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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 3, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: we're going to work on the second hour of "happening now." a great show ahead. see you back here then. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." here with us today -- and today's hashtag one lucky guy, a member of fox news medical a-team and a professor of medicine at nyu medical center, dr. mark seigel and he's outnumbered so a good friday. we have the good doctor. what else do we need? he eat my apple a day so -- >> happy april. take an antiobiotic. >> after the show. >> that's great. i told you beforehand i'm a hypo conned -- hypochondriac.
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>> we have medical questions for after the show. first a hero's welcome for iran's negotiator. foreign minister treated like a rock star on his return home. celebrations were held throughout tehran after world leaders worked out a framework for a nuclear deal that paves the way for sanctions to be lifted. it's called a dangerous proposal but president obama who announced the agreement at a rose garden speech yesterday says that it will make america and its allies safer. he's calling it a historic understanding with iran and warning congress not to try to stop it. here's what white house press secretary said earlier today. >> it would in fact, shut down every single pathway that iran has to developing a nuclear weapon f. we determine they are not living up to terms of the agreement, we can snap the sanctions back in place and we will have before us every option
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on the table we currently have. >> this framework still needs final approval in june and plenty of pushback is expected especially from the biggest ally in the middle east israel. here is prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> this deal would pose a grave danger to the region and to the world. and would threaten the very survival of the state of israel. such a deal does not block iran's path to the bomb. such a deal paves iran's path to the bomb. >> what is the deal? the deal would keep iran's nuclear facilities open under strict production limits but after 15 years the islamic republic would be free to produce as much uranium as it wants. here is impassor john bolton. >> we've been sold out. the americans have given iranians everything they wanted. they've given them more political legitimacy, they've legitimized uranium enrichment program. it's based on two incorrect assumptions. assumption number one, we know everything there is to know
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about iran's nuclear program today and assumption number two we will know everything they do for the next 10 years. those are both false. disrespect so is it a good deal or a bad deal? and i'm going to go to you first on this, doctor. what do you think? they can ride off into the holiday weekend thinking they got something done but is this really beneficial to the united states? because i think a lot of people are wondering, what do we get out of it? >> early 2009 in january, i was invited to an exclusive dinner. the honored guest was the outgoing deputy assistant secretary -- undersecretary of defense in charge of containing weapons of mass destruction. and i posed to him a question at the end of the dinner. what is our best weapon to contain weapons of mass destruction? andrea, he said one word and the word was israel. and i think that this administration is squandering that and i think we have to listen to b.b. netanyahu who thinks this potential deal threat ebbens the survival of
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israel. if you cut the number of centrifuges down to one third which is the same amount that has actually accrued under the obama administration and you cut the amount of enriched uranium down to 300 kilograms, that's still enough to make a bomb. how do we know that's what they're doing? what kind of inspections are we actually relying on? i would rely on israel to make the inspections, not the united nations. >> kennedy, what happens if as the doctor mentions they don't follow the deal? because we really don't know what is going to be happening in iran. it's referred to as the black box. then what? josh said we'll snap those sanction back in place. okay. but they can still move forward with getting the bomb. >> speaking of snap, there are no snap inspections. you can't just show up in iran and say, show us what you've got. we know about some facilities he had previously not disclosed but there's so much that we don't know and there's so much trust that the administration is placing in iran and i do think that is misplaced trust and it's
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interesting that the first thing the president did was call saudi arabia and we have to realize that there are essentially two proxy wars going on right now in syria and yemen. it is a complicated situation in the middle east and i think we further complicated it and really destabilized it and perhaps handed iran a regional mej money which is incredibly dangerous. >> strength of the deal comes down to who you did the deal with. iran ain't canada. iran has a history of cheating on nuclear deals and to your point, this deal this framework does not provide unfetterred access to the iaea. what are they going to do? make an appointment to do inspections? we don't have any control over the future of this deal. >> can i ask you about the political appearance that this gives? president obama went to the rose garden yesterday and he seemed to be very proud and we know that this could potentially benefit his legacy but the rose garden i guess, should be renamed to where bad things happen to good people.
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he did the bo bergdahl press there. the clip will be used against him the second iran breaks the deal and w they will. >> his approach to congress he's saying if you don't pass this the fact that diplomacy failed, that will be on you. that's the way he applies pressure and he presented it as if, listen. we have this deal or we have war. and that's just not accurate. some are pressing for greater sanction. some were pressing for amending the deal so you don't get to do that. i don't think his approach to this helped and i agree. i think netanyahu i knew netanyahu wasn't going to have this. i think he's absolutely right to not have it and i think he's right to not hop on board and say i'm going to support the president. no. this is a bad -- this is a really, really bad deal and you shouldn't sign on for a bad deal to get it in the name of diplomacy diplomacy. >> don't get me wrong. i don't have any trouble with the fact we're talking to the iran yaz. i have trouble with the fact
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we're not talking to israelis. why doesn't he invite netanyahu to the white house? why didn't he call him after he was reelected? >> those two individuals see the world very differently and they see the role of the united states and israel very differently and barack obama has a point to prove which is that by nature of diplomacy, he can make peace. he can make everyone get along. he can make iran behave. he has this passion for diplomacy. that's not real life. >> that's -- the administration's version of diplomacy is very skewed and it's alienating the most important ally in the middle east and the nations that we're settling up to right now are constantly calling for israel's destruction. it's really confusing to me. i honestly don't understand. when you look at the players and you look at the vested interests and you look at the defused situation over there it's hard to see what our interests are because the president has done a very poor job of creating a road
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map that the united states can follow. it's complex enough. >> we have all the cards so that's why watching this deal go down was so baffling. and also, to the point about israel, we saw this week a top iranian general stood up and said israel's destruction is a non negotiable deal point. that didn't make the mainstream media here but shouldn't that have been the point where john kerry and the united states got up from the table and walked out of that room? >> yes. we constantly see this administration not standing up for one of our strongest allies or our strongest ally in the region and that's israel. is this deal going to lead -- is it going to have enough loop holes in it that it will be a north korea? north korea ended up fielding nuclear weapons. the president, it's my deal or war. what about your deal and a much bigger war down the road with nuclear weapons involved? >> and my fear is this is starting a middle east arms race. i really think this is sort of the beginning of this and i'm nervous because in past,
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president obama hasn't proved that he can sort of step up and manage really complex political situations. he doesn't seem to look that far down the road. i also want to get your thoughts on this. traditionally we know the iranians does not believe they need to negotiate contracts and kwlup hold them with infidels. they'll say they're going into a contract for visual appearances if it benefits them and kicks the can down the road but traditionally, in the face that they ascribe to they do not have ton to honor any deal with an infidel. isn't this a big joke? doesn't the white house know that? >> i don't know if they realize that but iran is getting extremely strong. i look at it as a see saw. we're trying to weaken israel for some reason. we all said no snap inspections. they're coming in next week. here they come. what do you think they're going to do? hide what they have on trucks wheel them out of town. it's not a situation where it's a credible deal. and i think iran is getting stronger and stronger. i think the biggest thing that
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occurred is that we left iraq. didn't leave any residual force there. we allowed isis to emerge. not only isis iran getting stronger and stronger. >> how do you think that sort of plays in all of this? don't you think whether we're in iraq or not, the iranians are hell bent on getting the nuclear weapon. >> the saudis just did a $60 million arms deal with the united states and obviously there's a race war or an arms race rather that blossoming and bubbling in the middle east which makes it even more unstable. but yeah a stronger iraq it's bad news for pretty much everyone there, especially think of all the destabilized countries that are either on the brink of civil war or in the middle of a civil war z. how much do you think that this white house is relying on iran to fight isis? it's a mutual enemy but ira is called as the great satan and wants us destroyed as well.
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president obama doesn't have the appetite for it but iranians have no problem coming in to take iraq. >> i think anything that enables this president to sit back and not be active and proactive is something that he will welcome and there's way too much trust being placed in iran. any deal we do with iran is going to require some amount of trust in iran and some amount of trust in the inspectors which he claims will be unprecedented. >> you also have to trust china and russia to try to put in place the snap back sanction. what are they going to do? >> vladmir putin he's such a good bud of ours. >> trustworthy. >> breaking news as the feds announce charges against a philadelphia woman accused in a plot to martyr herself for isis. this was right after three u.s. citizens are charged in terror plots on the very same day yesterday. so what does this say about the growing threat of homegrown extremism? and is the administration doing enough here to fight it? plus brand new fox poll shedding a little light on two potential
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♪ >> hello, for those of you celebrating, happy good friday. welcome back toout number.
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the feds say a philadelphia woman charged with helping isis to martyr herself for the terrorist organization. a day after three u.s. citizens were hit with terror charges here in new york city. federal prosecutors are accusing two women who live together in queens of plotting a bomb attack on american soil allegedly inspired by isis. according to the criminal complaint one of the women had been acquiring the components of a car bomb like the one used in the 1993 world trade center bombing. she was allegedly researching a fertilizer bomb similar to the one used in the 1995 oklahoma city bombing. and, a pressure cooker device like the one used in the 2013 boston marathon bombing. separately yesterday, the feds filed charges against a 29-year-old texas native for allegedly plotting to support al qaeda attacks against u.s. military personnel afghanistan. here is new york congressman peter king. >> i hope americans will wake up to realize we have to put
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political correctness aside. realize there are many people, too many people like in the country. we have to be very concerned about this i give the fbi and nypd tremendous credit on that. but we can't let our guard down. we can't again be packing down to political correctness. >> all right. dr. siegel what do you make of that? how scared are you of these lone wolf homegrown terror nuts? >> i'm very worried about this. first of all the tool of terror is fear. the media drives that, if people hear homegrown terrorists you call them realize terrorism getting a lost yaw attention and blow up a bus or attack an embassy, it is covered non-stop that is incentive. we're not cutting off the head of the beast. we're allowing isis to try thrive. people look on the internet. they want to join up. big mistake not leaving troops in iraq and isis grows. we're not doing anything to squash it now. fear is attractive.
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fear is used by terrorists. not a matter how many people terrorists kill. one beheading gets covered on mass media. >> andrea what is more surprising to you, you have two women, you don't often hear about women being arrested for hatching their own terror plots or the fact that they were so gum flappy with an under cover agent. they were basically stilling all of their -- spilling all of their secrets and plans to someone taking copious notes all the time. >> you can imagine they're not sophisticated. they were radicalized here. when asked if they want to fight isis over here, they said, no, no, we can do more damage here at home. that is pretty scary. they were flubbing things. or part of as the white house points out part of the jv squad. what disturbs me, you look at the way last couple months police are treated in new york city. they have been of course at thatted with fighting de blasio's phony war on tobacco and all the other things that
9:19 am
really are not important instead of these priorities. we stopped spying on mosques in new york. taken a lot of terror techniques back in the name you and i disagree on this, personal liberty and freedom. but, peter king has been on top of this. he talked about all these terror plots for a really long time. what really has me scared the fact that the border isn't closed. even though the administration warns of lone wolves even in the form of women we don't seem to do that much to stop it and going after the people. >> back to the border, these women didn't come from honduras. >> i know. but we still have open border. isis is free to come and go through the border. >> dagen, in the the atlantic article graham wood says middle east isis is thriving. they don't have as much vested interest in blowing things up in the united states as people radicalized over here. so how do you get a handle on them? what is your priority? figuring out all individuals who
9:20 am
could do harm or you know who will essentially go to jail or putting boots on the ground in the middle east and fighting isis over there? >> i think that is two separate questions. i don't think you have to choose between one or the other. i think you have to fight it there and fight it here. >> where is the greater threat to the united states? >> right now, we have the luxury of not having been attacked since when the boston bombings. that is a central worry when the attacks happened in paris, on the magazine, i thought for sure, like it is going to come here. we're lucky, we're lucky we have amazing law enforcement in the united states. we're lucky these homegrown terrorists are stupid. you had one woman wrote a poem in jihad magazine. the other was a friend with would-be terrorist who was arrested. >> on facebook. >> she had a photo of usama bin laden on her phone. you name it, just watching videos of terror attacks on the internet. so they are we're lucky that they're dumb enough to do that
9:21 am
they're fame-seekers. >> i think the role of the internet is really interesting too. >> yeah. >> you have people looking at youtube and figuring out the role of technology, some were saying they connected on facebook that is how they sort of came together. i don't think you acknowledge in this day and age it is harder to track people down when you have debates about infringing upon somebody's civil liberties, versus investigating people where you have technology component it is harder for law enforcement to do their job. >> i'm willing to give up some of my liberty to protect the united states. >> some people are but what frustrates americans they're looking for what they shop online and running ads. why can't they nab people posting jihadi videos but nabbing people like me posting blue oyster consult videos. they got me. >> there is a negative elfment. >> a lot of people say twitter should shut down the isis accounts. on the other hand you could make a argument that is a road map
9:22 am
for law enforcement. >> they use it too. >> absolutely. fair game. all right the gop may have a new 2016 frontrunner. wisconsin governor scott walkser, leading the pack in a new "fox news poll" but jeb bush still perform best against hillary. what all this could mean in the race for the white house. as millions get set to watch the final four tomorrow, the ncaa is coming under fire saying that education is not their job but are they right? is it up to them to make sure the student athletes are actually learning? we'll discuss and debate. stay right here. ♪ how can you just stand there? what do you mean? your grass man, it's famished. with just two springtime feedings with scotts turf builder lawn food helps strengthen and protects your lawn from future problems. thanks scott. feed your lawn. feed it!
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." looks like there is a new frontrunner in the gop field of likely white house contenders. wisconsin governor scott walker leading the pack in a new "fox news poll." 15% of republican voters say they support him. followed by former florida governor jeb bush, dr. ben
9:27 am
carson, texas senator ted cruz, and former arkansas governor mike huckabee. however in a hypothetical matchup bush does the best against hillary clinton. tying her at 45%. clinton continues to have the advantage over the other republicans topping scott walker, ted cruz marco rubio and rand paul. i love these polls because they change and we know, virtually nothing about some of these candidates or very little. andrea, i want to start with you. with if ratings of these candidates, still relatively unknown, carson walker, rubio, are the only ones that have net positive ratings. so it is less you know the better but that is not the case with hillary clinton. >> unlike the nbc commercials that used to say the more you know? that's the problem though, the more people know, will they like them or will they not? the danger having that many names in the political field they will be shooting inside of the tent. that will happen pretty quickly. it is a race to get name i.d.
9:28 am
out there. marco rubio will announce in a couple weeks. that is likely number to tick up. it is in the single digits but likely go up after that. jeb bush has the best name i.d. with his last name. that is part of the reason he is doing so well but it is too early to tell. >> the best name i.d. overall might be donald trump. he is only talking about it. if you look at trump i was also looking at carly fiorina, very low numbers in this poll. trump 3%. carly fiorina only one percent. >> carly fiorina hasn't had a successful political campaign yet. she has interesting ideas. >> a lot of name recognition. >> a lot of name recognition in the business world but somewhat in politics. most americans are really uniform lar with her. she is a powerful person. she connects with an audience when she gets up to speak. we saw that at cpac. one of the most interesting numbers, rand paul was within two percentage points for hillary clinton. people turned off by jeb bush, i think a lost independent voters
9:29 am
in the country might look at someone who has a pretty powerful message himself and who has not declared his candidacy yet and will next week. >> the importance of this it shows that the bush factor neutralizes the clinton factor. i think we'll see this borne out as time goes on. people say another bush. we already had two bush presidents. prescott bush, senator. another clinton. if you neutralize that factor you look at jeb bush as a candidate in his own right. >> get record low voter turnout. >> but no, that if hillary is frontrunner. if hillary runs i think jeb bush can run. this is very early. the other thing i think we saw with this which i'm very excited about ben carson, as kennedy said rand paul are physicians. there is a great discontent in this country about the health care system. that is really ben carson, who is not unknown talked about
9:30 am
months and months. >> discontent with business people. republicans ran mitt romney. see how that turned out. >> this leads to discussion about electability. you need someone get getting out of the primary and win the general election. i think scott walker. i'm watching him closely. i think he has broad appeal unlike people like ted cruz, who may thrive in the primary but may have trouble in the general. don't assume moderate candidates, centrist candidates are not most lechable candidates. i heard this with mitt romney, i heard this with john mccain. that doesn't necessarily make a good candidate. you have a carries mat take candidate with a record of reform that scott walker happens to have, he has done something outside of washington. i'm not saying he is my candidate of choice. he really may not be. i'm looking at rand paul i'm looking at marco rubio. it is too early. the candidates need to get out there. when marco rubio announces i guaranty he rises. he has great delivery. with exception of hillary because she has no challengers
9:31 am
at all. >> about scott walker, he has pretty far to fall though. because he has a huge deficits that have yet to -- >> that's true. >> the difference though too i think between the clinton and bush matchup is the media elevated bill clinton to be this hero and so she is saying -- >> after his impeachment. >> get me back in the white house you get bill. the difference, media destroyed george w. bush. the name i.d. is different. with bush oh. with bush it is another bush. with hillary clinton it is likes it is her turn. that is very different message. one is compelling, sort of, the other is not. >> she is woman has that going for her. >> we're shifting to education talk. millions of basketball fans get set to watch the final four tomorrow nccaa is getting comments on the role of education. pursuit of excellence in academics and athletics n latest
9:32 am
response to lawsuit over academic fraud case at unc the sports association says it has no legal responsiblity to quote insure the academic integrity of courses offered to student athletes at member institutions. ncaa does not have direct day-to-day operational control over schools. kennedy is there a conflict here what they're saying? on one hand education first education is important we promote education? on other hand education is not our job or problem? >> of course it is. if it is not their problem, not their job, you have to pay the college athletes. justification for the ncaa's existence, they're getting a college education. we're celebrating amateurism. at the same time making millions and millions of dollars. ed o'bannon former ucla basketball player. >> i knew you would get that in there. >> go bruins. he is one of the people saying here are the college players making money for their schools and this organization, why shouldn't they get royalties for memorabilia or their
9:33 am
participation. >> he won the lawsuit. under appeal. >> it is moving in that direction. they're ruling that payers can -- players can be paid for images. the ruling northwestern players were allowed to unionize. the sole purpose of the ncaa, the reason it was created was for safety reasons. not all the other things it claims. it was there for safety. now it is just a big business. i think players should be paid. if you won't pay them, take regulations away, let them gopro if they want to. players are working more than typical employees do, 50 to 60 hours a week they spend on football duties. don't have time for education. coaches like nick saban or others make $6 million a year. ncaa made a billion dollars. they're cashing in. players without paid anything and without education. >> if they get injured god forbid, when they're in school, they don't have policies or -- >> they used the same argument. deny responsibility for education, deny responsibility
9:34 am
for safety. there was a lawsuit in, filed bit family of a player who died. they said nca denies they have legal duty to protect student athletes. bob beckel had expletive. i could cone only come up with poppycock and horse -- what is going on. >> bob beckel was a big foot ballplayer in his day. we need some academic standards. when i was a college freshman when you guys were in junior high school, when i was college freshman my college roommate recruited to be center for football teams was hanging out the window smoking joints the size of cigars. he is coming to the economics department. we were all laughing, it was worst department of university. there wasn't uniformity of standards. even though there is big money involved, all about football. i still think there has to be some academic --
9:35 am
>> are you sure your roommate wasn't bob beckel because of that story? that sounds just like him. >> no. >> kennedy, kids are showing up to classes that don't exist. you have teachers that are falsifying elevating grades. getting to the point where this notion of a student athlete takes out the student part. some are saying okay, but you're still a student. you have to fulfill those responsibilities to some degree. do you not agree with that? >> of course they do. it is one way or the other. you're either going to insure and come up with a system to make certain if these people are signed up for classes that they're going to them and fulfilling requirement. >> exactly. >> if not, you have to pay them. you can't have it both way. >> i do think though that the chapel hill scandal, what was it, 18 years thousands of students might not have woken up the ncaa but it did wake up universities to look for this. >> they're in cahoots with the ncaa i think they're both in cahoots. i think the model is changing.
9:36 am
>> what about fraternities? all of this is connected. >> i don't think that is connected. i do think that the universities are worried about getting their butts sued if the athletes don't get education. >> we're following potentially dangerous weather system threatening millions across a broad section of the country right now with thunderstorms, hail, possibly tornadoes. the latest from the fox extreme weather center just ahead. a new study confirm what we already know, behind every successful woman is a pushy mom but how pushy is a too pushy? ♪ let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to all the tools and help on so how are we going to sweeten this deal? floor mats... clear coats... >>you're getting warmer... leather seats... >>and this...
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every successful woman is a pushy mom. research shows girls who parents have high expectations and nag them better prepared for success and better able to handle trouble. they earn more as working adults and are less likely to get pregnant. less likely to date a bum. that is your fun friday factoid. what do you think jedediah? is your mom, you're successful is your mom a nagy mom? >> she is not. never was. neither my dad. if anything my mom is the one saying relax a little bit. take a vacation. i was that neurotic kid. my mom was not neurotic. i was doing homework all night. my mom used to come into the room, aj, that isy nickname, put it to bid. whatever will be will be. she is mellow. only now i'm getting older starting to pick up on that. she made me more mellow and about life. >> kennedy, are you a nagy mom?
9:42 am
>> i'm really happy to hear this i'm saying pick up your stuff. put them in the hamper. don't chew like that. slow down. tie your shoes. my husband is really easy going person. i'm definitely the nag in the house. i know that. and, i have always said, like i'm like the cfo and my husband is the activities director. >> what do you think about that, dagen? do you think nagy moms create more successful daughters? did you have a nagy mom? >> not nagy, but made me be responsible and held me accountable for when i did things wrong. but also, extremely supportive. i was very, very up tight and she was more worried about me doing too much and being too hard on myself. >> me too. >> than the opposite. i think nagy is great. pushy is, hey, i want you to be in beauty pageants even though -- or. >> does it depend on the kid? depend on the child? some kids need to be pushed? others are very self-motivated?
9:43 am
dr. siegel, can nagging cause mental issues among girls? >> among anyone. this is where we have to draw the line. we're not talking about neurosis. we're talking about role modeling, both genetic and environment. genetic if you have a successful mother maybe you inherited that gene. my family, my grandmother was very prominent politician. my mother ran her own business. my sister is professor. my wife is a physician. i think that casts -- not just women. it is men looking up to their fathers. women looking up to their mothers. this study showed more likely to attend universities, more likely to succeed. i'm a big big believer in this especially in a society which is still partly sexist. partly saying women, stay at home. >> my parents aren't, if you look what they accomplished in their lives, they are are not super successful. they were business owners. but they were extremely successful parents. they set out, they treated that as a career. >> weigh in a little bit on my
9:44 am
mom, bt. she is amazing. not pushy at all. she let her children, i mean she let me -- >> not neurotic? >> not at all. she is very calm and very laid-back. when she saw i needed pushing she pushed me. i'm a pretty ambitious person on my own. never date ad bum mom you will very proud. >> as a mom you hope those things stick. things remind the kids when they're young, stick with them when they're older. >> we have to go. despite numerous calls for massachusetts senator elizabeth warren to run for office she keeps saying no. why does the media not hear her? this golf star's photo creating controversy. is this only coverage female athletes get and does it degrade them or empower them? ♪
9:45 am
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... >> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." hey, jon. jon: andrea we're up in 12 minutes. she keeps saying she is not running, still the obsession
9:49 am
over senator elizabeth warren in 2016 only seems to grow. why can the media not take no for an answer? prosecutors say she is cold-blooded killer. could this 14-year-old really be the mastermind behind the murder of her own mother? or was she under the spell of her 20-year-old boyfriend? amazing story of survival. a guy lost at sea for 66 days, living on raw fish and rein water. details on his ordeal and his rescue. it is all ahead, "happening now." andrea. >> raw fish and rain water. jon: sounds great, doesn't it? >> that will be my lunch today. thanks, jon. jon: okay. >> "golf digest" is sparking a major controversy with the cover of it is may issue with golfer lexi thompson with nothing but a towel pulled over her pants. there have been five women on the magazine's front page and most like gretsky were not pro
9:50 am
golfers. the magazine is pushing against credit ticks they want a role model for the sport. this is the way they usually present men on its cover. that is quite a difference i would say. i don't have a problem with the cover, kennedy. i don't understand why an athlete can't be a capable in their sport and be sexy. she did not have a problem with it. she came out and did the cover. why does the public have a problem with it? >> i think it is pretty smart of "golf digest." obviously people talk about all over the place. they know what is going to happen. kudos to the photo editor and editor in he have chief for putting her on the cover. it is empowering for that woman. she is successful pro golfer. she is young woman. has a great physique. worked very hard at it. she shows less certainly what you would see on the cover of "sports illustrated." >> is this degrading to women? some feel if it was male athlete would never show them like this. >> shirtless on the inside. >> that is true but some saying
9:51 am
do this to woman. >> coming here and say that, the more i think about it, the more i think "golf digest" is smart because they want to make money. more men will read the magazine when they see this. media covers it, become as big buzz, we're talking about it, more people buy "golf digest." i don't think golf scores have to be the reason you get on the cover. this is a birdie, not a bogey. >> show you a couple pictures this is not new. we have a image of lindsey vaughn, american world cup ski racer. she has been on cover before with a magazine what some viewed as a little bit of a scandallous image. we have image of general any finch, former usa national softball team pitcher. this is not new. people say women andrea, are typically sexualized. maybe because sex sells. whatever the reason may be. they argue this is double-standard. more often than not the case with women. more often not the case when it comes to men. >> she is participating in it. i don't think she is a victim or
9:52 am
sexualized. she looks very strong. she seems to like the photo. wouldn't participate in the shoot with towel or whatever it is around you. i think frankly grovel could use a little side bob, don't you? >> golf is so boring. >> the outfits are atrocious. she is this something that likes good. >> as long not from john daly. >> i want side boob. >> how many times do you see david beckham in his underwear? >> not enough, kennedy. i have not seen enough of david beckham in their underwear. >> put the men on bottomless. he need as career boost. but probably a third of woman in america seen him with his bottoms off. >> i did not think of hyper sexual. i saw an athlete. she looks strong. she happens to show her sexuality. >> paulina gretsky was on there she let it all hang out in social media.
9:53 am
she is engaged to golfer does tan johnson. this is major step up for golf digest. >> what about sergio garcia in a speedo? >> i have that picture framed in my office. >> i'm open to hot pictures of men and women on covers when you want to do it. >> when employees call out sick from work should they be required to get a doctor's note? a question getting a lot of attention after a social media post allegedly from a doctor goes viral. we'll ask our one lucky guy dr. siegel what he thinks coming up next. ♪
9:54 am
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♪ >> motley crue. very good. >> read it is getting a lot of the attention. someone called out sick from work was required to bring in a doctor's note. we can't verify the note. it has gone viral and used -- viewed by 4 million people.
9:58 am
you make him sit in the walk- in clinic for hours and me writing a sick note for people who genuinely needing the attention. when was the last time you had to bring in a sick note. >> even when i was with the teacher a note from the parent. >> it is ridiculous. if i am out of here and call in to the second floor and say i have a cough and out for the next three months maybe i need a doctor's note. but just because you are sick? >> all of you have asked me to write notes so you can take monday off. >> i know i am going to have a headache. >> i can't prove. it here's the problem with that. you have to examine the patient. everyone wants a note for the airlines so they get their money back and missed the flight by five minutes. but the doctor can't do this
9:59 am
without seeing you. they shouldn't do it. >> they lie. >> and they were asked to do too many of these. >> what.ná?#m if you leave your medical tab let and people steal them and forge them. >> they can sign my name to things. >> and i get calls for pharmacy. that is illegal. and these people should be prosecuted. >> they should, drchlt >> they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> my shoulder hurts. >> you need a sick note. you wouldn't just fake it. >> and that is 500 milligrams. >> yeah. >> you know in elementary school we all faked sick notes. >> signed those, too. >> you never sat and practiced your parent's secretary. >> over and over and over again. >> my mom was on the first name basis with the attendance
10:00 am
secretary. pat would call my mom, hi, maria. we are back on tv monday at noon. and guess what starts right now. "happening now", go get it. have a beautiful weekend. >> we start with the fox news alert. 6-alarm fire raging out of control in kentucky. >> residents warned to stay inside to avoid dangerous smoke. we are covering all of the news "happening now". three u.s. citizens tied to plots to kill americans. investigators say one of them involved the same components used in other terrorist attacks on our soil. how close were they to hitting their targets? and plus an eighth grader and older boyfriend accused murdering the girl's mom. prosecutors have text messages to prove it. should she


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