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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 10, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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us know what you think. thanks for joining us. that is all the time we have left we'll see you back here don't miss it tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. factor." good night from washington, d.c. "the o'reilly factor" on. tonight. >> the server contained personal communication. i believe i have met all my responsibilities. and the server will remain private. >> with those words hillary clinton has ignited yet another controversy. because americans will not be able to see her private e-mails. tonight, we will have a number of reports on this very troubling issue. >> she would do better if she was less angry and demonized less. >> warren buffett talking about senator elizabeth warren and being accused of sexism. tonight whether the "s" word is being used as a weapon.
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>> we're executing number of search warrants of three organizes that are involved in chinese -- >> also ahead thousands of chinese women paying as much as $80,000 to give birth in the usa. we'll have a "the factor" investigation. caution, you are about to enter the no-spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hillary clinton explains, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in yet another controversy for the clintons the former secretary of state has been hammered for using a private e-mail account rather than a secured government server while on the job at the state department. the criticism has become so intense the democratic party is worried could damage hillary clinton's presidential chances.
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the issue is really simple mrs. clinton deleted some e-mail she says were private but she will not allow the government to validate that by looking at her server. >> the server contains personal communications from my husband and me. and i believe i have met all of my responsibilities. and the server will remain private. >> uh-oh. that allows critics of hillary clinton to charge cover-up even if she says there's nothing of national importance on the deleted e-mails. >> at the end i chose not to keep my private personal e-mails, e-mails about planning chelsea's wedding or my mother's funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends as well as yoga routines, family vacations, the other things you'd typically find in inboxes. >> talking points believes all
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americans are entitled to the presumption of innocence including hillary clinton. but, but there is a way for mrs. clinton to keep her private correspondence out of the public eye while reassuring the public she did not delete anything that affected our country. hillary clinton should immediately request that the fbi examine her server with the assurance that all the privately deleted e-mails would remain private. but if mrs. clinton made a mistake in her assessment of private versus public e-mails, then the fbi would pass the deleted public ones to the state department which would release them. fair? i believe so. if the feds do not look at her server, then any public official could do the same thing. claim private correspondence without scrutiny. at this point it would be grossly unfair to accuse hillary clinton of anything other than bad judgment.
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but it should not not be up to her or any public official to delete e-mails while on the job. richard nixon tried a similar tactic with tapes back in the watergate days. but understand me i'm not comparing hillary clinton to nixon. i'm just saying we cannot simply accept her word on this one. when verification is as easy as analyzing her server in her house. hillary clinton, again, should request the fbi come in to do that tonight. and that's the memo. now for the top story. joining us from washington bret baier, anchor of "special report." i just solved it did i not? >> bill you hit the nail on the head from people saying this is the issue, a third party to come in, look at all of the e-mails and make the assessment. because they are saying she should not have been able to make the assessment what to turn over and whatnot. it comes down to that one issue. the server will remain private.
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that's the thing that raised a lot of eyebrows here in washington. she said she hadn't e-mailed any classified material, but she also conceded that she deleted some of those e-mails that she chose that shouldn't be around. >> listen, listen eyebrow -- eyebrows aside okay this is a situation where hillary clinton was under suspicion in the benghazi, libya murders of the american ambassador. that's what the big deal is here. let's be frank. she was under suspicion that she botched that whole thing, right? am i right? >> that's what critics said, yes. >> okay. everybody knows that. everybody knows it. there's been investigations. there's been, you know millions of words. it would be easy for hillary clinton -- and i'm not accusing a woman for you left wing lune websites out there but it would be easy for anyone to say, you
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know, i discuss that had with my husband, the former president but that was private. bingo, it's gone. you can't allow this to happen at this level. you just can't. nixon tried it. the judge said no way. those tapes have got to be made public. and that killed him. i'm not saying hillary clinton did anything wrong, i'm just saying there's an easy solution to this. you know it's easy. the fbi's not going to release anything that's private. and let's get it done right now. >> well, that's the issue. and from what we heard today in a very defensive tone at times reading the answers to some of the questions it seemed or at least referring to the talking points she wanted to get out, hillary clinton said that's not going to happen. and that is probably going to be the thing that propels this, bill, and the story going forward. >> there's going to be lawsuits. there's going to be congressional under oath, but that doesn't get us anywhere either because the woman is convinced that all she did was
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delete private e-mails. but you can define private e-mails in a million different ways. >> let me just say this. it comes down to the issue of trust. and her press conference today it came down to trust me i've got this covered. trust me i deleted the right ones. i turned over everything. and you're going to see -- >> our system of oversight doesn't work that way. >> i know. >> but here's the calculation baier. she believes that her supporters will vote for her no matter what. this doesn't matter. let the right wing kooks pound her into voting, i'm not going to give anything more and i think that's what she believes. >> i think you're right. and i think politically there's some damage here that has been caused by how they handled this, by the fact this was a rushed press conference at the u.n., minus the fact all her talking about womens issues was totally erased this past week.
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politically there's a lot of damage here. one more thing about this bill, she said that there were personal e-mails between herself and the former president. well, "the wall street journal" came out today with something from the former president's office that says he has written two e-mails in his entire life. two e-mails. he doesn't use e-mail. he uses twitter. so the timing of that release and her statement is not good either. >> all right bret baier everybody, we appreciate it. next on the rundown charges of sexism. when women in the political arena are criticized, that can be a powerful shield for a person like hillary clinton. then a controversial letter to iran by republican senators, we'll take a hard look at that moments away.
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secondly, we can send our children to school. it's really that first step that allows them to get out of poverty and most importantly have money left over to plan for the future they want. continuing with our lead story hillary clinton under fire for her private e-mail account. also charges of sexism if you criticize a woman politician.
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new york city monica crowley from washington monica so was i fair to mrs. clinton in my analysis, kirsten? >> yeah, i think you were extremely fair actually. i may even have been harsher on her than you are. i think you are right. what has to happen i think if we want to be able to trust her is for there to be some sort of independent analysis of these e-mails. it's just not reasonable for her to think that she can say i'm going to decide and you just all have to believe me. >> if she doesn't submit to that and again i think that the lawsuits are going to fly and things like that would you still vote for her? >> you know it comes down of course to who she's running against -- >> say she's running against me. >> oh yeah i'd vote for her for sure. >> that's what i thought. so that's her calculation. that it really doesn't matter because people like kirsten powers going to vote for me no matter what. >> what might happens is i just might not vote. >> you might stay home. >> yeah. i do find this to be extremely disturbing. >> really?
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>> well i really didn't feel she was being honest because she's smarter than this. she's not this sort of oh gosh, i didn't realize people would be upset about the fact i have my own private server. like i'm so dingy i didn't realize it. this is a very smart woman with very smart people around her. the idea nobody saw this as being a potential problem or she didn't know her e-mails belonged to the american people. >> right. >> and should be you know, available. it just doesn't pass the smell test. >> okay. now you monica crowley, actually a ph.d. worked for richard nixon. >> during the last years of his life yes. >> okay. this was the same deal okay, that nixon did not want what he said in the oval office in his private conversations which were all taped, okay, out to the public. and he lost. and that was the end of his presidency. do you see a similarity here not in the conduct but in the i
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don't want my stuff out? >> in the desire for secrecy and control of access over his papers and his tapes, absolutely. but if you look at this in probably a little more closely bill, i find that the comparisons to nixon are actually insulting to nixon. because what we're talking about here is an 18 minute gap. when you consider what hillary clinton is accused of doing here, it's so much bigger. >> wait, i don't understand. let me say the 18 and a half -- for those of you who weren't around, there was supposedly an eraser on the tape that wasn't there. what exactly though in your mind. >> uh-huh. >> an anti-hillary clinton person, is she being accused of? other than using an e-mail system that was not secure and that she shouldn't have been using. what exactly -- >> well, the whole point of having a private server is to be able to control access to -- of other people of those e-mails.
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so she had total control over the e-mails what she determined would be released what she would delete. >> that's true. >> exactly. >> okay. she set it up so she could control the flow of information in and out and decide what the public would see. that's wrong. i think it's wrong. what else is she being accused of though? >> remember when the nixon case it was a larger picture of imperial privilege, right? which is what we saw in her press conference today. that she knows better, she doesn't have to play by the same rules. it's a function of narcissism and elitist mindset. >> that's what she's being accused of an elitist narcissist. >> as a young lawyer she was on the impeachment kennedy trying to impeach richard nixon. she knows the rules and just didn't care. >> this is the bigger picture powers that if hillary clinton gets away with this and any public official can do it, it's not illegal to use a private e-mail system. if you're an elected official or an appointed federal person you can have a private system and do
8:16 pm
the people's business on it. it's just that you have to turn over everything, all right to the government if they want it. now, hillary clinton admits she didn't turn over everything. so that seems to be a violation right there. >> well at a bare minimum it's unethical. there are some people saying she actually has violated a rule at least that you know said she was supposed to you know not be using her private e-mail for business. she can use a private e-mail for her private business. and i think that look any person who works in -- i worked in the clinton administration. we had to archive all of our e-mails. i'm sure the state department has different rules. because you know that this is information that is supposed to be publicly available. >> she's looking -- kirsten powers monica crowley she looks bad. now, she might play the -- war
8:17 pm
on women card which was played by supporters of senator warren because warren buffett said this. go. >> what do you make of elizabeth warren and especially her views of wall street? >> well i think she would do better if she was less angry and demonized less. i believe in hate the sin, love the sinner. i also believe in praising by name and criticizing by category. and i'm not sure that i'm totally convinced elizabeth warren that that's the way to go. >> okay, accused of being sexist. >> he's a democratic supporting hillary clinton. >> you can't call a woman angry, maybe senator warren isn't angry. i don't know her. but he's got his right to his opinion, right? >> what we're seeing unfold here
8:18 pm
is sexism will be the new racism. charging racism was the less go-to smear when it came to barack obama. now that hillary clinton chances be the new go-to smear. >> last 24 hours sexism is kind of bogus right? >> there was no sexism there. but sexism has been the new racism in a lot of other things. i just finished a book on this topic about how the left uses these terms to actually -- you're in the book, bill. >> can i get a free copy? >> i'll give you a -- >> i pay my own way. when is that book coming out? >> may 4th the silencing. >> we're definitely going to discuss that. ladies, thanks very much. we'll have new poll numbers on hillary clinton later on. ahead, republican senators write a letter to the iranian mullahs saying any treaty president obama signs might be worthless. chinese women coming to the usa paying up to $80,000 to give birth here. we'll expose the scam, , , , , ,
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impact segment tonight, 47 republican senators sending a letter to the iranian mullahs saying any nuke deal president obama makes not approved by congress subject to revision. that has outraged some democrats. >> i'd say this borders on treason. i've never heard of them doing this before. you don't undermine the president of the united states. it's never been done in the history of the country before. >> joining us now from washington, danielle plit ka from the american enterprise institute a right leaning think tank. what do you think about the letter? "the wall street journal" editorial page which is conservative criticized it today. what do you say? >> well, the journal thought that the letter was a distraction from focus on the
8:23 pm
right things in the iran negotiation. i think the letter's a good idea. and i think that it's important that everybody whether it's the israeli prime minister or members of congress alert the world to the really lousy deal that the obama administration is pressing for with iran. >> but we don't know how lousy it is yet because it hasn't been laid out to the public. it doesn't this letter by the 47 -- 47 republicans didn't sign it by the way. doesn't this letter make it tougher for the iranians to give anything? say we're going to give x, y and z and as soon as the president changes this might be moot so we're not going to do anything until that time. that could absolutely happen could it not? >> i don't think so. you know, the reality is very few members of congress actually know what's going on in these negotiations. >> that's what i'm saying. we don't know. >> right. but what we hear about are leaks and we also hear concerns and we also hear what's been given by the iranians. the reality is that the iranians don't need to be worried about giving more because they have
8:24 pm
given almost nothing to the obama administration. it is the obama administration who's done all the moving. >> now you are an expert on iran, right? >> i hope so. >> do you trust them? >> no i don't think we can trust them. not at all. >> okay. do you believe that the iranians are -- will cheat on the deal and try to be as aggressive as possible in gaining power in this world? no matter what we do. >> you don't need to be an expert on iran to understand that they're going to cheat on any deal because every single revelation about their nuclear weapons program has been after the fact hidden from the international atomic energy agency, hidden from the international community. we discovered the enrichment site only after it was built and going. same with their other site. the iranians cheat. and they have a long track record of doing so. >> so what's the point on even negotiating with them at all? >> well, i think this is a
8:25 pm
political effort on the part of the president. and don't get me wrong it would be good to have a deal. nobody wants to see military conflict either by the israelis or by the americans or anyone else with the iranians. a good deal is worth having. the problem is -- >> but say they cheat on it. say we got a good deal and they cheated on it. i mean, what good is it? >> well if it were good enough, there would be independent verification, there would be a very long lead time. all the things that barack obama said he wanted, no enrichment for example all would be a much better deal that would make it harder for the iranians to cheat. right now creating a pathway. >> iran's not going to deal with that. they're not going to agree to that, are they? >> i don't think they're going to agree to it because i think they're hell bent on having nuclear weapons and i think they can have it with the okay of the president. >> what a mess. what a mess. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along. an outrageous scam called
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is it legal segment tonight, scam where thousands of chinese
8:30 pm
women coming to america to give birth. here now attorneys and fox news analyst. so you just heard in the segment before that president obama is angry that the 47 republican senators sent a direct letter to the saying you know what, even if we get a deal if it's not approved by congress, you can forget it if there's another president that's not sympathetic to president obama. here's the question. can president obama without consulting congress at all sign this deal with iran? >> whatever this deal is, we don't know what the deal is but, yes, the answer is yes. >> he can? >> yes he can sign an executive agreement. >> executive agreement. >> that says as long as i'm here anyway this is going to be the law, this is what we're going to do. as oppose today a treaty where he would have to go to congress and get 67 members to sign-off. >> two-thirds vote, senators, not congress.
8:31 pm
>> right. >> two-thirds senators to negotiate to approve a treaty. but executive order, it's the same thing. >> same thing. >> fdr did this in world war ii when he decided to give arms and supplies to england fighting the nazis. because a lot of people in congress didn't want that. he went around them. it's exactly the same thing. >> so there is precedent forward. what the president is doing isn't breaking the law. there is a way around should they choose to do so so senator cotton by issuing this statement was legally factually correct. >> he was. the statement is factually correct. >> it is. >> if you mullahs think you're going to get a ten-year window, if the deal is bad and we get a republican president, it's gone. >> right. >> okay. i don't know what the beef is anyway. and i do think barack obama editorial comment here, should -- any deal should be run by congress for an up or down vote, yes or no. any deal. it's not going to happen. you're right. but it should happen. this is our protection. >> but it's not the law. >> this is protecting every american. >> i understand what you're saying, but i am giving legal
8:32 pm
analysis. >> up or down lay it out. >> they're going to take it down for him anyway. >> all right. big scam going on, mostly in california but other places as well. chinese women paying as much as $80,000. the clip i'm going to show you says 60 but feds have confirmed can go up to $80,000 to come here from china to give birth. roll the tape. >> dozens of government agents filed into this irvine apartment building, all of them armed with federal search warrants aimed at uncovering three different chinese birthing house operations. the feds say thousands of chinese women pay anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 for usa birthing packages. they get transportation to local hospitals restaurants, shopping and recreation areas. the companies provide u.s. passports. and a newborn gets an american birth certificate. >> how can the company provide american passports? how can they possibly do that? >> because birth -- you know,
8:33 pm
birthright -- you come here and if you have a baby -- >> so the baby getsed passport. >> yes, become a u.s. citizen. then what happens is -- >> that needs to change. >> it's a big problem. that's a baby that can provide visas for other relatives back in china. >> let's trace the scam back. >> sure. >> so you're living in shanghai china. >> okay. >> and you don't like china and you want your child to become an american. so you go to this tour operator, you pay up to $80,000. >> correct. >> you get on a plane in shanghai. >> in late-pregnancy. >> you fly to l.a. >> you can fly to los angeles but typically one of the ports of entry they prefer is something high for tourism like las vegas where they can blend in as less conspicuous, teach how you to conceal, hide your pregnancy. >> do you need a visa? >> a tourist visa. >> you come when you're six, seven or eight months pregnant. >> you don't tell them you're pregnant on the visa. >> you conceal it. >> so you don't tell them you're
8:34 pm
pregnant, you come with a bigger dress or whatever. you get off the plane because chinese people could come here with a legitimate visa. >> sure. >> and then the tour takes you to an apartment where you stay until you give birth and then they take you to a hospital. >> right. >> then after you give birth they give you the passports. >> pay cash and -- >> unbelievable. >> then what they want specifically is for their children to be able to get the education here as well in the united states. >> sure. why was the raid -- what were they raiding? >> because the feds have -- locals have tried to shut these businesses down for years using zoning laws saying you're in a residential area and basically running a business. but zoning laws face it tick ki tacky. so now the feds are involved saying visa fraud and tax evasion. do you think these companies are reporting their money? they're not. >> what's the visa fraud? saying you're not pregnant? are you require today say that? >> different things, concealing things, trying to get in here, you know from knowing you're
8:35 pm
going to have to exactly what you're concealing. >> thousands of women. >> right. >> so if you say you're coming here for purposes of tourism to hit the slots in vegas and you're actually coming here to -- >> to have a baby that's fraud. >> right. five years. >> here's the bottom line this law's got to be changed. >> yeah, because it's not legal what they're doing. >> this law is being abused like crazy. it's got to be changed. that should not be a hard thing to do. >> right. >> well, i don't think obama would veto it, but he might. ladies, thanks as always. when we come back, john stossel asking some african-americans if they believe they have equal opportunity in america. also later how witnesses in ferguson, missouri were intimidated not to tell the truth about the michael brown shooting. a very important tip up ahead.
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yeah, it's really free. look, you don't even have to put in your credit card information. what?! credit karma. really free credit scores. really. free. i could talk to you all day. thanks for being with us. i'm bill o'reilly. the stossel matters tonight with the 50th anniversary of the selma alabama confrontation, civil rights has been in the news lately. there's no question many african-americans feel they are still being denied the same opportunities as white americans. john stossel went out to sample opinion. >> in america today can a black person do as well as a white person? >> no. >> yes, we can. >> no different? >> no different. just the color.
8:40 pm
>> no. this is black people being done unjust. >> if you carry yourself looking a certain way, you're going to be viewed a certain way. >> i believe you can do anything you put your mind to. >> they sure can. >> no one can block your blessing or stop them. >> you do work hard you can make it. >> i would say i might have to work a little harder. >> is there less racism now? >> absolutely. absolutely. we came a long way from where we were years ago. >> racism has absolutely improved. >> you see more black kids in ivy league schools today than you ever have before. >> is there less racism now? >> no, more. >> more now? >> yes i think so it's hidden. >> you stick a knife in my back six inches and stick -- that's not progress. we have male privilege we need to deal with. we have he tro sexual privilege we need to deal with. whiteness is one privilege running rampant in the united states in 2015. >> racism still exists. it still exists. and it's got to stop. >> and everybody's talking about it's better than 1948 when i was
8:41 pm
born. yes, it is but guess what, folks -- >> are voting rights threatened? >> no. >> no i don't think so. i think it's better now. >> are voting rights threatened? >> no. >> look to be about 50/50 on the opportunity question. is that what you got out? >> 50/50 and almost no one unlike the coverage of selma nobody felt their voting rights threatened. >> you were up in harlem new york. which is regentry fied up there. not a ghetto anymore. there are certain parts that are rough. but thriving economically up there, right? >> mostly. >> okay. and the people who said they were denied the same opportunity as white what was it based on? their personal experience? >> it's hard to know. i mean one of the kids who was most adamant that this is a racist country opportunity is
8:42 pm
denied was a yale graduate where they're indoctrinated with this stuff. >> okay. so he went to yale. and i'm going to assume he went there on a scholarship. i don't want to be condescending, but, you know, to go to yale and pay your own way, that's about $250,000. so he's a yale grad this guy? >> yeah. >> and he doesn't think he has the same opportunity as -- >> said the knife has been put in -- it's out a little bit but it was still there. >> the next guy. >> but the evidence against it i think, is that black african immigrant who is are often darker than american blacks thrive in america. it's there's so much racism how do nigerians do so well? they outearn the average white american. >> well, because they are motivated and they'll do jobs that -- >> culture. they have two parents. >> right. >> and they were raised differently. >> did anybody object to you asking the questions? >> no.
8:43 pm
people were -- a lot of people did not want to talk. >> right. >> and i wasn't wearing a bill o'reilly sign. >> you should have. everybody would have come right on out if you had. >> the people who wanted to talk what are you after me about? and once i said they were happy to talk. >> and they were all on fox news, they knew that? >> some sometimes they just never asked. >> okay. stossel, there you go. you don't have as much opportunity as i do you know that? >> opportunity to succeed in life? >> yeah. >> because you're tall. >> no i'm better looking and you have a mustache. that's the problem. >> that was the reason. >> i probably shouldn't have done that but that's okay. john stossel everybody. new poll about hillary clinton on deck. how popular is she? after that a chilling story about witnesses in ferguson, missouri intimidated. right back. ♪ nineteen years ago, we thought "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review.
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back of the book segment tonight. how popular is hillary clinton? new "the wall street journal"/nbc news poll says 44% of american haves a somewhat positive or very positive view of the former secretary of state. 46% very or somewhat negative. 19% neutral. how can you be neutral on hillary clinton? when asked for a point of view on hillary clinton as president, 51% say she would be a return to the policies of the past. 44% she would provide new ideas, 5% have no idea what country they live in. joining us now from los angeles democratic analyst leslie marshal. and from washington author of the book "clinton inc." so are you surprised by those numbers for mrs. clinton mr.
8:48 pm
halper? >> i'm not completely blown away. but i think what's bad about these numbers for mrs. clinton is they show a trend. when she left the state department she was the most popular politician in america. she's lost that edge. and that's going to come back to hurt her. she's losing the edge without even a campaign against her. and i think it signals trouble ahead for mrs. clinton. >> now, leslie when you heard her today saying that she wasn't going to let anybody look at her server what popped into your mind? >> well bill i'm probably in the major minority here because i know a lot of democrats don't even agree with me on this, but i don't feel there's any there there. i don't feel this is going to take hillary clinton down. i don't think that she and certainly her husband are that stupid. and certainly you can retrieve the e-mails on servers on the other end. i'm not going to work for google tomorrow, and i don't think hillary clinton was either when she was secretary of state. but i don't think this is going to take her down.
8:49 pm
and i don't think this is as big an issue outside the beltway as the poll you just referred to shows from yesterday. >> well, look, you kind of dodged the question leslie. she's not going to let people look at her server unless she's compelled to do so and thatbrouhaha. that seems to be okay with you. you're trusting her, right? >> i don't have a problem with her keeping personal and private e-mails. >> she is a private citizen. any politician or any appointee of the federal government could do the same thing, use their private e-mail and say i'll make the decision about what i hand over to my department. anybody can do the same thing and that's okay with you, leslie, is that really okay with you? >> again, anything she did as secretary of state -- >> no i'm talking in general. if she can do it, everybody can do it. is that okay with you, leslie marshall? >> technically everybody does have a right as a private citizen to do that bill.
8:50 pm
>> so it is okay with you -- >> -- issue subpoenas -- >> i just want you to know what you're saying all right. >> i know what i'm saying, it's okay with me, leslie, that any politician or appointee have a private e-mail system in which they conduct public business and they decide what the public can see. i think that's pretty astound astounding. now, mr. halper, do you think hillary clinton's performance today, and that's what it was, is going to damage her with the nonpartisan people who will decide the election of 2016? >> i think it will. i think the probably with hillary clinton is that she has various problems within the democratic base and with the republican base. remember, bill she lost in the 2008 election because democrats didn't vote for her. >> but 86% of the nbc poll, mr. halper, say they'll support her. i think it was 86% of democrats. so she's going to get the
8:51 pm
democrats. some of them may stay home. >> that's key. i think mitt romney lost the election because a lot of people did stay home. >> that's true. >> so republicans can convince enough people to just stay home, that hillary clinton, that neither choice is very good, then that's a boon to the republicans. so it's not crazy that this will hurt her in the long run. but it's a long election. these kind of hiccups you don't know exactly how they play out. >> but this won't go away if she doesn't let anybody look at her survey. did you come to admire mrs. clinton in writing your book? >> i found that various people who know her well seem to like her a lot more than -- today, she seemed sort of cold and aloof. people who know her tend to like her. i found that pretty surprising especially given the performances like this one that we saw, which was just baffling. >> would you vote for her, mr. halper? >> i'm not sure. we have to see who the choices
8:52 pm
are. probably not likely. i am conservative. i'm right of center. so it's not likely. but we don't know who she's running against. it's premature to start doing that. >> leslie, she already has your vote in california. california will vote for any democrat no matter what. doesn't that make you feel like marginalized, leslie that your vote doesn't matter? >> that my vote doesn't count? i don't know -- >> you can go roller skating on election day, go to the beach. it doesn't matter. >> i don't feel that way at all. as a matter of fact, i agree with daniel. if you listen to him, he's not saying he won't vote for her. that she might be the lesser of two evils depending on who is the republican nominee. there will be women who are republicans who vote for her based on gender. >> all right. thank you, guys. i appreciate it. "tip of the day," how the media spreads falsehoods in the ferguson story.
8:53 pm
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to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. "tip of the day," media deseatde deceit in ferguson missouri in a moment. peoria arizona where is the no spin zone? one spins for hillary clinton like a top. so what? have you noticed that some on fnc don't like her? the slogan is fair and balanced. learn it know it live it. brad hamilton at ridgemont high. the left will vote for hillary no matter what. an overlooked fact a clinton foundation gives 15 cents on the dollar to charity not a fact charlie. another internet myth. public accounting says the
8:56 pm
clinton foundation gives about 88% of donations to what they call programs. now charity navigator and we respect that outfit, doesn't have a rating on the clinton foundation, saying it has neither a positive nor negative opinion. aaron walker, clayton missouri. excellent points by charles krauthammer why liberals hate fox news. why they can't form their own university system? not going to change. mike callahan, phoenix, arizona. the headline on one far left website was fox news, more trusted than any other network according to a terrifying poll. at least the loons aren't hiding their dysfunction, mike. why can't anyone find out why the investigation of bowe bergdahl is taking so long? because it's a complete stonewall at this point fred. we're on it. but we can't force the pentagon to do anything. lynn, angel fire, new mexico o'reilly, i am bringing my
8:57 pm
89-year-old dad to rio rancho on april 11th. i am sending you guys backstage passes, lynn. i want to meet your dad. it will be a great show in rio rancho, and i'm glad you're coming. just finished killing patton while in israel. i couldn't put it down. thank you, jeremy. in june there will be a book on world war ii in europe for younger children. it's going to be a very -- i just finished it, it's really good. i'm intrigued with the covering of killing jesus. why is the cross in a "t" instead of the traditional way? because that's the way the romans killed the nazarenes, nate. the movie "killing kennedy" will show you -- or "killing jesus" will show you exactly how that went down. it's interesting.
8:58 pm
ray schmidt, washington i like the bumper sticker, it's daring and truthful, just like the factor. you can get the bumper stickers on bill o' the tip of the day it's an important one. there's an slept column in the "wall street journal" today by brett stephens. all fair-minded americans should read it. mr. stephens makes the point that the national press drove the deceit that michael brown was murdered by ferguson police officer darren wilson. both a grand jury and the justice department has disproved that falsehood. mr. stephens writes, quote, witness 109 claimed to have witnessed the shooting, stated that it was justified. and repeatedly refused to give formal statements to law enforcement for fear of re price al. should the canfield drive neighborhood, which he lived in find out that his account
8:59 pm
corroborated officer wilson. witness 113 gave an account that generally corroborated wilson. she explained to the fbi, you've got to live the life to know it. and stated she feared an offering, an account contrary to the narrative reported by the media, that brown held his hands up in surrender. mr. stephens goes on to say that the witnesses were afraid to go against the narrative supported by the american press, that mr. brown had his hands up and was shot for no reason. that is a damning indictment of the american media. mr. brown did not have his hands up. in fact, the tip of the day please read the column by bret stephens. please check out the fox news website which is different from bill o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day do not be discursive. thanks for watching us.
9:00 pm
miss megyn is next. always remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight hillary clinton speaks and the fact checkers respond. but what does it mean for her political future? good evening, and welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. "the new york times" broke news on how hillary clinton used a private e-mail account, and only a private e-mail account, to conduct all of her business at secretary of state. for seven days we have heard tough questions whether she violated state department rules broke federal law, exposed american secrets or was intentionally trying to hide things from the public. today she faced the media for the first time, in a tightly controlled event at the united nations, at which the press was considerably limited. 11 reporters were called