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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 27, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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you're going to be planning on making a mad dash to the store, welcome, everybody. happy thanksgiving and put that slice of pumpkin pie on hold because in about an hour, major retailers like toys "r" us, best buy, jcpenney, they will all be opening their doors. in new york city, the countdown is on. lauren. >> hi, neil. and this jcpenney will be opening their doors very, very soon as shoppers rush in trying to get what analysts say could be the very best deals of the
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entire year. thanksgiving deals many analysts say are better than the ones we're seeing on black friday. so that's something that we need to keep in mind as the stores get flooded today. but there will be great deals tomorrow, too. and deals online. so you don't necessarily have to put down the pumpkin pie. still many people will. retailers are very nefb us this year because if you look at the holiday shopping season, it's actually the second shortest on record. that means they feel so much pressure to try to get your holiday dollars. >> there are two things about that, about opening on thanksgiving day. new competition and there are customers in line. a lot of customers who do want to shop that day otherwise they wouldn't be here. i understand the family angle, but i will tell you the same thing i told my team this morning. they're my family, as well. >> so many shoppers will leave the thanksgiving dinner table and head here. we might as well start calling thanksgiving thanksgivings-getting. but a lot of stores are closed
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today. they include marshall's, home depot, barnes & noble, nordstrom, many others. they're opening up tomorrow giving their workers the holiday off. >> it would take a lot to pull me away from a dinner. >> and the pumpkin pie. >> but you some do. thank you, lauren, very much. well, is this ruining thanksgiving? what don't you like about this, monica? >> well, thanksgiving is celebrated by 88% of americans. it's one of the few holidays that is not secular and frankly, there is no gift required and this is something rich and poor, you can enjoy. so now by throwing gimmicks and deals that you can't refuse to consumers, they have no choice but to try to stretch the holiday dollar and go out and shop. and i think this is a zero zum game for retailers.
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even with the extra shopping day last year, you actually saw black friday sales decline by 2 it.9%. so i'm not sure who this is good for. just seems like a gimmick for me. >> brian, you obviously hate your family. so you have no problem with this. explain. >> well, i wish i was having thanksgiving. but we have to keep in mind here that what are macy's, walmart, best buy, they're publicly traded. so if target decided to keep its stores closed on black thanksgiving while walmart is open, walmart's sales have a better chance of beating their financial guidance and target's stock goes down the tubes. i think next year you'll say black november because they essentially have no choice. and i believe this is a function of very weak wage growth in america because throughout this year, retail land, you're not seeing the consumer double dip during are periods where they have to spend such as back to school. >> but you don't argue that some
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of that buying that is going on is just front loading the sales that would have come anyway? in other words, in the aggregate, it won't make a gi difference? >> i think it shows retailers are scared. they need to get customers into stores as quickly as humanly possible and also keep in mind, too, the physical stores are competing with the web stores. so they want consumers who are shopping around the clock in to the stores, have them shopping more departments than they were last year and get those dollars because they know they may not return toward the end of the season. >> a good point. monica, what duo you think abou people who shop online on thanksgiving day? you're okay with that in. >> absolutely. there are plenty of breaks between the football games. but what brian is saying is correct. is th this is a race to the bottom. they're all just trying to grab share from each other. but when everybody is open, you just have another day that used
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to be a nice day with your family that has turned in to a shopping day. >> well, if the crowds don't keep you away, maybe the protests will because union bank protesters are expected to converge on some 1600 walmart stores. they're demanding higher minimum wage, but will shoppers be so threatened they just pass by walmart? one labor attorney supports the protest. what if it boomerangs on the very workers whose causes you're espousing? >> i don't think it will boomerang. it's about family and food and it's important to say that walmart is one of the leaders in the industry of paying people so little they can barely afford food. >> but still higher than starbucks. >> average wage is about $8.83. it's really still not -- >> did you not like them because they're not union? >> well, that is one reason i don't like them. but the biggest reason is
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because they're the largest employer, they drive down wages in the other industries because they have 1.4 million employees. and because they -- >> they can always go elsewhere. the dollar store is benefiting. >> i'm talking about employees. full-time work, which walmart calls 34 hours a week as opposed to 40, the average worker there is still only earning $15,500 a year. and it's just not enough. >> i see where you're coming from, but the fact of the matter 1 rarely have i walked into a walmart and seen a worker chained to a register or shelf. having said that, i also feel for customers at walmart who want to take advantage of price breaks and stuff that they can't get elsewhere. >> of course. but that shouldn't be on the backs of the people that work there. >> you're assuming they're getting paid pennies on the hour. >> well, because people are paying the taxpayers are paying
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$7.8 billion in public assistance, corporate welfare to one company, to walmart. >> you're saying that's the same of other retailers who might have similar or even lower hourly wages. why do you pick on walmart? >> because they're the largest. because that's where the protests are. >> but they're also the largest supplier to average folks at thanksgiving. >> your own spokesperson back in february said they would consider waging te raising the minimum wage because it will drive more customers in. >> but it's higher than the state's average.wage because it customers in. >> but it's higher than the state's average. what is an acceptable minimum wage to you? in i'll get back to that. but the big problem is not only are they paying a low wage, but they're also not giving full-time work. >> why is it when one opens up,
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300 positions, more than 4 will,000 showed up? why are they doing that if they know it's borderline attica? >> people need jobs, we know that. most of the jobs are being created in the last four years, 44% of them have been service jobs, not at minimum wage necessarily. >> starbucks -- do you like starbucks? >> i like the coffee. >> fine. but maybe it's reflected in the price of the product, but h. but their baristas are paid lower on average minimum wage. i'm curious about how do you pick and choose whose wage is closer to the cause you want toes spouse. >> it's to the an issue not just for walmart and other big box retailers. it's fast food, it'sthe an issu for walmart and other big box retailers. it's fast food, it's low wage industry in general. as more jobs are created in an industry, we have to ask ourselves as a country, what are these jobs --
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>> do you think people in this country are perfectly willing to pay more for a product to pay higher wage? >> i do. >> then how come every time mcdonald's fusses around with its value meal, they lose customers? >> i think that if we want good jobs, if we want a thriving middle class, we might need to pay a little bit more for our burgers. >> isn't that a responsibility about the economy? why are you putting it on walmart? >> wall mamart is emblemattic. i'm not saying that something is inherently evil about walmart that does not apply to other companies like mcdonald's. >> but walmart is the one you're referring to. >> we're talking about the protests hopefully that will be larger than ever on this coming black friday. >> what if walmart raised its
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hourly rate that satisfied you but drove them out of business? >> i don't think that could happen. they could easily absorb the cost. they have spent -- last year they spent -- >> people thought that about peer oier one import and they a went bankrupt. so there is a point you go we want to keep our doors open and theirs damn near closed. >> we can create millions of jobs by raising it $1 an hour. >> no, we're not talking about a dollar. we're talking about jobs that are a dollar over the average and benefits generous by comparison to any compare retailer. >> we want you to be able to pay your bills, not choose between rent and food, basic necessities and have enough for emergencies. just a living wage. >> always good seeing you.
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it is thanksgiving. share the love. she is a great guest around here. immigration activists thankful today after the president's x k executive action. but border sheriffs, let's just say some are more in-climbed to flip the leader the bird. to more places than anybody on earth. we have the speed. we have the technology. and we have the team. we made over 15 billion successful deliveries last year. 15 billion! football has a season. baseball has a season. this is our season.
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and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. forget the surge here. get ready for one down will. arizona sheriff said that is exactly what is about to happen thanks to the president's recent executive order to delay demore tagss for what could be upwards of 5 million illegals. sheriff, you're saying this could escalate too fast. have you seen any evidence of that? >> well, already from last thursday, the president announced 5 million who are eligible for this deferred action and also if they had been here for five years or longer at the same day last thursday, jeh johnson wrote a memo that did being a selling raaccelerate it.
1:15 pm
so what he said, if anybody has been here since january of 2014 it. so what he said, if anybody has been here since january of 2014, they're to receive deferreded action. so that is very different than five years. it's only ten months. >> and you can make up the five year thing. if you're here illegally, i think you're pretty good at faking it anyway. so you think its i'm boldened those who want to get through the border because the getting's good? >> clearly it is. it sends the message that make to the border and you're home free. because there is no enforcement of law. and this directive by jeh johnson that carries out the president's executive order says they will use will i be alley prosecutorial discretion, meaning there is no immigration law and they will invoke it only when the most serious violent offenders for murder and rape and other aggravated crimes will they use the immigration law to finally deport these
1:16 pm
individuals. >> sheriff, when i have you on, and we love having you on, but the white house knows when you're on. and some of my top sources over there, the gardner, the chef, they come back at me and say you should tell the sheriff that dae pore ta deportations are at a record with this president and border security is better than it's ever been under this president. what do you say? >> it's an absolutely. and this is where president bush during his entire eight year, bom loves to compare himself to him, he had anywhere from on the low he said 700,000 up to a million every year sent back to their countries of offer begin. this president, it's 300,000 to 400,000 of year of the six years. so how in addition to this, we thought that this deferred action would only apply to those 20 million illegals who he says are out in our communities living and working and adding value. surprise, surprise, there is another mass prison break, they
1:17 pm
started this past weekend. just in my county, they released from prison 50 illegals who were on their way back to their countries. and so so hundreds across ameri. and these are the ones that have committed additional serious crimes in our communities that were planning to go back to their home country and the president just let them out of jail this past weekend. >> so this idea of weeding out the good from the bad, we're in the doing that. >> not happening. >> that's not good, sheriff. happy thanksgiving nevertheless. >> happy thanksgiving. >> he's on the front lines of all of this. and i would kind of trust his instincts. well, is gruber about to get it again? for get all stupid put downs. why millions are about to pay up big time. and a white christmas is one thing, but a white thanksgiving. just how mean this winter will be. >> i'm very thankful that this nor'easter is out of the way,
1:18 pm
neil, and we'll talk about what will happen on sunday as people try to get home from grandma's place. i'd like to give a wonderful beautiful thanksgiving shoutout to my family in virginia. my mother and father, all the way in virginia, i miss y'all and i'll see y'all soon. the equipment tracking system will get you to the loading dock. ♪ there should be a truck leaving now. i got it. now jump off the bridge. what? in 3...2...1... are you kidding me? go. right on time. right now, over 20,000 trains are running reliably. we call that predictable. thrillingly predictable.
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twin, full, queen, or king - for one low price! and they'll deliver it free. television announcer: the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ...ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend. ♪ mattress discounters i'm worried about the rest of the winter that technically hasn't even arrived. to the woman destroying the holidays for more people than anyone combined, janet dean. i hope you're proud of yourself, young lady. >> i'll try to shovel some people's driveways. >> that might make up for it. >> give me a call. let's take a look at the next
1:22 pm
seven days. i do have some good news. heading into this weekend, things are much calmer relatively speaking. let's look at where we will see cold air. so we're going to see relatively cold air across the midwest, across the ohio river valley and the northeast. the usual areas that we typically see cold weather. but all that really, really, really cold air, it kind of remains bottled up in canada. so is that great news. not great news for our canadian tans, but good news for the u.s.. so forecast highs on friday, around average relatively speaking. 60 in little lock, 44 raleigh, 37 in new york. we'll get a brief shot of arctic air as we head into the weekend7 in new york. we'll get a brief shot of arctic air as we head into the weekend 37 in new york. we'll get a brief shot of arctic air as we head into the weekend. things moderate sunday and monday. so relatively speaking, we're around average as we head into the new workweek and into tuesday. sunday travel heading home from grandma's house, not as bad as it was on wednesday trying to get there, right, with that nor'easter.
1:23 pm
we are going to see the potential for rain across the ohio valley, intear a teeterior, but not too bad along the i-95 corridor. it will be cold across the upper midwest and the northern plains. bru looking good across the south. we did have a new storm that will move into the northwest and bring rainy conditions. the good news is for parts of southern california as we head into sunday. they really need to see the moisture. our winter outlook for the thegs three months starting in december looks like below average temperatures, above average for the west and looks like we could see before average temperatures for new england. and in terms of precipitation, a little more than above average for parts of the southwest done towards the south, mid-atlantic and up towards the new york city area. so again that's three months out. you know i don't like to forecast past five days. so just take it with a grain of salt. happy thanksgiving, my friend. >> oh, yeah. thank you very much.
1:24 pm
well, from cli the matt activists say we actually need to be addressing the issue spending more green to go green to stop the kind of wicked weather we've been seeing. so you're saying, howard, that what is bringing this on is what? >> what is bringing what on? >> the snow. >> the snow that is happening is from a climate tick standpoint you can view that arctic weather, the weather in the arctic istick standpoint you can view that arctic weather, the weather in the arctic is -- temperature is coming up, so you have a vortex like we saw with the polar vortex that actually the hot air rises and pushes that colder air down on top of us, then what happens really in buffalo was the fact that lake erie was 50 degrees warmer than the air temperature. and so when you have warmer air that is coming -- sorry, colder air coming down with warmer water that is there, it produces -- >> i went to school up there, undergrad, and there were no storms all the time like this one. but what i'm saying is why
1:25 pm
didn't this movement stick to global warming? you changed it to climate change. was it bad marketing? >> climate particular, we're seeing changes. the fact is that 2014 it will be the hottest year on record.part seeing changes. the fact is that 2014 it will be the hottest year on record. >> about you some say these are waves that have nothing to do with the overall change in climate as much as climatic shifts. >> of course. something like what happens in buffalo is -- weather is very different than climate. you conditikn can't say look at happened this buffalo, that's proof that climate change or -- >> i understand why you're coming from, but those who share your view told me from where you're sitting now, neil, in a couple winters you'll be wearing bermuda shorts. that frightened you viewer as much as it did me. but what has changed here? you say this is all activity of a warming earth. >> yeah. >> so what about just the cycle argument that meteorologists
1:26 pm
raise that things go in swirls? >> well, of course things happen in swirls. it depends on the or bet of tbi earth. but these are large scale cycles. every 100,000 years depending upon the wobble of -- >> i can remember maybe 30 years ago the big talk was the global freeze. we had one blizzard after another in the late '70s, they were talking about the great freeze to come. the whole world was going to be polarized. >> people thought smoking used to be good for us. >> but the consensus of 90% of the community was that this was a given. this same percentage roughly says it's climate change. i'm not here to be some sort of a cave man. i am here to say when we talk about committing money and resources, much of the world doesn't have to address
1:27 pm
something that might not really be a problem -- >> i don't know that it might not really be a problem. i hear what you're saying, but we understand sood very little about climatic science back then. >> they want us to spend a lot of money to reverse it. >> if take you a look at renewables that will reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, they're on parity with other -- >> actually a lot of those ideas just doing whatever you do cleanly, i think those are all great ideas. but do you worry even when we get an agreement with china and china says we believe you're on to something here, but we won't commit to it seriously for the another 16 years, that we're being hoodwinked? >> no, i don't think we're being hoodwinked. actually if you look at a lot of the environmental regulations that china has, they're much more strict than what we have here. >> have you been there? >> no. they're building a coal fired plant every country he wiple da.
1:28 pm
but if we're wrong and the rate of change that we're seeing, if what you're saying is, hey, you know what, we're wrong, we then have created an energy source that has cleaner air and that has -- >> i'm just not for committing trillions in a we don't have to. >> committing trillions to what in. >> how about all of them. be all in on energy. >> i think we should be. 2013, there were more jobs in solar, in just solar, than there were in all of oil and gas. in the united states. >> you're a great guest. i think have at everything. >> i agree. look, the fact is -- >> it's it time time we with have a group hug. you're a good guest. i appreciate it. when we come back, didn't
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look now, but millions are about to get gruber. the new tax hike that could help republicans looking to kick obamacare out. or are they being duped.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm shannon green. row tester tos and police in ferguson taking a thanksgiving pause after heavy snow and cold weather kept protesters mostly peaceful yesterday.
1:33 pm
meantime police in los angeles and oakland, california arresting dozens last night after ferguson related protests there spiralled in to some incidents of vandalism. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg released from the hospital one day after getting a heart stent. doctors implanted the device after discovering a coronary blockage. she was taken to the hospital tuesday after exercising discomfort while exercising. she's expected back at her desk on monday. big week for the court next week. now back to a special edition of your world with neil cavuto. happy thanksgiving. to his credit, he gets a lot of people saying you can not make this work without the mandate. he says okay, let's do the mandate. and his advisers say this might not be the right thing to do and he says this is what the experts are telling me needs to be done. let's make this happen.
1:34 pm
>> just me, not to be disrespectful, but don't you hear jerry lewis there? i'm sorry. now the obama care architect who is exposing one lie after another on how obamacare was sold will be gathering in front of a house committee. but it could be too little too late for a lot of us. michael. >> yeah, if you're one of the estimated 40 million adults who don't have health insurance, you'll want to listen up. soon you'll have to pay a penalty that starts at $95 and goes up based on your income. the obamacare individual mandate is due to kick in and it was considered a critical component because it spreads health care costs as widely as possible because it enlarges the pool of people who are ensures. the fees, taxes, whatever you want to call them start in early 15. despite all the coverage of president obama and his health care law, many people without insurance claim they didn't know anything about this provision. if you're not happy about it, blame jonathan gruber who said he sold the president on it and now a top democratic senator is
1:35 pm
expressing some regret about obamacare. >> democrats should have continued to propose middle class oriented programs and built on the partial success of the stimulus. but unfortunately, democrats blew the opportunity the american people gave them. we took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem. health care reform. >> once the american people start getting hit with these fine, you can expect the individual mandate will be an early target in a new republican-led congress. >> mike, thank you very much. all of this making my next guest jolly as in congressman david jolly. it seems to sort of signal, i guess, that we're on the go slope plan to fixing this. can you hear me, congressman? >> i sure can. yes. happy thanksgiving to you. >> what do you make of these revelations that at least with
1:36 pm
gruber testifying, getting ready for that, the administration is still going to stick by the overall plan itself and certainly not make major alteratio alterations? >> well, listen, this is a president who has surrounded himself by advisers who have referred to in their words stupidity of the american people. i take a very different view. i know my republican colleagues do. many democrats, do. we believe the american people are smart enough to make health care coverage decisions for themselves. i've offered a very simple bill. two pages. every member of congress can read it before we pass it. it repeals and rekrinds the individual mandate that says we trust the american people to make health care coverage decisions for themselves. >> now, do you think you have enough bipartisan support where the president who would probably reject that, that you could actually override that? >> well, i don't know if we can override it. i think we can get it passed. we've already passed a repeal to
1:37 pm
the individual mandate in the house once. i think we can get the senate to do it, as well. and the elections taught us one thing as republicans. the american people want to see common sense solutions. we can't expect the president to repeal obama care. we know that. but we can expect him to meet us halfway. and say, you know, what for the american people who like obamacare, about if you like your obamacare, you can keep it. but if not, we're going to defend and empower and entrustir obamacare, you can keep it. but if not, we're going to defend and empower and entrust s american people to make their own decisions. i think the president can meet us halfway on that particularly considering all that we know now about how they rammed this through, not trust the american people. >> and they rammed it through with numbers that didn't add up. and we even have on tape gruber saying a lot of this idea of premium savings would never be realized. and even after the revelations came to light, the administration saying as much as health care costs have gone up, they would have gone up a lot more without it. how can they say that? >> listen, the president misled
1:38 pm
us on guantanamo, on the middle east, on immigration. he misled us on obamacare. he said your premiums would go done. they have gone up. there is a small business in my strict that just got their annual premium increase to next year. it's 33%. and the notice says that it's because of obamacare. if you're an adult male 21 to 29, it goes up 112% next year because the president and his advisers like gruber have turned economics, the law of economics on its head and suggests the heavy hand of government knows better how to design the cost of health care in this country. i disagree. if people like obamacare, keep it. if not, you get to choose. >> be interesting what they decide to do. congressman, thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. thank you. well, when most of us are spending time with family, some thoughts on a not so easy time on families in ferguson, missouri and the quest for peace
1:39 pm
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it's been a crazy week. looking at these scenes of violence out of ferguson today, anyone and everyone kind of looking for peace. some solace in the middle of all this. easier said than done. you hear the line how would god allow this. what do you say? >> that's a great intro. and i think probably this weekend is a great opportunity to celebrate the fact that we live in the best country in the world, a country everybody wants to come to. which is part of our immigration problem. every church, every mosque, every synagogue should talk about this in the since of addressing racism because it's real, talking about it as a sin that it is, because it is, but also challenging what the solution should be and violence is never the answer. in the catholic church, we have not many people, a few people who did crazy things years a go against abortion clinics.
1:43 pm
and i love that my church and leadership said that's not pro-life. you can't be violent against people you disagree with. you have to work it out. and i wish the same standard would apply thousand where leaders in the white and black community would say violence is never the answer. we almost never talk about violence from the pulpit and we should. >> something must explain 98% of whites feeling that the gland jury verdict was just fine, 98% feeling just the opposite. but on a bigger point, i had someone said neil, i'll tell you what the problem is, we've forgotten god. we've for fwt gotten moral valu. she was making an indictment of blacks and whites. every color in between. and that that is what leads to this kind of friction. what duo you think of that in. >> all religions believe god is
1:44 pm
a god of peace and love and reckon still krags. if that is true, you can't be a part of this violence and call yourself a god centered person. i think there is a divide between what i do in church, what i do in mosque, what i do in temple, versus the rest of my life. >> what do you you say to parishioners who make a donation, listen dutifully to whatever homily you're giving, and then just go back to their same back stabbing ways? >> i tell them it won't get to us heaven. if it's not consistent with what i do in church matches what i live in my real life, i know the classic cliché is watch the people trying to get out of the parking lot. myself, i get behind the wheel of a car and i know i'm no longer a priest and christian. >> you always hear all denominations, attendance is down, enthusiasm is down, young people aren't into it. >> not in my church. >> you're a very good speaker. that makes a big difference. but in thing a gri ge ing a gra
1:45 pm
something going on? >> there is a disconnect and part of it is our open fault. in my church, the problem is we haven't done a lot for young people. we've been happy with the fact church is largely supported by people my age and orlandol an o. but when you introduce the real message of jesus christ, what a young thing can be. on my radio show, i asked the writer, the world lived by the teachings of jesus, we'd be a much more loving and peaceful place. that message of god spell is something our kids need to hear, but they're not. we need to reach out to them. >> there there is something you're doing right. your radio show gets them all together. all types. so there is a way. >> thank you. >> it can be done.
1:46 pm
father, happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, my friend. >> we did pretty good. we didn't want to curse. anyway, drivers may be getting a break at the pump today, because flyers -- why airlines are still pumping up the prices and leaving us turkeys high and dry. and the good father says if they keep doing that, they will all go to hell. real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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want turkey? will travel. aaa proceed jekts 46 million are traveling at least 50 miles from their home. what is the rise due to? >> today people are giving thanks for the lowest gas pri in five years here in car happy california. this arco station is selling
1:50 pm
regular unleaded for $2.79 a gallon. and all day long, we've seen long lines of happy travelers filling up like paul austin headed to l.a.. >> as long as you can save a little bit of money, the better. so i'm travel to go see family. so this is really good. $46, usually i pay about $$60, $70. >> reporter: 46 million travelers over the four day weekend represent a 4.2 increase over last year and the highest level since 2007. for almost 90%, 41.3 million people this year's thanksgiving celebration means taking a road trip and more than 3.5 million are flying. both those numbers up from last thanksgiving. but despite lower fuel prices, there is no break if you're taking to the skies. airfares are up about 1%. as the major carriers continue to adjust the number of flights to fall just short of demand and
1:51 pm
keep their planes full. still, analysts say americans are more optimistic about the economy and have more disposable income. and that combined with the nice low gas prices, neil, is really what is fueling the thanksgiving holiday travel rush. >> some good news there. thank you very much. they're the reason actually we can be safe at home and the most we can do is whine about gas prices. but now from giving thanks to giving back. these heros, the genuine heros, are going to show us exactly how you do that.
1:52 pm
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because we do. we're exxonmobil... and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here.
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i'm deployed with the united states air force in kabul. i want to wish my family and friends in brab cndon, mississi happy thanksgiving. i'll be home soon. >> must be tough. if i way, from isis to delivering backup in ferguson, members of our national guard are always there too keep us
1:55 pm
safe. so on this day that is all about giving thanks, these two guests will help show us how. jeremy and nancy are with the wounded warrior project. it's been around for a little more than a decade. nancy is also a wounded warrior herself. she's a u.s. marine and was injured while serving in iraq. jeremy was so impressed with what wounded warriors was trying to do that he quickly joined up to help lead that cause. welcome to both of you. >> thank you for having us. >> we do for get our warriors sometimes. i was saying during the break from the return from battle, everyone welcomes you and special greetings. and then forgotten. does that happen to you? >> not really. the wars continue to go on. it's kind of hard for americans to -- working with wounded warrior and the efrpvents that
1:56 pm
do, i see it every day, the outpouring of love that this country has given to us and the warriors. >> what happened to you? >> i was stationed in iraq from 2004 to 2005. before i was about to go home, i was in an explosion and unfortunately due to the explosion, i ended up losing my right eye. >> incredible. and you had toeded a just. >> it took me almost 2 1/2 years to get back to where i need to get back to. going through the rehabilitation, all the operations. it was really hard for me to look at myself in the mirror and see me. >> you look pretty good-bye the way. but jeremy, you got involved for this reason. wounded warriors was really brn of t born of the iraq war. >> yeah. we started 11 years ago right
1:57 pm
after 9/11. began hearing the reports of casualties coming back and a group of our founders really wanted to firsthand get involved and started packing backpacks and went down to walter reed at the time and dropped hose batho backpacks off to the newly returned wounded. and before they could get back to their home in roanoke, virginia, they had a call for more backpacks unfortunately. and from there, we've now grown to as you mentioned, we serve over 60,000 wounded warriors. >> how was it being done prior? obviously our wounded vets were being looked after, but how in. >> there weren't really as many wounded vets. we were this peace time before 9/11. >> that's true. >> so the system wasn't in place because it wasn't necessary. >> is that what happened, all the influx of iraq and afghanistan veterans coming in? >> definitely coming out of the woodwork. and now you have persian gulf veterans and even vietnam veterans coming in wanting to put their claims in, wanting to
1:58 pm
get the benefits they rightfully deserve. so it's overflooding the system. sbl i've ta >> i've talked to a lot of veterans who say we feel we're being for fwt gotten. they don't say it on camera. it's their duty, their responsibility, and they just suck it up. do you ever get to a point where you say ouch, that treatment hurts? >> absolutely. it took me seven years to get the disability that i needed. >> why so long? >> the backup of the claims, the constant denials. it takes so long. and i -- >> i would think yours would be an open and shut case. >> that's what a lot of us think. but it's really hard to get the disability that we need. i was lucky enough to come from a very supportive family where i have a home to come home to and where a lot of now we're struggling with the homelessness of warriors. >> when you look at the
1:59 pm
attention given to the wounded warriors project, when we send our men and women off to battle, it sounds so heroic, american boots on the ground, got for do this and that, we didn't think of the simply indications of that. >> i think it's better than it's ever been. you hear the stories of our vietnam vets coming back and having to change out of their uniforms and certainly that's not the case anymore. we view ourselves at the wounded warrior project really as a con due it for t conduit for the american people to give back and thank you for your service and thank you for the sacrifices that you made mentally, physically, whatever the case may be. one of our tag lines is the greatest casualties being forgotten. and we're here to make sure that that certainly doesn't happen as much takes has in the past. >> and how are you holding up? >> it's been ten years. i recently married this past may. >> congratulations. >> i finished up my master's degree.
2:00 pm
it was a struggle, but it was a struggle i was happy to go through. i couldn't think of living another life and people always definitely would go back. >> happy thanksgiving. to you, as well. good luck. hello, everybody. happy thanksgiving. i'm bob beckel along with eric bolling, dana perino, and ray gut if he would. it's 5:00 in morning city and this is the five.if he would. it's 5:00 in morning city and this is the five. >> happy turkey day about that we have a fun show tonight. in just a moment, we'll go to -- it's our annual tradition and we'll tell you who our own turkeys of the year are. but first, we thought you might enjoy a little thanksgiving humor from jim gatigen. >> thanksgiving is intended to be about gratitude. thank god there is a day for us to focus on being grateful


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