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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 26, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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was it intentional? we are live in the french alps with the latest. good morks, morning, amy. >> what does this bombshell information really need. we don't know the whole story and we don't be know the veracity of this report. i will say no one here has confirmed it nor have they denied it. the french aviation authority expressed anger on a french talk show that the leak was made. we are trying to gather as much information as we can. we have spoken to german wings the company of flight 9525. they won't confirm or deny any of this. when they what they told me is when one leaves the cockpit only the pilot can leave. the cockpit voice recorder
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showing -- indicating one pilot left the cockpit and the sound of him banging frantically were picked up by the voice recorder. the names of two of the three americans killed in the crash were released by the state department last night yvonne and emily selkie taking a mother daughter vacation to europe. the elderly had been a long time employee of bruce allen. after the 9-11 terror attacks the united states made strict cockpit regulations making it mandatory if one of the pilots leave a flight attendant had to take their spot until they get back. there are no regulations like this in europe. >> one time taliban captive bowe bergdahl now charged with
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desertion and miss behaving. >> it has a potential life sentence. >> james rosen is live for us in dc with the details. >> you have been following this all night long. >> it is quite a case. good morning to you, ainsley and heather. in a lengthy statement bowe bergdahl speaks out for the first time. saying he wasn't seeking out the enemy when he abandoned his post in eastern afghanistan he was trying to tell about disturbing circumstances with his unit. >> the misbehavior for the enemies because i think there's strong intelligence evidence that said he did more than walk over to the enemy. he gave aid and comfort to the enemy by his presence there by the fact that he was able to help the taliban leverage the
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release of five taliban leaders. that cannot be under scored in any such way only to say this was as bad as it gets. >> bergdahl's statement details cruel conditions for his captivity including constant isolation and being beaten with a copper wire. the case proved contentious for the obama administration which federal oughtauditors say broke the law. berg dahl bergdahl's statement noted he tried to escape a dozen times and did escape for nine days and was recaptured. >> what is the possibility bergdahl and his lawyers will reach an agreement for a lesser punishment. >> the military says the plea deal is out of the question at least with the airing of the evidence which is set to occur under what is known as an article 32 hearing it's akin to a grand jury proceeding.
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>> james rosen live for us in washington, d.c. >> the man who led the search for bergdahl speaking out about the dangerous mission to track him down. >> i would like to commend the army for taking this bold move. >> we led the seven for him. we ju he had walked off the post and put us in this position. the taliban knew we were pulling out all of the stops looking for him and were feeding false information into the informant situation. they baited us into ambushes and baited us into a house rigged to explode. thank god didn't. >> in addition to the soldiers who died looking for bergdahl soldiers and marines had limited resores because so many helicopters and supplies. >> saudi arabia air strikes
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against the tutssy rebel -- houthis houthis rebels. they are providing leg gist cal and intelligence reports. they are joining the fight to take tick crete from isis. that means fighting along side the iranians bombing isis positions in the city following a slow down of the offensive by iraqi troops and iranian backed mal militias while they confirm it by iraqi troops they side step all of the questions about iranian involvement. >> and now to current weather. one person is dead after tornadoes ripped through tulsa, oklahoma. homes totally destroyed trees ripped from the ground. other parts of the state seeing tornadoes as well and also in arkansas. >> maria molina is tracking the storms. a lot of people in moore
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oklahoma, what is the latest on the ground? >> good morning heather and ainsley. good to hear you voices. hello everyone at home. parts of texas, oklahoma and parts of the centrral plains. there were 100 reports of severe weather from texas to missouri and sadly one fatality in oklahoma near tulsa. that was the one we happened to catch on video out there that would have been to the west of downtown tulsa. there was also a reported tornado in moore oklahoma. estimates how strong the tornado does. more rain in parts of the gulf coast and parts of new england. there was storms along the west
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coates states. arkansas, his his producing heavy rain and also across the midwest. temperatures by the way behind the storm system much colder and that's another reason the winds are so strong across parts of the plains. the severefirst severe weather outbreak we have seen so far. >> we will check back with you on the storm. >> denise husband kin's boy -- huskins boyfriend, she has been found safe. now she is nowhere to be found. we have more information about the strange case. >> what a difference a day makes. they are calling it a wild goose chase. it is still going on. police in northern california located denise husband kins and she went off the radar again.
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she stopped cooperating and told police she was forcibly taken from her home with a ransom demand of $8500. he waited nearly 12-hours to call the cops. >> the statement mr. quinn provided was such an incredible story we initially had a hard time believing it and upon further investigation we were not able to substantiate all of the things he was saying. >> on tuesday the san francisco chronicle e-mailed an audio recording of huskins. she was found 400 miles away at her mother's house and told police she would copoperate. when the fbi had a jet to fly her back north she wasn't there. the disappearance sparked a massive around the clock search for days involving 40 detectives
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and 100 personnel that police say was wasted. >> mr. quinn and ms. huskins plundered valuable resources in our community and taken the focus away from the true victims of the community while instilling fear amongst the community members. >> police are investigating if quinn and husband kinkins actually broke any laws. if so they could face state and federal charges. caught on camera, take a look at the cell phone video. this is out in missouri the explosions were caused by an electrical fire in a wall there. no one was injured. no one had to be evacuated. patient services have not been effect affected. >> one more day until decision day for amanda knox. she will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if her conviction will hold up in court. she and ex-boyfriend rafael were
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found guilty of killing her room might meredith kutcher back in 2011 then acquitted. if it is upheld another legal battle begins over her extradition to italy. under u.s. law she cannot be extradited since she was acquitted a fraternity member said she is sore -- he's sorry after being part of a racist chant. i want to ask you for your forgiveness. what you saw in the video is not who i really am, not who i was raised to be and not who i think of myself to be. >> flanked at a podium with african americans levi pettitte will spend the rest of his life trying to undo the damage that he did. he was caught on camera chanting racist slurs sending off a nationwide outrage causing the school to disband that fraternity and he was expelled. >> jesse jackson jr. being
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released from federal prison. he served 17 months for his 30 month sentence for illegally spending campaign funds on lavish personal. jackson the son of jesse jackson will serve out the remainder of his term in a halfway house in washington, d.c. >> 11 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up isis in america. what we have just learned about where the most popular terror recruiter now lives. >> and demolition derby a feud on four-wheels caught on camera. a driver ramming the van 7 times. the laws that could end with your license being taken away. flurn flush m
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>> a fox news alert for you. we are hearing new reports that the pilot of the doomed german wings plane crash is locked out of the cockpit moments before it crashed killing 150 people on board. we now know there were three americans on board that plane. including this recent drexel university graduate emily silkie and her mom. a third hasn't been identified. >> we have a long way to go when it comes to fighting terror. that's the finding of a 9-11 commission review. the bureau has made progress since 2001 but more so needs to be done to gather intelligence. the fbi needs to be ready to address the growing threat of tech savvy terrorists. he is the most popular islamic
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leader. four foreign fighters and he lives right here in the u.s. 43-year-old ahmedjabril. he's the favorite isis cheerleader. he lives in dearborn michigan, has remained relatively silent on-line since his release from jail in 2012 for fraud and money laundering charges. at the end of this month with federal authorities fear he will continue on-line preaching. >> the white house is defending a top homeland security official who is accused of giving special treatment to democrats including hillary clinton's brother. he used his influence sueis a did he tell -- to get visas. >> he didn't suggest these individuals weren't deserving of
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the visas. what he suggested is merely the process didn't work very well. >> he said in a statement while i disagree with the inspector general's report i will certainly learn from it and from this process. >> you better not get behind on student loan payments or you will lose big. what will are states doing to keep payments coming in it? oo there are 22 states where laws say they can revoke drooifrp answer licenses or professional licenses if they fall behind on loans. new jersey, texas are included. montana and iowa are looking to repeal the laws. critics say they are unfair if you take away a driver's license it makes it difficult for them to get to work where they earn money to pay the debt, right? also revoking professional licenses is unfair to hospitals
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who need the critical staff. the debt collectors are saying they have a way to get the payments. >> they are finding they are working fewer hours because of obamacare. >> a new survey finds 14 percent of businesses reduced part-time hours and more plan to do so to avoid employer mandates which demand they provide insurance to all workers who work 30 hours a week. we are seeing them cut back. if he this violate the mandate they will have to pay the fee. >> speaking of employees specifically those pregnant. did the supreme court make it easier for pregnant women to sue their employees? >> in a way yes. they ruled 6-3 that pregnant workers can claim the same accommodations for restricted and injured workers that means the presidency is not restricted
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but companies must be accommodating. that decision involves young she can now allege discrimination against ups. we are looking at another big sell off today on top of a big sell off yesterday ladies. down 1512 points. >> the time is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. a baby trapped in a burning home and an officer's desperate attempt to save the little boy's life all caught on camera. >> a close call for an army recruit. what is a grenade in his hand. how he managed to walk away just in time. flush flush
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>> this isn't just road rage it is a full on demolition derby. >> neighbors in detroit witnessing this. they say it was all part of a family dispute over just $10. going to cost a lot more than that to get the cars fixed. >> the gold suv rams into the van not once not twice but 7 times. he tries to hit a guy with a car and he drives all over a neighbor's yard. charges could be filed. >> another moment caught on camera as a police officer runs into a burning house to save a
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baby. >> that is sergeant should son trying to find the 3-year-old ray ray in the grandmother's home. it showed the officer and father of three racing through all of the smoke and quickly locating the little boy who was in his bed debt. amazingly they both got out unharmed. >> a real hero. >> this weekend get ready to go home. >> i come outinto the out now? >> no you can't come into the out now. >> but i can you are having to take away the piece of wood. >> home tells a story of an unlikely friendship behind the animated character and a big celebrity name. >> let's step into the spotlight with michael tammero. >> big names indeed. jim parsons, steve martin and rihanna owl star in "home" that teaches a universal lesson and it will change your world. >> meet hope and tip.
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from a million miles away there was little chance these two would ever be. but fate has other plans when their world collides. rihanna plays tip. jim parsons is o. >> tz such a fullingfilling experience. it really was. >> steve martin is the leader. >> give daddy some sugar. >> the voiceover a totally different experience for these stars. >> you are constantly free to experiment and then go see if it worked. you have the ability to improve it to do it again. >> my hands are in the air like i just do not care. >> i p didn't know how much physical energy was going to show up especially a character that was this enthusiastic. >> you are taising tibbs the whole time you are running after
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an enemy you do that 10 minutes and you sweat. >> i would get close to the mic and get really loud. and then you kind of had to project but not so loud. >> they take the characters all across the planet. >> you are a terrible driver. >> the message being different and making mistakes is all part of life no matter who you are. >> you just have pets for fun and companionship. >> you have me for companion on the ship. >> together you discover the true meaning of home. >> what did you do with my car? >> i am prepared to ingest one of your gestures of human gratitude. >> well, heather, "home" opens open tomorrow nationwide. you can go to in the fox or follow me on twitter@fox light michael.
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>> i like when he said i am waiving my hands in the air like i just don't care. thank you for coming and telling us about it. 26 minutes after the hour. the final moments breaking information about what happened in the moments before the german plane went down the pilot locked out of the cockpit. the incredible signs after a plane a torntown is thrown totorn to sleds. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out... with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults. doctors have been prescribing humira for nearly 10 years. >>humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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>> a fox news alert. a bombshell new development in the investigation of a crash into the german wings air bus. a pilot locked out of the cockpit right before it crashed. we are live in the french alps with his december tratsperate attempt to get back inside. >> we have top commanders to free him now bowe bergdahl
2:31 am
abandoned his post. >> all a hoax? the kidnapping case that had the fbi scrambling. it may have all been made up. why police say this woman was never even taken. >> if you are just waking up i am heather airchilders. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> the pilot with the doomed german winged plane was locked out of the cockpit moments before it slammed into the fren alps including everyone on board. >> now the question remains was this an accident or was it intentional? amy kellogg is live for us you.
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>> good morning heather and ainsley. from it the details the leaked report one of the pilots lefted the cockpit the voice recorder we can extrapolate there was not another person in the cockpit because there were no reports. there are requirements one pilot leaved the cockpit. we have been trying to find out what european regulations are on that. we have not bbable to get a clear line on agencies here but i did speak to a pilot who flu for 40 years until 2005. after 9-11 when a lot of things changed. he flew with middle eastern airlines and he said there was no such regulation in europe that he needs to sit with the co pilot while he goes to the
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bathroom. he said the policies varied from airline to airline here. when a pilot is alone esquired to wear an oxygen mask. >> amy kellogg thank you for the details. breaking details about the pilot raising a lot of questions for all of us this morning. >> to answer some of the questions we turn now to license pilot doug luzader who is live from dc. good morning, doug. the big question, what can happen inside the cockpit? >> the two scenarios that seem to be developing here is an incapacitated pilot or a pilot willfully trying to crash the plane. there are other possibilities out there but those are the two tra logicalreally pop out at you from the damaged but usable cockpit voice recorder. if they get the flight data
2:34 am
recorder as well because they are missing pieces of that that may fill in some gaps here. this is pretty alarming from what they are getting from the cockpit voice recorder. are they different than they are in the u.s.? >> i think amy spoke to that saying there is a difference in regulations. you need to have another crew member enter the cockpit if one of the pilot leaves for some reason. one of the interesting things here the associated press is reporting on this as well, there is a fail-safe built into this secure cockpit door system. where if the pilot is incapacitated another pilot can punch in a code according to the associated press on a key bad if there is no response the door automatically opens. if you if the pilot in the cockpit wants to over ride the key bad device he or she can do
2:35 am
that. that is another wipg el in all of this which would make it less likely it was an incapacitated pilot at the controls of the plane. >> they would physically have to sflip a switch. >> you think about the passengers watching the pilot banging on the door trying to get into the cockpit. >> an awful thought. >> now we are going to take you to another fox news alert. another big story we are following. sergeant bowe bergdahl facing life in prison after being charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live in dc with the details. >> heather and ainsley the decision to file court-martial charges against bowe bergdahl and the young sergeant's release denying he deserted the post raises a host of questions for the obama administration. auditors for the government
2:36 am
affordability office found the president and his aids broke the law by moving ahead with the swap of the taliban figures in exchange for bowe bergdahl. >> was it worth it? absolutely. we have a commitment to our men and women searchingrving in our military to spending national security to do everything we can to bring them home. that's what we did in this case. >> the white house is sure to face renewed questions about why susan rice president obama's national security advisor told abc news last june that bergdahl served the united states with honor and distinction, unquote. if convicted of the two charges he faces of desertion and also misbehaving before the enemy he could face life in prison. most analysts expect in light of his cap tiveity a lesser would be handed out. >> three of the members may be reconnecting with their terror
2:37 am
network. what can you tell us about that this morning? >> my fox news colleague he chief intelligence correspondent katherine her raj said there is some evidence that at least three of the five taliban five have sought in some way to reconnect with their terror network with advice. none of the five have performed activities that would meet the strict criteria saying they are reengaging with the enemy. owe oo to you to an extreme weather alert. a deadly tornado rips through tulsa oklahoma. >> coming right on us. coming right at us. >> one person is dead and homes are destroyed. trees torn from the ground. that wasn't the only tornado. more hitting parts of the state and even one in arkansas. >> terrifying. maria molina has been chasing
2:38 am
those tornadoes. maria, i don't know how you do it. >> we did have a lot of severe weather yesterday across oklahoma. it has been a relatively quiet start to the severe weather season across the plains. we see more activity in terms of more tornadoes or reports of hail in oklahoma during the month of march. it has been a quiet season. we can say it as officially started. there were more than100 reports of severe weather. even reports of softball sized hail. we were able to capture is tornado on video in oklahoma which is to the west of downtown tulsa. we can see the power knocked out in the area. it had a little bit of a aqua. they are producing areas of
2:39 am
heavy rain across parts of arkansas to the midwest. that rain will continue to move eastward over the next 24-hours. temperatures behind the system much colder. it was a strong cold front with the cooler air moving into parts of oklahoma here right now. but again expect rain across parts of the northeast also over the next couple days. >> thank you very much mariah. important weather forecast for people to listen to today. one resident finding a little bit of hope. an oklahoma high schooler snapping this incredible photo showing a broken power line. in the shape of a cross dangling from wires in moore oklahoma. the teen saying as soon as she saw the divine symbol god immediately came to mind. he tweeted out the photo with the caption, god is with us. >> incredible. remind you of the 9-11 cross. >> denise huskins claimed to be
2:40 am
kidnapped by her boyfriend. she is nowhere to be found. what police are saying about this bizarre case. >> they are calling it a wild goose chase and it's still going on. >> police located denise hus kisching i kins and she went off the radar again. huskins stopped cooperating and hired an attorney. the ordeal began when her boyfriend told police she was forcibly taken from their home with a ransom demand $8,500. he waited nearly 12-hours to call the cops. >> the statement that mr. kwijquinn provided was such an incredible story we initially had a hard time believing it and fon further investigation we were not able to substantiate any of the things he was saying. >> on tuesday the san francisco chronicle was e-mailed an audio
2:41 am
recording of a woman claiming to be huskins claiming to be safe. she was found wednesday 400 miles away at her mother's house in huntington beach and told police she would cooperate. but when the fbi had a jet to fly her back north she wasn't there. her disappearance marked a massive round the clock search for days involving 40 detectives and 100 other personnel that they say was basically wasted. >> mr. quinn and miss husbandkins plundered valuable resources away from the community. police are investigating if they broke any laws. if so they could face charges. the environmental protection agency is being subpoenaed to give up the deleted text
2:42 am
messages and phone records of gina mccarthy. congressman mark commit chairman of the health science industry after the epa stopped respond to go requests for federal records. it was revealed back in january 5,000 of mccarthy's messages may have been accidentally deleted from her government phone. >> a chinese army recruit learning the hard way how grenades work. >> you see what happened there? the recruit accidentally tossing the live explosive behind him. luckily his quick thinking instructor grabs him and pulls him into a trench seconds before it explodes. thankfully no one was hurt. >> it is 42 minutes after the top of the hour. brand new reason to pour a cup of coffee this morning. what you need to know. >> theydirector moved 140 miles and
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>> a va hospital director spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to move. she took over the va hospital but the job required her to move to washington, d.c. the va gave her 288,000 dollars in relocation payments. heather? >> kansas lawmakers givi approval to a bill that allows gun owners to carry their weapons without a permit. kansas the 5th state.
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gun owner dos need permission to carry them out in the open. >> new numbers in the housing market that have them worried about another financial bubble. >> as the u.s. economy slowly recovers from the financial sector one sector has not gained any traction is housing market. buying a home is still out of reach for many americans. a big reason is home prices are rising 13 times faster than wages. according to reality track wages climbed 1.3 percent from 2012 to 2014. statement home prices surged 17 percent. despite the best efforts of the federal reserve the housing market is driven by institutional investors buying up properties as ren dales or international buyers are swooping in and buying up homes with cash.
2:48 am
the banks have tightened up many younger children are choosing to rent and live at home with mom and dad instead of buying. that trend may continue if mortgage rates climb further. get ready for youror to be in the basement. >> that's because no one can afford the down payments any more. >> to find ashley webster you can go to >> the time is almost 10 minutes to the top of the hour. a real live ferris bueller. the student hacking ring that has dens of kids suspended. >> it was the nfl most inspiring story off the field. an incredible update on devon still's daughter. >> a very busy day. >> indeed it is. >> coming up, bowe bergdahl charged with desertion. the man who killed osama bin laden is going to react this
2:49 am
morning. we are going to hear from parents whose son was killed look fogger bowe bergdahl. we were just talking this nfl player devon still. good news about his daughter lia who is battling cancer. they are going to join us live. it is national spanish day and poop eye popeye is here to celebrate. it kicks off 11 minutes from right now. mornings are better with friends. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders... awwwwwww!!!!! they have all those warnings on them. might as well say, "you're going to die, jeff". you hired someone to clean the gutters? not just someone. someone from angie's list. but we're not members. we don't have to be to use their new snapfix feature. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. welcome back to "fox and friends first". dozens of high school students suspended after one student pulled a ferris bueller. >> i ask for a car, i got a computer. how is that for being born under a bad sign?
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>> 45 high school students are in trouble after a class mate used a teacher's password to hack into the computer to change grades. >> a new study shows three alcoholic drinks a day can increase your chance of developing liver cancer. researchers say if americans stay at a healthy work and avoid alcohol, they can reduce cancer by 30%. a cup of joe helps decrease your chances of getting the disease. amazing news from nfl player devon still. his 4-year-old's cancer is now in remission. she was given a 50/50 shot of survival. she became an inspiration all around the worlddering that battle. devon made that announcement on instagram saying it is the best day of his life. or my life he said. devon and his daughter will join us live at the 7:00 hour of "fox and friends."
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>> looking forward to that. get ready to relive high school all over again. your favorite 808s brat pack is back in the theaters. >> my office is right across that hall. any monkey business is ill advised. questions questions? >> yeah. i got a question. does barry manilow know you raid his wardrobe. it is six minutes till the top of the hour. a get well gift makes this man millions of dollars richer. the incredible gesture that changed his life. this will leave kids all around the world devastated. so upsetting. ♪
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two minutes before the top of the hour. this morning germanwings parent company lufthansa is expected to hold a press conference on reports the pilot was locked out of the cockpit when the doomed plane slammed into a mountain. one person is dead after tornados ripped through oklahoma and arkansas. powerful winds ripping trees from the ground. tens of thousands are left without power. sergeant bowe bergdahl is
2:59 am
being charged for desertion. he was traded for five taliban leaders after he was missing for five years. what do you think his punish should be? log on to our facebook page after the show to weigh in. time for the kngood and bad and ugly. a pennsylvania man feeling a whole lot better after surgery. his father sent him a get well card with a scratch off lottery ticket. it was a $7 million winner. teenagers around the world after one direction's singer announces he is leaving the band. thousands of videos going viral. finally the ugly is this the worst parking job ever? it's a lawmakers. that's washington, d.c.dleigate eleanor holmes. this video going viral with her
3:00 am
trying to squeeze into the spot however she can. >> she was going straight ford. thanks for watching us this morning we'll see you tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. "fox and friends" starts now. hi everyone good morning today is thursday, 26th of march, 2015. i'm in for elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, locked out of the cockpit. stunning new information reveals that one of the pilots of that german jetliner that crashed into the alps was locked out and even tried to break down the door. how did this happen and why? a live report straight ahead. that changes everything. then we traded him for five taliban terrorists. sergeant bowe bergdahl is charged with desertion. and something else, so does the administration still think it was all worth it for the swap? >> was it worth it? absolutely. we have a commitment to our men and women serving in our military. we're going to do everything to bring them home if we can. that's


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