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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 2, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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do you agree president obama is a modern day neville chamberlain? thanks for joining us, we hope have you a great night. coming from a president who's fundamentally uncomfortable with being the leader of the free world pressure on the obama administration to take on the jihad and the iranian nuclear program. today we'll take a look at it with charles crowd hamkrauthammer. >> will president obama step up? on watters, this is my world right here. also ahead, at waters world, the spring training edition.
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caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone, factor begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly. tomorrow israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will address congress, talking about the iranian nuke situation. this will be the third time net tanya net -- stop iran from immediately developing a nuclear weapon. but critics say the deal is too soft, that iran would continue its weaponization and could convert it to nuclear very quickly if it decideded to break its agreement. it's imp possible to know how close they are to swrk a nuke.
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the israelis say that's unacceptable because the iranians want to wipe israel off the planet. if the president walks away from the iranian nuke deal, war might follow. it's certainly possible so the stakes could not get any higher. one problem with all of this is the exception of president obama himself. >> this is a president who thinks america is the greatest threat to world stability and i think our allies and our enemies have picked up on this, they see witness or they're concerned, assad sees weakness putin sees weakness. netanyahu is concerned, so concerned that he's coming to this country that he feels we're going to cut a deal with iran that will threaten the very existence of israel, an ally of ourselves. >> but it's hard to know what will -- nobody wants world war iii and nobody wants iran to get
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a nuke. but definitive statements about the negotiations are hard to back up. on the other matter, isis expansion, it's easier. simply put, obama is not leading the fight, king abdullah of jordan is. >> i have said this to the islamic and arab world and to the world in jeangeneral, this is a third world war by other means, this brings jews, christians and muslims together in this generational fight that all of us have to be together. >> with all due respect to the king who's a courageous man it will take america to galvanize the world girpsagainst isis and that's not happening. all the while the danger overseas growing no question. and now the charles krauthammer. so am i making any mistakes charles. >> let me count the ways, let me start with the big one.
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you seem to present that the alternative is either we go through with these negotiations which is essentially capitulation or war as if there's not a third way. obama loves to argue this, he does in the ukraine, what do you do? you supply the ukraine with weapons and you impose sanctions. the sanctions are what brought iran to their knees, to the negotiating table, the sanctions were worked. the gdp was cut by a quarter. the value of their currency fell by half, there's grumbling in the streets, the only thing that the mull las area about than acquiring the nuclear power. the threat is economic. >> let me challenge. okay. yes, sanctions can hurt iran. but if you believe the israelis, and the prime minister, they're that close to getting a nuclear
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weapon, and if this negotiation goes south, maybe they have it in six months, i heard that six month figure bantered around. so the mull las may be willing to take the economic pain for six months, use their secret police to control the population, get the nuke. israel is not going the allow that, they're not going to allow the nuke to get done and they're going to attack iran. which then, as you know blows up everything. again am i wrong? >> yes you're wrong, because the objective the best-case scenario, under america's terms that are being offered to iran right now, is that iran is a year away from more. from developing a nuclear weapon. >> a year, they say. >> a year, so we got a six-month difference difference. do you think we're going to know about the development of the bomb if isles a year? it could be six months it culled be less.
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the iaea reported last weekend, and again today that has no way to assure the international community that iran is not cheating and developing a weapon right now as we speak. the inspections aren't going to work, so even if we conclude the agreement, they're at best going to be a year away. but here's the worst part. the agreement has a sun set clause, which means it could be about ten years, iran will be completely unrestrained can enrich as much as it wants, it can have as much uranium enrichment to stockpile as much as it wants and it will do so with the blessing of the west and with complete legitimacy. >> i don't know about that they're saying they would have to negotiate another deal to con train them. >> that's in the deal, there's a sunset clause, it expires and
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iran is cut loose, and that's supposed to be an agreement that is in our interest? >> it's impossible to know i think, how the agreement is going to be worded until we see it. but even president obama today said he is peszsimistic that iran is even go to agree to the ten-year time frame, stop what they're doing. so it seems to me that the economic sanctions will have to be reimposed and israel will have to decide what israel wants to do. >> it's not easy to impose sanctions the original deal here is that when obama imposed the sanctions 18 months ago he amazingly relaxed the sanctions indeadstead of increasing them. remember the price of oil has collapsed in the interim. so the sanctions would be twice
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as effective. it is the only way to avoid capitulation on the one hand or war on the other. and obama refuses to do it. >> you're suddenly elected in a write in vote president of the united states in 2016, krauthammer wins across the board, even though he doesn't even campaign. so your president krauthammer, what do you do then you take a time machine back to tomorrow, fuse, what do you do? >> so what i do is i tell the iranians that we are not offering them as in the current offer 6,500 centrifuges which is the current nuclear program. i tell them that we're either
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going to go to no enrichment which is what is in six u.n. council resolutions, or as a way to save their face they can have a token of about 200 machines, and that's going to be our offer and we would be willing to legitimize the regime in those circumstances. they have to allow inspection and they have to account for the past programs. >> and they say no president krauthammer and then what do you do. >> we tell them inned a skrans advance we are going to hilt you with the sightest sanctions, you will not be able to do any transactions in the west. the oil embargo is still on, and you are going to be destabilized. and they remember that the shaw's regime collapsed in 1979, when the merchants in the treat turned against the regime. and that's what was happening 18 months ago with the economy in collapse. and they understand that. now i'm not saying it's going to work, necessarily.
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but the best chance that we have and obama instead is offering a capitulation. >> charles krauthammer, next i'm going to write down, in the beginning of the -- isis might solve some of the problems. i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is.
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s. fighting against isis and the brutal dictator assad, was a very big hope for the u.s. >> we continue to believe that the moderate opposition, many groups that are part of the moderate military opposition and one of the groups with a large number of thousands of members will continue to work with them.
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>> well now althey have disbangeded, no longer a fighting force. so we were told that they were going to take some of these guys and bring them into saudi arabia and training them, i guess, 5,000 was the number, give them a lot of guns and bring them on back and they were going to defeat isis, everybody knew that it was fairy tale then i think you and i talked about this. >> yes, we did. >> both of us said this is insane, it's never going to happen. what happens now is the whole group is gone. >> the group is gone, and al nusra, al qaeda's affiliate, he gave them old weapons. but the obama administration has been chasing this unicorn, this idea that we can get other people to do the hard stuff for us. in order to make the equation work, the obama administration and the yes men in the pentagon
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completely ignore the fundamentals of warfare. what matters here is what people will fight for. ultimately in warfare, it's not about the steel a man holds in his hand, it's about the steel he holds in his heart. like it or not our enemy who are outnumbered by the iraqi army, by the jordanian army by the syrian army they are not only continuing the fight they're thriving because of their level of commitment, and morale, they are willing even for a cause they are on a dif vine mission, they are incredibly empowering. the people that are armed they might night for this event, but they continually die. they defeat the local owing. >> i don't think it was kidding ourselves when they said we're going to take this 5,000 man force, train them in saudi
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arabia and they're going to come back and kick some isis butt. most commentators knew it was never going to work. but they have the nerve at the state department to throw this out to the american people, i don't know what the word is there, either misleading them or they're so incompetent that they can't hire people out to kill the jihadists. but it's frustrating to eme, we knew it was a joke, but now it turns out to be true. >> yeah and the obama administration's response to foreign policy threats is to make a token gesture to show that they're doing something. but the people of the middle east are not going to die for the american cause, they're going to fight for their religion or their clan or tribe, they'll fight, sometimes as the kurds are for their turf and their survival. but they're not going to die for
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us get over it. and if you don't have a presence on the ground, you don't get a vote. your power is not enough. >> america is making a lot out of this tikrit, the hometown of saddam hussein the late dictator is now being attacked by the iraqi troops with the american advisors and american bombing support. isis captured it they're inside the town. they're making a big deal out of it. >> the operation in tikrit is more of an iranian backed outfit. >> ever the rater er---the real danger here is that the shiias, when they get into tikrit, they may do what they did in other towns and slaughter sunnis, so
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i'm back to my fundamental premise. we're not fighting a religious war, but everybody else is and until we recognize the funding mchbl reality that iran is a -- the kurds are fighting to sir vooif. iraq doesn't work, assad is still very much in power. we screwed everything else 7-. and i'm sorry, i don't like this, but if you don't have boots on the ground, you don't have any say. the only way we forget if you have the iraqi army or the syrian army to really fight is by the magic of americans fighting and leading beside them. >> and there's no appetite for that in this country right now.
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. a very good week for america with middle eastern tensions rising. juan, so i do on the no spin
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newscast which is for bill o' premium news members, they get a special newscast just for them. i'm saying to them, you are the motivated people, you watch the program you sign up, because you are interested in america, you're interested in the news, what's happening, you're right on top of it. i think that 90% of the american people, juan, have no idea who benjamin netanyahu is don't know why he's going to congress, don't know what the israeli-iran controversy is. maybe 50% don't know or don't care. am i on to something? >> most people don't follow this stuff as intently as you do obviously, and then there are people who do make an effort those are probably your premium members people who read a daily paper, but in general what people would respond to bill, especialliably from what i heard you speak about earlier in the show is the idea that this could be something that would lead to
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further military conflict in the middle east, potentially an all out world war, that will catch their attention. and what you heard from -- >> it has to be delivered in a way that's not theoretical and unfortunately, at this point, it is theoretical. you see as i said, it's very hard to quantify mary catherine, where iran is with the nukes, where people's heads blow off with the centrifuges and so forth. this is a religious war over there. this is not an american from maine to san diego wants to get involve in a muslim religious war, that's insane. we have learned our lesson. so you've got this mass chaos, but here's the most important point president obama says we're going to training 5,000 syrians and they're going to edefeat it's skis, nobody knew because nobody's paying attention, that's why he gets
8:24 pm
away with it. >> i think there's some truth to that, but i also think there's a real concern and a growing concern about what you said in talking points about these people getting closer to home and people being very afraid of a worldwide army on the move, paired with possibly a nuclear powered iran. hires the thing that comes out on top. the american people for the most part the not care about process so this whole process story about who asked netanyahu when, netanyahu will speak with moral clarity about a very real concern. politician also hear them and democrats have been put in a very difficult situation which going to the speech will be a real betrayal to obama. it becomes very politically sticky for democrats. >> it becomes even more complicated than that, juan because benjamin netanyahu is looking out for his folks,
8:25 pm
their -- america has been very courageous in protecting the jewish people since world war ii. we all acknowledge that but when benjamin netanyahu speaks tomorrow night, everyone should be a little bit skeptical because what he's bringing in is the israeli point of view, and the really point of view is that we need to get those suckers right now. but the american people don't feel that way saernld president obama does not. >> it's will realistic, it's just like you were talking about before with what's going on in syria. 90% of those air strikes are u.s. air strikes. we are leading and still people say you're not doing enough, and now israel comes in and netanyahu comes in, i don't have to listen to hiss speech, and he espoke to apac, and what did he do? nothing about sanctions nothing about things that -- he's just here to say no and that's where
8:26 pm
americans do pay attention, bill. >> i don't mean to be skeptical-- >> hang on, let me finish, how he's using republicans here, how boehner is trying to use him against the president. >> that's not important, though. the important thing is that netanyahu is his speech tomorrow deliver hard data facts. >> right. >> if it's just theory, nobody's going to listen. >> certainly he's a politician we can all con seed that he's going to give a serious speech. i bet this one will be backed with more policy and more serious concerns than the one that was at apac today. republicans and democrats alike agree, this is a bad deal we are hurtling toward that is going to lead to a nuclear iran. that's the problem it's not just no for no reason. >> i don't think it's a bad deal you don't even know the deal. >> i got it. we will continue on this.
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it looks like hillary clinton will announce her campaign in april, but with the rise of -- this upcoming approximately race promises to be an unbelievable smear experience. mrs. clinton is a strong woman and whoever the republican can date is better be strong as well because the invective is going to be flying on both sides. you disagree with that assessment howard? >> i think you're being retrained bill it's going to be a cesspool, because it's going to be more ideological, here's a classic case "daily beast" completely had to retract a story about sexual assault at universities. it was picked up from jezebel, it was all over twitter and social media. these things just get out there and then they get walked back
8:32 pm
after somebody decides to check it. >> hillary clinton has a big advantage, because the main stream media the pipeline has howard just laid it out is accurate. it starts in these obscure places, then it goes into the political websites and then it goes into the printed newspapers, cable tv whatever. that's to the pipeline okay? and there are, very, very few checks and balances anymore. it's like okay this is a good story and we're going to throe it out there, and the retraction is this big and the accusation is huge. but hillary clinton has an advantage because the pipeline favors her in the third tier. most of the main stream national media is going to root for her as they did for barack obama or am i wrong? >> no you're shrill right. and what we're going to see is the main stream media encouraging a demolition derby of the republican primary candidates and we're going to see things like we saw with jeb bush and "the washington post"
8:33 pm
reporting on his wife's jewelry spending. hillary clinton we do know has been around for 25 years and there's not a lot that we don't know about her. you know we know about little rock, we know about bill clinton's affair we know -- i mean we know -- >> we know amount about it but talk radio in particular is going to hammer her. you know, everybody knows that, some of it is legitimate certainly her 10-year secretary of state has been, not a slam dunk success. let me throw something at you here. this is a rumor and i usually don't put rumors out there. but i'm going to do it tonight because i want to show you everybody how vicious this stuff is. herrmann king. saw what happened to herrmann king last time around. there was accusations against him by certain people. i have been told on a very reliable level, but i cannot report it because i don't use
8:34 pm
blind sources as fact, i want everybody to know what i'm saying is not fact that these women were paid, they were paid to say things about herman king and they were paid by democrats and when you get into a situation where there are websites that can print thing they want and there are those that fund these websites and there's enough to be spread around. i believe it, i believe it, i believe it. >> in the case of herman king with all these new groups dig up dirt sometimes spreading it to the main stream media, sometimes just putting it up on the web where it goes viral. hillary clinton is going to get more favorable treatment than some other republican that haven't been vetted. in recent days, the washington
8:35 pm
journal has done a great job in digging into the outrageous foreign government foundation to the clinton foundation. >> that's different, though, how howard howard, that's a news story, that's a personal attack. i have no problem with news stories on anyone. it's the personal attack. let's get more on the last word. i like the demolition derby line, i think that's exactly what this thing is going to be. >> the personal attacks are the big problem. i have had them, i'm sure a lot of other people have had them and there is no way of correcting them bill because it's a lose, lose situation, you either respond to these idiots and then you get into a food fight, right? or you don't responsibility and then it looks like you're guilty of something you didn't do. >> i wouldn't know anything about any of that. lauren, howard thank you. when we come back megyn kelly
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about 89% of american house holds pay for cable tv. there's a lawsuit alleges that the cable industry is not being fair to african-americans. >> the cable stray, they spend about $50 billion a year licensing cable networks and advertising with less than $3 million per year going to 100% african-american-owned media. they make token donations to people like al sharpton the naacp and the urban leek and after taking those donations, they negotiate a fraudulent mou that says that this is what people should live be. >> what's an mou? >> a memorandum of understanding. one was entered into when comcast was acquiring nbc
8:41 pm
universal, there was a question of how many minority hires we have, so they signed a deal staying we're going to hire more minorities and we'll retain more minorities. they'll put 100% this is an allegation more fully owned black companies on the air directed through the cable operations and this gentleman is alleging they didn't do it. and he's claiming inging his business is one example of one who tried. >> byron nelson is a good guy. he i wants his showings to be featured on some of these cable challenges. >> he did not get the same deal offered to him and his company that the white owned companies are getting from comcast. >> the deal meaning he couldn't get development pilots. >> he could get distribution, they would take his channel and
8:42 pm
put it on their cable selection but not on the same terms as the all white owned companies. >> how did they drag sharpton into it? >> i don't know mr. allen, as a lawyer i look at this complaint, and it doesn't pass the smell test. this is a reach, to put it chair tabably to mr. allen. if he has some policy against minority-owned companies they're saying we have many, many minority own businesses however he does reveal in his complaints against al sharpton that have not been publicly established, namely that al sharpton he says swoops in when a company is in trouble, when comcast was accused of not hiring enough minorities when it was trying to merge with nbc and was the underdog, he says i will
8:43 pm
back you and say you're good, no problem with minorityies and i will miraculously show up on nbc with my show at 10:00. and with my action network group there will be $100,000 donation. and my slot with msnbc, that's going to be $750,000 a year. nbc universal, you should get behind it, there are no problems with people of color. sharpton says it's defamatory, he's going to sue. but for the first time it's a black owned company and a prominent black owned businessman who's saying al sharpton is not the subsidiary he claims to be. he claims to be protecting blacks and really he's only protecting himself and his pockets. >> do you know latin? >> quid pro quo? >> that's what they're alleging. >> let me just tell you what
8:44 pm
he's saying in a lawsuit. when nbc universal and comecast were merging in 2010 it was six months after that that he got his show on msnbc and that he got a 140,000 donation from comcast. this fixture has been confirmed. they said there's nothing wrong, lots of companies contribute to that group. >> a lot less than you and i do. >> you, certainly. >> all right, mere megyn kelley, everybody. that was pretty good, kelly i'm glad you're back from vacation. because i really had no idea what that was all about and now i do. >> you have turned into such a sweetheart. >> watters is on deck talking about sweethearts. he's in spring training. then the tip of the day, kids eating bad things. molts away.
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watters world, the spring training edition. watters went to the sunshine state to check it all out. >> have you ever hit one? >> my best third baseman of all time. >> that's what they say. >> you've missed me since the last time we chatted. >> you were good last year or was it the year before. >> i think it was the year before. >> would you wear a shirt like this? >> it wasmentn't my first choice.
8:49 pm
>> there is a little creepy now. is that why you brought me here? >> do you have any stars i can play with? >> i liked the thing we saw the other night the bloopers. it's funny you don't get punched out sometimes. >> i'm probably one day going to get asked to throw out the first pitch of the game. >> don't do it like 50 cent. >> i'll throw it just under 50 miles an hour. >> don't wear high heels. >> what do i want high heels. hand on the ball is a good start. >> that a boy. >> is this regulation? >> that's probably one of the smaller ones guys use. don't let the bat swing you. >> okay. that's gone. see that? see that? >> i don't. you hit it so far it's out of
8:50 pm
sight. >> you lost it. >> i've lost it all right. >> o'reilly threw out the first pitch at citi field a few years ago. his arm's sore. >> i think i saw that. i think it's rotator cuff injury. >> what sport does it look like i play. >> tennis. >> cricket. >> golf. >> kind of walked out here with my eye open. >> if i wanted to put on about 20 pounds of muscle what do you recommend? upper body? >> upper body. >> can't you tell? >> a lot of people eat sandwich with mill m. >> is that what you do? >> yeah. >> how are my forearms looking? >> they're good for being a reporter. >> how do you think the country's doing right now. >> i've seen this before and i don't know where this is going right now. you're about to sound a lot smarter than me. >> have you ever seen "watters'
8:51 pm
world"? >> wait, with the "water world" with kevin costner? did you vote? >> no. i have no clue. i don't know if i did or not. >> he just got done with media training. >> what do they tell you in media training, stay away from guys like me? >> pretty much yeah. >> i hear you're a big fox news fan. >> i don't think i have a choice. it's my wife's employer. >> elizabeth. >> yeah. she makes me watch a lot of fox. and i get educated and know what's going on. >> my wife makes me watch "the bachelor." i've seen you a couple times on there. >> any advice for me? you know i'm a young guy. >> how old are you? >> 36. >> okay. you're a younger guy compared to people older than 36. >> o'reilly wanted me to squ you, he wants to be your first base coach. >> maybe he should be the instandpoint replay coach. >> he's a stickler. >> bill's books, real page turners. >> what's the next one? can you let the cat out on that?
8:52 pm
>> killing mike schmidt. what's your favorite part of the show? >> talking points. >> i'm watters this is my world right here. >> you're big time, ain't ya? >> i'm kind of a big deal. >> all right. so you were well-accepted down there. >> i was. i didn't want to make fun of anybody. they're holding bats. >> they knew the show. they watch us. >> yeah. they watch you. they're big fans of the show. all the trainers have the tv on so they have to watch. and oday makes all the teammates watch when his wife's on. that's mandatory there. >> i don't think most people know that he's married to elizabeth. and they're both very nice people. but that was a gut assignment for you. get you down in florida -- >> wait a second. first of all, it rained the whole time. and you made me drive through
8:53 pm
alligator alley -- >> oh. alligator alley. >> they're nipping at my collar. >> biting the tires. now, next monday, watters "fifty shades of grey" next monday. >> oh boy. >> i don't want to hear about it. don't tell me anything about it. >> getting nervous. >> okay. word to the wise. "the factor" tip of the day kids eating bad stuff. the tip moments away. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture every day.
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"the factor" tip of the day in a moment, children and their eating habits. grisly. first the mail. bill i believe president obama sympathizes with muzslimsmuslims. franklin graham said the same thing. did he provide muslims who have
8:56 pm
his ear? we will report in our truth serum segment wednesday. we're researching it right now. stafford ontario canada. mr. o, you and dr. graham say we need to pray to overcome isis. why should that be necessary? does not god abominate such barberism? do you not live on this planet? jesus himself was destroyed by evil man. the upcoming film will show you exactly how that happened. good people are asked to fight the good fight against the forces of darkness. that's what it's all about in the theological world. and it's always been so. las vegas, you were mistaken when you said christians in the middle east are in danger, not the 160,000. good point. it's time to give war a chance. only thing terrorist and putin understand is force. slow down. putin can be hurt by tough economic sanctions. that's the way to go there. same thing with iran. isis another matter. they will have to be destroyed
8:57 pm
by force. jeff goldstein o'reilly, please don't have the world -- please don't have the would you buy them dinner segment on ever again. that's a bad idea. how about susan rice and jen psaki? we have a big roster of folks to discuss. this thursday in the would you buy them dinner segment hillary clinton and mitt romney. whenever we do something new some viewers dissent. we'll give it a chance see how it goes. bill, as a normally articulate correspondent i was disappointed you used the word butt to describe how madonna felt. bill, saw you and miller at the don't be a pinhead show here. you're a pretty funny guy. opinionated, but funny. we had a great time, mike, in front of the sold out crowd in san jose. that was the first don't be a pinhead show. we will announce more dates in the late spring.
8:58 pm
for now the only show with tickets available rio rancho details on finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day. have you ever watched the urchins eat? horrifying. tacos, pizza, greasy burgers, sugar, serial, unbelievable. food producers know if you load up the salt and sugar content the kids are going to want it. it's tough to fight that because the urchins want what they want. enter an organization called spoons across america. trying to help parents and grandparents fight the junk food power. if you check it out please go to spoons across and see their game plan. "the factor" tip of the day, if the kids wise up even a little and eat healthier, the country will be in better shape pardon the pun. and that is it for us today. please check out the fox news
8:59 pm
factor website, which is different from also, we'd like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no prepossession when writing "the factor." now we have a very busy week. netanyahu speech is tomorrow morning. we are going to cover it extensively obviously. the isis thugs, savagery continues over there. we have a big announcement tomorrow by dr. ben carson right here on "the factor." we hope to see you. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. i want you to remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, with the nightmare of a nuclear armed iran growing larger, prime minister benjamin netanyahu is getting ready to share a high stakes warning with the american
9:00 pm
congress, one the obama administration would prefer the american people not hear. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the stakes could not be higher. republican senator john mccain says leaders across the mideast are warning if the u.s. strikes a weak nuke deal with iran we can expect a nuclear deals arms race across the middle east. maintains our best chance of peace is to agree to get iran to limit its program. roughly