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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 1, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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it generates $800 million in sales each year. i sold a lot of girl scout cookies. i don't think there's a replacement. >> you like the personal touch. >> and teaches good lessons as well. >> i'll bet you sold a lot. see you back here in an hour >> "out numbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." here with us today -- today's hashtag one lucky guy, he's back this thanksgiving monday after. did you have a nice holiday? >> wonderful one. i assume everybody here did as well. >> this is my highlight, lou, having you back here. i'm still celebrating. >> one of my very high, highlights. >> and sandra back. >> it's great to be back.
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to have lou on the couch is a bonus. >> is the baby here yet? >> not yet. early january. >> you look great. >> you do. >> today at the white house, it's all ferguson. president obama meeting with his cabinet, civil rights leaders and law enforcement officials to discuss the unrest in the missouri town one week after a grand jury decided not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown and two days after officer wilson resigned from the force, his attorneys saying threats were made against him and his colleagues. this as protests, again, flared up in ferguson and across the country over the weekend after we saw a lull on thanksgiving day and for the third day in the nation's capital, protestors blocking traffic on a busy d.c. freeway. all right. so today, lou, president obama is going to host civil rights leaders. he wants to get into a couple of different issues, one of them he's going to review federal
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programs that provide military equipment to certain police forces. do you think this is a good idea that president obama continue to have these discussions about ferguson? help or hurt? >> i don't know what his purpose is as far as the national interests. i think the president has been mute on this for so long and occasionally, sort of parachuting into the conversation, the national conversation with unhelpful remarks. to focus at the outset on whether or not the police departments around country, law enforcement are using too much military so-called equipment sort of ignores the fact that 58,000 law enforcement officers a year are accosted and 15,000 of them injured, over 100 killed every year in the line of duty. exactly what is the president's purpose? it's to me confounding. >> when president obama stepped foot in the east room the
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evening of the announcement that the grand jury wouldn't indict, my first thought is this is not a local issue that the president should be speaking about and it does seem as lou points out, when the president injects himself like he did the first time, it only made things a lot worse so i think a lot of people are wondering, what's the point of having federal intervention in a local issue? >> a lot of people don't want the feds. they can handle it locally. the only thing is if the officers are calling for more equipment and they need that in order to keep the communities safe at a federal level, then i'm all for that, spending my federal tax dollars on keeping our officers and our community safe. something has to be done. we were reporting this morning that a man was killed, an innocent man was killed by four guys with hammers in st. louis. what has happened to our country? it's just all of this unrest is getting out of hand and something has to be done. >> the mayor of ferguson appears to be handling this at a local level with some of the decisions
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that he has announced. looking at the black majority population in ferguson, 21,000, and it's mostly white work force, he's looking to recruit more minority officers, a specific effort to recruit more minority officers and offer police incentives to live in ferguson. i found this absolutely astounding. i mean, that he's making a conscious decision to administrator minori-- to add m minority to the police force. >> in so many jurisdictions, there's a requirement that law enforcement and first responders live in the communities they are employed by. i think it's a terrific -- i mean, there are exceptions to this, one is new york city that's too expensive and manhattan for those folks to be -- i mean, it's a terrible thing but it's the reality. there are exceptions. but if you don't feel in ferguson safe enough to live in the community and can't make a contribution, then you shouldn't be carrying a badge.
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you shouldn't be involved in first responder work in my opinion. you've got to be building a community. you've got to be helping, protecting and preserving. how about building? >> one cop who will not be protecting citizens in ferguson anymore is darren wilson. he resigned. he'll not get severance or any benefits and he did so because of threats that were being lobbed at him and his colleagues so his life and his career is seeming seemingly over. st. louis rams, a couple of players over the weekend, we had footage coming on to the fields with the hands-up, don't shoot after michael brown, there they are, before the game this weekend and the st. louis police officers, they would like an apology for that. they didn't think it was appropriate for the five players to do that and they're seeking punishment. now that the evidence is in, and officer wilson's account has been verified by evidence as well as eyewitness testimony that led to the grand jury to
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conclude that no probable cause existed, it is unthinkable the home town athletes would so publicly perpetuate a nar -- nar afternoon over and over again. >> that's how people decided who was innocent and who was guilty, who was the victim and who was the perpetrator and by doing this now, it makes us question, are they not following the case? are they not aware that's not what happened? that's not the reality? and all of those young people that are now watching those players that idolize them, are they learning from them that's the story even though the evidence doesn't support that? these players are enormously powerful in terms of the influence, in terms of viewers to take something from what they're doing and they hold a huge responsibility. i think that was hugely irresponsible and highly disrespectful for the officers trying to do their job and keep it safe >> this is where it gets hairy. the nfl begged for the police offers to come and protect the rams players, to protect the
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fans, to make football safe for those players to go out and do their jobs and then the players come out with hands up and it's a splap in the face to the police officers. so that's why they want an apology. >> there is a question, why in the world did the rams not take steps to punish these -- and rebuke these players? >> it's freedom of speech, though. >> it's not freedom of speech when they're working for the nfl. now it's more than that. when five players put that in your face, you know, the fans are going to react. now, if the nfl wants the fans reacting as well as the players, this is the perfect way to do it. they should have acted. >> rudy giuliani has advice for attorney general eric holder as he weighs a response to the ferguson police shooting. don't make a federal case out of it. the former new york city mayor explaining on fox news sunday why the case against officer wilson should not have been brought before a local grand jury to begin with. and saying that the feds should not make the same mistake. >> having read the transcripts
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now of the grnd jury, f.b.i. interviews and all of that and having been a prosecutor for 13 years, i don't see how this case normally would even have been brought to a grand jury. this is the kind of case had it not been -- had the racial yoefr -- overtones and national publicity that a prosecutor would have come to the conclusion there's not enough evidence to present to the grand jury. >> all right, sandra. rudy giuliani, former federal prosecutor and he said, look. this shouldn't even have gone to a grand jury, let alone have now action on a federal level with eric holder contemplating what to do as his role as -- >> it's a reasonable point to be making and i have to respect his opinion on that. but when he doesn't say that had there not been the racial overtones that a prosecute would have deemed not enough evidence, that's an obvious statement based on what we know today and brought forth.
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it's a reasonable point. >> i think we're at a point as a nation now where we've descended so far. it's getting so an american citizen can't walk into a convenience store and punch out a clerk and then wack down the street and punch out a police officer. when we get to that level, what is going to happen to the personal freedom? why is everybody taking this case as if it was about an 18-year-old saint who had suddenly descended upon us? this is one of the biggest miscmis con -- miscon constructions. >> another thing that rudy giuliani said was look. at a local level, the grand jury did not indict. what do you think will happen on a federal level? why would you decide to pursue this at a federal level? if he does, what if they come up with a different decision? it's all the same evidence. >> i don't think they can come up with a different decision.
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there's no evidence to back tup. there's absolutely no reason for this to go to a federal level at all. all the evidence points to the decision that was decided right now and what's the message to law enforcement? even if you're found innocent, we're still going to search, search really hard to try to make you into the bad guy even if all the evidence found and all the eyewitness reports point to the fact that was an act of self defense? i don't think the evidence supports it. >> i'm glad there was a grand jury. now we have an opportunity to say, trust the system. the facts are the facts. they were presented to the jury. they came up with a conclusion and we have to trust it. >> now people are complaining saying there was too much evidence in front of the grand jury. they were supposed to cherry pick what evidence was put in front of them z. two points. one is the department of justice is the obama department of justice. it is the political action arm of this administration. no more, no less. and secondly, that jury was impanelled in july. well over a month before the incident at which michael brown
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was shot by the police officer, darren wilson. anyone who wants to go beyond the physical evidence here, have at it. the physical evidence is conclusive. >> and you know a grand jury can indict very easily so if they have a hard time doing it, you know it must have been hard and it would have been harder in trial to find a conviction. now that president obama has announced a change in immigration policy allowing millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the united states, republicans are preparing a response. what we can expect as lawmakers return to capitol hill. did you see? rice breaking her silence about what she was thinking the night her husband knocked her out in a casino elevator. why she didn't leave him and why she wants fans, yes, us, to give him a second chance. after the show, catch more from the couch on the web. join us for outnumbered overtime by logging on to fox and click the overtime tab. tweet us questions, comments, what you want us to talk about.
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president's order on illegal immigration. house leaders reportedly reserved time on the floor to discuss it tomorrow. speaker john boehner saying they'll rise to the challenge following president obama's executive actions last week. the house reportedly hoping to pass a bill by the end of the week but there are signs the g.o.p. remains guided how to best respond to the president's overhaul. republican senator suggesting the country has a long way to go. >> i'm afraid the president's unilateral action is going to set us back. i believe what we should do is seal the border. the republicans and democrats have both failed on this issue for decades and one of the reasons why is i don't think we've stabilized the problem by taking credible steps to seal the border and then let's discuss the population that is legally present. >> i want to you advise the pren party. i think they're worried about backlash, about everything they do. they don't want to seem like they're overreacting but also don't want to seem like they're
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doing nothing and get labelled the party of no solutions so what can they do here? >> listen to the senator elect. i think part of the reason they have not been -- everybody keeps saying these poor, illegal immigrants. they're just acting in their interest, so say the democrats, the left. in fact, they have left them in limbo for 10 years now instead of acting. the fact is, tell us it's right. stabilize, secure the border and then begin with the issue how to deal with those illegally. second part of that is to simply say, we're not going to do this on some sort of fuzzy, warm basis. we'll do it in the national interest so people understand. there are rules that are going to be followed because if we don't do it -- the house has put forward four bills. they've reported the bills out to the house. the republican party need to
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take a lead on the issue. they do so by moving those bills through the house to the senate and letting the president of the united states, let the american people know where he stands. if he really wants to do something, he'll sign the legislation the republicans produce. >> what about funding and lawsuits? is that nonsense that paints the republicans in a bad light? should they go the right that lou is discussing and do something positive and proactive opposed to trying to undo? >> i think you're hanging on that there's going to be a big push for republican candidates to push hard right on the many -- immigration issue rather than the broad based package everybody is talking about. lou, specifically there's some ideas that have been thrown about that could pass both chambers with bipartisan support, some detailed have been to expand visas for high tech workers, streamline a guest worker program. you can do it tomorrow. so is that the way to go here rather than talking about this big package? let's focus our reform? >> i think the great thing about the house judiciary committee
9:19 am
approach, four bills that are incremental, taken piece by piece and put before the house. the regular rules of order applying, there will be public hearings. i would urge they build a national consensus, take the committee and various committees out all across the country and get the american people. there's a responsibility here to lead but that means there's a responsibility to persuade and listen to voters and that's been missing from both the democratic and republican parties throughout. >> why is immigration such a problem for republican snz seems as we approach 2016, every time they talk about immigration, they back themselves in a corner and then there's infighting that emerges. how can they create a policy and back that up with proper messaging so it's a win for everyone? >> they all seem to agree on border security so focus on what they agree on and not let what happened with obamacare happen again. the republican party completely fractured, one saying defund the
9:20 am
government, one saying -- they were all singing off different song sheets and president obama could say, see? they look unorganized. they have to get on the same message. they agree on border security. as lou points out after one of his favorite songs by the new kids on the block, step by step, i know you love new kids on the block. >> i didn't know that but i do now. it's great. >> start with border security and then as you mentioned, guest worker programs. there's a number of things that republicans do agree on. focus what unites rather than what divides and get that done. >> can you sing us out on that? ♪ >> they're wrapping me on the senate's agenda tomorrow, domestic violence in all sports in the wake of scandals rocking the nfl. do we need congress involved in what's going on in pro sports? janey rice breaking her silence about what happened in the elevator when her husband knocked her out. why she's standing by her man and wants fans to give him a
9:21 am
second chance.
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sfla janer rice is breaking silence about what happened in the elevator with her husband. days after an arbitrator overturned ray rice's suspense by the nfl. she called out commissioner roger goodell for claiming her husband was, quote, ambiguous in describing the february tack when he knocked her out saying that ray always told the truth about what happened. >> i know for a fact that he told -- that ray told the honest truth, that he's been telling from february. >> and while janey said she was furious with her husband, she believes fans will forget what happened as ray hopes a new team
9:26 am
will give him a second chance. she explained why she lashed out at the media in the days after the shocking video became public. >> i was so angry, hurt. this is the man i love, had everything ripped out from under his -- it made me angry. the fact that i knew we wouldn't be here anymore made me angry. we have to pick up and move our child from where she's used to. it hurts. >> interesting to point out that janay says she has never seen that video that we saw go so viral and it was on every news network across the cable. listen. this is obviously a bit of a media tour here, lou. janay and ray rice going out,
9:27 am
obviously hoping to get picked up by another team. is this -- is she just trying to make the situation look better than it is perhaps? >> i sense from her honestly true pain, a woman who feels utterly betrayed by the ravens and i think she has every reason to believe that. this is not the first instance of domestic abuse in the nfl or any other professional sport but the nfl, the way it handled this and janay is not the only one saying that roger goodell didn't tell the truth. the federal judge said that roger goodell is, in not so many words, a liar. the fellow at espn that got fired for sag he's a liar, bill simmo simmons, they also said they're sorry to him, too. turns out that's what a federal judge said and turns out like he's right. this woman is trying to counteract what's hours and
9:28 am
hours of getting punched by her husband, knocked out. she's trying to counteract what's been a relentless loop of domestic violence. how long will she have to be on tv to counteract any that far and bring her humanity to the forefront? >> her big challenge will be to get her husband on a different team. here is how she responded. >> at the end of the day, he's a football player and that's what they should be focused on. he's proven himself as a football player for seven years. there's never been a question what he can do on the field. >> you think an owner and fans of the team can get that image or those images from that elevator tape out of their minds? >> with time. we know it's going to take some work. once he shows them who he is
9:29 am
and, you know, they reach out to people here and they find out the things he's done, then i think it's definitely -- it could help. >> i know you pretty well at this point. i know you're a very fair person and empathic and you watch that. do you think ray rice, her husband, should be given a second chance? >> well, i don't walk in her shoes so i'm not going to judge them as a couple but watching that elevator video and then seeing her come out this morning, i thought -- it reminded me, i watch "scandal" and it reminded had me of them saying i want to save your husband's reputation. i hope she's doing it for the right reasons. i hope he's a changed man. as a christian, i think you should get a second chance and there's forgiveness and if he's asked for that, i think we should give him that. i just hope he's healed and doesn't go down the road again but she loves him. she's defending him. she's the one that decided to marry him. >> she should watch the video, though. when she was asked, do you think
9:30 am
people will forget? she said well, i hope so. we know she doesn't remember what happened because she was unconscious but she should watch because it's pretty hard to get that image out of your head and if he is reinstated and if coaches like tony dunningy who is looking to take him, that's the rumor, they need to have their heads examined. that will tell everybody else out there, everybody else out there in america that you can do this type of thing and get away with it. yes, it will. and another thing, she blamed in that interview, in the clips that you played, goodell, the media, the ravens. i thought the ravens weren't that hard on them. i think the ravens were pretty quiet. she blamed everybody except her husband and i would like to hear from ray rice. thaup, janay, enough. we know you're doing a media tour. ray rice, you want your job back? get on tv and tell us why you should get it back. >> whether or not he gets a second chance with his wife, that's up to her. in football, that's a disgrace. i watch young people look up to
9:31 am
these people. young people look up to the guy after what he did. i think it's horrible. >> as we've seen in past nfl scandals, lou is laughing, the memories of the fans have been very short. >> doesn't make it right z. we've seen d.u.i. manslaughter cases and they're back on the field. we've seen dog malling cases, they're back on the field. people are wearing their jerseys. >> he needs to speak, ask for forgiveness and then we'll go down that road. in the meantime, in the wake of scandals in the nfl, senate committee will hold a hearing tomorrow on domestic violence in all professional sports. they'll look at future policies under consideration. so lou, i'll start with you. do you think that congress should come up with policies for professional sports? >> yeah. i think that's a burning answer. >> why are they involved then? >> it's good politics and them seem pure as the driven snow by standing up against domestic
9:32 am
abuse. let's leave out the anti-trust exception the nfl enjoys. local taxpayer money spent to build stadiums and the profits that go to the owners, let's forget all of that and the fact the nfl is a not for profit organization. let's focus on ray rice. i'm saying to you that ray rice, by the way, i don't know whether he'll play football again or not but he'll make money in this lawsuit against the nfl. he's going to own a big chunk. >> really? >> oh, yeah. what goodell has done and what the nfl has done with the momentum given him by the federal district court. >> ray punches his wife and he'll make money. >> no. no. roger goodell, the commissioner of the nfl, lies to a federal -- well, i won't go through the whole thing. the fact of the matter is, the nfl suspended him for two games which was the maximum penalty at
9:33 am
that point for domestic abuse, came back and now he has an indefinite suspension. he's had the death pent. who does the nfl think it is? it's senators and congressmen stood up. >> roger goodell has been lovely to my family, very nice, very friendly to many of us here at fox know him and i take his word over ray rice's word any day. i'm sorry. >> that's fine. that's what makes america great. but the reality is that i have a district court judge on my side. your turn. >> that's true. i've got the truth on my side. i just don't know that i need politicians getting involved at this point. >> politicians got involved. >> they have too much on their plate, lou. >> do you know how they got their anti-trust exemptions? 1960's as the merger of the afl and nfl came together, who was the commissioner?
9:34 am
pete rosell got this thing tacked on to a bill for a tax exemption, anti-trust and the nfl was born. the politicians have been involved in nfl business for 50 years. >> and also there are already domestic violence laws on the books so are the senators saying those don't apply? they're having hearings for the sake of having hearings so they can get good press as lou points out. i was a capitol hill press secretary. i know how they're thinking. i know how it works. make it look like they're doing something. >> if you've threatened to kill your spouse or shoot up a classroom, can you expect to get in trouble? does it make any difference if you make those threats on facebook? the supreme court hearing arguments today in a free speech case involving threats made on the social networking site and a warning about a potential white house run for hillary clinton. what one democrat says could be a really turnoff to voters and whether clinton should be worried.
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>> one democrat coming out with a warning to his party against making hillary clinton the inevitable presidential nominee in 2016. here is massachusetts governor patrick. >> i think that the narrative that it's inevitable is off put to go regular voters. i just think that people read n inevitability. i think they need to make a case for why they're the right person at the right time. >> i tend to agree with what governor patrick is saying. that's what happened in 2008. everybody thought she was inevitable and it became embarrassing when she really wasn't. >> this thought has been out there for some time. she's been oversaturated and it's altogether assumed she'll be the democratic candidate. i have to agree with this. you know, we've seen a lot of her.
9:40 am
americans love to root for the underdog and if we just have the assumption that she's the person for the job or the candidate, i don't know that americans get excited about that. >> i think you're right and i get a kick out of folks talking about the inevitability of hillary clinton but she immediately go to jeb bush. folks are funny and political folks are really funny. this is a game we saw how the game played out in 2008. 2016 may not be different for the democrats. and i doubt it would be much different for the republicans, either. >> what can she do to not be so inevitable? everywhere you look, there's still the coronation happening. she's being glorified in women's may go sglgazine magazines. they're still putting that out there. >> she can't avoid it and she's been around forever so it's not
9:41 am
like she's going to come out with a fresh branding or anything. most of the democrats are dying for somebody else to jump in. this is a message to say, anyone out there who wants to run, we're probably going to get behind you because most of those democrats do not want her. they know that that brand is somewhat stale, she has a lot of ties to wall street. they're not going to go out there with their message properly and she's not a good candidate. she's not charismatic. she's plain not good. >> that signalled why she might not be inevitable because of her terrible performance on her book tour, the interviews she's done. people have said, wow. she really isn't her husband. she isn't that good. >> i think she also needs to worry about the fact that if people think she's a shoe-in for this that hey, if you're a democrat, she's a shoe-in, we're not going to go to the polls and win. >> if democrats were thrilled with obama's performance in office, her inevident ability
9:42 am
wouldn't be a problem, would it? >> i think she might not run because -- and all my friends disagree with me because of the turnout with the midterms and we saw republicans take the house and senate. she might say i'm going to wait until the right moment to run because it looks like a republican might win in 2016. do you disagree? >> i would point out in 2016 you're also going to have 2/3 republicans. you're going to have the inverse of the senate. it will be a prime opportunity for the democrats. >> maybe you're right. >> her husband will tell her exactly what to do. american dream might be just that. yes, a dream. we'll tell you why one economic professor says hard work doesn't always lead to more opportunities and the numbers are in for what's supposed to be the biggest shopping weekend of the year. sales are down but that's not necessarily a bad thing. we'll explain. (vo) watching. waiting.
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now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. >> first jon scott is what's coming up on "happening now." >> sandra, good monday to you. next hour, a ferguson protest
9:47 am
partially blocked traffic today in washington, d.c. a group of about 20 people formed a human chain across the 14th street bridge briefly shutting it down. activists are calling for students to walk out of school and employees to walk off the job nationwide at the top of the hour we're on that. we're also waiting for news on several profile meetings today at the white house. the president is holding a cabinet meeting about the protests and will meet with civil rights leaders this afternoon and also we're keeping an eye on the stock market. stocks taking a hit today. we have some disappointing news on retail sales as thanks giving and christmas shopping season kicked off. we'll discuss that and tell you about shopping on this cyber monday. it's all coming up "happening now." >> thank you, jon. >> thank you. >> millions of americans are firing up their computers today for cyber monday as retailers hope to make up for lack luster
9:48 am
black friday sales. lack luster according to one research firm, sales down 7% compared to last black friday and national retail federation estimating sales in store and online over the thanksgiving weekend dropped by 11%. experts, however, say that could be because the changing shopping habits as retailers increasingly spread out deals over a longer period of time. >> come to me first, lou. >> okay, sandra. i'm looking to you to learn how it could be a good thing for 11% declines in sales. >> i'll bet that you probably see that as a major negative and i'm going to probably present a positive angle to this. and that is that shoppers aren't as desperate for the big bargains and the must-have items on the weekend after thanksgiving this year. perhaps because they do have a little more money in their pocket. gas prices are down. that's added a few cents to our ability to spend. they will come out in weekends
9:49 am
leading up to christmas and they possibly will spend more this holiday season than last season so maybe this is indicative of the whole christmas shopping season. >> that's what we can hope that you're right and that those -- >> i knew you were going to disagree with me. >> i just don't have enough evidence. i cling to evidence. >> it's a pretty big chunk. >> 11% is a tough deal and i'm wondering if people, because we're looking at corporations, $2 trillion in overseas accounts and not investing it in this country, they're not spending money. they're not adding to payrolls. 20 billion people unemployed. maybe some people are sort of saying, do you know what? if it's good for the big guys, maybe it's good enough for me. i'll hold back cash and be a careful steward of my resources. i'm just saying that it's a possibility. >> or maybe people are like, what? it's christmas already? i don't want to shop for anyone or anything. >> maybe they were working.
9:50 am
stores opened on thanksgiving day. >> that's true. >> you don't have to go get the bargains then. these sales are lasting until christmas they're noticing. >> i did notice one thing. the u.k. had shoppers trampling one another. i didn't see reports of that occurring in this country. >> we had a few. >> there are a few of those, lou. >> we had a few of those. >> i know this is something you talk a lot about on your show as well is the american dream. is the american dream only a dream? a u.c. davis economics professor says the belief that hard work leads to more opportunities is just an illusion. he crunched numbers over 100 years and found that whether or not a person can get ahead in the united states is as predictable as any formula. he said, quote, america has no higher rate of social mobility than medieval england or preindustrial sweden. status of your children, your grand chir, your great grandchildren, your great great grandchildren will be quite
9:51 am
closely related to your average status now. lou, do you believe this? >> no. because when you start bringing together, you know, medieval history and that of contemporary sweden -- >> that ruined his argument. >> and i'm very distrustful of all academics right now. >> just right >> yes. really. there were pockets 10, 20 years ago in which you could see conservative, independent, original thought. what you're watching now is a herd-like movement in terms of agenda within our institutions of higher learning toward a liberal philosophy, liberal if not outright left wing perspective that is reflected in all of their -- nearly all their research. >> how much is a change in psychology? you know, it's one thing to talk about the american dream still a possibility in the united states and it's another to say, do people coming out of college right now, are they seeking the
9:52 am
american dream? are they seeking to buy a home, get married, have children, have a great job? are these on their checklist? >> i think people who are seeking the traditional american dream of pulling yourself up from your bootstraps working really hard against all odds, i think they're finding that harder and harder to achieve because of the policies that are put in front. it's harder to take risks. i don't have to tell you, sandra, to start a business, to leave your current job and go out there and do what our parents did, to self start. it's harder and harder and i do think that the american dream has morphed into something different which is more dependency on the government. it's a dream of coming here and get a check. we saw that in greece as well. the greek dream turned into the dream of how much government subsidies and handouts can we get and eerily, it's happening here. but again, i ask you because you're the one looking at numbers day-to-day. entitlements, all of that type of economic -- >> and i look at joes that are billionaires and the list of the
9:53 am
richest people in this country and a majority of them are self made people which tells me the american dream is still alive and well. >> you can't be lazy. that's one of the challenges when i was teaching. i would talk to kids and they don't have -- i'm sorry but in been ral they don't have the same ambition and drive. >> parents do everything for their kids now. how many phone calls do you get from parents, can they children intern at fox? why are you doing the work for them? they're in college. >> the nearly century old tradition of selling girl scout cookie $ getting a digital makeov makeover. young girls can sell the thin mints and peanut butter pattys online.
9:54 am
9:55 am
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9:57 am
♪ we are talking girl scout cookies in the studio, it is going digital. after 100 years of in person sales, the new program called digital cookie and allows girl scouts to take orders. and it will track sales and days
9:58 am
remaining and percentage of goals reached and there is a mobile app. sandra who was the girl scout. >> and so do you think? does this take away the opportunity for little girs going door to door? >> it takes away the feast to feast. and no one needs cookies. and you have to talk to them to convince them why to buy the thin mints. >> girl scouts, i fully support them. it changes the way of things. >> you are talking about no one needs cookies. >> 800 million business. >> i like. it anything that gets my cookies faster, i fully support. it you can be a hard worker and doesn't have to compromise the
9:59 am
lesson. >> the parents have to go and help with the deliveries. >> and in the last block. kids nowadays are critized because they are on the phones and don't have the xhupgz skills. it is about going out there and selling. what about me as an aunt? with my twitter following and facebook, my niece would kick major but the. >> that is not selling door-to-door. >> lou, parents were showing up. >> and why dusay lou a long time ago, what is that about? >> you never have done that? >> actually, as you can tell, i am pro cookies. it is fine for me. >> what is your favorite outdoor cocky.
10:00 am
>> i will be delighted. >> stay right here for outnumbered over time on the web. we'll be back on tv tomorrow on noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. we'll see if a nationwide walk out materialized after activist in ferguson, missouri urged people to get off of their jobs. demonstrators flooded the streets in washington d.c. and blocking the traffic in protest of the ferguson decision. this is "happening now". >> congress has to stand up and protect us. >> republicans outraged over the president the president executive action in immigration. is it jeopardizing a crucial alloy on the right and how does this influence the high courts in a health care case? >> you won the first round mr.


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