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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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y facebook page. go search greta van susteren. i will be posting exclusive facebook edition of off-the-record this weekend only there. you don't want to miss it good night from washington. see you monday. o'reilly factor on tonight. >> not much longer it has legs, it has long legs. >> raising questions about whether hillary clinton could be forced to testify in front of congress. we have a factor investigation. >> i think that what had been happening in ferguson was oppressive and objectionable. and was worthy of protest. >> president obama gives his first public remarks following the shooting of two officers in ferguson, missouri. are his comments only fanning the flames of the tense situation? we'll debate it. >> if hillary is being treated like a republican, it means that she is being treated like sarah palin to an extent which means the media is out to destroy her. which means it could. >> as the mainstream media
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turned on hillary clinton? why could be preparing to ditch her as the 2016 presidential race heats up. >> what difference, at this point, does it make? >> caution you are to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, everybody i'm eric bolling in for boiler. thanks for watching us tonight. get to the top story. the growing fallout from the hillary clinton email gate scandal to. he review on march 2nd the "new york times" reported that her use of a private email account while secretary of state may have violated federal law. it took 8 days for mrs. clinton to come out and attempt a public defense. listen. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal email account, which was allowed by the state department, because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails instead
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of two. looking back it would have been better if i had simply used a second email account and carried a second phone but, at the time, this didn't seem like an issue. >> her response, however only seemed to raise more questions and encourage her republican critics. >> i'm not sure how setting up your own private server is more convenient than just having an intern added email account to your smart phone. secondarily, she said we went through the documents, i have no idea who we is. one thing that's clear is we don't get to grade our own papers in life. we don't get to call penalties on ourselves. she doesn't get to determine what's a public record and what's a personal record. someone else needs to do that. >> mrs. clinton and her supporters may want nothing more than the whole thing to just go away. but few outside her camp predict it will. >> it's not over. it's got legs, it's got long legs. it's got legs because the
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a.p. has now sued the state department to get access to her email because three committees in the house are going to sue to get access or subpoena her emails. because, we are now in a position where we are arguing over what is the proper meaning of the word is. >> joining us now with reaction from washington republican strategist elissia booth along with richard fouler. let me start with you, lisa, every single day of the week something new came out. the scandal they want to go away seems to grow bigger and bigger? >> absolutely. because she keeps raising more and more questions. look she says this is for convenience sake. her use of private emails. what it is a demonstration of arrogance and a demonstration of a sense of entitlement. what she has done in the process is violated the trust of the american people, according to a poll by vox polling. a 2% of americans don't trust her. why should they? not only has she broken
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rules and regulation, but she went through great lengths to hide information from subpoenas. look, ultimately i think one of the biggest issues here is she might have put her national security at risk by using unsecure server, which raises some serious questions about her lack of judgment as secretary of state. >> okay. richard, we are two weeks into the scandal. how is hillary clinton hand ling all the blow back? >> start off with the facts. she should have used account. she admits it her camp admits it everybody agrees. i don't think there is as big of a below back as folks make it out to be. i get ms. booth is chomping at the bit to take down hillary because they see her as the top contender to be the next president of the united states so they are going to destroy destroy destroy destroy as fast as possible. but the truth of the matter is here that the people at home don't care about this they care about how you make ends meet. >> richard, why do you say that? i think the people at home do care about it i almost guarantee the people watching right now at home do care the way she is handling. this the fact that she went above the law, went above the law may have broken the
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law definitely broke protocol to do something that she knew very well she was doing. so, richard, i'm not sure you are right on that. go ahead, lisa. >> richard, i think you absolutely cannot say and try to paint this as some sort of republican witch-hunt. the fact remains that the "new york times" broke the story. they associated press is suing hillary clinton. this isn't some witch-hunt by republicans. this is a big issue and a big concern. >> wait one seconds. now, let's be very clear. she did not break any policies she followed the same rules that collin powell did. >> she admits herself that. >> hold on you can't do. this you can't tell our audience she didn't break protocol. she broke protocol. the obama administration developed a protocol. she herself admitted she knew about the protocol yet she went around the protocol. >> her having a personal email wasn't a clear violation of the protocol. colin powell did the same thing but that's -- >> -- that's before they changed the law. in 2009 president obama changed the federal records act to include email. >> the truth of the matter
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is though the 50,000 pages being reviewed by the state department will be released to the public for public consumption. >> the emails that she chose to give over. >> read through all the emails. the point you made. >> it's not all a the emails. >> first of all the state department server has been hacked multiple times in recent history if my memory serves me correct. the idea should have been on the secure server to me seems to be a farce at best. that's neither here nor there. >> you think it's okay for a secretary of state to possibly be emailing about important information to the country. security risk? >> hang on guys, hold on. let me bring this topic up. 2009 to 2013, hillary clinton secretary of state term, right in the middle of that 2012, benghazi now hillary clinton claims that not one single document that was sent to her or from her contained classified material. do you believe for one second that during the whole benghazi terror attack not one classified document passed through her server?
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>> i don't believe that at all. that is why i think she is lying. here this is the biggest problem hillary clinton is facing. this scandal, not only falls on the heels of the revelation that the clinton foundation accepted money from foreign governments lobbying the state department. no, wait, but, this is a long standing history of the clintons skirting the law. we found scandal after scandal with the clintons. white water monica lewenski this isn't the first time they have dealt with scandal. >> once again trying to tarnish her reputation with what her husband did. >> she tarnished it herself. >> at the end of the day shaq states woman. a former senator and has a record to speak on. if we want to talk about hillary clinton. let's talk about the merits. >> let's talk about the her atrocious record as secretary of state. >> focus on benghazi. benghazi isn't solved. the select committee said there wasn't any scandal. this wasn't any coverup. >> i brought up benghazi, richard, because i find it very difficult to believe as
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hillary clinton claims that not one single classified document passed through her server, i find that hard to believe in light of what happened in benghazi. hold on for one second. push the story forward. start with you. how has she handled all the controversy? is she handling it? is she deflecting it and will she come out of this okay? >> listen, as a strategist, i think she has made some blunders. she should have went to the press a lot earlier. her campaign if she decides to run campaign ramps up. bringing more people on to the campaign with the 24 hour news cycle with that being said i don't think it's damaged her as much. story. beltedway, media industry, media society story. talk to the folks in selma, alabama or tallahassee, florida, they care more about kitchen tables than they do about hillary clinton's emails trust me. >> lisa, has she handled this scandal well so far. >> no, she has handled it horribly. the american people care about trust and transparency. >> not emails. >> hillary clinton in 2008 said she was one of the most transparent politician or
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public figures out there and clearly that isn't the case so american people do care about that. >> what matters is how can i pay my grocery bill and electric bill not her emails. >> perpetuate this sense of entitlement that hillary clinton has and that is problematic for her politically. not only was she a horrible candidate in 2008 race but we are seeing glimpses of that again. >> people care about kitchen table. >> you are trying to deflect about the real issue. >> both of those things especially how the leader reacts in the time of crisis. we have to leave it there lisa and richard thank you very much. next on the rundown ed henry will be here with new details over whether hillary clinton could be forced to testify in front of congress. the factor coming right back.
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over whether she failed to hand over all the official documents she was supposed to when she left the state department. yesterday you everywhere asked whether you knew if secretary clinton signed statement. >> i don't have an update on that. >> is that something that you expect you will be able to get an answer to. >> i do expect i will be able to. >> so it's not covered by any kind of employee privacy act or something like that? >> i don't believe so. >> joining us now from washington our ace white house correspondent ed henry. ed, bring us up to date on, this will hillary now have to testify in front of congress? >> she may have to testify to two different committee. that's what is significant. new information we have is that another republican chairman jason chaffetz of the government oversight committee is now talking about subpoenaing the legal issues here. information not just on the emails but how they were handled, how they were archived or not archives. why over 30,000 of them were
5:14 pm
deleted why is that is significant. trey gowdy going to call former secretary clinton up to capitol hill to testify under oath that's focused on the benghazi situation, what happened in libya, what did she know? we know there is several hundred emails that have not been turned over before. is there anything new there? but i think what was significant about what's jen psaki was saying there for the second straight day she would not answer a direct yes or no question. did secretary clinton on the way out the door a couple of years ago sign this statement that all state department employees are are supposed to sign and you the penalty of perjury that you are all your records with the department before you leave? she acknowledged in a news conference a few days ago that she hung on to those emails for at least two years leaving office before turning them over a couple of months ago. that would seem to run afoul of that document if she signed it jen sock can i won't say whether she signed
5:15 pm
it or not. in order to find out what's on that server still or what she eliminated or got rid of or tried to. wouldn't you need a central subpoena of eric holder doj would have to go after? that's highly unleakly, right? >> well, look, i mean these republican committees could try to subpoena the server. i mean, they have been trying to get at whether the taxpayers owned it. because remember, at the news conference, former sect clinton said this server started with former president clinton and his office. his office get taxpayer money as all former presidents do. i have talked to democratic source hostel me a little new information that actually the server was paid for by bill clinton out of his own pocket. so that would suggest a taxpayers do not own it. >> the problem with that when they do it privately and use their own money and own server, you can't access that stuff through foia. there is a shield. in order to get that information you really need a federal subpoena.
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>> right. but a subpoena through congress as well is possible is all i'm saying. now you have at least two different republican chairman saying they are trying to get at. there was another big disclosure today with jen psaki that i think is new as well. she said look it wasn't until this past february that we started automatically archiving emails for state department why is that significant. former secretary hunk a lot of this on the idea okay i used a personal account but i knew i was emailing my aides who had state department accounts and i was assuming it was all being captured for record-keeping. now jen psaki late on a friday afternoon says well, actually, we didn't start automatically archiving a lot of that until a few months ago. after secretary clinton had left office does that raise questions about what she said a few days ago. >> ed it's been well reported, even well documented that the obamas and the clintons don't exactly love each other. how is this -- how are the the obamas reacting to all
5:17 pm
this scandal with the clintons? >> you saw this story in political and i saw democratic strategists who are hearing the same which is that they are sort of eye rolling at the white house because there frustration that things seem to have been aligned pretty well for hillary clinton just a couple months ago. there is really no democratic primary opposition right now. maybe she won't have to debate anybody. whereas on the republican side yeah, there is some real contenders but there is no one who is obviously out there as the frontrunner who can beat her necessarily. and, yet, the white house is looking at this and thinking, you know, barack obama has teed it up for her to succeed him and yet they see her fumbling all over this and letting this story stay and drip, drip, drip, day after day. >> yeah as important to note that the "new york times" opened up the story two weeks ago, the timing on it is interesting. hillary clinton is expected to announce within the next couple of weeks. does this get, you know, in her rear view mirror by the time she announces or will she hold off her
5:18 pm
announcement? i think she is going to get out there as early as april. other information that started spilling out today she is now hiring several people in new hampshire to set up a campaign shop there. that's obviously a key battleground, the early primary state. so my sense is she is trying. and i stress trying to turn the page. we will see. >> very good always great to talk to you ed president obama addresses the shooting of two police officers in ferguson missouri, is he helping to ease tensions or only making them worse. we'll be right back. ife insurance, we're not just insuring our lives... we're helping protect his. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow. fact. when you take advil you get relief right at the site of pain. wherever it is. advil stops pain right where it starts. relief doesn't get any better than
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight. the shooting of two police officers in ferguson missouri, president obama addressed the incident for the first time on jimmy
5:22 pm
kimmel last night. >> i think that what had been happening in ferguson was owe oppressive and objectionable, and was worthy of protest but there was no excuse for criminal acts. whoever fired those shots shouldn't detract from the issue. they are criminals, they need to be arrested. >> joining us now to analyze from st. louis, radio talk show host mcgraw hill haven. you heard president obama right there talk about he condemned the attacks. also, should he have done it on jimmy kimmel? >> i don't know where he should have done it. think about this. we can talk about the presses last summer when there were issues these protests happened on the day the ferguson police chief resigned. this happened after ferguson is going through unprecedented massive change
5:23 pm
quickly what were the protesters protesting. they got everything they want. darren wilson isn't a police officer anymore. when president obama says they have the right to protest, what are they actually protesting? i don't know what they are pressing. they seemed to want to protest. you say this is bigger than saint lewis. explain. >> no question. untold story. the justice department came in and said ferguson is dirty and we need to change it. the sad reality is that ferguson is probably the best run city in north county. there are so many other small towns, 3500 residents and the town of pine lawn has 23,000 warrants out for arrests. these are -- this is more or less black on black crime. these are black elected officials. black police chiefs who are holding black men and women and children and residents hostage while they do what ferguson is doing ten times worse. >> okay. so who are the protesters? let's talk about that a
5:24 pm
little bit. some people are saying they are coming from all walks of life. coming from other parts of the country. they are coming from even communist background. who are these people protesting? >> i think it's a proxy war when you get right down to it. i think it's a political war. i think it's a power war. i think there are many people who don't want to give up the power. and so they are sort of putting out their people. clearly people coming in from out of town and there are local politicians who are trying to use this to promote their own agenda and sort of elevate their own status. >> all right. so mark, al sharpton were all over the media the last couple of days and they actually provided a couple of possible reasons, motives for the shootings of cops. that does that tell the african-american community? >> i don't know what it tells the african-american community. i don't know what it tells the white community. i don't know what it tells america. i don't know what it tells police. i will tell you this, the night the two policemen were shot they were in riot gear. they should are been in
5:25 pm
tactical gear. last night, the day after less than 24 hours after two police officers were shot they went out to defend the town with no riot gear and no gear whatsoever here you have two police officers shot and we are asking the police to go out and protect the community with less protective gear than they had the night before. who wants to be a police officer in that climate? >> you make a very good point. in fact, msnbc host ed schultz even recommended hey maybe they should disarm the police of ferguson. can you imagine what would happen if the police of ferguson were disharmed? >> that is the most inneighbor comment and conversation we have had during this whole thing. people see riot gear and they want to riot? that makes no sense whatsoever. if i see a show of force i. if i'm in the airport and see an ak 47 on the shoulder. i don't say to myself i want to hijack a plane.
5:26 pm
the show of force keeps people from showing. what we didn't show force what happened? ferguson burentd down. when the national guard didn't stand up the town burned. >> thank you very much. >> ann coulter on deck. she is ready to sound off on hillary clinton's email gate and the police shooting in ferguson. don't miss this one.
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tonight. the fallout from the ferguson police shootings and email gate let's bring in one of my favorite commentators out there ann coulter. start with ferguson. your thoughts on the latest on ferguson? >> well, i think the whole thing was brought about by obama and holder turning a self-defense shooting by a cop in the small town into another 9/11. they had 45 fbi agents investigating. and what began as a brutal assassination murder of mike brown, a black teenager after all of these investigations a massive grand jury investigation. even eric holder's justice department all they come up with yes, darren wilson, officer darren wilson was completely in the right. she was being charged. the witnesses who said that big mike had his hands up were lying, were completely full of it. this is ally eric holder's
5:31 pm
report. but they stopped too many blacks in traffic violations. try to find a city, any municipality in america where blacks are not stopped more than lights are you will remember michael bloomberg in new york defending the stop and frisk policy saying look, if you look at the arrest rate. blacks have a much higher arrest rate and crime rate. liberals may not want to admit that. if you are going to play that game with statistics that happens to be very important. michael bloomberg said if anything were not arresting enough white people and as steve saylor pointed out on his blog he started pointing out black and white arrest records in various left wing places santa monica the black arrest rate in santa monica is three times as high as the black arrest rate in ferguson. >> before we move on to hillary. pull up the picture of the cnn anchors when they are standing around the table
5:32 pm
and have hands up don't shoot sign. the media ann, has been complicit in this and why? i describe it all in my book "mugged" they left love ginning up. i described in my book after the oj verdict when white america finally said that's it. we have paid at the office. we're done. and suddenly blacks stopped being -- and treated like adults and you had all of this just flowering of intellectual and not just the one on the tv to harang us. they have brought us back into the 70s. >> hillary clinton. the whole email gate scandal. i haven't heard where you stand on this. does she think she is above the law? does she want to have a general feeling that the laws don't apply to her the way they apply to us? >> ifings listening to your previous guests and other
5:33 pm
guests on this topic on other stations and let's say everything they say is true which i do not think it is, just for purposes of argument nothing that hillary did was illegal didn't violate protocol. nothing about benghazi, all the emails she deleted just had to do with sea's wedding, let's say that true. hillary and her defenders say well, it was a mistake and if i had to do it over again i would have two phones. she did do it again, she has been through this before. she was the first lady of arkansas. she had was involved in two presidential campaigns. she was the first lady of the nation. she was secretary of state and there was scandal after scandal. she did do this before. can't she learn? a child learns when you put your hand on the stove and it burns don't put your hand on the stove again. this is iq test set up for this woman. a rat learned if i do this i will get shocked.
5:34 pm
>> there is no shock. she keeps getting scandal after scandal and no one model her accountable. >> i don't think most people's recollection of the clinton years were about that you had the rose law firm records. her taking the files out of vince foster's office. you had her hiding the healthcare records white water records. >> she is the most popular democrat in america. how is that possible? is that all we can come up with scandal and another clinton? this woman has a very low iq. we have the test. the evidence is in. >> democrats want someone else. it feels like they have been painted into the corner they have to back hillary clinton. do they wish they had another choice? >> i think you are right about that the left-wing media. everything right here right now, they keep acting as if
5:35 pm
we somehow we as america owe hillary clinton because we ran off with our trophy wife obama back in 2008. we owe her this nomination. well, you know, america doesn't owe her. maybe you owe her liberal america. but i don't think most americans feel like she is owed anything. so, yeah, and also i think probably a lot of them are starting to wonder why would she do something this stupid? forgetting about the corruption. forgetting about the ill legality. >> ann, the left seems to be enamored with firsts. first african-american president and first female president, is that a mistake ? it's kinds of sad the holidays they hold so dear. i notice they did not celebrate the first black secretary of state under president bush and colin powell or first black female secretary of state condoleezza rice. those slipped beneath the radar. but, you know, these useless
5:36 pm
women like madeleine albright big holiday over that one. i think it's embarrassing and people get sick of this stuff. main thing i would say republicans please don't follow in the democrats' way. when a margaret thatcher comes along you will know it. don't go looking over politics do we-to-find do we have a woman we have to run? you will know it. >> we will leave it right there, ann, as always thank you very much, up next president obama says he is embarrassed for the 47 republican senators who sent the letter to the supreme leader of iran. we will take a hard look at that when the factor comes right back. doers they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free.
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(announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. and in the personal story segment tonight. president obama lashes out at the 47 republican senators who sent a letter to iran's supreme leader. the president not mincing words in an interview with vice news set to release on monday. >> i'm embarrassed for them. for them to address a letter to the ayatollah who they claim is our morality enemy and their basic argument to them is don't deal with our president because you can't
5:41 pm
trust us to follow through on an agreement. that's close to unprecedented. >> joining us is republican strategist adam goodman and from washington simon rosenberg, president and founder of ndn a are center left think tank. adam, start with you. the president is embarrassed. is he embarrassed for the senators. wow, that's some big words. >> i think it's much ado about nothing. first of all, this is not without precedent. you look at jim wright going down and having conversations with ortega at the time of the contras in 2000. carolyn medley and the treaty affairs in moscow. in 2000 biden going himself to the u.n. to plead for senate prerogative who h. to do with u.n. reforms. the real question about the letter you can disagree or agree about whether or not it was the right way to go. i i will tell you one thing,
5:42 pm
what should concern us most? a letter or nuclear bomb? >> sure. >> hey, simon, president obama is gone in 21 months. the rest of us are stuck with his lousy foreign policy for eternity. i'm okay with the senators sending a letter to the supreme leader of iran. i'm worried about iran. i think iran is our biggest threat. i think they are a big arer threat than north korea, china or anyone else. i like this idea. >> well, i think the criticism, which is also coming from inside of the republican party, i mean, just in the last 24 hours senator core corker senator jobs and mccain express regret what the republicans did, michael gearst and the bush administration official wrote a scathing op. ed today criticizing tom cotton for what he did. not just democrats piling on. it's about the tactic. first of all, i want to say he think it's important that congress take responsibility for our foreign policy i applaud frankly the republicans for stepping up and making their voice heard but i disagree in the way they are doing it it's like they are conducting foreign
5:43 pm
policy. like there is a second government in the united states, the reaching out directly to foreign leaders. with netanyahu, they are reaching out now directly to iran. we have a state department we have a president our constitution divides these things up. >> so why would the president say i'm going to around congress and i'm going to deal directly with them. by the way adam, secretary of state john kerry said this negotiation, it's not legal and binding anyway. what are we doing here? are we playing games with these people? >> let me tell you who we are playing games with we are playing with a power. we are playing games with the power spread of terrorism around the world is some kind of noble mission. and we are dealing with a power that is in kind of a competition with isis over who is going to lead the terrorist movement around the world. we are dealing with a group that has done nothing but spread tyranny and distress worldwide and there remain the biggest single threat to the survival of the state of israel.
5:44 pm
that's who we are dealing with and this isn't a game. >> simon i love asking this to democrat strategist who agree with almost everything president obama is doing with respect to iran. why does iran need nuclear power? why do they need nuclear energy? they're sitting on half a trillion barrels equivalent. they can get it for 40 cents a gal gallon. in my world they don't need nuclear it's much cheaper to bring it out of the ground. >> eric, if you and i can wave a magic wand we can make that go away. what obama done in the last several years is the unprecedented international coalition that they have assembled has brought iran to the negotiating table. weakened the economy. oil is down and they are now at the negotiating table. they have frozen their nuclear program. >> my question was this. >> he has done more to freeze their nuclear program. >> i know you love president obama and his foreign policy. here is my question though. why did iran need nuclear they have plenty of fossil fuels. chief meteorologister for them. one reason they need nuclear
5:45 pm
they want nuclear because they want to b bomb. >> what's the big insight there. >> if you agree with that simon then you should walk away from that table you know what? you guys are on your own adam and put back in the financial and economic sanctions that frankly were working prior to these negotiations. >> they are working. >> i can't understand, eric. eric, i can't understand how we are empowering a nation that is -- that dedicated and determined to do such ill to the rest of the world. i don't get it and you are talking about a regime that's pledged to the destruction of things we hold dear and when the prime minister of israel our most true and trusted ally i would argue today comes to the united states and pleads with us to pay attention to what's going on over here with iran. we should take them seriously. i thought by the way that speech by netanyahu was one of the most fabulous most moving and most informative. >> yeah we have had "simon, tell me again.
5:46 pm
you agree that the iranians wanted a bomb. they want nukes for a bomb and you still say go ahead and negotiate with these people. >> no, what i have said is we have ton more -- president obama has done more to stop the nuclear program from from moving forward than any other president in history. >> that is incorrect. it was working with the financial sanctions they lifted the sanctions when they decided to negotiate with this terrorist state. which is a big mistake. stunt netanyahu has played in the united states. back fired in israel. all the polls come out in israel the in last few days. >> simon, i love you, brother, but that's the same tactic that every dem does. once you start talking about iran, got them in the corner netanyahu that didn't work. going to have to leave right there. simon and adam thank you very much. >> quick reminder, all the books in bill's killing series 45% off o. check them out in bill o' check them out for that the movie killing jesus airs on
5:47 pm
palm sunday on the national geographic channel. next is the mainstream media turning its back on hillary clinton? why she may have already lost a critical ally in her potential campaign for the white house and that's just moments away.
5:48 pm
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5:50 pm
in the back of the book segment tonight, hillary clinton and the mainstream media. she's gotten plenty of praise from the press over the years, but she's been hearing a very different and harsh tune since e-mailgate erupted and it hasn't gone without notice. >> if hillary's being treated like a republican it means she's being treated like sarah palin which means the media's out to destroy her, which means it could. it's not nearly as focused and targeted as the media is going after republicans, but it's different this time. and the democrat party powers
5:51 pm
are worried that hillary doesn't have the ability to overcome this. >> joining us now from washington sabrina shafr along with richard goodstein, former adviser to hillary clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. richard, do you agree with rush that she's being treated a little bit more harsh than in past and maybe other democrats? >> i will stipulate that rush limbaugh is never going to be in her corner. if it wasn't for e-mails it would be something and there will always be something. here's why democrats are not nervous and why i think it's really way off to say the media's turned on her. they're not nervous because when have they last had in an open seat situation obama's term is up, somebody who's way ahead of her competitors in the polls and beating every single republican in the polls? never. that's a gift. one second. as far as returning to the '90s
5:52 pm
are concerned, which of these parts do people not want to go back to? the unprecedented economic growth or peace? in contrast of two wars, economic collapse of the 2000 i'm not sure what it is about that that the public is somehow not willing to embrace. >> sabrina let's talk about this. "new york times" broke the story two weeks ago. since then the a.p. is suing for some documents. gawker is suing for some documents. left wing media are kind of after her, are they not? >> absolutely. i think they've had a major case of deja vu. the thing that's happened is a lot of times people associate clintons with the prosperity of the 1990s, a strong economic time, peaceful time but all of a sudden it's rushing back, the sleaze, scandals, problems that were also associated with the clintons. and i think to the credit of the media they are doing their job. she is running for president and they are probing they are questioning. and they should do it to the republicans too, but they are doing their job and i applaud them for that. >> richard, there's no question she's running for president, right? otherwise why do the big press
5:53 pm
conference? no reason unless you're about to announce your candidacy. >> i think that's a fair assumption. with respect to the notion of media turning on her, what's on the cover of "new york times" or today talking about vague rumors of e-mail or hillarynomics, the suggestion that jeb bush, marco rubio and scott walker also used personal e-mail for official business. the media's turning back pretty quick and turning to issues like iran nuclear deal and isis and economic inequality. this e-mail stuff -- >> we had another democrat strategist tell us it's time to move on also. sabrina, this scandal has a lot of legs. every day we wake up and there's something else. today we heard hillary clinton's blackberry wasn't issued by the state department or dotgov, it
5:54 pm
was her private blackberry and that matters. >> it could have an impact on opinion and how voters ultimatelyultimate ly behave. this is an opportunity for the gop to let the media do its job and for it to come out with a positive agenda for it to show themselves as leaders rather than attackers. i think that hillary's being dealt with by the media right now. now is a time for the republicans to come out and say hey, let us show you why we're better. >> richard, how you handle controversy is important. it's important the way people see her, the way they envision her as a potential president. how is she handling this? >> i think she's actually handled it not perfectly. she admitted it herself. she wished she had done things differently. should she have come out sooner? i think actually had she she wouldn't have had all the q & as and the documents submitted to the press that i think were helpful to put things in context. would she have had a chance to do the research predicated
5:55 pm
before the appearance at the press corps at the u.n., timing wise she's doing it about right. i do think she's putting a line in the sand that she's got to observe which is this notion of digging into my privacy that's not going to happen. >> this is the thing, if i could just jump in for a second. >> please. >> i think it's all too little too late. the reason hillary's had this sort of contentious relationship with the media is that smug attitude, that better than god attitude, she was doing us a favor coming out and telling us and trying to make a joke about it. the fact is she didn't really believe she should have to do that. she didn't believe she should have to report to the american people on what's going on. that's what the voters are picking up on. they don't pick up on the details, they pick up on the tone and attitude, they didn't like it with barack obama and don't like it with hillary clinton. >> the evidence that this is not taking a toll is a gallup poll that came out saying favorable every other republican under water or barely above water and
5:56 pm
beats every republican in a head-to-head -- >> and that you guys has me scratching my head and will continue to do so. this story again has a lot of legs. leave it right there. richard sabrina, thank you very much. when we come back, some pithy thoughts on the clintons and how their new controversies could completely reshape the 2016 presidential race. stick around. nexium® 24hr. it's the purple pill the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™ why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®.
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...or shipped around the globe's handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. finally tonight we leave you with some thoughts on the clintons. wake up america. don't get sucked into a liberal trap. james carville is out spinning that the clintons are victims, poor hillary, poor bill. is the media too hard on them? do they deserve that scrutiny? nothing to see here according to carville. but don't be fooled by that old fool carville. clintons are synonymous with scandal, and now the presidential want-to-be is up to her political eyeballs in another scandal. this e-mail scandal is a big story with lots of legs.
5:59 pm
did she break the law? was she hacked? is president obama complye complicate. don't blow it. stay smart, stay on topic. no wacky conspiracy theories. the democrats are very nervous. they don't want to back hillary, especially if there are more surprises. but they have to now. so don't let them off the hook. be patient and be ready to jump when the opportunities present themselves, which they will. the less focus on the first female president has them on the ropes. what they should have put up was the most qualified candidate of any gender or any race. that unforced error opens up the field so play your cards right, conservatives, like this. your move, hillary. and sit back and enjoy the show. it's going to be a good one by the way. this is it for us tonight. thanks for watching.
6:00 pm
i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. "the kelly file" taking matters into our own hands to get to the bottom of the growing hillary clinton e-mail scandal. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. two nights ago we told you about the one critical document that may prove that hillary clinton possibly committed a crime, and not just any crime but possibly a felony. it is called an of-109 form. every departing state department employee must sign it certifying that they have surrendered all official documents, classified and unclassified, that they acquired while at state. they have to give them back to the agency before they leave. we know that hillary clinton