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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 10, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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martha: how about we see you back here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i am andrea tantaros. here with us today, harris faulkner, kennedy, also from fox business, melissa francis. and our one hashtag one lucky guy, a regular, paul. and he is outnumbered. >> you are a busy man right now. your schedule is crazy. >> i'm on my way to denver this
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week through sunday. >> that is a great city. >> it really is. >> do you find people laugh more in colorado maybe because marijuana, cracking up at your jokes right and left? >> i actually buy it for the audience. >> who wants some gummy bears? >> hand them out as people come. and then i will be in d.c., the 19th through the 21st. martha: good, we need a lot of laughter in d.c. let's get to it. a new push for answers on capitol hill. the committee is holding its second hearing into the september 11, 2011, 12, tax in benghazi. their dizzily trying to find out what has been done since then two secure diplomatic facilities around the world.
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newly released reports find security flaws under secretary of state hillary clinton went well beyond benghazi. thank him with should not give up the investigation until many questions are answered. >> what precautions were taken? where? by whom? why were we told the facility was secure, why were we told it was a strong security presence when we now know that was false? why an ambassador trusted to represent us in a dangerous land wasn't trusted to know what security he needed. >> all this coming on heels of the senate report on the cia interrogations report and concerns the release of that report could inspire another attack like the one in benghazi. more on this from washington. >> thank you, andrea.
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also telling fox news he wants key players and talking points to now testify including investor susan rice who wrongly blamed the attack on a video and a demonstration. former acting director of the cia who heavily edited the talking points, and the president deputy preparing rice for the national television appearances. in a memo shortly before those appearances wrote the goal was to underscore that these protests are rooted in internet video, not a broader failure of policy. the committee has look at the intelligence and only a slim reed pointed to protest in benghazi and larger share pointed to terrorism. >> you cannot watch the surveillance video from that night and have the word spontaneity come anywhere near entering your mind. so yes, it was politics.
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>> the security problems as he mentioned went well beyond benghazi and in some cases u.s. personnel operating in warehouses, they remain significant problems for the state department and local security forces. these new documents after they sued in federal court under the information act shows the first time the situation was so messed up on the day of the attack the security force was operating without a valid license in libya. >> thank you so much for that. i want to go to you first on this because we have known for a while this is a report coming out from the state department, it is saying officials in libya have repeatedly asked for more security. the ambassador sends direct cables asking for more security. they drew the security down.
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they were attacked the british embassy which then closed, the red cross closed, it was a dangerous area and security was not amped up. we also learned five newly opened posts still do not have adequate security. >> you put that alongside of the house report that came out with interrogations yesterday and the concern put out there, and now the response to that concern by chuck hagel, defense secretary who is exiting to ramp up security abroad. and this is the kind of thing we were doing previously the intel out that would turn our enemies against us potentially a more focused way, it is really scary stuff. in the beginning with this hearing we saw a couple of months ago the lack of passion. some of us on the coach when they wi when this would get goi. we now see how this date for information can get a bipartisan
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response or a nonpartisan response to come from the state department is a huge deal. when we spoke at the white house correspondents a few months ago he said we are going to have a slow start but we're going to get the facts, we have to do this methodically a carefully. we will do this right. >> harris brings up the cia memo. the timing is trouble some because there is interrogations techniques that we used even though we stopped using them, but also let's telegraph the world our embassy may not be secure. to me that makes the sick to my stomach. >> the whole issue obviously benghazi problem but it goes beyond that. you're talking about multiple consulate and embassy with terrible security, how does that exist before, how does it continue to expand after. this like we are manning these sensitive hotspot areas with the
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greeters at walmart who check your receipt. it is ridiculous. it makes you wonder sort of why aren't we learning from mistakes of the past. >> when it comes up, money often comes up. in the back-and-forth is a lefty are plenty republicans, you cut funding and all this other stuff but when you see the wasteful spending in washington, don't you think the embassy and consulates security in the wake of all of the beheadings should be made a priority? >> absolutely when you look and see construction flaws, really? are trying to build a fortress in enemy territory asking people to go and work surrounded by folks who have so much animosity against us there trying to make security around the world. that is where you spend your money. construction flaws, are you kidding me?
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look at the consulate impacts and doesn't have a solid emergency planning the event of a terrorist attack or political unrest? >> who saw the last episode of "homeland"? even people who write fiction know it. it is unbelievable the writer saw this but our folks cannot? we are asking people to go and risk their lives isil >> she is the worst building manager in the western world. >> i think she was asked about security and they had the pictures of the it. with sandbags outside, is this what you anticipated? she said i'm not into that, that is not part of what i am focused on. >> wants to ask about hillary clinton. she did say i take response ability at that hearing that we we're showing. she also said it doesn't really make a difference what happened that night wa that was meant out for a walk, men do take weapons
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out with them on random walks. >> i cannot get over that line of reflection because it makes a very big difference if you have a systemic problem with al qaeda ready to attack a vulnerable u.s. embassy, that is vastly different than a couple of people who get together with some incendiary devices. >> does it make a difference politically if she runs? ending the security and the fact the requests were denied. >> if she can't point to her record or any overwhelming successes, yes, this massive failure runs the risk. >> in a year from now people are going to say what that hillary do? >> it is one of those things we may not get a fully satisfying answer, but one of the things i think her candidacy will die a death by a thousand cuts.
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martha: i do they played a larger role but her as a manager but people are looking for work and health care costs are soaring, energy security the talking point, it may not hit home with most americans unfortunately. the days of our lives are very important. president obama seems to be mocking republican to protest this moves on immigration that protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation. when mr. obama believes the next president went there tryin would reverse executive action. even if more states are taking legal action against them. and ed for 13 and 14-year-olds that allows planned parenthood into the classroom and teaches kids they can choose their gender. plenty of parents not happy about it. and catch more from the couch on the web "outnumbered" over time by logging on to
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republicans are a in action to protect millions of illegal immigrants from the partition. just as he did last month after announcing those moves. this time a town hall in nashville the president says he doesn't believe his successor would take the political risk reverse executive action. listen to him when why. president obama: the present mea people bit we have a good heart wants to treat people fair. every survey shows that if in fact somebody has come out subject themselves to a backgrod checks, registered, pay their taxes, the american people support allowing them to stay. >> this as number states to the president over executive action continues to grow. seven more signing on making a total of 24. i love that comment, american people basically have a good heart. and they want to treat people
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fairly. >> unless they want to deport them. >> so incredibly condescending. no one can believe him when he makes these speeches with these promises, going through the laundry list of things people are going to do, they're going to submit to background checks, self-report when they are not feeling well. if you can see her doctor, how can you trust immigration program that is so unilateral? it can be potentially very dangerous. back to you, melissa. >> talked about immigration reform. was this reform? there was the amnesty. when he talks with people busily wanting to see some sort of change is probably true people want to fix the system everybody agrees is broken. i don't believe this is necessarily reform. >> americans are going to be
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behind this action he would have done it before the election, even he knows that. that is why he didn't do it this last round before these elections. on the point his predecessor will probably not reverse it, i tend to agree with that because democrats will say if you try to rip families apart, look at what they are doing. especially if they begin to enroll them in programs like obamacare. now you are taking my education, taking away health care and all those things. i do think old parties have real issue on immigration because look at the chamber of commerce wanting cheap labor on things like that, lot of consultants think you put in mariotti band at the convention, you will win voters. the democrats have it wrong. >> i think ultimately republicans have more to lose if they fight, i totally agree with
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you. as much as it goes against the grain, you have to go with the flow on this. it is potential voters in the block of 5 million people. it just is self-defeating. >> that talks the issue of what people do right now before you go down that road. if you try to do what i think speaker john boehner is suggesting. they may see this capitulation, tibia compromise to define some programs and the department of homeland security so you can forward the ability to kick off immigration in the new year. it might be more important than ever. >> you limit spending window without completely shutting down the government or throwing a cabal she on the protest. >> is this sort of lipservice to keep the angry group?
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>> this is the real deal, this is the way the founding fathers intended it, let them figure this out. it is the best way and best option for republicans to get the court to rule. >> when you loo look at where te burden is realistically it is understandable why texas is one of the states leading the charge on this. look at what they have had to do. >> in terms of states it is expensive for them to have to pay for another entitlement considering what could happen with obamacare. >> this is more labor and more consumer science the country. if they are here already, start using emergency rooms, enrolled in school. >> i would say this though, the president says this is what the american people want, that is disingenuous. the same president who said i'm
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listening to two-thirds of people who didn't vote. how does he know what he american people want? >> a lot of people looking for work. when people are out of jobs, they don't like executive action giving other people legal status. >> the nfl getting set to unveil a new personal conduct policy to help deal with latest directing violence problems but will it change anything in the nfl at help the league's image? one couple wanted so badly for their baby to be a girl they spent tens of thousands of dollars to fly to a country they could choose the child's gender. that was this country. should people be able to decide their child's gender? i don't care whether you have a ph.d. or an mba. everyone has questions about money. you know, i think about money kind of a lot. -money's freedom. -money's always on my mind.
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>> this story is on the move. the developments for handling of domestic violence. the commissioner roger goodell unveiling a new policy perhaps as soon as today. all this stems from what has been a very rocky season for the nfl beginning with a disturbing video of ray rice knocking out his wife. she was his fiancée back then. the nfl is reporting modeling a new policy over and wh n.y.p.d.n new york. meeting with liam broughton to learn how the police department handles domestic violence cases. nfl, ran a collision course with the police union saying they have not been conducted on the policy. they want this we bargained for and want meeting on this a force. melissa, i will go to you first.
9:26 am
it comes to management and somebody who has a lot of power like roger goodell, they will talk about how much power he will have going forward in these cases. in this case there was so much blame put on him. originally gave a two-game suspension. he seemed to waffle, seems not to have control over this. he hasn't shown leadership needed to come but they have to now make up for that and hold players a higher standard di. very the spotlight, everybody wants to do what they do.
9:27 am
>> i'm curious though, should we expect the nfl to do more? >> why is this even being discussed. why is he in getting involved, whether questions of they go shooting what is right. if you hit a woman it is wrong and you are out, the question is for how long. the punishment has been arbitrary. >> should it be roger goodell or a third party making that decision? >> right now it is arbitrary. literally what they do is use a magic eight ball. right? >> i have heard you talk about this before, we're not talking about violence anymore. >> that is what the player union wants that is what roger goodell wants because it is uncomfortable and problematic. here you have nfl players
9:28 am
predicting but ferguson and eric garner case. that is their right, but cleanup your own house, don't preach to the rest of the world. the nfl is dogged by systemic problems and i agree with alyssa. he has to man up and sprout some stones and change things from the top down. it may be difficult with the players union and you can't capitulate to everybody. >> you know how you're on the right track? the union is upset. >> they're more concerned with what is happening on the field than off the field. that's the problem, right? what is the union going to ask for? no cameras in elevators? their p.r. for this is so bad, the union and the nfl should just know you know what, it is wrong, give us a third person.
9:29 am
>> yo note i am concerned about, the season is almost over. we are headed now in two playoff territory. they basically have punted. into a whole new season. >> i don't think they want to focus on this issue or have any distractions especially domestic violence or even players with their hands up for any kind of social or cultural, they know that is what the fans want. the players union should be involved. many people feel that prosecutor failed in doing his job by not throwing the book at ray rice. if the court isn't going to throw him in jail based on the evidence, people are saying it is your job. >> this is the most black-and-white issue you can imagine. you don't hit women.
9:30 am
>> talking about the nfl, many people have said you have a violent game to begin with. >> there are rules, we talk about domestic violence, there are rules, not like you can hit just above the shoulder but not above the nose. hi, how are you, that made perfect sense. softly and couple wanted a girl so badly a mortgage their home, flew to the data stays and spent $50,000 to choose their baby's gender. screening embryos to make sure have the right chromosomes and free from abnormality. some worry about the practice saying that leads to fertile couples using unnecessary in vitro fertilization methods and that can lead to health risks. it reinforces rigid gender distinction. parents have an idea how to
9:31 am
raise a boy or a girl. certain traits can lead to genes modification. basically engineering children and also raises concerns about dealing with unused embryos if women are aborting based on those results. >> you added a lot of things at the end to make this dicier. >> that is what is so interesting because this is a huge philosophical debate. you and i are typically on the side of technology. you want to see how far science can go. i hate to say it, but harris and andrea are basically hobbits. >> someday they will have cell phones.
9:32 am
>> let me begin to dig you out of this. kennedy is trying to say you can't stop crying, it will develop ways to do this the do we want the government to decide for us what you can and cannot do? >> no, because with single-payer universal health care system, the government will decide we need gina modification be ed i say we should modify genes to people have healthy hearts and strong bones. >> this goes back to the parents first of all let me say to my mom and dad, i made it as a boy. i'm a boy and i am proud of it. i think you just have to let nature take its course. my problem is parents want to this case select three boys they wanted to have a girl they want to do everything they could to have a girl. >> and mom was depressed.
9:33 am
she was a homebound depressive because she couldn't have a girl. i think they have a lot more to do. >> so, we don't like her justification for this, but would he want deciding for her she can't do it. you trust people in washington to say no, you can't? wheatley this decision but you can't make that decision? >> there really tough. >> should be able to choose the eye color? >> people are taking their children the way they think their cars. and i color. >> in the end check the box. >> people like twins discussed in new york city. the people in new york city, a debate i fear a lot women as they get older they don't have a lot of time so they say hey, doctor, throw in two eggs.
9:34 am
we start to tell them? the government has gotten involved in massachusetts. it is mandatory for employers to cover in vitro in massachusetts. this is a whole other debate but when the government gets involved to mandate things were not mandate them, we have trouble. ethically and philosophically before we rely on government interference. >> i think that is apples and apples. i really do. the eye color. but the choice to create extra human life feels about the same as choice to choose one human life over the other. >> as parents on the panel -- >> should you not be able to use ivf? >> we're overcontrolling, embryos need alone time. >> we are so controlling. >> the issue not being able to have kids and choosing ivf. i have girlfriend who have done that. that is different. based on i want a pink dress for
9:35 am
my toddler to say i want a blue suit over a boy, to say your heart will be different, it is a lot like, it is selfish in my opinion. >> it is also playing god. me personally don't think that is a very smart move. let him decide. >> only like to do that when you're the lead in the joseph and the tech any color dream coat. >> she always hits the strings. >> i don't like patterns as much. i like solid colors. >> that is what you wear on the couch. that said, one high school going way beyond what parents say they were told this class even involving androgynous cookies to help teens choose their gender. reportedly leaving ninth graders feeling pressured to have sex, in ninth grade. what is happening right after the show you? know it. you asked for it. you want it. head nor "outnumbered overtime". send us your questions and comments. tell us what you want to hear
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♪ >> forget the birds and the bees. there is a sex ed class that is teaching much more than that in one northern california high school. it has gotten a lot of parents angry. they say their kids were taught by employees of planned parenthood without their prior knowledge. and that ninth graders were given a diagram using so-called, gingerbread person. that is him or her on the screen. offers kids options to choose their gender. students were given a checklist that tells them if they're ready for sex or not. with many questions like, if they know how to use a condom? if they can handle pregnancy. kids also got a work sheet describing how to give and obtain consent. >> no. >> they could opt out of the class but parents say the curriculum went far beyond what
9:41 am
they were told that it would include. i got to say, some of it went far beyond my own personal knowledge. i have actually given birth to two children. >> let me help you there. >> thank you. there were a lot of things here i was not even totally familiar with. >> you really highlighted them in red with arrows. >> i went to catholic school in southern california. t was california. but they passed around a diaphragm and a sponge in the class. >> started cleaning walls with it. >> exactly. so i understand that is very progressive for a catholic school but reading through all of this, harris, are you comfortable with this? what do you think? >> can we pop up the gingerbread man? >> genderbread men. >> that didn't seem right. if you look at this diagram, there are things on it, what is this guy? >> first of all -- >> very, very odd. >> worst peppridge farm cookie ever right there. >> but on the sex checklist -- >> i have to make those for christmas. >> pregnancy, are you ready?
9:42 am
you know at that grade level or any other -- >> handle a pregnancy. >> so that makes it a thoughtful question. >> really? >> because i think you're saying to 13-year-old kid say can you handle this? she is looking at list and saying no, i can't. i have to thing twice. i didn't think that was the most offensive part. there is a lot of detail on there for a 13-year-old. >> i think scaring bejesus out of young adolescents is the greatest service we can do as a nation. that's why 16 and pregnant and teen pregnancy and shows on mtv, people were worried they would create a rash of teenage moms. it had the opposite effect. teen pregnancy has gone down. that part i don't mind. it is telling a 13-year-old, like, okay, this is when you know you're ready to have sex. like when someone asks if they take their pants off, i don't want someone asking my daughter that. >> i don't think there is any good alternative here. i had sex, i went to catholic
9:43 am
school and i had essential -- >> sex ed. >> i didn't know where you were going with that. >> i had it from the gym teacher, socially awkward guy whose idea of -- that is not the guy you want teaching it either. >> i was going to say, that is who i had it from. in an auditorium. had it from the gym teacher. trying to do diagrams and show birthing video. you know what i was doing during that class? >> vomiting. >> passing notes to my friend about the cute boy. no one is paying attention. it is uncomfortable seated next to the same guys, your peers or girls. it is uncomfortable. 16 and pregnant on mtv in privacy of your own home, it scares the bejesus out of kids. the most important question, will you make those gingerbread cookies with the little winkies on them. >> the fact they didn't use something anatomically correct.
9:44 am
i know i'm picking on the diagram and laughing about it. >> i really like to be about the facts. if you are going to have a conversation with somebody about this -- >> bring in a cucumber. >> it will not look like that. >> there is more -- >> i happen to have one right here. >> in the time we have here -- >> look, have parents talk to kids about sex ed. no, but that will keep your kid from having sex, having your mom talk to you about intercourse. >> best sex ed advice ever. >> right. >> don't have sex with boys you will become a slut and they will tell all their friends. even if they problem is you won't. worse, once you give it up they won't want anything from you. that is the worst thing i ever heard from my life. >> are you upset that parents were not consulted? >> they said the parents were consulted but weren't given full length. there was one simple solution, maybe what we need to do is a back to school night, go through the entire curriculum, show the
9:45 am
parents exactly what we are going to show. you decide whether to opt in or opt out. >> that is smart. that is the best way to do it telling us we have to go. obviously we could talk about this all day. evidence from washington that iran is trying to by equipment for a key nuclear facility. what the white house won't say about it publicly. new dress code for lawmakers in one state enacted by men, banning their female colleagues from wearing certain things? don't lawmakers have anything better to do with their time. ♪ i'm an idaho potato farmer
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> andrea, i know you don't like to miss the white house daily briefing. they just wrapped it up. press l press secretary josh earnest says the white house is strongly against the enhanced interrogation of terror suspects and the use of those techniques hurt the moral authority of the united states but earnest defended the obama administration's use of drone strikes to take out terrorists. those strikes have spiked since president obama came to office. we're watching a huge rain and snowstorm in california.
9:50 am
the state desperate for water but this could be the biggest storm in several years and residents are bracing for flooding and the possibility of mudslides. blizzard warnings out for the sierra nevada. stocks taking it on the chin today. the dow down about 150 points. not a great week so far. energy stocks dragging down the markets overall as oil prices continue to fall. we're watching it all. back with you in a few minutes. "happening now." >> thanks, jon. nice tie. >> thank you. >> well from hallowed halls of montana statehouse this decree. women lawmakers can not wear leggings and need to be mindful of the lent of their skirts. this is new dress code put together by majority leaders who happened to be men. they suggest male lawmakers should appear, business formal, wearing things like suits and dress pats. i hope not underwear. the incoming speaker of the house endorses the guidelines
9:51 am
insisting they're not directed at women. but the minority whip taking issue saying the quote, the code cross as line and singles women out for monitoring and suggests that they can't get up in the morning to dress appropriately. first of all i'm glad they're cleaning up the den of innick quitty that is montana legislature. your thoughts on this particularly as a woman. >> this is ridiculous. are the legislators showing up with crop tops? >> apparently they are. >> look like the dollhouse in fort lauderdale? acrylic shoes. i'm not sure. i think it is unnecessary. >> no open towed. no denim. people are wearing that. >> i can only imagine what the male legislators are wearing in montana. >> wearing the montana tuxedo which is the denim blazer. >> disagree with all you guys on this one, normally don't you go somewhere for men wear coat and tie, and women where whatever. part of it is what is defining
9:52 am
what is dressy and. this is hard. these guys went a little overboard. >> i'm a man and this is men dictating. like the old west. >> you want loosey-goosey rules? you want joga pants and tube tops? >> men can't control themselves in the work place, women have to walk around with suits of pillows? >> i don't think that is the issue. >> i think they want people looking decent to go in making laws. >> when are men making fashion decisions in montana. a little tube top on the house or senate floor in montana may -- >> to kind of piggyback off melissa says. maybe women are not using best judgment. maybe men feel they need to do. >> i can't believe i'm defending the women. >> men have to wear suits and ties. can't wear izods. >> much shorter list.
9:53 am
no casual fridays or saturdays. >> no jeans. >> no speaking with chaw. >> that is fine and encouraged. >> fine in the montana legislature. no, i just think, i thought cathy griffin was taking over for the fashion police, not the montana legislature. it is old west out there. hey, ladies make me a cup of coffee. >> out west. >> look like the old west. like 1800s. >> i need to see some photos. >> yeah, some montana legislature fashion show? i am kilometer moring for it. i will put that on the tumblr page. thinking of the sexuality, you love it uncooked right out of the tube. what could i possibly be talking about? uncle sam tell you no, to cookie dough. say it ain't so. ♪
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9:58 am
i. >> it is hard to contract salmonella. it is possible to get pasteurized eggs. and make sure they are refridgeated. >> how do you know this? >> it is because i make a chocolate mousse. and i buy pasterized eggs and so far no one died. >> i say raw cooky dough yummy. >> and i don't know if it is me, but there is a lot of big innuendo in this thing. >> i have licked a lot of bowls and beaters and i am right here on the couch healthy as a horse.
9:59 am
>> i eat them because i can. >> why? >> i can. >> and a 14-year-old boy. i love getting in the kitchen in there and my five-year-old, if she can't taste it, it doesn't exist. nanother guilty pleasure. >> you have a guilty pleasure to share? >> no. >> i do. >> go ahead. >> hot refuge brownie with chocolate frosting is the best. >> i like when you cut the top you off of cake and make the cake roll. you have to. >> and special brownies from colorado, they are good. >> and there they go. >> i actually don't have guilt. >> good for you. >> and since we are talking about food. >> if only the first lady were
10:00 am
like. that stay right here on fox news overtime. we'll be back tomorrow at noon eastern. jon scott and the crew of "happening now" starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. new reaction to the senate report on the cia. we expect new reaction from nancy pelosi at the bottom of the hour. >> karl rove will weigh in on allegations of the report that the cia misled the president and american people. we'll cover all of the news on "happening now". >> we water boarded three people in the life of the program. >> firsthand hand account. >> and i don't know where they get it. who is telling the truth? americans need to


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