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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 12, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we have some surprises for you tomorrow . >> a lot to work on. have a great day. the real story with gretchen starts right now. we start with a fox news alert, a massive man hunt is under way after two police officers were shot during a protest in ferguson, missouri. several people now being questioned. but so far no arrests. check out the chaotic scene from last night. [ bleep ]. >> one officer shot in the face, another in the shoulder, hours after ferguson's embattled police chief resigned. the county police chief describing the attack as an ambush that easily could have killed those officers. both of them now out of the hospital and expected to fully recover. mike tobin, live in ferguson with the real story on this,
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mike? >> reporter: that man hunt is active. the search was just about four blocks from here better described as a home. officers -- an attack vent appeared to be sticking a camera on a pole inside of that attic, apparently evidence that someone was hiding in that attic. police removed three adults from that home, two adult males and one adult female. police will only confirm that what was going on at that particular house was directly related to the shooting investigation. >> what is happening at the shooting scene, i can hear choppers, what is going on be behind you there? >> reporter: the location behichd me is where you would often see the zplen straiters
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form a line and ag on the police officers. those traffic cones woimtd ss would indicate the precise location where these officers were shot. the witnesses could see muzzle flashes as the shots were fired. so the shots very fired down through the crowd directed towards to the police officers the weapon identified as a handgun, gretchen. another fox news alert to tell you about breaking developments on the real story today, on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. with the state department just now dodging questions about whether the former secretary of state actually signed a necessary disclose your form. this comes as we learn of a new wrinkle connected to the clinton's private server and who really paid for
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connect 1200
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that is long overdue. but i think the early indications have truly been positive. what happened last night, was a pure ambush. this was not someone trying to bring healing to ferguson. this was the punk who was trying to sew discord in an area that was trying to get its act together and trying to bring together a community that has been fractured for too long. this really disgusting and cowardly attack might have been intended to unravel any sense of progress that exists, but i hope that that does not in fact happen. understand dechblts like the one we have witness witnessed conversations that we have -- really self
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important. a year ago, the booum administration launched a ground breaking my brother's keeper initiative which seeks to create opportunities for all young people in this country to improve their lives and to reach their full potential. we have here some wonderful young people. girard is the guy who the president talked about at my going away party just last week which described him as the future attorney general of the united states, he also talked about disqualifying his hair cut. his mom is here with us as well. by as part of this effort, brother's keeper task force really established a program to help resolve long standing -- six months ago i was proud to
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announce- >> you've just been listening to the attorney general i rick holder talk about the understand department last night where two police officers were shot lost night. he called it disgusting and he caled it the people who apparent apparently did it a punk or pinks. we will continue to follow the man hunt for the suspects in that case. back to that document that ed henry was just talking about, the one hillary clinton was supposed to sign as she left the state department. >> if she signed that statement what happens. >> i she signed it at the bottom of the document, it says you're signing this under penalty of perjury, the document just doesn't cover classified
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documents, it says unclassified documents as well if she signed it. >> that document says that she should have --- >> are we holding her to are lower standard than others who work at the department of state? >> if she didn't sign it, is that a nenl. >> it's purely a violence of policy and rule it's not a legal violation. so she escaped criminal liability there. >> u.s. code section 2071, what is that. >> that is a federal criminal statute that deals with the destruction, the removm of federal documents, if you take documents out of chambers or you take documents out of archive or if you destroy the document. here we have to look at the letter of the law, versus the spirit of the law. did she violate the letter of the law, possibly, if she had
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classified documents that she destroyed and kept on her e-mail conserver, but we'll never know that because she controlled that server she was the custodian of that evidence if she deleted those documents there's no way to get those back. but the spirit of that statute was the destruction of documents. >> or if there's another server out there that was a backup. and if this is subpoenaed which brings me to my next question, we just learned from ed henry that president bill clinton apparently paid out of his own pocket for this private server at their home. what does that mean with regard to a subpoena if it comes to that? >> it means to the clintons are very smart and we have treated them as american royalty. but the story is not over, i gets deeper and deeper, there's also the federal records act which requires that you serve all documentation. >> which changed after she left office. so it became more strict, you could no longer have private
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e-mails or do business on private e-mails, but that didn't happen until 2013. >> you can argue that under the old law our personal e-mails were covered and i believe in reading the statute and reading the cases that apply to the old law i think they are. but the mere fact that there was an amendment to ensure that it encompassed eric eded e-mails and they encompassed that requirement. the fact that it's an amendment gets her out from underneath that. with the loeld law. >> keith sullivan, thank you very much. another interesting twist in the e-mail skachb daal. a spokesperson for former president clinton contradicting what his wife was saying about who actually e-mails who. so which clinton is telling the truth? and a teenager brutally
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beaten at a mcdonald's restaurant. not only does no one come to help, people breaking out their cell phones.
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fox news alert to tell you about now. a small brain crash this happened in florida. single engine plane going down in the everglades. right now there's no official word on injuries. but at one point one person could be seen standing on the wing of the plane waiving at the chopper so that sounds like good news someone just waiting to be rescued. police reporting multiple -- the tour bus rolling over several times before coming to rest on the side of a highway. this happened in henriville indiana. check out that video. wow. bus was carrying the men's and will's teams from indiana tech and ft. wayne on their way to a tournament in tennessee. >> six medical helicopters
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called to the scene along with multiple ambulances no word yet on what caused that crash. back now to the hillary clinton e-mail saga because it keeps getting more and more interesting. bill clinton not seeming to be on the same page as to what he e-mailed her or not. she said yes, when she said she would not allow independent scrutiny of her e-mails because it contained e-mails between me and my husband. but hours later, a spokes pan for bill clinton said he never e-mailed her. he said he had only sent two e-mails in his entire life. kind of hard to believe, but he said that himself. >> great to have you on the real story. i gave you a tough topic who's telling the truth between the two clintons. >> well, you know that your
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reputation for dishonesty must be really bad when people believe the bill clinton version of events that he's only ever e-mailed twice and not even to his wife. this e-mail story i don't think it's going to stick i think the big deal for him is that it encourages rooichls s ss rivals to jump into the race. but when i heart her story that she claimed she e-mailed to her husband, and he claims i never even used e-mail. i think to myself get it together, how hard is it to fake a marriage that no one even believes in in the first place. >> apparently they were able to pay for their own private server. back to why you don't think it's going to stick why not? >> remember, gretchen we're only in march of 2015, it isn't even spring yesterday let alone summer. the primaries don't even start until next year, as we not be the clintons, they are very good at stonewalling, not telling the
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trooilt, and then months later when everyone's trying to figure out what the truth is, they're saying that's old news come on, month on everybody. right now the story is about hillary because she's the front runner really the only front runner in the democratic race, but once the primary process gets under way, mark my words the media is going to be all over republicans like jackals and they're going to make the republicans em as if they are a completely how shall i put it? that they don't have any chance against hillary clinton inc. >> it will be interesting to see how the media reacts. hillary clinton going on to twitter to blast the recent letter from some islamic leaders about any nuclear deal. gop letters to american clerics undermines american leadership. no one considering running for commander in chief should be signing on. and tom kaufman wrote back, no hillary clinton, heart to iran helps protects usa from a bad
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deal. no one should allow world's worst regime get the world eeg worst weapon. >> i think who should be upset about this is president obama. hillary clinton is saying that senate republicans are undermining him, undermining his leadership. i can't imagine that the white house appreciated hillary clinton's tweets. also remember that she is still former secretary of state. she's still a former member of the current president's cabinet. can you imagine if condoleezza rice weighed in. can you imagine her joining the peanut gallery? i think there's some real questions there about american diplomacy. >> i think maybe it's just the opposite, by saying she was on his side and they should stop doing it, and maybe she was showing support for him that's why it's up to everyone else's
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opinion to read the tweets. >> breaking news right now, possible arrest in a brutal attack in a mcdonald's restaurant, why no one helped a young girl. she was being beaten viciously. some say her face looked like a punching bag. we're going to show you the brutal video. and how about this thing as a potential new home for you? only thing is you have to live in space. creators are getting ready to test it out and we will show you that. which brings us to the question of the day, were you on a list on that jiffy pop looking thing? tweet me at gretchen carlson, i hope to read your comments coming up at the end of the show.
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welcome back to the real story, the nypd taking a 16-year-old into kurs did now in connection with this graphic video you're about to see, that shows fourteen aged girls brutally beating another girl at a mcdonald's restaurant in new york city. dozens of people including adults just stand there and watch. trace gallagher is live with more on this disturbing story. >> not only did the dozens of people inside the mcdonnalaldcdonald's not help the girl but they pulled out their cell phones and their cheering and oohhing like a prize fight. it's hard to watch, but listen to a little bit of what was happening.
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apparently the victim and another girl were involved in a long standing dispute and they set up this meeting at this mcdonald's. the victim showed up alone the other girl showed up with four friends. witnesses say the victim threw the first punch and then the other girls jumped in and the beating lasted for at least three minutes. the victim was taken to a local hospital, she was released and then had to return to the hospital. the girl will not talk to police because she fears retaliation. as for the rest of the crowd's behavior, we went through the entire tape and could only find this feebal attempt the at anyone trying to intervene, watch. >> stop. [ bleep ] stop! stop! . >> a couple of stop its right? that's all we heart.
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some mcdonald's employees did call 911, and someone offered to get the victim some ice. beyond that, a pretty despicable example of integrity. and as you said, gretchen, they have now made one arrest in this fight. >> it's unbelievable. some people will do anything to help, in this case nobody imagine if that was your child and that was happening. trace thank you so much. hillary clinton wading deep into the spin zone as she tries to explain away her e-mail scandal, telling us more or less just trust me. meantime, the white house apparently hoping to wipe it's hands of the whole affair. >> and can the current president learn any lessons from the one depicted in the series "house of cards? "that's coming up. ♪ at mfs, we believe in the power of active management. every day, our teams collaborate around the world
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crews recovering that black 6 hawk chopper are being -- heavy rain over parts of texas causing lakes and rivers to overflow now, forcing some people in the houston suburbs literally out of their homes. no break for many other texans either, forecasters expecting more rain throughout the day.
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and a safe landing in kazakhstan returning to earth after six months tgt at the international space station. let's recap now the legal action in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. you've got the ap prksp suing the state department. you've got congressman trey gowdy subpoenaing hillary. and you've got foia act requests. this one here shows the state department apparently had a team they called the benghazi group. fox news has been told their job was damage control. this scene was known as the cheryl mills task force. this e-mail here is about blue mountain, the security team that was supposed to watch the ambassador and guard the compound and this e-mail again mentions the task force.
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and this e-mail here is yet another example of how the clinton team dealt with the media after the attack. requests had to go through this benghazi group before responses were sent. joining me now chris ferrell i know you have more to tell us about the state department and your lawsuit. >> we're going back into court to reopen a one-year-old closed legal case. because the state department has engaged in misconduct and misrepresentations in a case concerning e-mails regarding hillary clinton and her close personal aid and chief of staff. so those e-mails which have never been produced the state department lied to us, they made false representations to the district court here, over just about a year ago, and we finally have the opportunity now to go back into court and surprisingly
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in our motion to go back into court, the ---when it comes to misrepresentation and misconducts, we're not going to ---in an effort to cover up both hillary's e-mails and also those of her aid. and of course hillary clinton is directly involved in this cover-up and this misrepresentation. >> they didn't have them right? >> every state department official within the office of the secretary and of course all of their information systems people all knew she had this e-mail. so all these folks sat there quietly and did not reveal, did not make aniationy representations to us or to the court that the they knew about this for years, years and years they knew about this e-mail system and no one said a word. >> i want to ask you about those
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e-mails that i just documented in my introduction to you. this so-called benghazi group. is the asumpation that the most sensitive information about what went down to the night that benghazi happened and thereafter was going through this so-called benghazi group of e-mails? >> the documents speak for themselves, it shows that sheryl mills and philippe rains, for decades now going back to the 90s in her husband's administration, that in her circle of people cleared everything. they made decisions about how to answer press inquiries how to coordinate with other government staff. this was the hub, this was the damage control center to keep the spin going partly in conation with ben rhodes out of the white house developing this phony story that the they repeated over and over again about some internet video.
11:35 am
an absolute lie. >> one of the things you're asking for in this freedom of information act. and i asked this yesterday, you wanted to know if other people, if her close aides were also on private e-mails. because if that's the case and they were talking about all of this kind of stuff, more than just benghazi, then they had private e-mails too, so none of that will ever be government record, right? >> correct. it's an enormous fraud upon the american public and we have -- wear happy that the associated press joined the legal effort judicial watch has 18 lawsuits against the state department with respect to hillary clinton and her term as secretary of state, is we are far down the road on this. and we're viewing another subset of lawsuits because of their misconduct and their other representations to the court, because of fraud on the court we're not going to go in and
11:36 am
reopen all these lawsuits they've got a world of trouble in front of them. and the state department conceded that there was fraud and misrepresentation. >> so what is the next step chris? >> we're going before judge sullivan sullivan, there's a couple of other cases that you'll see rapid legal action on shortly. and on all these fronts we're going to move very aggressively, because it's clear that with foreknowledge and forethought, mrs. clinton set up this e-mail routine, these records have been kept from the american public, that senior department officials knew it for years and did nothing. >> judicial watch in the past has received more information than even to the public. most of us are familiar with the popular netflix series house of cards. the show is about politics at
11:37 am
every level. kevin spacey plays the president. of course the show is fictitious, but it attempts to showcase reel life policies and preliminary events happening today. so it made me think the other night watching, could some of president underwood's ideas ever happen in real life? should they? he takes on entitlements,al telling the people again, entitlements are killing the nation, you are entitled to nothing, no handouts. so i know you guys both watch the show as well. should the fictitious things that are happening this season, like getting rid of entitlements and telling the american people the truth should that be happening in real life s?
11:38 am
>> securing entitlements and preserving them for future general rations, that's been stymied by -- don't forget it was the simpson bowls commission- commission--entitlements represent 2/3 of our federal budget, where the money is to cut them back in a way that preserves them for future generations. so in that respect i think it was a good idea. what a clever focus group by the way, to obviously get people to know this through the house of cards and accept it more. >> i know you're not going to like the entitlement idea or are you? >> frank underwood has great ideas but his ideas won't become manifest because they're absurd farces. in terms of entitlement, i actually have been a huge
11:39 am
proopponent of entitlement reforms for years. but where frank does himself a disservice is to suggest that people aren't entitled to anything. people pay into social security. >> i don't think he said they weren't entitled to anything. one of the big things was that we should tell the american people the truth. will that ever happen? >> in all fairness, frank underwood said imagine what would happen if we actually started telling the truth. my point being that, look, it's very clever, he's ees's a shrewd politician, they overexaggerate the kind of back channel tactics and i wish we would get to a point in our government where's transparency. the aspect that this show shows us that i wish we had in reality, that actually people oppose the president when he does something stupid in a bipartisan way. >> will we ever have politicians
11:40 am
that we believe are are telling us the truth? >> i believe the politicians in large part do tell us the truth. and if you study the presidential promises most of the presidential promises are kept. the problem is sometimes it's very difficult to promise trangs parns si. sometimes you can't deliver on the transparency. >> we have watched that especially recently. okay, guys, thank you so much. and thanks for watching the show and talking about it. time for my take on this the. i think it's interesting that the writers of house of cards tried to take on transparency in the real world. but even they couldn't have known how prophetic their transparency story line would be with the e-mail controversy of him clirp. to the public would much rather be told the truth than of
11:41 am
course. one of the reasons that chris christie was so popular because he acted not like a politician, he had a tell it like it is approach to politics. people initially at least felt like he was real. president underwood thinks it's time to tell the truth to all americans but could that and should have ever really happen? let me know what you think. you can finding my takes every day on my facebook page and now got to ask you, do you watch house of cards? >> i do, but i haven't started the seasoning yet. i'm going to binge on that. >> i won't tell you what happens. >> you already did. spoiler alert. >> i drvelt tellpeople could soon be allowed to brousz an online record of -- but it would focus not on child
11:42 am
molesters or rapists, instead it would list white collar criminals scammers and con artists who prey on people's cash. lawmakers approved this registry from the state of utah the same state that signed off on shooting inmates to death if they can't use lethal injection. we'll tell you why utah is going so hard against white collar criminals when not one politician went to prison after the 2008 economic crisis. and why those and. crime spree solved. all because of an imprint in a snow bank. plus why did this point sized child of a meat processing family swear off meat and what made her switch back.
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time now to check what america's clicking on today. more lama drama this time in nebraska. two weeks after some lamas were on the loose in arizona. the owner is saying she's not sure if she wants to keep her lamas anymore after that's cape. in massachusetts, this license plate imp printed in a snow bank proved to be what police needed to track down a couple suspected in a series of burglaries. it led to a hotel ram where they found nearly $10,000 in stolen goods. former minnesota -- peter telling us that there were no actually shots on the scene. real or fake, we're told that all that will -- she's going to be a guest later on this season. and did you know she is my former babysitter. in's some trivia for you.
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my friends at fox making themselves at home on "the real story." the amassing hosts as fox news finding their way here for our popular new segment, stopping by to tell us what's got them fired all up . sheryl, what's your brief? >> okay, so this story breaks this week at tyson foods, the nation's largest poultry producer. they're going to get rid of some affectsome -- the reason i'm fired up about it is that i believe the meat producers should be gets rid of all antibiotics and all hormones that there should be humane treatment of animals, we're not there yet, but tyson did a good move by doing this but there's got to be more
11:48 am
transparency in the industry. >> the reason it's so important, and i'll speak to a mother's perspective for a moment. a lot of young girls and a lot of young boys for that matter are going through puberty earlier than ever before. >> they want the birds or the cows or whatever the pigs, to fatten up, be fatter be bigger so they can sell more meat. and i believe that's exactly what's happening. i wrote a book about five years ago that talked about the meat stray. i gave up meat right then and there. because i felt like why should i be eating this garbage that's being thrown out into the food supply and until they can tell me and prove to me that they're going to remove ane antibiotics and congress assume them. look at whole foods, you can buy organic, hormone free, an anti
11:49 am
biotic fears. something the viewers have never known about you, so it ties into what actually your beef is, even to the word. i can't believe my family, they're going to roll their eyeless. i was raised by a meat processor, my family in mt. pleasant, texas had a meat processing plant. there was our first grocery store, about 1935 that picture was take on. he was a butcher, that's him in the middle. we had a meat processing plant we had farm land, we had cows we had chickens. there's me as a baby in texas. but we had happy cows, those cows in our family again, from birth to death those animals were treated humanely and it was good meat. but that was 30 years ago and
11:50 am
that different happen anymore. to convince my grandfather to give up meat was a pretty big step. but it makes for interesting conversation at dinner tables these days. >> and it made for you for being me friend at fox this week. a privately built inflatable room from astronauts on the space station is on track to launch into orbit. will carr is live in vegas with more on the jiffy pop home. will? >> the next general -- generation of space technology is up and running, very much like this space station that could be in outer space much sooner than you think.bdñ
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it's time to shift some focus now to out of this world. just imagine taking a nice stroll in space and then coming back to your room and having this breathtaking view. well, this new piece of space gear hoping to make that a reality. our open will carr is live in vegas. when will this high-tech habitat be heading into space? this is heading up to the international space station this year and private enterprise stepped up because nasa had its budget slashed so much. here at big low arrow pace in leaves, this is the beamtxfm1:j which stands for big low expandable activity module in layman's terms it's a cool toy for astronauts where they can live and work. space taxis created by spacex af ÷ boeing to the international
11:55 am
space station and well expand like a pop popcorn bag in the microwave. and astronauts could hang out. i want to show you the future of space technology as well. we'll go into the main building where they created a huge model of a space station they hope to get up into outer space by the early 2020s, and it's going to look like something you might see in'/&ê a hollywood movie. this is oolympus, and hope to have it up and running around the time the space station retires and they hope they can get this up to the moon and beyond and when it comes to this technology, they tell us the sky is the limit, and the pup -- pun i intended. >> fascinating. how about a racewalk?ecx (uñ backwards.
11:56 am
i'm throwing down the gauntlet, challenging greg gutfeld. hope you're watching, greg. p. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®.
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all right, gutfeld. you me to the olympics, but i'm going backwards and doing it in five inch stilettos. take that one, greg. see what you did the other day is you went on that escalator. you basically cheated. i'm actually going down. backwards. you see? here i go backwards. [cheering] now, gutfeld one question. would young marines lie? i don't think so. i don't think so. and here's the other thing. i don't cheat. i just keep going backwards and i just keep talking at the same time, too so next time you need
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to put on thefr+'?h five-inch stilettos and you need to talk while you're doing thisby little tease right before "the five." i challenge you gutfeld. >> will he do that today? maybe tomorrow. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's shep. i. >> using terror tactics against the islamic state. think of it. it's happening. iraqi soldiers trained by americans now accused of carrying out grisly war crimes, torturing prisoners, cutting if a their heads. we no about the so-called dirty brigadier. days on dozen's of republican senators wrote the letter to iran aimed at sinking any nuclear deal, iran's supreme leader responds. he says the letter shows washington's falling apart. plus, young heroes stop a guy from kidnapping a toddler and now we know that the suspect is just a teenager


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