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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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just prior to the tip-off of the first game. >> we don't have one going. should we get one? >> sure. >> is that legal? >> i don't know. >> i guess we should ask the lawyers first. >> probably. >> if navy and army aren't participating we're like -- >> mike krzyzewski, only army guy. >> "the real story" with shannon bream in for gretchen starts now. thanks, guys. new and potentially bigger problem than e-mails for hillary clinton and her foundation taking foreign money. did some money from the cia, talking about your taxpayer dollars, wind up in the hands of al qaeda? and the white house just confirming that david petraeus is still advising the administration. i'm shannon bream in for gretchen carlson. and "the real story" starts right network. robert durst waived extradition today in a new orleans courtroom after being
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arrested saturday on a warrant for the killing of susan berman in 2000. but his attorney says extradition is delayed because prosecutors in new orleans are considering charges against durst as well. before her death, susan berman, on the right there, had served as durst's spokesperson. regarding the disappearance of his wife katt lean in 1982 which remains unsolved. now in a new hbo documentary series, durst appears to make a shocking confession about the two women's cases along with a third case involving the 2001 shooting death of his texas neighbor. >> there it is. he was right. i was wrong. what the hell did i do? >> john roberts is live at the courthouse in new orleans. what is the latest? >> shannon bream, good afternoon to you. about 2 1/2 hours ago robert
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durst appeared in court in an orange jumpsuit wearing handcuffs and leg irons. he was held in isolation for a while where he appeared to be either meditating or asleep. he finally said that this was a precooked deal with the prosecution, that he would waive an extradition hearing, that he was willing to go back to los angeles immediately to face whatever charges might await him there. but it could be a while before he goes out. right after the hearing his high-powered defense attorney from houston emerged to say that prosecutors in new orleans may not be done with robert durst just yet. >> we came here to waive jurisdiction and to go back to california and to get it on. bob durst didn't kill susan berman. he's ready to end all the rumor and speculation and have a trial. but we're frustrated because the localre considering filing charges on him here and holding him here. we're ready to go to california
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and have a trial. >> durst was arrested saturday afternoon in new orleans after los angeles police developed new evidence police say ties durst to the december 2000 murder of durst's friend, susan berman. investigators believe berman may have been killed because she had information about the still unsolved disappearance of durst's wife, kathleen back in 1982 that she was going to share with fox's judge jeanine pirro. we don't yet know the nature of the charges that durst may face here in new orleans. i asked dick degaron about that. the potential charges related to contraband or -- >> i said [ inaudible ] -- >> when do you expect he might be in l.a.? >> i was hoping he'd be there this week. he's not going to be there this week. >> we do not know what charges new orleans district attorney may be pursuing here. but we get a little bit of a tip
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from the arrest report, shannon, in which it says when he was arrested in the lobby of the jw marriott on canal street, he was in possession of a handgun. and as far as we know, no formal charges yet have been filed in los angeles against mr. durst though the magistrate here did tip his hand as to the direction the l.a. county district attorney may be going and saying, if you're extradited back to los angeles, you will face first-degree murder charges? >> so much more to this. and that hbo "confession," i see a lot of potential problems with that. we'll see how it plays out in this case. john, thank you. this is a fox news alert. hillary clinton making her first public appearance since last week's news conference, addressing the controversy over her use of a personal e-mail server. clinton just wrapping up a keynote speech in new york. as the event was getting under
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way, fox news learned new information about how this e-mail investigation might play out, all while a new report sheds more light on contributors to the clinton foundation. ed henry live here in person. good to see you. d.c. taking over. just for a few days here. it's been a brutal week since that news conference that she had. we've gotten fact sheets, clarification statements. what's the latest? >> this might be the softening of hillary clinton. this irish-american event, a chance for her to show first of all she's a grandma. she at one point was holding up this shamrock sweater they gave her as a gift for her granddaughter. a chance to talk about peacemaking as she did as secretary of state and first lady to try and help northern ireland. never mind she's not actually irish. the organizers point out she has relatives from england and wales and scotland but not actually ireland. and when they toasted, she held up water. trying to turn the page from that e-mail controversy.
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new information last night. her office clarifying their own talking points from last week saying we actually did go through every e-mail before we deleted them. that's not what they were saying a week ago. secondly, still this uncertainty about whether she's vowed she would turn over all of her records before leaving the state department. i was at that event and caught up with her briefly. here's what she said. >> did you say that separation statement? she said, hi, how are you? very happy and cheery but did not want to answer the e request. interesting the state department, same question to jen psaki and she said, we're trying to get an answer. this is the third time in a week the state department's been at the podium did she sign it or not and they're still trying to get an answer. >> how tough is it to track down one document from the secretary of state? it's not some low-level
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employee. you would think her stuff would be readily assessable. are you getting more information about -- >> interesting. someone else from washington was at this same hotel in manhattan. mitch mcconnell, he was having another meeting, not attending the former secretary's speech. i said, what do you think about this e-mail controversy? he told me the house is investigating that. you have two different republican committee chairmen doing it. he said he's more interested in probing the clinton foundation, the money that poured in while she was secretary of state. there was supposed to be a firewall there. cbs news reporting today that in fact $2 million came in in 2013 after she left from a chinese company with close ties to the government in beijing. the question is going to be was she doing any fund-raising that brought that money in when she wasn't supposed to be? also in the house, meanwhile, trey gowdy chairing that benghazi committee, he's talking about a subpoenas list. >> if the public believes that it is reasonable for her to turn
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over that server which contains public information to a neutral detached arbiter, not congress but a retired judge or an archivist or an inspector general, she'll be forced to do so. otherwise, the house as an institution may be forced to go to court to try to get access to that. >> you can hear republicans trying to raise the stakes maybe going to court to get control of this server that the clintons have. they say they paid for it with private funds, not taxpayer money. that is clearly the center of all this and there's various congressional committees that want to talk to her about it. >> she seemed very happy to see you. >> she did. >> thanks, ed. good to see you. for more on this let's talk to chris stirewalt, he joins us now live. hi chris. >> shannon bream. >> these topics based there in d.c. and possibly the former secretary's chances in return
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there to the white house, this time not as first lady but as the 39. what do you make of this? we have gotten new clarifications in statements and nuances to things that have been said and things that haven't been said. >> the political reality for her is that democrats -- there was a period of time where democrats said it would be nice to have a challenger for her because then she could warm up a little bit and she wouldn't be so rusty going in. then there's the phase where they said, we might actually need a challenger. now the thing that's happening and this is key, as you see her -- the one declared rival she has, martin o'malley, who is actually irish, that he is swinging harder. he's hitting harder. . in an interview with a "washington post" columnist, he went after the triangulation, the clinton brandword, for cutting a deal with the other side. he said, we don't need triangulation. we need to hold true to our principles. those kinds of attacks are going to increase because she looks
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more vulnerable and it becomes a self-fulfilling process. >> and what about the maureen dowd column? open letter not just to hillary clinton. she signed it, from america. but she has scathing language in there about the clintons, the suggestion that they think they're above the law, that they do things the way they want to do them and it's not going to be okay, at least not with maureen dowd. >> we talked about this before. i think maureen dowd is quite right. she is vicious. she lacerates the former first lady. but maureen dowd is quite right about this. the message from hillary clinton, that press conference wasn't about talking to the press. that was talking to democrats to say, suck it up, i'm your nominee, you don't have any other choice, you have no other options and you're going to go along with this even though you find it grubby and seedy and it reminds you of all these things in the package and the baggage -- but the message is clear to democrats, i'm all
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you've got, i'm not offering you any excuses or a rationale. she said, the server will remain private, raspberry. >> speaking of martin o'malley let's take a look now at the power grid rankings. who's up? who's down this week? where do you want to start? >> i think o'malley -- here's the thing. martin o'malley makes a great case for getting in the mix. all these other people are thinking about running. martin o'malley actually is running and he's out there talking to the base and he's trying it out. elizabeth warren on the other hand, she's probably hurting her party and probably hurting her party's chances of moving hillary clinton to the left. she's unwilling but still holding up space that other candidates could come in and tap into that energy. so he's acting as a wet blanket. but o'malley is -- it's a long shot but he's out there trying. >> he is. let's talk about the republicans. you have somebody moving up that i'm not 100% convinced is going to run but you know more than i
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do. >> who? >> let's see. up two spaces this week. senator ted cruz out of texas. and rand paul down one slot. >> i think ted cruz has demonstrated that he's really going to run. and for many in the republican base, his "take no prisoners" tough rhetoric, he appeals to social conservatives. ted cruz, put it this way if ted cruz wants it badly enough, he can be -- there's going to be one survivor from the right wing. there's going to be one candidate whether it's ben carson rick santorum cruz can be the guy if he wants to be. >> chris stirewalt, always good to see you. >> you bet. did your:b end up in the hands of al qaeda? recent letters from osama bin laden shedding light on that question. plus, the state department quick to clarify secretary of state john kerry's comments about syrian president bashar al
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new developments in the devastating syrian civil war. secretary of state john kerry says syrian president bashar al assad should be included in negotiations to reach a political transition there. but the deputy spokeswoman for the state department is clarifying that comment tweeting john kerry repeated longstanding policy that we needed negotiated process with regime at table, did not say we would negotiate directly with assad. but assad seen here with kerry in 2009 says he wants actions, not words. joining us now former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, ambassador john bolton, also a fox news contributor. assad saying we don't care
11:17 am
about declarations from the outside. this is for the syrian people to decide. >> john kerry said assad needed to be a part of the negotiation. i think his big mistake was he said what he actually believes and what he has believed from the get-go. in fact, i don't think that the administration will do much of anything in negotiations that will possibly upset either iran or russia. assad's two biggest outside sponsors, because the president cares more than anything else about this nuclear deal with iran and assad, it's not on his priority list. >> the clarifications from the state department saying we need to negotiate with representatives of the regime, they can be at the table it's not going to be us directly associating with assad, does it make a difference? >> no. we're clarifying what the secretary said. he didn't say what you thought you heard him say. he didn't mention assad and use the pronounce he and him several times. there won't be any effective negotiation without assad being
11:18 am
a major part of it. i think it's a demonstration that really our major concern ought to be with the ayatollahs in iran, it's the regime in iran that's the main problem. >> another tidbit we'd like to hear from you about surfacing, could some of your taxpayer dollars have ended up in the hands of al qaeda? we know that the cia provided cash to afghanistan's president, hamid karzai. but there are reports that there was money to went to free a hostage held by that terror group. many documents were seized from bin laden's hideout on the night he was killed, including a letter from the mastermind himself. he said god blessed us with a good amount of money this month
11:19 am
so we decided to proceed with a financial exchange and we will set aside a good portion of the money to gain release. it seems a bit strange somewhat because in a country like afghanistan, usually they would not pay this kind of money to free one of their men. they accepted the arrangement on the payment on the basis that the money will be moving under air surveillance. he hinted he thought the americans knew about this money. that's our tax dollars. >> right. i think he's a little paranoid. he should have been because he knew we were after him. i think what we have here probably is a case of lax management by the cia. money's fungible. when the afghan government or anybody else that's getting money from us gets additional resources from somebody else, whether it's u.s. dollars or dollars given by some other government that goes to pay this kind of ransom, i don't think makes that much difference. what i do think makes the
11:20 am
difference is it's not advisable, especially in the context of hamid karzai in afghanistan to give this money without having a pretty good scrutiny attached to it. the karzai recipient kept on a short leash. i think it's possible we did not do that. >> i thought it was interesting that bin laden seems to discuss that he thought there could be poison or radiation on the physical money itself. >> if only we were that good. >> and we're learning so much from these documents that we have not access to. and we're learning much more. ambassador, thank you so much. a man charged in the shooting of two police officers in ferguson. the investigation is far from over. the suspect says he wasn't aimed at those injured officers and what he's telling investigators about his actual target. and we'll go inside political as some of the biggest republicans hopefuls for 2016
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smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. new information now coming out about the shooting of two ferguson, missouri, police officers with the suspect who was just arrested telling police he was not targeting law enforcement but he was aiming at someone else. mike tobin is live in ferguson. they say this is the shooter. >> right. the prosecutor says 23-year-old jeffrey williams admitted he fired the shots that hit those two police officers and physical evidence supports the idea that he did it. >> there's a weapon recovered which has been tied to the shell casings that were recovered there weapon recovered from him and he's acknowledged his participation in firing the
11:25 am
shots. >> now, williams is local. the protesters are distancing themselves from him. but there are reports he came here on wednesday night to support the demonstrations. >> the prosecutor sounds like he's not buying williams' story that he didn't intend to hit these officers. >> right. and we're getting williams' story through a local demonstrator, an activist who says he visited williams in jail. and williams says that he never intended to hit those police officers. in fact he says he fired those shots in self-defense. >> he said that a protester was trying to rob him and he said that he could not describe the protester. and i asked him if he could have shared with us there was leaders out there, there was law enforcement, if someone was going to rob him, he should have let us knew that so that we can have his back. >> now, the county prosecutor says he's not buying that story. in fact, the bishop who went
11:26 am
into the jail to speak with him also says he doesn't believe the story he's getting from williams. >> mike tobin thank you. amid the growing controversy over hillary clinton's missing e-mails, the white house is getting caught in the middle. a new editorial blasting the obama administration for its secrecy. we're going to talk to former white house official andy card. and a stunning admission by the white house about general david petraeus. you may not believe what his new job is all about.
11:27 am
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zblrvelgs a massive cyclone hits vanuatu. at least six people confirmed dead and that number is expected to rise. boston breaking a record for the snowiest winter. more than 2 inches of snow on monday. logan airport hit nearly 109 inches, talking about 9 1/2 feet of snow for the season so far. chicago's former sears tower changing hands. the willis tower is being bought for $1.3 billion. as questions swirl over hillary clinton's personal e-mail use, an interesting op-ed takes a look at the white house's commitment to transparency. in "usa today," it was written, quote agencies have released records either in full or in part for more than 90% of requests processed for disclosure. but the editorial board commenting on how agencies are responding to the freedom of
11:31 am
information act writing quote, make more public records be truly public, on his first day in office in 2009, president obama promised that transparency would be one of the touchstones of this presidency maybe the message got lost in the mail or the e-mail. even six years later, many federal agencies haven't gotten it. andy card, former white house chief of staff under president bush, with us here. there is so much that happens and so many people want to know every detail. the administration says it's going to be the most transparent in history. but there are plenty of skeptics. >> they haven't lived up to expectations. and they're the ones that set the expectation. so that's the challenge. but i do wish the federal government would more transparent with how it does its work. i don't want it to give out secrets or prevent the president from being able to do his job. but i do think if the law says you're supposed to make the information available to the
11:32 am
american people, to congress so that they can use it to make sound decisions, it should be provided. i'm frustrated by what is not happening in the government. i'm also frustrated by some of the things that does happen. i'm particularly concerned that they haven't been as transparent as they promised to be, nor as transparent as they should be. >> and there are so many different groups -- media outlets tzh?g@7lztóuafkp@)' k so i think there's selective compliance with the foia request
11:33 am
and with the foia law. that's the challenge i have. i think they're playing maybe not politics but they're playing selective memory challenges and it's in response to what the american people care about. so kind of fooling the american public or denying the american public the right for answers that are pretty legitimate questions. i don't think the questions are not appropriate. the answers just are not forthcoming. >> and we've all seen in recent years a number of the congressional investigations that are onongoing. and democrats say they're witch hunts, no purpose behind them. but we'll see what the committees have released that they've gotten back. not talking about subpoenas. entire sheets that are just blacked and marked out. some things are confidential. but it seems sometimes that there are politics in play and they'll say, listen, we'll give you alt pagel the pages but there won't be any words on them for
11:34 am
you to read. >> i understand why the president should have the ability to keep information such that he can make sound policy. i'm not against redactions. i think redactions are a reality and they should take place but they should be rare not the norm. and it appears that they've become the norm rather than the rarity. and so maybe there's more redaction than is necessary. some is definitely necessary. i don't want secrets going out. i don't want the president's ability to do his job to be compromised. but that's a pretty high test. it shouldn't be based on what a justice department official says. it really should be what the white house says is an important matter to keep confidential. >> at the end of the day, we are the american taxpayer and all of these agencies under whatever administration work for us. and that's information that the american people should have access to with the exceptions you talked about. white house press secretary
11:35 am
releasing information that general david petraeus is advising the white house. >> he's an expert when it comes to the security situation in iraq. so i think it makes a lot of sense for senior administration officials on occasion to consult him for advice. >> no longer has the cia security clearance but has years of experience with watching the groups come together and the factions that have turned into what we now know as isis. what do you think of this? >> i think it's a good thing. president obama should get help from all quarters. and general petraeus does have expertise. i'm glad the president reached out to him for support and to find out what should be happening. i think the president should reach out to some other people who served with president bush for example, that could make a difference in understanding. we've got to get together to defeat isis. so all hands on deck. i have no problem with this. no, he should not get into matters where he no longer has a security clearance. but his wisdom i think, would be valuable. i do think there's some hypocrisy as this is going on
11:36 am
because if other people are involved that shouldn't be, we should know about it. i think general petraeus actually has credibility to be involved. so i'm pleased the white house has reached out to him. i don't view that as something that i would say should come to an end. bring in smart people who understand the challenges. >> there are questions folks are raising about general petraeus. obviously in the midst of a plea deal right now with regard to accusations that he allowed his biographer and alleged mistress to see classified information. and there are questions in some people's minds about why he is being treated this way and still given access to the white house and still working on them with things when others have committed similar or lesser charges that are still under all kinds of investigations or criminal indictments. >> that's the hypocrisy that concerns me. i want people held accountable to the law. and david petraeus has been held accountable to the law, according to what i've read anyway. i think we're yet to see what a judge has to say about the plea
11:37 am
deal that has been entered into. but that's difference than his expertise. i do think when it comes to giving out classified information that's a very serious violation of law. and you should not selectively review or impose sanctions on that aspect of violating the law. i think it should be -- justice should have a blind eye to it. and everyone should be treated equally and they're not. >> it's great to have you here. congratulations on your gig up in new england. >> franklin pierce university in ridge, new hampshire, it's a great institution. i'm thrilled to be there. we have some phenomenal young leaders that are going to make a difference in this world. >> and you all survived the snow together. thanks, andy. >> great to see you. new hampshire's politics. senior political correspondent
11:38 am
mike emanuel is live in washington with more. what are we hearing from these potential candidates these days? >> carly fiorina is speaking to a women's group in washington. the theme of the event is the so-called war on women is phony and they are looking at female economic and security concerns. meanwhile, texas senator ted cruz is in new hampshire taking aim at the washington bureaucracy. >> there is a populist moment right now to push for a flat tax and to shut down the irs. that will only happen if it comes from the people. it will only happen if there is a grassroots movement behind it. >> although he is a current united states senator cruz is selling that he hasn't become part of the culture here. >> meanwhile, mike two of the early favorites chris crossing new hampshire over the weekend, very different styles there. >> no question about that. jeb bush says on immigration and common core he's planning to stand his ground.
11:39 am
>> i've learned, though that because something's controversial or you have a view that the narrative the so-called political narrative has been built up you don't abandon your core beliefs. you go persuade people as i've tried to do about why i'm for higher standards. and those that have been implementing them and have had a hard time dealing with it they'll have their chance to sort that out in their own way. >> meanwhile, wisconsin governor scott walker emphasized that he did not come from fame or fortune. >> my father was a preacher. my mom was a secretary part time, raised my brother and i. my grandparents on one side were farmers where my mom didn't have indoor plumbing until she went off to junior high. my grandfather was a machinist for 40 years. >> i understand that governor walker was bragging about the fact that his sweater cost $1.
11:40 am
there's that. politics is interesting. thank you. >> be responsible with the people's money. check out this wild motorcycle chase in canada. police in british columbia chasing the biker through a mall. it went down the escalator there and through the front doors. the driver did actually get away but police got the bike. they just didn't get the suspect. let's check in with shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. i would want you to be narrating that if it was playing out live. >> okay, i'm ready. >> we'll see if there are any motorcycle chases at 3:00 p.m. >> thank you, thank you. the islamic state is not stopping with burning people alive and carving off their heads. there's word isis has added poisonous gas to its list of weapons and that could mean a lot more deaths on the battlefield. according to kurdish officials, this weapon dissolves its victim's skin, burns through eyes and eventually makes it impossible to breathe. we'll speak with a former
11:41 am
pentagon adviser about this escalation and how it could shake up the fight against the islamic state. that's at the top of the shower on "shepard smith reporting." >> thank you, shep. jurors in the boston bombing trial getting an up-close look at a key piece of evidence, that boat where tsarnaev was hiding out for hours before his arrest. the latest as that trial unfolds. and big changes for facebook users. the new guidelines that could motivate others to treat others with more respect. 80% of the poor in africa are rural farmers. 96% of them are doing rain-fed agriculture. they're all competing with each other; they're all making very low margins making enough to survive but not enough to get out of poverty. so kickstart designs low cost irrigation pumps enabling them to grow high value crops throughout the year so you can make a lot of money.
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♪ grind virtually any kind of food waste into an unending source of electrical power for a city? when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. jurors in the trial of the boston marathon bomber took a look at that boat tsarnaev was hiding out in. molly line is there for us. a picture is worth a thousand
11:45 am
words, right? >> exactly. the jurors got a chance to go to this south boston warehouse where they got a look at the boat from dzhokhar tsarnaev was eventually found hiding days after the bombing. this was done under heavy security. also there, tsarnaev himself. he was under a white pop-up tent sitting passively as he has inside the courthouse. a forklift lifted jurors to get a look at the debris-ridden vessel. the boat also filled with bullet holes. reporters selected to be present for this, counted at least 110 bullet holes some of which were taped over. one piece of tape with the number 207 written on it. here's one reporter. >> there were at least 50 bull holes on the port side lower down. there were at least ten on the rail.
11:46 am
there were at least eight on the hull on the port side. on the stern, there were 15. on the starboard side, there were 15 or so. >> several police officers took the stand today as well detailing that dangerous shootout with the tsarnaev brothers that nearly claimed the life of a transit officer. the impact of one bomb that was thrown was so jarring that he couldn't see afterwards. he had to reholster his gun in the battle. one officer exchanged gunfire directly with tamerlan dzhokhar the older brother. he says tamerlan charged him firing until ultimately his gun jammed and he just threw his gun at the officer. tamerlan ran. he ran after him and tackled him. ultimately working to get the cuffs on him until he could see that stolen suv coming right for him. he tried to pull tamerlan out of
11:47 am
the way and was unsuccessful as doing that. and tamerlan was sucked under the vehicle and dragged. tamerlan died of those injuries. and the trial progressing for dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> new revelations every day, molly line, thank you so much. joining me for more on the case, lis wiehl. good to see you. i have to tell you, it seems like it happened yesterday when you hear and see this evidence. i have to think taking a jury on a field trip to see something this specific has to have an impact. >> very emotional for them obviously to go out and see this and very rare for a whole jury to be picked up from that courtroom and taken on a field trip doesn't happen very often. but the judge says, we're looking at the boat in its entirety, not just the note. the defense is going to say, most of those 100-plus bullets were coming from the police into the -- so the poor defendant was huddling for his life. the prosecution is going to say,
11:48 am
look at that note, look at that bloodstained note. look at the content of that note. it shows independent thinking. remember, the defense wants to paint this guy as oh i was just following my big brother. his brother was dead at this point and he's still writing about how muslims need to stay together and killing u.s. civilians. >> he talked about allegedly in this note that looks like by all accounts this is what he was writing as he was trapped in that boat, injured and obviously traumatized, as you said, the death of his brother had already happened. and he talks about, i didn't want to kill innocent people but in this case, it was justified. >> because the big, bad u.s. has killed our people. the prosecution is really going to pounce on that to say if he was really under the thumb of the older brother, that was over at this point. he could have given himself up, done many, many things rather than be in that boat and write all these terrible things about killing american civilians. >> what do you think about -- you mentioned it, the defense will hammer on the fact that we're not talking about five
11:49 am
bullet holes. >> right. i don't really think that will carry much water. but you talked about the context, nearly two years ago. boston shut down, the whole city shut down for this manhunt for these two people. this was way after the bombing, after the guard was shot down and then the race ensued. there were a lot of bullet holes. you think? the guy had been chased by police for nearly a week, the whole city was shut down. everyone was traumatized. i don't really think that will make much of a difference against the prosecution. >> what do you make of the defense plan here to basically say he did it but they're going to do whatever they can to save his life? >> i think it was a smart plan. they know that nobody's not going to believe this guy isn't guilty. he's guilty. by coming out and saying in opening statements he's guilty, he did it but there are mitigating circumstances, i think they were trying to sort of give themselves some credibility with this jury and say, look we're not going to lie to you, jury we know he did
11:50 am
it but he was under the thumb of his brother. there were mitigating circumstances because let's face it, the whole issue in this trial is not the trial itself, the finding of guilt. it's whether he gets the gets the death penalty. >> that's a gamble the defense has made. >> right. >> thank you for lending us your expertise. good to hear from you. this lifeguard doesn't anyone sun screen. it's a drone being used to help save lives on the beach. you got to see it in action. >> new rules for facebook users. what you will no longer be allowed to post on the social media network.
11:51 am
okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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now with the xfinity tv go app, you can watch live tv anytime. it's never been easier with so many networks all in one place. get live tv whenever you want. the xfinity tv go app. now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. an eye in the could i to help out lifeguards on the beach with drones being used in rescue operations. they are fitted with a float
11:54 am
the drone takes off overhead. the drone then drops the float to the swimmer in trouble. while they're monitored by an onboard cam remark there's also a speaker and microphone which lets lifeguards give instructions to the swimmer in real-time. cool. >> you better be careful what you post on facebook. the associate network update community guidelines say the new rues motivate users to treat eve other with empathy and respect. trace gallagher is live with more. i'm worried about me page. >> reporter: you're totally fine. the big theme for facebook is that it supports free speech as long as what you said you exercises itself with empathy and respect. so the company is kind of tinkering with guidelines. nudity and porn naggraph has been banned but fanny shots were debatable. now full on possess steer your pictures will be taken town, and
11:55 am
breasts will be taken dune until it's during breast-feeding and sculptures will be allowed for artistic value, and you can tell your facebook friends about your hot new relationship as long as the description doesn't go into graphic details now, if you are a terrorist you cannot have a facebook page. praising terrorist a no-no, burt you can post pictures of terrorists beheading people because that falls under raising awareness about terror or human rights abuses, hate speech also falls under the same nuance. racist statements, threats and bullying are not seasonable but sharing examples of other people's hate speech in an effort to raise awareness is acceptable. all this policing can be slow because facebook isn't scrapping its pages looking for violation. they mostly rely on facebook users to blow the whistle on improper content but then that
11:56 am
can take 48 hours to get rid of and by then the cat is out of the bag. >> basically just behave yourself and you won't get in trouble. >> reporter: that's correct. >> thank you very much. long time tradition and show of solidarity banned. while the milwaukee brewers doing away with post game high fives.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
here's what america is clicking on today. a massive fiesta in miami, thousands flocking to little havana for one of the largest street parties in the u.s. celebrating lattin culture. >> the milwaukee brewers taking a hands off approach, the team temporarily banning high fives after an operation of pink eye in spring training and ron hunter says he may have ruptured his achilles tendon while celebrating his team's win in the sunbelt conference championship. a drag racer miraculously
12:00 pm
escapes a terrifying crash. check it out. >> whoa -- . >> the car went airborne hitting the ground and splitting in half. the driver larry dixon thankfully walked away with minor injuries. now here shep. >> we start with the temperature of-durst, he beat the rap on one murder charge and investigators suspect him in two others and now he could finally facity. as an hbo crew recorded him talking to himself about the killings. but his lawyer says durst is innocent and claims he can clear his client's name. it is a huge story and we're all over it. plus, vladimir putin is alive. he popped up in public after disappearing for like ten days. so where in the world was vladimir putin? and is t


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