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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 16, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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don't blame him. >> can i be honest with you? i don't blame him either. >> wake up america. >> how big a deal. >> just do a hash tag wake up america. hillary clinton's team hits the back space key on last week's claim about how her personal e-mails were deleted. and now there are new questions about possible financial ties to the chinese government. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. one week after conceding she should have been smarter about using one smart phone as secretary of state hillary clinton says she took for granted that everyone knew what she meant when she said her personal e-mails had been deleted. chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us tonight there are new details about questionable fundraising with the potential to be an even
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bigger problem for the perspective presidential candidate. >> reporter: she's not even irish and guzzled water instead of guinness but hillary clinton was eager to showcase herself as a grandma and a states woman who got into the hall of fame because of efforts to help northern ireland. >> you cannot bring peace and security to people just by signing an agreement. >> reporter: her effort to turn the page from the e-mail trouble may not last either as clinton woke up to new questions about her tenure as secretary. cbs news reported a chinese construction company gave $2 million in 2013 to the now named bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation after she left state department but mitch mcconnell told fox it raises questions about whether clinton had a conflict and was raising
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money for the foundation during her time in office. while republicans in the house like chairman of the special benghazi committee are threatening to subpoena clinton's private e-mail server to determine if deleted e-mails were official business. >> the house as an institution may be forced to go to court to try to get access to that. >> reporter: clinton dodged a question from fox about whether she signed this document promising to account for all records in her position before leaving the state department. >> did you sign that statement. >> reporter: violating the terms of that document amounts to perjury though state department spokesperson would not disclose if clinton signed it. >> i understand why you are asking. we are looking for an answer. >> reporter: the clinton camp clarified that lawyers read every e-mail before deleted even though a fact sheet suggested otherwise. as offered reason why she wanted
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to shield e-mail. >> i suggest she didn't want someone rifling through her e-mails which seems like a reasonable position for someone to take. >> clinton is jumping into the fight over loretta lynch. mcconnell slowed nomination to be -- clinton tweeted out two tweets about a gop trifecta against women saying they are slowing the first african-american woman to be attorney general and playing politics with human trafficking and threatening woman's health and the idea that the talk about war on women may be coming back in 2016. >> henry live tonight in new york. another woman who has made no secret of her desire to be the first female president is stepping up her attacks on hillary clinton. senior political correspondent mike emanual has that story in tonight's 2016 roundup. >> reporter: former
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hewlett-packard ceo has been one of the harshest critics of hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. today after a weekend in iowa criticized clinton for only supporting women who share her views. >> hillary clinton said it's not enough to be a woman. you have to be a woman who believes and she then went through the litany of liberal beliefs. >> reporter: in new hampshire texas senator ted cruz appealed to rural voters selling ideas on scrapping the department of education and appallishing the tax collection agency. >> there is a populist moment right now to push for a flat tax and shut down the irs. that will only happen if it comes from the people. it will only happen if there is a grass root movement behind it. >> reporter: over the weekend two early front runners introduced themselves to voters. jeb bush showed he isn't planning to back away from his positions on immigration and the
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education standards known as common core. >> the way i have sorted it out is i think you need to be genuine. i think you need to have a back bone. i think you need to be able to persuade people. this is a national crisis and national priority. our country will not be as vibrant and dynamic as it needs to be unless we dramatically improve education outcomes in this country. >> reporter: scott walker visited many of the same places as bush and emphasized his humble beginnings. >> i didn't inherit fame or fortune. what i got was the belief than in america if you work hard and you play by the rules you should be able to do or be anything you want. >> reporter: while bush and walker have gotten much of the early attention recent polling suggests florida senator marco rubio is seen as many as acceptable alternative when majority of voters say they want change in 2016. meanwhile, there was a lighter moment over the weekend in iowa
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when rick santorum was signing autographs for supporters. while all feels like presidential campaign activity no one has taken the plunge so far from pace of travel it would seem at least some will start officially jumping in in april. >> thank you. let's turn it overseas. russian president vladimir putin is alive apparently well and amused about the absence of being out of public view. his military carries out his orders for a show of force. senior foreign affairs correspondent. >> reporter: after a ten-day absence from the public eye russian president vladimir putin met today as planned. putin's disappearance flaunt rumors for him being a victim of a coup to attending his girlfriend giving birth.
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most think he was ill. >> translator: president of russia walks and races and gives car rides to guests. >> translator: it will be boring without gossip, just boring. >> reporter: the attention to the no show under scored the increasingly dangerous domination of russia by putin. >> shows the top guy in russia and nothing works when he is not around and that kremlin is a black box. we don't know what is going on inside. >> reporter: just launched said to be in the orders another russian military exercise this one in the arctic region including some 40,000 russian troops, 50 ships and 100 aircraft. much like drills seen before the russian-backed fighting in eastern ukraine and annexation one year ago of ukraine's crimea peninsula. putin asserted he decided on the take over long before a referendum there. during those tensions he said he
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was close to putting his nuclear forces on high alert. >> we don't use nuclear threats in our vocabulary of diplomatic relations. >> reporter: there is currently a cease fire in eastern ukraine but the white house, nato and our own sources say that russian forces and their proxys are preparing again for battle with vladimir putin very much in charge. >> thank you. so what do you think putin was doing the last ten days? let me know at baier or on twitter. send us something good. we may use it in the panel a bit later. up next the white house asks republicans to back off on an iran deal. first here is what some fox affiliates are covering tonight. in boston as jurors in the marathon bombing trial visit bullet riddled boat in which
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defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev was captured. jurors were lifted up to get a look at the vessel. fox 5 in new york where they may be looking at a tough allergy season there. the medical correspondent says the west and southwest are reporting high pollen counts so the east can expect the same in coming weeks. this is a live look at phoenix from fox 10. big story there tonight two veterans father and son get their first look at their renovated home. the group called operation enduring gratitude spent about a year fixing up the place with donated equipment. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute
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meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. there are new reports tonight about the possible use of chemical weapons by isis
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terrorists. kurdish forces suggest chlorine was used. the foreign minister says the effort to retake tikrit is on hold. white house press secretary confirmed that general david petraeus is advising the obama administration on isis currently. petraeus has admitted sharing classified information with his mistress and lying to the fbi about it. earnest says it makes sense to use petraeus because of his expertise and contacts within iraq. meanwhile, in an interview released today the president seems to blame his predecessor for isis rampage. >> isil is direct outgrowth of al qaeda in iraq which grew out of our invasion which is an example of unintended consequences which is why we should aim before we shoot. >> reporter: the president says he is confident isis will be
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pushed out of iraq. the u.s. and iran are back at the negotiating table in switzerland two weeks ahead of the deadline for some kind of outline of a deal. james rosen is at the white house with the latest on the controversial talks. >> reporter: from speaker of iran's parliament and once the country's top nuclear negotiator came a startling declaration aimed at disspelling the idea that iran needs a nuclear deal more than u.s. and negotiating partners. >> translator: if the talks fail it will not be the end of the world and we will continue with our lives. >> reporter: after five hours of fresh talks secretary of state kerry cycled around where the u.s. and allies are putting pet pedal to metal. the white house vowed to veto legislation. the chief of staff warning senate foreign relations chairman she is calling into
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question our ability to negotiate this deal and making it much harder for future presidents to negotiate. >> something like that would have the effect of raising questions in the minds of the iranians about whether or not when the president reaches an agreement with them our commitment is good that we can't have a situation where you have some people in congress back seat driving. >> reporter: the state department confirmed the iranians have raised twice the letter that 47 gop senators sent last week suggesting next congress or president might abgate the deal kerry reaches. >> we certainly anticipate that the focus of the discussion will remain on issues at hand. in new hampshire a republican senator cited a recent speech that was greeted with chants of death to america. >> that wasn't 30 years ago. that was last year while our state department negotiators are
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swilling chardonnay in geneva and paris trying to negotiate this fool hearted deal. >> reporter: spokes men sought to clarify comments in which he suggests he would be willing to negotiate directly with syrian president bashar al assad in order to bring about an end to the bloody civil year there. aides say kerry was using assad as a figure of speech and someone responsible for the dect deaths of some 200,000 people would not be welcome at the negotiating table. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is warning supporters tonight that he could lose in tomorrow's election. back here at home there are accusations that the obama administration has done more than just root against netanyahu. here is correspondent doug mcelway. >> reporter: a stunning claim from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu that foreign governments are throwing money
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at his opponents. >> translator: a huge international effort with major money partnering up with leftist organizations here and media figures in order to bring down the government that i head. >> reporter: netanyahu's comments come as sources tell fox news a senate panel has begun looking into potential violations of the tax exempt status of an american 501 c 3 called one voice which runs an israeli subsidary. received a grant from the state department to advocate for mid east peace. >> i always saw it as a peace organization, an organization striving to get young people to stop throwing rocks at each other and start joining together for peaceful solution. >> reporter: critics say it is hardly about peace. >> the internet and streets are flooded with banners and commercials showing him as demonic figure. >> reporter: jeremy bird is a
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consultant for b until last november clark hensburg headed one voice. wrote israelis have grown weary of netanyahu and his sky is falling declarations. in january state department spokesman dismissed concerns about the grant to one voice. >> the grant ended before the advent of b 15. it ended before there was a declaration of an israeli election. >> just because the money stopped transferring in november of 2014 doesn't mean the money transferred isn't being used three months later to finance the campaign of hatred. >> reporter: asked about the senate's investigation of the $350,000 grant spokes woman said state will fully cooperate and that the department will work with whom ever wins the israeli election. >> thank you. 80 flights are coming into the south pacific following a
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devastating cyclone saturday. the country's president was attending a u.n. disaster conference in japan when the storm hit. united nations reported 24 people are confirmed dead and 90% of the buildings are damaged or destroyed. still ahead talk about reality tv. a millionaire seemingly confesses to murder from the bathroom. here we go again. the feds are back up against the debt ceiling. ave something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip!
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the federal government are once again pressed up against the debt ceiling tonight. fox business network correspondent tells us this time republican leaders are trying to assure there will be no default
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and no shut down. >> reporter: it's here, again, federal government has reached its borrowing limit. to avoid a debt default and ensure the government can pay bills starting today the treasury department will delay other payments to cover short falls. analysts say it can do that until october or november so congress has until this fall to figure out how to increase the borrowing limit. white house has maintained position that it refuses to negotiate. >> correct. this is the ordinary business that congress does. everyone from both parties understands or should understand that it needs to be done. >> reporter: last congress house republicans demonstrated they are unable to pass any bill without democrat votes. mitch mcconnell reiterated his prauls that the republican-controlled congress would never allow debt default. one analyst says they will do
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little about addressing debt in the process. >> we are at 18.2 right now. our estimate is we will hit 20 trillion earlier than that, earlier than 2022 despite the noise and headlines. in other words, the situation is worse now as far as indebtedness than it was three years ago when we began to take all of these actions. >> reporter: the government says it owes more than $18 trillion. a heritage foundation study says each american owes creditors $41,000. a child born this year will owe $142,000 by the time they finish college. the more the government borrows. the congressional budget office says the united states is spending nearly $230 billion a year on interest. >> thank you. >> a big day for the dow gaining 228 today.
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the s&p 500 up 28. the nasdaq finished ahead 58. a big discrepancy tonight over obamacare subscriber numbers. the administration says more than 16 million americans have gained coverage since the law took effect five years ago but an independent expert says the reality is fewer than 10 million people have signed up. the figures as the president prepares to celebrate the fifth anniversary of obamacare signing. president obama's epa goes after your backyard grill.
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or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. much of the country is waiting for spring warm weather grilling out and so is your government. environmental protection agency is funding a $15,000 project with the university of california to try to reduce emissions released during the grilling process. the study aims to minimize the amount of grease that comes into direct contact with open flames by sliding a tray into the grill while you flip your favorite summer fare. more grease would be caught in an air filtration system that may have to be powered with a
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hand crank. epa says the goal is to reduce air pollution and health hazards. critics aren't convinced, quote maybe epa will fulfill foia requests after they are done trying to fulfill your grill emissions. you can go in some neighborhoods and it is easier to buy a firearm than a book. people say well we should have firearms in kindergarten. we should have machine guns in bars. you think i'm exaggerating. >> exaggeration is exactly what earned the commander in chief three pi pin oakios for playing fast and loose with his
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language. and finally with ncaa tournament tipping off this week brackets are all around. according to one gambling group more than 70 million brackets will be filled out. for some perspective washington post points out that is more than votes cast for any presidential candidate ever. the one obvious difference is people can fill out more than one bracket unlike elections. 40 million people are expected to take part in guessing the winners for the ncaa tournament or about the same number of votes jimmy carter was elected with in 1976. a wealthy eccentric linked to a pair of killings and wife disappearance was in court today after shocking admission of guilt. john roberts has fascinating details tonight from new orleans. >> reporter: in the final episode of an hbo real crime mini series robert durst appears to give it all away caught in a
3:32 pm
live mic in the bathroom. >> killed them all of course. >> reporter: durst was arrested in new orleans after los angeles police say they uncovered now evidence tying durst to the murder of susan berman. police believe she may have been killed because she had information about the unsolved disappearance of durst's wife and was going to talk to prosecutors about it. durst waived his right to extradition hearing and said he would willingly return to los angeles to face first degree murder charges but it may be a while before durst can leave. >> bob durst is ready to end all the rumor and speculation and have a trial but we are frustrated because the local authorities are considering filing charges on him here and holding him here. >> reporter: orleans parish
3:33 pm
authorities won't say what the charges may be but in the arrest report he was described as quote armed and dangerous and a .38 caliber revolver was found in his possession. in addition to the so-called bathroom confession the documentary uncovered new evidence, a letter wrote to berman shortly before she was killed. the handwriting and misspelling of the word beverly similar to those sent to beverly hills police. the brother of durst's disappeared wife kathleen james mccormick says he is happy durst is behind bars. >> he was trying to get out of this country in a big way when the fbi arrested him. i was so happy to see that happen. >> reporter: two big questions for if and when durst is extradited to los angeles will all of the new evidence dug up by hbo be ad missable in court? and will the jury buy it. a decade ago a jury acquitted
3:34 pm
durst of murdering his neighbor even though durst admitted to killing the man, cutting him into pieces and cutting the pieces into galveston bay. authorities in missouri are charging a 20-year-old man with last week's shooting of two white police officers during protests in ferguson. jeffrey williams says he was not targeting law enforcement but was aiming at someone else. police say williams was part of the demonstration. the senior state department official arrested for soliciting sex from a minor is in more trouble. daniel rosen was picked up and charged with voyeurism. his cell phone had multiple video files. hillary clinton's political troubles and republicans who want to take advantage of them
3:35 pm
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i think a couple of times you were asked about whether the department has a record of former secretary clinton signing the separation form. >> i don't have an update on this. we are still working on it. i understand. >> a human resources department presumably has a file on every employee. it can't be that difficult. >> i don't think former secretaries are standard employees. >> hello madame secretary. did you sign the separation statement before you left state? did you sign that statement? >> ed henry trying to get secretary clinton to respond to the question about this form that deals with all the documents that she had, the private e-mails and documents when she was leaving at secretary of state. so far we don't have an answer to that. meantime her defenders on sunday tv saying this is no big deal.
3:39 pm
>> it was legal. i suspect she didn't juan louis rifling through her e-mails. it amounts to just like everything else before it, it amounts to nothing but a bunch of people flapping jaws about nothing. >> let's flap our jaws about this for a little bit. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> if james carville who i think is one of the best spinners in washington in the last 30 years if he can't make this go away and can't offer an explanation then nobody can. there is no good explanation. you saw this when the associated press was questioning today. it's a very simple question. where is the separation form? she either signed it or didn't. it doesn't take a week.
3:40 pm
the problem is they present signed form or they present an unsigned form. either way it's a problem for hillary clinton and it's not just the form. that's the beginning of a series of cascading questions that she doesn't intend to answer. there was a "new york times" piece over the weekend that suggests democrats are starting to feel better because she is giving them something to push back with. i don't see it. i don't see that they are feeling better. i don't see that she is giving any kind of reasonable explanation here. >> i hear democrats saying this is all inside beltway machinery and nothing that is getting picked up outside. you have the other story as well. the funding of the clinton foundation. now you have the cbs news report which says that enterprises pledged $2 million in 2013 to clinton foundation's endowment, the chinese construction and trade conglomerate run by
3:41 pm
billionaire wenliang. basically it is tied directly to the chinese government. >> it's a big issue. there is a lot of other ways the chinese government and saudis and other ways to help the world if that is what they want to do. they want something out of it. what i really want to see in the e-mails, any e-mail that mentions the foundation and one of the donors. i am really prouded of you for giving james carville such a pass. what carville did was give up the goods. he admitted this was not a matter of convenience. he admitted the reason she did this was so she didn't have to comply with the oversight of the house and with the natural laws of transparency. he gave up the goods. he sold her out. >> charles? >> the chinese donation is
3:42 pm
particularly troublesome because democrats in the previous campaign implying that republicans were using foreign money that was infiltrating our election because of the citizens united ruling. that was not true in the first place. they made a big issue of the chamber of commerce from outside the sources. here we have the clintons admitting and bill himself has admitted and said he doesn't see anything wrong with it. he is the charming scoundrel in all of this. she will deny any impropriity. this company built the chinese embassy in washington which as you know when you build an embassy in a semi hostile country you have to be careful about the security and the bugs and all of that meaning it is close to chinese security apparatus. it isn't just some innocent
3:43 pm
entity in china that is building habitat houses. this is a real issue for her. as we heard she is not, secretary of state hillary clinton is not a remember normal employee. everyone else has to sign a separation agreement including david petraeus she doesn't because she is a clinton. >> where does it go? >> all the lawsuits, judicial watch, subpoenas issued by the congress and the a.p. which is suing for the freedom of information act information are going to keep it alive. it's not going to be alive every day but will remain in the news between now and election day. >> nobody is going to vote against her because of this and nobody will vote for. democrats are right about that. they don't want you to understand this is a matter of trust. if you can't lead a country you might not be able to win an election if people don't trust you. we see trust numbers coming down. >> i think it is a character issue for her.
3:44 pm
it reinforces what many people thought of her before. >> talked a lot this weekend, what the clinton people think will happen is they understand everything we are saying is true. they want to show how transparent she can run and will overwhelm public with social media. i would like to see that happening. that is their plan. >> because there isn't a big track record there. >> there is no track record. cuts against the kind of public servant she has been. any little bit she does would look transformational. >> it's a bad start. i'm not saying she can do it. >> that's a bad start. that is the communication strategy. >> what about the investigation potential that boehner may look into a separate investigation just on the e-mails and the private use of the e-mails separate of what is happening with the benghazi committee. >> it will keep it alive.
3:45 pm
will any smoking gun be found? i'm not sure. she lost in '08. when you are a losing candidate and you run a second time you try to run as a new person. nixon loses in 1960 and in '68 he is the new nixon. it has been 15 years since the '90s. there was a hope that with hillary that shadow and cloud would go away. with the donations from the foreign entities and the e-mails now regardless of details there is no new hillary. she can't possibly run on. it is the old hillary and that makes her chances greatly diminished diminished. >> i think it is possible she can do it. but she has to step up and do it. what we know is bad and what we don't know raises all sorts of questions. that's why this is a big story. >> is the alarm going off in the democratic party? >> yes. >> they are scared to death. there is a lot of them starting to think is she the best
3:46 pm
candidate for us. >> is there another one out there? >> their bench compared to republican bench is slim. a lot of democrats are saying follow the money. they are really worried about it. >> every field looks like a bad field until it is not bad anymore. bill clinton was regarded as sort of somebody that wasn't a good politician and most regard him as one of the better politicians in recent american history. >> ever. we were going to talk gop but have plenty of time to do that. next up reappearance of vladimir putin.
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3:49 pm
chances are he has problems at
3:50 pm
home. >> russian president vladimir putin in front of cameras meeting with the president of the former soviet of state who was very complimentary and said basically putin does everything. the bigger deal was the military exercise happening in the arctic. 40,000 russian troops 50 ships, 100 aircraft drills happening real time. what's going on? we are back with our panel? >> a lot of speculation as to where he was for the last ten days. i know that i spotted him in the candidate casino over the weekend. he had a lot of chips, i can tell you. nobody will ever know where he was or why he disappeared but i think he engineered this deliberately. what he demonstrated by the panic in the country and the panic in europe was how utterly indispensable he is. he is like stalin. stalin also disappeared and there was speculation. even europeans who are afraid of
3:51 pm
him, even opposition was speculating about how much worse russia would be if he disappears. planned in advance and that the little green men who were supposedly volunteers or natives of ukraine were, of course special ops. and then he adds and this was the most ominous that he was at the time of the crime crimean crisis. everybody will think i'm nuggets and back off. i think the step in the next six months will be a march on the sea of aza which
3:52 pm
would connect the eastern ukraine, cut out he has already done. it connects it with the crimea. and that's where he is going to go. why this administration will not supply ukraine with defensive weaponry is utterly incomprehensivable. >> i agree with everything he has said. the vacuum behind putin to me is scarier than putin and the administration should realize this guy is not going to stop right here. i think where he has been the last -- one thing you are wrong on is the casino that's ludicrous. where he really was he wants to reset with the next administration. he was out bear burying hillary clinton's server in siberia and raising money or the administration. that's what my sources tell me. >> steve? >> i'm not going to speculate because i don't have any clue. >> you can't top that one. >> i can't do either one of those. i think charles' point to what putin has now admitted is the key point in awful. this remember, at the time that this was happening, the
3:53 pm
slow motion annexation of crimea and movement into ukraine further the obama administration was pretending not to know what he was up to. remember, there were repeated and public offers of this offramp, diplomatic off ramp. he never wanted one. this was planned from the beginning. this reveals the way the administration approached this and i would argue on so many other issues on national security was sort of the head in the sand. pretending to not see the unpleasant things and choosing to see the world as the president wants. >> putin had his word for everything he said. do you think he really -- everything is saying that he was planning on doing including the alert. >> he lies all the time, of course, but when he has state sponsored documentary on the annexation of which this is the first anniversary and he openly says i planned it and these are our men, which we know already is true showing what contempt he has for europe and for us in saying ofdid it and i lied at the time. >> but think back to what
3:54 pm
the administration and the president were saying back then at crimea. saying this is unacceptable it can not stand. crimea, we need to fight for crimea. not in that many words. the red line was not as red. it was kind of pinkish and then suddenly crimea now has new passports and people forget about any standoff. >> as you predicted would happen. >> and what they said when the latest armistice was signed a couple months ago and the russians broke it the next day and took over the town that the ukrainians were holding and have now declared it essentially semiindependent. that's sort of a continuation of that. but, the western allies and the u.s. said if you do that, there will be consequences which of course he knows is untrue. and unless we show him a consequence, he will continue to march. >> if he is looking carefully at what the u.s. government is saying today and i assure you that he is he saw john brennan at a
3:55 pm
forum last friday take a question and turn the question into what the united states and russia have in common at the moment. we have a common foe in isil. we worked together on olympics. we not a word about are russia as a threat. >> not only that he sees secretary of state john kerry saying it's time to negotiate with assad in syria, which is completely different from where kerry was and picking up on charles' casino analogy, he strikes me as a guy who thinks he is playing a hot hand and doubling down. >> and he cheats at blackjack. >> that is it for the panel, stay tuned to see what cable channel apparently is really in to playing cards. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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finally tonight, when the first sign of the email story started to surface about hillary clinton and email issues. one got to another story line. one that involved republicans and one familiar line involving playing cards. >> danger here for
3:59 pm
republicans, which is a frequent danger that of overplaying their hand. >> do you think republicans are in danger of overplaying their hand? >> are they overplaying their hand already? >> do republicans run the risk of overplaying their hand? >> are republicans on the verge of overplaying their hands. >> is this turning into a story of republicans overplaying their hand. >> does the g.o.p. risk overplaying its hand? >> maybe the republicans are overplaying their hand. >> republicans, perhaps overplaying their hands. >> overplaying their hands. i could tell i was in the danger of overplaying my hand. [ laughter ] >> overplaying the hand. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report," fair balanced and unafraid. greta goes on the record right now. >> breaking right now is down to the wire in israel polls open in just hours and the feud between prime minister netanyahu and president obama may have just gotten ratcheted up a notch. reports out of washington tonight that the obama state department gave money to a nonprofit group that's right now on the ground in israel
4:00 pm
pushing hard to oust the israeli prime minister. and there is more. a bipartisan senate panel will investigate possible ties between the obama administration and plans to oust the prime minister. prime minister is fighting tooth and nail to keep his job. conor? >> yeah, greta. in just a few hours israelis will head to the polls, right now the election is too close to call. it's really turned into a