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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 31, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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message out to the general public when the apology should have been done at the thether. i'm not sure facebook can fix anything. i feel it was a step in the right direction. the girls were held accountable. thanks for watching, we'll see you tomorrow. good morning. it is tuesday, march 31st i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. a prisoner escapes a hospital armed with a gun. shots fired and a massive manhunt underway right now. we have details for you straight ahead. overnight indiana's governor fighting back. that's not stopping the liberal bullies. >> too often in our history we've seen religion used to justify attacks on other people's rights from slavery, to jim crow. >> this morning, some of the backlash now back firing.
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we'll explain to al and you. a military vet catches a fraud. watch this. >> take off my uniform. >> a man using a uniform to pan handle. stolen valor outrage. straight ahead. "fox and friends" begins right now. >> live from new york, it's "fox and friends." with 11 essential vitamins and minerals. thank you. what an endorsement. 11 vitamins and minerals. >> are you the guy who does that -- >> welcome to new york. we'll have cereal on the show. what are we doing? >> benefits. >> benefits of cereal. >> and other foods as well. we have three of the hottest cars at the new york auto show in front of our building. see that great -- >> see that. >> they just downloaded a new car. >> will people get to test
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drive? >> i'm imagining they'll take the keys away. >> not from you, from me. i have a record out there. >> once you parallel parking. >> heather childers is standing by. we have breaking news to get to. >> this is just developing. we can bring you the latest. a fox news alert a live look for you outside a hospital, this is near washington, d.c. in falls church, virginia. an armed and dangerous inmate is on the loose. the suspect is described as this man, i think we can show him to you. he's right there. he is now said to be wearing only a hospital gown. he apparently took off from the building after stealing a gun from a security guard and then opening fire. there is no word on any injuries. the hospital, though, is on lockdown. all the roads are closed nearby. we'll bring you more on that story. aulwe are learning the men tried to ram the gate of the nsa headquarters in maryland might have been doing drugs before the crash and made a wrong police opened fire when two men
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dressed as women ignored directions, smashed into a police cruiser after stealing the suv. one man died. the second was hospitalized after an officer was treated for an arm injury. investigators say the suspects may have been partying at a hotel and under the influence of drugs. they do not suspect terrorism. and some new details for you on the germanwings killer co-pilot. we now know he had a suicidal past. german prosecutors admit that lubitz was treated for suicidal tendencies while undergoing psychotherapy for years before getting his pilot's license. officials say those issues subsided but he still continued therapy up until the day that he deliberately crashed that plane, killing everyone on board. and justin bieber's career trouble with the law, the ex-girlfriends, all of that was all fair game as celebrities roasted the pop star on comedy central last night. kevin hart, shaquille o'neil and
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martha stewart some of the many stars taking a few jab. >> you have it all. you are a guy who has it all exsect for respect, love, friends, good parents and a grammy. he's a man. a full grown man. who works. and loves. and makes things with his hands. a man who sings songs for 9 year olds. >> bieber ended the roast by firing back at his attackers, joking that they were has beens and apologizing for his past behavior. so those are a look at your headlines. think of bieber to apologize for all that. >> we'll see if that works. >> i'm in favor of that. >> those were some of the only jokes we could use. >> they didn't hold back at all. >> thank you very much. now this, a fox news alert. it is deadline day for obama administration scrambling to strike a nuclear deal with iran.
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>> talks come down to the wire tonight at midnight. there are new warnings an agreement may spark a regional arms race. just what we needed. kevin corke is live in washington with the latest on this story. good morning. >> hey, we are getting late details this morning about the fact there may be a little bit of movement. we're hearing some time between now and the latest deadline that's supposed to happen at midnight. we could see a statement. we're told it could detail some of the progress that has been made, it could also talk about the obstacles. and obviously, say the progress will continue and that they'll commit to ongoing talks. at least hoping to come up with a comprehensive deal sometime by the end of june. as you know, secretary of state john kerry and the u.s. partners in the talks have been trying to hammer out some sort of a framework so they can continue the talks in this latest round. as you also pointed out, a lot of analysts and critics on capitol hill any deal could
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ignite a arms race in the middle east. >> that is the fear. because you have saudi arabia saying that would be unacceptable. look at israel. and the comments that they have made that netanyahu has made. they're not going to sit there and not be prepared for this. >> yet there still seems to be some opmism. russian foreign minister saying this. he's optimistic something will get done. chances are high. the odds are quite doable. if none of the parties raise the stakes, at the last minute. of course that's always the rub. will somebody raise the stakes and given what we know about the regime, it would seem a good bet they will likely do that. we'll have more on this later today. for now, back to you. >> we'll be watching. >> thanks kevin. it is heating up in indiana since thursday when the governor there actually signed into law the freedom of religious act.
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the snowball of backlash has increased. businesses making statements on twitter. from eli lily, to angey's list. the hashtag boycott indiana has been twitter. lawmakers want to amend the law to clarify. so people can better understand it. opponents are saying this is discrimno discrimatory. >> mike pence is not backed down. he's looking to clarify. he's going to be on this program in about an hour and a half. he's on the pages of the the wall street journal today where he says, i want to make clear to hoosiers and every other american that despite what critics and many in the national media have asserted the law is not a license to discriminate in indiana or else where. >> not just businesses, he also mentioned eli lily and sales force. then there is also states are
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now getting on the band wagon. the governor of connecticut is going to sign an skexecutive orr on monday that will ban travel to indiana. >> it's interesting he's doing it from his own glass house. connecticut has a similar law. it reflects a 1993 law that was signed by president bill clinton. >> this is what he tweeted. because of indiana's law later today i will sign a executive order. when new laws turn back the clock on progress we can't sit by. we are sending a message that discrimination won't be tolerated. >> here's the thing it's not discrimination. the left is hysterical over this. what they are taking a law and using it for a narrative that simply is not true. i've been reading a lot about the dynamics of it. and here's a good way to explain it. indiana is simply keep -- catching up with a lot of other states that have passed these throughout the last decade or
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two. it was a number of years ago that in illinois a young state senator by the name of barack obama helped that state pass their version of this law. it is not -- it is a shield. it is not a sword. the object is religious freedom. in other words this is how it's described. this law can be used to defend one's self against legal action. if you're a sikh you can wear a dagger. it cannot be used to deprive others of protection of the law. if you're a gay couple and you go to a caterer and they say i don't have to make you a meal for this wedding. that is not included. it does not discriminate against laws. >> it hasn't been used in those cases. >> governor pence will be on the show a little bit later in the show.
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if i went into a restaurant and and saw a restaurant refusing to serve a gay couple. i wouldn't eat there. that's not stopping some on the left comparing this to jim crow. al sharpton. listen. >> this is a key moment for the country. too often in our history we've seen religion used to justify attacks on other people's rights. from slavery, to jim crow. to women's right to vote. that same fight is with us today. and we can't let it stand. >> you know the ncaa has come out and said we got this big game in indiana. and yet they didn't have any problem with kentucky last week. kentucky has the same law. i don't know of anybody that's going to be boycotting illinois or connecticut. >> you mention that because people are saying the final four should not take place in indiana because of this. >> as we mentioned the governor coming up in a little bit on the show. we want to ask him specifically.
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he's going to clarify the law. let's go to florida mcdill air force base. there was a guy, a homeless man outside of the air force base there pan handling. asking for change. and obviously, people driving by mcdill would say this -- he's a veteran i'll donate change. >> a veteran here, said hang on this doesn't seem right to me. approached him and asked the guy to give him his id. you see his friend is videoing. he said i was in special forces. that sort of seemed pucular to him because he was wearing a rotc patch. he continues to follow him. watch this as to why he was doing it. >> you're wearing an army soldier's uniform. you're not a veteran. show me your id card. >> i don't have one. >> take off my uniform. >> yes, sir. yes, sir. >> you're not looking for
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trouble but you're telling people you're a veteran when you're not a veteran. don't walk out in traffic. you're wearing an rotc patch. you're not a veteran. you're wear ing with a veteran's uniform out here telling people you're a veteran asking for money. that's exactly what it is. don't apologize to me. >> i apologize. >> take that and throw it in the garbage. i don't want you to wear it anymore. that's my uniform. >> he spent ten years, the man who is demanding the pan handler take off the uniform spent ten years serving this nation. in 9/11 helped recover after the terrorist attacks. he's mourning a loss of a marine. obviously a grieving heart. then asking for the right thing to be done. >> he spent time talking with him getting to know him a little bit. he felt bad for him. wanted to know his story. when he told him he was in the speciaal force and he looks at the patch. he says wait a second, that
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doesn't jive with the patch. >> it's despicable. but stupid. special forces we're talking about mcdill. that's where sent com is. the good thing about this incident, we've shown you other? stances where people who have chosed down people of stolen valor. this guy took the uniform off. i got a feeling he's not going to do it again. we brought you that this morning and this one as well. a wild chase comes to a dramatic end. you have to see this video. we'll tell you how it happened next. lowering the bar on military service. a new pentagon plan will make it easier to serve your nation even with a criminal past. is this a good idea? we have a former navy s.e.a.l. with us live walking in to the curvy couch to react. ♪
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asking kids what their favorite vegetable is. kids? [ crickets chirping ] now we're gonna give those same kids bush's baked beans. [ kids ] mmmm... finally, we're gonna tell them that bush's baked beans are actually a veg-- tut-tut-tut. ix-nay on the egetable-vay. oh, right. bush's secret family recipe gives them a delicious flavor, so they're a [whispers] vegetable that kids actually like. bush's baked beans. the [whispers] vegetable that kids love. welcome back. secretary of defense ash carter looking to ease up on the military enlisting requirements, including drug and criminal pasts. is this a good idea? lets ask a former navy s.e.a.l. what do you make of these new restrictions, lowering or easing of military requirements?
3:18 am
>> we're contracting our military. we're in preworld war ii forces. now is not the time to lower the standards. we have a smaller force which demands a greater amount of responsibility. i think we need to do the opposite. we need to raise the bar because we have a smaller force. >> let's take a look at some of these proposals. changing the age requirements. modernizing retirement pay. recruiting a new cyber space force. allowing midcareer breaks. changing age requirements. and relaxing standards on minor drug offenses. >> some of it is the cyber is strefting because a different skillset than historical standards. you're not going to be walking down hills and physical demands is not as great. that's interesting. there's room in there. certainly age requirements, i've seen physicians that are out
3:19 am
there, had a lot of experience want to serve their country. i don't have a problem with that. things like criminal records, things that would have discounted your or disqualified your before, we need to be careful. the navy, the new ships, smaller crew, more efficient. every member is critical in that force. and to have a standard that isn't as strong, i think it's just in the opposite direction we need to go. >> democrats, though, in 2007, slammed then president george w. bush for lowering the military requirements on iq. now secretary of state john kerry saying he didn't agree with this. now democrats doing seems the same thing. hypocritical? >> in some ways. also, you look at the modern warfare, modern warrior, his ability to integrate new systems into the battlefield. it takes a lot of knowledge. technology is certainly going faster. dynamics on the battlefield are
3:20 am
faster. so i think you do need a warrior that is adapt in technology. certainly skilled. the training set is longer. to be a navy s.e.a.l., it's three and a half years training before you're put in harm's way the first time. the special forces are about the same. i would assume that cyber security is going to be a long training set before you ever do your duty. >> congressman, from the state of montana. we appreciate you joining us. coming up on the show they keep new york city safe. now there is a push to disarm the nypd and force them out of the most dangerous neighborhoods. before you head out the door, don't forget that bowl of se cereal could be the key to longer life. dr. samadi is here to explain.
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some quick headlines on this tuesday morning. we showed you this incredible video yesterday. there's an update on the firefighter who fell through the roof of that burning california house. captain pete dern suffered third and second degree burns. he'll remain hospitalized for at least two months. multimillion dollar homes could crumble as a land slide in washington state gets bigger. neighbors were forced out last week when the slide began. experts say they usually settle
3:25 am
in a couple of days. they fear this one could continue for weeks. so they're standing by. as is elizabeth right now. >> you are right about that. before you head out the door this morning, don't forget that bowl of cereal a new study says it may be a key to longer life. here to explain that fox news medical team dr. samadi. how will it make you live longer? >> great study coming from harvard public health. over 300,000 people followed for 14 years. what they find out that not only whole grain is good for you, also fiber. those are key words. fiber are whole grains. these are some of the cereals that we like and you should look into it. the amount of fiber they have are much better. >> these are the ones with more impact. >> these are our favorite ones. what does fiber and whole grain do to do? it can reduce diabetes, the risk of death. by 17% over 14 years. >> that is pretty significant.
3:26 am
>> 34% lower risk of death from diabetes with a high fiber diet. >> they all have inflammation in common. a lot of this fiber and whole grains can reduce all that inflammation. you need about 25 grams of fiber and each one of these has about 10 grams of fiber. that's why we chose this as opposed to other ones who had much less. they're good, also. >> maybe only one or two are grams. >> what is your base? >> number one, look for whole grains, not refined. once you have refined grains all the good stuff is out. the other thing is the amount of fiber. you want to make sure you don't have a lot of sugar. get about 10 grams in each serving. that's your 25 grams. it's a are great way. if you look for any other excuse, fiber, this is it. >> the frosted mini wheats make
3:27 am
kids happy there. i think a daily dose of you will save a lot of lives. thanks for being here. coming up it's a story we've been following. a teen with down's syndrome banned from wearing a varsity jacket. we have an update for you. we know a moving car puts babies to sleep. wait till you see how this dad takes this to a whole new level. you won't want to miss it. speaking of cars, we have the most luxurious ones here on the plaza. we are going to show them off for you next. ♪
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again! i can lift even the most demanding weights. take care of your heart with centrum silver men. multivitamins for the most important parts of you. fox news alert. on this tuesday morning, breaking right now. a hunt for an escaped prisoner
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who is armed and dangerous. this happening outside our nation's capital in virginia. >> ainsley earhardt joins us. >> it is a frantic scene that's out founding outside of a hospital in falls chuch, virginia. police say this man, escaped a private security guard and somehow stole his gun. there's his picture. several shots were fired inside that hospital. but it's unclear as to who exactly fired all the shots or if anyone was injured. now a massive manhunt is underway. police are calling him armed and dangerous. he is a black male, six feet tall, 170 pounds. right now he's wearing nothing from a hospital gown. he doesn't have shoes on. multiple agencies are on the hunt. surrounding roads are shut down while police continue the investigation. anybody in the area is to report any suspicious activity to police. still no word as to why he was brought to the hospital in the
3:32 am
first place. what we do know is that he has a laundry list of offenses, including robbery and burglarly. he was denied parole in 2012. be on the look out. >> i have a feeling police in the fair fax area are telling people don't open your door for strangers. >> we will turn to heather childers. this is ironic. we're going to talk about arming police officers right now. they keep new york city safe. but now an antipolice group called disarm nypd not only wants to take guns away from police officers, they want to create police free zones in neighborhoods around the city. instead of cops, the group wants to form what they're calling quote, conflict resolution bodies made up of residents attempting to make police absleet. the group says officers should not carry guns because they aren't responsible enough. it's unclear how they would
3:33 am
solve hard crime. a wild chase comes to an end when an officer in georgia risked his life to stop a criminal. officers forced to use a pitt maneuver when they tap the back of the criminal's car to catch a suspect. eight agencies responded to this chase which spanned three counties and hit speeds of 130 miles per hour. developing this morning an update to a story we have been following for days. the outrage after a school allegedly bans special needs student from wearing a letter jacket because he doesn't play a varsity sport. thousands called for a policy change to allow special needs students to wear the letters. the school board announces it will delay taking action on the issue until they hear from the league in charge of special needs teams in the area. coming up at 8:00 we will talk
3:34 am
with michael's mom about the controversy in an interview you will only see right here on "fox and friends." finally, cruise and snooze one inventive parent simulates driving to get his baby to fall asleep. a truck a, bye baby. he motorized a toy truck to nestle his sleeping baby. i wonder if it works. we will toss it out to steve who is standing by with some cars. >> hello, heather. it's that time of year here in new york city where we go car crazy. this friday car lrves around the world will head to the new york auto show. our expert is here for a week long series today. we are going to preview the newest luxury cars. i love this thing. it's the infinity. >> this is the infinity qx 30. this is a north american debut. it's a concept.
3:35 am
most concept vehicles don't come to market. here's what's great about this vehicle. this is close to production as you are going to get. interior, beautiful leather seats, all the way around. saddle leather with blue stitching. >> i love the lights. >> that's incredible. here's what's unique with this, all though they have not announced whautthe performance of this vehicle will be, roughly two liter under the hood. i like the style. you're combining a sporty sedan wi with utility. >> those are bridge stones those are mounted on 20 inch wheels. it's a stance that infinity has taken. >> take a look at the cadillac. >> i'm going to jump into this. this is the all new cadillac. it's the cadillac ctsz. this is going to be available this fall. i got to start it for you. here's what happens when you take cadillac engineers and bring them together with corvette engineers.
3:36 am
this is a track vehicle, all the way around. performance and luxury combined into one vehicle. 6.2 liter v-8. fraed this? 640 horsepower. the infinity starts in the mid30s, this vehicle $85,000 starting price. >> $85,000 is a lot. look at the nose cone of the new range rover. this is the car you want if you have $200,000 to spend on an suv. >> that's right. this is the range rover sv autobiography. this is the top of the line for range rover. >> let's look in the back seat. >> the back is where everything is happening inside this vehicle. >> 550 horsepower. this is the most powerful range rover in the last 45 years to date. >> is there a wine cooler? >> there is a champagne chiller. electronic table. on the other side, you can get a closeup on that. there's a seat that reclined so you can kick your feet up and relax. >> is this like a limo?
3:37 am
>> this is a rolls royce spider here. you have the horsepower under the hood to boot. gorgeous. touch screen amenities. app controllers. toggle switches, everything you want. >> while this is $200,000. they're only going to make 200. >> here in the u.s., that's correct. >> i think we have enough rich people can afford that. >> i think so. >> does it come in that one color. >> it's called duo tone. they have black. beautiful vehicle. range rover did it again. only 200 of them. their sales are through the roof. they do not have a problem selling this. >> do you have the keys? i promised elizabeth and clayton i would drive them home. >> hit the brake, touch the screen and you're ready to go. >> a real pleasure. i'll be back later and show aus more from the actual floor of
3:38 am
the show next time. >> elizabeth was telling me she wants the wood panelling. >> i don't blame her. >> that black on there looks good. shopping from the curvy couch. hillary's legal team admits she deleted thousands of e-mails while under congressional investigation. judge andrew napolitano said this could be a criminal charge. he's going to explain. >> big changes coming to mcdonald's menus. will customers be loving it? ♪ rock me mama any way you feel ♪ ♪ hey taking charge of
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good morning. everyone welcome back. quick headlines for you. amazon taking on angie's list with amazon home service. it will connect consumers to everyone. tying the service to nearly every product sold on the site. it's called the everything store now it's the everything everything store. all services are guaranteed by amazon. wow. and when it comes to breakfast, you could soon be loving it. 24/#. next month mcdonald's will begin testing an all day breakfast at locations around san diego due to customer demand. tests will include a partial menu and feature some of their breakfast sand witches. that's match you never know when they're switching over. >> i could eat that all day long. hillary's legal team admits she destroyed thousands of
3:43 am
e-mails and wiped her server clean while under congressional investigation. this bombshell leaving more questions than answers today. >> it's a private conversation about why you had your own server, why you didn't return the records when you left the state department and why you decided to permanently delete them when you knew congressional investigations were ongoing. >> what about answers? will we ever get those questions answered? can she face criminal charges? the answer is yes. >> yes, good morning. she certainly can face criminal charges with the acknowledgment friday evening, the typical friday evening -- hopefully be buried in the weekend news. with the acknowledgment she wiped the server clean after she knew congress was looking for her documents. >> what's the matter with that? >> she has added two potential crimes. she has concealed documents from the government while an employee.
3:44 am
she has admitted to diverting classified information and putting it on her own. she has now acknowledged destruction of government property. because the government was seeking that property at the time she destroyed it, obstruction of justice. none of these charges will mean anything if she's not accused or charged by a prosecutor. who controls the federal prosecution apparatus? eric holder. >> then loretta lynch. >> so many layers to this onion. for me on the technical side i'm fascinating how you could wipe a server clean. you have to smash it with a hammer, even then -- >> i called some of my friends in the intelligence community who told you yesterday the same thing you did. her lawyer is probably wrong when he said it's been wiped clean. in fact, these people who work
3:45 am
at maryland. get the server here we can do it unless she hit it with a sledge hammer or it is physically unaccessible. >> if someone did take a hamheart to it, anyone involved is subject to these charges as well? >> that person would have to be aware of the fact that the contents of the server were being sought in an official government investigation. this started in september 2012. benghazi. when then chair of one of the house committees, congressman preserve your documents this is what we want. she was on noticement she was the sitting secretary of state at the time. she's been on notice since then that congress was seeking the documents. she told congress -- after that there have been three subpoenas. she basically told congress what they could do with their subpoenas and with their letters. and managed to destroy them in a methodical way. >> her argument is bizarre, her whole statement at the press conference a few weeks ago y didn't want people with having
3:46 am
to deal with my yoga schedule and wedding plans. al that's why i set up my personal server. why wipe it clean. >> that's how it washed. she's a lawyer. she's been in the government for a long time. she was first lady, united states senator from new york for eight years. when she made that statement, she had already served four years as secretary of state. she knows the law says the government has mechanisms to protect the privacy of its employees. but the government decides, not the employee, what's personal. and what is to be kept secret. and what is to be exposed. she knew that congress was looking for this information. >> if she knew that -- when you -- >> the key is is whether or not she's committed the crime of obstruction of justice when she ordered the server wiped. she is going to argue that in january of 2015 a new congress came in. and so the subpoenas and the letters that preceded january 2015 were no longer valid.
3:47 am
that is the technical argument she's going to make. in terms of avoiding criminal prosecution. there is merit to that argument. but the public will react the way we're reacting. that's absurd. you have known for years the government wanted this. as a liar, when the government wants documents you have a duty to preserve them, not destroy nem. >> do you know what's fishy? in addition to the fact she said i was using the server my husband started. they registered the domain the day she was sworn in as secretary of state. the day she was confirmed as secretary of state. that's a little fishy. just to wipe it clean when, you know, nobody is looking. >> it doesn't pass the smell test. >> anything that was deleted or destroyed may be worse -- >> congressman gowdy should not have a private conversation with her. she must be under oath. >> it's just getting started. >> thank you very much. coming up on this tuesday, her kids were so obnoxious and rude during a movie that they made one woman cry. this mother is actually holding
3:48 am
her children accountable and her facebook post is now going viral. you got to hear this. it sure is. have you filed your taxes yet? don't worry. we are here with the tips that you need to save the most money and get the biggest refund. that's up next for you. ♪
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3:51 am
the tax man cometh. tax day april 15th. two weeks from now. fast approaching. a new survey claims those who
3:52 am
procontrastinate pay two times more than others. joining us with last minute tax tips is consumer expert. good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> i would imagine one of the reasons people file taxes early is because they get a refund. >> exactly. those who procontrastinate know they have an outstanding bill. they are just fearful of filing their taxes. but you need to get on it right now. you have two weeks left. get organized and file. >> you can save us money you say. first of all, there are things online turbo tax. my daughter does hers on that. it's easy. it asks you simple questions. at what point do you decide i can do it or you need to hire somebody. >> if there's been a major changes in life circumstances you got married, divorced, bought a house, had children, started a business. at that point you may hire professionals so they can help you accurately file your taxes.
3:53 am
make sure you don't overpay. find the deductions you need. if you feel overwhelmed by the process. you don't have the time to dedicate to do it. see a pro that can help you out and help you set up a tax filing process the following year so you can do it yourself them. >> you can go online. >> file online. it's faster, easier and it may help you save money by avoiding mistakes. the irs found that 20% of tax filed by paper contained mistakes with missing information. sometimes as simple as a missing signature. now if you file online, you are going to be prompted to enter all that appropriate information. and irs found that only 1% of taxes filed online contain sm g mistakes. if you purchase turbo tax you can find coupon codes.
3:54 am
>> on a lot of the websites if you file your federal, they do it for free and charge you for the states. you file by the deadline no matter what. >> you don't want to pay the failure to file penalty. >> how much is that? >> 5% of your out standing debt. every month that you file late. that's a lot more than the failure to pay fee. so even if you can't pay, file your taxes. let the irs know. and if you feel overwhelmed file an extension. just keep in mind that if you file an extension you have six more months to file your taxes. that does not give you an extension to pay your taxes. you still have to pay what you owe by april 15th. >> all of these things are online? >> you can go to the website. they include all the forms online. if you can't pay your taxes request installment agreements or online payment agreements. >> are you talking about a form 9465, the request payment option? >> that's such a great option if
3:55 am
you feel overwhelmed you can't pay your taxes. >> they're going to led you spread it out? >> they will. they will work with with you to make sure you can meet the payment deadlines. that will help you avoid the penalty to pay fees. >> another way to save money is itemize deductions. >> a lot of people who are rushing in the last two weeks to file by the deadline, they overlook important deductions which can save them hundreds or thousands of dollars on their tax bill. some commonly overlooked deductions are child care, costs for finding a new job if you're unemployed. ira contributions. child care crets. you can go on line to find thoerz those deductions. if you have a lot of items to deduct, see a pro. >> there are a number of websites that do your taxes. people are reluctant to put their social security number in anything online.
3:56 am
how do you know that bob's tax company is a bona fide tax company and not a scammer? >> you can go to the irs website to find it. you can't go wrong with h&r block, only turbo tax those will keep your information safe. >> did you do your taxes yet? >> last friday. >> i'm still working on mine. it's a little before the top of the hour. a fox news alert breaking early this morning, that man right there on the side of the screen is a prisoner who is -- has escaped a hospital outside washington, d.c. apparently, he's armed with a security guard's gun. we're live on the ground where a massive manhunt is underway right now. in fair fax, virginia. if you thought these guys have the hottest jobs, think again. next hour, we're highlighting america's sexiest jobs. you know what?
3:57 am
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liberty mutual insurance. good morning. to you it is tuesday, march 31st i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. breaking right now a hospital on lockdown. a city outside of our nation's capital on high alert after a prisoner escapes with a security guard's gun. a massive manhunt underway. we are live on the ground in moments. a fallout from indiana's religious freedom law. al sharpton says it's racist. >> too often in our hospital we've seen religion used to justify attacks on other people's rights from slavery to jim crow. >> indiana's governor not backing down. he joins us this morning. want to play baseball? you know the rules. >> there's no crying. there's no crying in baseball. >> why don't you leave her
4:01 am
alone, jimmy? >> zip it, doris. >> yeah, zip it. soon that may change. one coach is in big trouble for handing out a cry baby award to an 8-year-old child. we got a busy hour. starts right now live from new york you're watching "fox and friends." >> you are watching "fox and friends." thanks. good to have you here, clayton. >> thanks. great to be in this morning. >> great to have all of you joining us right now. the 7:00 a.m. hour. a lot going on this morning. >> sit down the next ten minutes will be the busiest all day. the fox news alert, today is deadline day. the obama administration scrambling to strike a deal with iran. >> it comes down to the wire. there are new warnings that an agreement may spark a regional arms race. >> kevin corke live in
4:02 am
washington joining us with the latest. >> good morning. breaking news. i want to share with you what we could see by the day's end. this according to the associates press. the talks will keep going on. they're hoping to hammer out a deal before midnight. take a look at this. this is what we should expect to see, a statement of some sort from the partners. we expect it to be a statement that will talk about the progress that's been made. obstacles that do remain and that they will commit to continue talks. secretary of state john kerry and the partners in the talks working into the night, still trying to craft the framework. to the next phase, they hope into late june. critics say a nuclear deal with iran could spark regional arms races. >> that is the fear. you have saudi arabia saying that would be unacceptal. look at israel. the comments they have made that netanyahu has made. they're not going to sit there and not be prepared for this. >> okay. so now here's a look very quickly at some of the major sticking points that remain.
4:03 am
the pace of lifting un sanctions, obviously the iranians want them lifted immediately. the types of restrictions on centrifuges. the length of the deal. and this is interesting, what would be made public. obviously all sides are trying to make sure they're crafting something that will be consumable frl their local audience. we'll have a lot more on this later today. i'll be at the white house and we'll be watching what the state department has to say. >> thank you very much. the heat continues out in indiana this morning. and governor mike pence not backing down to pressure saying that the new religious freedom law is not about discrimination. he says he's standing up for religious rights. he'll be here in a little bit. he penned a piece in the wall street journal. i want to make clear that despite what critics in the national media have asserted, the law is not a license to
4:04 am
discrimination either in indiana or else where. that hasn't stopped businesses from saying they're going to pull out of indiana and other states saying we don't want anyone traveling to indiana. >> connecticut saying they're going to boycott travel there. they have a law that's quite similar. you know, he also mentioned this, what i thought was interesting. we will talk to the governor here right on "fox and friends" in an exclusive after 8:00 a.m. you mentioned this earlier. if i were in a restaurant and someone said they weren't going to serve a couple because they were gay. i'd walk out. i try to abide of the law of the bible do unto others that you would have them do to you. it hasn't stopped people from slamming the state and governor calling them bigots. >> the political left is in a frenzy over this. they're missing the point. this is not a bill that discriminates against gays or anybody. it's all about religious freedom. and you were talking about
4:05 am
companies that have come out, angie's list says we won't expand our headline in indianapolis. eli lily. apple, tim cook, the guy that runs that said this law is bad for gays. there was an item i saw online. okay, they can say that and yet apple still sells iphones in countries where they execute people for being homosexual. people like al sharpton have grabbed this and run with it saying it's antigay. it's not and the governor will tell us. here is al on a show over on the other channel. >> this is a keep moment for the country. too often in our history we've seen religion used to identify attacks on other people's rights. from slavery, to jim crow to women's right to vote. that same fight is with us today. and we can't let it stand.
4:06 am
>> shouldn't he be focused on taxes? i'm just saying next week the clock is ticking there. he owes a bunch of them. >> here's that -- if you're a little confused by it. you know, it's a law and a lot of people don't understand it. there are a whole bunch of other states that had this, and indiana is catching up. this law can be used to defend one's self you can say i am a muslim, i'm serving in the military i want to grow a beard. they can say -- there's this law on the books. you know, will you hear my case. that's the way it's supposed to be used. whereas it can't be used by somebody okay we're a same sex couple and we're going to the baker and he says there's a law on the book and i don't have to make that because it's against what i believe. it has not been used as we know of in the indiana.
4:07 am
the political left is in hysterices saying it's antigay. it is about religious freedom. >> they could separate and put something on the books to protect discrimination based on sexual orientation. >> they don't have that law. >> that's what charles krauthammer said there's an easy answer to this. >> we talked to the governor today after 8:00 a.m. >> the lawmakers out in indiana, said they're going to do some tweaking on the law to make it better to quell the problems that have flared up. maybe that's what they're going to do. we will keep you posts. >> heather childers is standing by to keep us posts. >> from what i understand the governor has said he is willing to take those steps. it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. we begin with a fox news alert for you at this hour. we are now learning the men who tried to ram the gate of the headquarters may have been doing drugs before that crash. they may have made a wrong turn.
4:08 am
police opened fire when two men dressed as women ignored directions, smashed into a police cruiser after stealing that suv. one man did die, the second was hospitalized. an officer was treated for an arm injury. investigators say that the suspects may have been partying at a hotel under the influence of drugs. they do not suspect terrorism. a heart breaking development to toll you about in the hunt for this mising sorority sister. minnesota police say that this woman is presumed dead after surveillance video shows the 22-year-old on a bridge and entering the waters of the mississippi river. new video shows rescuers out on the water searching for her body. she disappeared thursday after a night out with friends. police do not suspect foul pray. secretary of defense is looking to ease up on military enlisting requirements. earlier former navy s.e.a.l. explained why he thinks this is
4:09 am
a bad idea. >> now is not the time to lower the standards. we have a smaller force. which demands a greater amount of responsibility. and so i think we need to do the opposite. we need to raise the bar because we have a smaller force. >> secretary carter also hoping to attract young and bright recruits by offering to pay off student loan debt. we all know to play sports you got to be tough. >> there's no crying. there's no crying in baseball. >> leave her alone jimmy. >> zip it, doris. >> i love that line. soon that rule might actually go out the window. a coach for a youth out reach program in canada taking heat for giving a 8-year-old boy the captain cry baby award. he called it a joke. parents called them a bully. get this, the boy's mother says that apology wasn't necessary.
4:10 am
she actually agreed with the coach. so there you have it. there's a look at your headlines. >> thank you very much. >> i think this is my favorite story of the day. this mother takes her three kids and drops them off at the movie theater. they go to see cinderella. at the end of the movie when she picks them up, her son says, hey, mom, at the end of the movie, as we were walking out this lady said to my sisters you kids are rude and obnoxious and you ruined the movie for my and my daughter. i don't know when i'm going to be able to go to the musky again because my husband just got laid off. i hope you're happy. the mother who heard that her kids were rude and obnoxious hit the roof. >> she did. she put this apology out on facebook saying i can assure you these girls are being strongly dealt with and appropriately punished. this rude behavior is unacceptable and they owe you an apology. my husband are having you write
4:11 am
you an apology letter tonight we would like to pay for your next movie and snacks out of their allowance. >> she did not know the identity of that woman. >> she was searching for her. >> the woman came forward. >> she sure did. >> she accepted the apology and the offer as well. >> take a listen. >> she is the most gracious and kind and forgiving woman. i'm so humbled by that. and but i've been telling people. the real hero of the story -- i've been getting a lot of attention. the real hero is her, it's this boy. the reason i say this is she took it upon herself to correct my girls and nobody else did. >> people are so afraid -- i think we've got the opposite direction. we were having this discussion at my house. we have got the opposite direction where we're separating ourselves from other people's kids. growing up other people would chastise us all the time. >> clay, you shouldn't be doing this in your back yard. my dad would say why are you
4:12 am
doing that. >> thanks for telling that. >> we separate ourselves to other people's kids. we're blind. good for this lady in the movie theater for telling these kids to shut up. >> the lady who said you kids are being rude and you ruined my last trip to the theater. her name is rebecca boyd. what's interesting now since the story has gone viral it's been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. it breaks your heart because it's the last time i'm going to take my daughter because my husband has been laid off. the family has received job offers. there's a silver lining to this story. >> the reward in accountability is at the base of all this. >> you make a great point. sometimes we see bad behavior over there because we don't want to get involved we don't say anything. sometimes all it takes is hey, what are you doing? >> watch where you're walking. don't discipline my kid, is that what you're worried about? >> the prime example you're going to talk about right now. look at this a military veteran
4:13 am
catches a fraud. >> show me your id card. >> i don't have one. >> take off my uniform. >> a man using the uniform to pan handle. the stolen valor outrage straight ahead. coming up, red white and banned. a texas high school paints over an american flag mural. because it didn't match the local color scheme. a major update this morning live from new york city. ♪ hey buddy, you're squashing me! liquid wart remover? could take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast with as few as one treatment. freeze away! dr. scholl's. the #1 selling freeze brand.
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4:17 am
indiana governor mike pence standing firm despite a firestorm of criticism over indiana's new religious freedom law. critics say it could lead to discrimination against same sex couples and gays. pence says it's modeled after a federal law signed by president bill clinton. joining us is the constitutional attorney who helped write that federal law that bill clinton signed. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. people in the political left say that this law, this new law in indiana discriminates against gays. is that true? >> no it protects religious liberty when the governor tries to coerce somebody now in
4:18 am
indiana -- it's been the law for over 20 years. this bill says the government can't force you to do something that violates your conscious. >> those people -- we're going to put up some of the attacks we've seen. daily beast headline. gay money is no good in indiana. talking points memo headline. indiana governor pence signs antigay religious freedom "new york times" able to refuse service to same sex couples in the name of religious freedom. >> are those accurate? >> not in their entirety. there is a number of times when there could be a problem between the law. it's when somebody is being personally required to participate. for example a photographer that's being personally required to participate for a wedding. he can say i don't want to do
4:19 am
that go to another photographer. that would be the kind of application. the homosexual community has won the right to be left alone and marriage in most places now. now the question is are they going to force people to participate in their ceremonies who don't want to. they want to be left alone. go find somebody else, please. >> i read online a way to describe this is it's a shield not a sword. explain that. >> that's right. it would be to protect families who want to homeschool their kids and the government says no, you can't. religious freedom claims can be raised. a doctor working for a government hospital could be forced to perform abortions and he's prolife. he could use this law as a shield to stop the government from forcing him to participate in abortions. many other instances when the government tries to force you to violate your religion you can say no religion is more important for me.
4:20 am
>> for folks just joining us, it's not antigay, it's about protecting a person's freedom of religion? >> right. the law arose out of a case from the u.s. supreme court where they were trying to force native americans who worked as drug rehabilitation counselors to stop taking a drug, which was part of their religious belief. that was the context. so the principle is the same. religious freedom is for everybody. even if you hold an unpopular view that's unpopular today, everybody should have religious freedom in this country. no matter what religious belief it is. it's for everybody. if we're not going to follow that rule, we have to ask ourselves is this america anymore? >> amen to that. a constitution lawyer that helped bill clinton sign that bill back in the day. that helps us understand what going on. we have a fox news alert. an armed and dangerous prisoner on the loose outside of our
4:21 am
nation's capital. we're live where police are on a manhunt near a hospital. red white and banned. a texas high school paints over the american flag because it didn't match their color scheme. this morning, a major update. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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4:24 am
a fox news alert for you right now. breaking at this moment, a live look outside a hospital in falls church, virginia. that's where a prisoner escaped nts that they had placed placed on school board before they would allow it to be painted over. now it will be granted that it can be painted red, white and blue. >> why were you outraged about this story at the beginning? >> in the beginning it was kind of a race to see who was responsible for painting over it in the get go. you know, the congressman was that had originally asked that -- to see it in the red, white and blue color scheme. then that sat for a few months right in our neighborhood.
4:25 am
all of a sudden it got painted over to orange. it was a race to see who was responsible for that. that's when my business partner and i attended the school board meeting a couple months ago and found out it was in fact the developer that made the decision to paint over it. that's what kind of made us pretty angry, was who are they to make that decision and not the community or the school board or the taxpayers. >> their story shifted over time from just wanting to simply paint over it to the proportions of the flag are not accurate to the american flag. you have a door in the middle of it. it's not in keeping with the way the american flag should look. did you buy that side of the argument from the beginning? >> not one bit. the argument kept changing. and, again, they kept quoting certain statutes of the u.s. flag code that pertained to a physical flag and not a monument. and that's where we kept pressing.
4:26 am
and kept pushing this out as much as we could to everybody. we didn't see a negative response by the public. whatsoever. everybody wanted to see that thing red, white, and blue. >> what does this mean for veterans? >> honestly, i think this is a victory for both veterans and patriots across the united states. especially at a time right now when the flag is consistently attacked. everywhere this is a big win for us. we're going to see it come back up. >> thanks for the good fight down there in el paso. we appreciate you joining us with the update. >> thank you. >> thanks. now this story about the military, a military veteran catches a fraud. >> show me your id card. >> i don't have one sir. >> take off my uniform. >> a man using the uniform to pan handle. a stolen valor outrage straight ahead. plus, he helps keeps stars like reese witherspoon fit.
4:27 am
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4:30 am
you have it all. you literally are a guy who has it all except for respect, love, friends, good parents and a grammy. >> he's a man. the full grown man. who works. and loves. and makes things with his hands. a man who sings songs for 9-year-old. >> ron burgundy thank you. >> roast on justin bieber. >> his trouble with the law, ex-girlfriend. they are all fair game as they
4:31 am
roasted him on comedy central. bieber ended "the washington post" by firing back at the attackers joking they were has beens and apologizing for his past behavior. >> i think it was great he got out there and apologized. >> i read online that apparently one of the roasters last night of justin bieber said you egged $20,000 worth of damage. you would have done more damage had you not thrown like a girl. come on. justin bieber. >> throwing like a girl is fine, too. >> i saw that commercial at the super bowl. >> it was awesome. >> i'm hoping he has a nice, healthy come back. >> are you a bebieber. >> it is 26 minutes before the top of the hour. heather joins us with the latest on the germanwings co-pilot. >> we continue to learn new details about this. the germanwings killer co-pilot.
4:32 am
we know he had a suicidal past. german prosecutors admit that lubitz was treated for suicidal tendencies while undergoing psychotherapy for years. before getting his pilot's license. officials claim those issues eventually subsided. but he still continued therapy up until the day that he deliberately crashed that plane killing everyone on board. and some new information about a brutal train attack. police in st. louis just announcing they have arrested two people for repeatedly punching a 43-year-old last week after he was asked about the michael brown case. police say the suspects are 21 and 15 years old. the victim bruised but declined medical attention. we showed you this video yesterday. there is an update for you on that firefighter. you can see him falling through the roof of a burning california home there. captain pete dern suffered second and third degree burns on 65% of his body.
4:33 am
he will remain hospitalized for at least two months. we pray that he'll get better. finally, a military vet catches a fraud. >> show me your id card. >> i don't have one, sir. >> take off my uniform. >> he is chasing that man down who was begging for money outside mcdill air force base in tampa. goodwin says he knew something was wrong when he spotted an rotc patch on the man's clothes. goodwin insisted the man take off his uniform. here's the thing, he listened. those are a look at your headlines. ste steve, back to you. >> thank you very much. maria molina is standing by. she's in the weather department. >> she's womaning the weather. >> hey. >> good morning. i see where you're going with that. i want to talk about the cold that's in place across the northeast with temperatures below average. take a look at the current wind
4:34 am
chill temperatures. not feeling like spring out there. it will get better over the next several days. here's a look at temperatures forecast across the country as we head into this afternoon. very nice temperatures across the center of the nation. you're looking at highs widespread in the 80s. the temperatures over the next kml of days, into thursday, much warmer across the east. we're looking at highs in 50s in new york city. by friday you could be in the 60s as far north as boston. we are looking at the risk for thunderstorms today from the southern plains to the southeast. the area we're looking at for possible severe weather is concentrated across parts of the plains. southwestern oklahoma, texas, you are looking at the risk for large hail with storms. and across parts of the great lakes and interior northeast, we have a quick moving clipper
4:35 am
system could produce several inches of snow across parts of pennsylvania. >> she womans the weather talking about old my winter. you know her as a nutritionist to the stars. this morning she is out with a new back called the beauty and detox power. kimberly snyder joins us with the secrets. welcome. >> thank you so much. >> detox from what? from the harsh winter? we're all feeling a little puffy. >> that's right. every day toxins are building up in your body. the key is to eat in a way where it's a lifestyle and you're incorporating better choices every day. >> not a diet. >> not a diet. >> we're seeing mac and cheese and brownies on the table. >> i like this diet sglaurld we' already. >> cravings is a thing for many people. people struggle. they say don't eat it when you're stressed. don't eat any fast foods. that's not helpful. >> you still want the salty
4:36 am
crunchy. when you want it salty crunchy or sweet and yummy how do you satisfy that? >> understanding the difference between while you're eating the kale chips. it's all different psychological reasons. sometimes there is deficiencies but that's discounted by research. >> i don't like kale. >> people say they crave salt. you want crunch. >> kids love these things. >> so crunchy. releases tension in the jaw. in the middle of day you might want corn ships. >> your celebrity friends, clients, who rlikes the kale chips? >> make them in huge batches. they're easy for anyone to make. make a big batch and keep them around. without all the oils and
4:37 am
preservatives. >> gluten free mac&cheese. >> you have to try this. who doesn't krcrave carbs? this is special it's gruten free. it's made with brown rice flour. it's made with roasted butter nut. squash. you can make a big batch. when that carb craving its you won't pack up pounds. >> is there coconut milk in there? >> i usually cook with it, it's great for energy. >> right to the brownies. >> time is limited. >> this is very different craving. when you're craving chocolate or something sweet, cauhocolate haa chemical which makes you feel like you're in love. it makes you feel like there's -- the pleasure center in your brain. not really the fudge is made with avocado. >> avocado? >> you're tricking us --
4:38 am
>> you're satisfying the craving with something healthy. >> you're not depriving yourself of the flavor you want. >> you're not depriving yourself. >> the book is called the beauty detox power. it is out now. >> if you want to make absolutely the best avocado chocolate brownie, this is the book. >> with the fiber and everything. >> thank you very much. nice to meet you. >> we're so happy here. now this coming up, the white house scrambling to strike a nuclear deal with iran. but missing for the talks, congress. this senator says it's a bad idea. he'll explain it to us next. >> come on in have a brownie. if you thought christian grey had the hottest job, think again. we're highlighting america's sexiest careers. it may surprise you. ♪ if you like my body ♪ ♪ if you really need me
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switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back. the white house hours away from a potential nuclear deal with iran. a deal that could lift certain economic sanctions in exchange for inspections of its nuclear facilities. >> straskly missing from the deal would congress. this senator from south dakota thinks he's making a mistake in doing so. he joins us now. thanks for being here. >> misstep on the part of the president to not include congress? >> i think it's important. congress represents the voice of the american people who want to be heard in this deal.
4:43 am
there is concern around the country where this is headed, what it might mean. iran with a nuclear weapon is incredibly dangerous to the region and the world. we believe that congress needs to have a voice. >> big question is what's the hurry? i mean, you know, iran is hurrying right now with his sanctions what our hurry to blow things up and change things the way they've been? >> the concern is the longer we wait, the closer they get to getting a nuclear capability. a lot of people will be focusing on details of whatever this may be. it looked like it's going to get pushed to june. monitoring, where the stockpiles that they have go. the point is how long will it take for them to get nuclear capability. >> right now they say it's going to be a year. is that enough? >> israelis are saying at least 18 months. there's a lot of speculation it could be less than a year. three months, six months, nine
4:44 am
months, depending on the particulars of the deal. >> now we know that one of the three major components of this is taken off the table, removing the enriched uranium and sending it to russia. it's going to stay in house. it seems like the whole deal hinges on trust, trusting iran. yes, you'll let us in to the inspection sites and you won't use this for evil purposes. can we trust them? >> that's the problem. they've cheated in the past. we know they lovied in the past. the ballistic missile work they're doing, research they're doing there. there are a lot of reasons to believe this regime cannot be trusted. i think that's the premise we have to start with going into this deal knowing full well these aren't people we can trust. >> is no deal better than a bad deal? >> absolutely. no deal is better than a bad deal and preventing iran from having a nuclear capability ought to be goal. >> what happens if the white house and state department negotiate a bad deal?
4:45 am
what are you going to do? >> i think that's where congress will have to ramp up its efforts to be heard from. you've had the administration saying we may go to the united nations to get this approved. that would be a big mistake. congress does represent the american people who i think have grave concerns and should about what this might mean, not only to the region and a lot of our allies and the national security interest eas well. >> the clock is ticking. >> coming up on this tuesday. liberal bullies still slamming indiana's religious freedom law. indiana governor mike pence is going to fire up. he joins us live with an exclusive interview stop of the hour. move over james bond, you're not the sexiest of the all. we're revealing america's sexiest job. cheryl casone is with us. >> back in 1918 day light
4:46 am
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we've got quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. a daring rescue caught on camera off the coast of massachusetts. the coast guard called in when a replica pirate ship's engines shuts down. the guard pulled out nine crew members and lifted them to safety. one person was hurt.
4:50 am
take a bite out of this. a man received $2,400 after filing a lawsuit against pizza hut. he claims they served him excessively hard croutons which damaged his partial denture. aren't they supposed to be hard? >> i thought so. >> well, if you thought the men of magic mike had the sexiest jobs in america, think again. a new survey asked women to describe their perfect dream date. the answer might surprise you. here to break it down for us. cheryl casone from our sister network fox business is here with the sexiest jobs. >> money, sex, power, don't those things go together? >> of course. >> the site is an auction site for dating. men agree to pay on the dates. of course a lot of the jobs and the most popular guys on the site, a lot is salary based.
4:51 am
what do women think is sexy in the workplace? number five is business consultant. average salary about $78,600 a year. business consultant. you're going in to organizations and say hey this is what you're doing wrong and you need to fix it this way. they advise people at how to be better an business. >> climbing up the charts here on the top sexiest jobs. number four is a lawyer. >> we all watch a little law and order once in a while. those guys fighting it out in the courtroom is sexy. 90% of the lawyers are successful. average salary $113,000. >> software developer. so talk. >> you know, brains can be very sexy as well. you know, very creative person has to do this. the average salary. $93,350. they go in and create software and programs, apps lot of the
4:52 am
young kids are doing that these days. the site found that was number three on the list. >> number two on the sexy job list is financial advisor. >> how do i handle my money, mister you got to tell me. that makes you sexy. you give guidance to people on how to handle their money. stock traders, bond traders. average salary about $76,000 and change. still considered a sexy job. if you think about it a lot of these jobs we saw in movies y. thought magic mike would be on the list. >> the number one sexy job is entrepreneur. >> ladies like leaders. they like the boss. the ceo, the most successful, you plan, direct you coordinate. you are -- you're in charge. you're the guy that's in charge. the average salary a little more than $100,000 per year. according to the research, thousands of women surveyed.
4:53 am
>> men about the women's job. >> we will do that again. i will bring it back. i'm assuming news anchor will be top of the list. >> it has to be. >> you are kind. we love having you here and all these stats are so interesting. love that. the sexiest jobs right here. don't mischers her on foxboard. go to coming up indiana's religious freedom law under fire. next hour live reaction from laura ingraham and an exclusive interview with indiana governor mike pence. he will join us himself. remember this? the vice president getting grabby with the defense secretary's wife. we're going to ask ash carter. he just commented and he gave us a little insight into what was going on. ♪ where you from ♪ you sexy thing ♪ i believe in miracles it's happening.
4:54 am
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good morning to you it is tuesday march 31st i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. breaking right now, a hospital on lock down and a city outside our nation's capital on high alert after a prisoner escapes. a massive manhunt underway. he may have an accomplice. >> meanwhile, new fallout from indiana nfs religious freedom law. al sharpton says, it's racist now. >> too often in our history, we've seen religion used to justify attacks on other people's rights from slavery to jim crow. >> okay that's what he says. indiana's governor not backing down. the governor joins us live with an exclusive interview in moments. and people around the world coming to the defense of this special needs student banned from wearing a letter jacket because he's not a varsity athlete.
4:58 am
that student's mother joins us live in an exclusive interview you'll only see here on "fox and friends." "fox and friends" hour three begins now. >> you are watching "fox and friends." stick around. that's right. we got a busy final hour today. clayton is in for brian. good to have you. >> nice to be here. thank you for having me. >> thanks for being with us everybody at home. laura ingraham is joining us right now, it's a hot day in indiana right now. over the fight for faith since governor pence signed into law the religious liberties law. people have been bahicating indiana. it's a hashtag. republicans saying they're going to get in there and tweak it to get more clarification. does it discriminate against the gay population is the main conversation. is this left wing bullying? selective outrage? >> i think mike pence's piece in the wall street journal when he said i would not patronize a
4:59 am
restaurant that did not serve gay people. he doesn't not countance discriminating gay people. he abhors discrimination against anyone. i take him at his word. i take all the states that have similar legislation. i should say this, it is important to note, and there's a piece in the atlantic today about this -- that the federal law and indiana law has -- there are two differences. in the indiana law, a for profit business has free exercise rights under the first amendment. that's what they argue in the statute that for profit businesses can use the state religious freedom restoration act to defend itself against action that it believes burdens its religious liberty. another point is there doesn't have to be a government action in order to trigger the law in
5:00 am
indiana. those are two different aspects of the law that don't apply to the federal law. so that's what raises the ire of so many in the gay rights movement in the united states. they say, look that means all these businesses that don't like gay people, they're not going to allow them to patronize their businesses. those are two differences. i imagine that indiana perhaps is going to deal with one aspect of that or perhaps both. >> how can indiana clarify their law? >> i mean, i don't know if he'll do this. they might go back and say look, this applies to individuals acting in religious conscious, good conscious, as bill clinton said in 1993 when you watch that rose garden ceremony where he signed the religious freedom restoration act, again, somewhat different.
5:01 am
but the same undergirding principles of the free exercise. how essential it is to protect religious conscious rights in this country. we don't have that, we're in some big trouble in america. it's a really important part of the first ma'amendment. what indiana could say this applies to individuals. state action has to be involved. there has to be a government law or regulation or they could say, this does not apply to businesses who are being sued in the civil context. so they could say that. >> do you think they should separate it and have a law that protects or makes it illegal to discriminate bases on sexual orientation and separate the two? >> well, i think that would clearly satisfy some people. but it might not satisfy al sharpton who is saying this is a racist law. i have to say, i understand the sensitivies here.
5:02 am
the wording that has been batted around to try to destroy businesses and commerce in indiana is so poisonous. folks on both sides of this have to say, look, do we really want to make religious people in this country feel like they're second class citizens and they're horrible people, haters? do you want to figure out some way for people to live together where they're not like this. you're going to do this and believe this. you can't believe this. i just think that's not good for the country. i think -- it will be interesting to see what pence says about the state action points i raised and the for profit businesses i raised. >> he'll be with us in about five minutes. let's talk about something cheery. it's a fox news alert. i'm being funny about it. it looks like the united states is about to enter into a bad deal with iran. >> that's a shock. >> yesterday we heard that iran said, you know what? we don't like that idea of
5:03 am
shipping off all the stockpiles of this atomic brew to russia. we're going to turn them into oxides. we'll be fine. the big question is, is this administration so desperate for a legacy deal, that we'll take a bad deal just so we got something on paper? >> we gave all of our leverage aw away in my opinion by saying we had to get a deal done by march 31st. if you don't tell the other side and really mean it, you will walk away from this. if this isn't a verifiable deal. verification is meaningful, not the nonsense we've been seeing. if there is not a meaningful verification and a meaningful deal, we're done. we're not only done, we're going to go back for stronger sanctions against you. once you put that march 31st on the table, that was the be all and end all, we just knew we were going to get a bad deal.
5:04 am
now they're going to perhaps, suspend sanctions until june. so i hate the phrase kicking the can down the road, this is kind of the ultimate in that, is it not, with something as critical as this at the time when the middle east is already in utter chaos. i think we lost a lot of leverage in having iran help against isis which might seem good in one way i guess. on the other hand you can't divorce what they're doing the fight against isis from the talks. you know that is underlying all the discussions. there are so many reasons why really shouldn't have been at this point. and certainly shouldn't have lost so much of the leverage and the specifics of the negotiation that we did. >> well, john kerry was seen smiling earlier. >> that's a first. >> well, at the negotiators at the other side of the table. who knows what that means. we'll be watching it. midnight is coming sooner or later. we thank you for joining us. >> the only thing i'll say about
5:05 am
the iran negotiations i think you should reconsider your hair style and go for the secretary's look. that's bringing back ben franklin. the scientist, thinker. >> blond gray powdered wig thing. let me call my team. >> thanks laura. >> let's go to heather a look at the headlines this morning. serious news we've been following. this fox news alert. we've been bringing you this all morning long. let's take a look at a live picture outside a hospital near our nation's capital where a manhunt is unfolding in falls church, virginia. this man, has escaped. the fairfax hospital after overpowering a security guard and stealing his gun. one shot was fired but we're told no one was injured. police put the entire hospital on lockdown. that has just been lifted. but they say he is armed and dangerous. he may have escaped with his
5:06 am
girlfriend. she is pictured here. take a look. police have confirmed he is driving this, a stolen silver 2002 toyota camry with virginia tacks. xzp-8153. breaking overnight. we're learning the men who tried to ram the gate of the nsa headquarters in maryland may have been doing drugs before the crash and made a wrong turn. police opened fire when two men dressed up as women ignored directions, smashed into a police cruiser. all of this after stealing the suv. one map died, the second was hospitalized. an officer was treated for an arm injury. investigators say the suspects may have been partying at a hotel. they do not suspect terrorism. secretary of defense ash carter looking to ease up on military enlisting requirements, including drug and criminal past. earlier a former navy s.e.a.l. explained why he thinks this is actually a bad idea.
5:07 am
>> now is not the time to lower the standards. we have a smaller force. which demands a greater amount of responsibility. and so i think we need to do the opposite. we need to raise the bar because we have a smaller force. >> secretary carter also hoping to attract young and bright recruits by offering to pay off student loan debt. do you remember this? joe biden grabbing the spotlight when he put his hands on carter's wife and whisperred in her ear? the defense secretary is claiming quote i laughed. they know each other extremely well and we're great friends of the bidens. know what he whisperred. >> doesn't matter they're pals. thank you. you heard the liberal bullies slamming indiana's religious freedom law.
5:08 am
next indiana's governor mike pence fires back. it's a "fox and friends" exclusive you don't want to miss. then remember the texas high school forced to paint over its american flag mural because it didn't match the neighborhood color scheme? wait until you hear what happened next. ♪ freedom ♪ i'm talking about freedom ♪ i will fight for the right ♪ to live in freedom
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5:12 am
welcome back. indiana governor mike pence facing a firestorm of criticism over his state's religious freedom law. >> critics say the law lets businesses discriminate against same sex couples and gays. now some places are even banning travel to indiana. >> that's right. here to respond to the critics is a "fox and friends" interview is governor mike pence. we appreciate you being with us. you're in a bullets eye attack calling this law discriminatory, is it? >> it's not. i signed the religious freedom restoration act last week because i support religious liberty. this is a law that mirrors what president clinton signed into law in 1993. and is the law either by statute or court decisions in some 30 states around america.
5:13 am
really, the religious freedom restoration act is simply a framework for courts to balance the various interests of citizens in a way that respects our nation's strong and long-standing commitment to the importance of religious liberty. >> there is some republicans in the legislature there in indiana. you have always said if we need to tweak the law or clarify this law you would do so. how specifically would you clarify and adjust the law? >> well, let me say first and foremost, you know, i stand by this law. but i understand that the way that some on the left and, frankly, some in the national media have mischaractered this law over the past week might make it necessary for us to clarify the law through legislation. we were working through the day and into the night last night with legislative leaders to consider ways to do that. there is no license to discriminate in this law. for my part, i abhor
5:14 am
discrimination like any other hoosier. i don't think anyone should be mistreated because of who they are or who they love. and the intention of this law was really to give our courts in indiana the same framework we have in all 50 states in our federal courts and in some 30 other states to be able to review cases where religious liberties is infringed upon. there is no license to discriminate. there was no intention in this law to give businesses permission to deny services to individuals on the basis of who they care about. >> governor, would you take it one step further and support a law that would make it illegal to discriminate based on someone's sexual orientation? >> well, let me say, that's not been my position. it's not been the position of the state of indiana. if the legislator brought that up they can have that debate. this issue is for me, first about religious liberty. but it's also about really,
5:15 am
clarifying what we've done here in the state of indiana, what this law means in states across the country. and to make sure that people know indiana is open for business. you all have been to the hoosier state. you know there are no kinder, more hospitable people in america than here in indiana. and if we have to make adjustments in this law. this law was never created to to create the impression businesses have the right to turn away customers on the basis of sexual orientation or any other reason. we'll fix that. >> governor, i know you've been watching tv. there's been a firestorm directed at the hoosier state. we ran a sound bite from al sharpton who suggested the law in addition to being discriminating against gays is racist as well. what do you say to your critics
5:16 am
who are interpreting your good intentions this way? >> i would remind them that president bill clinton signed the law in 1993. barack obama voted for illinois's freedom restoration act. this is law that has worked in an effective way to promote tolerance around the country in cases where religious liberty is involved. with regard to that claim, let me say five years ago my wife and my family walked across the edmund pettus bridge on the 45 hth anniversary of bloody sunday. if i was in a restaurant and saw a business owner deny services to someone because they were gay, i wouldn't eat there anymore. that's how most hoosiers are. i just -- it's important to me
5:17 am
in this process. and we'll do it through legislation, that people know that indiana is standing here for religious liberty. but there was never any intention in this law to create a license to discriminate. and we'll clarify that in the days ahead. we'll fix this and move forward. >> all right. i think that's exactly what a lot of people wanted to hear. governor mike pence from the great state of indiana. thank you very much for joining us with this "fox and friends" exclusive. >> we appreciate it, governor, thank you. all right. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up the military vet catches a fake. >> show me your id card. >> i don't have one, sir. >> take off my uniform. >> a man who said he was special forces using a uniform to pan handle. the stolen valor outrage coming up. people earound the world cooped to the defense of this
5:18 am
special needs student banned from wearing a letter jacket because he's not a varsity athlete. his family will not go down without a fight. his mom is here with us in another "fox and friends" exclusive you're not going to want to miss it. ♪ we are family ♪ get up everybody and sing ♪ we are family know your financial plan won't keep you up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries.
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5:21 am
time now for your news by the numbers. 80, that's how many work days the head of the va hospital in puerto rico reportedly missed in one year. he missed 80 days. even with all those absences taxpayers still had to cover his $179,000 salary. no wonder he's smiling. 104 is where tiger woods is ranked in the world for the
5:22 am
first time in nearly two decades. the once number one player says he will not return to the course until his game is in tournament shape. don't know when that's going to be. finally the lucky number 13. that's how many years ago the last lincoln continental rolled off the assembly line. the car driven by the likes of elvs pressly will make it back at the new york auto show. i saw a picture of it and it's cool. elizabeth. this is michael kelly. despite being diagnosed with down's syndrome. he tried to fit in. he signed up to play on the basketball team. when he showed on to cheer on his varsity class meats he was told to remember his letter jacket because he wasn't on the varsity team. joining us for an interview is michael's mom. mom to mom, i have to say you're courageous to speak out for your
5:23 am
son. like any mom would do. you work tirelessly through the week as a nurse helping people make their days easier. literally saving lives. the school here seems to be making your son's life more difficult. why did you and a family want him to have that letter? >> because it means so much to him. and he was awarded a letter. it was just a different letter. so he did earn a letter. and just when i went to buy the jacket and take the photograph and be the regular mom, that's so excited because her son is making a letter. he lettered in basketball. that -- we get there and find out it's a different letter. >> why does it have to be different? you're fighting right now to have the letter be the same. why does that matter to you and your family? >> because he has earned the letter just like any other
5:24 am
varsity athlete has. >> yeah. you know what? there's a ton of families out there that are hearing your voice and it's striking at their heart right now. what do you say right now? last night at the school board meeting when you went there, what did they say about action taken to give special needs kids the same varsity letter that they're playing in the sport as those that are on the varsity team. what's their position right now? >> they said they are -- would take it into consideration. they listened to me speak for three minutes. there was a timer set. i got three minutes. no questions were asked of me. but i did provide them with the e-mails that have been going on since last year. so hopefully they'll have the time to look at those e-mails and come to a definitive action on this. >> i guess common sense tells me what's taking so long. i see a mom who is standing by her son. have you felt encouraged by the
5:25 am
support? the chicago bulls assistant coach got in there for uniforms with the team. you had a student at the school get a petition signed in support of michael. the #givethemaletter. you have to feel incouraged by that. >> i do. i feel supported by the actual staff that he has and his teachers and his coaches. they do a wonderful job with him. this is a policy issue. it's not a problem with his education that he's getting or the ability of, you know, being able to play this sport. the issue is the policy. if we lived on the other side of wichita, this would not be an issue. it would have never come up. >> he would have had the letter. tell us a little bit about michael. i love his smile and he's wearing his letter. you've gotten a bunch of letters
5:26 am
fr other students and varsity athletes. tell us about him. >> he is a regular kid that wants to be happy. he is -- i don't know. he's such a blessing to everyone that meets him. and as a mom i can't be anymore proud just as i'm proud of my other children too. >> he deserves the exact same letter for his school. would he wear that with such pride, i assume, right? he still does. >> he does. he wears it with pride. you know, when we first got it for him, he wouldn't take it off. it was one of those things. he would be sweating and we would have to talk to him, michael, you need to take off your jacket, it's hot. >> i thank you for taking the time with "fox and friends." you give michael a high 5 from us here. we thank you for your time this morning.
5:27 am
>> thank you. >> you got it. let us know what you think about that. we'll be on facebook, e-mail and twitter. coming up, disarm the nypd. take away their guns and force them out of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods. details on the outrageous push to make that that i just read a reality. plus, he's usually taking pictures of supermodels and celebrities. now he's teaching you how to take the perfect family photo just in time for easter. we love that celebrity photographer nigel barker is with us next. ♪ ing key nutrients from... alone. let's do more... add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies.
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not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek! welcome back to "fox and friends" on this tuesday. it's what everybody is talking about in hollywood this morning. justin bieber just got roasted big time. >> you have it all. you literally are a guy who has
5:31 am
it all except for respect, love, friends, good parents and a grammy. >> he's a man. a full grown man. who works. and loves. and makes things with his hands. a man who sings songs for 9 year olds. >> give it up for the biebs. doing great so far. fantastic. i never roasted somebody with a bedtime before. >> he ended the roast by firing back at his attackers joking they were has beens and apologizing for his past behavior. >> he's grown up, though. >> he sure has. >> what is he, 12 now? >> he was 9 when he started. heather childers stating by with other headlines making the news this morning. good morning to you. new overnight some dramatic 911 calls released from the spring break shooting we told you about in panama city beach.
5:32 am
>> hello? >> hello, ma'am this is 911. >> somebody has got shot. they had a drive by shooting or something and they just shot this boy. help. >> ma'am. ma'am. >> we got him -- >> police were called to the frantic scene over the weekend. that's where seven people were shot as the wild parties turned violent. three people are critically injured. this man was charged with attempted murder. >> a group called disarm nypd not only wants to take guns away from cops, they want to create police free zones in neighborhoods all around the city. instead of cops, the group wants to have conflict resolution bodies made up of residents attempting to make police obsolete. there is no word on how they wid
5:33 am
fight hard crime. a military vet catches a fraud. >> show me your id card. >> i don't have one sir. >> take off my uniform. >> that is garret goodwin. he's chasing down a man who was begging for money outside mcdill air force base in tampa. he said he knew something was wrong when he spotted an rotc patch on his clothes. goodwin insisted the man take off his uniform. by the way, that man, he listened. finally a fight over the flag ends in a win for old glory. a mural painted on a school in texas was painted over. yesterday the developer conceded after outraged people all across the country fought back to get it back. here is what one vet told us earlier. >> it's a victory for veterans and patriots across the united
5:34 am
states, especially at a time right now when the flag is consistently attacked everywhere. this is a big win for us because we're going to see it come back up. >> a big win and costly to paint over it to begin with. repainting that building will cost about $50,000. that will go back up. those are a look at your headlines. you have visitors with you. >> we sure do they hopped over. he's photographed some of the world's most beautiful fashion models. now he's here to show us how to get our family photos perfect in time for easter. joining us is celebrity photographer nigel barker. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> you cracked an egg. >> kids, your didn't see that. >> here we are coming up on a big holiday weekend with easter. of you want to capture these moments. there's a lot going on. can you give us tips? >> absolutely. i have two kids of my own. i have a 9-year-old boy and a
5:35 am
6-year-old girl. they're looking forward to easter. why don't you do a little easter egg hunt for me. >> we're on the easter egg and hunt. there's the mom and dad trying to take a picture. do you stop them? >> most people use phones. you see everyone they run after their kids they're shooting up here. they get above. you see the tops of heads. >> look at that. >> where is the action? >> we're post these on our facebo facebook page. >> get on their level. they look like superhero ez. instead of being tiny. oh, my goodness it's a gigantic easter bunny came and stole it. >> you're not posing people. you know, the episode of modern family where they get in the white linen and stand there. >> we love to do sort of set the shots up. the more natural the better. another thing is, when you're outside in the garden there's hash light.
5:36 am
under trees go for even light especially with your phones. they can't manage the harsh light. >> should there be something behind you? >> if you can get it behind you, behind a building. you have a big open sky in front. that will lighten their eyes up. it wit get beautiful lighting. >> one thing people don't recognize on the iphone specifically, kids are moving so fast you hold it down and you can get multiple photos all at once. >> absolutely. >> you're able to get 20, 30 photos. >> behind here we have a mommy situation. one of your girls get up and help dye the easter eggs. >> any mom who is doing this is trying to keep an eye on the dye. >> a dad walks in and he sees a situation. stop like at me, you look great. smile. >> see they did. >> what happens then, you almost
5:37 am
ruined the mome. the reason why he loved the moment is because he caught a moment. instead of having them stop. exactly what you said. take lots of pictures immediately and zoom in. you get that candid moment without almost getting right in there. you could come in further and shoot directly in. then you capture that magic moment weren't disturbing them. >> they can realize the eggs can have the color on it, the face of wonderment is not disturbed. >> the final shot is where you get the family together. you love the big group family shots like a time and easter. we get the whole family together. instead of making it stages, have a few tricks up your sleeve. get one of the kids to tickle mommy. >> oh. >> give mommy a tickle. you keep on shooting when you suggest these silly little things, the kids will say no.
5:38 am
>> do you avoid the selfie on a holiday like this? >> avoid nothing. al everything is free game. enjoy yourself and have fun with it all. i think take lots of pictures, more than you normally would. give the camera to the kids. let them take the pictures. >> great. thank you so much. >> saving us from all the boring ugly photos. nigel barker. steve? >> a lot of excitement over there. thank you very much. meanwhile he's got tens of thousands of twitter followers and fans on facebook. now his mission to preach hate for isis. he's doing it on american soil. does he pose a threat to our homeland? peter johnson, jr., takes a closer look and introduced you to that guy. bombshell testimony against a va medical center accused of handing out drugs like candy. >> the truth of the matter, the quantities of narcotic medications coming out of the v.a. facility is unsafe. >> one father claims the
5:39 am
so-called candy land killed his son. the father joins us live coming up we're here today
5:40 am
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who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard. . welcome back. for some islamic terrorists he's become their superstar american preacher. he is an islamic preacher born and living in the united states who has become a social media sensation for isis foreign fighters. so who is he is how has he become the new aof the internet is? >> it's a disturbing story we don't know of any criminal activities he has performed other than criminal activities that put him in jail for six years for insurance fraud and jury tampering. he's now out of jail, off probation. a lot of americans is wondering what his influence are withize
5:43 am
and other terrorists in the world. he's a 43-year-old islamic preacher. he's based in detroit. his father is also a cleric. he also went to prison. he's been banned from two area mosques there. allegedly because of radical believes. studied in saudi arabia. law degree from michigan. served over six years they said in a federal prison for insurance fraud and money laundering. released in 2012 with restrictions on travel. that ended this sunday. >> what are his ties to possible terror? >> experts call him on one center in london calls him a father figure to foreign fighters. really based on their surveys. he's the most popular cleric world wide for foreign fighters like isis. though he didn't openly insight violence. he has 27,000 twitter followers
5:44 am
and 238,000 facebook likes. he also posts lectures on youtube. and his statements in the past have gotten him in hot water, especially with prosecutors who pointed it out to the federal judge, as he was sentenced on his last we know that loan wol people who are following another cleric, we know that story. who is following him? >> foreign fighters like him on facebook and follow him on twitter more than any other islamic leader. that's right. the majority of them are isis or the front. isis terrorists reported they watched his lectures before embanking of jihad events. he has direct contact with foreign fighters and families via social media. he stepped out in the past to support even their deaths in acts of jihad in the past. >> if he's doing all of this, he needs money. who is funding him? >> that's a big question. that became a question for the
5:45 am
federal judge who conducted a deposition. he owes more than $250,000 in restitution based on the federal charges. he has only paid $3,000. he has a home, a cadillac in the past year. he repeatedly invoked the fifth amendment. last week he answered prosecutors questions regarding his finances in the deposition. that's not been made public. a lot of observers are saying what is he doing now, what will he be doing in the future. is he giving support to those who want to do us harm. no signs of wrong doing. a lot of questions being raised, though. >> thanks for breaking that down for us. coming up here on the show. bombshell testimony against a va medical center accused of handing out drugs like candy.
5:46 am
>> the truth of the matter, the quantities of narcotic medications coming out of the va facility is irrefutably unsafe. >> one father claims the cand eland killed his son. he joins us. >> let's check in with bill hemmer for a look at what's coming up. >> good morning to you as well. more on that breaking news the governor of indiana will follow up on your interview this morning. deadline day for iran. is it a deal or not? terrific guests all over that topic today. the president asked supporters to help him change the world. it's changing. we'll continue our debate on that topic this morning. what the defense secretary just said about the chances of defeating isis. martha and i will see you a couple away from now at the top of the hour. introducing preferred rewards from bank of america,
5:47 am
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5:49 am
5:50 am
the truth of the matter, the quantities of narcotic medications coming out of the va facility is irrefutably unsafe. this has been demonstrated by several cases of overdose and death. >> bombshell testimony monday against a va medcenter accused of handing drugs out like candy. patients there two and a half times more likely to receive high doses on opiates than the national average. it's a disturbing accusation that may have caused men like this man his life. jason's father testified at the hearing this week on monday and joins us now from madison, wisconsin. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> i'm sorry about the loss of your son. and it takes a lot of courage to come on tv and talk about it. you actually suggested to jason, who was 35 years old at the time and was working for you, that he
5:51 am
get help at the va. why? >> well, he was a veteran. and i thought the veterans would get the proper care that they needed by going to the va. and it's a nice facility. it was recommended by other people to go there. >> i understand. you helped check him into the facility. then at what point did he text you and say this is not working out the way i thought it was going to? >> that was probably about a week and a half before he died. you know, he was frustrated. they put him back on one medication that they have had him on earlier that he went crazy from. and they put him on a smaller amount this last time, which i didn't understand why the doctor put him back on this again. and, you know, he started to get anxiety built up. he couldn't take it anymore. >> so he told you, hey, dad they
5:52 am
have me on these drugs and they're making me act weird. you set up a meeting with his doctor to talk about the fact that you and he felt he was on too many drugs. what happened at that meeting? >> well, you know, the doctor came in the door with the patient advocate and my son. and she sat down and turned and pointed to me. she said you caused me a lot of problems here. she said i could have been taking care of your son, but i spent two and a half hours in meetings because you went over my head. she said to me, you may build houses but you don't know anything about taking care of your son. i was shocked that she said that truthfully. the reason i went over her head because she went taking care of my son. he was frustrated. >> and she actually put him on another drug, another opiate. and what happened shortly thereafter? >> well, you know, she put him
5:53 am
on a drug and i didn't realize it, but i talked to him the night before he died. he seemed real good spirits. he wanted me to bring his truck. he wanted to come home for his daughter's birthday that following week. i told him i'd be there before 9:00 in the morning. when i got there -- i think we got there about a quarter to 9:00 that saturday that he died, and there was no jason. he was laying in his bed when we went up to his room. i asked the nurse where was jason. he had his hand on his side. i said what's the matter. he couldn't talk. he was so med'd up. >> the autopsy concluded your son died from a mixed drug toxicity. he was on too many. that's why you testified on monday. thank you very much. once again we're so sorry for your loss. >> thank you. all right. we'll be right back.
5:54 am
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i can't tell you the last time we fit so much into three hours. that was really something. >> a lot of big news this morning. >> clayton thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. log on to the after the show show bill: inmates on the run in washington, d.c. authorities say a prison inmate overpowered a guard and took off with his gun. i'm bill hemmer as we trace this story in america's newsroom.
5:58 am
this man has a violent history and he's out there on the run. >> we need everybody to secure in place and report any


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