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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 16, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tomorrow night attorney shannen coffin, the man who walked us through of-109. we'll update you tomorrow and every night until we get an update on that form. free jen psaki. see you tomorrow. tonight the hillary e-mail scandal continues. team clinton now says that every e-mail that was deleted was reviewed. >> i don't care about her yoga. i don't care about bridesmaids dresses. but who gets to decide what's personal and what's public? >> but a long-time clinton ally may have revealed the real reason she won't give them up. >> i suspect she didn't want louis gohmert rifling through her e-mails. >> the israelis head to the polls tomorrow as prime minister netanyahu fights for his political career. why are obama operatives working to unseat the prime minister of israel? plus, robert durst arrested for murder. ainsley earhart has the very
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latest details on this very bizarre confession." hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." hillary clinton seems to still not be able to take control of e-mail scandal. that's not all, former clinton adviser james carville said this yesterday. >> it was something that she did it was legal. i suspect she didn't want louis gohmert rifling through her e-mails which seems to me to be kind of a reasonable position for someone to take. so it amounts -- just like everything else before it, it amounts to nothing but a bunch of people flapping their jaws about nothing. >> oh, that's right. conspiracy back. earlier today hillary clinton was in new york city for an event. our own ed henry tried to ask her a question. >> hello, mrs. secretary, did you sign that statement? >> tonight on the "hannity" big
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board, you cover hillary the white house? >> a little bit of everything yeah. >> didn't answer your question. >> sure. i mean, this is about the document that on the way out the door the secretary of state is supposed to sign certifying that she's accounted for all the records she has. in this case she left with tens of thousands of e-mails she deemed personal. she admits now some were personal and she has turned over some 50000 over to the state department. if she took those records, she could be charged with perjury. i asked her the question she didn't answer. i think also interesting is jen psaki the state department spokesperson, she's been asked this three times now at the podium last week and basically said we don't know yet. we're trying to fientd out. it's a pretty simple yes or no question. did she sign the document? >> even though jobs for jihadis marie harf has been having a tough time answering these questions, why is it significant she waited two years? the length of time matters because we have a records act
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and the obama white house had very strict policies regarding all of this. >> she only turned them over after the state department asked for them. she didn't say, hey, i'm going to turn these over a month later, six months later. you're right, it was a couple years later. i think the intent of holding them is going to be a big investigation as these investigations go forward. i did some reporting on this today and when you stick to that two different house republican committee chairmen trey gowdy he might subpoena the server to get some deleted e-mails back. then jason chaffetz of the house government oversight committee saying he might get involved. i spoke to mitch mcconnell today. she said the e-mail thing is interesting. let the house republicans deal with that. i'm more interested in the clinton foundation. cbs news reporting $2 million went to the foundation from a chinese construction company with ties to the communist government. it happened after she left as secretary of state but mcconnell wants to know was she
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raising money -- >> the story is even bigger than that because talking as much as $43 million and much more than that over a longer period of time from these foreign countries and with a history of not really being responsible as it relates to human rights specifically womens rights. >> that doesn't fit her message. today at the event i was trying to get that question to her she was inducted into the irish-america hall of fame. she'd used that to say she'd been fighting for peace but talked about women standing up for peace around the world. some of these contributions may come in boomerang. >> obama used a secret back channel to tehran when he was running as a candidate and told the iranian mullahs he was a friend of the islamic republic and like his policies when bush was president. >> remember back in the bush administration nancy pelosi and then speaker sit down with assad the bush administration was not happy with that.
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let's fast forward the president in office has written several letters we don't know how many to the ayatollah. we've asked josh earnest, jay carney before him, what did he say in those letters? he won't reveal it. there's a fight about republicans communicating with the ayatollah over the leaders it was an open letter. >> now talking about opening the door to syria as well. >> other places as well. so the president has had communications with the iranians as well obviously. so all of this is m coing up now. >> ed henry, thank you so much. appreciate it. all right, now, over the weekend one of my next guests, ed klein, reported that according to his source "president obama's senior adviser, valerie jarrett, leaked to the press details of hillary clinton's use of private e-mails address during her tenure as secretary of state. josh earnest asked about that report. >> i published a report in a leading new york newspaper asserted that white house counselor valerie jarrett played some role in the disclosures
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about secretary clinton's e-mails. can you confirm that? >> it's utter baloney. >> here with reaction from washington examiner, rebecca burg. ed, this is your story. tell us about it. >> when you draw blood as i did, you expect one of these responses. i've been called worse than baloney. >> yeah. >> i expect this. >> let's talk about your sources. >> right. >> how many source sns. >> good question. generally i try to have two sources for every story. in this case i had a source at the white house a source at the state department and a source inside the clinton camp. none of these sources knew each other. and they all confirmed the same story. independently corroborated. >> doug is that plausible to you? over the weekend obama was at the gridiron dinner and telling e-mailgate jokes. >> i think it's entirely plausible. one thing that's been made very
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clear is that the obama team up to and including the president would like anybody other than hillary to be president. there were reports that he'd encouraged elizabeth warren to run among others. so i think ed's report makes logical and good sense. >> you're also reporting that they prefer elizabeth warren or o'malley to run and challenge hillary because they believe she's to centerist. >> well, i know you and i don't think so. >> i don't think so. >> but in the eyes of the obamas she's a center-leftist. whereas elizabeth warren is way over there on the left where obama is. >> yeah. >> one of the things i did not report in the "new york post" story which i can tell you today because i didn't have the space for it is that privately valerie jarrett refers to martin o'malley as o'malleyable. >> really? >> yes. >> pretty interesting. rebecca, you have an interesting take on this. as much as, you know, you say
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that trey gowdy would probably have him to thank for bringing a lot of this to light. why do you say that? >> i do. and this of course is with all due respect to ed and his reporting on this. i'm sure there are plenty of people within the obama administration who knew about hillary's e-mail problem and might have been able to leak this information. but think about what would the white house rationale be for damaging hillary clinton and her potential presidential campaign? if elizabeth warren were running, if she were a strong potential contender for the presidency, maybe there would be rationale. there is still some bad blood between the clintons and obama administration. >> clearly. >> but he of course looking at the outlook for the democratic primary hillary clinton is by far the strongest candidate. what obama would want is a democratic president to continue his legacy. and it looks like hillary clinton right now is the only choice. >> i think this is going to be a big issue. and i think that ed henry spelled out did she sign that diz closure when she left? if so that would be a potential perjury issue.
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but i still think foreign contributions, cbs report we're talking about tens and tens of millions of dollars, foreign countries with horrific records especially on womens rights and human rights. but they took the money to buy influence? >> that's exactly right. and this is a story that's at least as big as the e-mail story. >> maybe bigger. >> maybe bigger. >> because it destroys her narrative about being first woman president. >> right now the polls out today show she hasn't been damaged at all sean. >> but it's still early. where we are a year from now is going to be -- we don't know the issues that will be impacting the election a year from now. >> that's true. >> but how does she make the case that she's pro-woman and a woman's candidate standing for women's rights when she's taking tens of millions of dollars from countries that oppress women? how do you make that argument? >> well, it is a difficult argument. >> i like how you say it's a difficult -- >> it is. >> it's an impossible argument to make.
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>> so far she's making it pretty well. >> she's not addressing it. >> that's part of politics sean. >> rebecca, your thoughts on that? >> well i think if you look at the foundation scandal and e-mail scandal together, you have to remember that none of these things are happening in a vacuum with the clintons. so they're piling one on top of the other. and that's really the big problem that hillary clinton is going to have. the e-mail problems so far not really getting into americans minds yet. there was a poll out today that showed only half of americans are paying attention to this and think it's a serious problem. but i think when you look at that and the foundation problems and all these other issues it becomes a problem. >> last question is yes or no for everybody. running out of time. will the obamas do everything they can to derail hillary? >> absolutely. >> yes they have. yes they will. >> rebecca? >> i don't think so no. it's a legacy issue, sean. >> well all right. i'm with these guys. rebecca, you're standing out there alone. all by yourself. >> that's all right. >> but thank you so much. appreciate it. when we come back israelis hold
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their national elections tomorrow. obama operatives literally on the ground in israel working behind the scenes. when is an american president ever tried to oust an israeli prime minister before the way the obama administration and operatives are? we'll get into those details. plus, in new york police are still looking for suspects in this horrific beating of a 15-year-old girl. we'll get reaction to that and other crimes caught on tape. and then later, eccentric multimillionaire robert durst arrested for murder. did an hbo documentary help investigators crack a 15-year-old case that had gone well, cold. ainsley earhart is here. she has a full report on a very bizarre story. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®. introducing the new can-am spyder f3. with a cruising riding position
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prime minister is tomorrow. and the most recent polling to suggest the race between incumbent prime minister benjamin netanyahu iesaac herzog is neck and neck. this comes at a time president obama negotiates with iran, isis continues its march and anti-semitism reaches a critical point not only in europe but all over the world. all eyes will be on the united states closest ally. here with reaction former israeli ambassador dorrey gold. co-founder of the policy initiative dan senor is with us. dan let me start with you. here's the amazing thing, we may have a situation -- well, we know for a fact the project that includes americans and paul bigala works for her obama administration and state department might have funded the
7:15 pm
affiliate in the group now trying to unseat netanyahu. and millions of dollars are being spent outside of israel to influence this election. what's your reaction? >> first of all, it does appear that the u.s. government in some way has funded some of these programs that are now being channelled to get out the vote effort. whether or not that was port of a deliberate plan to unseat netanyahu is unknown. we have no way of knowing. >> we really do. that money is being spent to organize and get out the vote of israeli arabs that are viewed as left of center isn't that true? >> well to me what's more problematic is the actual overt activity of democratic operatives in the u.s. some of whom as you point out are very close to netanyahu. obviously there's taxpayer funding -- >> they want to depose the prime
7:16 pm
minister. they want netanyahu -- >> to unseat netanyahu. >> right. >> but the bigger concern is the democratic political operatives that are, look, many are close to the white house and president obama. i'm hard pressed to believe having seen these situations before that some of these operatives would be working so assertively to unseat netanyahu without approval of senior players in the administration. >> what we know there's a report, this group one voice movement a subsidiary of v-15 campaign does in fact we know that obama supporters, campaign operatives are on the ground and in part trying to organize and get out the vote of bb's opponents. is that unprecedented in history
7:17 pm
that an american president would try to unseat a sitting prime minister? >> well, we have a general problem which has to do also with european union ngo that has are flooding israel with huge amounts of money to work against the likud. you have to remember, sean that the majority of israelis are to right of center. that's because of foreign policy and also because they're traditional. more religiously observant. tlrve those who want to beat back general trend in political life have to come in with outside money and big amounts and create nonprofit organizations and money's moving in strange ways. but i believe that if this is indeed happening and i say if it's happening, this is something the israeli police will have to investigate. >> so 12 hours outside of this
7:18 pm
election there was an alliance between herzog and libny. they were going to go two years in the prime ministership, two years in the prime ministership. how do you factor in how this is going to impact the voters which are ready to go to the polls in just a couple hours? >> let me explain the fundamental problem the prime minister has. as i said before israel is basically politically conservative. but on the right of center there are multiple medium size parties competing with those voters. that tends to drag numbers down giving labor a bit of an advantage. now, the prime minister's aware of that. and he has made an incredible campaign effort in the last four to five days which seems to have picked up his numbers
7:19 pm
considerably. the general theory in israel is because doing better herzog had to take a political choice of improving his situation. that is how most of the political reporters in israel see what happened tonight. >> but the vast majority of israeli citizens some 60%-plus want prime minister netanyahu. you mentioned all these other right of center parties they will in the end coalition with b.b. and form a government. do you see any scenario where herzog would be able to form a government in terms of would there be enough seats available? >> that's a key observation that you're making, sean. because there are two hurdles you have to cross. you have to break over -- move over in order to become prime minister. you have to win the votes in an election. and then in the parliamentary system you've got to put together a coalition from a number of parties. prime minister netanyahu has the
7:20 pm
advantage in putting together the coalition. herzog will have a much more difficult time. >> yeah. all right. dan, let me get your thoughts on i look at the numbers of all these parties, left, right, the far more seats right of center. so i would think as this happens in the past b.b. may not win as many seats as herzog maybe short one or two. but he would still be called onto form the next government, wouldn't he? >> exactly. so that's what happened in 2009. netanyahu technically came in second, but he was the only one who was able to form a government. and that is as dorrey was saying and as you've observed, the aggregate number of votes in israel if you look at the electorate, the right of center segment of the electorate is larger than the left of center segment of the electorate which means there's more vote share goes to the right than goes to
7:21 pm
the left. and prime minister netanyahu has been politically successful even though his party hasn't gotten the most number of seats because after the election all these parties come together. >> all right. let me play the words of john voigt -- >> but then they come together because the expectation is netanyahu will be the prime minister. >> john voigt made some very hard hitting comments. listen to this. >> hi. i'm john voigt. i love israel. i want to see israel survive and not be overtaken by the madmen of this world. president obama does not love israel. his whole agenda is to control israel. and this way he can be friends with all of israel's enemies. he doesn't want b.b. netanyahu to win this upcoming election. america has not been the same since his presidency. i beg everyone all of you, to understand the truth. those like isaac herzog who
7:22 pm
believe that deal making is the solution to what israel faces are as wrong as nevel chamberlain believing he made a peace deal with hitler. >> what is your reaction to that? real quick, we're running out of time. >> look you know i appreciate the support that john voigt gives us. we will work with the elected president of the united states. we understand the differences. we have a different approach to the middle east. we see the middle east differently. that is why the prime minister came to washington. to tell and warn the american people about this impending deal with iran. but, you know, we don't get into love. we don't get into warmth. we don't get into you know, did they have a good meal together. we get into what are the interests of israel the interests of the united states and how do we protect both our countries. >> all right, guys thank you for being with us. appreciate it. we'll be watching very closely. coming up, police have arrested the man suspected of shooting
7:23 pm
two police officers outside the ferguson police department. that's coming up next. and also tonight. >> if you give out violence, you have to expect that to come back towards you. none of that would have happened wilson was sent to prison. >> we'll examine disturbing comments made on our show last week and possible hate crime in new york. the nypd is looking for this man he ran up to someone allegedly said "i'm going to kill you you white boy" and then slashed the victim's throat. coming up bo deitl, brian straight ahead. no pictures of trucks pulling boats. no photos of men working on ranches. just a ram 1500 ecodiesel that gets the best fuel economy of any half-ton pickup.
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7:26 pm
of armed criminal action and firing a weapon from a vehicle. last thursday after the police were shot and protesters ramped back up well, fox's own steve harrigan spoke to some of the protesters right here during this show. watch this. >> i think it was a complete setup. i think it was a setup between members of the police fraternities i like to call it. i think they operate just like the kkk. i think they did it to make themselves be the victim of black people. i think it's just a publicity stunt. no more than that. >> honestly if you give out violence you have to expect it come back towards you. none of that wouldn't have happened if darren wilson was sent to prison. mike brown is dead, those officers alive. you cannot expect to punch someone in the face and not expect them to punch you back. >> when you heard the news how did you feel? >> i didn't feel anything. >> two officers just been shot, nearly killed. now one of the men you saw identifiedy edied himself as a city worker and claimed the two officers being shot was a setup. and he has since been suspended
7:27 pm
from his job because of the comments he made here on this show. here with reaction is former doj employee j christian adams. kevin, let me begin with you. there were two reports given out by eric holder. one was about the exculpatory evidence darren wilson he didn't talk about that. the other practices based on statistics that some are questioning in terms of methodology about institutional racism within the ferguson police department. he spent a whole lot of time on that. why would he not after all that was said about darren wilson highlight how they never had hands up that the officer it seemed by all the evidence it was a justified use of force. why didn't he highlight that? >> well, a lot of people would like to know. and i can tell you, sean, there's a conveyer belt of ignorance that this administration and the left want
7:28 pm
to put forth. your guy interviewed a lot of the people on the outset of this. i pointed out a couple times on your show, the people here in the st. louis area, some of the other municipalities that are doing far worse than ferguson aren't being highlighted at all. so the question that gets asked by me by most of the people that follow my work is why is this happening? it's very simple. i believe it's targeted racism. it's a targeted mean that the white house wants to set up that essentially says cops are fair game, that they really are doing these things in the community. and at the end of the day it's a huge disservice not only to blacks all around the country but specifically to the people of ferguson. >> j christian, here's my theory on this. you know the law and you worked at the department of justice. they knew from the beginning that there were black eyewitnesses that would corroborate officer wilson's story. and yet they advanced a narrative that in the community
7:29 pm
that created an expected outcome that was never going to come. and then holder then suggests well, we'll look into a civil rights violation. if you couldn't meet the standard before the grand jury, you are never going to prove ever that darren wilson intentionally sought to violate the civil rights of michael brown. so as a result he comes out with two reports, one is the exoneration report which he ignores. and then he focuses in on these other issues. to me i think it's the height of irresponsibility from him, the president, al sharpton and everybody else creating that expectation in the community. am i wrong on my analysis? am i right? what do you think? >> bullseye sean. it's always been about the narrative. it's easy to understand ferguson when you realize a simple fact, it is about the narrative that police departments across the country are structurally racist. that they do their job like a bunch of racists. what is the fix? washington, d.c. eric holder will sweep in and
7:30 pm
from washington start issuing edicts start filing lawsuits and eventually assert more power over police departments. that's how to understand ferguson. there's another element that also is going on. a racially polarized population helps democrats win election. it's that simple. so they constantly have to churn this racial narrative so they can get minorities voting like they did in 2012 at rates of like 98% for democrat candidates. that's what this is all about. it's very easy to understand. >> kevin, let me go back to some incidents that happened here. i mean we have the stepfather burn this [ bleep ] down. watch. >> burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ] down!
7:31 pm
burn this [ bleep ] down! >> that's one. then you got dorian johnson. he was involved in the robbery if you recall, at the convenience store. he was the guy that said michael brown had his hands up and they assassinated him basically or shot him in the back he was giving up. that was a lie and that was advancing a false narrative. he was never arrested. then we got all the video, kevin, of everybody looting and rioting and in this case the guy trying to burn a store down. and all these people breaking in and looting, none of these people got arrested. we can identify them. >> right. >> how does that contribute to what happened with these two officers shot? >> well the thing about the officers being shot is -- and we talked about this before. the idea of this lawlessness. the idea that the lawless seem to be getting further ahead. and these guys did nothing.
7:32 pm
darren wilson did nothing. chief jackson did nothing. james knowles did nothing, yet they're the ones being punished. what's interesting, sean if you look at what barack obama just recently did at selma where he sat on the edmund pettus bridge and how the nation had overcome and now he's going back to ferguson and not even talking to people about the outcome of selma which is 80% black, heavy unemployment and lots of other issues. so what they want, the left is they want to make ferguson into another selma. the civil rights version 2.0, they want it to be black partly to what christian said so it can become a democrat enclave like exactly what liberals want for all cities. it is the city's fault, not the police in terms of what's happening here. in this case it's not even james knowles fault. >> guys good to see you both. thank you for being with us. coming up next, police are still hunting for some of the people who beat a 15-year-old girl in a brooklyn mcdonald's.
7:33 pm
we'll check in with bo dietl and brian benjamin. and later tonight robert durst subject of a huge hbo jinx" has now been arrested and charged. ainsley earhart is here on a full report of a bizarre story. ave something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip! doers they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free.
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7:39 pm
i didn't see him at the funeral for our two officers -- >> the two officers in new york got shot didn't go to that either. >> no. but i'll tell you what, with this incident that happened in brooklyn, he's using those words, it's a racist attack. if he used those words if that's the fact. what's worrying me and what i want to talk about is the environment out there even with the new york city police department now all of a sudden these gang members, these people that are -- >> whole season on "cops". >> no they're not listening. used to be when i was young and he was young a cop tells you something you listen to him. now there's always combativeness. cops tell them do something now they have an answer right away. the other guy pulls out his camera, cell phone camera this is not good. we're going into the summer. we have no stop and frisk. you got people packing guns in this city. crime is going to be rampant. >> nobody knows these stories. two cops south central los angeles shot in what appeared to be a targeted shootout.
7:40 pm
same thing happened new york city two cops shot at this morning in queens and new york. it certainly seems like it's open season on cops. certainly seems like, you know, the narrative that has been advanced is now, well, inspiring people if you will, to act crazy. >> i don't know if i'd say that, but i do think there'd be some real conversations around police community relationships and how we're going to handle this particularly in the age of social media. i think you raise a good point, bo. social media has changed the game. i think we have to be very careful in terms of how the police, you know -- >> even black-on-black violence. you see the girls in the mcdonald's there -- >> wait, wait, that was -- >> she's taking street credit. the one that got beat up. >> you got four or five girls beating the hlell out of this girl. the crowd is cheering, which is scarier. like we had the people in ferguson in the last segment.
7:41 pm
we were interviewing last week, two cops were shot, i don't care, i don't care i don't care. this girl gets the crap beat out of her. not one person came to her defense. not one. >> the sickness of this is the girl that got beat up now is texting and e-mailing saying how i got street credit because i got beat up. this is the environment that's coming. also in ferguson did you know -- there were dozens of shots fired at the cops. >> on the 15-year-old, first of all, that was a gang-related issue. don't call it black-on-black. i understand that. more important it was a gang-related issue. >> doesn't matter. race is irrelevant. >> that's my point. >> but nobody cared. and here's the other issue. all these people in ferguson that we interviewed two cops shot, one right below his eye could have died. >> right. >> the other one in his shoulder. >> right. >> one out his back. could have died. >> right. >> you know what people say when we interview them?
7:42 pm
they don't care. >> do you know why? they feel whenever a black is killed -- >> you're going to justify this? >> i'm not justifying it. i'm just providing perspective. >> i do agree one thing is with the community you've got good people. when you see people jumping up like we interviewed on thursday night there in ferguson talking about how they don't care cops being shot and acting not like human beings when they're talking like that you've got great and -- and they're not like this. why put these people on television when they're talking like that? >> no one put them on. you interviewed them. >> it was live tv. >> it was disgusting because i got a lot of black friends and that's an embarrassment to my friends. >> the guy who shot the cops, sean, he was not an active member of the protests or activists. >> yes, he was. >> no he was not. >> he was a known protester. >> he was not actively involved in the ferguson protest. >> he was a known protester in
7:43 pm
what had been going on there. >> you can't blame good people for the acts of crazies. >> you know what we got to do, take a needle and put it in the balloon and calm down here and get people talking to each other. this is only going to get worse. >> but the cops have a role in this too. >> absolutely. >> they can't come in guns blazing -- >> no, no, did you know there were dozens of shots fired at the cops? they didn't hit them. >> sorry we're out of time. thanks, guys. good to see you. coming up, for years now he's been linked to the disappearances and deaths of three people. over the weekend robert durst was arrested in new orleans after new evidence was revealed in the hbo documentary titled "the jinx," this is a bizarre case. ainsley earhart will put it all together with a full report coming up. e... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help.
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welcome back to "hannity." for over three decades eccentric millionaire robert durst has been suspected of being responsible for the deaths of three people including his first wife and one of his close friends. but authorities were never able to prove this. this weekend durst was arrested and charged with one of those murders. in a very bizarre case fox & friends first co-host ainsley
7:49 pm
earhart is at the "hannity" big board. >> bizarre to say the least, sean. robert durst was arrested on saturday night in new orleans where he was staying at a hotel using a totally different name after being charged with a december 2000 murder of his friend susan berman. the arrest came just one day before the finale of that six-part hbo documentary series called "the jinx" in which durst was caught off camera wearing his microphone. it was a hot mic mumbling what seems to be a confession to himself. >> there it is. killed them all, of course. >> again, that tape was recorded when durst was talking to himself in the bathroom not realizing that that microphone was still on. and after the documentary's filmmaker confronted him about two letters that could be key pieces of evidence in the berman murder. the first one an anonymous letter sent to lapd in december of 2000 directing them to berman's body. the second, a recently discovered letter that durst
7:50 pm
sent to berman back in 1999. now both letters have matching identical block handwriting as you can see. and on both beverly hills is spelled incorrectly with that extra "e" in the word beverly. susan berman a friend of durst was who officially became the spokesperson was found dead inside her home with a single gunshot wound to her head. she was killed just before she was suppose today go and talk to police about the disappearance of durst's first wife kathleen who disappeared in 1982. kathleen was legally declared dead in 2001. durst has also admitted to killing morris black. he was a neighbor at a boarding house in texas where durst posed as a mute woman in 2001.
7:51 pm
durst has been estranged from his family. in response to robert over the weekend his younger brother said this "we are relieved and also great grateful to everyone who has assisted in the arrest of robert durst. we hope he will be held accountable for all he's done." it's still unclear if the comments made are going to be admissible in court. the lapd says his arrest is not linked to the film and this morning durst waived extradition in a new orleans courtroom. his attorney says he could face additional charges there before he heads to l.a. to face murder charges there. sean. >> all right, ainsley, thanks so much for that report.
7:52 pm
the hot mic, is he saying i did it? >> well, i think prior to that leading up to that after he finished the interview he wants to go to the restroom. >> he misspells- >> he misspells "beverly" in both of them. and i don't have to be a handwriting expert to see that that is identical. right? >> he did a famous job but they're able to ask him, he admits on camera i want this one, but not this one. and meaning that he said yes i wrote this letter to susan berman in 1999 but didn't write this this one. >> what is damning about it i believe is then, he asked a
7:53 pm
follow up question, well, can you tell us which one you wrote? he said no. i can't. >> they look exactly. >> then, he goes into the bathroom, his mic is hot. explain dismemberment issue with him. >> when you spend $2 million on a defense team, you get $2 million worth of defense. >> that was in your area. >> correct. i was the investigator on it. after he shot morris black, he says they wrestled on to a gun he realized he couldn't get him out of a apartment. it's like a two-story house converted into four apartments so it's small. so he knew he couldn't drag him out. he said i'll cut him up. first he said in half then that is too big so he wound up dismembering and disposing of
7:54 pm
him in the bay. >> sounds like someone guilty. . >> i believe so. >> how many people could do that? i couldn't understand the verdict in that case >> i still can't. >> all right. >> well, thank you for clarifying. we'll see what happens >> thank you. >> coming up we need your help to the question of the day, straight ahead. when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away.
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welcome back to "hannity". the question of the day in just a moment. first, congratulations to medal of honor recipient dakota mier and his new fiancee bristol palin the press has been brutal to the palins do you believe you the american people have a right to know what is in each and everyone of hillary clinton's e mails during her time as secretary of state? just head over to facebook and
8:00 pm
twitter and let us know what you think. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. paragraph the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> hello madam secretary did you sign that statement before you left the state? >> why won't hillary clinton answer that question? why won't the state department answer that simple question he? things are getting complicated in the email controversy. charles krauthammer and i will deal with it. >> the state department has turned over its 300 of clinton's emails on benghazi biased on what you have seen did she do anything wrong? >> the other clinton situation has to deal doo with deleted emails. where does charles krauthammer think that will go? we will find out. >> why do you think this film spanked the competition at the box office? >> spanks the competition. [ laughter ] >> also