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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the moon passing in front of the sun and the earth darkening for people in the arctic but a partial eclipse is available for all of europe and asia. also today, a supermoon and the equinox. it's a busy day. >> everybody is going to get weird. >> that's right. thanks for joining us everybody. >> bye bye. this is a fox news alert. terror in yemen as isis claims responsibility for a string of suicide attacks in the capital city. hello, everyone, i'm shannon breen in today for gretchen carlson. according to a rebel-owned television station 133 people were killed after two suicide bombers attacked two mosques run by shiite rebels. they will remain closed indefinitely as the country de descends into civil war. rebels overtook the capital. besides yemen enemies in jabudi
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saudi arabia libya and syria are all on alert for terrorism. tunisia is on high alert after attack. that may have been the plan all along, to specifically target and kill foreigners. as we hear, the gunman allegedly yelled "lower your heads" in arabic, possibly to avoid hitting tewunisiastunisians. greg, what do we know of this attack? >> reporter: shannon we're learning of more deaths we're learning of more details of the attack, which is looking uglier and uglier by the day. tunisia as you noted marking a subdued independence day, trying to make sure there is no replay
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of the bloody violence of this week. french government today confirming another french man has died. you have to remember in addition to the foreign tourists killed that nearly 50 were injured, some critically. we also learned two other french tourists are fighting for their lives right now. we're also learning more about the attackers. it has now been revealed that four security guards who were supposed to be on duty when those gunmen entered the museum were off. two were having breakfast, one was having coffee, one called in sick, and so those attackers could make their way around the museum. and one gunman, we've learned ironically, when he wasn't doing that kind of deed, was working for a travel agency. it is widely thought that the tourism industry aside from the injured and the dead, could be a major casualty of this attack, shannon. >> all right greg we know that isis is claiming responsibility
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for this attack, but do we know anything more, any solid leads about who was truly behind it? >> yeah, that claim of responsibility, a couple claims actually, from isis came yesterday, shannon. today the government is detailing some more information about what these gunmen did, where they went. they went across the border into libya to a town called durna in eastern libya where for two months they got training in gun use and combat tactics. now, there are isis training camps in durna however, there are other groups based there, and there have been other claims responsibility. for example al qaeda in the mongrab, al qaeda offshoot in northern africa also has bases there as well as the alshira group. you might recognize that name. that was the same group responsible for the attack in 2012 against the u.s. consulate in benghazi. so there are a lot of players
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there, shannon. one final note. european leaders had a summit today on a couple of matters, but they also said that they would help with counterterrorism efforts for tunisia. tunisia not far from southern europe, and in fact they have said according to one official, this is an attack on europe perhaps even beyond that. back to you, shannon. >> all right. greg palcott with the latest. it now appears those gunmen got other training in another hotbed as of late. their neighbor in northern africa, libya. the two countries were part of arab spring, a time when they were toppled in both countries. look at your map in northern italy. it's causing a lot of concern on potential attacks there in the gateway to europe. a veteran and green beret who served three tours in afghanistan, sir, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much shannon.
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>> what do you make of it? the borders there in popular areas are very poor. we're hearing the alleged gunmen slipped into libya, got training and then came right back there and made an attack. >> the border has come to roost. if you look at a lot of countries like jordan, saudi arabia, the ue there was a lot of support certainly to kind of undermine the country of syria for assad. so they were facilitating not just with financial assistance but also with routes. so there have been, you know historical rat lines as we would call them that have been utilized for many years. it's a humongous border. we know it's pretty rampant. it costs maybe 20 to $35 equivalent to pay somebody to get across. and there's absolutely no way they can manage it from a size perspective to ensure that nobody is getting through. >> and today we have a scattering of suicide bombings
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at mosques and yemen again and again. isis stepping up and saying they're also responsible for that. do you think, first of all, that could be a fact and any time there is a murderous rampage of this nature that isis will stand up for recruiting and fundraising purposes and say yes we had a connection. >> i think we still need to learn a little bit more, but look at the end of the day. these attacks at the mosques certainly have the hallmarks of it of an isis attack. they've been very good and very liberal with social media. but, you know, really it's going after this -- up, the narrative of this kind of iranian, right, because they tracked it rain yann -- the iranian rebel back with isis. certainly the iranian influence,
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as general petraeus mentioned recently. >> i want to read the interview he did with the "washington post," and he said, i would argue that the foremost threat to iraq's long term stability and the ekequalibrium is not the islamic state, it is shiite militias, many backed by and some guide bidd by iran. what do you think of that? >> i would agree with that. isis is a big threat. from a strategic standpoint, isis is gaining more hedge certainly in that region. what it comes down to, unfortunately, the president had a miyopic statement out not too long ago about the causes of this. woor look we're looking at about 150 years' worth of an identity struggle. these arab states are struggling
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with nationalism and seculars on one hand and islamism on the other hand. i think for the first time, iran is really seeing what could be a breakdown of those borders that were designed in 1916 and actually get control. and there's a quote. look, a former adviser or current adviser to the iranian president said just recently publicly, he said iran is an empire, and i quote there is no way to divide the territory between iran and iraq. so that really shows, you know, what's behind us in their motivation and what their achievements are, or what they're trying to achieve. >> all right. captain ben collins, thank you, sir, for your service and for being with us here today. spring mayo fishlly officially be just hours today but winter is not giving up. the storm system stretching from the mid-atlantic to southern new england with 32 million people in that path. rick is live in central park. so far how is it out there,
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rick? >> the snow has been falling for a couple hours, starting to stick to the road. there are winter weather advisories through this region through tonight because of this mix of snow, and later rain and sleet and freezing rain are expected to continue for several hours. they believe about 3 to 5 inches of snow should fall here in the new york area but also down in new jersey and pennsylvania where things have been dicey. we're also told that it started snowing down in baltimore early this morning. that snow transitioning into rain in the baltimore-d.c. area, but the advisories remain in effect because of the limited visibility, the hazardous travel conditions with slippery roads. in several states including pennsylvania new jersey, new york and massachusetts even boston could see a couple more inches from this particular storm system adding to the record 108.6 inches that have already blanketed beantown this year. shannon, in case you're having difficulty doing the math or
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anyone at home, that's nine feet of snow that landed in boston this year alone. >> those visionaries in boston, they're hearty, they deal with snow, but what they have is unprecedented this year. thank you, rick. stay dry if you can. breaking news on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal and the request of her to turn over her private server. foreign cash taken while she was still secretary of state? hmm. could be a no-no. but was it for funding or money shelled out from her friends from abroad? and high drama in one high school as these students are accused of plotting together to kill a classmate. the shocking details next.
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the fbi reportedly launching a formal criminal investigation into schock's office and expenses. the 33-year-old announced he is planning to resign at the end of the month as questions swirl about his business dealings. though schock will undergo an an ethical investigation. hillary clinton with questions before her supposed white house run. she is to publish a list of all donors to the clinton foundation. but roeyer stopped publishing the donations. every day a lack of transparency regarding these donations to the foundation. what's the newest wrinkle here?
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>> the newest wrinkle is this roiters report that has now been confirmed that the list of donors they're talking about. for one aspect of the clinton foundation this is the health access initiative. they said they had published all of these names. well, the publishing ofdonors' names actually stopped in 2010. and the foundation itself has acknowledged that that is a, quote oversight and they're making up for it. so what is happening here is that there are these two investigations ongoing. one has to do with the ee-mails what was in there, what did she communicate not only on benghazi but other things. and then the funding of the clinton foundation while she was secretary of state with foreign governments contributing, obviously, to this fund. now there is a transparency issue with the listing of donors. some of these investigations, i think, will be intertwined with the e-mails and the foundations obviously crossing paths. >> and there were statements
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made that there were going to be very specific people or entities that wouldn't be donating but yet even if it isn't a government itself, it looks like there are a number of high profile people very deeply connected with some of these governments, so the money comes through them instead of from the government. does that solvely the problem? >> exactly. you have companies, for example, this chinese construction company that built the chinese embassy here in the u.s. has direct ties to the chinese government. you wouldn't suspect that a company like that would not be tied to the government, but it is directly tied, and through that millions of dollars went to the clinton foundation. so you have a number of these companies that are tangential that also raise questions about ties to governments. >> yeah and the foundation now saying if she decides to run for president this time around, and there is growing doubt about that. i'm sure you're hearing it in washington, too because there's a lot to deal with here. but the foundation saying if she
11:17 am
does decide to run, we'll once again consider how to handle these particular donors. do you think people are going to have confidence in their ability to do that? >> this is a big question, shannon. it's a question inside the democratic party. some are whispering about it some are openly talking about it. how big a deal is this and how long will it go before this is all going to come to a head? she obviously it appears, is going to announce in coming weeks, and that will change the dynamic but these questions will not end. the fact that today you have trey goudy with the benghazi select committee that she has until april 3rd to turn over her server or he's going to urge the house speaker to do all that he can to compel her to do that, that's significant. >> by the way we want to show people the top donations that came in from foreign governments. ukraine at the top of the list with $10 million england at 8.4 and saudi arabia with 7.3.
11:18 am
i wouldn't think ukraine has an extra 10 million to give to anybody at this point. >> they have financial issues going on as well. the list is pretty significant as you go down all those countries. some of the multi-million-dollars. obviously the clinton foundation did do good work around the world. however you have the irs documents that show in 2013 alone they spent $8 million on travel. so there are all kinds of questions surrounding the whole thing. >> all right. we're going to talk more with ed henry coming up about the trey goudy situation and the panel with how this affects nomination 2016 as well. fugitives trying to slip through the border our northern border this time. the incident that forced the officer to act he says to save his own life. plus a deadly wrong-way crash. what investigators say two off-duty police officers might have been doing right before this deadly accident.
11:19 am
plus, lots of upsets to the ncaa men's basketball tournament. is your bracket in a shambles today? the win against the la brea bears, just exactly what did your bracket look like? please use the if your bracket isn't upset, we want to know that, too.
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highway. their vehicle smashed into a truck head on early this morning. the driver of the truck suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the second one was traveling with the police officers. they are interviewing patrons to see if the men had been drinking before getting into their car. five students are charged as adults accused of plotting to murder a classmate. the teenagers met several times to discuss the alleged target. trace is live from our west coast newsroom. hey, trace. >> reporter: they won't talk about the motive except to say that the students had a falling out, but police believe the five suspects fully intended to target the student they were having problems with and that this plan wasn't a random act of violence. only one of the five students arrested is 18 years old, but they are all being charged with adults with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. they're looking at life in prison. police say over the past week,
11:24 am
the two girls and three boys met on multiple occasions to talk about the plot to kill this male student who was once part of their group. and apparently these discussions were very detailed like where the murder would take place when they would do it and how they would kill them. now, the 18-year-old suspect actually brought a knife with him to school, and he was carrying it when authorities questioned him. police were apparently tipped off about the plot by another student who they do not believe had any involvement. now other students who attend flowing wells high school said when they first heard about this plan they were totally caught off guard. listen. >> i don't really know how to make sense of it, honestly, heads or tails. >> it's scary because you could go to the same school with these people and have them planning to kill you just from one disagreement? that's messed up. >> reporter: so many students were stunned by the news the school is now offering counselors to those who request it. the suspects are being held in the pima county jail and there
11:25 am
is no word yet on when they would make their first appearances. health officials admitting they held back on some critical information about the deadly ebola outbreak. why they hit the snooze button instead of the alarm in responding to the deadly disease. plus, benjamin netanyahu walking back from a campaign pledge about not creating a palestinian state and getting an icy response from president obama. how their relationship could get even more tense. >> he was indicating a difference of opinion not just with president obama, but with the policy that was pursued by president bush and the policy that is strongly supported by democrats and republicans in the united states congress. floor traders to help walk you through that complex trade. so you'll be confident enough to do what you want. i'll pull up their number. blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo
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light. liberty mutual insurance. time now for a quick check of your headlines. mississippi police and the fbi investigating whether the death of a black man found hanging was a suicide or a homicide. the 54-year-old was reported missing earlier this month. a border patrol agent fatally shot a suspected illegal alien in the border near canada after the agent was assaulted. he was reportedly wanted for the killing of his girlfriend. they resisted calling the ebola outbreak in africa a health emergency to avoid hurting of their economy. breaking news on the hillary
11:30 am
clinton e-mail scandal. republican chairman ben goudy is sending an e-mail to her team asking them to hand over her server to the state department general. ed is live. big news on the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. what will it mean? >> the stakes are high because as you know hillary clinton in her news conference a week or so ago made it very clear she will not be turning over that server. at least that was her position from the start. on sunday craig goudy sat down and said and said that if it is not turned over, he will have to get the vote to get this. he wants a thorough
11:31 am
investigation of what happened before, during and after the attacks in benghazi, libya. more broadly, the equityies in in these emales exils extend beyond this committee. here is the fascinating part. who the letters are written to. that man, david kendall. why do you remember him? he represented then-president clinton during the impeachment drama. so just the fact he is the person representing the former secretary tells you not only is she gearing up for a presidential campaign, she is girding for a major showdown. addressing the iranian people on the message with his nuke deal. how is that being received? >> there are people in iran upset that he went around the heads of iran but going further by saying you should be
11:32 am
supportive of a nuclear deal between the u.s. and iran. remember the president just recently was attacking these 47 republican senators for tinkering with the deal, he said, by sending an open letter to the iranian leadership. >> since you were so critical of the republican senators for sending an open letter to the iranian leadership that might interfere with this potential deal, couldn't this also interfere? >> i don't anticipate that it will. the president on a number of occasions has, i think every year, has issued an open message to people around the world who are celebrating. >> secretary kerry has just wrapped up negotiations with the iranians. he is headed to europe in order to brief allies about this. there is still no deal yet, though the administration is pressing for one before march 24. >> ed henry live at the white house. thanks ed. benjamin netanyahu's stunning victory is being felt not just by the current occupants of the white house but also by those who want to succeed him, especially hillary
11:33 am
clinton. she's had a bit of a rocky relationship with the israeli leader over the years, sometimes supporting and defending him. other times though she's been really critical. so how does his big win affect her prospects? mike gallagher is a contributor host and fox news reporter. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> there are times hillary clinton has been very defensive of netanyahu and what he's trying to do, but we know she's very supportive of the solution he backed off on, didn't back off on. where does this leave her? >> i'm surprised she's been so silent. i'm surprised hillary hasn't spoken out yet. i'm convinced she's not going to run. marjorie may disagree with me and she probably has deeper insight than i do into mrs. clint clinton's intentions, but if she doesn't run, she doesn't have to throw this hat in the proverbial
11:34 am
ring. it seems very complicated to me to try to understand why so many democrats push back against netanyahu's leadership. i don't understand why so many american jews are seemingly against america's right to survive a two-state constitution that's very complicated. there are certain requirements met. i think her silence is very very intriguing, and we're all going to be watching to see what, if anything, she says in the very near future about what happened there. >> but marjorie, she knows no matter what she says someone will be unhappy, so better to remain silent? is it strategic? >> i would say that's washington, but anyone who knows the history of israel, peace talks from 1978 and what's happened with israel in the last 35 years has been an ever changing, ever evolving relationship that never is really that different. hillary clinton is a diplomat first and foremost. she came from the state department and she knows it's
11:35 am
smart to sit back and see how this turns out. why do you have to take one solid position? why can't you honor the position on both sides because i think there are aspects that are hard on both sides. that's the relationship with netanyahu. >> shannon i would have to begrudgingly say as a conservative, i have more confidence in hillary clinton's ability -- i shouldn't say this because i may live to regret it -- her ability to navigate this than barack obama. i'm not sure she would show her hand this way, and barack obama has frankly been throwing a hissy fit. >> look at you two. you're both nodding your heads and agreeing on something. let me take the next step, though, and whether or not she runs in 2016, she has a lot to get through, some political hurdles e-mail controversy. will that undo her campaign before it even begins or will she forge ahead? we've got questions about her
11:36 am
server, what she's told us what she hasn't told us will she get subpoenaed? although she's made a lot of moves that suggest she's completely forging ahead. >> yeah, i think, again, 20 months before we're into the thick of the election, and i think that there's a lot of time, and frankly, there is a lot of political theater 20 months from now, and i think that's what's happening with this is theatrics. she has followed everything that's been requested but now we wonder will this die out or will she continue the conversation? she hasn't broken any laws. we're wading into completely new territory with all of our candidates. >> no way she runs. i interviewed congressman gowdy yesterday on my news show, there's no way she can exclude these deleted e-mails. she's not going to run.
11:37 am
>> i'm not going to ignore the fact you did disagree on one thing. a former fbi agent charged with 64 counts in a drug tampering case. prosecutors accuse matthew lowry for keeping heroin seized in investigations in his car and sometimes taking the drug himself. his attorney said the 33-year-old will plead guilty. lowry, who served in the field services, faces 20 years in prison. a festival of food floats and fire. insane. yesterday marked the final day of las palos, the day celebration of joseph. we're live in denver. correct my pronunciation, but it looks like a great time. >> it is. las fallas, shannon is absolutely a wonderful time and they literally work on this festival and the displays all
11:38 am
year long. the party spans several weeks with things really heating up on the final night. the finale is known as la crema. all the giant and gorgeous float-type structures that dot the various neighborhoods across the city get torched. this represents a farewell to the old and welcoming of the new spring. one of the most prominent ones is in the town plaza, a lion built entirely from wood with hundreds of thin slats. each fallas has a meaning. the lion represents the one guarding the front door in madrid. this is what they look like before they meet their fiery -- and all of them do get burned -- end. politicians in double standards. it's common for these structures of wood, fiberglass and paper mache to carry statements with their beauty. there is also a very deep meaning. not only do they honor the
11:39 am
leader of carpentry. they carry flowers, and all 60 kinds of flowers are used. and shannon, i had the pleasure of covering las fallas in spain a couple years ago. i felt like i won the assignment lottery, and i can tell you it really is a fantastic sight, something to be seen in person. shannon? >> absolutely beautiful. we're glad you were there and my high school spanish teacher is on the phone with me. thank you very much, alicia. very good to see you. >> let's check in with mr. smith. the first republicans sent letters to the leaders of iran. now president obama is sending his own message to the people of iran. see there? in a video, he tells the iranian
11:40 am
people to make their voices heard as the clock ticks. can i play that? no i can't play that. it's there on the deadline for an outline of a nuclear deal. we'll talk to the newspaper. he says the deal with iran probably will happen but it will be be a long time before we know what's in it. >> she says hi. >> hello. >> we'll see you soon. their husbands made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us, for this country, when the government couldn't get the families what they needed when they were lost. the wives of these heroes, these widows, did it themselves. and marriage made simple. find out the items of clothing you need to steer clear of if you want to remain in marital bliss. french fries and floorwax? do you like it enough to capture it and bottle it and spray it on yourself? you can and we're not kidding.
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guess what america is clicking on today. hard to believe but a personal flame flamethrower is legal anywhere except for california. burger king announcing the release of its first fragrance. flame grilled rolls out on april 1st. we're asking the fast food giant if it is an april fool's joke. so far no comment. a baby elephant in thailand loves his bath time getting so worked up that he dives in head first. he runs off with the water hose at some point. adorableness. it may no longer matter to a man if his love looks fat in her pants as long as she's not wearing sweat pants. with the average waist size growing to 39 for men and 438 for
11:45 am
women. even if you're just dating there may be a dress code in place to keep her men happy at home. >> no sweat pants at home, t-shirt? >> no no sweat pants at home. i can't do sweat pants. ladies, number one cause for divorce in america sweat pants. no. you can't do that. >> she later explained on an instagram post, a tongue in cheek post saying quote, dear favorite pair of sweat pants i was just kidding when i said you're the number one cause of divorce. everyone knows that orange crocs are the number one cause of divorce. either way it was a bad joke and i'm sorry if you or anyone
11:46 am
thought i was serious. verifiable facts about public issues. he's our panel here. gentlemen, good to see you all. >> good to see you. >> patrick, what do you think about the sweat pants? is it okay? is it the end of your marriage? >> first of all how can you light up on sweat pants? you know, sweat pants are -- they're like the comfort food of fashion. they're like tater tots. >> those might get you into the sweat pants. >> true. i didn't think we would get there that quickly, but go ahead. >> for all these things, you have to have a certain bit of mystery and effort, but you just have to wear them sometimes? >> i don't think it's a big deal, but i get it because i do see my married friends post about sweat pants and it's almost like the relationship is on auto pilot.
11:47 am
>> you were wearing sweat pants at the time we sent you the e-mail. >> at the time i got this as a topic i was wearing sweat pants. i've been married 18 years, and if sweat pants cause divorce, we would have been done a long time ago. >> is it a double standard, though? is it okay for guys to wear sweat pants and do women have to step up and wear something different? >> i think it could be a double standard, because i think people have a tendency to put their best foot forward out in public and not be the best at home. i think it's important to be the best you can be for your spouse however, i think it's more important how you treat them than how you look. >> exactly. patrick you're all about branding. do you think the husband feels like, why do you get so dressed up when we go out with our friends and stuff and you got the elastic waistband working at home? >> i agree with what he's saying, but i think for her just being kind of cynical, and i think her next best step is to become a spokesperson for lulu
11:48 am
lemon. >> they have a special way of making everything look better. frankie, what about the crocs? >> that's a deal breaker. >> that's where we reach the breaking point. you get to the orange crocs and it's over? is it socks with crocs or just crocs? >> crocs in general. >> you can't respect somebody if they're wearing them. thaelts that's the bottom line. >> you can't respect them? or be attracted to them. >> sweat pants plus uggs have become the hip thing to do. >> that's very hip. >> maybe she was sending a note out to the universe that it's over. >> you said crocs are a no go, the sweat pants are a maybe. what would you like to see your partner wearing? nobody wants to answer that. >> i might get into trouble. >> that is the right answer. >> i'm a bachelor. i don't really see many sweat pants these days. >> or crocs.
11:49 am
jim, final word to you. >> my wife looks great in sweat pants. >> you're brilliant husbands. frank take note for the future. great to see you all. not a croc in the bunch. widows of our fallen servicemen lending a hand trying to help each other and help other military families coping with loss. we're going to talk to the president of washington warrior widows. a total eclipse blacking out parts of europe. more spectacular images, plus why scientists say this one is so special. i love that picture. in my world, wall isn't a street. return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members
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11:53 am
completely blocked out as the moon crossed over it. americans get their chance to see a total ellipse august 2017. mark your calendar. a group of military widows providing an outlet and resources for others who whose loved ones have died in service to our country. stephanie was just 22 when her husband was killed in iraq. and danielle's husband was killed in afghanistan. both women joining us from seattle. thank you both. good to have you with us today. >> thank you for having us. >> now, those of us who haven't been in your shoes we can never possibly imagine what you and your children have gone through, and stephanie you found this to be an experience where there was so much red tape, boy bureaucracy. talk about your story and how you turned that into trying to help others. >> well, my story i had to struggle. i really had to navigate the system all on my own. during that time frame, in '08
11:54 am
when hi husband passed away, there was a lot of issues. there was the drawing down of the war and i really felt disconnected that no one was there to help me ahead. to learn to navigate the system on my own, and i really felt that i -- i don't want anyone else to go through that to experience that. >> part of the reason why we started this organization. you have. >> you have had such a loss, and we assume, the average american, there would be help for you there would be specific guidance for you. danielle, i know that when you are part of the military -- i'm a military family -- you're part of a community but once you lose your service member and you're a widow, how does that change? >> well, think you definitely lose a piece of your identity, and try as others might to make you feel like you're still involved you don't feel involved, and i think part of what we're doing right now is to try and build up a community of
11:55 am
widows and widowers who still understand, no matter how long it's been. >> i know this is not something that is over in a month or a year ex-even five years. it's a lifetime of working through this and stephanie know that you want to do things to raise money so that kids can have opportunities and make sure they still have hope and they still have participation in these communities as well. >> yes. one of our goals is to raise money and funds to provide support for these children. there's a lot of support in college scholarships for children, but what about until they get to college? they lost0t that military bond, that military community, that whole lifestyle in an instant and we're trying to rebuild that give them something to look forward to. provide events and everything where they can feel part of the military community. >> stephanie and danielle, we thank you so much for your service and your sacrifice and
11:56 am
the fact you're now helping others who so desperately need the guidance you might not have had the first time around yourselves. thank you so much. i will tweet out some information so folks can see how to help as well. >> okay. thank you for having us. >> the lengths some people will go to pass high school exams? check this out. parents scaling the walls of a school and there's a growing scandal attached to this. we'll explain. ento people are real cheese people three generations spanning over 60 years. they don't believe in artificial this or superficial that. they know that in a world of over-processed there's no substitute for a piece of real. real cheese people believe every casserole deserves a shred of authenticity every sandwich a slice of legit. natural cheese off-the-block 100% real. sargento we're real cheese people.
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a scandal in eastern india. parents of friends and students scaling walls to pass cheat sheets to students taking tests. there are some 600 students who if ha been expelled after being caught cheating on exams. the tests have to be passed to continue to the next step. nearly two dozen parents being detained and questiones. wow. caught on tape. >> a rough march for well-ranked
12:00 pm
college basketball team plaza big names are knocked out early and it is wreaking havoc for folks with their brackets. how is yours looking? greg says it's so bad he should be banned from filling one out again in 2016. hmm. thanks for being part of the real store. here's shep. >> if you stab a woman and kill the baby inside her that is seven months along, did you just murder that baby? in the state at the heart of the story today, the answer is definitively, no. we're waiting for autopsy results in the case of an unborn baby cut from its mothers womb. the mother survived. the child did not. the attacker could dodge murder charges. the pop singer justin bieber, that justin bieber accused of threatening somebody's life the new claims from a man who lived next door to our biebs. we'll take you to the


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