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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 12, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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talking about the american flag. >> thank you, amen. >> and you are staying here for outnumbered on the web and fox you can chime in and tune in. "happening now" starts now. >> we start with a fox news alert. police are on the move in ferguson, missouri house by house searching for who ever shot the police officers. >> they were shot outside of the department. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> and chaos in ferguson. shots are ringing out. two officers left seriously wounded and we report live from a city on edge. >> and also? >> and other families are unsafe because he is off on the street.
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>> the parent's worst nightmare. and now the suspect is in custody for the attempted abduction. >> plus nothing to cry about. >> a major company delivering moms to be a againous maternity package. could this set a new trend in the work place? it is all "happening now". >> and a manhunt for the suspect or suspects in the shooting of two police officers in ferguson, missouri. i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. good news is both officers are out of the hospital. one shot in the face and one shot in the shoulder. officers are combing the city looking for a suspect or suspects. piece are questioned in connection with the shootings
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but no arrests have been made. >> it is an ambush is what it s. you can't see it coming and you are defenseless from the fact it is happening to you at the time. >> and they are on this story for us. what is the latest, garrett. >> jon we showed you pictures of the police going through the neighborhood next to the ferguson, police department and it is six blocks from where it occurred. and neighbors say a tactical unit showed up and brought them out for questioning. and the police were on the roof trying to look for another man in the a ttic. it is part of their investigation and while that investigation is their number one priority and st. louis county police chief said they are making plans for tonight and
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additional protest. >> i don't know if we are going to have any issues tonight but please remember we have a responsibility. the officers took an oath to protect life and property and these are are some of the things we are expected to do. >> and shot in the face and shoulder. and that is a bloody helmet here. and doctors decided not to move. it and that is in twitter. violence against police are unacceptable. parents condemned the shootings and it is very active and they
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have several leads they are following and keep them updated. >> three people in custed ony and no word as to whether or not they will be charged. >> no details if they are still there or released. and police are not commenting further than that situation was part of the investigation. >> garrett, thank you. >> now hillary clinton e-mail scandal rocking the capitol and raising questions of how it will affect her anticipated run for the white house. this as the obama administration keeps its distance from the controversy. here's more on that part of the story, ed? >> good to see you, jenna late yesterday, the state department internal watch dog put out a blistering report that looked at the year 2011 and hillary
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clinton was secretary of state and state department employees wrote 1 billion e-mails and only 71000 of them would be kept to be in the public record. that is raising new questions of whether thousands of e-mails are deleted unnecessarily. that is on top of the associated press lawsuit that put the white house on defense. ap, is now petitioning for the records of the secretary of state when she was in office. josh earnest when pressed on that and questions of why the former secretary deleted tens of thousands of e-mails, he put the onous on the clinton camp listen. >> as it relates to compliance with the federal records act. secretary clinton and her team have taken all of the personal e-mails related to her official business of secretary of state and provided them to the state
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department so they could be archived and maintained. >> reporter: republicans on the special benghazi commission said that is not good enough for them because essentially the former secretary was the arbitrator of the e-mails to delete and she deemed personal and not official business and why republicans on the panel want a third party arbitrator. >> we need to get to the truth. and because she chose to conduct. and this is of her own choosing, she chose to conduct state department business on a private e-mail account and it is incumbent on her to turn over her server and so we can do an examination. >> reporter: you talk about the impact on the democratic presidential race. martin o'mally said he is tired
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of hearing about this. and when i was a governor they kept them all and a shot as a potential rival. >> we'll go back to that. thank you. ed henry, thank you. >> and no danger of hacking and the e-mail controversy shoes "no pass, no play" signs of going away. aides to bill clinton had concerns about setting up a private account for hillary clinton when she became secretary of state. they worried it would leave the system vulnerable to hackers and not aware that she would use it for all of the official corspopdant. and chris wallace is the anchor of fox news sunday. two most influential newspapers in the nation have different takes, according to the new york
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times and democrats are saying it is not a big deal and going to blow over. washington post say democrats are worried about the crisis and suggest that hillary clinton is not ready for a presidential campaign, and so which is it? >> you get your choice. i think the new york times was talking to not democrats if they are not concerned about what is going on here. and they should be. look. at some point the e-mail scandal will end because hillary clinton took the bold step of saying she deleted all of the other e-mails and when she said deleted, it will be detried. and there will be no way to recover them if they get access to the server. and it seems to me, a lot of the good things that happen in the clinton years. peace and prosperity and all of
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that under the pressure of the republican house. and there were also bad things. the scandal and legal parsipling of words. and it reminds democrats and independents and republicans of the bad part of the clinton years and i would think that if you are a democrat the idea of a coronation and hillary clinton being their nominee, it would be a cause of some concern for democrats you have to wonder how she would wear after last tuesday. >> i fully complied with every rule i was governed by and that is one thing that bothers the critics, is that she was not necessarily following the rules if you read the state department and national archives requirements, she was not rules, but the argument and the point they make is that hillary clinton and bill clinton in the past,
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sort of made their own rules. >> yeah, and i must say i pecked up on that comment. it struck me and in the new's conference she looked down on the book on the podium in front of her, and that struck me as an legalistic statement i was not, i department violate rules that i was governed by. is there a specific reasoning to say that and whether you were governed by that rule. she didn't seem to be in the spirit of those rules. i suspect that is something she wanted to say precisely she wanted to say. and that reminds you of the things about the clinton words when it was a discussion of the meaning of is is. >> that is another thing that
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comes to mind. and another thing that is embroiling washington, the nuclear talks with iran and president obama efforts to forge a relationship with that regime there. and a big topic in the 2016 campaign. a lot of republican contenders are seeking out a hard line approach and a number of them signed on to the leader from the freshman arkansas senator suggesting that the deal that obama administration signs with iran could be undone as long as congress is not involved in voting on that. >> there is a letter and two wishes the letter and priority of sending the open leader to the leaders of iran. i think a number of people in washington wonder of the wisdom of that, it gave the obama administration something to fire back o. if they say here are our concerns about this deal and
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about congress not having a role in it you would have an argument on the merits. it was instead whether it made sense and proper to send to the iran officials. it is an odd coalition hard liner ares in iran and members of congress. and the danger for republicans they are going to want as many democrats to sign on after the deal is made if it is made to say congress has to have a role. they need two-thirds and 67 votes and 13 democrats. to the degree they make it more partisan it will be harder to get democrats on board. one last point, it is how bitter are the situation in washington is and a president has a lot of that to blame himself. he took executive actions going around congress and he doesn't have a lot of friends in
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congress when it come tots separation of powers and rights and prerogatives of the congressional branch. marco rubio and ted cruz all signed the letter. >> you can catch chris on fox news sunday and focus on the e-mail scandal for hillary clinton. and nuclear negotiations. and sitting down, news makers on both of those hot topics. >> and a nba game and the brawl that sent one man to the hospital with a stab wound and then there's this. iraqi troops battling for iraqi. and the terrorist are not giving up the city easily. and new york times said hillary clinton is too big to fail as
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or visit >> the sharing of this video shoes the fight that led to the stabbing and two men are arguing and gesturing and appears to pull out a blade and the section clears out completely. and the stabbing victim is hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries and a big call for those who did it. >> iraqi forces are making progress driving isis out of tikrit. and the battle for sated sated's hometown is not over yet. the terror group kept the hold on the city. retaking tikrit would be the first victory for iraqi forces
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over the islamic state. jon? >> reporter: jon, this is the largest ground offensive in the fight against isis in iraq. and the iraqi forces are pushing deeper in tikrit. and surrounding isis militants that it are held up in the city center. isis is fighting back and trying to resist the advances by using road side bombs and sniper fire to take out those iraqi troops and shiite militia fighters as you mentioned, jon. >> they are pushing deeper in tikrit. and at this point iraqi fighter ares have taken estimated 80 percent of the city. and this is an important fight as we talked about because of tikrit's location. it is to it baghdad to the south and mosul to the north. and it is it a important test to
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find out how battle hardened they are and they are launching a ground offensive to retake mosul to the north. and this is another important fight continues for the city of ramadi. and they are battling isis and they are trying to it take the tea from all four sides and iraqi security forces and police have managed to repeal those attacks at this point. it is in western iraq and an isis strong hold and there are gains made and headway and with help for the air strikes. as for retaking tikrit. and military commanders say that could happen in the coming days if not sooner and isis militants have two choices. one surrender or two, do i. john? >> all right.
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john thank you. as the white house sos one of the nation's biggest newspaper from the republican senator. and who wins and who loses in this dust up and are we losing perspective in what is at stake here. and how mobile phones is making it easier to stakeout a spot. rrn ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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>> the white house reacting with anger to the letter with 47 republican leadership warning the iranian leaders of the deal with the united states. the new york times from the editorial board that focus on this and there was a blatant effort and by communicating with
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the former government. they seem to be outside of the american government and divorced by constitutional principles and security interest of the american people. you wrote on this topic of what we can learn from the last few days james. you say we can learn a lot bite white house's reaction. >> the reality is the republicans in the congress and the president have figured out that they can't put through a veto proof bill and put it on the president's desk and the president realize he can't send the treaty to congress and get it through the senate. and so the actions not going to happen in the house of representative.
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and so both sides are playing to the partisan crowd. >> interesting. you mentioned there is often great tension between the white house and congress on international and foreign policy decisions. can you give our viewers the information on that. the white house and congress at odds in the tension or bad for us with the national security in hand? >> it is the reality. and this is often how congress and the president duke things out. and not specifically on the form of the letter and open disputes between the president and congress are not unusual at all. the adoption of the nato treaty or the league of nations after world war i. they are divisive debates and many of the president's own party look back just a few years ago to the run up to the iraq war and we should have a fulsome
10:26 am
debate about this. we blindly followed the president in the war and the same people are saying congress should sit up and sit on their hands and how he will handle the biggest security dilemma of this kind. certainly something that happens incredible and dramatic impact on the u.s. role for many years to come. >> and that leads to the next question, as to whether or not we have taken the eye off of the ball here. the saudis have already signed an agreement with south korea over the nuclear negotiations and i am using that term loosely. and they are reading themselves for the pakistanis. are we not paying attention
10:27 am
>> people are focusing on the partison debate. and one interesting thing you didn't hear the president or anything in the letter is wrong. and the conservative in the letter are factual and that is not the only problem. and for example. the congress can't stop the president from the united states going to the nations and lift the sanctions on iran. he has the power as president to do that. >> what do you think should be done now? we have had a political debate over the letter, it is petering out a bit over the week. what is at stake here? >> it is easy it will end badly. there is no way. and the reality is we sat around for years and did nothing to relieve people over the concern
10:28 am
of the iranian nuclear program. and so the reality we'll have to live with a screwed up policy ing to address the threats and hope and pray that one, cares about this and has better answers than this guy and hopefully more time. because we are doomed in the next two years i am sorry. >> and james it is fair to point out the negotiations with iran are about a decade and they are buying for more time and working toward a nuclear weapon. james, even though it is sobering we look forward to your thoughts on the topic. thank you. >> and isis cuts a brutal path over the middle east how will america and the world respond? iran is fighting isis on the ground and through iraqi security forces and many say what is happening with isis
10:29 am
leads back to how we are dealing with iran. we have an interesting presentation. unholy war. the march of isis by bret baier starts tomorrow night on the fox news channel. >> it can be tough for new moms to get back to work they are taking a whole new approach. it starts with 16 weeks worth of. and hearing graphic testimony on the murder of a young mi t police officer. molly? >> reporter: we heard from a medical examiner today. and also moved on to the testimony of the man who allegedly was kidnapped by tasarnaev and his brother tamer lintasarnaev. we'll have more details coming up.
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>> the new approach, and a new way of looking at maternity leave that some may say change the way corporations handle families. this is allowing for 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and new moms return to the office. they work only 30 hours a week for the first six months back all while receiving their full
10:34 am
salary. chuck, we have growing families on our team including my own. and why you did it is a key question. tell our viewers why you did it. >> diversity and this global policy addresses the women in our work place. and one of the reasons we did it for retension. we have hundred thousand employees on a global basis and 35000 of those are women, 21 percent, 21 percent are women in senior leadership positions and when women go out on materpity leave, of those leave. >> women might work with the company for a long time and come back to the job, 65 percent of them decide they can't work for that one year.
10:35 am
>> for those that leave in the first years 65 percent. >> that is a lot. and that was a motivation? >> there is a few others. first of all retention. in order to replace an individual that leaves the company, you have training and development and recruitment. >> absolutely. >> and knowledge. the way in which they approach and understanding of our business and that is difficult to replace. >> you didn't want to lose those people you invested time and money and how do you afford it and they are working 30 hours and you are paying them for 40. >> like any other policy there is a short- term cost and medium return benefit. for global customers like ourselves. 47 billion is being lost every year as a result of not keeping the women in our businesses.
10:36 am
and by being able to do this, for our employees and if other companies follow it would save 19 billion. >> billion with a b. it makes sense and feels good to talk about it. it makes sense financially. and this will go in affect april 1st. i am curious on this part. what do you say to people who say chuck, the woman next to me is getting paid 40 hours and only here 30. how are you going to handle that? >> when women leave the work place for and having the baby. it gives opportunity for others to step up in a leadership position and test them. and so one of the benefits for us is. that we train our managers to be able to handle that and the women come back to all they left and we think it is it an absolutely fantastic way. one to develop our people and to
10:37 am
position ourselves to keep that talent in our business. >> the final question and interesting for me to learn that five percent of the companies offer full paid maternity leave and if you work for a company smaller than 50 people you are owed no paid time off. and i am curious your hope is, you are a dad and work in corporate mefrjt what is your hope about the policy and impact the broader look of maternity leave. >> it is around retention and training and development and loss of the knowledge that the individual has. and we think a small or medium company can take advantage of it. and hope others follow. >> it certainly caught our attention. chuck, thank you for your time. jon? >> all right.
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tired of waiting in long lines. and check this out. a new app lets you get in line without actually being in line. users check in by sending a text and get an alert when it is their turn. douglas kennedy joins us more on how it works. >> reporter: i know you never cut it line and most of us spend two whole years waiting in time. and it is a lot of time and the new technology is trying to it shorten. there is long lines in the bank and doctor's office and airport. >> where do you check in? >> reporter: no line feels longer than the one in the danbury, connecticut motor of vehicles. >> it feels slower. >> it feels slower and is slower. you see all of these chairs and know you will be be here for a long time and it is very
10:39 am
frustrating. >> reporter: exactly why alex invested culous. it allows customers to skip long lines with the cell phone. and they come and registered the cell phone and texted when his turn is coming up? qless allowses them at dmv and edcaution and health care. and anywhere people wait. >> reporter: customers who wait often experience line anxiety, wondering if they picked the fastest line or someone behind them is cutting. he said qless allows them to wait how and where they want. >> you call this reducing perceived wait times. >> yes, people wait at home or work they don't feel like they are waiting. >> the cutting edge technology
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is already cutting the feel of lines in the university registration and industries like health care and retail. >> it is so busy here. >> she can't wait for qless to reach the danbury dmv. >> i need to be able to get in and out in a timely fashion. >> they now have 30 million users and claimed to have already saved 800 years of time waiting in line. that's it from here. back to you. >> i like that the 800 years. >> thank you. >> and we need 800 years back. please. >> you are a new mom and you can use that time all kinds of ways and time for a check on the markets. stocks are bounding back. and we are live in the floor of the new york stock exchange for more on that. and a fiery crash on the major interstate could snarl traffic
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in the weekend.
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>> hi, everyone. i am gretchen carlsson. breaking news on who paid for the home brew server that hillary clinton used and the state department briefing gets heated when asked if the former secretary of state signed unnecessary forms? did she violate the federal law? and a girl viciously beaten at mcdonald. everyone watches and whips out phones to record. how about helping her? >> and could the flip show house of cards happen in real life. frank wants to tell the american public the truth. top of the hour. >> more emotional testimony in the boston marathon trial. and officer shaun collier was shot and killed as he sat in the
10:45 am
cruiser. the tasarnaev brothers tried to steal his gun. the jurors heard gruesome evidence that left many in tears. molly is live outside and we are hearing more about the killing of that officer molly? >> reporter: absolutely john. jurors saw the autopsy photos of the officer in the trial of jahar tasarnaev. they showed the two brothers walking up to the cruiser and the final moments of the officer's life. collier was shot between the eyes at close range and head and right hand and the bullets were fired in rapid succession. and a dispatcher tried to send collier to the scene and he
10:46 am
didn't respond and the sergeant was sent to the scene discovering him slumped over. >> oh, my goodness. all units respond. officer down, officer down. all units. get me. loekdz. officer down. >> that was the sergeant calling for help. and an ambulance arrived but collier's life could not be saved, jon. >> the young kidnapping vehicle as well testified today? >> absolutely. riveting testimony. he talked about how terrifying the ordeal. tamerlan came up to the the window and told him he had done the bombing and killed a police officer and the young man was terrified and in the whole world everyone was looking for him and
10:47 am
he couldn't believe he had just met him. jahar was in the back seat in most of this. and the moment when jahar went in the gas station and tamerlan was in the car. he escaped. and he said it was the most terrifying moment. he jumped out and asked another individual to call 911 and thankfully he is alive today and able to testify in court. >> must have been quite a day in the courtroom. >> and update on the story on "happening now". part of a highway between detroit michigan. there is a massive tank iter fire as we showed you yesterday. the truck burned two hours and luckily believe it or not no one was hurt in the accident. we are not sure what transpired
10:48 am
but officials say part of the roadway has to be completely replaced now. new signs that american companies remain strong despite the tepid economic recovery. the labor department said folks filing for unemployment benefits falling. this reverses the increase that was blamed on the cold weather. and now from fox business network. nicole from the floor of the new york stock exchange. how is it looking today? >> it is looking pretty great. the dow joins up 200 points and you mentioned the jobless claims that came in better than expected and that is great news. but we have retail sales numbers in and they show a consecutive drop third month in a row. and that will give the feds
10:49 am
leeway. and we are seeing gains across the board here. and basically every sector that we follow with the exception of energy. and that is weak at the moment. it is a winning day on wall street, jon. >> it is a winning day and what stocks are getting your attention today. and financials are doing well. and we are watching citigroup. and it is strong and can handle an economic down turn. and ta ser is a winner. and today we have the latest order for ta ser weapons from georgia and then dollar general gave a great outlook and that stock hit a new high. we are seeing a great day on wall street. and the dow is flat for the year 2015.
10:50 am
and don't miss nicole and if you are logging on to fox business.comslash channel finder. >> and new details. and investigators are saying about delta airline's crash and the plains skid off the new york runway. you can see that live on our show. and heart stopping video of an attempted abduction. the kidnapper grabbing
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. . . #
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plane made its final approach making the landing that much more difficult, the automatic spoilers on the wings which help the plane slow down did in the deploy. so so the first officer deployed them manually. then the auto brakes were also set on maximum but the crusade they did not sense them taking effect. the captain said the plane started drifting to the left and he simply wasn't able to prevent it before it plowed into that berm that stopped it just short of plunging into flishing bay. >> that was our big story last friday here on happening now. right now an arrest is made after a shocking attempted abduction that was caught on video. the brazen kid kidnapper running with a baby in his arms down the sidewalk. the victim's siblings chasing after him screaming for help.
10:55 am
jonathan is live with the latest on this story. >> reporter: that arrest is a shocking one a 15-year-old boy taken into custody and booked on second-degree kidnapping law enforcement officials say the 15-year-old is the person you see here running off with 22-month-old owen wright chased by his incredibly brave sister and brother. the 15-year-old is aparveltparently a resident of the place where the kidnapping took place. >> a neighborhood search, some evidence located at the scene and we conducted an interview of the suspect. at the conclusion of the interview, we were still fairly certain that this individual was involved. >> now the wright family paid tribute to two teenagers who
10:56 am
joined the chase, eventually forcing the suspected kidnapper to drop little owen. they also made clear to gratitude for law enforcement for the for the quick arrest. >> not only is my family safe, other families are going to be safe because he's off the streets and they're not going to have to go through everything we have been going through for the last couple days. >> a babysitter, a family friend who was looking after the wright children but left them alone in the park said she didn't even think of any stranger danger in that small town of about 500. presumably jenna she's as relieved as owen wright's family. getting to the bottom of the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. judicial watch taking effect in civil court. director of investigations for
10:57 am
that watch dog group still ahead.
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we have some surprises for you tomorrow . >> a lot to work on. have a great day. the real story with gretchen starts right now. we start with a fox news alert, a massive man hunt is under way after two police officers were shot during a protest in ferguson, missouri. several people now being questioned. but so far no arrests. check out the chaotic scene from last night. [ bleep ]. >> one officer shot in the face, another in the shoulder, hours after ferguson's embattled police chief resigned. the county police chief describing the attack as an ambush that easily could have killed those officers. both of them now out of the hospital and expected to fully recover. mike tobin, live in ferguson with the real story on


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