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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 2, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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you from washington. "happening now" starts about now. in 10 or 11 seconds. jon: fox news alert on a new phase in the fight to defeat isis. iraq launching a large scale military operation to take back a key town from the terrorists. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> and i'm in for jenna lee. now working to recapture saddam hussein's home town of tikrit with forces attacking the city from different directions. tikrit is 80 miles north of baghdad and it fell to isis last summer. it's one of the largest cities from the terror group and lies from baghdad to mosul. retaking it would reclaim more territory in northern iraq. >> conner powell is following the story for us live from jerusalem. why the offensive defense tikrit and why now? >> as lea just said the talk has been about mosul and taking
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tikrit is an important step in ultimately launching a military offensive to retake mosul.80 miles or so outside of baghdad but it's the gate das way to the sunni areas of iraq and so this is seen as sort of a test run for whether or not the iraqi security forces are up to the job of taking mosul and also to see what type of progress they've made in terms of reorganizing the military but any operation that would you tell mately be an offensive on mosul would be nearly impossible if tikrit was still held. if iraqi security forces can take that it will take an operation against mosul later this spring or later this summer whenever that happens, much easier. it's a strategic point for a larger operation against mosul, jon. >> so what are the chances of success? any way to assess that? >> that is the real big question. there's a lot of skepticism. what we're hearing right now is the pentagon saying there's
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about 27,000 iraqi troops taking part in this operation in tikrit and there are also several thousand iranian backed shia militia fighters as well so it's a force of 30,000 or so so it has a sizable force. the question is what type of capabilities do they have? one interesting thing we've heard out of iraqis is that there are iraqi fighter jets being part of this operation and that was a big question whether or not their air force was at all capable to be a part of any type of operation. we're hearing out of iraq that they are part of this offensive on tikrit. whether or not they're effective, there's a lot of skepticism and whether or not they can take tikrit in a timely period will tell us a lot about whether or not the iraqi security forces can take mosul. it should be pointed out a few months ago there was an operation to retake tikrit. it didn't last very long and it was ultimately not successful so history is not on the side of the iraqi security forces right now. >> let's hope they can do a better job this time retaking that city.
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thank you. >> and another threat. now the focus in washington. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning about nuclear negotiations with iran. he just wrapped up a speech to the pro israel lobbying group, aipac ahead of his address to congress tomorrow. chief washington correspond james rosen joins us live. good morning. >> never the israeli prime minister said at his remarks, previewing the remarks he is to give to his joint session of congress tomorrow morning, has so much been written about a speech that's not been given. speaking of 16,000 people at the annual convention of aipac, american israel public affairs committee, the pro israel lobby group, netanyahu said his address tomorrow arranged through congressional republicans has been misperceived. he intends no disrespect to president obama or his office. only to highlight their disagreements over how to prevent iran from achieving a nuclear weapons capability. it's a goal obama administration is presently seeking to achieve
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through negotiations with iran but the israelis regard as too con sill a tore yal a -- conciliatory. >> today we are no longer silenced. today we have a voice. and tomorrow tomorrow as prime minister of the one and only jewish state i plan to use that voice. >> president obama is not meeting with netanyahu while he's here, citing the fact that israeli elections are two weeks away. minute before he spoke, the u.s. employs dor to the united nations argued administration has written time and again to israel's defense even as she refutes them for recent moves. >> as success of u.s. administrations have made clear for decades, israeli settlement
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activity damages the prospects for peace. nor will one sided actions in international bodies or treaties such as actions against israel at the international criminal court help us get to a negotiated solution. >> in his remarks, netanyahu also pointedly called jerusalem the eternal undivided capital of the jewish state. >> james rosen in washington thank you. >> thank you. >> joining us for more on this bret baier, the anchor of oir special report "here on fox news channel." it's curious, bret, the prime minister came into town saying that he means no disrespect for the -- to the president. he said he deeply appreciate everything that president obama has done. but his first thank you was actually to the members of congress on both sides of the aisle. let me play that for you. >> i want to thank most especially members of congress,
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democrats and republicans. i deeply appreciate your steadfast support for israel year in, year out. you have our boundless gratitude. >> clear this will is a visit intended to rally the congress. it would seem that these words are not really directed at the administration. >> right, jon. i think, listen. the israeli prime minister is going to be blunt as he often is about the threat that israel sees from iran. and i think he's thanking congress for inviting him, specifically house speaker boehner for the invite. you know there will be some 30 plus democrats who choose to protest this speech, not go because of what they call a breach in protocol. but you're still going to have a packed house of lawmakers, probably standing room only in that chamber and probably a lot of them are going to give a lot of respect to the prime minister as he talks about the threat from iran. >> is there going to be blowback against those democrats who are
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sitting this one out? you know based on voters or do they -- are they taking that into their calculations they figure that they can do without the support of whatever jewish voters they might have in their home district? >> yeah. it's tough to say. th a great question going forward, whether this event has any other blowback the other way. all the blowback we've been reading about is about netanyahu and his election that's coming up in israel march 17. but you're right. there could be political fallout the other way if this speech really hits on some of the themes that many israelis feel is a threat that is overlooked in the current negotiations between the u.s. and iran. >> so the prime minister, as i mentioned, was effusive in his praise for the president. he said he deeply appreciates everything that president obama has done. it's not about a disagreement with the administration but how are they receiving this at the white house? i presume they would prefer that
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netanyahu was not in the country and not giving this speech. >> as you know president obama is not meeting with prime minister netanyahu on this trip. you may remember last week the national security adviser susan rice called this visit not only an increase in tensions but, quote, destructive to the u.s.-israel relationship. now, secretary of state kerry dialled that back a bit over the weekend and today saying that the relationship is still strong saying that this should not be a political football going forward but also saying that they want some breathing room for these negotiations to try to work with iran. >> and the administration definitely wants some kind of a deal with iran. >> desperately. it seems like you know whether it is they're going to do everything they can with the thought that maybe this is not going to work out but they will have said in the history books that they tried the hardest to get a deal. i think as more and more details
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of the negotiations and the possible deal come out, you see more and more critics and that's one of the things secretary kerry warned about saying if any more deal points come out per the israelis they have a big problem with that. >> let's talk about presidential politics, bret, coming off a big weekend in that regard, a crowded field of potential contenders trying to woo grassroots supporters at the cpac. marco rubio is leaning toward a white house run, could make it official as early as next month. other potential candidates also reportedly inching closer to decisions as well. a lot of this timing is based on the calendar and the quarterly financial reporting, right? >> exactly. we'll get a good sense here in march about where people stand as far as their fundraising so far. you're going to be looking at some serious dollars that will be needed to compete and to go
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through this cycle. maybe more than ever before. as you even head through a republican cycle into a general election. i think marco rubio, everything we're hearing is that he's going after romney donors and even romney fundraiser so we'll see if that materializes for rubio. he is clearly looking at a run very seriously and it could be a matter of weeks before he gets in. you know cpac over the weekend, the straw poll is a big focus. it's just an early marker. it's a mixed audience. rand paul won for the third consecutive time. it's important to point out that almost 50% are 18 to 25. >> we seem to have lost our connection to bret baier. that doesn't happen very often but you can certainly catch bret tonight on special report 6:00 p.m. eastern time. you know he's going to be talking about not only more on this speech from benjamin netanyahu and a preview of what he will say to that joint
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meeting of congress but also talking about this crowded field of republican candidates for president. many of them could make that their declarations official coming up. >> the click is ticking down to yet another deadline for funding of the department of homeland security. congress scrambled to pass a one week extension last week after an appeal for another three weeks fell through with only hours to go. john boehner said he wants to talk about a bill. democrats are balking, saying they will only fund a clean bill that does not have any provisions against president obama's executive actions on immigration. >> key hearing in the boston marathon bombing case to tell you about. what the judge needs to decide now before testimony begins in the trial of the man accused in the deadly terror attacks at the finish line almost two years ago. and jurors making a big decision in the resentencing trial of convicted murderer jodi arias.
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>> key developments right now in the boston marathon bombing trial with a last minute hearing underway before testimony begins on the evidence that will be admitted against tsarnaev near the finish line that killed three people and injured more than 250 almost two years ago. m.i.t. officer also gunned down during the manhunt for the bombing suspect. our own molly now monitoring today's hearing and she'll bring us developments as they happen. >> jury deliberations underway in new york and the murder trial of a man accused of selling her own 5-year-old son with toxic levels of salt. in closing arguments,
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prosecutors called lacy spears' alleged actions torture. defense lawyers say she was a devoted mother. in arizona a jury deciding whether jodi arias should be sentenced to death or life in prison. she was accused of murdering her ex boyfriend but a jury could not decide on a sentence in her first trial. and an oregon store owner tried to catch the thief who stole $2,000 worth of scratch off lottery tickets. the grab and go all caught on surveillance video. store owner putting the suspect picture on the front door hoping someone recognizes the culprit and turns him in. >> as the u.s. tries to reach a nuclear deal with iran north korea firing off two short range ballistic missiles into the sea. country regularly conducts tests but this latest was accompanied by a warning as the u.s. and south korea kick off joint military drills. david piper joining us from thailand. is this more sabre rattling? >> they could be yes.
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there's a lot of tension at the moment on the korean peninsula. at the same time as north korea test fired those missiles the u.s. and south korea launched their annual military exercises in the south. now, two short range missiles were fired by north korea from the port city into the east sea towards japan. the south korean defense ministry says what they believe was scud missiles fell in the ocean 300 miles from where they were fired. no warning was given before the missile launches. the japanese government says they were a danger to fights. defense ministry described the my missile launches as provocation because they were fired without a warning. defense minister warned if it continues, south korea's military would react firmly to any further provocations from the north. missile launches are being seen
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as the response to the annual u.s.-south korea military exercises. north korea military earlier today described the joint exercises as an encroachment on its national sovereignty and a dress rehearsal for invasion. statement warned any aggression would be dealt with quote, merciless strikes unquote. the joint u.s.-south korea war games involve largely computer simulated exercise that lasts 12 days and another operation that has ground air and sea components which last about eight weeks. now both seoul and washington say these exercises are defensive in nature. back to you. >> all right. we do these every year. north korea never happy about it. thank you. >> two men are taken intu custody outside of the white house in the past 12 hours. what they were doing that has security officials on high alert. >> and growing calls for an independent investigation after the leading critic of vladmir
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putin is gunned down on the streets of moscow.
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>> officials on high alert this morning after the secret service confirmed two separate security incidents outside of the white house just within the past 12 hours. late last night a person was confronted by security officials on the south side of the grounds. he's now charged one lawful entry. and this morning, a man managed to slip past a construction worker leaving the gate. he was met by a secret service agent and a physical altercation took place. that man is now in d.c. police custody. >> right now a growing number of leaders outside russia calling for an outside investigation into the murder of a top russian opposition leader. vladmir putin's most prominent critic was gunned down friday
8:23 am
night just yards away from the kremlin. supporters creating a makeshift memorial where he died. amy kellogg is live in london with the latest on this killing. amy? >> hi, jon. russia's foreign minister has called boris' murder a heinous and despicable act and vowing that authorities will get to the bottom of it. there's strangely conflicting reports out of media. interior ministry saying that the tv cameras across moscow weren't working on the night of his murder and then someone from the department of information technology says yes in fact they were working and then finally, this tv channel releases its own footage reportedly from a webcam but it's really hard to make out much at all except that a snow plow appeared to be lingering near boris and his companion as they crossed the moscow river bridge at the time that he was killed. now, at the time of his death
8:24 am
political power was something of an ebb but his tireless campaigning for a better russia has not tapered off and as many as 50,000 people turned out to protest the killing and mourn his death yesterday. in one of his very last interviews, he had said that now is the worst time ever to be in the opposition in russia. but he said that he believed the russian people could come to understand that their government, despite the denials, is waging war in ukraine and causing the economy to flounder. the opposition could regain traction and he was killed just two days before a demonstration that he had organized to address all of that took place and it never took place, in fact because we had a memorial march for his death instead. french foreign minister is casting doubt today on the whole situation. >> -- the investigation is also coming after other deaths. remember the journalists, it's a
8:25 am
difference every time but the fact is, it's not go ahead to be in the opposition. >> jon, he was gunned down in the elevator of an apartment in 2006. alexander was poisoned here in london and also in quicks and borris was found to have committed suicide a few years ago. he was also a vocal critic of the kremlin but people keep digging into that story, too, and wondering if in fact he really did take his own life. jon? >> mysterious stuff. amy kellogg thank you for bringing it to us from london. thanks. >> wisconsin governor scott walker facing more press scrutiny. why the media is focussing on the potential white house candidate, his reaction plus our media panel will weigh in and getting amtrak back on the right track. a new plan in the works to clean up the tax funded railroad and run it like a profitable business.
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leah: right now a quick look what's still to come this hour of "happening now." it's not just march madness for basketball fans. wall street also beering up. -- gearing up. why investors keep close eye on the markets as the nasdaq inches towards 5000. mysterious tunnel near the pan am games. police know who built it and why. new efforts to hire border patrol agents. we'll meet women taking on this important task. jon: lots of eyes on potential
8:30 am
republican candidates for the white house right now. wisconsin governor scott walker is getting a big share of the attention. he sat down with chris wallace to discuss that over the weekend. >> you have taken some heat recently. i don't have to tell you for refusing to say whether or not president obama loves this country and whether or not he's a christian. the conventional wisdom is, either you're pandering to the obama haters, or you're not ready for prime time. which is it. >> the answer is neither. i'm not going to take the manufactured media crises and take and follow that path instead of going to the path i think americans want which is leaders stand up tell them where they stand on issues that matter to them. tell you how you insure the family out of work for last six months can find a way to be part of the recovery. talk about how we take power out of washington to put it in the hands of hard-working taxpayers. jon: let's talk about it with alan colmes, host of "the alan colmes show," nationally
8:31 am
syndicated by fox news radio. tammy bruce a radio talk show host and fox news contributor. scott walker got a lot of attention after big speeches he made in iowa. shot toward the top in many republican polls. tammy, is that why in your view the media are taking shots at him now? >> obviously the field is very large. the only man on the planet is scott walker right now. i think that tells you the media sees him in fact as a threat to the status quo. i think there is also an interesting kind of smugness in their attacks on him which is really an elite dynamic. he didn't finish college. i think whether it is politics or in the media, there is this refusal to want to accept somebody who maybe doesn't come from their realm. but ultimately this is good news for scott walker. he is learning, experiencing already what to expect. he is having great answers for it. this is not going to end. already "the new york times" and "daily beast" had to retract
8:32 am
major stories because of desperation. so i think is good training for walker and i think he is handling things well. jon: alan, you are about 180-degree polar opposite scott walker politically but how do you think he is handling all the attention from the media? >> i don't mind he doesn't have a college education or finished college. that to me is irrelevant. having a graduate degree doesn't make awe genius, that being said he hasn't answered questions. even byron york, conservative columnist say he may not be ready for prime time. saying the most significant foreign policy development of his lifetime was ronald reagan firing patco, air traffic controllers. i don't get that. not giving direct answer, whether the president loves this country. direct answers including switch wallace. he doesn't want to be malleable. he is not, what is happening is he is the non-jeb bush he is
8:33 am
non-establishment candidate for the moment. as frank bruner wrote in the "new york times" when the media puts itself in horse race it often picks the horse that winds up in the glue factory. i think it is miss moment but i don't think the moment will last. jon: what about the does the president love the country tammy, that brouhaha? that started when rudy giuliani said he didn't believe that got all kinds of criticism in the media and else. scott walker says decide for yourself, now he is getting crucified for that? >> he is refusing to allow the left to direct a narrative. they want to have that be the question. nobody in the media is really at any extent is speaking about hillary clinton's foundation excepting foreign donations while secretary of state. that is a major story. everybody wants to talk about whether or not scott walker believes obama a christian? clearly these are red herrings to distract people from serious issues that we face because the obama regime and balks of
8:34 am
hillary's behavior and her own actions. this is what they want. they want it to be distraction. scott walker's test is to handle this properly. look, these are early days. i don't there any needs to demand from scott walker get direct specifics of things. people are still getting to know him. in fact they're still getting to know jeb bush. the test is how walker views this push and so far so food i think. >> what does it hurt to say he is loves his country as rand paul did. rand paul said, of course obama loves this country. he is a christian, if he says he is a christian? how about the fact, if i finish, scott walker compared to busting unions fighting isis. >> alan, you know better. >> no, alan you know better. >> that is false. >> scott walker can say, you know, of course i will be a tough leader if i can deal with unions in wisconsin i can fight isis. >> that is patently absurd. >> that is not the quote. >> that is exactly the message. >> here is alan and liberals out
8:35 am
there. not everything is about you. talking about himself and his leadership qualities. that is what that quote was about. it wasn't about the left. it wasn't about unions. it was about i amhimself. you have got these kinds of things where the look at argument we're having. we're not arguing about the foreign donations to hillary's foundation. while she held an incredibly important position dealing with foreign countries for this nation. so that is not the conversation. by the way, i don't care what scott walker thinks of barack obama. i care what scott walker thinks of this country and our future. what he will do about it. >> says a lot about someone character when they can't answer direct question. hillary clinton question is valid one, no question. we're talking about scott walker. i have no problem dealing with the hillary clinton questions. >> what do you think is more important, alan? >> i think it is important whether or not a person says i will be a good leader because i busted unions. reagan busting a union is biggest foreign policy issue of my lifetime? shows how he thinks
8:36 am
internationally. >> i love how he is getting under your skin. i love how scott walker gets under your skin and fun to watch. >> it is not getting under my skin. i think conservatives should be more worried bill. he will not being my nominee. you should be more worried about i am. >> i'm exciting. jon: answer this question, why does it matter what the governor of wisconsin think about the president's religious faith? >> not specifically about the president's religious faith. the issue is larger. how he answers the question. the manner which he responds not specifically what the issue is in particular, whether his fate or loving country. the fact that he questions the president's faith or that he questions his love of country says he is pandering to the far right. that is the issue here. jon: but you know why not let voters decide for themselves? >> they will ultimately. jon: just answer the question, what is wrong with that? >> voters will decide whether or not that kind of response shows character and someone want to be nominee.
8:37 am
>> good news that social media and new media in general is highlighting these problems hypocrisy, smugness arrogance of the media. the fact this is giant shiny squirrel. new media helped bring down the false "new york times" and "daily beast" stories. the world is changed how we discuss these things and support we give people unfairly attacked. >> if you think scott walker is handling himself in a way that makes him a good potential nominee for the pub party -- got bless you. >> i sure do. i sure do. jon: we'll leave it there. good bruce alan colmes. >> thank you. leah: amtrak train collides with a truck stopped on the tracks in southern california. 85 people were on that train. fortunately nobody was hurt. police say two people in the truck got out and ran to safety as they saw the train approaching. no word on why the truck was stopped on those tracks. this crash just 10 miles away from where another commuter train derailed after hitting a truck on the tracks last week.
8:38 am
meanwhile one lawmaker wants to see amtrak make some big changes. most of amtrak's lines are not profitable. except for the profitable northeast corridor between washington and boston. head of house transportation committee is proposing a new bill that he claims will eliminate waste attacks payer funded railroad. joining me from our fox business network, rich edson. how does this work. >> government subsidizes amtrak a billion dollars. group of lawmakers want it to operate like a business. they revealed the hamburger on amtrak costs $16. passengers pay 9.50. that means they lose $6 behind each hamburg they sell. they would have eliminate food losses. amtrak would have to analyze each route like other businesses would. and keep the northeast profits in the northeast.
8:39 am
it brought in nearly half a billion dollars of profit to many a track. this bill's supporters say that line should keep that money. >> people are willing to pay that. but people expect that money that greater revenue that they have on the northeast corridor should fix the tracks so we don't accidents but also did he won't have bumps and slowdowns. they want to have a more efficient ride. >> reporter: doing so would conceivably cut funding for other lines. bill es supporters would say elimination of dozen less profitable longer routes. in congressional rarity the transportation chairman, bill shoeser and top democrat peter defazio support the bill. back to you. >> are there any other changes passengers might see? >> reporter: perhaps final piece needed to get legislation in congress supporters would say it would allow passengers to bring pets on board for a charge of course. leah: okay. well you catch, thank you, rich.
8:40 am
catch more of rich's reporting on our sister network, fox business network. to find the channel in your area go to jon: hope you eliminate to dogs and cats. leah: no little pigs or anything like that. jon: march madness hits wall street. why our next guest says, march could signal how the markets will do for the rest of the year. spring might be just around the corner but boston still getting socked with snow. even more could be on the way.
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>> other companies have earnings with the stock prices i would be careful. i'm not comfortable looking at going forward in the market for 2015.
8:48 am
i just think there's too many pitfalls and i think most people need to start pulling back a little bit out of equity, especially if they have a shorter term focus because this is not going to be a really good year for equities. >> so in talking about people and how this will affect people at home, you mentioned when we spoke earlier today that people can watch on their phones but essentially going up and down as things change. what's your advice to them? >> it happens to me too. we're constantly looking at these things and you can see the value of your portfolio. there's nothing that happens day-to-day that really matters but we react to it all the time. if you have a long term focus, don't get caught up in all the headlines. headlines are going to grab you and make you very emotional but if you leave that money that's invested in a short period of time don't have it in the market because you don't know where the market is going at any point in time especially in the month of march. so put money aside that you need to live off of for at least a year or two put that in cash.
8:49 am
if you have a long term focus and you see the markets going all over the place, live with it but don't make moves based on the headlines. the headlines will unnerve you and you don't need that especially when you're in this environment. >> we'll try it. thanks. >> thank you. >> we told you about a massive tunnel discovered near the site of the pan am games. investigators are now saying they know why it was built. that's coming up. and more women could soon be patrolling the u.s. border. why the agency wants to dramatically boost the female presence there. ♪ help northern china reduce its reliance on coal fire heating plants and prevent 60 million tons
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>> right now toronto police have identified. the builders of a mysterious tunnel. it was discovered near the site of the 2015 pan american games. the large tunnel is six feet high and 30 feet long. according to police two men came forward they built the tunnel for personal reasons. investigators didn't reveal any other details. they don't believe there was any criminal intent or threat to the public. david: >> personal reasons. there you go. 5% of the agents in our borders is fee neal. broking number of demale i am bring grants the they are hoping to change that. alicia acuna is live with more. >> reporter: working under federal exemption to recruit solely female, the u.s. customs and boarder protect is preparing to train thousands women who trained and answer the call.
8:54 am
>> knew it would be difficult. having a great time here. >> hayley and marion are cadets at u.s customs & border patrol training center in artesian new mexico. they're actively pursuing women recruits, partly because the number of women rose across the border by 173%. more than half were sexerly assaulted before they arrived. >> if we have females we're able to relate to a female easier than a female to relate. >> reporter: women make up 5% of border patrol agents. out of 5700 female applicant they hope to hire 1600 by october. >> we're held to same standards. >> those should be hired for tough training at one of the toughest law enforcement academies at nation. >> it is difficult but designed to be. because our jobs in field is very dynamic very diverse. >> you've got to be ready for anything because, things change from one second to the other. >> the agents already on the job
8:55 am
say the training is definitely worth it. >> it is great yes. i love my job. >> and jon, the border patrol has a team responds to incidents such as rape. but only handful of its members are women. jon? alicia acuna in denver, thank thank you. >> closing arguments in the suspected trial after suspected terrorist. pakistan any man acting as his own attorney pled not guilty to trying to bomb a shopping mall in england in 2009. david lee miller from the district court. what are you hearing this morning? >> reporter: leah, prosecutors in the middle of 3 1/2 hours of closing arguments. the prosecution, methodically trying to build its case before the jury to say the defendant nassir took part in an international conspiracy not only to set off a car bomb outside of a shopping mall in manchester, england but also to
8:56 am
cause a massive explosion of what they described as the times square of denmark and to blow up the new york city subway system. words of prosecutor that explosion would have resulted in mange gelled bodies and dead families. prosecutor today also mentioned the name nazi. if that name is familiar he is pled in prison pleading guilty trying to take part in the conspiracy to blow up the new york city subway system. he and defendant sent emails to the account. that is not the coincidence. that was account of al qaeda handler. back to you. gerri: david lee milner brooklyn. thank you. david. >> next hour of "happening now" inside of a travel nightmare. passengers trapped on an airplane more than nine hours. why they were left stranded at the gate. rica is now the world's number one
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normally people wear pants. yeah that's why i'm hiding captain obvious. not very well. i found you immediately. you know what else is easy to find? a new hotel with the app. i don't need a new hotel room, i just need to get back into this one. gary? it's wednesday gary! i know that janet! is more helpful than janet. jon: i hope in our next hour we
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can explain what the personal reasons are those two guys chose to dig this elaborate tunnel. leah: if they are 13 years old it would make perfect sense right? we'll see you right back here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today, harris faulkner, host of kennedy on our sister network kennedy. jedediah bila is here. the #oneluckyguy also from fbn. push upexpert, charlie gasparino. >> back for more abuse. >> you're outnumbered. >> thanks for having me. >> lots of things cooking this morning. >> great stuff. markets. i've been preparing for this my entire life. intern, turned porn star. wall street intern turned porn star. >> usually oth


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