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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 3, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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head over to and let us know what you think. that is all the time we have tonight but thank you for being with us we hope you have a great night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we must all stand together to stop iran's march of conquest subjugation and terror. >> israeli leader netanyahu delivering a powerful speech in front of congress, a speech that puts president obama on the defensive. we'll have no spin analysis. >> i believe in transparency. i believe in taking responsibility. >> the "new york times" breaking a huge story on hillary clinton that she used her personal email account while secretary of state, and did not hand the emails over to the government as required. bret baier is looking at that. >> i'm ready for a country that puts our constitution on the top shelf. every part of it. >> also ahead, dr. ben carson has a big nounsment
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tonight. he will make it here on the factor. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. paragraph hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama over tremendous pressure over iran. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today in front of congress, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu delivered a very strong speech telling the world that the country of iran has engaged in a reign of terror. >> the greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant islam with nuclear weapons. to defeat isis and let iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle but lose the war. we can't let that happen. >> netanyahu says he won't let that happen.
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if he is reelected on march 17th, he says israel will take on iran alone if it has to. all a of this especially vexing because the nuke negotiations are so complicated. the israelis believe what john kerry is suggesting in switzerland is dangerous because it allows iran to continue to hold nuclear capacity. others dissent from that point of view. but give netanyahu some credit. he says what he believes in a vivid way while the obama administration does not staying far away from publicly debating the merits of what the u.s.a. is offering iran. in fact, 58 democrats boycotted the speech today and then hammered it after it was delivered. >> this speech was straight out of the dick cheney playbook. this was fear mongering at its ultimate. phrases like essentially saying nuclear war is inevitable if this deal were to be -- a deal were to be accepted.
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>> also the democrats who did not show up are far left folks. we will take a look at that shortly. talking points believes iran is a dangerous country and would likely violate any treaty the obama administration signs. it's almost a given. world order can be bolstered by talking with the mullahs, as we are doing. talking with them rationally. simply walking away from the table would be bad policy. president obama should address the nation and the world and lay out what he believes is a fair deal let's see it so we he can evaluate what's in play. then congress should vote yes or no. and if the iranians don't agree to a fair deal congress endorses then draconian forces should be applied. and villains like putin who don't go along with the sanctions should be exposed. right now the world needs clarity. netanyahu spelled out the danger very well. now we need the most powerful man in the world barack obama to step up and persuade us his offer to iran would stop the nuclear
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madness. that's the memo. joining us you from washington dennis kucinich a democrat. here in the city "wall street journal" columnist stephens. what say blue stephens. >> it was not only eloquent speech it was clever speech because it highlighted the deal that is being hatched. >> which is, what? just so everybody, even i can understand the weakness of the deal. what is that? >> number one, this is a deal that iran can very easily cheat on because they are being allowed to maintain this robust nuclear structure. even if iran doesn't cheat on the deal. after a 10-year or so period expires. it gets everything it wants with no legal restrictions on what it can do. >> the president says that's not true. that there will be wording in there that they have to do x,y. and z. so we really have to see.
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but netanyahu, i don't think he wants a deal with iran on nukes. am i wrong? i just get the feeling he doesn't want the deal. >> well, what he was saying. >> he wants to strangle them. he wants to reimpose substantials and strangle the government. just break it down. >> what he understands is that we are never going to have real assurance that iran will not become a nuclear state until the regime changes. one of the effective points he made he said if iran wants to be treated like a normal country, it can start acting like a normal country. >> that is not going to happen until they are overthrown. i think you just hit it that benjamin netanyahu wants the iranian mullen las to be overthrown. he wants us to reimpose sanctions strangle the economy so everything falls apart. that's not exactly compatible with american interests right now. dennis kucinich was at the speech today, correct? you saw it. you witnessed it. what was the main weakness that you saw? >> the main weakness was that prime minister
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netanyahu didn't really discount in a defibbive way why congress should object to this agreement. let me point out the iaea for example isn't saying that iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. u.s. intelligence and the iaea is not saying that iran diverted nuclear material for the purpose of weapons. >> now you are getting into it too micro. everybody knows they will cheat if they can cheat. you know it i know it. mr. stephens knows it. >> it's not about spin as you say. >> it's about facts but there are no facts on the table yet. we don't know what the deal is. >> the national intelligence estimate which we pay attention to because it's like 16 different intelligence agencies is saying that iran stopped pursuing a bomb in 2003. so i say let's keep the negotiations going forward. we're better off with that than leaving iran to its own design. >> mr. stephens, reply. >> what mr. kucinich is saying is simply not true in
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2011 the international atomic energy agency released a comprehensive report. can you look it from november of 2011 explaining what an elaborate program weaponization program they had. and just in the last few days the iaea has said publicly that iran is stonewalling agency requests to look into what they call the possible military of their program. obliged to comply with iaea requests. >> now we're getting into really microstuff that people can't evaluate because we don't know what the deal is. >> because they are cheating. >> they will cheat. that makes it very tough. not to walk away from cheaters. dennis, would you -- if had you a choice of war or letting iran get the nukes, what would you take? because i do believe that netanyahu if he is reelected he goal after them and bomb them if president obama continues to dither around. i think he will. >> i disagree. >> if you had that stark
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choice, war bombing, or let iran have a soft deal where they could just cut right where they wanted to which would you take? be honest? >> that's not the choice, bill. >> which would you take? >> you can say be honest. my choice is to say stop them from reprocessing pollute. they said they would agree to that stop them from building any facility to do that keep the enrichment to 3.5 to 5%. they can't build a bomb. we are working in that direction. you know, i seldom agree with president obama. but, on this one, i think the obama administration has taken the right direction. they are trying to come up with an agreement to limit iran's nuclear options. and at the same time build an agreement that maybe we can get some help from iran in dealing with isis. >> all right. you see how hard it is? you know folks watching tv. they're not like you. they don't have experts. they don't have all the reports that you and kucinich are are citing. people don't know what to believe. we know iran is a bad country. we know that everybody knows
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that we know they want to have a nuclear weapon so they will become more powerful. everybody knows that known knows the microof this deal. that makes it really hard for the folks to decide. i mean, you know, based on. >> look, you don't worry that france has nuclear weapons because it's a responsible country. >> or israel too. >> or israel or the u.k. you worry that a country that took our hostages in '79. >> you don't have to convince anybody of that, mr. stephens. everybody is worried about them. >> what you don't want to do first of all, i do think that you can have a deal because the iranians with oil at $50 a barrel are much more vulnerable than this president claims. the question is not a choice between dip plea macy and sanctions, it's diplomacy and sanctions. part and parcel of the same thing. ratchet up pressure so you can get. >> congress is going to have to okay any deal, right? >> they should insist on it and congress is going to say look, you are not going to make a deal unless we sign off on the deal mr. president. because use executive order.
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>> that's just the thing. because of trying to avoid congress, which is what obama is trying to do. >> he can't do it. >> he weakens what he is trying to achieve because the next president will override the order. >> we all have to so what the deal is and congress has to vote. that has to happen. if that doesn't happen, all hell is going to break loose. gentlemen, good debate. we appreciate it. >> thank you. next on the rundown, 58 democrats boycotting the speech. dr. ben carson has a bigi have the
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is the far left appeasing the iranian mullahs with us here in new york city monica crowley and from washington kirsten powers. if you were a congresswoman from alaska, your home state would have you boycotted? >> yeah, i think i probably would have. >> because i think this is inappropriate. i think it was inappropriate the way the republicans handled it, that they didn't coordinate with the white house. there is no way you need to sit and listen to bibi netanyahu try to below up the iran negotiations which is essentially what he is doing. i also think it's too political so close to the elections in israel. >> why do you think netanyahu is trying to blow up the negotiations that are going none that geneva switzerland,. >> i think he we need to be quote tougher on iran even though there really is no alternative that has been put forth that all these people complaining. >> what do you mean there is
8:15 pm
no alternative. he wants stronger terms. petaluma. >> they are in the plutonium. >> the talks are not completed. president obama is trying to negotiate a deal and i think that there is just a lot of constant complaining and harping about what he is doing even though the alternative. there is no real alternative to what is he doing. >> no doubt about that by putting out his point of view that he feels that his country is in danger if the deal goes through. i think that's a responsible position for the nation to take. >> can he put out that view. he doesn't have to put it out in front of the american congress though. >> that's the big sign. >> i don't care about the israeli election. what do you say? >> the very survival of his country is at stake. we don't have time for the kind of nice cities that
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kirsten is talking about. this is not just any moment in history. this is a true turning point. what we're talking about here is not barack obama or bibi netanyahu or the democrats who boycotted the speech today. we are talking about legit legitimizes iran as a nuclear threshold power. >> they already are. >> we are talking about if the deal goes through. >> they already are a flesh hold nuclear power. >> he we're talking about legitimizing it. >> they already are though. >> what bibi netanyahu is talking about today is the very survival of his country. no time to stop a bad deal. >> he wants to stop the bad deal. i will give you that let's not kid ourselves. if iran wanted the nuke, they would have it within a year. >> by the way, nothing is going to stop iran. you are dealing with an apocalyptic regime. they are made of literally. >> everybody knows that. >> not everybody knows this. in the process of negotiating with people that cannot be negotiated with. >> i think mr. obama wants to dodge the issue until he
8:17 pm
gets out of office and hand it off. >> bill why won't monica answer that question. you asked a very clear question should we attack them? and that's the question i always have for. >> let me ask that if you agree with me that you can't trust iran, right? can't trust. >> i think even powers would agree with that would you? would you agree can't trust them. >> yes. >> we all agree. can't trust them. and they are pushing it to the limit trying to get as much plutonium. >> uranium. >> okay. now, you say no. and netanyahu says no. >> cannot be allowed to happen. the only way to prevent it from happening is to attack him. >> military strike. >> and president crowley would have done this years ago. >> to prevent the position we are right now. >> what would you have done years ago? >> you do -- airborne military strike. >> when would you have done all out of hand. >> years ago. now all under ground and north north koreans have been building tunnels and so many sites under ground.
8:18 pm
we still have bunker busters we can go get them. the lesson of history is that you have got to out of control. now it's out of control. i want to talk about now going forward. all right. now, powers. >> do you agree with that bill, what she just said? >> attacking them? no. >> yeah. >> i don't think we could have done it with afghanistan and iraq and all of that. >> i would have strangled them much more as i stated before with nic sanctions had them down on their knees and shouldn't have let them um. should have had those sanctions in place until a deal was done and then let them up. if they want want to go to the table strang them more. rise up and cut their heads off which is what they deserve. does that make sense to you? >> no. >> no. of course not. >> >> i think that it's better to have them at the table to try to get a deal and try to
8:19 pm
get -- all over that country. >> you would be -- >> -- i would not be one to take almost any deal. i do think they are a serious threat. i just feel that so much of this is an excuse to bash obama when i think that this is probably the only option that we have right now to deal with them. >> come to the american people and say this is the deal that i like and i want. then everybody can evaluate it. last word. >> look, the truth is nothing is going to stop them from acquiring a nuclear weapon. we tried this is the is the north koreans. whether you have regime intent on developing a nuclear weapons program they will do it at all costs. i agree with trying the sanctions and diplomacy all at the same time. the bottom line this has gotten so out of hand a military strike is the only thing that's going to stop them. i wish it weren't true but it is true. >> we are not going to it see that out of the u.s.a. under president obama. >> big story damage hillary clinton's presidential campaign. all about emails. later is the irs investigating scandal seems
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. impact segment tonight. according to the "new york times" then secretary of state hillary clinton used her personal email account to conduct government business. may violated federal requirement. paper reporting mrs. clinton did not hand over all her personal emails when she left office. joining us now from washington to explain further anchor of "special report" bret baier. why should i care about this bret? >> hey bill a couple of reasons. one, national security. you have a sitting secretary of state using a private email on a nonsecure commercial email system that was set up the day that she was sworn in as secretary of
8:24 pm
state with, we don't know, private, confidential, maybe classified conversations. that's an issue. the nowrnl said national journal says mrs. clinton gave chinese spies a better shot at reading her emails than u.s. taxpayers. in today's day and age that's big. two, no one at the state department said anything to her until congress asked for more emails. 22 months after she left the secretary of state. they said do you have these emails? she said sure. she handed over 55,000. we don't know what we don't know. how many emails did she not turn over? >> how do we know that she didn't turn over everything. she said she did or she did the not. >> we don't know the answer to that how many of them dealt with things that she didn't think needed to be turned over? we don't know. but some of them now are being looked at by the select committee on benghazi. 300 emails. >> so why did hillary clinton set up a private email account when a secure
8:25 pm
email account was available to her. >> that is the question. >> we don't know the answer to that question. >> hand over all the emails that she wrote or received as secretary of state. we don't know -- she could have easily had a government email that was secure right? >> but she did not. >> she did not. we don't know why. >> she only used this. her entire time as secretary of state. this personal private email, it first came out actually from a hacking. >> how do we know that she only used the personal private email. >> because that's what she said. they said she never had a government account. >> who is they? the state department and her people. >> the state department. so the "new york times" gets this story you have got to give the paper credit because they like her and they like the democratic party. they get this story. somebody had to leak it from the state department, you would think right? >> or inside the clinton team that has a problem. i don't know where it's coming from. but, perhaps up on capitol hill where they are finally
8:26 pm
getting access to some of these emails from an account that they didn't know existed. so the newspaper gets it. it is picked up. the clinton team immediately puts out that this is a no-brainer. she is cooperating and handing over everything she has. we don't know the answer to that we do know this. >> wait wait, wait. i want to be clear. so hillary clinton's herself is saying i handed over theferg everything, there is nothing that held back. >> that's what she is sailing. everything dealing with state department business. >> you know state department business, they can overlap on a personal deal. i don't know. that might be juxtaposing some words here. now, the republicans are going to use this against hillary clinton. but, right now, i don't know if the folks are going to care about it. the folks that don't like her will. we know that but the regular distracted people you think they are going to care about this? >> well, they may start
8:27 pm
paying attention to it the rnc is out with a ad about this new controversy. republicans are going to hit it hard. what is more interesting is the political side in the democratic party. there is just angst and worry about this nassant presidential run that's going to happen. after the clinton foundation scuff up of foreign governments donating to the clinton foundation while she is secretary of state. after the questions now about these emails and the transparency that we don't know what we don't know i think it does fit in to this narrative. i hate to use that word. but the narrative that the clintons are above the law and they think that they can kind of move without recourse. >> they can do what they want and whether it's ethical or illegal, they are going to do what they want. i think that's a pretty good theme. but with benghazi, you know it didn't resonate among the folks. even though it was pretty clear on her watch it wasn't
8:28 pm
enough security to protect the american ambassador who traveled to benghazi. that was pretty clear. didn't really resonate though. the democrats didn't care and still, you know fairly popular in the polls. >> that's true. but i do think that some of the quotes that are coming out today about this story indicate some increasing concern in the democratic circles. one of them quoted as saying we can't have a coronation when she is handing republicans an inquisition. quotes like that raise flags that there may be a challenge to hillary clinton that we have yet to see. >> bret baier, thank you. plenty more as we move along this evening. ben carson has a big announcement to make do that on the factor. irs scandal being resurrected. powerful new information. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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unresolved problem september tonight, more threats from the isis savages, as you may know twitter is deleting isis propaganda as it should. jihadists don't like that. so they threatened the ceo of twitter dick costolo. >> and you have actually been threatened by isis. >> you personally. >> me personally and all of our employees. after we were regularly suspending their accounts, which we have been doing some folks affiliated with the organization use twitter to declare that the
8:33 pm
employees of twitter and the management of twitter should be assassinated. >> it gets worse on sunday supporters of isis called on jihadists around the world to kill twitter employees with us now melissa. i'm a good person to interview you about this because i know nothing about twitter. i actually have people who twitter for me or tweet for me. >> tweet. >> okay. i never in my life and probably couldn't run the machine or figure out how to do it. >> let's go step-by-step. anyone in the world with one of these dopey machines in their hand can twitter if they want to. >> any computer internet access you can get an account and do it. >> when you say get an account, send your name somewhere, do you have to sign up. >> sign up verify your account. have email address but we all know that's not hard. >> does it cost any money? >> no. >> it's free? >> free. >> once you get your account set up on the internet. then you can send out your dopey little messages, right? >> yes. yes.
8:34 pm
>> that's what isis was doing, sending out message that we are going to kill everybody and terrorize everybody. the twitter people can disconnect your account? they can do where are they. >> they are all over the place. they are mostfully california like so many tech's. they can shut down or suspend your account. they have a number of reasons they can do that if you are harassing people. if you are threatening violence. for any reason, really. >> got to be millions and millions of twitters or to waiters right? >> 288 million. >> 288 million? >> yes. >> wow, no wonder i have a headache. >> yeah. so they can pinpoint though people doing bad things and they can take them off? >> so this is part of the problem. is the u.s. government is saying wait a second we kind of know where these people are and we can keep an eye on them on virtue of the fact. >> they don't want to track them. >> it's interesting. a way to track them. you would think for the people who are tweeting. they try to office skate where you are. so you can pinpoint it in a way it's a way to track people on isis. at the same time the isis
8:35 pm
folks are out there getting more support and inspiring people to go out and do the lone wolf attacks. >> this is enormously large operation twitter pretty large yeah. >> who r. how do they make money? >> they have promoted tweets. in my time line looking at what people are saying. every day at noon dominoes stick as pizza in there and if you click on the button. >> when you are tweeting with somebody else a twitter mate,. >> no, no. i mean you follow other people. i follow you. i follow mismegyn, as you guys are saying things. another one will crop up trying to get me to buy the pizza. >> following somebody what they are saying there is a pizza that comes in. >> own tweet comes up. trends, can you click on a trend. different ways to kind of get in there that's how they make money. >> this is worldwide so. when you tweet it goes all over the place. >> anyone who is following. >> you you probably have about 50 billion followers. >> as i said i am frightened of this stuff. but, in our organization,
8:36 pm
what i say is immediately tweeted out. you know, it's boring and everybody falls asleep. >> it's a great promotional tool. >> it's a great propaganda tool. >> there you go. >> so anyway, we want everybody that works for twitter to be safe. we're exposing this kind of situation. you brought up a very interesting point that i bet the u.s. government is watching all this tweeting and they are isolating other people who are crazy. all right, melissa. when we come right back, is it legal has new information on the irs scandal. also a massachusetts teenager charged with manslaughter for texting incident. legal is next. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture every day.
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to prevent heart disease heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. the is it legal segment tonight. three hot topics, beginning with the irs scandal. new information. last week the house oversight committee held a hearing where missing emails, remember those missing emails, lois lerner all that that could implaintiff's exhibit irs officials in the targeting of conservative americans were discussed. the emails were on tapes that vanished. but you now have been found. >> how did you find out about these tapes? >> as we were following up on our initial interviews we realized we were missing a
8:41 pm
document. when we obtained that document and reviewed it we realized that there were an additional population of tapes that have been unaccounted for. >> so missing a document. whose document was that and who should have given you that document? >> it was an irs document. >> they didn't give you a document and by not having the document, you couldn't figure out that there were more tapes out there with potentially more lois lerner emails on them; is that correct? >> that would be accurate. >> okay, here now to explain further attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. so a very confusing situation as usual. but it looks like a coverup, right? >> here is what happened. the headline for me is that the inspector general. the person that audits the irs. they found 33,000 more emails. >> that's a lot of emails. >> exactly. here's what they did. the irs appeared in front of congress. irs given you all the emails. >> we don't have anymore. >> exactly. or they have been lost. they have been cleated. >> they are gone. >> whatever. so congress then goes back to the inspector general and says is that true? are there any more out
8:42 pm
there? inspector general get in a car go to -- drive to west virginia. they find all these documents. >> 33,000. >> yes. these emails. >> now we don't know yet guilfoyle, what's in them. right? >> well, no. now we have got to take the time to go through that what what an obstruction of justice and such a delay in hiding. there is also -- they could be held in criminal contempt. >> they are in trouble. >> if you can pinpoint specifically who was held and with specific intent to do so. this is a highly improper. >> all right. so now this has a little momentum now this irs scandal. >> it does. number one missing emails. if there is anything that incriminates. >> are these all the emails. >> number two find out who hid them in west virginia. >> right. >> okay. general petraeus. i think, you know he was the guy behind the surge in iraq that turned the iraq war around so america could win it. then he became the head of the cia. so, i think he is he a patriot. but now he has pled guilty
8:43 pm
to it a crime guilfoyle. >> yes. >> what did he do? >> general petraeus worked out a plea agreement to plead guilty to one count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material. this is a misdemeanor. it is not a felony. it is very likely that he will get two years' probation and a $40,000 fine. >> do we know what the classified information was? >> yes. these were essentially black books. information that contained classified information. it is alleged that he turned this material over. >> but we don't know what the classified information is. >> the contents were with respect to covert operations and also did contain allegedly, the names and information of some of the covert. >> agents. now didn't he share this with his mistress or something? >> yes, broadwell. >> why would a mistress want to know where secret -- >> -- writing a book about him. >> oh i forgot about that. >> get the classified information. >> so the mistress broadwell was writing a book. >> yes. >> and petraeus gave geraldo
8:44 pm
rivera classified information to help her with the book. >> alleged over two days that he turned that over. she is also somebody that ha that had clearance with the government. >> petraeus pleaded guilty to that miss demeanor, won't go to jail. >> >> got off light. >> he didn't get off light. his whole reputation is shot. >> political and personal vindication against him. >> everybody knows if you are a parent or grandparent that the urchins are addicted to the machines all right? they text. they can't stop texting. their thumbs are running wild. some of those texts are harmless. some of them are not. there is a lot of bad stuff on those texts with children. texting back and forth. in masses wiehl. 17-year-old girl texts an 18-year-old boy and tells the boy to commit suicide; is that correct? >> allegedly, right. many texts to this 18-year-old boy who did get in his truck outside of a k-mart. he is texting her all the
8:45 pm
while allegedly saying maybe i shouldn't do. this he kept the car running. >> there is the girl who has been charged. >> right. >> maybe i shouldn't do this. she says get back in the car. >> so she encourages him to commit suicide. >> exactly. >> which he does. >> yes. now she is charged with involuntary manslaughter. >> so the defense is going to be she really didn't mean it. >> the defense is going to say that he took his own life of his own volition. >> i think this is an interesting case. >> it is. >> other cases and states specifically prohibit assisting with suicide. 20 year top on this. you don't have continue to tend or carry out the act itself. if you assisted, put those forces in motion you acted with conscious disregard of a known risk. this wasn't one text. this was multiple texts encouraging him. >> this whole thing i'm telling you, what's going on is just off the chart. all right, ladies. >> girl's life isthank you very much.
8:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, right now there are about a dozen republicans testing the waters for a presidential run. one of them dr. ben carson who joins us now. so, you have a big announcement. what is that? >> we are officially launching you are exploratory committee. >> what does that mean? >> that means we have put in motion the staffing and the mechanism to explore, to see whether me running for president in 2016 is a viable thing. >> how many guys you have hired guys and gals? >> probably about a dozen or
8:50 pm
so. >> all right. so they do polling for you? they do other things like that? >> focus groups. >> where is the base? >> in in alexandria, virginia. >> that's interesting. focus groups, polling stuff like that, to see if you have enough support to announce, right? >> yes. and over the next couple of months we'll have an opportunity, i've been running into thousands and thousands of people everywhere who said please do this. and we're going to support you. so now i have a chance to see if that's going to happen. >> you're at cpac and give speeches all over the country some paid, some free right. >> yeah. with the paid speeches they're rapidly tapering off because i stopped accepting those months ago. >> so you're just doing commitments as you have before that? >> correct. >> you have to raise about $1 billion, you know that right? are you in the process of raising that money? somebody has to pay the people you hire. >> a billion here, a billion
8:51 pm
there. >> like george soros. >> the fact of the matter is, we have tremendous popular support. we've raised a lot of money with 10, 15 20 $30. >> it's in a big bank account, the ben carson political action fund or whatever group it is right? >> it will be there, if the people want me to do it. >> you can travel at will. you can pay your dozen staffers. you're developing an infrastructure. >> absolutely. >> now if you were to run and win, you would be one of the rare people in american history to come out of a profession, medicine, no political experience, and then vault into the oval office. do you really think it's possible to do? >> i think it's imminently possible. there are dozens of people who spent their whole life in politics who i'm sure many people would not want to be in there -- >> they're dunderheading, right. >> the fact of the matter is i think what the american people are looking for is somebody who understands that the people are at the pinnacle.
8:52 pm
the government should respond to the people, not the other way around. somebody who understands the constitution thoroughly. >> but let me play devil's advocate. i like you, you're a doctor you're very smart. barack obama was a community organizer, he didn't have a lot of experience then he got into the senate where he was just a couple of years. but his inexperience has really hurt the nation. especially overseas. he's getting his butt kicked every time he turns around over there. >> i just don't agree that he's this amateur who's inexperienced. >> are you one of the people that believe he's actively undermining the country? he wants 9 kunthe country to be weaker? >> i think he has a different view of the country than i do and probably what most americans do. >> what view would that be? >> his view would be that the government knows best. and all the countries where you have people who adopt that philosophy, end up looking the same way with a small group of elites at the top, rapidly
8:53 pm
diminishing middle class and rapidly building indigent class. >> we heard from rudy giuliani that barack obama doesn't like america, and he thinks our superpower status is bad for the world do you buy into that? >> i think he thinks we should be more like other nations. i believe that america is an exceptional nation. and if you look at the world's history, the world was very much the same before america came on the scene. within 200 years of america coming on the scene, men were walking on the moon. it changed everything. >> the dynamic and vibrance we brought to the world stage did change the world. who do you see if you run for president right now? you can't dodge no spin zone who do you see as your main competition? who's the strongest republican candidate in your mind right now? >> it's too early. >> come on. give me one name. >> because what happens is you're going to have up-and-downs --
8:54 pm
>> there's got to be one guy that -- >> nobody worries me. what i want to see is the very best candidate that -- >> none of these guys worry you? you know jeb bush will have the organizations, the money. he's got the experience, two-term governor of florida. >> it doesn't matter. the people will make the decision. >> of course. but you don't see him as your main competition? >> i do not. i welcome him. i welcome everybody. >> you're a big guy. you're not going to slash and burn. >> i want us to come up with the very best person who has the very best ideals that resonate with the people. >> you know you'll be personally attacked right? >> i would be disappointed if they didn't attack me. >> you sound like me. >> i'm not worried about it. >> you're welcome anytime on the program. good luck to you. >> please send people to our web stit. thank you. >> all right. tip of the day. political website that may even be fair. is that possible? the tip moments away.
8:55 pm
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website covering politics that may even be fair. but first, cheryl, alexandria, virginia, you're talking about israel. it's horrible. ridiculous, sheila? both megyn and i remain so. an amazing that a country that have weapons that sign the nonproliferation treaty can dictate our policies. netanyahu said in this case israel is surrounded by danger. country is simply defending itself. rich, from kentucky, president obama's reaction to the speech is childish and self-centered. do we have to suffer another major disaster before he wakes up. you and other fox news people spend too much time bemoaning the mainstream media. we kicked the zombie channel right in the butt.
8:58 pm
but media dishonesty is hard for me to take and others feel the same way. jan douglas, jacksonville, florida, describing a conservative commentator. i would be curious to see if they describe anyone as liberal in the listings at comcast. let me know. i've been taking the quizzes as a physics professor i thought i would get them all right. they're for everyone, not just premium members. you're right they're challenging, they're fun. tim from maryland killing patton 7,000 reviews. kelg killing jesus, 9,000. thanks for keeping an eye on that for us. mr. "o," you crack me up when you use ur jens to describe kids. it describes the majority of my peers in high school. bill you are insulting our children. and urging a ragamuffin who
8:59 pm
roams around. have you been to the mall lately, carl? it is apparent by now that watters is not funny. bill watters turned 50 shades of red when you mentioned 50 shades of gray. how nasty the upcoming campaign is about to be. there are exceptions to the sewer. check out news very interesting political analysis. chris and the guys actually try to gather facts which is refreshing. that's your "tip of the day." and that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o' spout off from anywhere in the world. word of the day do not be a neddish. thanks for watching us tonight.
9:00 pm
i am bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight on a busy night for "the kelly file," new reaction rolling in from across the country. after an unprecedented speech to america from israel's prime minister. tonight described as a moment for the history books. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone i'm megyn kelly. benjamin netanyahu receiving standing ovations as he urged american lawmakers to oppose a pending nuclear deal with iran. we will hear tonight from brit hume top democrats and marco rubio joins us later. breaking news on hillary clinton. allegations that she may have broken the law when serving as secretary of state. but first, the s