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tv   Geraldo Rivera Reports  FOX News  November 28, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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we have posted our trace report at the top of the hour, our interview with dinesh and our last interview. thanks for watching, i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." good evening. this is a fox news special report. elvis at 80. >> good evening. sad tidings tonight, elvis died today. he was only 42 years old, but while he lived he revolutionized the music business. and in one way or another he touched most our lives. >> we just love him. just love him. that's all. >> he's got to be watching this. he's got to be so happy. >> elvis presley, he was an idol to millions of us growing up in the 1950s and '60s, sexy, exciting and even a little dangerous.
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he didn't invent rock and roll but certainly made it mainstream. a working class hero. the hill billy cat was dead at just 42 years old. and many still wonder how and why he died in the bathroom of his dream house here in memphis, tennessee. over the course of the next hour you'll get fresh insight from insiders and experts on the death, but more importantly on the life and times of the extraordinary man from graceland. ♪ love me tender, love me sweet ♪ >> on the day of elvis' death august 16th, 1977, he is the fading king of rock and roll. his records and movies are not selling the way they used to, and he supports his lavish lifestyle and entourage with concerts, lots of them. scheduled to play, lisa marie, elvis is heading to portland, maine, for what would have been his 56th live show of the year. >> we returned back to graceland
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at about 1:30. and elvis and i went upstairs. and elvis turned on the television in his room to relax for a little while. >> reporter: live-in girlfriend ginger raldin is the last person to see elvis alive. ricky stanley is elvis' stepbrother. >> -- called to bring up his pack of medications to help him get to sleep because he was so nervous about -- he was always kind of keyed up before starting a tour. ricky brought it up. elvis took his packet of medications and started reading a book to help him fall asleep. then i fell asleep. so at about 8:00 i woke up because elvis was restless saying he just couldn't sleep. so he called downstairs for ricky again and ricky came up and brought up another pack of medication. >> a second packet. >> right. elvis took that. then i went back to sleep. >> elvis spends the entire morning inside his dressing room
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at graceland. and it's there that ginger finally discovers him. >> i went in and i knocked on the door and no one answered. so i opened the door and that's when i saw elvis. >> panicked members of his entourage tried frantically to revive him. but he's long gone before they even get his body to baptist memorial hospital where his death is pronounced at 3:30 in the afternoon. by then medical examiner jerry francisco, one of the prime architects of what i long ago labeled the elvis cover-up, the conspiracy to hide the king's drug abuse and overdose death from his millions of heartbroken fans. >> the results of the autopsy are that the cause of death is a cardiac arrhythmia due to undetermined causes. >> everybody should be told the truth. >> i've been thinking about that. i hope and pray that he didn't do it on purpose. >> worried about money near the end, elvis is no longer the slim sex symbol that changed the world. sad and 40 the headlines,
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strained and swollen and deeply troubled by a tell-all book describing among other things his drug abuse, about to be published by his ex-bodyguard. >> did that book by the bodyguar bodyguards kill him? >> that's very hard, geraldo. those guys are like brothers. we live together. did it hurt him? did it contribute? as hard as i hate to say this, yes. >> in exclusive interviews that were explosive back in the day, ginger claims not to know elvis was hooked on a plethora of powerful drugs prescribed by a stable of feel-good doctor and dispensed by members of his entourage including this stepbrother. >> listen to me. this is very important. you personally witnessed elvis presley abusing drugs on many, many occasions, almost daily? >> three times a week.
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i'd work a day, ricky's work a day, two other guys would work. so about two to three times a week. >> but every time you were on duty. >> every time. every day. every day. last two years of elvis' life it was every day. >> the actual cause of elvis' death according to many unbiased experts was an overdose of codeine and quaaludes combined with at least five other depressants already in elvis' symptom. elvis was george's best man and george recalls getting to graceland after getting the awful news. >> i get to graceland, gates swing open and mr. presley runs up to me, i've lost my son, you've lost your best friend. at that time says gather around me folks, hate to tell you this but elvis presley passed away earlier this afternoon at baptist hospital. very sad. you know, just couldn't believe
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it. this guy was such a superstar, had the whole world in the palm of his hands. >> did his entourage, including you, george, did you hesitate to tell elvis that maybe this or that was inappropriate or maybe he should take better care of himself? >> a couple of elvis' guys did. elvis thought, geraldo, it was prescribed medication. he thought because it came from doctors, it was a doctor's pill, wasn't bought off the street, it wouldn't hurt him. but low and behold it did. >> why didn't anyone tell elvis to stop or slow down? >> well, i'm really glad you asked that. first of all, elvis was a real proud human being. and he thought his job was to help everybody else. very hard for him to take any help. >> why didn't you stop him? >> i tried on different occasions to stop elvis when i saw him take something i thought he shouldn't be taking or taking
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too much of something. and on a different times he would say like i don't understand, he would say i need it, i don't understand. >> what would elvis do if he didn't get the drugs he wanted? >> he'd get upset sometimes. we were in vegas one time and like we were there for like eight weeks, you know, and elvis was getting his drugs. but it got to a point to where his doctor wanted to shut him off in vegas. and we couldn't reach the doctor anymore. so he jumped up on the table one day and he pulled out his .45 and says i'll buy a god damn drugstore if i have to. i'm going to get what i want. you people realize you're either with me or against me. >> he's speaking about elvis at the end. when we come back, how elvis became the world's first rock star as "elvis at 80" continues.
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november 15th, 1956, thousands gather in times square to catch a glimpse of 20-year-old elvis presley as he arrives for the debut of his film outside the paramount film here in new york city. it's the premiere of "love me tender." now at the hard rock cafe where we continue this fox news special report honoring elvis on what would have been his 80th birthday. my next guest is author, reality star and kiss front mand rw gen simmons. hero, what does that mean? >> elvis was the atom bomb that wenttp9jsryqv off that started. the word rock star didn't exist
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before elvis presley. >> without elvis there wouldn't have been a beatles. without elvis there wouldn't have been a whole lot of folks because he broke ground morally. made the moral -- a lot of people had if you listen to elvis you're going straight to hell. >> born to gladys in tupelo, mississippi, pent kosal services with his poor but proud family at the first assembly of god church. at 10 standing on the chair to reach a microphone, he wins fifth prize at the fair and dairy show. his prize, five dollars in rides. a year later he gets his first guitar, often bringing it to school as the presleys move to memphis. attracting attention, singing a sexed up version of "till i waltz again with you" at the annual show. >> we were first sneaking down for the black shows that wereua
7:12 pm
segregated. and when he went out, he didn't go out to promote black music. he went out to do what he liked. >> i think "you ain't nothing but a hound !ndog" is a/s&peald black song. more of a bluesy thing. so obviously the blues of the delta, of the mississippi where he was born and raised, we know that was part of it. >> in '54, a year after elvise# graduates high school, bill haley gives the new beat a name. and the first rock star is born when elvis meets sun records producer sam phillips. >> sam phillips knew, he always told me, he said, gk, if i can get a white guy that sings like a black person but has the feeling of a black person, i could make a million dollars. and he said i got him when i got elvis. >> with a style best described as rock a billy, covers that's
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all right using a not so subtle sex appeal that makes elvis the pelvis different than the rest. >> elvis was one of sam's protojays as a matter of fact, i'm sure you know, he and jerry lee lewis and roy orbison. elvis showed us what women were looking for in a man. ♪ since my baby left me >> elvis was amazing in that he always bridged the generations, the racial divide, the north/south divide. he was in every sense what they call now a crossover star. >> precisely. and james brown had a great line. james was a big elvis fan. he said, man, he said, elvis made it possible for the black man's music to really be heard.
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>> although elvis obviously planted his roots deepest in memphis, tennessee across the state and sang out his show business heart later in his career across the country in las vegas, it was right here in nashville that he made most of his best music. in all elvis presley recorded 262 records here in music city beginning with that classic you hear in the background "heartbreak hotel." since "heartbreak hotel" he has sold over a billion records. and he continues to be a best seller. >> it was double change. radio stations who were, you know, in charge at that time. they immediately switched their formats. >> after trying his hand in october 1954 at the grand ole opry, elvis becomes country's first taylor swift crossing over and changing the world. >> the change was just overnight. music went from frank sinatra to elvis presley. >> elvis presley was danger.
7:15 pm
and he was passion. and he was sex. and he was controversy. i mean, he broke all these barriers. >> hooking up with supermanager tom falker. >> elvis gets rich when he sells his sun records deal to rca for an unprecedented $40,000. with his first $5,000 advance elvis buys a pink cadillac for his mother, gladys. in 1956 he goes hollywood with "love me tender." ♪ for my darling, i love you >> his dream of acting realized elvis makes and breaks records. until in january 1957 just two days after his third and final appearance on the ed sullivan show, famously fill l -- filmed only from the waist up -- >> his career rock and roll fame -- elvis presley begins his military service.
7:16 pm
>> -- or even disappear. what would you do? >> well, i would probably try acting. >> on emergency leave due to his beloved mother gladys's critical illness, elvis is in memphis when she dies. a self-professed momma's boy, he is devastated. >> elvis laid over her coffin and said, momma, i'd give everything i got in the world just to bring you back for five minutes. >> back in germany, heartbroken, a toxic seed is planted in elvis's life. he's introduced to amphetamines. in the words of a fellow soldier, elvis becomes evangelical about their benefits for energy, strength and weight loss. in 1960 honorably discharged he returns to a more conservative america with radio stations cutting back on his brand of rock and roll. >> the rock and roll feel of the gyrations involved are something that really should disappear from american life.
7:17 pm
how do you feel about that? >> well, the gyrations that you're talking about as far as i'm concerned was just something natural. i mean, just my way of expressing. i can't help it. >> and you still express yourself in that way in songs in the future? >> i put it like this. if i stand still, i'm dead. >> from screaming fans out there, do you still like screaming girls? >> if it wasn't for them, i elvis can't get enough of the 14-year-old daughter of an army colonel he served with in germany. elvis arranges to bring her back to memphis. >> elvis, how in the hell did you talk to a father who's a gentleman in the army to come over by herself? he said i told him she was going to stay with my momma and dad at gracelands. he was a real gentleman.
7:18 pm
really real southern gentleman. >> the times i cherished were the times we were alone. there was always so many people in the entourage at all times. and we lived and breathed together with the entourage. traveled together, ate together. but the times we were alone he really revealed himself. >> coming up, more from priscilla and those closest to elvis as we track the climb and fall of the kid as "elvis at 80" continues. you owned your car for four years.
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even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday, at sleep train. elvis at 80 continues. how the king left a legacy. from the gold plated piano he
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gave his new bride to the limousine, the country music hall of fame remembers his first biggest crossover star, the man who paved the way for everyone from johnny cash to taylor swift. there he is the king of rock and roll also the king of country music. >> every song he sang he put his heart and soul into it. and it's hard to have a favorite song because just -- then yo go, oh, god, this is my favorite. there's a special meaning to all of them. >> as '60s turn to protest singers like bob dylan and the reigns of rock and roll, elvis surrenders to hollywood's embrace. >> he got bit by the film bug which distracted him from making great music. and he almost became a joke in the '60s because people just weren't really catching on to the films he was doing.
7:23 pm
>> legendary filmmaker hall wall is describing the king as the only sure thing in hollywood. ♪ please take another chance -- >> elvis stars in a series of so-so films along established actors like walter -- angela lansbury. though engaged to priscilla, linked to some of tinsel town's most desirable leading ladies. and showered special attention on a female elvis, actress ann margaret. >> she's the hottest thing in hollywood, elvis. >> george klein recalled spying on the hottest couple. >> he was slow dancing and kissing her on the neck. we weren't looking at him too much. we were looking at her. so he sees us and he comes around and starts kicking us and hitting us. i told you guys to get out of here. get out of here. ♪ and i love you so
7:24 pm
>> elvis is making a million a movie, but the assembly line musicals do elvis little good. by videographers later claim the colonel pushed elvis into the mediocre movies to cover some of his own gambling debt. elvis pal jerry shilling. >> if i pay for a good director, if i pay for co-stars, elvis is going to make money, people are going to come. the only person that didn't believe that philosophy was elvis presley. >> did he get bad advice? was he taken for a ride? what happened? was he -- he was an intelligent person. >> elvis never complained that colonel tom parker got 51% and he got 49. did elvis have individual council? could the contract have been nullified? i would say yes, but he was okay with it. if i was elvis, i would have been a son of a -- if i'm doing
7:25 pm
all the work and doing that stuff, manager, respectfully would have gotten 10 -- no more than 20%. >> i saw them tell him if you don't do these contracts, you won't do anything. so now here's where elvis has a choice. is he going to walk around the rest of his life with a chip on his shoulder, or is he just going to go through the motions? >> now married to priscilla but with a career in tatters, elvis is down but not out. welcomes the arrival of lisa marie, his only child. then rejecting the advice of the colonel, he stages a remarkable comeback. his first in seven years. clad in black leather, elvis is back. >> he's back, man. he's back. >> i'll never forget he introduced me to elvis presley.
7:26 pm
>> superagent jerry winethrop. >> how did you get -- the most protected manager in history to get to elvis? >> just gave us a million dollars for elvis to go on tour. and thank you, sir, thank you very much. i said is there anything at all i can do for you, elvis? only thing you can do for me is promise me two things. number one, we'll always be sold out. and i want you to promise me that the first 20 rows will go to my fans, not the big shots. >> viva las vegas. he also alohaed in hawaii and lived and died in graceland in memphis, tennessee. but in some ways this is the city most closely associated with the king of rock and roll in show business terms. where he starred with anne margaret in viva las vegas. his home away from home was the
7:27 pm
las vegas hilton. he was there so much they called the hotel graceland west. it's also where elvis performed almost nightly selling out a record 837 consecutive concerts. now called the west gate las vegas, the memory of the king is very much alive. >> elvis was happy because all he does come out from his suite, on stage, it was a party every night after the show. >> this is his playground. he took me here when i was 16 years old. he would always come here for vacation. he'd come here after a movie. >> who did he love, george? >> priscilla presley. priscilla was his first -- >> though elvis's one and only true love wife priscilla, carries on an affair with karate instructor mike stone. as elvis stays busy with every starlet from hollywood to graceland. at one time touching the life of
7:28 pm
tori petty. >> he didn't have this rock star mentality. he was like a southern gentleman who is trying to impress his date. >> the presleys separate in february 1972, divorce finalized in 1973, a year elvis nearly overdoses on barbiturates. a coma from demerol abuse. >> he seem doped up to you? >> no, he didn't. he didn't drink alcohol. only thing he did was pills, his doctor prescribed them. >> he never did illicit drugs. he went to richard nixon when he was president and got a badge from the drug enforcement administration. do you think in his mind he thought he was doing something sinful? or do you think he was just taking medicine? >> i'm sorry, he was a drug addict just like me no better, no worse. if you use them against what the doctor's ordering you to use them, can't we make that jump to they were illicit drugs? come on. >> we told elvis, look, elvis, why don't you let us take you down to duke university?
7:29 pm
you spend a month at duke university, they'll get you back in good health, get off all that crap and lose your weight and you'll look fantastic. and he said, well, it'd be too embarrassing. >> approaching 40, overweight and touring frantically in '74 and '75, elvis still dreams of acting but misses the chance to save his movie career, if not his life. >> when striesand came to him, we all told elvis, we said, elvis, this could be your -- from here to eternity. this would be the movie to bring you back, man. incredibly colonel trades barbara striesand's offer of a star is born with contempt. >> he said, okay, barbara, before you say anything we want a million up front, 50% of the top billing and we get the album for the movie. and striesand said, hey, colonel, i'm a pretty big star too. see you later. >> we look at elvis as the boy next door, but in his heart he
7:30 pm
was marlon brando. and i think i lost my friend because of creative disappointment. >> creative disappointment. and enough dope from enough doctors to kill a horse. we get the inside scoop after this. inside scoop after it's more than the driver. it's more than the car. for lotus f1 team, the competitive edge is the cloud. powered by microsoft dynamics, azure, and office 365, the team can gain real time insights and instantly share information around the globe. when every millisecond counts, staying competitive begins with the cloud. this is the microsoft cloud.
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buildings early friday. the shooter targeted police headquarters, the federal courthouse and the mexican consulate. he also started a fire at the mexican consulate. all the buildings were damaged but no one was hurt. the gunman died after police opened fire, but we don't know whether police killed him or he killed himself. meantime, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in our nation's capital. the official white house christmas tree arriving friday via horse drawn wagon. the first lady and daughters malia and sasha got to take a look. the 20-foot tall white fir comes from a farm in pennsylvania. it will be trimmed and displayed in the blue room. i'm lauren green, now back to geraldo rivera report. the only thing he took was sleeping pills to sleep just
7:34 pm
like everybody else, i guess, in his field. i've never known elvis to take any hard drugs whatsoever. >> continuing our special report "elvis at 80" speaking on the night elvis died, a prominent las vegas doctor is under pressure from allegations he's the one prescribing the meds already suspected of killing the king. even in death the family still trying to clear his name. this incredible array of precipitation medicines all made out to elvis presley is proof of a stark reality in the king of rock and roll's life and death. like michael jackson after him, elvis doctor shopped, going from man to man to ensure a steady supply of the prescription drugs that ultimately killed him. we have this evidence of that stark reality because of the widow of elvis' doctor here in las vegas. jodi, thank you so much for being with us. we're also joined by elias the
7:35 pm
second. as your husband lay dying from stage 4 cancer, he told you something about a safe deposit box. what was it? >> he told me he took away medications from elvis presley and that some day i might need to tell the story and show this medication so people would understand. he lived with a stigma all these years that he was the one that caused the drug problems of elvis presley. >> dr. ganhem was widely regarded in the '70s as one of the doctors who helped kill elvis by overprescribing prescription medicine. he told you to look in the safe deposit box. and what did you see? >> i was amazed at the of prescriptions that were given to this man. >> let's go through some of the drugs found in the safe deposit box of dr. elias began ganham. these two big bottles are
7:36 pm
quaaludes. both prescribed 300 quaaludes each prescribed by his infamous doctor in memphis. this is a drug also prescribed by the same doctor. has the caption capsule three times daily to keep sanity. viscer visceral, sedative, antianxiety, antitension, antidepressant. >> i'm sure elias prescribed medications to elvis presley. elias would never cross the line of jeopardizing that medical license he worked for no matter what stage of celebrity it was. >> what do you hope comes from the story tonight. >> the side of the story my dad wanted to tell people for so many years and he really wanted to help elvis. he looked at him as a family member and like a brother. and he really loved him. >> why didn't anyone tell elvis to stop or slow down?
7:37 pm
>> elvis was a real proud human being. and he thought his job was to help everybody else. very hard for him to take any help. i tell you i saw him at a doctor's house in vegas. >> elias, we know him. >> yep. i was furious. because i saw elvis almost incapacitated. >> childhood friend and charter member of the memphis mafia. >> i waited for the doctor. i confronted him when he came home at 2:00 in the morning when elvis was staying at his house. and i really threatened him. because i really thought i was going to lose my friend. boy, the next day elvis was out of bed, he was mad. when you guys get your medical degree, you know, you can tell my doctors what to do. did we do enough? no, but i tell you, we couldn't have done any more with a strong personality like elvis presley.
7:38 pm
>> from the geraldo vault, this is elvis stepbrother ricky. >> i'll say elias to me seemed like he cared for elvis. but, you know, after a while fell into it like the rest of him and just giving him whatever he wanted. nobody hardly said no to elvis presley. >> records indicate that especially in the last year of his life you prescribed certain medications to elvis presley in quite extraordinarily large amounts. why? >> i can't comment on that. and i don't believe it's true. >> of the records we have, doctor. >> uh-huh. >> and i say this as gently as i possibly can, indicate from january 20th, 1977, until august 16th, 1977, the day he died, you prescribed to elvis presley and
7:39 pm
the prescriptions are all signed by you, over 5,000 schedule 2 narcotics and/or amphetamine. that comes out to something like 25 per day. >> i don't believe that. >> well, if it was something you would like to refresh your recollection on or something you deny? >> i deny. >> of all the doctor feel goods in elvis presley's life, the only one ever charged with criminal misconduct for the overprescribing of drugs and narcotics to the king of rock and roll was a member of elvis's personal entourage. and the man who brought the charges against dr. nick joins me right now, joe dugman, now a private attorney here in nashville. so, joe, great to see you. it's been 35 years. >> it has. >> give me a sense of how abusive these prescriptions were. >> well, they're all schedule 2
7:40 pm
narcotics. amphetamines and you name it. and he prescribed 12,000 prescriptions over several months before we brought charges just to elvis presley. >> 12,000? >> 12,000. >> that's a mountain of dope. >> it absolutely is. >> we are doing this special in recognition of elvis's upcoming 80th birthday. do you think that the drug use in any way tarnishes or diminishes his achievements? >> i don't think so. you have to accept him for what he is. he's a fabulous entertainer. we all have faults. he had a fault. and he was an addict. you know, it can be considered a disease. >> coming up, how after death elvis is bigger than ever. death at panera bread, we're celebrating the season with our chicken tortellini alfredo, made with five cheeses, and topped with smoked chicken, add a crisp, classic caesar salad for a pairing that brings comfort and joy to your dinner table. only at panera bread.
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the highest price from pop art el 2c@ v s onezcrp of the topo only to michaels5f
7:45 pm
earnings and sold music rates to presley's take a mere $2.7 million. unable to earn more royalties on songs recorded before 1973. lisa marie just 9 years old when the king died. her mom took the colonel to court. he settled the lawsuit in june 1983 by accepting a large fee to turn over most of his interests in presley's recordings to rca and the presley family. in january of 1997 the colonel died of a stroke at age 87. and under priscilla's firm guidance, elvis presley enterprises was born and graceland made over into a popular tourist destination for the public. >> elvis gave us so much. he loved his fans. i don't know of any entertainer in the world that loved his fans like elvis did. >> but who exactly gets the money? in 2004 lisa marie sold the bulk including name and image for $53
7:46 pm
million in cash ab solving the estate, but presley still owns graceland. >> quite an industry going on. >> i never realized it was such a big industry until i got into it and thought, wow, this whowhole imitating elvis has created jobs everywhere from suits to festivals and hotel employees. all kinds of stuff. >> australian mark anthony won the elvis championship in the south pacific and flown to memphis, tennessee for the top contest. >> 180,000 tributes, that's a competition. how good of a living do you make? >> i do about 150 to 200 dates a year. i do it full time. i travel all over the world.
7:47 pm
there's a certain point of elvis and his life and career that you don't really want to remember, you know, in his decline. >> you got the two different eras, 1960s and later 60s. >> aside from more than $30 million earned in elvis merchandise, top etas are another part of the global elvis industry. >> europe, middle east, new zealand, i'm actually about to get a flight to go back to england and then onto australia. >> paid tens of thousands just to perform his music. elvis tribute artist sanctioned by elvis presley enterprises and venues and festivals like this and in ocean city, maryland, where the winner goes onto compete in the ultimate competition in memphis, tennessee. >> it's hard to explain the feeling he generates in people. >> having met elvis in his
7:48 pm
prime, jack relishes the king's memory. >> think of how long it's been since he died and how his popularity anything grown. he sells more records now than he ever did. >> doug church won a 1983 air force talent show. he is now known as the voice of elvis. >> i haven't punched a clock and right now i'm officially unemployed. >> the latest generation of elvis lovers. >> pretty impressive voice for a 17-year-old. >> he's got the fight. i think he's going to go far in this business. >> how big of a business is it? you have to have a camaraderie. >> it's gotten so big there are companies that make these costumes that actually have a licensing from elvis presley enterprises. speaking of elvis presley enterprises, they have pretty
7:49 pm
much taken a firm hand on the entire industry. >> what about you? is this something that will be your career forever? is this a steppingstone -- >> this will be my career, absolutely. 100%. >> maybe eventually you'll be able to grow your own side burns. right now you're a little peach fuzz. >> i'm a lot older than he is and i still can't grow -- >> not only is elvis worth far more dead than alive, he still makes a lot of money for a lot of people, geraldo. >> reminds you of michael jackson. and his music will live forever. that story after this. you got the bargain kind? you would need like a bunch of those to clean this mess. then i'll use a bunch of them. what are you doing? dish issues? ... ... get cascade complete. one pac cleans better than six pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. now that's clean. i have the worst cold with this runni better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose.
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7:53 pm
marie but was told they were unavailable. but now to the conclusion of "elvis at 80." >> ladies and gentlemen, elvis is in the building. >> every did growing up in the '50s and '60s wanted to be elvis and he affects entertainers to this day. ♪ >> including chubby checker. >> i met him in las vegas once and we had a real good time. about two months later, my room manager, charlie davis, said chubby, elvis died. i was so sad. he was such a nice man and very pleasant and very nice to look at, too. >> he was terrific, and invited us backstage. he gave my wife a scarf because it matched her outfit, and he still has it to this day. ♪ >> and i sat a piano in his
7:54 pm
dressing room and we sang some gospel songs together. and i had the thrill of my life when he recorded one of my songs called "solitary." >> america's sweet heart, brenda lee. >> geraldo, the first time i met elvis, we both did the grand ole opry in 1957, december the 13th. and even though he was a bit older than i was, we had an immediate connection, and we stayed friends until he passed away. in the interim, he would come to my shows, i would go to his shoes. we would call each other. he called my office one day and wanted a copy of "sweet nothings" autograph. >> he gave countryqi,&nger t.g. shepherd a tour bus. >> by giving me the bus, he gave me the confidence to march forward in my own career. and i kept thinking, well, if elvis believed in me enough to
7:55 pm
give me a bus, maybe i had a shot in the business. so it's been a great ride, but man, what a great friend and what a giver he was. >> i've been here 40 years. >> elvis gave gary a house. >> is this home like a museum to your friend? >> it's just a home. he was a very sensitive guy. he knew i lost my mother when i was a year old. i lived in north memphis, and one day i was -- he gave me a check and he said, jerry, i know you lost your mother as an infant. you never had a home. i wanted to give it to you. and then he came up here, spent time and i've been here for 40 years. 10 years before that, i lived in graceland. >> elvis shared some of his anxieties about the 1968 comeback. >> i remember him talking to me about being nervous coming back
7:56 pm
into the business. i said, elvis, you have nothing to be nervous about. just open your show with "hound dog" and "don't be cruel" and you beale fine. >> the oak ridge boys sang backup for elvis. >> the door opened to the rehearsal hall. elvis walked in with his little entourage. i looked at him and i went, wow. i think i now realize why this guy is the biggest star in the world. and he was back then. he came in there, you could feel his presence in the room. he had such charisma. >> if they did a big concert out at the opry, you could bring whoever you wanted. my dear friend, johnny cash. you should bring barbra streisand. you could bring frank sinatra, the rolling stones, the beatles. elvis is closing the show,
7:57 pm
because nobody wants to follow ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ it's impossible. >> i wanted to be so much like him. >> regardless of the melancholy circumstances of his death, elvis presley enriched america's cultural life in an enduring way. and by blending and honoring america's different music traditions, south, north, black/white and having just enough sex appeal to make it interesting, he energized popular music and in a small way helped bring the nation together. as what would have been his 80th approaches, elvis, thanks for the memories. from graceland, i'm geraldo rivera reporting. thank you for watching. good night. gas bubbles in minutes for effective relief. dulcogas, from the makers of dulcolax- nothing relieves gas faster.
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