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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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dvr. follow me on twitter at the handle @greta. also go to if you go to facebook right now see my off-the-record about the president's tweet. see you tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> this is really an ambush is what it is. you can't see it coming. you are basically defenseless. >> two missouri police officers gunned down in ferguson last night for absolutely no reason who is behind this? we have a special report. >> very clear more benghazi, more republican right wing nut job stuff and going after all these imaginary scandals. >> the hard left digging in to defend hillary clinton at all costs. karl rove has some thoughts. >> also tonight comparing hillary clinton with president obama. how do they differ? laura ingraham will weigh in. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone
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factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. killing the cops that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we saw here in new york city, inflammatory rhetoric can get police officers killed. and remember back on december 20th two new york city officers lu and ramos shot dead in their car by deranged man apparently set off by antipolice rhetoric. last night a similar situation occurred in ferguson, missouri but the officers have survived. 245 central time yesterday afternoon ferguson police chief thomas jackson resigned. that's what the protesters wanted. he and the city manager now out thereof and a new power structure for ferguson will emerge. however by 8:00 p.m. last night. an estimated 150 protesters had gathered outside the ferguson police station. 70 cops there to keep order. 9:00 p.m. a protester was arrested for blocking a public street.
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10:30 another protester arrested for that 35 minutes later a third protester taken into custody. all the while there was some physical altercations. can you see them there within the crowd nothing dramatic. 11:45 p.m. there were about 75 protesters left. 15 minutes later three or four shots rang out. [gunshots] >> there was just gunfire and now cops have guns drawn. >> two police officers shot and wounded. they have now been released from the hospital now, i believe the protesters did not shoot the officers. this was a calculated ambush by an anarchists. the total population inside of ferguson is just over 21,000 people so. less than 1% of residents were protesting last night
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why the low number? because there was nothing to protest. the city is changing, trying to put the michael brown shooting behind it. but an arckism is growing in america. whatever controversial situations arise, these people show up looking for trouble. they are not always condemned listen to rapper msnbc. >> this thing that happened in ferguson just now with the two officers sad, very sad. i hate to say that fbi report kind of played into this and these things shouldn't be happening but you reap what you sow in a sense. >> so, according to mr. method man, because the fbi did an honest investigation, supervised by attorney general eric holder the two police officers reaped what they sowed? that kind of colossal ignorance drives violence
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and a the nbc anchor sits there and says nothing? good grief. talking points does not believe the police shootings last night were racial in anyway. again they are anti-american play. and it is the job of the press to expose the haters, not lump them in with legitimate protesters. right now, that job not being done. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. what about an arckism an. >> author of the book subversion inc. so am i making any mistakes here? marxists, come around the country and poured into ferguson missouri in order to help exacerbate tensions in order to create civil unrest in the -- on the theory that a crisis is an opportunity to force change
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in society. so that's what these people are doing. >> how do we know they are an arc and marxists? anarchists. >> one is funded by george soros. successor group to acorn. missourians organizing for empowerment or more acronym. deeply involved in the unrest. >> they are based in st. louis, that group? >> i believe they are based in st. louis, that's right. and they were having a program to get -- to spring activists from jail as soon as they got arrested, so they could get back out on the streets and cause trouble that was part of their mode on modus operandi. soros his money pours into community groups the ones you mentioned in missouri,
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they organize and sometimes fund transportation, other things and they say look, be here at a certain time and the goal is, what? what does soros want? why is he doing that? >> soros wants instability. he wants unarrest. his goal, he has said on the record is that he thinks that america needs a european style social democracy. he wants america to turn into socialist state like the countries of western europe. >> think that violence is going to do that? is going to get us there? >> yes. he overthrew governments that were part of the warsaw pact when the soviet union was around. now he has turned his guns on his adopted home country. >> interesting. heather, you are based here in new york city and you saw the two police officers get killed and mayor was involved in antipolice rhetoric and protesters were allowed to run wild and say hate the cops and kill the
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cops on the bridge going over to brooklyn. do you agree with mr. vadham that it is organized thing now when something happens these people come in and try to cause trouble? do you agree with that? >> well it's both. i think there is both local hatred of the cops and there is clearly outside groups. i think it's premature to say that we have got some hate gutter punks that's tried to kill the officers in ferguson. the guy, the thug who killed officers win gin lu and raffaele ramos in new york was a brooklyn criminal. >> yeah, he was a criminal. it's not mutually exclusive to say there is anarchist element in this country and globally and to say there is unfortunately, also a racial element to these shootings. >> sure, there is a local element, too. does the organized they use some the locals that are
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angry, they are the driving force about what happens. >> yes. but there is also a lot of just local desire for violence. they are not -- again. >> there are thugs who want to cause trouble but think are not organized. >> >> well maybe not even attorney general holder and i shouldn't say even but attorney general holder said today this was an ambush, this was calculated ambush. >> thawnt that doesn't mean it's outside influence though. calculated ambush. >> i bet you when they catch these guys and they will they are not ferguson guys. maybe i'm wrong and i will say it if i am wrong. >> the rhetoric that's being used in the media and by government officials president obama on down is very dangerous and we need to dial it back because cops' lines are on the line. >> bigger picture is that the national press does not report what you just told us. that there is organized attempt very well funded to bring violence to any state and city in this country for reasons of subverting the
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u.s. government and don't report that. >> that's right. it's the saul olenski playbook that he outlined in his community organizers bible rules for radicals. you rub raw the sores of discontent in order to get the people to rise up and demand change. that's exactly what's been happening in america right now. organized thuggery. it is markist. >> we are going to find out who pulled the trigger on those cops. >> let me say that racial rhetoric is dangerous. >> i agree with you. this is not about race though. not this one. next on the rundown, howard dean calls credit continues of hillary clinton's email controversy nut jobs. later gutfeld and mcguirk on the highest states in the union places where pot is being used the most upcoming.
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trey god cool rummaging through his daughter's wedding plans. trey gowdy is looking worse and worse by the moment. very clear more benghazi more republican right wing nut job stuff and going after all these imaginary scandals. >> trey gowdy the congressman who is running the benghazi investigation. with us now fox news analyst karl rove. do you think dean really believes what he says? >> no, no. but don't you like being lectured b. by howard dean about nut jobs? >> i'm going to send governor dean some raisin nets. he gives me sound bites almost every night of the week. but you really don't believe he believes that? >> no, i don't. >> he is he provocative.
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>> everybody is rushing to her defense. when you get paul begala out there. my view is when you have a defender of explicittives and two crude explicittives that they offer on her behalf. >> what are you talking about? what are you referring. >> to voters do not give a blank. they do not even give a blank. find me one persuadable voter she has noncompliant email system and i will kiss your blank. >> that's the point i mean, think about this. really do we think the only deleted emails had to do with her wedding and her mother's funeral. >> i don't think that are they going to be able to prove it? >> we will see some things. 62000 emails and half of them are personal. has your office email account half personal. >> i don't use email i'm like president clinton. >> 62,000 emails and not a single one of them contain classified information? she emails the president of the united states, both of
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them have acknowledged that and there is no classified information? hey, bill wants to know who you think is going to win this basketball game? >> obviously it doesn't really rise. i wanted to make it clear. i use email personally but i don't use office email at all. >> private server? >> i can erase and delete. i have to. >> you are not governed by the state department. >> i have to be honest i don't know what i have. i just hit a button and something comes. in i have no idea how it happens. >> you are not governed by the national archives. >> whatever it may be, begala is right when he says that people who fervently like hillary clinton don't care. but it's not about that, of course. it's about the 20% of independence who will decided election. >> and it's about the narrative. this brings back all the narrative about the 90's about a sense of entitlement of belief that the rules don't apply to them. and secretary clinton i had a cure kerr fluff.
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i had to have two devices nothing political could be on a white house device. so i had to have a white house email account as did 21 other people at the white house. we were told right at the beginning these are a presidential record. you don't have anything personal that is in there. these these are all presidential record even though they are not on a government account. they will be periodically swept. >> you carry two things around with you. >> you had somebody to carry them for you. >> no i didn't. she did, i didn't. >> but in 2009, when they thought that those records were -- or 2007 when they thought some of those records were lost. one of the first people to go out there and take a two by four to me on it was hillary clinton. how dare the white house have secret accounts that the people cannot see the emails. >> but they found those emails. >> sure. a bunch of them i put them up on my web site. >> i said on the other night this is easily solved because the fbi could go in and look at her server under confidentiality, because they are not going to release anything. and then if she made a mistake, all right by confusing public with personal, then the fbi could
5:17 pm
give the state department, could release it it what's wrong with that? >> i don't think there is. the question is what standard do they use? think about this. >> no, no, but what's wrong with having the fbi. >> no great idea. party validation. she receives a letter at the department of state and somebody says let's say sydney blumenthal says oh, hillary, how are you doing? really looking forward at being at chelsea's wedding thanks for inviting me. incidentally here is advice on benghazi. that would be treated as official government record. >> she consider it personal. >> if it came by email does she consider that to be personal? >> how would you get the fbi to go in to the clinton residence and actually look at it? >> i think somebody is going to have to figure out a successful way to file a lawsuit or make a claim, particularly a. >> could the attorney general, the new attorney general or holder could they do it on their own and institute an investigation and say this is part of the investigation? >> i think they could. but i think another way to go about doing it is the
5:18 pm
chief council, the general counsel at the department of state could say in an affirmative way that we had regulations in 2005, they were updated in 2009, they were -- those regulations were also put into the force of law in 2014. we are going to, at the state department, assert a right to go to that computer recover those records, and i have -- >> who would carry out that right? >> state department would. secretary clinton was an employee of the state department. >> who would do it? do they have an investigator. >> general counsel. inspector general. >> inspector general would do it? >> general counsel could assert we, general counsel of the state department we have a right because she was employee here. >> that is not going to happen. >> it ought to. >> kerry would never do it. >> it ought to. karl rove everybody directly ahead, bernie goldberg on how the media is covering the hillary clinton deal. and whether sexism will be a major campaign theme for her. later, laura ingraham will compare mrs. clinton to president obama how they differ, what do they have in
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weekdays with bernie segment. how carrying the hillary clinton email controversy. the only problem seems to be far left msnbc that's giving her a pass. >> this whole thing is unbelievable, they are going after hillary clinton because they know she is exciting the public. we have just got to get pass this because you could talk all day. >> you don't see lot of that on cnn. some but not a lot. of course, that would not fly on the fox news channel. joining us from miami, the purveyor of bernard from goldberg.
5:23 pm
big pictures, "new york times" breaks the email story. "the washington post" breaks the donations to the clinton foundation. press seems to be doing its job in regard to hillary clinton or am i wrong? >> no, you are not wrong. you are absolutely right. the press is doing its job now. now. just because the stories are legitimate, no question about that. and because the press understandably likes a story that involves scandal, perfectly okay. but another reason it's getting as much play and the press is doing its job is especially the networks where it's getting a lot of coverage is because, as you say, it was the "new york times" and the "the washington post" that broke the story and put it on page 1. that made the stories even more legitimate and it gave the networks, which often take their cues from those papers, permission to run with the story. so, you are right. the press is doing its job. they are not currently, currently slobbering over hillary. but you watch, as soon as she has a real life
5:24 pm
breathing republican opponent. they will cover the g.o.p. national convention like an antiabortion rally and they are going to cover hillary's run for the white house like a coronation. they won't go as easy on her as they did on candidate obama race trumps gender. he was new and she has been around since the dawn of time. but, i'm betting they are going to go easier on her than they will on whoever. no doubt about that hard rate. whoever the republican candidate is. >> does this story have legs the email thing because everybody is filing foias, freedom of information and some are filing lawsuits. the republican party senses blood in the water. so they're going to try to keep it alive. but i think the folks are going to get bored with it unless there is more stuff to come. >> i think it's going to be old at some point. and i also think -- i know this is a big washington story. but, i don't think it's the kind of thing that's going to resonate between
5:25 pm
manhattan and malibu. i think it's going to go away. by the time the campaign picks up in ernest. it's going to be old news. that's what she is going to say, it's old news. >> right. now, sexism, there was a sound bite yesterday from a turkish reporter. actually the first question in the 10 that she took in the press conference, which is protocol by the way. it wasn't that she was just like the reporter. it was protocol. he said if you were a man and then kind of looked down and she knew it was coming, by the way. well, other people answer that you know what i'm saying? look. do we have to go through this again in this sexism business? i mean, do we have to? what's the answer? we won't have to but i will. this is going to be i am woman hear me roar campaign helen ready the second part of the ticket. >> she might be. that may be the song they play campaign song. it's going to have shades of the obama candidacy. when barack obama ran and even when he won, if you
5:26 pm
disagree with his policy, you ran the risk of being called a racist. you don't like obamacare. that's because you don't care about black people. you think we are spending too much money, oh, that's because you don't care about poor people and many of them are black. you are a racist. i'm telling you, when they start questioning her the republicans start throwing out benghazi, you are going to hear the word sexism. that's what they're are going to yell. any time there is a policy disagreement, a policy disagreement, they are going to be yelling sexism. >>' eye -- by the way it won't come from hillary she will be above the fray. >> she will rise above. >> it will come foreign minister carville and beg gala and lanny davis and everybody at msnbc and the editorial page of the "new york times." they will be carrying the sexism argue. to the american people. i don't know if it's going to work. >> well, we are going to keep a chart on how many
5:27 pm
sexism charges, you know, i think we will do that. we will update it. >> the over125,000 in the first week. >> we will start getting that chart together as soon as she announces. we'll have the sexismrnie goldberg, everybody. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. would you buy them dinner? featuring hillary clinton and secretary of state john kerry tonight. also ahead, gutfeld and mcguirk and the highest states in the union where marijuana is used the most. we hope you will stay tune to those reports. it's as old as our time on earth. and as new as tomorrow. you can have a yard. or slightly less. gardening isn't about where we choose to live. it's about how we choose to live. miracle-gro.
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and would you buy them dinner segment tonight. it's secretary of state edition starring hillary clinton and john kerry. here now fox business anchor cheryl casone and kennedy can whose program kennedy airs monday through friday on the fox business network. all right. let's take mrs. clinton first. would you buy her dinner? >> i have already bought her dinner. >> you have really? >> i thousands of dollars to the ucla alumni sotion they paid her thousands of dollars to speak. >> did she get 300000 for showing up there. >> 300,000 for fruit and hum must. we can go back stage and did you email her about her appearance. >> i can't find her email address now that she has destroyed the server it's impossible to get through. >> did you get 300 k?
5:32 pm
if it was just you and kennedy and secretary of state clinton would you buy her dinner. >> i would buy her a cheap dinner. >> cheap dinner? take her to mcdonald's and get a happy meal. >> she is not going to mcdonald's. >> buy her dinner? >> absolutely. i want to find out who her tech guy is who led her to believe. >> she is not going to tell you anything. >> if she could give me the tech guys i can buy her dinner. >> do you want to sit down with hillary clinton and have dinner with her? >> absolutely. i interviewed her on fox business in 2011 at the new york stock exchange. >> why would you want to have dinner with her? what would the point be besides asking about the current situation she is. in i would want to go back and talk to her about did is in had the days of hillary clinton. would she be more forth right. >> she is not going to do that. >> i will look her in the eyes and see if she is likeable. honestly. if i were to going to sit down and have a meal with her like any other human
5:33 pm
being. you want to see if they are fun to hang out with and get a vibe going. >> vibe? >> of course i would be interviewing her i would probably not buy hillary clinton dinner. i have interviewed her before. it would be too much tension. >> variety. >> what do you want? john kerry. would you buy john kerry dinner? >> i wouldn't, no. >> i have been very disappointed with his performance. this is the guy that during the flare up between with the gaza strip and the israelis he said he was going to going to come over and help negotiate. >> you don't like his performance? >> because i think my god, if our own ally, if the israelis don't want them anywhere near them why why want doo that. >> does he to you? >> to use his own terms. he is a mono tone blow hard and i don't think i would enjoy having dinner with him at all. >> don't you want to figure out how the hair gets like that?
5:34 pm
the guy has got the greatest hair except for mitt romney. put him up there again. look at the hair. i have to make a confession in the would you buy them dinner segment tonight. i actually had a snack with john kerry. a snack. i was at his house in nantucket. >> get out. >> oh, yes, i was. >> don't ask me how i got there. >> fancy. >> i was at his house. and he came and he was wind surfing very nice. i took the snack. i knew kerry for a long time because he used to work in boston. we talked about the red sox. i don't know how to wind surf so we couldn't talk about wind surfing. listen, if we are going to talk you have to dry off first because he was all wet. >> he is not a kennedy. >> all right. >> yeah. coming from kennedy, he is not a kennedy. all right. ladies, thank you. when we come right back gutfeld and mcguirk have some thoughts on the police shooting in ferguson and pot use in the u.s.a. the boys moments away.
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thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly in the the what the heck just happened segment tonight.
5:39 pm
what states have the highest marijuana usage? reaction to the ferguson police shootings here now bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. ferguson first and gutfeld you say? >> all protests tend to attract sincere people and imagine notes. you see this whether it's occupy wall street or protests like ferguson. sooner or later there are people who infiltrate and steer movements to chaos. that's what they do for a living. >> what i said in the talking points i don't believe this has anything to do about race. this is anarchy. but, you know, the media doesn't really say that do they? they want to pit black and whites against each other. i do believe the media wants that story, likes that story. blacks versus white. >> the media that perpetuated the phony hands up don't shoot narrative. >> never apologized for doing it the same media that
5:40 pm
accentuated the ferguson police department problem when the real headline there was that the black attorney general exonerated the cop darren wilson. they minimized that. that was buried. the media is an accomplice to that as well assaulting the cops during those protests. that was a professor. a college professor i think that the name thing -- main thing here is that the national media wants tension between black and white america. because that shows that america is not a good country. that's right. that there is white privilege. >> the other issue is media loves tallies -- tales backlash of terror. never worry about what can happen after they have gind up so much controversy. >> let's go to pot.
5:41 pm
>> of course. >> going to pot here in the u.s.a., ladies and gentlemen. i hold in my hand we will cece it on the screen of the list of states that enjoy marijuana usage the most. rhode island leads the. colorado, legal there washington state legal there. d.c. legal there oregon i think it's legal in oregon. i don't know if anybody knows but okay. alaska legal. vermont, montana maine, massachusetts. all of these places have one thing in common mcguirk, what is it. >> they lead the nation in pot use. >> bad weather in the winter. >> okay. >> bad weather. >> new england, d.c. and the west. >> not one sunshine state in here. >> there are no southern states. none of the states that are high in obesity, for example which throws out that whole munchy canard. the only two red states republican states are montana and alaska. montana also number one in alcohol dependence.
5:42 pm
getting bombed in billings. rhode island came in number one. >> rhode island? >> number one. also number one, according to business insider in cocaine use illegal substance use and also the most happiest state in the union. >> it's happy, too. >> you know what that means. that means size matters rhode island is a tiny little state. >> you have been to rhode island, have you not. >> yes. contrary to what people think. >> providence is the capital. newport beautiful town on the coast. >> the point is wherever there is more free time there is more pot. rhode island is swarming with college students. their only responsibility. only concern is changing their sheets once every semester so they could be high the rest of the time. >> what about studying? what about lessons? >> that doesn't happen until they're panicking. look, i don't smoke pot. the only pot i indulge is love what i call masculine. your study is bogus. it's a joke.
5:43 pm
look at the top ten. you will see a percentage point or less between all of them. all roughly the same. it's about one in 11 people smoke pot what i like the call the lou dobbs quotient. >> it's small. >> very small. but there is no doubt in the study that rhode island is 2 percentage points ahead of colorado. pot legalized all over the u.s.a. >> it's inevitable. >> i don't think so. i don't believe that some states are going to legalize it. >> i think what you should do, bill. do a show from denver a controlled study. krauthammer make colonel david hunt on refer. >> all pot cookies, in the green room. how horrible it is. >> i have said this before bill, if you want people to stop smoking potted you should start smoking pot. >> if i do it then everybody else. >> think of the ratings, bill. come on. >> i can't get any happier
5:44 pm
than i already am. >> that's true. you are a happy guy. >> i'm a jolly man. >> you really are. i can't get any more. >> yep. >> all right. get out of here. laura ingraham on deck. she will compare hillary clinton with barack obama. how do they differ? what do they have in common? laura is next. do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva respimat. discuss all medicines you take even eye drops. if your breathing suddenly worsens,
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back of the book seeing wanted tonight, the week in review from the ingraham angle. get to mislaura. get right to washington. we asked to you think about the question of comparison between hillary clinton and barack obama where they differ and where they are similar. let's start with where they differ. >> okay. number one obvious, when barack obama was
5:48 pm
inaugurated, he was 47. if hillary should win, sorry, hard for me to say that should hillary win the presidency, she would will be the second oldest person ever to be inaugurated, reagan was the first. she will be quite older 2 oyears older. that's one way they are different. another way they are different, bill hillary did grow up in the midwest and has a bit of a more midwest sensibility. compared to obama, of course, grew up in hawaii and overseas she still has a common touch with middle america. i know a lot of the viewers are shocked that i would say that it's a slight difference. still percept tillable, none the less. >> you don't think hillary is a muslim then? >> no. that's not my territory. but i don't think she would have gone overseas, in other words, bill, and done some big apology tour. probably not. i don't sense that hillary would probably have done that as obama did that. >> so she is a little bit more conservative.
5:49 pm
i think barack obama is the most liberal president in history. >> without a doubt. >> by a wide margin. >> without a doubt. no question. >> she is liberal. and she is going to do progressive policies. she would never be pro-life or say obamacare socialism and do it in a better way. she will toe the line, right? >> i think she will, bill. i would say on foreign policy she would probably be more hawkish than obama. that's not saying much. but i think she would probably take a harder line. we saw that with some of the leaked internal discussions about the president's middle east policy. so i don't think there is much of a doubt she would be slightly more hawkish. >> that's the problem with putin. there is no equal pay for the same work for women. in russia. >> beside their embrace of liberal policy. where are they similar in personal ways? >> well, this is a tough one. i mean, i i think that they
5:50 pm
are similar in the fact that he this would approach their constituencies single women and so forth in a liberal union members. they would approach them in the same way, but i would say, bill obama has a -- on the stump that i don't think hillary has. i'm not saying this as a conservative. i'm saying this as an analyst. he has an ability to kind of hop up on stage and has a youthful presence, shirt sleeves, he can kind of make fun of himself a little bit. has a pretty good sense of humor. i think as we saw with this press conference which was a difficult situation for her at the u.n. the other day she's just not that good on the stump. her husband was masterful. obama is right up there. she doesn't have that deft political touch as barack obama has. but personally she does have the ability to connect with that donor class i think just as strongly as barack obama does. so they like her, which is a huge advantage to her as she
5:51 pm
goes for the nomination. >> certainly likes and supports hillary clinton. there's been a persistent i don't know if it's a rumor is the wrong word point of view that hillary clinton and barack obama do not like each other personally. now, i don't know anything about that. i've heard it from a lot of people who know them. but, you know, i was wondering -- >> that wouldn't surprise me. >> have you heard that? >> i have. i have. i've heard it from democrats. and it doesn't surprise me because remember of course 2008 they had that acura -- in the campaign and hillary didn't drop out of the race until the end. and there was no hiding the fact that there was a lot of bitterness between the obama camp and the clinton camp after bill clinton made that comment about, you know, that's the biggest fantasy ever after i think it was the south carolina dust up in the campaign.
5:52 pm
so i don't think there's a lot of love loss, but i'll tell you what they will share and do share. they share an abiding dislike, and that's putting it kindly, for conservatives. i don't think hillary has spent much time speaking with conservatives in her life. and i think barack obama has spent and can probably count the minutes on one hand. >> but the reason it's personal rather than philosophical because conservatives have you know, gone after both of them. >> yeah, but you got to work with them if you're the leader of the country. >> but this is what they have in common. they both take it personally. they do. >> absolutely. it's always personal. >> somebody attacks me i take it personally. >> but you're not president. >> but i should be. >> you should be of course. but look, bill, they take everything personally. if you take an op-ed by a democrat personally, they took menendez's criticism personally. it's mafia style, you know. they pay back. >> here's the most fascinating part of the campaign for me. how much barack obama's going to go out on the road for her. >> big time. he will. he will go out for her big time.
5:53 pm
>> you think? >> absolutely. because he wants to break the streak of continuous democrat presidents, only a couple times it's happened in the past. he wants to continue that streak. >> laura ingraham everybody. "the factor" tip of the day, big show for the wounded veterans starring gary sinese, and i'll be there too. the tip moments away.
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now the mail. rudy giuliani says we are playing a backup role fighting isis. that is just what we should be doing. if you and giuliani think differently, o'reilly, pick up a gun and join the kurds. boring, ray. also absurd. person can't comment on foreign policy unless they're willing to fight in kurdistan?
5:56 pm
come on. barbara, michigan. no more american blood should be shed in the middle east. it isn't worth it. ft. lauderdale you have inspired me to love america. i will attend the u.s. naval academy next fall. congratlations to you. my father was a naval officer in world war ii. please keep in touch with us and let me know how it goes at annapolis. mike manchester connecticut. if mr. obama really wants to help the democratic party all he has to do is order the immediate seizure of hillary clinton's server. number one, that wouldn't help the democratic party. number two, a president can't order the seizure of anything. has to go through legal channels. john, denver, colorado. miller time was priceless last night. truly jocund. great word meaning light hearted. roy, bell canyon california. giving miller's segment every week is tedious.
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for months after watching the passion of the christ i was devastated emotionally. do you advise me to avoid the killing jesus movie? there is some violence, tom. the romans brutalized jesus. but we don't dwell on it as mel gibson did. killing jesus is a film you will never forget, but not for the shock value. we don't have that. you can see "killing jesus" on the national geographic channel march 29th palm sunday eve at 8:00, 11:00 eastern time. and you will never forget it. and finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day big show here in new york city on thursday may 21st called rocking the boat. it will benefit the gary sinese foundation and the group. gary's band will be playing. i'll be floating around maybe doing a little of the monkey, maybe. going to be a big party at the hard rock cafe in times square. and it's fleet week to boot. everybody's in the city. so far major donors have stepped
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up. the morgan family foundation bcb community bank in jersey city eisenhower center ann arbor and heckman from pennsylvania she and her high school classmates raised $30,000. way to go carolyn and gang. "the factor" tip of the day, check out get your tickets and help out if you can. every american vet that needs a track chair will get one thanks to "the factor" viewers and gary sinese. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from also we like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be pettish when writing to "the factor." do not be pettish. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn up next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops
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here cause we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight brand new video coming into "the kelly file" this hour from a shooting that touched off a massive manhunt still underway right now in the city of ferguson missouri. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. moments ago we got a brand new and up close look at what happened just after midnight when an anti-police protest march was rocked by gunfire aimed at the cops. listen. [ gunfire ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> two officers, neither of them from the ferguson p.d., suffering what we're to