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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 16, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we will be back with more in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> >> this is "outnumbered." i am andrea jedediah harris and rachel is here and today's hash tag. he representatives the 7th district in the state of iowa
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sean duffy. >> thank you for having me. >> you are the first couple on the show. you met on tv. you met on the real world. >> we are the first reality couple ever. i think we have the most kids of any reality couple as well. i don't know if we have ever sat this far apart from each other. >> the first tv couple that got married and now has seven kids. >> christa and ryan from the bachelor. >> he was coming off the train and handed me her luggage and have been carrying it every since. >> i remember that. >> i am sorry. >> he gets the luggage i get the babies >> i have five daughters so i am always outnumbered at my house. >> you are ready. >> all right.
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well this hour hilary clinton making her first public appearance since last week's news conference. this as her camp is issuing a clarification about the steps they say were taken to review tens of thousands of personal e-mails before they were deleteed. clinton's spokesperson releasing as a statement saying her camp read everyone of the 31,000 e-mails before being sent to the crash can. that comes after time magazine revealed the search was using keywords and not every e-mail. i guess they were suffering downward facing dog, pant suit, wedding -- and they will delete those. does congress plan to pursue this? >> we want the truth.
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what i find interesting is she wants us to believe she is honest abe lincol. she was fired from the watergate group. it is easier to deal with an e-mail scandal and we will continue to push this. i think trey gowdy will go great at the forefront. >> sean has ten brothers and sisters and i have three siblings and we have seven kids. we don't have 30,000 personal e-mails between us. that is a huge number to claim are personal. and frankly, i think if she released the e-mails and we
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learned more about her wedding, she is known as an ice queen and i think this could have helped her persona and public image and made her softer. >> one democrat told us and we will not reveal sources, but she focus group decembertested before using them. mother of the bride and yoga because that would resinate with women. with the clintons even that calculated they are fluffing on the type of e-mails they delete deleted. >> it is like gangtsa here. and the person taking over the campaign run as lister and calls it muke's mafia and certain democrats and planners have a
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combination e-mail with him and that man may take over the campaign. this is in the bloodstream of hilary clinton's machine if you will. >> before moving on they destroyed government documents and were these lawyers that delete deleted the e-mails? if you have a lawsuit before the state and you ask for that discovery and what it she destroyed it? this could be in a way of discovery and obstruction of justice in civil suits. >> who deleted, what was deleted, will we find out? she is not handing over the server and whatever is on it is problematic is why i think she is not turning it over. i think this is going to be a big issue moving forward. >> and i wonder if she throws the people that deleteed them.d them.
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>> the 2012 terror attack is being used to derail hilary clinton's potential presidential campaign. here is trayey gowdy on fox news sunday. >> i have mentioned hilary clinton's name zero times on the hearing we have had to the extent that the democrats are frustrated. i didn't tell her to get a personal sever or hire an attorney to go through 60,000 records and lord knows i didn't tell her to delete 30,000 of them. >> new polls show whether this
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investigation of the attack will hurt or help hilary clinton. 47% think it will hurt her. that is the highest percentage since the poll started asking the question in early 2014. congressman i will put this to you. trey gowdy called were this benghazi hearing because we don't have answers. >> trey gowdy said as a former prosecutor i will find the truth and republicans and conservatives might newt be happy and liberal and democrats might not be happy but i will present what i find. when the ambassador is dead and hilary clinton the leader, hasn't turned over the documents to do an investigation you need them. all of the democrats say is this is partisanship. >> and hilary clinton said she
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would come back and testify for this committee. what if trayey gowdy finds out e-mails destroyed were related to benghazi? >> this is the only secretary of the state to be finger printed by the fbi. so she is not very trust worthy. why did she delete them and when did she delete them. regarding the democrats saying this is partisan. national review criticized him for not going harder and why didn't he break the story if he knew about the e-mails. he is getting hit from the left and right and that is usually a sign you are in the middle. >> there is a notion by some we are not supposed to question her. she believes she is allowed to do whatever she wants and that
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will not fly. left or right you are accountable to us. hillary you are accountable to us. you have to answer these questions and if not you will be viewed looking transparency. >> and mareen doubt who is not a conservative wrote a scathing article about that. that the clintons operate above the law and are not to be questioned >> she said she would make an announcement about her candidate running in april. we have now perforated into her new zone. >> hopefully she doesn't announce over e-mail. >> we will never see it. >> the white house firing back at republican senators who wrote
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a letter to iran's leaders about the deal. the president is embarrassed for them but the republicans are not backing down. we will talk to congressman duffy about this. and new questions about whether the obama administration is medaling in the vote of benjamin netanyahu netanyahu. this is a huge story because what would the long-term implications be? and join us after the show on the web click on the ot tab, and tweet us questions or comments and we are taking your questions on the chat right now.
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>> you are watching "outnumbered" and we have glad you are. president obama is firing about at the 47 republican sentators who signed a letter warning iran
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that the deal could be nullified once the president leaves office. the president said he is "embarrassed". tom cotton who authored the letter and got 9-10 fellow republican do is sign says he has no regrets >> the fact president obama doesn't see this as a way to get more leverage underscores he is not negotiating for the hardest bill. he is negotiating for a deal that will put iran on the path to a bomb if not today or tomorrow ten years from now. >> and with a lawmaker on the couch today. congressman you can tell us -- the house isn't involved -- but
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if you could would you have signed this? >> the house doesn't have the constitutional authority like the senate but i can they are right on. i would have sent a letter. thinking we have a deal that would allow iran to get a nuclear weapon isn't acceptable. the president should say he is coming to the senate for the approval but instead he is going to the u.n. >> when you said this isn't the bes best way to communicate and write a letter. what do you say? >> we have not had the best communication with the president as of late. if the president isn't going to engage in conversation with us we have to say we'll put this out any deal that iran reaches the president is only with this president and not for future administration. >> i want to talk about the democrats. i know north dakota's democratic
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senator is ready to go against the white house on iran and this letter do much damage as the white house is saying. tay are focused on the issue of sanctions in iran. >> he is not just snubbing republicans on this. he is snubbing democrats. and the senate is trying to rain in an extra constitutional president -- rein -- you are right. the president works out the treaties and the senate ratifies them. they are giving him that big stick that joe biden keeps talking about. for him to say he is embarrassed for republicans and i assume democrats it is going to be embarrassing if he signs this deal and the iranians break it. then we have a crisis. >> all right. i guess this kind of ties in to other news that is being made right now. let's get to that.
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on the eve of the israeli election a source is saying a powerful bipartisan senate committee is looking into an american non-profit group used a instant department grant/cash to openly campaign against benjamin netanyahu. his party is shown to be falling behind the competition and the non-profit says they have close ties to the obama administration again cash in fact if it did use a $350,000 grant it might have violated the state tax exemption process. but the state department says the grant expired before this election was setup. your thoughts rachel? >> this president -- this president -- i am sorry. >> i look at the president and trying to medal in the election of the best friends in the
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middle east and influence the election is showing poor judgment on the president and you look at isis and iran and russia and the guy's foreign policy is a disaster and this is another example in a long line of flubs >> i was going to say i think the green revolution when the protesters came out and said we want to overthrow this iranian regime and he turned his back showed a real lack of judgment. and we should trust him now on the biggest blenders of the time. he is trying to change the middle east. i got criticized a lot when i said that last time on the show and i think this is part of the plan. i think he is absolutely trying to fundamentally change the middle east >> he is trying to change the entire map stepping down for the leader in europe and calling for
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others to step down and trying to influence the politics in the middle east except for iran. of all places except for iran. and harris there is an article trending in the atlantic and i want to mention it. it is asking if jews should be leaving europe. this is a time where we are seeing unprecedented anti-semetic behavior spreading through the world and this is last thing we should be doing. >> i want to go back to the nail on the head. benjamin netanyahu came here to talk about the iran deal. wouldn't it be interesting if the state department's efforts to quite him might have been to push him out of of the office by giving money to group campaigning against him. the president couldn't meet with benjamin netanyahu because it was too close to the election but they were able to give cas cash to a group campaigning
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against them? >> i think benjamin netanyahu convinced democrats -- >> and who is that a problem? >> i think it is as a problem for president obama who is saying get out of my way. he doesn't like checks and balances and doesn't want resistance from the republicans and especially from his own party. i think the trip from the prime minister was big because it brought people together from both sides saying this deal isn't what i thought it was i am not giving the president executive overreach power. >> and did the shady lady approve the grant? this was before -- did the shady lady greenlight the grant? >> we are following this. and have you seen it on other mainstream media? i have not. it will be interesting to see if they continue to cover it. it is big news if this ties the
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state department to a campaign being waged against a prime minister in another country. >> they may do the hearing and find out they give the money but in the end benjamin netanyahu may lose the election because of what happened. >> we will cover it has a happens. with record breaking snow fall comes a lot of snow days in the boston area and instead of having students start earlier in the fall one is opting to drop three religious holidays from the school calendar and many parent and the community are upset. and college or campaign? he scott walker has already can decided his sons will join him on the campaign trail. they will forego going college for a time to join dad. stay close as we discuss if that is a good idea.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." well, boston is breaking records with a whopping 108.6 inches of snow this winter. that's a lot of snow. lots of school cancellations forcing at least one district in the suburb of easton to push back the lastty of classes until -- last day of classes until june. they've decided to take three religious holidays off the school calendar including jewish holidays and the christian holiday of good friday. parents and kids they're pretty upset. >> i believe in keeping the holidays for the jewish and the catholics. >> my children wouldn't be going to school on -- you know, i'm jewish, so we celebrate the high holidays. >> i'd probably be pretty mad and sad. >> rachel, this is crazy to me but i always tell parents if you don't like something, speak up because parents have the capacity to really shape school policy. do you think something like this
9:28 am
will stick or parent feedback is going to say hold on a second this is not going to fly with us? >> it depends. i think parent feedback is always really good. i have been to schools where they did have kids go to school on holy thursday and good friday. my kids go to catholic school, but one goes to public school. i take them out anyway, so maybe if enough parents keep their kids home on those days, to make a statement they'll go this is not working. these are religious holidays i agree with that parent that just said that. i think they're using the snow day as an excuse, and they're kind of testing it out, and in the end i think they're going to see if they can start -- listen we don't even have christmas concerts in public schools they're called winter holiday concerts. this is the trend we're on, and parents have to make the difference. >> why not just representative duffy, start school a little earlier in the summer? give three additional days in that summer vacation and take that out and avoid angering this religious group or that religious group and let everyone
9:29 am
have the religious holiday? >> that makes too much sense. if you want to take religion out of the public square look at all the snow and say what a great reason we can take these religious holidays out of our school system. it's using the crisis to our liberal benefit. >> you know, we just shared a knowing look together. [laughter] why don't they start it earlier? my parents are down in texas, and they start kids in school in august. i don't think there is a hotter place than texas in august, right? >> yeah. >> you can't use the weather as an excuse for not scooting up the calendar. one of the other things, too with this -- and you talk about parents getting involved -- i don't know what this says about what energy thinks about the -- new jersey thinks about the president, they took a chunk out of presidents week instead of a religious holiday. so you have other options on the calendar even if you don't start earlier in august. you can shorten some of those other breaks without disturbing a religious holiday. i don't know if it's ignorance or insensitivity, but those parents should speak up and make
9:30 am
somebody smarter and sensitive. >> i'll bet you it's a lot of teachers and administrators, andrea, that also don't want their summer vacation interrupted. because once you start the school year, you're in that whole school academic environment, but the summer, they want that protected. they plan their vacations ahead of time. i think that plays a role as well. >> perhaps. but i think the congressman hit the nail on the head. this is what happens when liberal, academic boston meets ethnic boston, and i would love to be a fly on the wall at that parent-teacher meeting listening to them go off about this because i heard harris before we did this segment who's married to a jewish man say i can't believe it, these are some of the highest hold cays -- holidays. >> yeah, they're high holy days. >> it makes sense to, as you proposed take away from presidents day or go earlier in the summer or maybe even a saturday. i think we had to go a couple of saturdays when there was a lot of snow in pennsylvania growing up. they don't want those options. they would rather take away the
9:31 am
religious holidays. >> by the way, new year's eve is not a religious holiday. now, again it may disturb a vacation, but if that's the option then you don't have to touch a -- >> or my birthday! [laughter] >> it is a holiday in my house. [laughter] >> i even dance. well this caught our eye in what was a very business weekend in -- busy weekend in new hampshire. wisconsin governor scott walker says his two college-aged son matt and alex will take time off from college to campaign with him across america. and they're not the first kids to do this. back in '08 john edwards' daughter carved out time from her busy law school schedule to stump for dad. parents of seven kids on the trail, and you all been on your own trail -- i should say the couch. i think we've got pictures of you guys. >> yeah, we take the kids. >> is scott walker going to run for president or not? what does this mean? [laughter]
9:32 am
listen i think this is, this is great. we have our kids on the campaign trail. it's amazing what they learn as they travel around at least wisconsin. but to travel around the country for alex and matt, to be part of that campaign, you can't get that experience in college. and also what a great tool to reach out to the millennials that you need to win elections, and these kids 19 and 20 years old can do just that. >> and that's the duffy family. >> campaigning with scott walker. >> that's the scott walker bus right behind me. >> scott doesn't even need a campaign team -- [laughter] he just needs those duffy kids. [laughter] >> our son john paul there. >> he thought scott's tie was crooked, so he was straightening it out. >> would you do this with your kids, rachel? would you take them out of college or maybe delay their college education? >> absolutely. there's nothing they're going to learn in a classroom that's going to be more than what they're going to learn on the campaign trail. i happened to be a military brat, my parents took us out of
9:33 am
school all the time to travel and visit places. sean and i disagree on in this a hot because in his house they were -- >> i went to high school the whole thing. >> so i sometimes say this is a great experience and when it comes to politics, we -- especially around election times, we will pull them out to come with us. we do a little bus tour through our district bring the kids along. you can't, you just can't put a dollar sign on that -- >> but your dad's running for president. what a great experience to be traveling with him making the argument to the american people. that's can exciting. >> i want to play the flipside, jedediah, because you're an academic -- [laughter] >> uh-oh. >> in high school. so the other argument might be you know, education has come up as a topic with scott walker and his own education. >> yeah. >> and would he make a different can choice about college for his sons versus himself? people may be critical about this. >> i think some could be, but i think anyone with common sense would know that that real life experience it's like doing an internship, right? i encourage kids when i've
9:34 am
taught college, get out of the clads room because anything you learn when you're reading it, that doesn't get brought to life until you go in a setting, in a business whatever it is you're passionate about and you see those ideas put into practice. if the kids want to do it there's no better way to learn. and the critics, you know what? any critic that is going to have a problem with scott walker those are academics that he's not -- >> the clinton campaign has done it the romneys. >> here's the other part people aren't getting. when you run for office especially president, you don't get to see your family. so this is a way for him to have his family close during -- do. >> that's a great point too. >> believe me, that is the hardest part about this job when you don't see your family and kids, and this is a great way for them to get together. >> i don't want to miss a moment to pull back the veil how do you balance it all behind the scenes and make it work for the whole family? >> it's hard. >> it is hard because we're in session now or usually every
9:35 am
week, so i spend four days and three nights every week away from home. it's hard to complain about that when you have military men and women who leave for a whole year. >> sure. >> but we take the kids along with us. i do dairy breakfast parades and fairs -- >> the kids roller blade in the parades. >> my kids -- >> along the way. >> my kids think parades are for passing out lit, they don't know people actually go to plaids to enjoy them. [laughter] >> we went to disney and we got to watch the parade. they were really miffed by that, that they were watching the parade and not in the disney parade. [laughter] >> by the way, i've only met one of your little ones, and you have no better surrogate than that precious little baby of yours, let me tell you. just a love. >> all right. we'll come back to the couch in a moment. i don't know if you saw it, it was breaking news on fox report last night, a cold case turning red hot thanks to a tv documentary. and now the wealthy real estate heir, robert durst is in police custody after being linked to
9:36 am
two killings and his wife's disappearance. we'll have the very latest on that. and indiana may become the first state to adopt so-called baby boxes as part of its safe haven law, but many people are questioning whether the proposal does more harm than good. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> well it looks like a mailbox or a pet carrier, but it's for newborn babies, and it's causing quite a controversy. the so-called baby box is for parents who wish to anonymously give up their newborns without prosecution and indiana may be the first state to install them as part of its safe haven law. the boxes have heating or cooling pads and sensors that are supposed to help protect newborns. several european and asian countries already have them and one local firefighter and paramedic says it's a great idea. >> there are these girls that don't want their faces seen and
9:41 am
we're finding babies abandoned in woods creeks dumpsters. those are the babies that we are targeting with these boxes, those are the women that need us. >> but opponents say that the baby boxes reinforce shame and may keep mothers from getting medical care and support services like making an adoption or parenting plan. rachel, i'm going to go to you on this one. how does it reinforce shame and prevent them from getting medical services? these women would rather, i guess, that the baby and the mother don't get any help? it doesn't make any sense. >> it makes no sense. obviously, the most vulnerable perp among the mother and the baby at that moment at the tomb of a newborn birth is the baby. and what we should do is make it as ease acitizen possible for that -- as easy as possible more that baby to get the care. it does happen. we hear all the time about babies that are abandoned, you know, in trash bins in toilets, in bathrooms. and the other thing is i guess
9:42 am
some of the laws are where there's only up to 48 hours, and there's a lot of pro-life groups that are trying to expand that time and make sure that women can anonymously -- with no fear of prosecution -- leave the babies there. i think it's absolutely the most humane thing we can do. >> congressman, what do you think? i mean, these lawmakers say this is a big problem, and this is a solution that they're putting forward to help these babies live and not have these mothers face that shame. >> i am all about saving babies' lives and if we have stories of babies being dropped in trash bins and out in the forest obviously, this is a great solution. i haven't hard of this as being a problem at least in wisconsin where we're having this issue where babies are being abandoned because we don't have boxes like this, but this is happening in indiana and we can save babies' lives, i'm all for it. i would hope they want to expand the program, and sometimes i feel like i want to put my 8-year-old son in a box. [laughter] no, he's well behaved. >> haste, i want to go to --
9:43 am
harris, i want to go to you because i remember reading in my hometown, allentown pennsylvania, this does happen. the media doesn't cover a lot of these stories, but a woman disposed of her child in the bathroom, it was a horrific story. >> i do want to say something, though, about these boxes because they are used in other p countries. this would be the first state in the united states to do so indiana. they have a cooling pad and warming coils so there is some concern about whether or not the children are safe in there with something that's triggered to keep them warm and cool. but looked at -- look at the options. is that's one thing. and the orr, they have these alarms on these boxes so if you open them and there's weight inside, an alarm goes off to let authorities know that, you know, there's a child in there. what you would hope is that whomever is going to leave one of these boxes would feel comfortable leaving them out in the open because if you return hem to the woods, your going to
9:44 am
have just as much a problem finding this kid. so there are some things i know they're working out with the boxes. my mom was a social worker, so i'm really close to this issue of children being in harm's way parents are struggling it gives them at least another safe haven option. we can maybe make it safer but that they're considering this means it's important. >> jedediah, we've seen states spend money on wacky stuff so why not spend it on something that could save a life. >> exactly. anything that facilitates getting these babies a proper home. it's a much better alternative. i think initially when people look at the boxes it looks like a dog carrier in some cases, but when you think about babies being left out in the open, in starbucks, in the wilderness the hope is moms will see there's a safer option and take that option. >> nickelodeon under fire after a popular kids' show airs an image of a topless women. why some parents say this is part of a larger issue -- no pun
9:45 am
spended -- and they're sick of having to police everything their kids watch. up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ mom ] with life insurance, we're not just insuring our lives... we're helping protect his. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. >> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first though, let's go to jon
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scott with what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon: it is one of the big stories of the weekend robert durst agreed to be extradited to california just a few minutes ago. he had a hearing last hour in louisiana. he is facing murder charges in california in the death of a longtime friend back in 2000. stocks on a roll today, the dow up nearly 200 points. at one point. it's been several weeks of losses for the market, but today health care and utility stocks are surging. oil prices though, falling to a suggestion-year low. and they are picking up the pieces and tallying up the damage after a powerful cyclone tore through the island chain of vanuatu. as much as 95% of the buildings in the capital damaged or destroyed. the death toll is at six so far, but that number can't anded to rise. we'll have it for you, "happening now." >> we'll see you at the top of hour, jon thank you. >> parents are outraged at nick nickelodeon of after a scene in
9:50 am
a popular kids' show showed a framed picture of a top he is women. the french-animated comedy airs on nick tunes and one father says his 8-year-old child spotted the picture. we covered up part of it for this daytime tv show. nickelodeon says it missed the image and has since pulled the episode but others say this stuff has been going on for years with some pointing to scenes in the little mermaid, the lion king and the rescuers. so we have little kids and we also are around the same age i remember being able to, you know get up in the morning, my parents could sleep in and we could watch saturday morning cartoons, and my parents felt it was super safe. do you feel same way right now? >> but it's ebbed and flowed. because, you know, at least for a few decades cartoons are extremely violent, right? >> uh-huh. >> so that has always kind of been part of the nomenclature, but this is a show about really gross bugs -- [laughter]
9:51 am
and i don't think the kids necessarily would have seen that image. my question was, why was it there in the first place? with jessica rabbit who was, you know, kind of me at halloween time -- [laughter] it's on purpose, what you see. with betty boop back in the day for my parents, you know her -- she was, you know what he looked like. she was rather -- yeah, you know? that was on purpose. if this is clandestine what purpose does it serve if nobody really is going to see it? >> what sickos are working at nickelodeon -- [laughter] and show these to little kids? putting a bare-breasted lady on the wall is unacceptable. i remember when we used to wash casper the friendly ghost and the brady bunch -- >> fat albert. >> the worst thing we could do with scooby doo was saying shaggy was smoking marijuana because he had the munchies. he wasn't out there smoking. thank god for netflix, though, my kids with watch these old school programs that are far
9:52 am
more tame than bare-breasted women -- >> i never knew the subtext on scooby doo -- >> you didn't? you never knew the drug innuendo? >> nickelodeon is a good point because the first lady goes to nickelodeon's kids' choice awards, she's very much a part of it. we know she's championing school line up pes. should she be championing as mom inform -- mom in chief making tv more kid-friendly? >> yeah, that's true. but remember we don't want government coming in and telling us what to do too much. i think it's the job of parents in many cases if it's a film, i always say watch it in advance, see if there's something if it that you don't like. if it's a cartoon, i don't know if kids would have noticed it. how does it get through programming? like, how many people looked at that and not one person spotted it? i think they put it in for the adults sometimes, because i don't think any kid would have p
9:53 am
even realized what that was or put two and two together to realize it was racy. >> nick load done said in a statement they just missed it. but to your point, congressman, there's always some sick computer programmer who's trying to get -- [laughter] i don't know if i want the obamas in my cartoons. they're already trying to take away my cheeseburger, and i don't like it. we're going to ask rachel and sean what they think about this new study that says rewarding kids with gifts can turn them into materialistic far cystic adults. >> what? ♪ ♪
9:54 am
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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♪ >> get it jv. >> oh, yes. >> rewarding your children's good behavior turn them in to adult. researchers intrude 700 people and found adults that were rewarded with toys and other gifts from childhood rewarded them with material items. they were more likely to judge other people based on their possessions, end quote.
9:58 am
>> as being part of a family there is certain things to do like washing dishes and cleaning the bed room. but certain things we ask the kids like mowing the line and paying to do it i think we get rewarded through hard work. but it is having the right balance. there is family choirs and choirs beyond. >> i guess you agree and you live in a house with seven kids. and my mom would take me to the ice cream parlor for the banana split. do you want such and such gift or a long time with mommy and daddy. that is super special.
9:59 am
and we have that many kids and i think there should be a balance and some things that we do such and such and we'll buy you roller blades in the end of the summer and i do think that we should think about the time gifts. gifts of your time. >> and one thing that we have talked about is how you work dates in. is this officially a date for you, congressman? >> we went to the airport yesterday in wisconsin, and we see the folks at tsa, and you guys have a little alone time and no kids with you. nexcept for the 200 people? >> and i learned something. you rewarded yourself with a banana split and when i do something good i reward myself with a banana split. >> great to have you, congressman. >> and nice to have you both on
10:00 am
the couch. >> actually, we'll stay here for out numbered over time on the web. and you can jump on the live chat which is cooking and with anything you want to say with these two. back to "happening now". >> and fox news alert. hillary clinton speaking to a key block of voters this afternoon. >> it is her first public appearance since a new's conference in which she addressed the e-mail scandal. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> and a shocking admission from a multimillionaire connected to two unsolved crimes. >> killed them all. >> robert durst's comments turning up the heat the on a cold case. >> will the letter that 47


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