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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  March 29, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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slushie. >> at 3:00 in the morning? glad she is okay. >> that is it. "media buzz," is next. >> on the buzz beater this sunday, ted cruz jumped into the presidential arena and the media coverage ranges from skeptical to down right hostile. >> i take it as a little bit of a backhanded compliment that the media has to some stunt invent add third character for me which is crazy so they paint me as a wild eyed lunatic. >> are the media focusing on legitimate criticism on the senator who orchestrated a government shut down or painting him as a hot tempered extremist? the army brings desertion charges against bow bergdahl who was praised as serving with honor and distinction? how hard did the media push back against that?
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>> a police evidence shows no evidence from "rolling stone" support open a gang rape at the university of virginia and contradicts key elements of the story. is it now clear that the magazine engageed in malpractice? >> is facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg trying to take over the news business by making deals with big players like the "new york times" and jon stewart fine army says something nice about fox. >> because, you know why? we think you are a wail of a network. >> well, sort of. i am howard kurtz and this is "media buzz." whenruz when ted cruz became the first candidate to join the 2016 tweet stakes the media focus on his shortcomings such as the
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aggressive style. >> have developed a reputation in the senate as a guy who does not back down. will you bring that to the white house surveillance video electricked? >> i have never said i will not compromise. >> along with his meager experience. >> 44, only on the national scene for a couple of years. >> only been in the senate for two years. >> even some conservatives questioning his readiness for the oval office and some liberals trashed him on msnbc. >> cruz talks about walking the walk and have done something but that is not his record in the senate. >> he --. >> he is --. >> you are wrong. >> i am right. >> he is completely unelectable. >> cruz is blindly ignorant of what the country when through under the red baiting of joseph
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mccartney or he is channeling mccartney today. >> examining the coverage of the campaign kickoff is kathleen parker column mist and pulitzer prize winner. and nina easton with "fortune," and juan williams fox news analyst and columnist for "the hill." kathleen parker cruz is controversial in question. on balance, on the media how do you picture? >> there is a way of presenting facts the he forced the shutdown of the government which is not good for republicans. the republicans in congress resent him for that and when he saw, though that ted cruz is not just controversial but he is a wacko bird as his colleague senator john mccain said, there is a way to plenty the facts and it is clear on the left he is out of his mind, crazy but he is crazy like a fox if i may say that. to the extent that he is expecting to the republican
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base, he is saying exactly what they went to hear and they are proud to have someone would said it so well. >> does cruz overstate when he said the media characterizing him as stupid or evil and here it is as a lunatic. >> i wrote a book on post reagan conservatives in the 1990s because my colleagues in the media underestimated the strength of the right, evangelicals and the anti-tax movement and they underestimated nature only their ability to change the republican party but to win elections. the peril that media faces is underestimating ted cruz and when you write him off as a wacko you write him off as a joe mccarthy you are not understanding there is a very powerful, frankly, still evangelical antitax base that is a message that resonates with. he will be a first to be
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reckoned with and you need to take him seriously. >> juan williams it is not only the liberal media with the way -- the "wall street journal" criticizing him as self-centered and he stirs up the negative reviews. >> he does. i will irritate kathleen and nina by saying it is 9 conservatives would have really gone after ted cruz, including peggy noonan yesterday saying in the "wall street journal" this guy is someone who is not only inexperienced and doesn't have a track record in the senate but someone who does not have a chance to be elected president of the united states. if you, as a republican care about beating the democrats and claiming the white house you would not be lining up with ted cruz. >> what i said is not to the exclusion of what you have acknowledged. >> he said he was irritated.
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>> he is obviously not going to win the presidency. that is not going to happen. we know that. but i do think -- by the way i have spoken people in the bush agent and they remember a different ted cruz, an actor who acts alone and he gives maverick a bad name but he used to be more moderate in his views and presentation but he recognized the tea party power and he latched on to that in the same way that sarah palin did. they share that. >> he came to fox this week in northbound and he was bumped off some of the shows by the plane crash the morning after the big announcement at liberty which was a tremendous media show but what he said he wanted to claim and this is picking up on what you say he wants to claim the tea party bracket like a final four politic debt and then move on and he wants to challenge in terms of the conservative base. the question is whether he can do that. >> back to the coverage because
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there are a couple of things, we saw people on msnbc, he only has a couple of years' experience in the senate. hole low -- hello? what do you think of chris matthews going off and this is not the first time on the joe mccartney-like figure. >> this is come tear and not straight news. >> sure. but fair. >> is it fair? it is not fair it is easy to demonize him. what is fair, he demonizes him by calling him joe mccartney but he does represent the split in party. he is part of the activist wing of the party and there is a strong part of the party now that wants to prove they can govern and he rubs them the wrong way and that is fair game for coverage. >> it is a true that a lot of the g.o.p. colleagues do not like him and it is not a smear but the whole thing a couple of weeks ago he frightens the three year old because he gave a speech of the world being on
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fire and the mother said that is fine. that plays into the thought that he is a scary figure. >> and that is an attempt by media to demonize him and they did not have the evidence which shows they are bias were the other thing i will say a lot of people who get to know ted cruz are surprised at how intelligent he is and that his background -- harvard, great debater champion debater -- and even in personal meetings comes across much better than he does when he is giving a speech. and remember i am not a fan but he comes off a little bit as a used car salesman. >> if you demonize him you do not have to take him seriously and the base that he is speaking to. >> let me run through story lines about him quickly. fair or unfair. anyone dina he is
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uncompromising, including the filibuster. fair or not fair? fair characterization coming out of government shut down episode that he led and that led ultimately to the republican party having its lowest ratings in modern history. >> kathleen he is a hypocrite because he spent five years criticizing obamacare and now he and his family are going on obamacare because his family is giving up her job at goldman sachs. >> i am not sure that he is absolutely going on obamacare if you know that to be a fact. >> he said he will get the standard insurance through the senate job. >> if that is in. he can go on the free market as people do. >> is that a cause to criticize? >> he called it gotcha games. >> we all say "gotcha," when we
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figure they have done something hypocritical. it is fair game. but he can explain it in other terms. >> i disagree with that. i think he is doing what anyone would do to protect your family. there are a lot of things do you not like but you take advantage of. >> cruz is suspect because he was born in canada said donald trump. >> i was going to say that, he said it is an issue. i don't know the details. i understand he claims that because his mother was an american citizen he automatically --. >> generally the accepted view. >> i don't know about that. let it be. we will figure it out. that is not the point of the moment he announced he is juneing no president give him some respect and i could add, i don't know that speaker boehner and the house republicans are happy. again, that plays and the media narrative. his own people have trouble with him. the republican party republican leadership. >> but he is not a guy running
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as an establishment candidate and there are ways that have ticked people off including colleagues on his side of the aisle is what has attracted all the media attention. the guy is only in the senate two years. i would say, look what a national figure he has become. >> when he was guiltying criticism by a lot of us over the government shout down he was getting standing room only applause in texas. >> building a movement. >> this speaks to the fact 9 washington media are out of touch with real america. the rest of the country have a different way of seeing things and to those would feel like this administration is characterized by government overreach and big government programs if you have someone like ted cruz who as you say is a champion debater who is very, very smart and articulating the opposite positions of republicans and conservatives, they are delighted to have ted
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cruz. >> washington media out of the touch, a shocking charge to make. remember to send me a message on twitter and use our e-mail because i read them all. the "rolling stone" article about 9 supposed gang rape further crumbles after an investigation. will the magazine apologize? stay tuned. major: here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium and phytosterols which may help lower cholesterol. new ensure active heart health supports your heart and body so you stay active and strong. ensure, take life in. mouths are watering, and stomachs are growling. or is that just me? it's lobsterfest red lobster's largest variety of lobster dishes all year. double up with dueling lobster tails. or make lobster lover's dream a reality. but here's a reality check:
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was presented by the white house completely differently. cbs raised questions the very night he was rescued. >> he will have to explain the circumstances of the capture when he disappeared in 2009 officials said that he had simply wandered off the base by himself without even a weapon. >> joshua was the medic. he left. he premeditated planned out and left. >> days later, megyn kelly had six members together on the set. >> raise your hand if you think he deserted? >> okay. raise your hand if you have some question about what he deserted. >> wow. >> when this week's charges were filed. journalists from abc and nbc had already interviewed the fellow soldiers. >> josh served with him in afghanistan. >> he would say they are not
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talking about a firing squad for him. >> celebrating was short-lived. bergdahl did not want to see his parents and his fellow soldiers began to go public with their disgust. >> he knew what he was doing when he deserted. >> how did the media push back against this as a returning hero? >> great. in 24 hours they had platoon members talking how he was a deserter and what shocks me is how it was below the surface. if it was just below the surface all of the platoon leaders talking how did the white house miss this? highway did susan rice say he served honorably? how is that possible. it was so easy to find these people. >> "washington post" did a good major finding the story. white house aides considered hit swift boating but the journalisted -- reference to the campaign against john kerry journalists
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quoted these by name and nothing to do with a president but a guy they felt betrayed them. >> you hear that term "he deserted us," and my experience with all of the military family in my family and my extended friendships in the military, when you ask people why they are fighting they are fighting for their buddies. they are there for their buddies, colleagues in the trenches and you do not leave them. it is an obvious act of dose assertion if you -- act of desertion if the leave. to have the colleagues say "he left us," it is clear. i don't know why the white house would not have done a little of its own vetting before they blew this up as a hero welcome home. >> this is a case where the media did a pretty aggressive job and it did not take long. >> we should be an adversarial press and when you saw the six of them with megyn kelly it was
2:19 pm
a demonstration to the american people that his colleagues and people with him and we have a lot of deserters but to desert on the battle field is another issue l is another way to view this story from a media perspective that the white house we brought one of our soldiers home and i think it is a fact and if it was my chide no matter what the child had done, he put on the american uniform and went to fight for our country and he may have problems, maybe psychologically unstable but to bring our soldier home is a good move. >> you do bring your people hope. i don't have an argument with that. we are saying the media did its job and it is not --. >> no one is asking for a standing ovation. >> the interesting footnote in january o'reilly factor and nbc reported that the army decided to charge persian doll but they denied it and there was a
2:20 pm
mocking story and now fox does not look so inflammatory. >> and the white house suddenly being mum after wanting to display him with the big press conference but the media felt very abused and used. >> nina easton and kathleen parker and juan williams thanks. with facebook teaming up with "new york times" is facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg trying to take over the news business? >> on the ferguson story, jon stewart goes after megyn kelly and me for being right? jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
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2:24 pm to lease the net work in exchange for share of advertising revenue. sarah lacy facebook is talking to the "new york times" on the verge of giving zuckerberg a fat bit of content to keep people on facebook. >> it is fascinating and it is the combination of "new york times" and buzz feed together such a p.r. master stroke of face book, two big media giants on polar opposites of the scale buzz need is very modern very new media, highly valued going after shares and distribution and all about distribution, and "new york times" all about brand, one of the only publications where subscriptions seem to kind of be working. leveraging off the 150 year plus reputation and frankly beg of the publications want a limit bit of what the other has.
2:25 pm
buzz feed is trying to get more trust and respectability for journalism and "new york times" is lying to figure out a way to get distribution and money because a subscription alone is not going to sustain several hundred in the newsroom. >> would you take this deal and give up track coming to your shiite so facebook people can stay on facebook and maybe do not need to subscribe to "new york times"? >> i would not take this deal because i have lived in silicon valley and i have seen this movie so many times, the facebook platform. there was "washington post" social reader and when facebook changes the rules it tanks the traffic and shares. you just have seen over and over and over with the platform the rules will stay consistent if they work for facebook and there is concern that facebook is starting to prioritize video over news article. if i was a publisher i would put
2:26 pm
video content on there. video content is very hard to share and get distribution for, much more than print articles. it does not have the same brand play and everyone is trying to make the tv analogy that facebook is essentially now a network and if you are producing modern family you will not go to their producers but you will go to abc. that holds for video and i don't think it does for print. >> if you are hanging out with friends on facebook, i find it troubling and i understand the temptation but it gives zuckerberg all the power in the future and it could erode the traffic for the other news sites trying to. their own websites and have a role in the future. >> and it is not just traffic. it is also the relationship with advertisers. facebook had the best advertising machines of anywhere but building that trust with advertisers and bigger customer
2:27 pm
programs, you are giving up that relationship which is scary and you are also giving up data on your users potentially. where they are going to? what articles next? a great thing of being a when publisher versus a newspaper you can understand your users and what they resonate with and how they are knowing through and what articles they are going to next. all the publishers have invested all money and showing them the article they want to see you give that up. it is a massive, massive short-term game but it is scary for the long term. >> briefly, if "new york times" does this, there will be a lot of pressure for other news organizations to we throw in their lot with facebook? >> yes. this is the master stroke of buzz feed and "new york times" because every other publisher is in between that poll and you are like, okay these are the masters of distribution and these guys who are the masters
2:28 pm
of credibility, zuckerberg is known as a great northbound airport, getting everyone to sell their company with the exception of twitter and snapchat and he pulled off a similar master stroke here. >> sarah lacy thank you from san francisco. >> hillary clinton talks about a more open relationship with the resolution and was she just joking around? isn't it time if you bought the "hands up don't shoot," to grab well where that mistake? when eating healthy and drinking water just isn't enough to ease my constipation i trust dulcolax tablets. i take dulcolax for dependable overnight relief and in the morning i am back to myself dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. in the weeks after the michael brown shooting, many in the media adopted the hands up don't shoot narrative. to. >> to be clear, we need hear from all the witnesses. but these two witnesses describe
2:32 pm
what seems to me to be a cold blooded murder. >> i don't have an answer to look at my children in the face and say there about r. people in this country who do not like african-americans, but they despise black men. there is a war on black boy there is this country. >> we want you to know that our hearts are out there marching with them. p. >> i kept warning the news business was rushing to judgment. i do think we still don't notice what the police version is exactly of what happened so a lot of the coverage up until now has been one-sided. are the ideological media in this case on the left adding to the polarization in this particular sensitive racially charged story? something else i'm concerned about, and that is some outlets creating almost a lynch mob mentality around this. . so now that two investigations have found that officer darren
2:33 pm
wilson acted properly in self self-defense self-defense, why aren't more news organizes examining where they wrept wrong or even apologizing? joining us, mike concha and susan ferrechio and richard fowler. joe, other than the "washington post" and a couple others, i haven't seen many journal i.s and news organizations openly grappling with the role that they played in perpetuateing a false narrative. >> nor have i. and he was under no duress and he went full "washington post" and he's now being called a race traitor for doing so. but there are real victims here as far as ferguson's concern and those are ferguson residents themselves. if you look at a report by fusion, the abc univision joint
2:34 pm
venture, a reporter there studied home property values before the protests in august and what they are now and they're nearly down 50%. and most of these people weren't even protesting. predominantly black community and their home values are dropping. apologies need to be made. >> initially news organizations relied on some some friends of brown who were lying. police department wasn't talking. the initial times har margaret sullyivan saying she was wrong. where is there very little soul searching on this? >> what is interesting if you look at the mea culpa in the "new york times," the comments section is fascinating. one commenter suggested that what journalists had committed was malpractice and i think that's an interesting way to term this.
2:35 pm
what is our responsibility as reporters? making sure boothth sides of the story are fairly presented. i think it drove a narrative that created part of the furor in ferguson that people who live there paid for dearly. there are also people who commented who were from ferguson who said they were driven from their homes and who watched the media only sbrir or tell part of the story. so i'm not as interested in apologies as i am in lessons learned. what can we do going forward if something like this happens again. >> richard fowler, is it fair to say that many in the mediaed a vert tently pursued a false narrative? >> there are two sides to the story and one side was missing. and the reason has everything to do with the fact they didn't speak up. the police were pretty much mum when it came to talking about what really took place that night. >> does that let journalists off the hook? >> not at all.
2:36 pm
and i think this narrative, hands up don't shoot, i get why there is not truth from it in the justice report. but it transcends just the michael brown case. i think it represents a feeling of mino and brown sort of the feeling they feel towards the police for mistreatment. and all throughout history you have don't overtax me, you have we shall overcome. it's become a narrative for a larger problem. >> i'm glad you brought that up. people in the media quickly pivoted to the related question of history of police department discrimination against african-americans, but never really cleaned up the mess about this particular case and the shooting of michael brown because you go to the larger question. >> i think they should have cleaned up the narrative. but i think this transcends beyond ferguson. i think the media has reported on the rally cry and that's an important thing.
2:37 pm
and if we're going to talk about ferguson and st. louis county, you miss the underlying story. you have 90 municipalities some a small county. and will isl s there is bad governance. a lot of journalists talked about the back story. it could have been joe lewis for that matter. could have been anybody. >> let me go back to joe. after the iraq war, there was a lot of breast beating and editors thoets editors notes about the way in which the press could have been aggressive in challenging the bush administration. and i'm seeing very little of that now. >> i think because a republican was probably in office and to say that president bush was wrong that is easy to sell particularly when his poll numbers were going down 2005, wow 6 2006 once it revealed weapons of mass destruction probably didn't resist. and finally, with opinion journalism you can just say i
2:38 pm
was offering an opinion and i got it wrong even though they're not saying i got the it wrong. not like news anchors were pushing that as fact. so they can hide behind that fact. hey i just made an opinion. >> but the cnn anchors who put their hands up, that was a news show, not commentary show. >> and i think media particularly television media has slanted more toward the opinions versus hard line journalism of the past. that's sort of a culmination of it. and i think what really needs to happen is for everybody in the media who considers themselves to be a nonpart san middle of the road journalist, to take a look at their behavior on this issue in particular. so that going forward, we can be more objective and retain our credibility. >> because there will be other criminal cases where all the fact asass s ss ss wouldn't be out
2:39 pm
there at once. >> and i agree this issue is something that transcended journalism. >> but the thing at the heart of it was false. >> i agree. i think there is a larger narrative at play here. and i think that's the bigger issue. >> richard fowler, thanks for joining us. when we come back a police investigation shows just how awful that "rolling stone" piece on a fraternity gang rape really is. and is this the beginning of the end on the network's monopoly on nfl games? [blowing] wow! cars. they've always captured our imagination. what they look like, how they move... and the places they take us. ♪
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it was a blockbuster article that caused a national uproar over sexual assault. "rolling stone" charging that an accuser was the victim of a more filed gang rape by the fraternity members. >> a major university has a lot to answer for, claims of a particularly shocking sexual assault have been made public. >> story gradually fell apart due in part to reporting by the "washington post". and this week police said they found no evidence to support what jackie told the magazine about being raped and assaulted. p >> we're not able to conclude to any substantive degree that an
2:44 pm
incident consistent with the facts contained in that article occurred at the phi kappa psi fraternity house or any other fraternity house for that matter. >> does the "rolling stone" story have any shred of kred credibility left? >> no. the fact that we're still clinging to the idea that something happened and rolling steen stone -- a review is being conducted and i expect they will come out with something still somewhat forgiving on "rolling stone". and what they failed to do was basic journalism 101 checks here where you just check sure, you talk to the other side, tell them you're writing the story. >> in fact "rolling stone" allowed the reporter to not even approach the alleged attackers to see what they had to say. >> this is a trend. if you look at other new media reporting there was a recent reporting scott the walker's
2:45 pm
budget left out any requirement for sexual assault reporting. it was wrong. nobody did the prerequisite checks that in my early days i never would have been allowed to file or write a story without those basic checks. what's happening? >> it's the run and gun culture. and the investigation by the police contradictsed in key details of jackie's account including the fact there was no fraternity party on the night is he shez says she was as taughted. >> it's over. and you would think now that their lot charlottesville has said there is no evidence "washington post" doing great work this will tearing apart this story, if you go to google and type in rape on campus the first thing that comes up with the "rolling stone" story. it's still on their website. if i got it wrong, i'd get that down in a hurry.
2:46 pm
there is a disclaimer that says we apologize for anybody who may have been affected by there story. but nothing about the charlottesville findings. that is a whole bowl of wrong. and then i don't have for go to columbia to ask the writer did you interview the accused. no. will day that orna or sean woods how did you vet this story in? we don't know. or the fact checker. what did you do some were you spell checking the fraternity name, what was going on there? so there's going to be lawsuits here and "rolling stone" does not have a leg to stand on here. >> the police found even that jackie didn't call her mother that night that she claimed they couldn't find the man she claimed to have been on a date with. and remember, "rolling stone"
2:47 pm
initially defended this story and then put out a statement that kind of blamed jackie and then took it back. so not exactly owning up to clearly we used to say the story was flawed. i think the story is just utterly blown up. >> and what i liked most about the reporting at the "washington post" was that's real reporting. they looked under every stone every corner and they really just tore that story apart. and by doing basic reporting. nothing here is rocket science. this is just going and doing your job. and why "rolling stone" feels that -- makes me question everything else that has ever been printed in that magazine. we don't want to interrupt the narrative, the narrative is more important that be the facts. p that's troubling because it underminds our credibility. >> this was a huge mistake and a long time and "rolling stone" still has not owned up to it. thanks very much for stopping by. after the break, hillary tees
2:48 pm
off on cable news on twitter but also says she wants to be more open with the media. how long whether that last? and later jon stewart takes on meg begangan megyn kelly and me. toenail fungus? don't hide it... tackle it with fda-approved jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. once applied jublia gets to the site of infection by going under, around and through the nail. most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application-site redness itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. tackle it! ask your doctor now if jublia is right for you.
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hillary clinton showed up at a ceremony with "washington post" and had this to stay. >> i am about new beginnings a new grandchild, another new hair style, a new e-mail account.
2:52 pm
why not a new relationship with the press? >> no more secrecy. no more zone of privacy. after all what good did that do? >> very amusing and everyone laughed but she did not take the next step, answering a few questions. what she did was take a snipe at cable news and social media. >> too help move our most important debates occur in what i call an evidence-free zone: ideology trumping facts made for cable shout fest and twitter storms drowning out substantive dialogue and reporting. >> of course she has a inabout twitter storms and cable shout fests but it would be nice to move beyond the jokes ander company with us. a supporter at group, hrc have volunteer sent a scolding letter to the "new york times" and 120 journalists "your obsessive and
2:53 pm
loathe some coverage." you are unnoticed we will be watching reading, listening and protesting, sexism in words like insincere and ambitious, we will do everything to win, represents the past, inevitable, overconfident, defiant, and inside kepts like tired, warn out and haggard. polarizing? calculating? ambitious? we say that stuff about male politicians all the time. the group's founder told me she takes the criticism of hillary clinton personally. >> the way i feel when i see that language that is...thin livid or -- thinly veiled or overt sexism i feel defeated. >> we will hear and talk about this debate for a long-term. still to come your top tweets, nfl inching into the digital age and jon stewart was fox -- right
2:54 pm
about ferguson but he is still teed off at fox. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet grew up in a family of boys... married my high school sweetheart... and pursued a degree in education.
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may be ready to call a digital play. announcing jacksonville facing off in london will be carried on the web. this is a big deal because the nfl is builton til natural said one game could be put on the web which would minimize the tv monopoly and other companies could get a slice. >> coverage of ted cruz, has it been fair? >> i don't think so said one starting with cruel remarks and do not give anyone a chance. >> cruz is moan for bomb bass tick statements and you would expect this. >> cruz bashing is a -- priority among the left. why do you be so fierce?
2:58 pm
>> the fairness is msnbc vet cruz as much as obama and anything more sun fair. >> jon stewart is determined to get if a few last licks against fox because megan kelley is saying many bought into the false ferguson narrative of hands up don't shoot while she and i and others said do not rush to judgment in the michael brown shooting and he does something how fox is not shy running to judgment and zeros in on a segment meturing me. >> you are the sober reflection network but ploy favorite part is after ten minutes of complaining that anyone would thank them, this. >> you are waiting for the mainstream media to say we were wrong in this racially charged case that resulted in so much violence in the town and to credit fox for being right you will hold your breath. >> we don't care about them.
2:59 pm
>> right you don't care the same way my mom don't care. >> point is you were right. and that is newsworthy. and cause for celebration so to honor that time you were right...we got you a fudgy. >> that is very fair and balanced of you jon and i do not care who gives fox credit but journalists should own up on the misstory of the misstep of ferguson. victory tastes sweet served with all the chocolate sarcasm. here's to you, jon. sarcasm.e's ou, ot . 's not bad. that is it for this "media buzz," i am howard kurtz and hope you liked our facebook page. if you missed the show you can go to our home page and download
3:00 pm
our podcast and we are back here next sunday morning at 11 o'clock and 5:00 p.m. with the latest buzz. . >> h anday i am chris wallace, the latest on the german plane crash and iran's influence spreads across the middle east. is the administration fighting against iran or alongside of iran? >> we have put intense pressure on extremists inside of yemen. it is mitigating the threat they pose to the united states and the west. >> our closest allies in the region no longer trust us. they believe we are siding with iran. >> as the white house presses for a income deal with iran, is the middle east on the brink of regional war? what is the united states strategy? >> we will ask the former director of the defense intelligence agency, lieutenant general michael flynn. >>