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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 6, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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go out and enjoy your weekend. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. "the real story" starts now. we're going to hear for the first time from the doctor who pulled harrison ford out of his plane wreck. new intel from the docs recovered from bin laden's lair. they showed that al qaeda was gaining ground, not on the run. i'm going to reveal your fox anchors' secrets to getting a good night's sleep and maybe more. i'm gretchen carlson. "the real story" starts right now. of. >> we kick off this friday with a fox news alert. hollywood superstar in the hospital at this hour after piloting his vintage airplane to a crash landing in the middle of an l.a. golf course. the 72-year-old actor whose impressive resume includes many roles is a longtime pilot in
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real life. he had taken off by himself at the controls of his world war ii era plane. it apparently developed some sort of engine trouble. this is a live look at the scene. numerous witnesses saw the whole thing happen. >> got his bheels down swheels down, too. >> he he's going to land on the golf course. >> that's happened here before. >> he's going to land on the golf course. >> dude, his engine died, didn't it? >> it sounded like it. >> dude! >> ford's son ben tweeted this, at the hospital dad is okay. battered but okay. he is every bit the man you would think he is. he is an incredibly strong man. ford's spokesman says he'll be fine. aviation experts said he saved lives by putting the plane down on the golf course avoiding homes. among the witnesses a doctor who helped pull him from the
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wreckage just happened to be playing golf. >> just based on having seen a number of trauma patients before and a variety of different scenarios, my hope and my gut was that he was going to be okay. >> we are joined by kenneth hoenig, retired from the port authority. great to have you back on the show today. let's talk about harrison ford first. it was interesting. we had two plane big stories to talk about yesterday. this one happened after. describe from your point of view what he did to save lives. >> well, when he realized that he was having engine trouble, he immediately contacted the tower, let them know he was coming back with engine trouble. he flew over an area that had some houses, but he avoided that and headed back and put his plane down on the golf course. i listened to the atc radio and he was as calm as you would expect han6u o it was really great. >> he was so calm. but obviously he's an actor, but
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in real life he had that same sort of -- you could tell it was urgent but he had that same sort of demeanor. what happens to an airplane? if he has engine failure that basically turns into a glider. how does he get it down and keep himself alive? >> what he has to do is understand that he doesn't have power. he knew that. and he has to feather the aircraft, bring the nose up so that he cangets the maximum amount of lift under the wings. he also wants to keep the airplane to the point where he's got some control. because once he gets down below a certain level he can't go back up again. >> exactly. because it stalls right? >> right. >> so i know there were big, huge grooves in the ground obviously where the plane went down. what does that say to you? >> the landing gear on that airplane does not retract. so when those landing gear first hit the ground and it's soft grass -- it's a golf course -- they probably dug in, sunk in and snapped off, which they're designed to do. that brought the front of the airplane down and brought the propeller, a single engine
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propeller aircraft, into the ground. and the aircraft broke up into pieces. it's designed to do that. like the crumple zones on a car. the breaking up of the aircraft, the struts break off so that that absorbs the force and doesn't transmit that force to the pilot or occupants. >> that's so interesting. we now know that he's going to be be okay maybe as a result of that. our other big story the delta mishap in new york city with both runways back open now. i don't know, maybe it's something about runway 13. the jet skidded into a fence just yards from the freezing cold water of flushing bay. check out this animation. crews used a crane to tow away the fuselage now. now of course the big job, the ntsb will have to go over that with a fine-tooth comb. it was interesting, ken, because there was another very experienced pilot who said because of the way in which this runway is on a pier, with water all around or at least on three sides, it tends to freeze up pretty quickly. even though it had been recently
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plowed right? >> right. it had been plowed just minutes before. other aircraft the two aircraft before him, came down and said that they had good braking action. a plane landing on that runway actually that pier is about 1,000 feet long, and when he touched down, he would have touched down either right at the edge of the pier or even onto solid ground. that long piece on the end is really an overrun area used for planes taking off in the opposite direction. he was several thousand feet down the runway when he left it. >> so maybe the ice didn't factor in. we don't really know. >> we don't know what happened. there are a lot of things the ntsb will look at as they do their investigation. they'll look at thepilot ss, the runway conditions the plane itself, if there was any kind of mechanical failure on the brakes, reverse thrusters, the flaps. >> so many things to look into. that will take some time at least everyone is okay. ken hoenig, thanks for your
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thoughts today. >> thank you. well sunday marks one year since malaysia airline flight 370 disappeared without a trace. now the airline upgrading its system for trying to track planes. the international civil aviation organization has proposed new standards requiring planes to report their location now every 15 minutes. the guidelines are not mandatory yet but malaysia airlines launched a trial run of the system that does that anyway. lots of folks with an insider's view with the war on terror, pouring cold water on president obama's repeated declaration that al qaeda is on the run. lieutenant general michael flynn telling bret baier the claim is way off mark based on documents seized in the bin laden raid and information that he was seen when he was head of the defense intelligence agency. >> so who's briefing the president? how does he get to those sentences? for me to sit here and tell you why he says what he says, i
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don't know. what i know the intelligence said was not necessarily what we hear. it was die mat rickally opposed wasn't it? >> from my perspective, it was just the opposite. you can't sit here and say that al qaeda was defeated when we're still looking at elements of al qaeda that are conducting operations. >> bret baier anchor of "special report," my guest today. bret, i guess when you're president of the united states i guess you can say what you want. but in this case as you pointed out, what the president said is die metrically opposed to apparently what the reality was and is right? >> right, gretchen. listen, remember all the times the president other administration officials said al qaeda was on the run. al qaeda was decimated. then it was core al qaeda was decimated. then it was bin laden is dead, gm is alive.
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then it was al qaeda is just in this one area along the afghan/pakistan border but pretty much not effective. it's completely opposite of what the documents showed from the bin laden compound. bin laden according to the documents and everybody we've talked to was in control much more in control than we ever ever knew. he was writing and communicating with these splinter groups. he was writing to these groups like boko haram. he was writing to lessons learned from saturdayzarqawi in iraq. the pictures they paint, 1.5 million documents were recovered, remember, only 17 are public. >> that's amazeing. the only reason they're public is because of that terror trial going on in new york where the guy was convicted yesterday. i want to draw your attention back to a quote from the president in may 2012 because you asked lieutenant flint about this as well. here's what obama said back then. the goal that i set to defeat al qaeda and deny it a chance to
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rebuild is now within our reach. really? >> general flynn said that is just not true. it's not true now in march of 2015. he doesn't believe. and, you know, remember this is defense intelligence agency chief, the head of dia, under this president. he said he was seeing al qaeda exponentially explode, double the number of islamic extremist groups from the time the president took over up to now. and that the communication and the operations were getting more intense and not less. >> let me ask you this and i don't even know if you know the answer. but can the president just say what he wants? >> he can say what he wants, but, if he's pointing to intelligence there's a real problem there. and you're starting to hear some of this bubble up inside the intelligence community. now, they had a report done by the west point counterterrorism
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center college there, and they did analysis of the 17 documents that the administration picked to release from the bin laden compound. well, those painted a picture of bin laden as a lion in winter a guy that was retired, kind of in his last legs. they used that to make this case. >> very problem. >> the problem was there were 1.5 million other documents that showed exactly the opposite. >> so people have been going through all of these documents. i want you to listen to a former senior intelligence officer, somebody who has seen them. here's derek harvey. >> i don't think we even did a good job of exploiting the documents that were taken from the iraqi intelligence services, for that matter. >> and why? >> well, i think there's some inertia and we're focused for the most part on current telt jens reporting. >> so he's saying we didn't do a good job in even how we went through looking at these documents. my question to you, bret is the american public going to see more of these documents, hear
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about them? >> the chairman of the house intelligence committee, devin nunez, wants to have them released. in fact, he put a stipulation into the house intel bill to do just that to have all of these documents released. there's much more here. we're going to have much more tonight on "special report" about iran, about the threat from iran in those documents about other possible lessons learned from these documents. and remember that they were exploited at first and then they were not touched for almost a year, according to these guys. why? that's really a big question. >> wow, that is startling information. bret bair, we'll be watching more tonight about that. "special report." thank you. >> sure. massive explosion to tell you about. southwest of houston texas, storage tank bursts into flames. emergency crews there trying to keep the fire from moving as workers shut off the gas to keep it all from spreading. fire teams now hoping the fire
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is thrillactually going to burn itself out. thankfully, nobody hurt. but the smoke was so big it could reportedly be seen ten miles away. no word on what may have ignited that gas. so we are getting an inside look at some new e-mails now showing the damage control that the state department was trying to conduct after the deadly benghazi attacks. we are going to show you what those e-mails said. plus this -- remember this? gunman tries to shoot up canada's parliament after killing an officer outside? now you'll hear from the gunman's own mouth why he decided to do that. the shocking tape just released today.
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. the man who slashed and
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stabbed u.s. ambassador mark lip ert could soon be be charged with attempted murder. the attack left him with a four four-inch gash on his face and a wound in his arm. he has under gone about three hours of surgery. he's recovering in the hospital. south korean are seeking charges against that suspect who officials believe is a pro-north korean sympathizer. so here is a big story now. newly released e-mails show hillary clinton's closest personal aides were deep in damage control mode shortly after the deadly benghazi terror attacks began. the documents revealing their personal involvement in shielding the then-secretary of state was all about trying to shield her from political fallout. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live from washington. she's been doing some digging as usual. what do the e-mails show us about the role of mrs. clinton's top aides? >> well gretchen these e-mails
11:17 am
obtained through a federal lawsuit show that felipe described as a former secretary of state's principle gate keeper and cheryl mills were running interference during the 2012 attack. and while receiving updates in realtime, mills told the state department spokeswoman to stop answering reporters' questions about the status of ambassador chris stevens who was missing and later found dead. close to midnight mrs. clinton put out the first authoritative statement that wrongly blamed a you youtube video rather than terrorism. >> cheryl mills was instrumental in making sure the big lie was put out there. what's notable thus far is we received no e-mails from or to mrs. clinton. you have to wonder whether these aifds went offline and were using secret accounts to communicate with her about the benghazi attack. >> also littered through the e-mails are references to
11:18 am
something called the benghazi group and a diplomatic source tells fox news that that was code for the cheryl mills task force whose job it was to do damage control. >> very interesting. so what are we learning about this so-called benghazi group? >> well, a short time ago the state department spokeswoman was asked to explain how the clinton e-mails really would be tackled. she said that they would review them in accordance with the freedom of information act or foia and also that material she said would eventually be made public. >> we will use foia's standards for the reviews so the standards by which we process foia requests we process documents to be released, those are the standards we'll use for the review. what we determine are appropriate under those standards will be public. >> harf is also getting questions by a cable obtained by fox news that shows in 2011 mrs. clinton's office was ordering people not to use personal e-mail for security reasons while she carried out
11:19 am
government business exclusively on those private accounts. >> this isn't her best practice guidance. her name is at the bottom of the cable as is practice for cables coming from washington. some people think she wrote it which is not accurate. >> members of the benghazi select committee on the republicans say they certainly intend to call mills even ryan us before this is all through, gretchen. >> it keeps getting more interesting. catherine herridge, thank you. keep on it. another alert to tell you about because president obama participating in a town hall. this is at benedict college, columbia, south carolina. the president is speaking at the historically black college as he makes his way to alabama now to mark the 50th anniversary of the selma march for civil rights. this also comes just one day after the justice department decided it would not press charges against the officer in the ferguson shooting that sparked months of civil unrest in you can catch this entire town hall streaming live on fox
11:20 am new video released from before the deadly canadian parliament attack. you're going to hear from the killer himself, and he's going to tell you why he shot one officer before heading in to try to kill members of that government. plus, mars 1 whittling down their applicants to the final 100 potential crew members who could take the first manned mission to the red planet. would you want to do that? the only problem is, it's a one-way ticket. that mrij brings s bridges us to our question of the day. would you sign up for a one-way mission to mars? and if you say yes, why? tweet me and we will try to read your comments coming up at the end of the show. se asked people a simple question: can you keep your lifestyle in retirement? i don't want to think about the alternative.
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. this is it a live picture right now in california, venice california. that's harrison ford's plane there. as you can see, it's been put on the back of a truck pulling it along. it will be moved away from the site where of course he made that crash-landing yesterday and survived. miraculously. it was quite a feat. he is going to be okay. now that plane is going to be taken away and no doubt investigated. in the meantime, we are now hearing more about a possible motive for that deadly attack near canadian parliament in ottawa that happened last year. the gunman killed corporal nathan cirillo as he stood post at canada's national war memorial. trace gallagher has more on a tape that's just been released. what are we learning, trace? >> i'll tell you, the royal canadian mounlted police
11:25 am
struggled whether to release this video because they feared it could be be used to radicalize young people. in the end, they decided it was in the public interest. people say michael zehaf-bibeau made the video on his cell phone just prior to killing a canadian soldier. bibeau then carjacked a vehicle and drove to the parliament building where he ran inside opened fire and gunned down by the sergeant at arms. the video minus 18 seconds was shoep to members of parliament. in it bibeau says quoting here, this is retaliation for afghanistan. and because harper speaking about prime minister stephen harper wants to send his troops to iraq. we are retaliating. the muj gentleman ha dean of this world. canada has officially become one of our enemies by fighting and bombing us and creating a lot of terror in our country and killing us and killing our innocents. he went on to say he was aiming to hit soldiers and then he
11:26 am
praised all law. zehaf-bibeau had libyan and canadian citizenship. officials believe he was planning to join terrorists in the middle east but couldn't get a passport approved. royal canadian mounltys are still investigating his terror connections and remain on high alert. listen. >> we are at a very heightened state in terms of addressing the risk we assess attaching to the individuals who have been identified as what we refer to as high risk travelers or high risk individuals within this counterterrorism framework. >> we should also note the killer was a known criminal and drug user, though he was not under the influence at the time of the shootings near parliament. gretchen? >> trace thank you so much for bringing us that story. here's the big question. what's the judge going to do? the obama administration pushing a federal judge to make a quick decision on the president's
11:27 am
immigration action. so what's the big rush? we'll debate that. plus, we hit the hallways to go hend the scene was some of your favorite fox news hosts. is that one of them? to find out their tips on how to get a good night's sleep. we didn't get that close to them shlgs , i don't think. did we? >> when you get up early, most of us do in this business, you have to be mindful of what time you're going to sleep the night before. >> i get to work at fox news and fox business. i have a great life so i'll just sleep when this is all over, i guess.
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mujahideen. president obama is in south carolina today. i wish i was there. nice weather, right? but he has good news to share. 295,000 jobs added last month. and the unemployment rate dipping down to 5.5%. that's a lot in february. you can be be sure he's touting those numbers during that town hall meeting at benedict college. chief might whous correspondent ed henry you weren't on the trip? i was expecting to see you in sunny south carolina and there you are in the snow. >> reporter: it would be nice and warm, the president feeling like this is warm news obviously, that the economy is still picking up. but let's not forget a major reason why the unemployment rate continues to come down is that people are giving up looking for work. that helps bring it down. so it's coming down because jobs are being created. he's happy about that. but people are also leaving the
11:32 am
workforce. that levins the news which is why the president is careful how he pitches it. listen. >> the unemployment rate across the country and here in south carolina is still higher than we want, which means we've got more work to do. and we've got to make sure those are good jobs that pay a live willing ing wage and have benefits with them. we can't let up now. >> reporter: we can't let up now. but look at another number. average hourly wages rose just 3 cents an hour. that is a sign that while the jobs are coming back people are simply not feeling it in their pockets and pocketbooks, gretchen. >> so republicans are going to hit back on this and they're saying that we're basically just still running in place. >> reporter: yes, because the economy is picking up but it hasn't picked up enough for people to feel it. listen. >> the policy is not pro-growth, not expansionalism. what we're seeing is celebrating
11:33 am
incrementalism. if that's your deal, go at it. but most americans want economic expansion and want to be able to work full time. >> you can see that in the latest fox poll out this week. people still not feeling a rebound, asked if you and your family, does it feel like the economy is getting better in 44% getting better, 43% getting worse, 12% staying the same. running in place. people see the statistics getting better, but they're not feeling it at the kitchen table, grechtchen gretchen. >> have a great weekend. for more on this, alan colmes hoecht of the alan colmes show and mike gallagher, both fox
11:34 am
news contributors. let's talk about the economy and what the president is touting today. alan, i'm surprised you're not jumping up and down. mike was trying to steal your notes to see what you're going to say. >> he's trying to cheat. >> you should be happy, though. >> i am happy for the country. >> yes. >> i'm -- i would like to see it be more robust. i do know if mitt romney would have been elected you would guys would be say willing, see, it's consumer confidence, people are feeling better they'd be crediting romney. >> let's talk about the fact that everybody should be happy. >> i think it's good for the country. >> as ed pointed it out, it's a little deceptive. the labor force participation is at a nearly 40-year low. the fact is there's a whole lot of people who are dropping out of the workforce and everybody knows that. the reason the percentage is high, by the way, the 44% saying this economy doesn't feel like it's better, a lot of people are not working. nearly 93 million americans are
11:35 am
out of work. anecdotally, a lot of people are struggling because they don't have a job and they know it. >> good numbers come out and you try to find the biggest cloud in the silver lining. >> no. he's just pointing out -- >> there's more to it. >> who are leaving the workforce? many are older the baby boomers. >> there's a huge number of mill ellials who can't find jobs. i've got breaking news. justice department reportedly preparing right now to bring federal corruption charges against new jersey senator bob menendez. announcement expected in weeks but the news is trickling out now. prosecutors will go after the senator for allegedly using his senate office to push the business interests of a donor and friend in exchange for gifts and trips. menendez said he paid back nearly $60,000 in trips and done nothing wrong, calling it a smear campaign. these are similar charges that bob mcdonnell aid his wife in virginia were convicted of. mcdonnell was sentenced to two
11:36 am
years in prison and i believe two years of probation for those crimes that happened last month. mike? >> i think it was nancy pelosi who talked about a culture of corruption. we've got a real issue here with prominent democrats who are under this cloud. and make no mistake about it. this guy has pushed back against president obama over the issue of cuba over illegal immigration. so perhaps this is payback and karma time. >> i don't know. i thought about that. he's been very vocal. but you could look at it this way alan. eric holder attorney general is clearing off his desk because he's get rg ready to leave. >> with my friend is mike is, when they do the right thing it's for the wrong reason. >> it must be payback. >> that's the way politics can work. what do you think? >> we don't know if he's guilty. going after a democrat we don't know enough information whether he's guilty or not. nor do we know that he's doing it as you suggest to get back at
11:37 am
him for not agreeing with the president. >> doesn't it feel interesting that this is a prominent democrat who did push back on immigration and cuba and all of a sudden -- >> it is interesting but we don't know the facts. we're reporting it breaking right now. >> have a great weekend. maybe you want to pay attention to this. we've all heard that news anchors and the news never sleeps, right? when you're in the news business it can sometimes be hard to get enough shut-eye. we wanted to know how some of our friends around fox do it. are they good sleepers? if so what are their tricks? let's look behind the scenes. >> i get about seven hours a night. >> i have an early schedule lgt, i get up at 4:00, 5:00. >> i try to get to bed early but the news calls. >> if i don't get my seven hours, i turn into an absolute monitor. >> like a 2-year-old waking up in the middle of the night. >> i snap like this on people. you don't want to see me like that. >> i'm up at 5:00, hit the door at 6:02 latte in hand.
11:38 am
>> on a great night i get about seven, which probweekends. but i actually do practice meditation. >> my co-anchor martha has been trying to bring me intotationmeditation. >> i'm a big believer >> i'm dipping my toe in that water. >> i shut my eyes, and i think of nothing. i blank out any thought that comes through my head. >> one trick i do is wear ear plugs so i don't wake myself up snoring. >> even though my eyes are shut i look in the distance and different images come up and i focus on them. >> clear your head. just focus on what you hear. anytime a thought comes into your mind just listen. all of a sudden, you're out like that. >> one of the ways i fall asleep is i completely exhaust myself. working out definite live helps. >> part of the anchor duties is you have to drink. >> there's no secret trick.
11:39 am
not at all. i fall asleep fine. >> awesome. great advice there. you have to drink meditate. martha? clear your head. that's my problem shep. we're going to check in with you now. we want to know are you a good sleeper? >> on ambien. >> see, you and i have more similarities than people might think. i don't do the ambien thing anymore because i heard people get up in the night and do weird things. >> that's the fun part. >> but i do take some sort of sleeping helper. now you and i can feel the symbiosis. >> ambien, vodka, you should sleep at least four or five hours. >> i'm glad you're wide awake now. you have a big shoer coming up. >> i recommend none of the above. i was kidding. this guy could spend years in jail overseas because he complained about his job on facebook. police in the united arab emirates accused him of seibelcyber slander. i've got a long list.
11:40 am
cyber slander, even though he made that facebook post from his home in florida. he's a contractor who works for a company in the uae. we'll explain why he says he complained and what he reportedly wrote in the facebook post, also get analysis from a criminal defense attorney. >> i also wear ear plugs, shep. >> that would hurt. >> it's from all those years of living in new york city. it was loud. >> it still is. >> yeah. here's what else is coming up on "the real story." she avoided the needle by one vote. now jodi arias has a chance to get out of jail in 25 years instead of sitting on death row. >> because of what she'd seen, she'd seen this monitorster, it's not what she saw. we felt there was a level of biasness. >> what is she talking about? why a movie may have made all the difference in this murder case with one juror. and se may not know them by name, but she loves them.
11:41 am
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we saw it all unfold yesterday. jodi arias just one vote away from death row after 26 hours the jury couldn't come to a unanimous decision. one juror refusing to vote in favor of the death penalty. jury members say they tried to get the holdout booted after she admitted watching what you see on your screen. she was biased after she watched the lifetime movie about the case. dan shore, former prosecutor and associate managing director at creole, and paul miller.
11:45 am
great to see you. i'm starting with the lawyers. paul, do you ask the jurors if they've seen any depictions of jodi arias in any other way besides seeing her in the courtroom? >> i would be surprised if it didn't happen because there was a movie. not every death penalty case has a movie made about the defendant. so in this case, i would be surprised if that wasn't asked. if it was asked and the person lied, then that might be grounds to see that that juror is removed. but very difficult to get a juror removed. >> apparently dan on tuesday the other jurors did ask the judge to have this one juror removed because they apparently claimed that after she watched "dirty little secrets" she was biased. >> right. not only biased but you have to be at least open to the death penalty to sit on a death penalty jury. they were saying she wasn't even open to the possibility of a death penalty verdict. the problem be is, it's a bad precedent if you kick someone off the jury. for a death penalty, it has to be unanimous. imagine if 11 people can vote off one person if they don't
11:46 am
agree with the person. that would take away from the protections of the defendant. of course that's not going to be allowed. >> dr. woody, from a psychologist's point of view, can movies influence us? lifetime movies i know women like to sit down and watch them from time to time. >> movies absolutely influence you. have you ever cried at a movie, been emotionally moved? of course. but the thing here is, most movies are not reality. even documentaries oftentimes miss the mark. when you see something dramatized in front of you, especially as i understand there's a bit of a redemption angle in the movie it's going to bias her toward how she feels about the defendant in this case. >> so let me ask you this, paul. obviously all 12 jurors were asked the question about the death penalty. i'm sure of it. >> no question. >> so if this juror lie birthday that, what happens? >> it had to be juror fraud. that's very very difficult to prove. whether she lied or not i'm not sure they'll be able to prove that. i'm sure whatever answer she gave was acceptable at the time.
11:47 am
and under these circumstances, she's going to say continually, i have no problem with the death penalty. i just didn't want to give it in this instance. the fact is all jurors speak afterwards. some speak to the press, some to the lawyers, the lawyers who lose a case generally are looking for angles to find juror fraud. but it's seldom resulting in being overthrown. >> the judge did tell the jurors they could speak, right? they could tell their stories. that's how we're finding out about this. is that unusual or is that usual the gag order is lifted? >> at the end of the trial, the judge tells of the jurors you can talk to anyone you want but you don't have to. in this case, some of the jurors chose to talk but not give their identity. they can give their identity if they want. often in the days and weeks following a trial, you'll see people more openly talk to the media. >> it ace amazing one little lifetime movie saved jodi arias from a death penalty but it appears to be a major part of it. new york's finest honoring a
11:48 am
special young lady from hundreds of miles away after what she did to thank police nationwide after the tragic shooting of two new york officers. and that 10-year-old is right here. all the way from the lone star state to tell you about it herself. her message of love and kindness live from texas, next. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!!
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welcome black to "the real story." the nypd showing their to a texas girl. savannah sent thousands of the cards to officers after these two new york police officers were gunned down in december. she wanted to tell as many officers as she could that she loved them and thanks them for all they do, and now she is urging others to do the saming and savannah is my guest now.
11:52 am
joined by her mother, debbie and her dad, scott, at her school. fourth grade in tyler, texas. it's great to have all three of you on the program and your friends behind you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so savannah i know you came to new york recently and were able
11:53 am
and then after what happened in new york, i started making cards for them. and i sent 200 to new york. >> wow. all right. so let me bring the parents in here. you have done something right here in the way you raised savannah at just ten years old. debbie scott how did the new york trip come about and i know, debbie you came with her. scott, were you here as well? >> yes ma'am, i was. and the way it came about was through officer victorhn2gsoz and family member of his in texas. we were able to reach out to them and they were able to provide us information and get in contact with them so that we can send cards the 41st 41st precinct in the bronx. >> is it true, debbie, it was savannah's first trip to the big apple and didn't want to sightsee. what did she want to do? >> right. she just had a goal of getting to the officers as many as she could and she gave up the
11:54 am
broadway show and the sightseeing as she just is on a mission she had one goal and that was to reach the officers she could give them her cards and get their at graphs and thank them personally. and we just followed along with it. >> you went with it. she is in charge which is a good thing. savannah, what was they award you got? >> it/x
11:55 am
example. of some of the letters written. savannah, debbie and scott wonderful wonderful project. and we're so glad to have you on "the real story" today. and say hi to your friends. they were so well behaved. have a great weekend. >> they're good. >> you, too, thank you. >> goodbye. >> time for my take now. sometimes today's kids get a bad rap. right? we think they're too entitled and don't get what hard work really is. that's why we love to showcase good news stories on this show from time to time. to honor young people making a difference in their communities and beyond. what i particularly think is so important in savannah's message is the tenet she has learned to base her life on something i'm grateful my parents taught me to whom much is given, much is expected. gratitude and giving back to me, one of the greatest gift wes give to our kids, to teen them to look at the world from the right perspective and learn early on it's not all about them.
11:56 am
savannah is obviously on the right track, and hopefully her story will inspire other young kids or their parents and grandparents who may be watching to encourage the young people in their lives to do something similar. it can be little or big. it's the simple act of giving back that counts. you can find myy on my facebook page and savannah's information also at did you ever want to run a marry -- marathon? one of the most isolate places in the world is now taking applications. that's next.
11:57 am
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fears but here's the catch. they allege the united states create it it as a weapon so they had the world's strict i.s. -- strictest guidelines but you can sign up today. >> thank you for being part of "the real story." have a great weekend. here's shep. >> word now the justice department plans to go after a signature u.s. senator for corruption. multiple mediagañ]oóiñmokw[óiwç outlets, beginning with cnn, recording the doj will file charges against the new jersey democrat robert menendez. plus, saving indiana jones. movie star harrison ford was luck inoff to crash his plane in front of a surgeon. >> it's reasonable to say he was trying to get a sense of where he was and what was happening. >> we'll take you to the hospital to see hour harrison ford is recovering and it's a key moment in the fight to take back tikrit. a local gov expect


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