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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 4, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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. thank you, creative destruction. thank you, free enterprise, for allowing it to happen. that's our show. see you next week. next on "red eye." >> welcome to jedi. >> i was in jail, smells really dirty. >> i really can't relate to. >> does this surprise? >> okay. stuff happens. alities love muffin. >> it's not hard. >> that is 100% wrong. >> great point. let's move on. >> and now the thrilling conclusion -- hello everyone. i'm kennedy but you can call me keneday! welcome tonight's guest. so lit. you think? a '90s one-hit wonder band. here tonight with joanne nosuchinsky. >> you can't spell reviled, angry style-on without andy
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levy. tv's andy levy and thorn oakenshielding kid brother and comic, it's joe devito and already laughing got the reference. there it is. first dates and his last. comedy album, very good available on itunes and amazon. get it immediately. and you might recognize him from every car commercial sitting next to me, editor-in-chief matt welch. there it is. you can check out the latest issue. it's a great flag inspired cover saying, don't tread on my internet. >> a clockblock. first story. >> indeed it is.s can now have pizza at their wedding. wonderful. indiana lawmakers made changes to the law. >> in reaching agreement to
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clarify the law which will unequivocally stay as the speaker said in the strongest possible terms that indiana's law will not be able to discriminate against anyone anywhere at any time. we are hopefully putting an end to this misrepresentation of what this law was really intended to be and it's clearly a misperception is a better word to say. >> unless they're gay. >> hmm. the amendment prohibits using the law as a legal -- consent for refusing to provide services, goods facilities or accommodations and bars hoosiers from discriminating base on race, religion, sexual orientation gender identity and so on and so forth. for a debate on the religious objections law joined by two radios sisters. big red and scratch. [ crowing ]
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[ laughter ] >> adam and steve, koch adoodle don't andy, you first. do the changes make the law better or more confusing? >> i don't think the change doss a damn thing. i think it's a difference that makes no difference. if it makes people happy, sure, why not. the things the new language is saying, that the rifra can't be used for thing nos court would ever allow the rifra to be used ford. no court in the country ever allowed rifra to be used to deny service to a gay person. the whole thing is stupid. we accept as a matter of law property rights are no absolute particularly for businesses. government has a compelling interest in preventing and establishment from acting in a discriminatory matter. question, a similar compelling interest forcen bake a special dak or tater a specific wedding? to knee the answer is no. rifra does, and all it does allow this to be determined by the courts. so i don't -- i just don't think
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this changes anything. >> should they accept the changes, joanne? >> yae. yes. it provides a safeguard, sort of, to a grewoup of people who felt unprotected by their govt government. still the lgbt is not a group protected by the laws. especially for optic by the state. up a of these businesses, conferences, grouped threatening to pull out their businesses and all of their goings-on in the state in the future, and the state can't afford to have that happen. >> no. it's true. i was sitting on the plane in front of a couple people talking about the law and ex-kplisplicit italy saying ind, based on superficial marketing which can be dangerous going back and forth in all cases. joe, are you surprised that the law changed so quickly? >> well no matter what
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happened, you got to admit, a well thought out public relations coup. well done. i'm still not sure with all the changes mentioned there you start to think, so what is this law doing now? i think the real loser here was anyone who over the past few days invested in very gay baking equipment. because they really had the market cornered for a couple of days and sort of very penis-shaped pastries, things like that. >> getting hungry. >> it's a free for all now in indianapolis. sad, people talked about this as boycotting. indiana is a state that has legalized gay marriage. so to say it's hate, of course, the law was confusing not exactly sure what it denied but other states don't allow gay marriage. maybe boycott those states before you consider -- >> wilco, next tour dates, went to two or three different states that don't have gay marriage but they're going to boycott indiana? >> a confusing thing. >> people aren't sure why they're boycotting. >> they think they're sure,
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because there's a hash tag. joe's point indiana didn't have a hash tag at the -- my best friend is gay. >> exactly. >> it's not who bakes the cake. it's who jumps out of it. >> that's a great point. >> waste a cake. i'm not for that. >> when you eat it like joe does, smatherred all over his beard, doesn't matter. slathered or smatherred? >> depends on what part of the country you're from and part of the state of indiana. where do you stand on the law? >> earlier this week barack obama had 20 sentences that had to do with drugs, more do with individual lives than all of the 20 laws. >> what's the point of passing the law in the first place? >> people felt they didn't want to be like the poor bastard in oregon didn't want to bake a wedding cake, facing a fine. horrifying. rifra protection for that. it's not. a photographer tried to sue under it, don't want to be
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compelled to work that wedding. sorry. doesn't apply. tried to craft a solution that wouldn't have anything to do with the problem. >> everybody got super mad because they thought this was going to have an affect it wasn't going to have and meanwhile trashed the -- that entire pizzeria because they're stupid enough to answer a reporter's question and then people gave them 200,000 -- like an entire week's worth of abject idiocy on all parts. >> and irresponsible journalism. >> terrible. i can't actually think of a story recently with the, maybe the exception of hands up don't shoot. not to be true, turns out. that aside, can't think of a story where the presby haved so abysmally and miscommunicated information to the point where it became willful. like they have to know what they're telling people are wrong and they continued to do it. >> you have to wonder, social conservatives were they getting into the debate?
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misguidedly? were they -- you think so? >> yeah. i mean we talked about it last night. there were people regardless of what the press did, people who were pro the rifra, completely misrepresenting, going around saying, as a good thing saying yes, we won't have to serve gay people anymore. so it's just -- the whole thing is just incredibly frustrating to deal with, for me. >> pass law saying you shouldn't be able to compel someone who provides services to a wedding to work a gay wedding if they don't want to. >> because there are a lot of people who think you should. >> yes. a lot of people think that's how the government -- >> pretending that's the -- it's not. nothing to do with that. try to pass that law have a debate on that. that's an actual real question. you shouldn't be able to compel someone to do that and i want all gays to marry all the time. >> just be about religious liberty, liberty and freedom across the board, something completely sacrificed in this
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debate. say something funny please. >> i don't see how you can force anybody to enter into contract with you. went to a gay bar, my bowling team, called the we hate homosexuals and would like to rent out your place an evening. gay bars entirely within their rights to say we are not interested in serving you. i don't see how you can force someone to enter into contract with you. one of those thing kind of won. you can legislate tolerance but acceptance, that's got to come from having a better argument. can't say no, you must participate in this. it's enough to say you can't prevent people from having their same-sex marriage, i don't think you should force someone. >> gay marriage, either. >> it's this close to winning. the supreme court will legal liz. >> oh you just go get a room. >> they don't believe in the common good. the university cancelled a commencement address by the rapper common. it would have been a commonsment after new jersey state police
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expressed concern as a song common did 15 years ago written in support of the godmother of tupac shakur convicted in 1973 of killing a jersey state trooper. she fled to cuba. actually escaped prison, and the president of the troopers fraternal organization called the decision to have common speak, a slap in the face to law enforcement. the school listened and explained their change of plans and in a statement. "the students expressed interest in common because he composed the oscar winning song "glory" with john legend who has a very hot wife. oh that's not in there. moving on. while we respect the talent, pursuing other speaker options. all right, so joe should they have cancelled common or is it a badge of honor to be invited then disinvited to speak as a university? >> don't they do research of people who book these? >> apparently not.
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>> keep trying to book book what they consider cool speakers. i don't like it. distracts from -- the event is not about who you booked, whoever you're scoring points with saying we approve. they need to book someone boring, having soothing voice. students hung over. the night before graduation. let them cash zzs while the family is giving them envelopes afterwards. why we should be outraged these stududents weren't even born, 1977 issued? these kids weren't even around. we're going to say, oh -- >> a statute of limitations on killing cops. i didn't know that. >> writing a song about it? >> wow. >> yeah, joe. >> this is why i'm glad -- >> i dmoenidn't know you hated police. >> listen to scandinavian def metal. in swedish. >> no. and you love cookie monster.
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exactly. matt, is this part of the outrage culture and we have to have at least a couple of these a year. don't we? >> we have hundreds a year actually. i just want to sit back and reflect on what a crappy state new jersey is for a moment here. i mean everybody. >> wow. >> these things usually happen because tightwad students in berkeley who think bill maurerhr maher is offensive. >> ask bruce springsteen, on the wrong side of new jersey cops in the past. >> and chris rock, too. taking selfies all day long. a new category of the outrage machine. >> silly. >> art. so joanne people comparing it to conde rice, backed out because of protests. a fair comparison? you said so in the green room. >> i did say that. there's no need to say it again. >> get riftd commencement
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speeches. a waste of money. causes so much controversy. but, again, it's free publicity for the school. kids are like, wow, it's cool. i don't know obtuse. i just -- >> i just want to go. whatever. >> listen, this is the point of wrath. i don't think the school understand. provides a platform for the artist to emost, reflect and amuse feelings in an uncensored manner using rhymes. i am a supporter of arts and arts education and not, get on it. >> and is the only person of color on the panel what do you have to say about joanne's comments? >> by inviting him and uninviting him they showed a lack of common decency. can we agree? and also i'm the worst person in the world. >> i agree with joanne. at the point everyone who would possibly be a decent commencement speaker offend someone or some group. get rid of commencement speakers, add it to the list of
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things we don't have. >> do you remember. that's my point. some guys from -- the former president of the new york stock exchange and the classic graduated after billy joel. >> what? not fair. >> not fair. >> wow. >> surprise. protested right out of the, right off the -- the stage. >> i get why the state troopers aren't a fan. obvious. i think like water for chocolate, the common album it's on unbelievable album. >> i thought you were talking about the mexican art. >> no. talking about -- >> i thought you were talking about the snack. >> i twice said, talking about the album by common, joe. >> yeah. [ bleep ] pay attention. >> wow. >> it's getting salty in here. goodness. >> anyway, i just -- i can't care anymore. just stop. >> trying to not go into labor during my commencement. i was 38 1/2 weeks pregnant. graduated ucla.
8:15 pm
thousands of people in the poly pavilion and i hand signaled to my husband if my water broke. had a cloak and on the shoulders of a very nice t.a. >> great. >> you went to usc. right? >> hmm -- >> i don't get it. i'm sorry. >> and vomit or release contents of my bladder through my colon. all right. >> he won't be back. >> fight on, with my fist in your -- yard party? all right. well, he is -- this is a guy who doesn't like usc any more at all and his own financial detriment, loves ucla for great reason. his son is a bruin. who am i talking about? no not sean "puffy" combs. in the doghouse for posing with the dog father. punished after posing for a picture with a certain loving bruin loving rapper, and south
8:16 pm
by southwest in austin, texas, the texas department of public safety said the pic, snoop requested and later instagramed reflecting poorly on the department. they cited the trooper, seen here for deficiencies indicating need for counseling for posing with someone who was "has a well-known criminal background." now the counseling cannot be appealed because it not a technical infraction and will appear in spear's record hurting his chances for later promotion. his attorney wondered if there would be similar discipline if spears had posed with willie nelson? we asked willie nelson to comment. >> ah -- ow -- ow. will you quit? >> my only question is, was that poncho or lefty?
8:17 pm
andy, isn't it refreshing to see a picture of a black man in an oscar they're both smiling? >> snoop asked for the picture best thing about it. what's wrong here? look, if snoop were a wanted criminal, then yeah. it might be a problem if a law enforcement officer posed for a picture with him but the dude, he's -- done his time. served his sentences. what's wrong with the trooper being photographed? >> tell you what's wrong. he appeared onstage with a hologram of tupac shakur the godson of -- therefore, she known and wanted criminal. how outraged were you seeing this picture? >> very outraged. south by southwest can get very dangerous. people get rowdy there, so i hear. and this man is just -- this trooper is taking photos? he's not doing his job. by standing around and watching people have fun. i have -- i have -- i can't.
8:18 pm
>> looks in better shape in that photograph, joe devito? the trooper. >> get that photo up there. >> this is going to be the cover of snoop's new album called "canine division." in bugs bunny, one guy looked like the hamburger the other the hot dog? >> the poor guy. >> a little bit. well, he had a criminal past. in his past, maybe and his present wearing both a sweater vefrt and bow tie. he's no longer a threat throat society. >> does he have a criminal future. >> no longer pimping. >> not with his son a bruin. >> and awkward thing. another reason why california is better than texas. in california we actually have the cops work for snoop dogg and all the rappers. work three weeks and the other days working security.
8:19 pm
in text, can't get their heads around it. >> too busy hooking horns around public safety commissions telling people to go to therapy, because you stood next to snoop and he's a thin, black man. ah! coming up we fake a lunar landing. first did golf digest go too far putting a topless woman on the cover? the story making people care about golf and print media and boobies all at the same time. ♪ lookin' good, flo! feelin' good! feelin' real good!
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hello t hello there and welcome back. you can buy this but not tortilla chips. residents on food stamps could soon have fewer food choices at the supermarket. a missouri house bill prohibiting almost a million people from using their --
8:23 pm
snap, to buy kiksing chips soda energy drinks, steak and seafood. uh-huh. opinion piece in the "washington post" notes, "if the bill becomes law a missourian can't buy a can of tuna with an abt card." writer adds in america today being poor is tantamount to untold dignities including the ability to determine what foods you can put on your own dinner table. now matt, you said in the green room that the government knows best what you should put in your body, and what people should include in their diets, that actually surprised me about you. i never heard you articulate that position before. >> it's -- you know scott walker wants to drug test people who receive welfare benefits which is kind of -- >> a weird thing. we give the steinbrenner family $1 billion to build a stadium and no one talks about let's make sure they're spending the money only on nutritious hot
8:24 pm
dogs. anytime we give money to a poor person everyone freaks out and we have to craft a better dietary program with all of this. that said the writer of this op-ed is irritating. at some point, you know, when you take your money and give it to other people there's you are going to be interested in how they spend it. human nature and, sorry. >> scott walker not only wants to drug test people on welfare he also wants to accept big subs cities to build sports stadiums. >> build the bucks a new arena. >> hypocrite. joanne, you exclusively exist on wine, smoothies and fun yins.gianfungians. >> i can't provide for myself and can't make autonomous decisions. >> a conscious choice i. can no longer lift my happened to my mouth. >> but you think if the government is giving you money
8:25 pm
the government should be able to say what goes in your belly? >> they have claim add certain responsibility over you. they're also going to be most likely paying for your health care. so it would make sense that you would want people to be fueling their bodies and have healthy in healthy out. so what stinks, though is that the healthiest food soften the most expensive. people can't provide. then you're living on canned food full of preservatives other issues. no one's really getting any good side of this deal, really. >> so andy, isn't that the best argument against single payer universal nationalized health care? >> it's a good one. i like it. >> thank you very much. thank joanne. >> i didn't say that, but i -- sounded great. >> the host told me to thank you. so i thanked you. >> you're welcome. >> not just a junk food ban though. you're not allowed to buy fish or steak. >> yeah. >> i get -- >> talapia? >> the argument is that they
8:26 pm
claim that i guess they found one guy in one state was buying crab legs with his ebg card they thought that's not cool. there are people that can't afford crab legs but you can buy cheap seafood and buy cheap steak. the idea someone pointed out you can't buy technically a can of tuna with your ebt card under this. >> a lot of mercury. >> true. >> not necessarily. did adjunct testing to primary perceptions. tuna, twice a week, actually quite safe. >> long words. >> don't necessarily fit together but i'm glad you went with me on that. joe, salsa without chips that is -- >> cruel and unusual. >> there you go. dig your fingers into this, user. eat it off your gold charge card. >> it's good gazpacho. >> thank you, uncle sam. i think you're right matt, that how much you feel about this the woman who wrote the story irritating, to say -- to imply
8:27 pm
like, well what gives people the right to be involved in -- well, because other people are paying for the food you're eating. i think once you, you've made that jump, i understand people go through hard times and things like that but you don't just get the stuff. don't just get the things without giving up something. if you have to put your pride aside it's unfortunate but you have to. she misunderstand, when people look at someone buying a lot of junk food with something like that, we don't think, oh we hate this poor person. i think you think, spending this on party food? and that -- the resources that are allocated are limited. you think maybe someone wants to buy healthy food for their child, but because this person is buying this crap the other person's not getting the money. we're not judging them on being poor. if i see someone in front of me however paying if a woman's buying pop tarts and soda and all that stuff i think, oh. you're a [ bleep ] mom.
8:28 pm
giving your kid diabetes, and always country her in line. >> i push her out of the way. >> cut her out of line. cut her with -- >> that's a bit aggressive. >> what if po' people could only eat positive's' boys? >> of had a crab po' boy? delicious. >> willing to try. >> not on your ebt card. >> what if you could only by cigarettes and booze on your ebt card. >> what if michelle obama knows what you eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner? >> what if she does. >> touche. coming up gwyneth paltrow in the studio. no. going to mexico to celebrate they're divorce. told you they were just like us. first, word from our sponsors. kennedy's amenities. it is fine if you want to settle for the fine things in life. we think you deserve the finer things. live the good life with
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you're welcome.'re the valet? yea, sorta the valet. both drive for a living, both like to save money on car insurance and we both know you may not get this car back in the same condition. watch your toes. wo! ya boy... get it! sorta you isn't you. with drivesense from esurance, you can earn a personalized discount based on how you drive not how someone sorta like you drives. you'll even get a discount just for signing up. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. hmm, well, hold on to your putter. golf got sexier if possible. the cover of "golf digest" grrr magazine. where i get all my news features golfer lexi thompson. sexy lexi an some side boob.
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to use a golf term, the cover was an airball. yeah, at least according to twitter. one woman tweeted i hope golf digest is aware women don't actually golf topless. another wrote this is how how @golfdigest presents men on the cover and then this is how @golfdigest presents women on the cover. i wish i was a golfing lady. last year krit criticized for making paulette gretzky, because she's hot and engaged to a pga tour golfer named dustin, who went off for six months, but not to rehab. no, it wasn't. he was on a vacation and had a great time and it was -- much better. back to you, matt. the only magazine editor at this
8:34 pm
table. >> as far as we know. >> other than andy and jo. so would you really say that golf digest is the most provocative in all america? >> usually. we go there to find out what lines we're not ready to cross, "golf digest." >> she's not topless. a controversial as a -- she's not topless. >> you sound really upset. >> super upset. made for a much more interesting -- >> i was lied to, dammit. >> matt got it in the mail thought it would be covered in brown paper and there it was, plain as day. >> show the cover. it's not particularly sexy. she's like, going to kick your ass. great. more like a bad-ass workout girl power thing. can't imagine having a problem with it. >> only i do the motor boat sound. do you have a problem? >> no. looks great and i think she felt great doing it.
8:35 pm
sometimes the golf outfits in my opinion, aren't the cutest. >> no yeah. >> and you want to show off your womanness. wonderful she's doing it on the cover. sex sells. we know this. why do we act surprised or sickened magazine editors wore make the cover? embrace it people it's america. or try and sell magazines in an era when magazines don't really sell. on newsstands now go buy 16 copies for you and all your grandchildren. >> jo the publisher thought it would make up for the paulina gretzky cover. never, ever make up for that. >> that's right. >> that's funny. the paulina gretzky cover last year, wrote, we've come a long way from a year ago. when the lg georgialpga condemned
8:36 pm
eded paulina gretzky on the cover. mea culpa, ladies. >> i didn't hear anyone complaining when the last issue of, there was a man playing golf on the cover of "women's breast monthly." fair play. >> that wasn't a golf club. shot a 71, oddly enough. >> i think to what joanne said. interesting people get upset about this stuff because, the swimsuit issue "sportscenter," every"sportscenter," -- "sports illustrated," cancel my subscription, like they didn't know the swimsuit issue was coming. >> and literary issues? >> men like to golf. audience of the magazine. men like to look at attractive women. why not put something -- people on the kovler of "oprah." hoop on her cover? if you like oprah, can't get enough of that. >> why does my husband disappear
8:37 pm
with "o" magazine 15 minutes in the bathroom? >> this is on television, you know. >> oh. oh -- thought we went to break. honey, i love you. i totally know. so -- andy, go ahead and talk about -- the operateness of topless women? >> absolutely -- i don't know if we can put it back up. i just -- no. we can't. >> okay. >> there it is. there it is. >> look how disgusting. look at it. we can't zoom in unfortunately. if you could zoom in on it as i could on my computer earlier today you would say how absolutely disgusting this is. i can't sum it up the outrage. she's okay with it. tweeted it out. if she's okay with it. >> then shouldn't someone get outraged at the outrage how search calling it disgusting? it's a female form of beauty? >> literally nobody except "golf
8:38 pm
digest" subscribers would have known if they didn't complain? >> isn't it already a win? already spent 25 minutes talking about it. >> ignoring it would have made it not an issue. >> when will they have ring girls at >> when they have rings? >> great point andy. >> very good. >> before we move on, other magazines are putting half-naked women on their covers of course, to boost sales. i was surprised to see this cover of "the economist." swimming in green, obviously. this cover of "better homes afternoon afternoon gardens." yeah katie holmes gardens. look at that. >> and ranger rick. that is just disgusting. >> kids got to learn some day. >> absolutely right. here you go, son. and here's -- no. i'm not going to -- that's gross and foul, and -- please stop telling me those things in my ear. chris and gwyneth, not finished? hmm?
8:39 pm
the former couple celebrated the anniversary of their divorce going together on vacation in puerto vallarta mexico and brought their kids apple and moses. yes, those are still their names. the coldplay singer and actress divorce add year ago and managed to stay friendly dating other people. gwen explained to howard stern we actually have a rather strong friendship and we laugh and have fun. so -- i think that gwyneth might have been mourning the one-year passing of her marriage and beginning of the divorce. chris is like, this is great. finally i get to eat tenderloin. i'm so happy to be eating meat again. >> no? huh? >> didn't do that with your voice. yeah. >> i don't know. i have to be squeezed in a certain area as does he. on a scale how deeply do you
8:40 pm
admire kwethgwyneth paltrow. >> i understand their point of view. if you consciously uncoupled from either chris martin on gwyneth paltrow wouldn't you celebrate once a year your great fortune and wisdom? >> who got the better bargain in the divorce? >> even though divorced can still get together to be very annoying annoying. i think what happened they had the divorce, right after she announced she was doing that vagina steaming, out of curiosity, like, i got to look into this. look this up. >> did you -- steam did you say? >> a schvitz. >> a much more attractive term than the v steam. the schvitz and have the -- [ laughter ] >> is there a graphic department somewhere? >> whip that up. so andy, do you think chris martin loved or hated this idea?
8:41 pm
>> look, i have to say they are bone insprabl inseparable. >> who do you hate more, dr. oz or chris and gwyneth? >> raw. probably gwyneth. first of all, i thought puerto vallarta was a place you went when you won it on a game show. the only time i've heard of it. i think it's kind of cool that they took their kids on a vacation together. even though they're divorced. i think you know, regardless what the truth may be about how they feel about each other they're acting friendly in front of their kids. honestly, i think they deserve credit for this. i really do. >> they do, most divorced curbs are too broke to go on vacation. >> they're not. so good for them. >> they have millions of dollars. it's healthy for the children. isn't it? >> probably less damaging you know having them together than being named apple. because -- >> she has other issues. >> name kids weird things like
8:42 pm
after fruits and flowers. >> it's weird. >> and black men like, such a weird thing too. >> i want to get married so i can get divorced. because this looks lovely. married people don't even go on vacations together. or villas. i'll just -- get a lot of money and just go by myself. >> that's better. >> that's, you know easier. >> and us who have divorced parents, imagine going on vacation with them? >> no. >> ever? >> not a good thing for the children. >> going to puerto vallarta with my divorced parents. >> maybe they won it on a game show. we don't know. >> i think "the love boat" stopped there. >> keep in mind it's not like they were in a station wagon driving to florida for hours. they could fly in separately, meet each other and split. time to take a break. poor single guys, ooh you poor bastards we're going to talk about you, when we come back. your mom's got your back. your friends have your back. your dog's definitely got your back. but who's got your back when you need legal help?
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. hello you. is lingenberry better than boysenberry? time for a new segment. indeed. tonight's "top kennedy" jams and preserves. number ten, strawberry grapefruit marmalade. only had this concoction once and like walter from "on golden pond" no it exists bursting
8:47 pm
summertime strawberries paired with mouth-watering grape fruit more satisfying than the joker in batman and chocolate in peanut but perp boysenberries jam one of life's hidden gems. a crossbetween a raspberry blackberry and loganberry which make it is a ma nosh troi of tongue pleasure. boysenberry, i toast thee in at number eight. neither a jelly or jam. marmite. ask australia. that is right. they'll tell you vegemite, mild cousin. brown and salty like my husband, and i believe it is gluten-free and certainly delicious, although some people think it tastes like dead feet. uh-huh. well you can't have it. jam top kennedy without including something from oregon. the beaver state, the bearer of some of the world's finest cherries. didn't it mean it that way and
8:48 pm
my dad's tart cherry jam infused with lime and balsamic and soon as throw me in the river, and god rest his soul, he was inspired to write the song "cherry pie" after a visit to an oregon cannery. then at number one, if i've ever had -- timing issues. if you've ever had swedish meatballs at ikea you've it his scandinavian classic. small potent red berries explode with veracity and flavor and make the world's finest preserve. they will go very well with the vodka you'll need to down after putting together ikea bunk beds. pretty sure 10:00-ish. so joe, how hard would you say i nailed it? >> i would say you came close. the important thing is to be able to tell when it must be jelly, because jam don't shake like that.
8:49 pm
that's the key thing you need to be able to tell. >> very good. [ gargling ] >> the marmite is made from kangaroo squeezin'. >> i heard made from kangaroo fromunderstandage. >> and you're like from underwhere? >> that was not -- one of your favorite jams and preserves. >> toe jam. number one. adds protein. >> sure. >> booberry a jam. >> close enough. >> especially from oregon. fresh, picked off the vine. >> joanne? favorite jam? >> grew up in jersey in a middle-class family. i had welches grape gel. >> hoo-hoo. >> andy's mad at that. you don't actually eat jam just smather it on your naked chest. want to elaborate? >> no. i grew up in a middle-class family in long island along with welches grape jelly. >> i took his talking point,
8:50 pm
yeah. the difference between you, he's still has his stuck to his nipple hair. coming up, nirvana, by any other name, finish that one. same. hmm... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that parker. well... did you know auctioneers make bad grocery store clerks? that'll be $23.50. now .75, 23.75, hold 'em. hey now do i hear 23.75? 24! hey 24 dollar, 24 and a quarter, quarter now half, 24 and a half and .75! 25! now a quarter, hey 26 and a quarter, do you wanna pay now, you wanna do it, 25 and a quarter- -sold to the man in the khaki jacket! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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all right catch me out on
8:54 pm
"outnumbered" on friday in just a few hours. and the net york returns with and coming up tomorrow night on the next "red eye". return appearances from remi spencer remi spencer and thadius makes his return. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> they had a few ideas before reaching nirvana. kurt cobain's mantage of heck. among them, fecal matter, drug for sale the reganites. syringe and smell fish. i love that. do you think it would have been as successful if they
8:55 pm
would have coined them smell fish? >> the main thing i learned is kurt cobain didn't though how to spell. smell fish is not a bad name. i don't think syringe is awful, but i don't know why he spelled it with an e and not a y. he might have done it on purpose. i think nirvana is a better name than all of those but it could be because i am used to hearing the name nirvana. the beatles would be a dumb name if it wasn't the beatles. >> the who. >> led zeppelin? what were you thinking? >> joe if you had a band what would the band name be? >> i would pick one of the rejected band names. there is one he chose. if anything happens my wife did it. >> i love this conspiracy
8:56 pm
beard. were you a big nirvana fan when you were in utero? >> seriously. i love them. there were two other names i like. the mandibles. that is the strongest bone in the face. that says something. and also novicane. he did smell it novi like a star. >> and it is not too late. chris is still playing music. matt, what do you think of the names? >> smell fish, but mostly so you can tell your favorite joke. >> about kermit's finger? >> is that the favorite joke? >> well i like the reganites. i love ronald reagan. >> i wouldn't have been upset. >> he may have been using it ironically. i think it is possible.
8:57 pm
>> that's something. >> well a very special thanks to joanne though saw chin key -- joanne noah chin ski and matt welch. that does it for me. i am toasting you new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at
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arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. hello and welcome to justice, i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. tonight is going to be a little different. with so much going on in the world i just have to do two opening statements. you won't warrantnt to miss my open on hillary clinton and those pesky e-mails later in the show but first to iran. now, i want to congratulate president obama for the framework of this historic deal. on this weekend that holds such religious significance to so many of us around the world i want to be chaircharitable in my discussion. the effort to maintain peace in the middle east, hotbed of instability, with the world's major sponsor of


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