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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 24, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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bill. do you want to send them there? go to and let us know what you think. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> [cheers] >> you are a mixed gentlemen right? >> whoopi goldberg talking about ted cruz who as soon as he announced candidacy for president was attacked. no surprise. we will tell you what's in play. >> i'm out. i'm out. i'm not a republican. >> glenn beck will be here to explain his disenchantment with the g.o.p. key support ted cruz? >> what do you guys think about isis? >> i don't know much about it. >> also ahead a new report says americans ages 16 to 34 don't know much about anything laura ingraham will
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analyze. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. ted cruz for president. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. according to a gallup poll, near 40% of americans say they are conservative thinkers. 24% say they are liberal. but is there any group in the country more maligned than conservatives? maybe serial killers? enter conservative senator ted cruz from texas. yesterday he announced he is running for president. mr. cruz wants america to return to traditional conservative tenets. very clear about that and there is little compromise in his platform. that has angered the left even some moderate republicans? >> >> now, ted cruz may be an intelligent person but he doesn't carry out an intelligent debate.
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he oversimplifies and exaggerates and led the truck party over the cliff in 2013. >> congressman king referring to senator cruz's attempt to shut down the government if obamacare was not repealed. in the "wall street journal" today the lead editorial compares ted cruz to barack obama. both men beginning their presidential quests just having two years in the senate. both men young, president obama 45 at the time he started running, ted cruz 44. but the comparisons end there. however, it's interesting to see how mr. cruz's resume is being scriewt scrutinized by the media while barack obama's inexperience was essentially given a free pass. here is a "the washington post" editorial for from january 18th 2007, quote, no matter what your political leanings are, you are likely to feel at least a twinge of excitement about illinois senator barack obama's decision to compete for the democratic presidential nomination. the post basing its assessment on mr. obama's mixed race citing the historical significance of
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it but ted cruz is part cuban. the fact was immediately brought up. [ laughter ] >> i want to see your birth certificate. and are you -- and you are a mixed gentlemen gentleman, right? are you talking for the cuban side or the white side? >> well, that's nice. ms. goldberg also referring to the fact that ted cruz was born in canada. now, that shouldn't be a problem for cruz, according to the the harvard law review which says person born abroad to a u.s. citizen parent generally considered to be a natural born u.s. citizen. but facts don't really matter anymore in the country, do they? so expect the canadian deal to be wrapped around senator cruz's neck along with other fabrications. >> accusing obomb mat president of the united states of being under communist influence because he went to harvard law which of course where ted cruz went but he wasn't under
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communist influence. this guy is bad news. >> but the record shows that ted cruz did not -- did not say president obama was under communist influence at harvard. the senator did chronicle the resumes of some professors he considers marxists and said mr. obama might be a good person to lead them. but sarcasm is not fact. facts don't matter anymore. talking points believes that conservative americans are the most maligned mainstream group in the u.s.a. if you don't believe in global warming you are a loon. if you do believe, life begins at conception. you are a religious fanatic. if you want strong action against the jihadists. you are a warmongerer. on and on and on. if any other minority group in the country was smeared the way conservatives are there would be a justice department investigation. so good luck to ted cruz. he most likely will not win the nomination, but his entry in the race is a very
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positive thing. if you believe that america should be a vibrant democracy with all sincere views considered. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction with us. monica crowley and from washington kirsten powers. what say you, ms. powers. >> well you talked about a lot of different things there i mean, i certainly agree with what you are saying about how conservatives are maligned. i think it's at a level that it hasn't been in the past and where -- where views and disagreements really are treated as bigotry, as phobias, as not as just disagreements as we as americans used to have over policies, it's now if you criticize islam, you have an illness, you are illness even things i disagree with. >> i support same sex marriage a lot of liberals will say a lot who oppose same sex marriage is a bigot. again they have a phobia. they are a homophobe which i
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don't agree with. >> nice strategy to employ particularly when you have the mainstream media that parrots that kind of stuff. no doubt, monica that the media and i include the internet now the political wedge sites. they want to portray ted and anyone who supports him as dysfunctional. something wrong he wants to throw back president obama's stuff which some of it is crazy. i think both monica and kirsten would admit that some of the attacks on president obama were insane and wrong. but now, you know, it's ted cruz's turn in the barrel. >> if they are effectively able to smear somebody like ted cruz then they can discredit everything he stands for and his candidacy. they are attempting to delegitimize him. is he a tough nut to crack though because is he a personal friend of mine. is he a brilliant good and decent man. what the left constantly tries to do to conservatives
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and they have tried to do it with cruz is mock him. they try to turn conservatives either into evil, dumb or stupid. so pick one of those. so like a dick cheney. >> i'm all three. and i'm not even conservative. i'm a traditional guy. i'm evil, dumb and what was other one. >> evil dumb or stupid. >> dumb and stupid are the same thing. if they can tack one of those on to a conservative then they can marginalize. what you saw from whoopi goldberg is another alinsky tactic mock them. if they mock them like they did with sarah palin and dan quayle and did with ronald reagan that's another way of marginalizing not just the person but the conservative principles for which they fight. >> how did they get in -- you see you know your world, the liberal world better than i do and monica does. how did it get to the point and you just, you know, you were right when you said how did it get so personal? why do we have to now attack ted cruz's character and his
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intellect and make up stuff that he thinks rpg general mccarthy. that's where matthews was going on that whole thing. how did they get that way? >> well i mean things that happen. one thing biggest thing. sarah palin got marginalized. she helped it along. >> well, you know, i mean -- you know, i just wrote a book about this truly. it's something that has been going on for a long time. and monica would know this as a conservative woman. any conservative woman you have had had on this channel could talk about what they do to conservative women to delegitimize them. and so there is all sorts of tactics that they use against conservatives who are, you no know, nonwhite conservatives. we will see it happen to ted cruz that again, are you speaking for your white side? well, i don't remember anyone ever asking barack obama that because, of course that would have been racist. >> okay.
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>> example of someone who has been marginalized. >> you were asking kirsten how did it all start and gain traction? >> i would point to my old boss nixon watergate. >> that wasn't personal that was policy. >> oh that was very personal. >> they didn't like him. >> they hated his guts. >> they didn't get him because of his personality. they got him because of the. >> evil from the very beginning he proved that communist in the government. look, they were out to get him but he also gave them the ammo. richard nixon was the first one. clarence thomas, they tried to go after ronald reagan and impeach him. time and again they will go after effective conservative which is ted cruz. >> they went after clinton and they managed to impeach him. >> again, when somebody gives the ammo, then it's fair game. that's a different issue. >> i think it happened with
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ronald reagan. i think the left was so angry that his so successful. so furious about it that they despised him you know what? we are going it get in the mud now and stay in the mud. >> i ran contra. they didn't impeach him. i ran contra. >> we're not talking about the same things here. iran contra was a problem. >> republicans are held to. >> that's a different animal we are talking about. >> i feel like this is something that has gained traction, you know, a much stronger traction in the last, you know, five or six years. >> since the internet. there is no doubt about it. >> they can now smear anybody and the acolytes in the mainstream pick it up. ladies, good debate. thank you. one footnote. i will be discussing senator cruz with dave letterman tonight on his program. next on the rundown, glenn beck says he is leaving the republican party but will the entry of ted cruz change his mind? mr. beck will be here.
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talking to you before we went on and i said the hair is getting a little white there, do you know what i'm talking about? >> at least some of us have hair. >> yeah well, that's true. you are looking like fred mcmurray at the end of the line for him. >> good to see you too bill. always a delight to be on the show. >> i don't believe you are leaving the republican party because you like ted cruz, you are going to vote for ted cruz if he gets the nomination. >> oh my gosh i would vote for ted cruz that's
8:15 pm
different than the party. >> i think he is running as a republican, beck. did anyone break that to you. >> i know. is he working as a principled republican, so i would give my money to him. i'm not just giving my party to money to the party right now, the party is attacking people like ted cruz. more slings and arrows coming from the republican party against ted cruz than there is outside of the republican party. >> that always happens. when bush announced he got slings and arrows. you know what the game is. tear down. >> that's the problem. people are tired of playing the game. you know, i made a little list as i was watching you last week i made a little list, surrendered on the abortion bills, surrendered on illegal immigration. common core. helped push through $3.5 trillion in deficits. won't fight obamacare. voted to confirm unstein. date that te'o collection. not doing anything on benghazi. haven't done anything on the targeting of conservatives with the irs. they haven't done anything on the v.a.
8:16 pm
they also threw an elections against i didn't say mcdaniels toed that cochran. they actually went to the democrats and played the race card. i mean, i can get that from hillary clinton's people. >> look, i'm not going to stick up for the republican party. i'm not a republican. i don't know what they are doing. i don't care what they are doing. and all of the things that you are saying. >> i do. >> may be right. i will tell you one thing the strategy now is and i no this to be true. we have to win we have to beat hillary clinton. that's the strategy. win. >> they were always -- listen to me. they are always saying that. >> house and the senate, beck. >> we had to have the house. then we had to the house and the senate. white house house, and the senate then it becomes the bush administration where it's just as bad on deficits and everything else. >> they don't have any intention of doing anything. >> bush cut taxes and the economy was pretty good. oh my gosh. >> after 9/11 we got hit but it came back pretty strong
8:17 pm
and mortgage thing fell off the roof. >> bill, we will agree on this. it's a slower route to the same disastrous legislation. >> i can't agree with that but, look what i'm trying to tell you is i understand your fervour for change. i understand it. and i want it, too. i don't like a lot of these policies. i would like them to be torn to asunder. you have to deal with what reality is and how many votes you can garner to get these things done. >> bill we know. >> afraid to do them. >> do you know who is going to win in a matchup between hillary clinton and jeb bush? hillary clinton. >> i'm not sure about that. >> yes she would. >> >> jeb bush is hillary clinton light. here is the thing. you want a real matchup? let's give america a choice. elizabeth warren on the left, let's have -- she will step up and actually say what she means and means what she says. put elizabeth warren and ted cruz and let america decide.
8:18 pm
a real choice. >> i would love that that would be great. >> i would too. that's not going to happen. i know you live in fantasy land. >> no, i don't. >> you know peter pan personally. i know you do. i have seen you with him. >> i think you and karl rove live -- >> i have nothing in common with karl rove. i don't do that kind of stuff. >> no, no, no. i know you don't. but you are agreeing with him. >> i'm not agreeing with him. i'm telling you what the strategy is i'm not agreeing with it. >> i know what the strategy is i'm telling you that it's the same strategy that gets us nowhere. >> okay. so you are going to throw your weight and i can't see your tummy but you are throwing your weight behind ted cruz; is that correct? you're with him? you are his guy for now? >> i love ted cruz but i am also open to rand paul. i'm also open to scott walker. right now my guy is ted cruz but i want to learn more from the other two. >> that's open-minded of you. that is open-minded, beck. >> i know.
8:19 pm
you are not leaving the republican party. you just want to know more about it. >> >> here is the thing. don't vote for parties. don't blindly support the party. >> now i agree. >> support the people. in the meantime, you know, you know it kills me for a year i had no on my desk for radio. we were covered on radio. been in pictures. >> defund the g.o.p.? i sell t-shirts for over a year. >> where does the money for for dopey t-shirt? >> to me. this is the difference. this is why you are going it hell and i'm going to heaven. my money that i sell. >> bill o' is a charity. >> can i tell you something? i'm going to hell in a nice car. >> i will wave at you, beck. i will wave at you from the other side of the gate, bill. >> i don't know if you will
8:20 pm
have a hand. glenn beck, everybody. directly ahead. ed henry on whether president obama is feeling any urgency as terrorists rampage across the middle east. then later are younger americans very dumb? generally speaking? a new study says yes and the factor is coming right back. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am.
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very bad news from the middle east terrorists on march all over the place. question tonight, does president obama feel any urgency here? joining us from washington fox news chief white house correspondent evidence henry. you have the afghan president in town and he had a joint press conference with mr. obama. and now we find out that isis is in afghanistan. right?
8:24 pm
>> well, yes. and to ape your question directly. do i think there is some urgency we you a on the news conference because you had the president saying look, he is basically reversing a campaign promise, at least in the short-term, not the long term. for the next year is he is going to keep more u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan. he realizes perhaps it was a mistake in iraq to pull everyone out and not leave some behind. he has said that was maliki's fault. the iraqi prime minister. that battle has been had. if the administration has leander lesson from iraq and is leaving troops behind keep some security gains in place, that could be a positive. i think the negative side of it is look, it was just over a year ago that the president said that isis was the jay vee squad. it was only about three months ago bill, that the president's commanderren on the ground general campbell said that isis isn't going to make it into afghanistan. cbs, "60 minutes" asked him about it he said no. >> how many isis guys are in afghanistan a now? >> the afghan president today at the news conference said they are recruiting in
8:25 pm
afghanistan. they are trying to turn it into a terrorist foot hold. what does that tell us? isis is now in syria, iraq, now apparently in afghanistan, on top of the taliban and the threats from them. and so, look also in libya, tunisia, yemen, all over the place. you secretary of defense something interesting. you said okay, now the president never admitted he made a mistake drawing the troops from iraq. >> right. >> i never heard him. did you ever hear him say that was a mistake. >> you are right. hasn't admitted slow to pick up on isis threat. jay vee don't worry about him. got him under control. now out of control. two big mistakes. so i'm saying to myself i don't see the urgency. yeah is he leaving the 109800 in afghanistan. has to all right. no choice but to do that.
8:26 pm
afghan president wants him there. he can't say blank you. i'm pulling him out. so isis or taliban can take over. he can't. now we have -- did in iraq. >> did in iraq because he didn't know -- he didn't take the terror threat seriously. he has never taken it seriously. walked away from afghanistan it would be a problem in a number of ways as you say. tinderbox right now. only get worse. remember what the president said in 2008. he tried to have a delineation in that campaign between iraq and afghanistan. said iraq was a dumb war is what he said. he said afghanistan was more of a smart war, more of a just war and in fact, he surged u.s. troops to afghanistan, remember that because the president was saying because of 9/11 that was a just war. >> look. the afghan thing i'm not blaming obama for that, all right? i'm not blaming president obama for afghanistan. i am blaming him for the unbelievable blunder in iraq and under estimating which is now the most powerful terror group in the world isis. those are two huge mistakes.
8:27 pm
two huge ms. stakes. real quick. a bunch of house people, congress people sent the president a letter saying they don't trust him to make a good deal with iran on the nukes, right? >> he is going to get a deal regardless of what congress says. today we will be transparent. make sure they see it still not committing to a house and senate. he knows it might be a deal that they simply won't support. is he going to push ahead and maybe take it to the u.n. by the way not to the congress. >> better chance of getting it ratified there. >> all right. plenty of fodder for us, henry, you know what i mean? plenty of fodder. >> keep you are not cheap. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. very bad news for younger americans. apparently they don't know anything. laura ingraham has been studying the studies and next, outraged can rock stone magazine be sued over a firestone gang rape story?
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success starts with the right connections. introducing miracle-gro liquafeed universal feeder. turn any hose connection into a clever feeding system for a well-fed garden. miracle-gro. life starts here. stossel matter segment tonight, police in virginia can find no evidence of a gang rape at the university of virginia. you may remember rolling stone magazine reported horrific attack at uva fraternity. story completely made up. >> unfortunately, we're not able to conclude any -- to any substantive degree that an incident that is
8:32 pm
consistent with the facts contained in that article occurred at the five kappa cy fraternity house or any other fraternity house for that matter. >> no evidence at all police say but they will continue to investigate. now the question becomes can rolling stone magazine be sued? here now john stossel anchor of his own program fox business network on friday evenings. what about a lawsuit here? can a fraternity disseminated by this can they sue rolling stone magazine? >> they can but it would be foolish. >> why? >> it's hard for a group to sue lawsuits are about individual injury. if they sued then the -- >> -- couldn't you file a class action on behalf of all of the people in that fraternity? >> defamed definitely and retaliation. what's going to happen then? >> lawsuits are nasty things. >> the defense says we can do discovery which means they get to ask but everything.
8:33 pm
any underaged drinking at that fraternity. i bet there is. they get to check the sexual history of every member it takes years, costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and unlikely to win. way the system is set up in the civil courts to win you almost lose. >> even when you do win you will lose. >> right, because you get beaten up so severely and it costs so much money to wage the glar it hurts us less. we are public figures. >> they can say anything about you, stossel and almost anything about me and they do you say it's not likely that rolling stone magazine will be held accountable here. >> they have been held accountable it hurts their reputation. a bunch of stories over of the years have been totally wrong. did i the crack baby story. remember years ago, crack babies, babies like no other they can't be nurtured. it was just an utter smear and labeled children of mothers who.
8:34 pm
>> that came from rolling stone. >> that was from rolling stone. >> all right. obviously the standards of journalism and we talked about this before you and i have been in the business a long time you 65 and me 35. they have declined dramatically in this country. not a big issue for the folks because they are in not in the business. i think it hurts the country. >> i don't believe they have declined so much. i think they were always bad. when we started there was only the liberal way. sure they didn't publicly sneer in the media but they were pretty biased. at least now there is an alternative. >> if i made a mistake reporting at wcbs where you worked channel 2 in new york. these guys were on me. you had to do it right. now, and the internet you can say whatever you want. you don't have to back up anything and throw it right out there and say i didn't report it. they did. and they throw he it right into the mainstream. come on, it's crazy. the pipeline is insane. >> at the "new york times" when they get things wrong
8:35 pm
somebody is on them, too. >> where? when? if though v.p. editors double-check this stuff, i read this because my neighbors do and i get mad every day because they are so twisted in their sneering. but the facts are basically true. >> you just admit they smear. >> no they take facts and fit the facts to whatever attack they want to make. >> at least now the bloggers correct them. >> john stossel, everybody, when we come right back is it legal immigration chaos and your cell phone. do you have any privacy at all? legal is next.
8:36 pm
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i trust dulcolax tablets. i take dulcolax for dependable overnight relief and in the morning i am back to myself dulcolax, designed for dependable relief . . thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight. two hot topics in for lis wiehl tonight and kimberly guilfoyle. you have one of these right? little stupid machine. >> i sure do. >> you have one, stacy? >> every sure do. >> if you are a professional you have got to have one. okay, everything stored in here and they can send you things from outerspace and all of that. >> the cloud. >> there is no privacy on this thing. >> it's a problem because the privacy and all the contents in that phone can be compromised. they could be seized ultimately by law enforcement. >> if do you something
8:40 pm
wrong. say dwi, driving under the influence, dui and the cops see have this right? he can take it from you, right? >> yes, he can take it from you he should get a warrant to search its con tints except exigent circumstances. >> big word. what's that mean. >> i'm surprised you haven't used it on your show. >> exigent. someone has got information this about a homicide occurring or something like that. >> if you are pulled over for a dui or jay walking or anything else the cop can take your phone if the police officer believes that there is something in the phone that can prove the crime or whatever. and then put the phone in a drawer somewhere and get the warrant after the fact. >> they can. they can inventory the cell phone for evidence. but in a dwi or dui they are not going to do that because that's not going to be indicia of criminal activity. >> what if they are sensing that you might be a drug dealer and under the
8:41 pm
influence of narcotics. >> or you cause an accident? >> the bottom line you have to get a warrant, the police have to get a warrant to look inside right? >> yes. >> if this is owned by your company. if this is owned by fox news. fox news can look at this any time, right? >> absolutely right. if they own the actual phone they can search its content. >> they rent it for you. >> they can search its content. >> any time they want. >> you don't have an expectation of privacy in property that you do not own so use at your own risk. >> that's what the hfk thing was all about. hillary clinton was working for the federal government but didn't want the federal government to have access to her machine so used a different server so they wouldn't. >> right. if it was the federal government's machine, it's office equipment. >> they could look into it. that was a calculated play. let's get on to the immigration situation. so president obama puts the immigration order that gives 5 million illegal aliens pretty much amnesty. since that time or maybe even a little bit before deportations have gone way down; is that correct?
8:42 pm
>> they have gone down. >> you had the stat. they have gone down -- >> -- here's the problem. this is the important part. 153% over the last five years. people failing to appear. guess what? no one is showing up. so they are not deporting anybody and why would you show up? >> they are giving them tickets to appear in immigration court. >> yes. >> and 153% fewer people show up than used to show up; is that the status? >> why would they show up when they run the risk of deportation? because guess what? they don't show up? nothing happens to them no consequence. >> the reason they are not showing up is fear. why would they actually make themselves available to immigration. >> to get deported when no one is going to look for them. >> they stay under the radar. >> this is another dereliction of the united states federal government. final topic. in north carolina an illegal alien who some say should have been deported murders four people. roll the tape. >> a white house immigration policy is now at the center
8:43 pm
of four murders in mechanic alanberg county. one of the victims aspiring model. tonight i went to mel anana's home after accused killer manuel shouldn't have been in the country. tillis says he avoided deportation in 2012 through daca. child for action child arrival policy. in this letter tillis said immigration officials had quote: had full knowledge that he was a known gang member. >> is that true stacy? >> it hasn't been established. it's been alleged that he is a gang member. and in order for that to come into play with a deportation proceeding back earlier, they would have to give him a hearing. but his underlying offense he has this marijuana case before the alleged murders, was dismissed. there was a misdemeanor marijuana case. >> it's the gang thing guilfoyle -- >> -- yes.
8:44 pm
>> if the federal government knew that he was a gang member could have been deported as undesirable right away. >> he should have been deported. you don't have a right to stay in this country if you are someone with known gang ties. >> he says there is controversy whether he was a gang member. >> dispute. this should are been addressed at deportation hearing. >> public safety and dereliction of duty. >> running around north carolina and now charged with four homicides and decide whether he should receive the death penalty the answer to that should be yes. >> has he been convicted. >> hearing whether or not they will pursue the death penalty prosecution. >> it's a mess. whole immigration thing is one big mess. ladies, thank you very much. we appreciate. >> it thank you. >> new study says younger americans don't know anything. laura, moments away. introducing the new can-am spyder f3. with a cruising riding position and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...'ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am dealer and test drive the spyder f3 today.
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back of the book segment tonight. resempers at the educational testing service in princeton, new jersey annualized data concentrating on reading math, and computers. in the 60 to 34 demographic. young americans did very poorly. in literacy, we were number 16 out of 22 countries. in numeracy, which is math we are tied with italy and spain for last. and the computer issues we're tied again for last with ireland and poland in the slovac iian republic. this is not good. joining us to analyze ms. laura ingraham. what do you think happened here. >> in the last 30 years we have seen decline in educational standards as washington has laid down its dictates from the department of education. and i think kind of the old ways of teaching were generally regarded as outdated and old fashioned
8:49 pm
but part of the problem with that is that there is a baseline that's missing of knowledge for young people. and i think when you compare us to some of these other countries, obviously you see the differential. and we should also remember that we all bought into this idea of globalism, right? it was going to be great to have all this trade with with all these other countries and it was going to work out well for us but, you know, i think we have seen that it's been a lot harder for measures toibility great into the global economy than some of the experts believed it would be. >> what would be younger americans knot knowing anything. >> we have to understand that we are always go going to have a group of people bill that are not going to become stem workers. they are not going to become scientists. they are probably going to -- could make a decent living manufacturing. >> my parents were kind of -- they both had college degrees but they came from -- my grandfather was a cop. my other grandfather was a train conductor. and they knew a lot of
8:50 pm
stuff. my -- you know, my grandfathers, the train and the cop they knew, you know, math and they knew who the president was and what the issues were and it was discussed around the table. you know, just because you are a and just because you're a working class people doesn't mean you don't know anything. >> i understand that. but we live in a world now where there are a lot of distractions for all of us. >> i think that's the key. i think there's no discipline. no discipline and -- >> every second we're glued to -- >> 24/7 they have to text and tell their friends what kind of socks they have on. and what kind of morning cereal they're eating. >> what socks do you have on bill? >> basic black. i don't need to twitter about it. i don't need to tell everybody about it. >> there's a veneer of knowledge. there's a lot to that. >> but it's a lack of discipline combined with the rise of the machines. look, i know that teachers in
8:51 pm
america try hard most of them. okay? i know that. in public and private schools. and they're underpaid most of them. but there's no discipline supporting them. >> bill, you can't discipline. >> you can't, right. >> if you discipline, you get sued. >> if little carmine is disrupting the class by setting off fireworks, they can't do anything about it. >> when the nuns got at you, bill, they would rip you by the arm down to the principal's office. >> the nuns i had were transferred to abu ghraib. that's the nuns i had. >> you were afraid not to learn, right? >> i didn't want a hood over me. >> no you don't want that ruler. >> i'm not advocating that. because i myself, as you know -- i was a teacher. >> you're a common-sense guy. >> and i never laid a hand on a kid. but i did demand that they do the work. if they didn't do the work, they were scorned. >> shame is out. you can't -- when i was in high
8:52 pm
school, this is 1981 you actually could list class ranking. that was public. what's on the board. and it was kind of exciting. if you didn't do well, it was -- >> i was in the dumb row. >> good point. we have work to do, bill. >> i was in the dumb row. it was designated with a big "d" the dumb row. i called my attorney and said you have to sue these people. >> we have a competitive world. we have to find room for all segments of society in our work force. we've got to think about that before we off-shore all our jobs and -- >> i think we need to work on the public educational system. it has to be redesigned. >> give it back to the states. >> they don't care. you have to demand that they learn. >> i'm still trying to get over the "fifty shades of grey" with the handcuffs. >> that was shocking. >> that was something. >> i had problem with the people that talked about the handcuffs. they couldn't spell handcuffs.
8:53 pm
>> they know "fifty shades of grey" they don't know about the framers probably. >> and they couldn't spell grey, with an "e." we both agree that it is a decline in the standard of learning, not teaching, learning in the public school system that has led to this dismal performance. >> right. we know a lot of pc stuff we know a lot about how america screwed up and how america is terrible to women and other groups. but we don't know a lot about the basics that you need to know to survive in the global economy. we need to do better. >> laura ing graham, everybody. another situation that you should know about. the tip as the factor continues all across the usa and all around the world. it's more than the cloud. it's multi-layered security and flexibility. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions. including cloud and hosting services - all from a trusted it partner.
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last week i was unhappy that bernie goldberg did not have time to make all his points. you said you would bring him back, but i did not believe you. last night you proved me wrong. always believe me. tampa, florida, i watch factor because it's fair. however, i would not say fnc as a whole is fair and balanced. if you want to win that debate you've got to bring the facts. i ran down the entire roster with bernie and i think i won that debate. bill, i was setting my dvr to watch killing jesus on sunday, and the tv guide description was a fictionalized description of the telling of the life of jesus christ. the listing on comcast cable in florida is clearly false. i wonder if that's intentional. call them up, ask them. linda from california, i read "killing jesus" and plan to watch the movie with my 10-year-old granddaughter. is it appropriate for her? on the line, linda. the punishment the romans
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always please remember, the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. presidential campaign is less than 48 hours old, but already texas senator ted cruz finds himself at the heart of a media firestorm. critics determined to dismiss his chances and his candidacy and tonight right here, he responds. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. it was early monday morning senator cruz first announced online and then told a jam-packed crowd at the liberty university that he is running for president. the first-term senator laid out a vision consistent with his conservative beliefs, and the media pounced. questioning him and his viability as a candidate, from the "washington post," ted cruz