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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 2, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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nation's immigration bill and funding for the department of homeland security. democrats have rejected a republican offer. that's because it contains strings that would prevent president obama's deportation directives. democrats are insisting on a bill that covers funding. dhs funding runs out midnight friday. >> how safe are u.s. air travelers from hackers? cyber security weaknesses could lead to disruptions and undermine the safety of air traffic control system. there are significant security control weaknesses despite steps taken to protect the system. handy hannity starts right now. welcome to "hannity." israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressed the apaic congress today and israeli prime
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minister boldly declared he has a "moral obligation to speak up about the dangers facing his country." this comes 24 hours before he's said to address a joint session of congress tomorrow. >> my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama or the esteemed office that he holds. israel has always been a bipartisan issue. israel should always remain a bipartisan issue. for 2,000 years my people the jewish people were stateless, defenseless voiceless. today, we are no longer silenced. today, we have a voice. and tomorrow, tomorrow as prime minister of the one and only jewish state i plan to use that voice. >> we'll have much more on netanyahu's speech later in the program, but first we want to lay out for you our viewers why there's such an icy relationship between israel and the white house at this time.
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now, ever since president obama stepped foot in the oval office, he's constantly proven he's not a friend to israel. now, let's go back to 2009 when president obama while in cairo on his apology tour remember he said this. >> the united states does not accept the legitimacy of continued israeli settlements. this construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace. it is time for these settlements to stop. >> now, that clearly did not start his presidency off on the right foot. and unfortunately that wasn't the only time that president obama said that. >> we continue to emphasize that america does not accept the le ji jit ma si of continued israeli settlements. >> in march of 2010 israel announced building new settlements around jerusalem. the administration -- >> the announcement of the settlements the very day that
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the vice president was there was insulting. i mean, it was just really a very unfortunate and difficult moment for everyone. >> from there things got worse. later that month president obama reportedly refused to be photographed with netanyahu and walked out of a dinner that was with the prime minister. unbelievable. then obama took the idiotic foreign policy stance on israel to the next level. watch this. >> we believe the borders of israel and palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. >> the u.s. had promised israel we would never take that position. the world was stunned, including prime minister benjamin netanyahu who then met with president obama behind closed doors for over 90 minutes. but our commander in chief couldn't keep his disgust a secret. he was caught on open mic speaking with then-french
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president sarkozy saying i cannot bear netanyahu, he's a liar. your fed up with him i have to deal with him even more than you. when tensions flared between the palestinians and israel last summer, the white house did not have israel's back. secretary of state john kerry he was caught on an open mic before an interview on fox news sunday saying this about israel trying to defend itself. remember, thousands of rockets at the time were being fired into israel. >> it's a hell of a pinpoint operation. it's a hell of a pinpoint operation. >> it's escalating significantly and it just underscores the need for cease-fire. >> we've got to get over there. >> all right. the administration they may think that way, but i went to israel. i saw firsthand last summer the expansive tunnel network that hamas built to try and infiltrate israel and kill its citizens citizens. and the palestinians were firing at children near playgrounds. bottom line this administration refuses to stand up for our
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strongest ally. joining me for reaction democratic strategist doug schone. good to see you. would you agree with my analysis that relations with israel have never been worse? >> they have never been worse. but i would say today the fact the prime minister the president and u.n. ambassador all said they will survive this very, very sad incident is good news. >> agreed. i thought the prime minister was being very gracious. >> he was. >> in my opinion. >> absolutely. >> there have been bad episodes before, but the problem here is they were the american president intended to have israel's back, in this case you have a president who came in office saying he wants to put distance between them in order to negotiate with arab -- really wonder about barack obama and the vacuum he's created.
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the president's failure to act has led to a much more dangerous middle east. that's the fear with iran. >> let's juxtapose this history with netanyahu and compare with his realizations with islam. let's compare. >> the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. i'm also proud to carry with me the good will of the american people and a greeting of peace from muslim communities in my country. islam is not part of the problem in combatting violent extremism. it is an important part of promoting peace. our enemies respect no religious freedom. al qaeda's cause is not islam. it's a gross distortion of islam. the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam. >> what do you make of that? and add to this we have obama political operatives right now on the ground in israel trying to defeat netanyahu.
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biden and kerry meet with netanyahu's opponent. you know where john kerry is tonight? geneva. meeting with the iranian foreign minister. >> let me take the first issue squarely and sensely. there is islamic terror. there is no reason no way that we should ignore that, forget it or try to minimize it. and second shawn would you have ever thought that the prime minister of israel would have a better relationship with the president of egypt and the moderate arab states than the united states of america? >> listen, ari, i said this on radio today. i'll say it here. president i see that actively dislikes the jewish state. he's been more anti-israel than any president i can think of. >> yeah. i think that's right because the president came in thinking if only he could make israel act differently we could get peace in the middle east. instead of if we could make the arabs and radicals and islamic terrorists act differently we
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could make peace. that's the problem. his words themselves are not objectionable, it's his actions in accompaniment and distance from israel. but the real problem is substance and policy. he failed to speak out and do anything when there was a chance to topple the iranian regime in spring of 2009 when it took to the streets by the millions. he failed to arm the syrian moderates. he drew a red line and didn't enforce it. the president time and time again has allowed vacuums to form. he's done too little too late. and when it comes to israel and iran, too little too late can never be an option because then there would be no more israel. that's the problem. wa we really need are tougher sanctions on iran. that's how you get an agreement. >> i agree with you. obama took that off the table. now we've got dedicated to annihilating israel. on the back end of this deal getting the ability not only to have the centrifuges spinning but now uranium and the delivery system. israel is on the line here.
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[ overlapping speakers ] >> they said they're not even cooperating with the international inspector. so we don't even know what they're doing. what are they hiding? >> good point. >> shawn, the iranians are now our effective allies in iraq fighting isis. we don't have a global war on islamic terror. we need that. it's the only way to defeat isis and save what you and i regard as the essence of our civilization. >> let me go to john kerry because i know he's in geneva. i know he's with the iranian prime minister or foreign minister. but he's actually saying israel's safer now. i don't think israel's safer with its number one enemy sworn towards destruction potentially getting a nuke with a very bad deal. he said to trust us. here's what he said. >> we have a closer relationship with israel right now in terms of security than at any time in history. israel is safer today because of the interim agreement that we created. israel is safer today and that
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is the standard that we will apply to any agreement going forward. it is to guarantee that we will know that iran cannot develop a nuclear weapon under the procedure that we're putting in place. >> all right. my question ari, as i kind of look after munich, chamberlain tells peace in honor, peace in time. given the choice between war and dishonor, you chose dishonor and you will have war. the way i look at it tell me if my analogy's over the top or right on where barack obama's nevel chamberlain or worse and prime minister netanyahu is winston churchill in that i think this will be studied for hundreds of years. this could be a catastrophic mistake. >> i hope you're wrong. >> i hope so too. >> and this is why we're at a very important moment in time. the prime minister's speech tomorrow is going to be very important for us to listen to.
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the question will be do the american people believe john kerry that israel is safer or prime minister netanyahu when he says israel's at risk. i think most americans are going to believe the prime minister. and the americans do not want to trust iran. and we know a nuclear agreement with iran is only as good as their ability to honor and we have no faith they're going to honor it. they kill our troops in iraq everywhere around the middle east and support terrorism everywhere. why are we going to trust them now? >> shawn, this is a partisanship, this is a bipartisanship. this is about the fate of the free world israel and our democracy. >> i agree totally. guys, thank you for analysis. and coming up, as the obama administration continues to negotiate with iran, when we come back, ainsley earhart is here detailing what the rogue regime in iran has said in the past about u.s. and israel. and later outgoing attorney general eric holder plays the race card.
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welcome back to "hannity." the administration is trying to negotiate with iran. this regime is rogue and has a long history of threatening and verbally attacking both the u.s. and israel. fox & friends cohost ainsley is going to break down the history. >> since the islamic revolution
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in 1979 when ayatollah kamini declared the united states "the great satan" sworn disdain towards their enemies, the u.s. and our greatest ally in the middle east israel. then after his death the successor, the current spiritual leader began referring to the united states as "the devil in car carnate" iran's position, which was first expressed by the imam, is that the cancerous tumor called israel must be uprooted from the region." and in 2013 he called israel "the rabid dog of the region" and said that israelis should not be called humans. the hate-filled language towards israel and america continue under the presidency of mahmoud ahmadinejad. "god willing with the force of
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god behind it we shall soon experience a world without the united states and zionism." and 2008 speech provided to the u.s. by memory tv aumhmadinejad calls destruction of the united states and israel. [ speaking in a foreign language ] [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> he has also denied the jewish holocaust on several occasions calling it a myth. and he even suggested that israel was established by
10:17 pm
europeans out of guilt for the nazi campaign during world war ii. shawn, back to you. >> ainsley, great report. what a history. joining me with reaction is former israeli ambassador and historian dori gold is with usz. it's very clear the history, there's no denying it, anti-semitic, anti-american. they've been at war with us since '79 if you really want to go back that far. and their determination and repeated threats to wipe israel off the map are just undeniable. it'sin inin controvertible. >> the iranians have a missile 1,300 kilometer range which has been operational in their armed forces since 2003. according to the international atomic energy agency, the iranians have plans of removing the conventional warhead from that missile which they've tested and replacing it with a
10:18 pm
spherical nuclear payload. that's a quote from the international atomic energy agency. in the meantime the iranians every year parade that missile in tehran and military parades. and on the side of the missile carrier they have a sign that says, israel must be wiped off the map. or more recently israel must be destroyed. so put one plus one plus one together and you understand why prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in congress tomorrow to tell the american people that the future of his country is at risk. >> so we're talking about a rogue regime, a state sponsor of terror fighting multiple proxy wars against israel and others, radicalized stated desire to wipe israel off the map. they have the delivery system, is what you're saying. now what we heard about this deal and read is in the years
10:19 pm
the sentrycentrifuges keep working and enrich uranium put on the delivery system you just mentioned. so we basically are putting them in a position that they could follow-up on their threat. why would the administration do that? >> well, you know, people arrive at a conclusion that's the best deal that they can get. prime minister of israel is here to point out the weaknesses of the deal. and in fact, you know, everyone was attacking him recently in the last couple of weeks saying the whole problem is protocol. how did he arrange this speech? this is not about the speech. it's about the deal. and the deal is heavily flawed. let me point out one other thing. you know, you're in the middle of negotiations with the iranians, so why do the iranian revolutionary guards put together a barge, which is a
10:20 pm
replica of a nimitz -- in the area -- >> i've got the video. >> blast it in a military exercise. >> this is just february 25th. this is an iranian naval exercise off the straits of hormuz and has a u.s. navy replica for target practice. they are constantly burning the israeli flag, the american flag. that's correct. >> these are the people you're negotiating with. and what are they doing? they want to humiliate you. they want to destroy a model of a united states aircraft carrier. what are they trying to show? >> they've been mocking john kerry and saying that america's begging for a deal. and john kerry according to reports had to tell them to stop yelling at him. but i want to ask this. why was -- why did john kerry threaten prime minister
10:21 pm
netanyahu not to release the details of the deal? what are they afraid of people knowing? >> you know, i don't know. i think you'd have to ask the department of state. >> yeah, they'll be right on after you coming up. >> comes from the prime minister believes that we are both democracies, the united states is a democracy, israel's democracy. and the best way to conduct foreign policy is openly. is to have real debate and real discussion. and even though we disagree, we will come out stronger for it. we want our strong alliance with the united states, but we have to tell the truth about iran. and that's why he came to the united states. and i'm glad he did. >> i stand with israel. the president doesn't speak for me, dore. we're honored to have him in the country and make people aware of the danger of any deal that would allow the iranians to ever enrich uranium considering the delivery system we know they have. he's very welcome here.
10:22 pm
we nose these words are very important. very important time in history from my perspective. thank you for being with us. coming up next tonight here on "hannity". >> the purpose of my address to congress tomorrow is to speak up about a potential deal with iran that could threaten the survival of israel. >> prime minister netanyahu gives a preview of what's in his speech tomorrow in front of congress, what it's going to be all about. but will president obama be listening? apparently not. and then later tonight. >> is al sharpton too close to this white house? >> i don't think so. >> more on eric holder's revealing interview. he al talks about al sharpton and howowowowowow every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand in america.
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of israel. iran is the foremost state sponsor of terrorism in the world. iran envelopes the entire world with its tentacles of terror. this is what iran is doing now without nuclear weapons. imagine what iran would do with nuclear weapons. the days when the jewish people are passive in the face of threats to annihilate us those days are over. >> that was israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning about the dangers of iran. so why won't the administration listen? joining me now texas governor louis gohmert. national deputy adviser under the clinton administration. nancy, a few yes or no questions. is iran, are they responsible are they say state sponsor of terror? >> they are a state sponsor of terror. >> okay. >> and they are serious foe which is why we're trying to make sure they do not get a nuclear weapon.
10:26 pm
>> and they have funded groups like hezbollah and other groups and the five continents the prime minister talked about today, that's an accurate statement, correct? >> yeah. you deal with your enemies -- we talk to the soviet union while they're the evil empire -- >> got it. just trying to lay facts out. and they have threatened repeatedly to wipe israel off the map, correct? >> well, let me just get the facts. your whole setup had very messy -- >> they have threatened to wipe repeatedly tried to wipe israel off the map. >> the iranian regime supports terror, hamas, hezbollah and seeking a nuclear weapon. the united states is trying to stop that through -- >> you're not answering my question. >> i did. >> the iranians have threatened repeatedly to wipe israel off the map, right? ahmadinejad -- >> well, president ahmadinejad -- >> leaders have said the same thing. i can -- >> shawn, no one is questioning
10:27 pm
iran is a threat. that's why we're having this conversation. >> the supreme leader is anti-semitic you don't deny that either, correct? is he anti-semitic? >> this regime -- >> is he anti-semitic? let's be honest. here's israel's position. i'm trying to lay out the facts to get to this one question. we now read this is coming out and last monday it was revealed that there are elements in this deal that the president accepted an iranian demand about a sunset provision that at the end of this deal the iranians after all the sanctions are gone and all of the restrictions are gone that they will be allowed to then enrich uranium. we know they have a delivery system. so the question is why would we ever do a deal with the iranians that allows them to get nuclear weapons when they're state sponsors of terror that have threatened repeatedly to wipe our friend and ally off the map?
10:28 pm
why would we ever do that? >> we would not. >> that was the news last monday. >> you've got to check your facts here. >> that was in every newspaper in the country last monday. >> your setup here is you're trying to make obama's policies different than the bipartisan policy that existed for decades. all those policies are long sitting u.s. policies. >> that's not true. >> what the administration is trying to do is prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> you say that, but that's not what's going to happen. >> let me finish. let me say one sentence. they are trying to negotiate a deal that would prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. they have not taken force off the table. and should the efforts fail, then you're talking about force. but it is irresponsible not to try and negotiate a deal. >> let me go to louis gohmert. louis i know you understand the questions and you would say yes to all of the things. >> yes i would. >> but if this deal allows -- >> i do too. >> but if this deal louis, allows the iranians to enrich uranium with the delivery system
10:29 pm
they have is it not a risk of a modern day holocaust that the mullas that hate israel would use those weapons? >> shawn, it's more than a risk it's a substantial risk. i appreciate bringing up that we want to concentrate on the facts. how about the fact we've got people negotiating with iran who are the same people that have said we have got to negotiate a deal with north korea so they don't ever have nukes. that's our goal. what do they do? they said basically we'll give you a nuclear power plant if you'll promise never to make them into nukes. and obviously now we have to worry about north korea and nukes. there's a difference though, the north koreans are not as suicidal as some of those that are behind the effort of iran. and iran another fact, they were probably more responsible for more americans being killed -- iran was more responsible for more americans
10:30 pm
being killed in iraq than probably anybody else. they hate us. they hate israel. i can't imagine anybody not coming to hear netanyahu to speak tomorrow out of respect for the position. i came to the state of the union. you came to the state of the union. we didn't come because we want to really engage and love what the president's going to read to us. no, we come out of respect for the office. >> let's say, we know the president was wrong on yemen. he was wrong on smol yaomalia and wrong on his russian reset. so he makes this deal and he's wrong here, what does that mean if the iranians we discovered had nuclear facilities they never disclosed that the president is wrong and they get nuclear weapons. what then nancy? what do you tell israel then? >> well, first of all, let me
10:31 pm
ask you, what is the option that you want right now? do you want to bomb israel? do you want to try -- >> bomb israel? no i want to support israel. >> stop them. >> i would have kept the sanctions number one. >> the sanctions did not keep them from a deal. the only thing that -- >> international atomic energy agency -- going to get bombed. those facilities should be destroyed. >> that's your answer, bomb and take negotiations off. >> i wouldn't let the mullas in iran have nuclear weapons. you're right. >> that's not the question. >> the cia inspectors say centrifuges are still spinning as you and i speak. they've gone on for days weeks, months, the more the administration dod ls they
10:32 pm
continue to enrich more and more uranium. >> if you want to get us into another war with iran, not even israel is saying that. >> stop the sentrycentrifuges. stop them period. >> that's right. don't let the modern day -- >> i got to go. [ overlapping speakers ] >> there's an analogy i think is often overused. that is they represent with their anti-semitism modern day -- they have said repeatedly they want a modern day holocaust. no, they can't have nuclear weapons. and the world seems to be waking up to the danger of that fact including jordan including egypt and other middle eastern countries. >> look everyone knows iran is a threat. >> stop them. [ overlapping speakers ] >> whatever means necessary. i think this is -- this will go down in history as obama being on the wrong side. he is the nevel chamberlain of our time. >> it's worse than that.
10:33 pm
>> i agree. coming up highlights from our time at cpac including my speech. but first. >> is al sharpton too close to this white house? >> i don't think so. >> all right. eric holder didn't have the courage to come on fox news, but at least someone asked him about the white house's disturbing relationship with al sharpton. and you'll hear what he said about the race card. and guess what? the reverend was back at 1600 pennsylvania avenue reverend sharpton, just last week. all of that and part of my speech at cpac next. there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates
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welcome back to "hannity." attorney general eric holder gave a round of interviews. during those interviews he was asked about his very close alliance with the reverend al sharpton. >> is al sharpton too close to this white house? >> i don't think so. i think that you know, the
10:39 pm
president has a number of people who he listens to who he interacts with. you know, reverend sharpton is a person who has interacted with people within the administration including myself -- >> and you're not going to believe it but sharpton was actually back at the white house just last week. and even bragged about his visit on twitter saying "just arrived at the white house to join 14 civil rights and religious leaders in a meeting with president obama and some of his cabinet." here now is former department of justice attorney and editor for pj media, j christian adam, leo torelle, leo how are you? >> good, shawn. thanks for having me. >> do you think al sharpton's the right guy to be at the white house? a guy that's used terms like greek homos do you want me to go through the laundry list? >> no. i can answer the question very easily. i have no problem with al sharpton being there because this obviously feels like a race card issue. >> race card? >> yeah i'll tell you why. because you're not bringing up
10:40 pm
the fact when bush was in office he had lewis sheldon gary bauer tony perkins. >> gary bauer tony perkins? >> oh yeah. >> you got to pick up your mic and we'll get back to you. >> i don't get it. >> take your time. j christian adams, what do you think? >> people forget about this man's behavior, shawn. this is a man al sharpton, who led a violent and anti-semitic mob through the streets of crown heights. he rallied against freddy's fashion mart called the white interlopers to be thrown out. and a man came and burned the place down and murdered seven people. decent people don't associate with people like that. decent presidents -- >> you're playing the race card. >> -- don't let them in the white house. >> i don't understand shawn. when bush had clergy during his administration -- >> clergy? >> yes, perkins -- >> tony perkins is a good guy.
10:41 pm
>> james -- >> why? why? see there it is, folks. >> there's what? >> all the color of the skin. >> no no. >> why not? >> i have a highlight reel of the best of the reverend al sharpton. >> you don't like al sharpton. >> i'm going to play this highlight reel and you tell me if this is appropriate you want the guy in the white house. >> you ain't nothing! you a punk [ bleep ]! come and do something! >> we the black chicken fryers of the universe and we going go buy some colonel sanders -- >> white folks was in the cave we had built empires. we built pyramids before donald trump ever knew what architecture was. [ inaudible ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> really? is that the type of guy you want in the white house, leo?
10:42 pm
really? that's the guy you want in there? >> give me 20 seconds -- >> tony perkins never said that. james dobson never said that. >> you don't want to talk about those clergy. al sharpton's never been in jail. he's not a felon. as far as tape, play the nixon billy graham tape where he played anti-semitic remarks. >> he's using the -- f word about gays and lesbians. he's calling them homos and all these other horrible things. white interlopers. >> the only reason why you're attacking al sharpton is because of this. it's because he's not this, he's this. >> okay. >> that's all. >> leo, you're desperate and you sound silly. go ahead, j christian. >> race race, race race. look if there was a conservative preacher who behaved like that, what we just heard he wouldn't be invited to the white house. billy graham never behaved like
10:43 pm
that. al sharpton is a creature of the streets, worst kind of racial thug and has no business being anywhere near this attorney general. >> let me play -- hang on leo -- no, let me play eric holder and saying disagreements the republicans driven by race. here's what he says. >> there clearly have been times when you have felt disrespected on capitol hill. how much of that do you think remit relates o race? >> it's hard to say. hard to look into people's minds. their hearts. >> but were there times when you thought that was a piece of it? >> yeah, there have been times when i've thought that's at least a piece of it. i think that the primary motivator has probably been political in nature. i've not been a person who's been reluctant to express my own views about certain things. that's kind of who i am the way i was raised.
10:44 pm
it's how i'm wound. and i think that probably generated, you know, the greatest part of the criticism the unfair treatment that i think i got. >> so leo, he said we're a nation of cowards when it comes to race. and then you have obama. you have obama who's a three-time loser on high profile race cases. he was a loser about the cambridge police acting stupidly. loser on the wrong side of trayvon martin. wrong side of what happened in ferguson, missouri. wrong, wrong and wrong again. why -- you know, why do you play the race card when you come on this program and say any criticism of al sharpton is race-related? why are you playing the race card? >> i feel a little racial tinge on the "hannity" show. you're trying to deny the existence of racism -- >> i didn't say that. >> it exists, sir. >> i said the president has high profile race cases, j christian -- you're not j christian.
10:45 pm
j christian. >> well look this is an attorney general who blames race. in a way shawn, he's right. it's because of his attitudes about race that have gotten him into trouble in places like ferguson. don't forget, this is the attorney general that's carried around in his wallet a quote for 40 years that says blackness is the most important thing that defines a man. >> i got to run -- >> how do you handle a discrimination case -- >> leo, are you still friends with o.j.? do you ever talk to him? >> he told me he sends his greetings to you, mr. hannity. >> did he really say that? >> did he say he did it? >> did he say he did it? >> all right. thank you both for being with us. coming up next tonight here on "hannity". i propose the following things. i want to make sure i would like to see the establishment and the tea party unite. okay. highlights from my speech at cpac and much more straight ahahahahahah the world is filled with air. but for people with copd
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in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. welcome back to "hannity". we have a chance to interview most of the presidential nominees take a look. >> give it up senator ted cruz
10:51 pm
colorado. good idea legalizing marijuana? bad idea? >> i was told colorado provided the brownies here today. >> how do you winjh that war against isis if you want tov=nñ< defeat them? >> they're like a virus to a computer that takes over your computer if you don't weed it out, you're going to get back at it, more and more. >> hillary[0 clinton. >> yesterday. >> i think that is what americans are looking for. for a leader who knows where they want to go and someone going to give us an optimistic view about it. we can get out of this. >> if i had to ask you on a scale of 1-100 where are you in this scale of terms of where you think you are in deciding to run? >> i would say 75 and 80. real really considering. >> do you want to run for president? >> to say i want to is probably
10:52 pm
a stretch but i feel i need to. >> this is the youngest crowd i've seen. you're the only candidate so far that is not an event in a bar. >> the people don't want the government snooping on me. >> important thing i've been doing is thinking about what next president should do. >> i describe myself as a reagan constitutional conservative. >> i would describe myself as a practicing, reform minded conservative. that i've done it. >> that is not all i had a chance to address the conference and here is a smart part of that. >> hello. >> i have good news to start. america, we will fundamentally transform it back to the great country it was. our long nightmare[mj of
10:53 pm
lawlessness, andññpes 5:glzobamacare, and weaknesses related to foreignz35[áy policy, and economic nightmare coming to an end. it's going to take every solitary one of you in this room to make that happen. are you with me to join in and do that? >> but the process starts now. right now, andplw convinced that someone that you will hear from this yw"2bxistage during this conference, which i'm honored to be part of with it's rich history with advancing the conservative movement is going to be on this stage. you're going to in this room watching you're going to make that happen a mraud you. you're the grass roots. >> i know there are people in this room that i identify&p themselves as tea party conservatives i identifyh tea party conservative. i know people read you as splishment republicans so what i'm is this.
10:54 pm
we're in such a tough position, these problems are so great. and the country found it, prop yoes and i want to make sure to see the establishment and tea party unite. okay? you're skeptical. if the republican party is honest, if you're establishment or you're tea party, do you not agree it's immoral to accumulate $18 trillion in debt and rob future generations of their in inheritance? do you agree? >> you can head over to facebook and my website. and coming up, you're going to
10:55 pm
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welcome back to ç.÷úbga"hannity" owe. do you agree president obama is
11:00 pm
a modern day neville chamberlain? thanks for joining us, we hope have you a great night. this is very serious business and sure does not help that they seem to hate each other. despite what both say about each other tension is at a feverish level. tomorrow prime minister netanyahu will deliver his controversial speech to congress. >> you're here in a critical time. you're here to tell the world that reports of the demise of the israeli/u.s. relations is not only premature they