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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 28, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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it is black friday, november 28th. the dash for deals! the biggest shopping day of the year is here, and with it, bargains. we have live team coverage. all right. and buried under snow for hours. this is an incredible survival story of two young boys. how they almost did not make it out alive. and instant karma. a man gets what he deserves -- >> whoa! >> -- when a car crashes right into him. what happened just seconds before. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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♪ cold beer on a friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right ♪ ♪ and the radio up >> "chicken fried"? it should say turkey fried after yesterday. hope you had a good one with your family. happy black friday! you made it through the week. i'm ainsley earhardt. >> and a lot of people will be hitting times square, also across the country. thank you for starting your day with "fox & friends first." the biggest shopping day of the year is here, as we mentioned. early birds skipping out thanksgiving dinner to cash in on black friday bargains. >> but with those bargains, of course, come the brawls. anita vogel is here now with all the chaos across the country. >> hi there, ladies. it is competitive out there! walmart, best buy and macy's just a few stores opening their doors on what's becoming known as black thursday. people lining up as early as thanksgiving eve rushing into stores to snatch up those deals. and it didn't take long for bargain hunters to start brawls over the hot deals.
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in michigan city, indiana, three people fought over $88 subwoofer speakers. >> that is crazy. oh, man. [ bleep ] >> oh, my goodness. other walmart stores reporting people fighting for $29 tablets and $5 barbie dolls. it got so bad in houston, texas, police were called in! >> back up, back up! back up! everybody get back! >> and the black thursday chaos popping up overseas as well in the uk, where two girls brawl over lingerie at an urban outfitters store.
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>> that's what you call a cat fight. there's good news, though, on top of this madness. macy's ceo announcing a historic record-breaking shopping day with more than 15,000 people showing up at the herald square store here in new york city. and walmart officials saying they saw 22 million customers throughout the day. black friday deals continue this morning. so, if you're heading out, just make sure you're safe and try to be nice. >> yes, try to be. anita, thank you so much. boom or bust, the annual black friday shopping tradition, is it losing its luster? doug luzader's live at the pentagon city mall in arlington with more on that. doesn't appear to be the case, at least not what anita had to say. doug? >> reporter: good morning, heather. yeah, you know, we're kind the a the predawn lull right now, but they expect things to pick up
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again here in the next couple of hours or so. the economy may not be doing gangbusters, but it is improving, and retailers hope that some positive consumer sentiment out there will help open up some wallets between now and christmas. whether they started today or yesterday, most of the nation's retailers are wide open for business, and some shoppers are, as always, enduring some sharp elbows in a hunt for those friday-only bargains. >> they're pushing you. you're trying to go that way. it's kind of tough. you've got to have an athletic spirit. >> reporter: and there is reason for retailers to hope for extra holiday cheer this year. >> i think this year, consumers are very optimistic to spend on the holidays and particularly there are a lot of things in their favor. i think gas prices is certainly helping. retailers are being very promotional this year. >> reporter: but has black friday lost a bit of its cache? it now has thursday, thanksgiving to compete with, and last year that took a big bite out of friday's sales figures. plus, some online retailers are
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offering so-called black friday deals for weeks. for some shoppers, the black friday experience may become something more of a hybrid, a combination of the brick-and-mortar experience along with a healthy dose of technology via your smartphone. >> you can take a look at certain products that you're searching for to see where it's in stock. so, hopefully, you can save yourself a bit of time and trouble sitting in traffic by going exactly where that product is going to be. >> reporter: now, we talk about the kind of expansion of black friday. in years past, this mall opened up at 6:00 a.m. on black friday, but instead, this year they opened up at 6:00 p.m. last night to take advantage of those folks that finished up with thanksgiving and decided to go on a quick shopping spree. and they said they were pretty busy until around midnight last night and then things slowed down a little bit. and again, they think things are going to pick up in the next hour or so. >> you'll be there. get ready! boxing gloves on. >> reporter: bracing myself. >> yeah, you should. hold on. thank you, doug. new this morning, dozens of
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those ferguson protesters interrupting shoppers inside a walmart. >> don't shoot him! >> hands up! >> they're calling for a black friday boycott in the wake of the grand jury decision in the michael brown case. and jarrett kenny is live outside of walmart in bridgeton, missouri, one of the stores being targeted. garrett? >> reporter: yeah, we're about 12 minutes down the road from ferguson right now, and shops along west florissant avenue are still closed after the destructive riots earlier this week, but really, across the rest of st. louis, businesses are open today. and the good news is that thanksgiving was a rather quiet, peaceful day here across st. louis. there were zero arrests. it was the first night that we've had that happen since monday in the grand jury's announcement there. but last night, as stores opened up, there were some protesters that showed up that wanted their voices to be heard.
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>> black friday is something that's real big in america. you know, millions of people go out and shop, so that's another way to grab people's attention, so i completely understand why they're trying to do it. >> theit's all right to protest their opinion as long as they don't interfere with other people's rights to carry on with their business as well. >> reporter: so, that is how shoppers felt about these protesters who would come into these walmarts and local businesses. they would be there, chant for a few minutes, a couple of them would buy a few things, and then move on to the next store. so, these were the peaceful protesters we've seen really for the last three months, not those out committing criminal acts on monday and tuesday. but really, on west florissant avenue, those businesses are still closed. they will be closed today. you saw a lot of folks, though, coming out yesterday, helping to board up those stores that were broken into. local artists came out as well to help decorate and beautify those shops, really help to
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brighten up what had been an otherwise dreary week. here outside this walmart, though, ainsley, people we talked to, they are not worried about security issues here, despite the ongoing protests that we've seen. they're just worried about getting those deals. >> all right. thank you, garrett. there are still problems in ferguson, seven protesters arrested trying to disrupt the macy's thanksgiving day parade. you can see the men and women knocking down metal barricades while others smashed a window of an office building. #stoptheparade trending on twitter. as protesters planned this new wave of chaos. and check out this pair. they planned to bomb the gateway arch in st. louis and murder ferguson's police chief and prosecutor after the fate of officer darren wilson was announced. a stunning, new report says that two members of the new black panther party were arrested last week trying to carry out the attack. the men bought what they
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believed to be a pipe bomb from undercover officers, but they couldn't buy any more because they didn't have enough money on their ebt cards. a confession to murder. the stepfather of missing pennsylvania mom telling police that he killed the mother of three. her name is jessica padgett. she went missing november 21st, last seen heading to her stepfather's business in pennsylvania where she worked part time. gregory graff confessed to shooting the 33-year-old mother and burying her behind his shed. he is now charged with murder. the motive is not yet known. and the chapel at the flight 93 memorial in shanksville is closed after a fatal car crash. one vehicle hitting the chapel wall, severely damaging the outside. various september 11th mementos are stored inside. this accident is on the heels of a fire at that memorial last month, ruining some of the memorabilia and burning four buildings. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg released from the
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hospital and back at home. the 81-year-old justice underwent a heart procedure earlier this week after doctors found a blockage in one of her arteries. she's expected to return to the bench on monday. president obama expressing his gratitude to our men and women in uniform on thanksgiving. the commander in chief making one-on-one phone calls with at least one representative from each service as well as troops serving in west africa. outgoing secretary of defense, chuck hagel, also calling a number of service members that are deployed overseas. and if you celebrated thanksgiving at the white house, it must be with a lot of pie. the first family having their pick of six different pies. banana cream, pumpkin pie, apple, pecan, cherry and coconut cream. also on the menu there, turkey, ham and green bean casserole. the president, the first and their daughters taking time to serve food to those less fortunate as well. thanksgiving featured a football feast in the late game.
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super bowl champ seattle seahawks taking on the san francisco 49ers. richard sherman grabbing two interceptions as the seahawks cruised to a 19-3 win. to dallas, where the cowboys were taking on the philadelphia eagles. quarterback mark sanchez throwing for a touchdown and adding one on the ground as the eagles easily win 33-10. demand detroit, the lions versus the bears. chris johnson having a huge game, pulling in two touchdown passes. lions win 34-17. believe it or not, record heat in the west and a cold weekend here in the east. >> so, what is on tap for the weekend? maria is tracking that in the weather center. >> good morning, heather and ainsley. we're seeing moderation in those extreme temperatures. we're going to see temperatures in the west cooling and the temperatures across portions of the east are going to become warmer over the next couple days. but for today, another cold one across portions of the east. windchill temperatures on the chilly side. in the teens right now in
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cleveland and chicago. and a little farther west, minneapolis frigid, 5 below zero is what it currently feels like as you head outdoors. so, if you're doing some shopping outside, bundle up. and of course, once you head inside, you can take the layers off. farther west, denver, not bad, in the 40s. and 50s for your windchills in places like phoenix. high temperatures staying chilly out there across parts of the northeast and great lakes, highs in the 30s and 20s. and as far as any precipitation goes, we do have some lingering snow showers, especially off of the great lakes and other snow showers out across portions of new england. there is some light accumulation expected around the boston area and areas farther north into new hampshire and portions of southern maine. so, that's something to watch out for. so, slick conditions on roadways. otherwise, in the pacific northwest, more moisture moving in. the radar looks very similar to what it looked like yesterday with rain in places like seattle, portland, and also some higher elevation snowfall across parts of the northern rockies. heather and ainsley? >> thank you, maria. it is 12 minutes after the
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top of the hour. a hole on the holiday. what sent all of that water shooting into the sky just as people were heading home from thanksgiving dinner? and a rough life for this police canine. why he's now out of a job. and from tools to toys and everything in between, what not to buy this black friday.
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♪ rolling stones this morning. all right, listen to this story. two boys in upstate new york getting trapped under a lot of snow after they built a snow fort. here's the video of the neighbors and police out there trying to help. a plow accidentally pushing snow on top of their fort. the boys were inside, stuck underneath all that snow in 20-degree weather for about four hours. neighbors and police were able to finally get them out after they spotted a half-buried
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shovel in the snow. at the hospital and they are doing fine. how is this for thanksgiving for one california neighborhood, after a water main break causes a massive sinkhole and geyser, shooting 100 feet into the air. look at that! this is the pacific coast highway in malibu. shut it down for five hours while crews repaired the break. nearby neighborhoods also getting flooded, but so far, no reports of any damage. wine country rocked again by an earthquake. a magnitude 3.1 quake hitting napa county. that's about five miles northeast of sonoma. no reports of any damage, but that wasn't the case three months ago when the area was hit by a massive 6.0 earthquake that caused $400 million in property damage. the wine industry left $80 million in the hole. the start of the christmas shopping season means children, it's time to start making those lists for santa. and of course, topping all of the kids' lists this year, toys. fox business network reporter
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rich etson is live at the flagship store in new york. it's empty there! >> reporter: they're getting there. who likes ninja turtles? everybody. yeah, mom and dad, get ready for that sound all winter long. it's one of the top sellers, like a stretch armstrong/ninja turtle mix. they expect tens of thousands of folks to be here. we're in times square. they've hired 45,000 seasonal workers and we've got a toy tow truck. what kid doesn't like to tow stuff? here we go. >> all right, load me up! >> here we go. i promise. >> moving out! >> reporter: needs little help. there it is. anyway, national retail federation expects 140 million shoppers today. over the weekend, 95 million today, 140 million over the next three days.
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we'll leave you guys with this thing. back to you. >> heather and i want you to bring it back. we need that to take to the grocery store, clean the house. that is awesome. thanks, rich. great to see you this morning. well, now it's time to "brew on this." is black friday actually the shopping worth it? what is the best deal you've ever gotten? >> that's a great question. send your comments to us on facebook, twitter or e-mail, and we'll read some of those later in the show. >> the time now is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, getting out of gitmo. another group of prisoners about to be freed. what we've just learned about the new round of releases. and the best on black friday. exactly which retail stores are offering the must-have deals. ♪
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good morning, and welcome back to "fox & friends first." the pentagon prepping to release more detainees from guantanamo bay. last week, six prisoners were released with defense officials saying that more transfers will come in december. the pentagon keeping quiet on exact numbers. president obama has promised to close the detention center since he took office. as of now, 142 detainees remain. well, if you're out shopping today taking advantage of black friday deals, you might be able to pick up some health insurance, courtesy of obamacare. malls in eight different states will see health care navigators out and about handing out fliers to try to get people enroll, but do not expect a discount on this black friday. it is offered at full price. some black friday bargains not all they're cracked up to
2:24 am
be, apparently. our expert on this, lauren simonetti from fox business is here with what not to buy today. >> hi, ainsley. good morning, everybody! you may want to hold off on some items like winter gear. it goes on deep discounts in the new year. and exercise equipment, the best time to buy that, in january, when everyone's on a diet. some of the better smart tvs see discounts around the super bowl. price watchers say tool prices drop closer to christmas. and this one surprised me, toy prices drop more two weeks before christmas. something to take note of as you're shopping today. here is a deal, however, that you may want to take advantage of right now. apple is giving away itunes gift cards to benefit the aids charity red. if you buy an ipad or iphone, you get a $50 gift card, mac buyers get $100, and an ipod, apple tv or beats by dre, it's another gift card. and here's where you can find the best black friday deals. sears is giving you just over half off on all your purchases.
2:25 am
next is meijer department stores. if you want more delicious food, get it there and save almost 51%. rite aid is slashing prices and offering a 53% discount. next, macy's, almost 54% off all that new clothing. and finally, jcpenney, where you can see a whopping 65% discount on major items just in time for christmas. on wall street, we have down arrows for the dow and s&p, but remember, we did hit record highs back on wednesday. the nasdaq's looking a little bit better today and the market closes early. ainsley, back to you. >> okay, thank you. to find our lauren on the fox business network, logon to well, after plans to get rid of one city's so-called ugly christmas tree, reading, pennsylvania, now keeping it and giving it the charlie brown treatment. the branches will be decorated with one red ornament, just like
2:26 am
the scrawny tree in the beloved movie "a charlie brown christmas." that special ceremony taking place december 6th. it is now 25 minutes after the top of the hour. mixing faith and french fries? why one group wants to put a mcdonald's inside a church. and don't get scammed this holiday shopping season. from coupons to shipping and even charities, what you need to look out for. but first -- what a great song. take a moment. ♪ first, on this day in 1893, new zealand became the first country in which women could vote in a national election. and in 1925, the grand ole opry began broadcasting in nashville, tennessee.
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get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®. it is friday. it's november 28th. a desperate search for a college football player vanishing days before the big rivalry game. what this ohio state senior's parents are now saying. and ready, set, shop! the dash for deals and the
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brawls for bargains. what you need to know before you brave the crowds. and a bright record just in time for the holidays. where you can find the largest christmas lights display ever. >> wow! >> "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ look at that. what a beautiful morning in new york city. see the american flags and the christmas lights there in the background. and good morning to you. it is the day after thanksgiving. that, of course, means it is black friday! i'm heather childers. >> and i'm ainsley earhardt. we're sucking in our stomachs this morning. ate a lot of good food yesterday. let's talk more about thanksgiving, the biggest shopping day of the year is here.
2:31 am
>> three, two, one! >> and so you can run off all that turkey, early birds skipping out on thanksgiving dinner, some of them to cash in on black friday bargains, but with the bargains, yeah, come some brawls. >> wow. anita vogel here now with the chaos across the country. anita, you caught a lot of this on camera. >> yeah. i think it's madness out there, basically. you know, a lot of stores, walmart, best buy and macy's just a few now that are opening their doors on what's becoming known as black thursday. noer get about black thursday. people lining up thanksgiving eve, rushing into stores to snatch up those deals, and it didn't take long for bargain hunters to start brawls over the hot deals, like $29 tablets and $5 barbie dolls. it got so bad in houston, texas, they had to call the police in. >> back up! back up!
2:32 am
everybody back up! >> look at that. it's just packed. in michigan city, indiana, three people fought over $88 subwoofer speakers. >> oh, man. [ bleep ] >> bring your boxing gloves. the black thursday chaos popping up overseas in the uk, where two girls brawl over lingerie at an urban outfitters store. >> oh, but there is some good news on top of all this madness. macy's ceo announcing a historic record-breaking shopping day with more than 15,000 people showing up at the herald square store right here in new york city. and walmart officials saying they saw 22 million customers throughout the day. black friday deals continue this morning, so if you're heading
2:33 am
out, make sure you're safe and definitely bring your wallet. ladies? >> all right, great. thank you so much, anita, if you dare, right? as the black friday sales do continue all across the country, retailers are wondering, is the biggest shopping day of the year losing its luster? doug luzader is live inside a mall. i'm looking for all the people. is it not open yet, doug? >> reporter: no, it is open, ainsley. it's not super busy right now. this is a little bit of the lull, they think, before things pick up again around 6:00 a.m. and in years past, this mall would open up at 6:00 a.m. this morning. instead, they opened up at 6:00 p.m. last night, kind of this expansion of black friday. the national retail federation thinks that about 67 million people intend to shop between thursday and sunday, which is kind of that expanded black friday opening weekend. that's down a bit from last year, but retail analysts think that this could be a pretty good year overall. >> i think this year, consumers are very optimistic, at least to
2:34 am
spend on the holidays, and particularly there are a lot of things moving in their favor. i think that gas prices is certainly helping. retailers are being very promotional this year. >> reporter: now, black friday has become kind of black thursday as well, so this may get watered down a little bit. the "wall street journal" is also quick to point out that black friday sales figures are not always the best indicator for how the christmas shopping season's going to be overall. heather. >> all right, doug luzader, thank you. well, new this morning, dozens of ferguson protesters interrupting shoppers inside a walmart. >> don't shoot him! >> hands up! >> they're calling for a boycott of businesses nationwide on the busiest shopping day of the year, this as volunteers clean up the community, painting boards that cover broken windows at one local store. more than 60 businesses were
2:35 am
looted, vandalized or burned to the ground. and a desperate search after an ohio state university football player walks out of his apartment in the middle of the night and hasn't been heard from since. senior costa kerageorge seen leaving his apartment around 2:00 a.m. wednesday morning, reportedly upset about something. his family says that the 6'3", 270-pound defensive lineman has a history of concussions and sometimes becomes disoriented. this coming just days before the ohio state/michigan rivalry game. plenty of new regulation for this nation this holiday season. the white house is planning almost 3,500 new rules. >> fox news correspondent shannon breen with the wave of federal intrusion into your life. >> i think the regulatory environment in this country is the number one competitive threat for american businesses. >> reporter: and they should brace for even more. the administration has issued its newest list of planned federal regulations. behind schedule and on the
2:36 am
friday before a holiday. and there are more than 3,000 potential new rules to decipher. proposals in the regulatory pipeline include an obamacare-linked measure that would require nutrition labelling on foods sold at sporting venues, bowling alleys and on vending machines. and an epa water regulation proposal that would give it increased control over your private land. nearly 200 of the regulations proposed this year are estimated to come with a bill of more than $100 million in annual impacts each. >> the average compliance costs for a manufacturer is about $20,000 per employee per year. if you're a small manufacturer, that cost goes up to $35,000 per employee per year. >> reporter: costs that are passed on to consumers at a rate of $15,000 per household every year. when i asked the administration earlier this year about the ongoing deluge of regulatory activity, emery kaine of the office of management and budget told me, "the administration is
2:37 am
committed to a regulatory strategy that maintains a balance between protecting the health, welfare and safety of americans and promoting economic growth, job creation, competitiveness and innovation." critics say congress isn't without blame, noting that lawmakers have advoca abdicated their responsibility to bureaucrats, issuing rules for how laws are to be implemented. in 2013, just 72 bills were signed into law, but federal agencies issued nearly 3,700 regulations. heather and ainsley, back to you. >> thank you, shannon. remember this pot-loving reporter that went out with a bang? >> and as for this job, well, not that i have a choice, but [ bleep ] it, i quit. >> well, after quitting her job to work toward legalizing marijuana in alaska, charlo green is now under investigation for allegedly violating campaign finance laws. green started an online fund-raising campaign to fight for the legalization of
2:38 am
marijuana. they are looking now to see if she donated any of that money to push the ballot measure without reporting it to the state commission. and a divorce payment in london makes one american woman richer than the queen of england. jamie cooper-hahn was awarded about $530 million in a settlement, making it the largest payout in england's histo history. but her lawyers are considering an appeal for even more money. her ex-husband, sir chris hahn, is the head of an investment fund worth more than $4 billion. big changes from coast to coast for your weekend weather. >> maria molina's tracking it all in the weather center. >> hey, everyone. we're tracking a big change in the weather pattern in terms of temperatures. overall, precipitation looks very quiet across the country, but we had very warm temperatures yesterday, especially across parts of southern california and cold temperatures across the east. you still do have that cold air
2:39 am
across the east for at least two more days, today and also into saturday. take a look at some of these current windchill temperatures. you're currently feeling like it's the 20s as you head out the door in new york city, teens in chicago and cleveland and 5 below zero is what it feels like in minneapolis. but the cold stretches farther west as well. in atlanta, you're looking at temperatures in georgia that feel like they're in the 20s. so, you've got to bundle up as you head out. a great day to spend it indoors in the mall. otherwise, high temperatures, again, below average across the east. you're seeing highs in the 30s in new york city and only in the 40s in atlanta and also in raleigh, north carolina. heather and ainsley, we do have scattered snow showers across the great lakes and into parts of the northeast. a couple inches of accumulation possible in places like boston and also across northwestern wisconsin and across the pacific northwest, another storm system bringing in areas of rain for cities like seattle and portland and some higher elevation snowfall across parts of montana. let's head over to you. >> sounds good. thanks, maria. >> thank you. well, meet america's new top
2:40 am
dog. >> the best in show winner is the bloodhound. >> david, you were right. you were right. >> nathan the bloodhound taking home the title of best in show at this year's national dog show. he beat out frida the french bulldog, but the new champ isn't the only pooch making headlines. >> oh! >> oh, oh, we've had an intruder has crossed the ring. let's put us in lockdown right now. [ laughter ] >> oh, look at this little miniature pinscher making a run for it, escaping his handler in the middle of the competition. >> he stole the show! >> so cute, that doesn't matter. >> that's so cute. it's 20 minutes until the top of the hour. forget the mall. it's not just the electronics and the doorbusters today. why guns and pot are big sellers today. and a whopper of a fine. the incredible discovery inside a burger king and what the assistant manager did next that will make you have faith in humanity. ♪ when it comes to medicare, everyone talks
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are you ready? the holiday shopping season now officially under way, and with it, a lot of this and a warning about a lot of scams to rip you off. first, not every black friday deal is really a deal. sometimes, retailers will inflate their original price to make the sales seem better, so do your research. beware of coupon scams, savvy cyber criminals issue fake online coupons to lure you on to malicious sites to steal your information. do not click on them. online shopping means that you need shipping, but some sites send out fake shipping information. always make sure that it goes straight to a website like u.p.s. or fedex. and scammers have been known to make up a fake charity. before you donate, do your homework. make sure that it is a legitimate site. and everyone, of course, loves those adorable e-cards, but make sure that you choose a
2:45 am
well-known site. scammers set up malware that will infect not only your computer, but also the ones that you send the cards to. ainsley? well, heather, some people are shopping for tvs today or the best, new gadgets, but another hot item flying off the shelves today, guns. the fbi background checks have surged on black fridays the past two years. at least 145,000 in one day alone. the agency even bringing in 100 more staffers to get through all of them thoroughly. some people in colorado forgetting all about black friday. pot shops there are going for green friday. dispensaries around the state offering different deals today. one denver store is selling ounces of marijuana for $50, $200 off the original price. this is the first black friday since the state legalized pot. it's another example of black friday extremes. if you don't feel like waiting in lines, you can pay someone to do it for you. shoppers reportedly paying people $22 an hour to hold a spot for them just so they can score the biggest deals.
2:46 am
and the biggest payoff, to use someone like this, apparently, for places where you can save hundreds on electronics. >> really? you pay them $22 an hour, but then that defeats the purpose of going out and saving. >> right. >> all right, maybe you're buying a huge item. australia is shining brightly. this christmas lights display in the capital city of canberra breaking the world record for the largest ever l.e.d. image display. >> it features 1.2 million christmas lights. look at that! the multicolored strains run 75 miles long! >> wow. >> and a local dad is behind all this. he put them up with an army of volunteers. the sparkling sight isn't just nice to look at, either. it's to help raise money for a local charity. >> well, in that case, beautiful. it is 46 minutes after the top of the hour. criminal karma. a man hit by a car after committing a crime. what happened just seconds before. >> and forget the headache. the new drug that could make
2:47 am
hangovers a thing of the past. but first, let's check in with clayton morris for what's coming up on "fox & friends." hopefully, you had a good thanksgiving. >> we did. i think i need that hangover serum. both need that this morning. good morning to you. we're tracking all the black friday madness, live around the country. and obamacare coming to a mall near you? a push to get you signed up at your favorite shopping spot. plus, before you head out, the scams to look out for in the shopping world. there are a lot of them this year. and don't know what to do with those thanksgiving leftovers? there are plenty of them. forget the turkey sandwich. that's dry and old news. we'll show you the cocktails you can make with them. "fox & friends" starts in about 13 minutes. stay with us. hey matt, what's up?
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i'm just looking over the company bills. is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits.
2:50 am
wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business.
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>> shoppers all across the country braving those long lines for black friday bargains. wager reporter nicole estefan is outside brand smart electronics in atlanta and it is just about to open. hey, nicole. >> good morning. it is just about to open and these fine folks braving the cold here. only 28 degrees in atlanta, something we're not used to but we see folks who will brave just about anything for those deals but we have to talk about the most obvious thing here. long lines are typically the hallmark of black friday. when we drove up this morning there was no one in line. it was about 4 a.m. we were thinking is black friday extinct? of course these fine folks showed up and reminds someone of the $9 billion folks spent. the tide is changing because stores are opening
2:52 am
earlier and earlier thanksgiving night. folks tell us they were out at 6 p.m. last night, went home and got rest and were back this morning to get more deals. it's not that people aren't spending as much. it is just that that spending is spread out. these folks are waiting for doors to open at 6 a.m. we talked to retailers in the area and they said we still have a lot of deals out there. they haven't been scooped up. of course they're urging folks to come out and see what they have and these guys are ready for the deals. the top item in our area of course, tv's. >> thank you, nicole. communion wafers with a side of fries. a project is aiming to build a mcdonald's in a philadelphia church. it was started by three friends who said it is the way to capture modern audiences and bring them back to the church. so far their indi go go
2:53 am
page raised $70 million of their goal. a person in san jose scoaferg a backpack near a table in mcdonald's. he gave it to his boss who looked inside and you'll never guess what he found. >> i looked in the zipp and lots of money in there. cash money, hundred dollar bills like half of the pag. i said oh my god, my birthday gift. >> that mcdonald's owner called the cops and they're trying to find the rightful owner. >> scientists developing a new drug that reduces the harmful effects that binge drinking has on our brains. tests show it curbs brain cell loss and information which in turn does improve your memory. researchers say this opens the door for alzheimer's treatment as well as other brain diseases.
2:54 am
>> it wouldn't be thanksgiving without a dance war. derek and julianna hough kicking off their danceoff on instagram. ♪ >> wow! they performed a routine along with another sibling to pit bull's hit fiesh. then sadie robertson joined in on the fun. >> awesome. >> check out willie robertson jamming out to "uptown fun." we were watching yesterday. willie did a video on what not to do. really funny. >> i think we should join the dance contest. >> i'm game. >> six minutes till the top of the hour. a rough live for this canine. why he's now out of a job.
2:55 am
>> are black fridays worth it? we're sharing your bargains up next.
2:56 am
2:57 am
2:58 am
time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. hundreds of homeless vets and active duty soldiers honored at a thanksgiving feast on the battleship new jersey for the tenth straight year in a row. the bad. cash, the canine cut from the oregon police force. the reason? he was skittish, afraid of heights and had a major barking problem.
2:59 am
finally the ugly. how is this for instant karma. look at that. this is not so smooth. a guy taking a man's wallet at a cafe and when he tries to get away he runs into that passing car. ouch. time for your brew on this responses. black friday is here, the biggest shopping day of the year. but with all the good deals come the long lines. we ask you is black friday shopping worth it? what is the best deal you've gotten. mark says he bought a 50 inch black screen two hours ago for $195. >> dan says best deal, sleeping in in a quiet house. the crazies in my house are out shopping. michelle says it is not worth it to me to save a little money to deal with a headache. we'll pay full price or i don't need it. my time is worth more than material possessions. >> it is not worth it for me. go to church instead. >> thank you to everyone
3:00 am
who respnded. we hope you had a great thanksgiving. i'll see you back here at 9:00 a.m. for america's news room. >> we'll see you then. >> have a good time with your family. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >> hi everyone. good morning. today is friday, the 28th of november, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. it is black friday and the dash for deals has already turned ugly. >> we see it every year. we are live with what to expect today as you head out. >> trouble inside the white house. the reported rift between president obama and joe biden in the aftermath of secretary hagel's resignation. biden didn't like it. >> right out of your favorite christmas


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