a mall near you this black friday. ♪ ♪ >> i'm in afghanistan, i want to give a shout out to my friends and family in new york city. keep warm and happy thanksgiving it's the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand, available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection.
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5:16 am
good for the economy. we keep on hearing that they're bad. but a report by my council of economic advisors put out last week shows how the actions we're taking will grow our economy for everybody. >> the president promising that illegal immigrants will bring a boost to our economy. but there is a disappointing down side. they may be taking our jobs as well. you can thank obamacare for that. a loophole in the health care
5:17 am
law gives businesses a 3,000 per employee incentive to hire illegals over native born workers. that's because employers aren't required to provide illegals with health care. therefore, they're exempt from penalties and fines. so will this cost u.s. citizens their jobs? joining me is he wants entwhistle and film maker dennis michael lynch. you've known about this for a while. this isn't new news, right? >> no. i've been scream about this for a year. and unfortunately, it's only coming to the surface now. let me explain how this works using my own company. i used to have 250 employees. 50 of them would be front office workers, sales, marketing, et cetera. i give them insurance. my guys in the back, though, lower skilled, lower wage, i can't afford to give them insurance. so as you said, if i don't give them the insurance, i get hit with a fine. that could be between 2,000 and 5,000. not 3. so if you look at the higher range, if i don't get insurance, i have to pay a million dollars fine. but now because obamacare is not given to anybody but legal u.s.
5:18 am
citizens or legal aliens, the illegal aliens, 5 million, or are like ten million who just got the work permits from president obama, i could now hire them legally and rid of my u.s. citizen employees and give myself the million dollars. >> the critics will say, the obama administration is not promoting that you do it this way. in fact, this may even be a loophole. would you say a loophole? >> no. i tell you what, i've been asked this question, do you think he knows? i do think he knows. and i find something ironic. he gave the other day after ferguson, he gave the speech in chicago about how it is that there are so many hardships in the black community and then he goes on and talks about amnesty. anybody who is familiar with this knows that amnesty of this kind throws the black community under the bus. we've got 22% unemployment for young black males. >> highest in this country. >> in some cities, it's 50%. so now what happens is that these people are all going to go
5:19 am
in and take those jobs. employers are going to be forced to hire the illegal alien, if you think about it, because the obamacare businessman, the employee mandate suffers you. it pins the employer versus the employee in a way that's like "the hunger games." so you bring in the illegal aliens and that's it. i think he knows exactly what he's doing. it's devastating for the economy because you're going to look at the 200 employees i had, where are they going? to welfare. to the ebt cards. when he says it will be good for the economy? it's going to be devastating. >> we talk to maria bartiromo about jobs. this will be the big frontier term unemployed people notng look for jobs. this will help or hurt them? n it will crush them. right now we've got 92 million people out of the work force. we've got over 50 million people on welfare. let's go back to those 200 employees. when they leave, where are they going to find a job? and don't think just for one moment that the illegal alien who just got this work permit who might be picking crops or hanging sheetrock is going to
5:20 am
say now i can do that legally. they're going to be able to start going >>uváq+er had a thanksgiving like this? turkey on the floor with the dogs running. don't sweat t. we have a butterball expert here to help you with your questions. go to our facebook and janis is answering all your questions. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i'm an idaho potato farmer
5:21 am
and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes
5:22 am
and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal. we are about to make more gooddeliveriesverybody. to more places than anybody on earth. we have the speed. we have the technology. and we have the team. we made over 15 billion successful deliveries last year. 15 billion! football has a season. baseball has a season. this is our season.
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5:24 am
are you getting ready to tackle thanksgiving dinner and facing last minute jitters? back to answer more of your questions is expert janis. thank you. >> absolutely. >> inundated with questions on our facebook page. here is one, bill writes on facebook: my family will be several hours late and well after the turkey is finished. what is the best way to keep it warm or reheat it? obviously a lot of this travel, 3,000 flight delays, 700 flights canceled. so this may affect a lot of people. >> absolutely. that's a question i answer on facebook, too. we get that a lot. super easy. if it's only three hours or less, you can actually wrap the turkey in foil, lower it into a cooler, put some towels on top of it, shut the lid, it will
5:25 am
keep it warm for three hours. >> why towels? >> insulates it. keeps it all nice and warm. yeah. works phenomenal. people call us back and say thank you for that. >> that's great. good one. >> next, another says, what size turkey is best to cook in a smoker? 20 pounds. >> there are several smokers on the market. you have to look at your direction, see where you're at. more than likely you're fine. >> a lot of different flavors of the chips and everything. >> smoked turkeys are phenomenal. >> one from judy, it's just my husband and me. i bought a butterball breast and i'm not sure how to roast it. any tips? >> super easy. put that in a little pie rex type dish, a glass dish. if you've defrosted it, doesn't take more than an hour and 45 minutes to two hours at best. use a meat thermometer.
5:26 am
you're going to come up to 165 degrees. easy enough. >> janis will be answering more questions on facebook. we thank you. >> you're welcome. >> we want to get out to the macy's thanksgiving day parade because maria molina is with a very special guest. she's got the band, kiss, there with her live. hey, maria. >> hey, good morning. i found a new way to stay warm. from here in new york city, we have windchills in the upper 20s, low 30s, and i found kiss. good morning. >> good morning. >> friends of "fox & friends." you've been together for 40 years. you're celebrating -- >> it's our anniversary. a big year for us. rock and local hall of fame. did a vegas residency, which was amazing. just did a tour, 650,000 people. it's amazing. it's just getting started. the parade, this is americana. kids is americana. we're celebrating what we are and what this parade is all about.
5:27 am
>> this is your debut at the parade, right? >> yes. , yes. what a debut. we have quite a line - up of great looking cheerleaders who were part of our celebration. >> and what is it like spending 40 years together, because that's longer than most marriages, right? >> that's very true. there is a little give and take and also prioritizing what's important and what's important for us is delivering a great show to the fans and to living up to our history. so as long as we can do that, we're on the sameñn-ev page. >> okay. sounds good. so you guys are all friends of the show. here we go. how is this armor wearing today? >> how old are you? 12? this. >> i'm too young. well, so what's going on? >> what's going on with this? >> he's giving me a hard time. >> once he started talking to
5:28 am
gene, we knew it was going to be trouble. >> maria, i said you look really tiny next to him. >> i'm going to go into the electric you can and cry a little bit after that. >> we love these guys. >> i'm not going to lie, as a kid, kiss was one of miff biggest fears. >> other people said that -- i was afraid i would see them on the street and it was the scariest thing in the world to me. >> you don't recognize them without the face mask. >> put yourself in maria's shoes. 28 minutes after the hour. happy thanksgiving. here is what's coming up on "fox & friends." a minneapolis man tried to board a plane to fight with isis. this morning he's walking free. then a school bans the word christmas because one family complained. hear from one of the thousands of parents fighting to bring christmas back next.
5:29 am
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♪ ♪ >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. look at the crowds packing into the macy's thanksgiving day parade. this is the 88th year for them. 3 1/2 million live spectators will be watching and 5 million television viewers will be watching from home. >> 1924, they had a quarter of a million people watch that day and said this is a big turnout. we'll do it again next year. look at all these people. i just saw like a guy, like cave diving back here.
5:33 am
he looks like -- i saw elmo a few minutes back here. this crowd is packed. how are we going to get out of here today? i don't even know. you're looking live at 6th avenue. >> it's thanksgiving and we are a thankful nation. here is what some of you are saying today that you are thankful for today. jail said i'm most thankful that michigan was upset. i haven't heard the end of it until this year. my wife -- i'm a michigan man. a rough marriage. >> tough. billy writes, no matter how bad it steams to be, i am thankful to be born in the greatest country, america. >> richard on facebook says, i'm thankful i am alive after 13 years of a double lung transplant and still going and thank you, god, for the gift of life. >> and another says, my four daughters and i are thankful to have their daddy home for a short time from his deployment.
5:34 am
it makes this thanksgiving extra special. isn't that the truth? good for them. >> you can e-mail us and go to our facebook friends and send us what you're thankful for. how does this sound for a stocking stuffer? obamacare. the government trying to take advantage of the biggest shopping day of the year, black friday, by bringing obamacare to a mall near you. >> leeland vittert is live in washington with the gift. good morning. >> happy thanksgiving to you. good morning. in addition to the great deal on a tv or clothing at the mall, you're going to be inundated with flyers on obamacare while you scurry around trying to find the best deals. malls in a number of states are allowing the health care navigators to hawk obamacare around the country. not sure how you hawk anything in those crowds you're seeing. the move comes during open enrollment version 2.0, which appears to at least be going a little smoother than the disastrous web site rollout that
5:35 am
happened last year. the new program focuses more on outreach than it does the celebrity advertising. still at least one democrat is now having second thoughts about pushing obamacare through after president obama's win in 2010. >> wasn't the change we were hired to make. americans were crying out for the end to the recession, for better wages and more jobs. not changes in health care. >> reporter: if you are wondering if there are any door buster deals on health care or perhaps on obamacare, no dice. it appears even on black friday, you, too, anna, will be paying full price, as will all of the taxpayers. >> all right. thanks. rick is standing by because he is already doing his shopping this morning. hey, rick. >> exactly. one of the biggest sales of the year. it only lasts six hours. bass pro shop's black friday. we're back with professional bull rider luke. amazing. how did you get this gig?
5:36 am
>> right time, i guess. >> that's it. we've been talking about great deals that bass pro shops has today. tell us about more. >> we're happy to be open today and happy to help you. redhead jeans right here. ten dollars. >> what? >> you can't ever find a great pair of jeans like this for that price. absolutely awesome. and you go right up here to the fleece. got our -- that's ten bucks as well. >> ten bucks. >> yeah. >> you get a whole outfit for under 20 bucks. yeah. >> what's next? >> p.j. pants for the ladies right here. come in assortment of colors. these are five. >> okay. it's crazy. they fly off the shelf in a hurry. you got to hustle and get there fast. bass pro hoody for men here. this is great. everybody loves a good hoody. this is redhead. that's $14. >> okay. and these are incredible deals you have going now. >> absolutely. >> ammo cartridge. >> yep. everybody knows ammo is kind of scarce here now adays.
5:37 am
but we have this box of shells here. this is under $20 and a commemorative box that it comes in. >> cool. and then camera and viewer? >> yep. wild game innovations camera here. this is actually allows you to look at your pictures in the field. so you don't have to take the card out and go home. you can look at them right there and put it back on your tree. >> one last thing you've got. >> right here. this is absolutely amazing. under $20. you can see here, it folds up into this small little deal right here and you can do just about anything with this. like i said, it's under 20 bucks. basically you get this for free. >> very good. we really appreciate it. bass pro shops open tomorrow. let's go to ainsley for the headline. >> thank you. he wanted to leave the u.s. to fight with isis. now he's back on the streets. when looking issues the 18-year-old slipped out of the side door of a minneapolis
5:38 am
courthouse after being released to his parents. he was arrested back in may trying to board a plane to turkey to fight with isis. he's the first terror suspect in minnesota to be released before trial. shocking even his own attorney. a stunning new report shows drones nearly hitting commercial planes 25 times in the past six months. in one incident at jfk airport, a drone came within just a foot of slamming into the wing of a packed flight. the faa says they do plan to propose regulations on drones before the end of this year. but it could be years before those rules are made final. and no more christmas vacation. a massachusetts school district banning the term from the school calendar after just one family's request. it will now be called holiday break. 4,000 people in the marshfield community signed a petition, but officials said too bad. elaine taylor started that petition and she joined us earlier.
5:39 am
>> where is our freedom? it's being censored out of the community and where was the voice of all these people 4241 people? it wasn't heard at the school board meeting. >> the school board chairwoman saying the change was in the best interest of all the students and the town. back over to you. >> thanks. it can be one of the trickiest parts of your thanksgiving dinner, carving the turkey. coming up, we are taking on the challenge, it's our carve-off. >> did one last year. >> speak of turkey, these ones won't fit on your thanksgiving table. we're breaking down the top political turkeys of the year. stick around. ♪ ♪ s ♪
5:40 am
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time tore news by the numbers. first up, $2. that's how much extra spirit airlines is charging for checked bags. it's just for the holidays, by the way. the company says it's trying to urge flyers to pack lighter. the fee hike running december 18 through january 5. merry christmas to you. and 69%. that's about how many companies are turning a blind eye to their employees on line shopping at work. they claim a quick ten-minute break to browse will keep employees satisfied. i can vouch for it. ainsley was very happy this morning. finally, two. that's how many turkeys president obama pardoned for thanksgiving. he named them mac and cheese. they're going to live out the remainder of their days at turkey hill in virginia. anna? thanks so much. in the world of politics, it's always turkey day, isn't it? we're taking a look back at this
5:44 am
year's top political turkeys. that means they either had the biggest gaffes, most controversial statements, or left you wondering, what were they thinking? the fox news contributor and political editor joins us now with his top five list. good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> great to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you very much. the first turkey you have for us is the debbie wasserman schultz for this. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. and there is no -- i know that's stark. i know that is direct. but that is reality. >> and many said that she was acting as if he was okay with domestic violence somehow. >> yeah. sort of very graphic comparison there. kind of an odious attack. it didn't work. walker went on to win again for the third time in four years. i think for debbie wasserman schultz, the bigger problem is it furnished her own party with an opportunity to sound off publicly about her performance at the dnc. there have been long knives coming out for her for a number
5:45 am
of months now. her days are numbered in that position. >> days are numbered, you say. our next turkey, number four, is michelle bachman for saying this. millions of unskilled illiterate foreign nationals who can't speak the english language will all likelihood vote democrat is what she's saying. >> right. and look, i'm fully willing to concede that when it comes to the president's executive amnesty, it's quite controversial, there are some serious constitutional and policy issues at play. so to sort of rant about ill little rates in a proposed statement no less, is just about the least helpful messaging for republicans that i can possibly imagine. congresswoman bachman is retiring in december. >> i think your number three is something most people will have a hard time disagreeing with. beau sides of the aisle. president obama going golfing shortly after the foley beheading and held that news conference in martha's vineyard. let's look at this one. you remember this shot. it was just minutes later. seven minutes later, he's saying
5:46 am
fore. >> yeah. i think there have been a number of optics issues that the white house has grappled with this year, whether it was the golf game after the beheading, whether it was the president moving forward with a pair of fundraisers just after that jet liner is blown out of the sky over ukraine, or whether it was the white house releasing a statement about a lavish presidential party while ferguson was burning earlier in the summer, i think that even democrats would look for a little bit more situational awareness from the political team at the white house. >> these mid terms got pretty nasty and senator mary landrieu in louisiana still battling for reelection. remember her saying this about the south being sexist and racist? >> very, very honest with you. the south is not always been the friendliest place for african-americans. it's been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader. it's not always been a good place for women to be able to present ourselves.
5:47 am
>> why is she your number two turkey? >> that clip is just so frustrating to me. these are the words of an embittered woman and incumbent who thinks she's going to lose and probably will in the runoff on december 6. >> they elected her. >> it's so falsifiable. she's saying the problem with louisiana voters and just it's usually not a good idea to insult the people whose votes you're asking for. i know it's hot take on my part. this state three times elected her as a woman, and twice elected bobby jindal, an indian american as governor. in his reelection campaign, bobby jindal won every single parrish in the state of louisiana. >> yes. sometimes when you get desperate, you start grasping at straws. number one turkey, this happening quite recently. it was the architect of obamacare. jonathan gruber basically calling americans stupid. >> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. basically call it the stupidity of the american voter or
5:48 am
whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting this thing to pass. >> we're idiots and that's how this got through. >> this guy, right? not only is he one of the top architects of obamacare, i should point out did the same thing for romneycare. and what we've seen now is the series of videos where he concedes that the core substantive arguments against obamacare were correct and short of gleefully telling friendly audiences that he and his ill o'clock pro-actively lied about these things to the stupid american people for our own good and the kicker is that we, the taxpayers, have paid this guy $400,000 for his work on the federal side of this alone. i would just argue that if we look at what happened in 2010 and again this past november, perhaps american voters aren't quite as stupid as mr. gruber thinks. >> that's why the health care officials are having to go out to the shopping malls and hand out flyers. >> that's a tough sell. >> we thank you so much for that. >> happy thanksgiving.
5:49 am
>> happy thanksgiving to you. send us your top turkeys. here is what's coming up, which one of us can carve up the perfect turkey? it's a "fox & friends" thanksgiving battle coming up next. ♪ ♪ it's the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand, available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™ two weeks later. look, credit karma--
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5:52 am
that might be the final step before you enjoy your thanksgiving meal. the pressure is on. your guests are hungry. can you carve up the perfect
5:53 am
thanksgiving turkey? here is master butcher with master purveyors, this is it, this is the man's job in the house and the last thing that's got to be done. >> absolutely. every man i'm sure can't wait to get it over with once he starts. >> a few tips on this. this is always my dad's job. it's now fallen to me in the family to do it. what's the tip? >> most important, let it rest. 15, 20 minutes. the meat will absorb back the juices like a sponge instead of running all over the platter. and you want it to be cool enough where you can do it with your hand and not pierce it with a fork. you start with the back leg. alongside the body, push toward the block lightly. you don't want to tear the meat. the joint opens up. you can't cut through the bone. then just run your knife through the space and that takes the leg off. the v shape of this leg is where the next joint is that you can cut through that separates the drum and the thigh. you take your bone out of the
5:54 am
thigh you and slice that. then take your wing tip off. not the whole wing. just this wing tip. you can put it on your platter. you leave the drum on. it gives you more stability when doing your breast. >> then you got to slice that? >> then you got to slice the top part. i would take the skin off. it will dull your knife. >> really? >> after, slice the skin and put it on the platter. >> we have one minute on the carving. >> one minute, start the clock. ready, go. >> okay. >> you know what, i don't think we should be racing when doing things with knives. let'ser honest. >> we have to do both sides? >> you got to cut the v. >> the v? >> you want to take the breast off in a whole piece so you can
5:55 am
cut it safely on a cutting board. not off the bone. >> slice down. >> at the joint. >> my dad does a great job with this. >> rick, you're right about that. the speedier you go, the hour you're hacking into this. >> there we go. >> four seconds left. clayton wins again. the perfect one eighth of an inch slice. with just the right amount of skin. >> there you go. >> when we come back, more of what you're thankful for. keep sending them in on our facebook page today. ♪ ♪ (vo) nourished.
5:56 am
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♪ ♪ >> thank you so much for sending your pictures. yeah thankful for you this morning. one tweet said i'm thankful for the sweet after of these two miracles. my children. sherry says, i'm thankful for my family. we had an early thanksgiving because some are out of town to be with other family members. >> mark tweets, my beautiful fiance, my family. >> and alec says, so thankful for my dog, charlie. she makes bad days good days. >> and another says thankful for those two beautiful kids, sydney and hudson. >> and mike sent me this picture. they're on their way right here.
6:00 am
>> oh! >> harold square. >> somebody gave my mom that coat. >> happy thanksgiving. thanks to bass pro shop. log on to our web site for our after the show show. >> a fierce storm hitting the east coast snarling thanksgiving travel as folks try to get home in time for the holidays. i'm ed henry in america's newsroom. heather: i'm heather childress. bill and martha are off. the storm stranded travelers for hours and the delays had ripple effects all across the country. >> i started down


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