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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 6, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the homeowner says he probably would have removed it sooner but since getting the nasty notice, he decided to keep the castle up for the full 14 days. >> the neighbors should be thanking him. look at the endless hours the kids can have playing in that thing. >> creativity with cardboard. >> bring it here, right. >> thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" starts right now. university of virginia fraternity at the center of the "rolling stone" rain story says it will pursue all legal action. the white house stressing the iran nuclear deal isn't done. and can the government see your naked pics? it's the new interview. i'm gretchen carlson. and "the real story" starts right now. kick off your monday with a fox news alert. "rolling stone" issued an apology admitting major errors in a story about an alleged gang rain at the university of
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virginia on the heels of a blistering report. the deans blasting the magazine for a series of editorial failures allowing the story to be published without verification. the fraternity identified in the report, phi kappa psi says it will file suit against the magazine. the governor said, this false account has been an unnecessary and dangerous distraction from real efforts to combat sexual violence on our college campuses. shannon bream joins me with more. how serious is the legal threat from the fraternity? >> it could be a legal nightmare for "rolling stone." the fraternity president at uva says this today, quote, the report by columbia university school of journalist demonstrates the reckless nature in which "rolling stone" researched and failed to verify facts in its article that
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erroneously accused the fraternity of crimes its members did not commit. he went on to say, clearly our members and fraternity have been defamed. the fraternity is going to be pursue quote, all available legal action against "rolling stone." no word yet on an actual lawsuit being filed. but we're standing by. >> so there was a lot in this columbia report. what else did they uncover? >> it was scathing. leveling blame at "rolling stone" top to bottom saying the failure encompassed not only the reporting but also editing. editorial supervision and fact-checking. and it was said that when this story started to fall apart, "rolling stone," quote, took shelter under the defense that the magazine has simply just been too sensitive to jackie and that it was trying to protect her. >> as we got into it we did feel that it was important to try to make clear that the evidence doesn't support that defense because otherwise
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journalists would learn the wrong lesson about what went wrong here. this failure was avoidable without reference to their sensitivity to jackie's position. >> any attempt to blame the subject of this story, he says, is misguided. regardless of what did or didn't happen to her, "rolling stone" ignored numerous routes it should have taken to more thoroughly vet her story. >> very interesting. shannon bream, thank you so much. let's switch gears for a moment. president obama doubling down in his defense of the framework for a nuclear deal with iran that he calls a, quote, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prevent them from building a nuclear bomb. but, the agreement already faces an immediate test right here at home where congress is preparing legislation giving lawmakers a say on this deal. one of the key sponsors already promising a vote on it as soon as next week. ed henry back on the job. he joins us now. ed, great to see you back here. the president is stepping up the sales pitch on iran. but is it going to work? >> that's the big question.
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the bottom line is, this so-called deal may not be a deal at all. the details continue to be very murky here. josh earnest is few moments ago suggesting there's so much more work to do that they don't really know if this is going to stick. interesting because you'll remember, back in december of 2013 the president promised the american people that he would help shut down various nuclear facilities like the one at fordo. n. ] now the energy secretary is saying actually those will stay open they'll just be stripped down, something i pressed him about. you're saying either wiping it out or shutting it down altogether. what changed? >> it was the make sure it was not a breakout pathway. there's no fissilezsile material allowed in that facility. it's closed down as an enrichment facility. >> interesting because iran
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continues to put out talking points they might get almost immediately relief from sanction, not what the u.s. has promised. >> republicans are going to be really frustrated. sounds like president obama wants to do this action unilaterally, right? >> he did an interview with "the new york times" over the weekend. and one of the headlines is the president saying he's willing to accept a nonbinding vote by congress, not something that republican bob corker will stand for. >> there's strong bipartisan support for a binding vote by congress. this is not something -- look the president needs to sell this to the american people and congress needs to be involved in this way. >> josh earnest repeatedly pressed on that today and would not commit to a binding up-or-down vote by congress. josh also said, the deal is not down no truer words have been spoken. >> we'll see what happens leading up to june 30th. ed henry great to see you back
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on the north lawn. the president chocking this framework up to the obama doctrine a foreign policy strategy he says is based on engagement and diplomacy. ambassador john bolton former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor, here to weigh in on that. i guess it would be engagement better than sanctions, right? >> well, engagement and diplomacies are instruments of a foreign policy instruments of a strategy. they don't constitute a strategy in and of themselves. you have to have objectives. and to the extent the president's objective is to bring iran out of what he describes as its isolation he's pursuing it through a policy really of appeasement to allow iran to continue work on its nuclear program in an effort to get them into the international community in the president's view. >> how do you see this flushing out with congress? on friday, i think we were discussing on the show that they had 18 months to come up with this so-called framework. now congress has a limited amount of weeks to try and see if they're going to agree to any of it.
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>> well i think what josh earnest said today is very important. there is no deal yet. there are a lot of competing statements about what the parties may or may not have come close to agreeing on. but there's a long road ahead. my suggestion for congress would be go ahead for now and take it up in the form of a resolution because you don't know all the details. this is not your last shot at it. have a resolution that says based on what we know now, we would not accept this deal. >> what do you make of the fact that when the iranian leader, zarif who got a hero's welcome when going back to tehran, apparently in farsi when it was recorded what actually happened at the meeting, that the details were totally different than what president obama said to the united states of america. so right away, we can't trust iran right? >> i think it shows there's no meeting of the minds. in lausanne when they announced all this last thursday, there was only one statement that more than one party agreed to, the european union and iran. if they really had the elements
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of a deal just the elements surely they could all put their names on one piece of paper. and they're not there yet. i think there's a long way to go, not to say they may not reach a deal along these lines. but they're not there yet. >> i want to bring pope francis into this equation because during his easter message yesterday, he gave his support to this deal. we know the pope in general wants peace around the world. is this appropriate in your mind? >> i think the pope ought to stick to theology. i'm a lutheran so probably not for me to have an opinion on the subject. but this is a very fraught political environment that we're in. and the pope needs to consider whether this deal will stop iran or saudi arabia, turkey, egypt and others. i think he should consult with his political advisers. >> sometimes on our segments we do a "one more thing." i just learned that about you.
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we're both lutherans. rand paul, a lot of people will know about him coming up because he's about to jump in with both feet. set to make his run for the white house. so did he move up or down in this week's power index? we'll ask chris stirewalt. and a 12-year-old boy home alone a robber tries to break in. how he outsmarted the bad guy by calling 911 and getting a secret code. >> listen to me. i'm going to ask some questions and all i want you to do is press either 1 for yes or 2 for no, okay? do you understand me?
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how do i get hotel deals nobody else gets? trust me i'm a great negotiator. price-line ne-go-ti-a-tor! 60% off! 40! 60! 40! 60! 40! 40! 60! trust me, they can't say 'no' to me. i've been doing this for 20 years... can i get an upgrade? trust me, and you'll never overpay again. seriously? i'm trusting you. exclusive hotel deals up to 60% off. welcome back to "the real story." kenya's military launching air strikes for the first time against islamic militants in somalia. following last week's massacre on a college campus, killing 148 people.
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kenyan warplanes pounding two camps used by al shabaab to cross into kenya. al shabaab has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack targeting mostly christians and the terror group is threatening more attacks as well. kenya's president is vowing to take harsh measures against the islamic militants. back home now, time for our 2016 power index where "the real story" looks into who's up and who's down in the race for the white house. each week, we handicap the top ten contenders updating the list every week until the ballots are cast. chris stirewalt joins me now for the power index. so this week, chris welcome back by the way. >> happy easter. >> happy easter. we have ted cruz going down two spots but could that be because rand paul is moving up two? >> it absolutely is. rand paul and ted cruz are -- this is the death match.
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these guys will have to fight their way all the way through. while they have slightly different constituencies and they have slight disagreements on certain issues, especially foreign policy, the two of them are pursuing the same pool of voters who are fed up with the establishment. they want a clarion voice someone to shake up their party and shake up washington. and they'll be dueling all the way through. in most cases, what's good for rand paul is bad for ted cruz and vice versa. >> we saw ted cruz making his announcement a couple of weeks ago. rand paul will do it tomorrow. look at the gop endorsements so far of rand paul as well. a couple of congressmanmen. michigan weighing in. tom massie, mark sanford. what do you make of those endorsements? >> there's another huge endorsement that rand paul had before those came out. that was mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader from his
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home commonwealth. >> forgot about that one. >> part of that is home cooking. but another part of it is that paul has carefully cultivated over time these candidates, these folks that he has invested himself in. you'll see the same for marco rubio as he comes out. candidates are smart who invest early in other politicians so that at the right time, they can call those chips in. there's the other thing, for rand paul he's really a libertarian and he really does have -- there's a strong strain of that in the republican party. and those folks want to see him do well. >> okay, now, something else is also happening. we all know this. sometimes when you rise to the top or you become more popular, people attack you. we have senator lindsey graham, also a republican, also possibly thinking about running for president. here's what he's saying about rand paul. >> the best deal i think comes with a new president. hillary clinton would do better. i think everybody on our side except maybe rand paul could do
11:16 am
better. >> talking about any kind of a deal with iran, a pretty bad swipe, right? >> not a fan of rand paul. that probably won't do much to help the aspirations of senator graham because praising hillary clinton is not the best way to win the republican nomination. but it is an example of how candidates who might not win are in a position to do serious damage to those individuals who are maybe in the top tier or the second tier. and rand paul will face a lot of that as we goes forward. that's why he's making foreign policy, including a trip to south carolina, a big part of his rollout tomorrow and for the rest of the week. >> before i let you go how important is it with regard to the timing of when these folks decide that they're actually going to run? ted cruz was out in front of everyone else. then rand paul and possibly marco rubio. what's up in the timing? >> well, it's all kind of a fraud because we have these cockamamy election laws that say this and that. this is a coming-out party.
11:17 am
and you want to do it in such a way that you get a couple of days to talk about it and you have enough media space so we can talk about it and do all that stuff. but guess what? ten months from now, the world will little note nor long remember which date you came out. >> very true. chris, have a fantastic week. >> you, too. >> see you soon. some terror arrests in europe and what's surprising, the age of these suspects? the evidence against them. and pedal to the metal, florida dad revs up his camaro. you won't believe this, to pull his son's loose tooth. that brings us to our question of the day. what's your best tooth-pulling trick? tweet me @gretchencarlson. use #therealstory. we'll try to read your tweets coming up at the end of the show.
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pm for a better am.
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welcome back to "the real story." nypd says it's now looking for whoever is behind this serious new prank that it says put hundreds of new yorkers' lives at risk. it allegedly involves teens placing pieces of metal on subway tracks. here's a look at what can happen. that video showing a large explosion after a train collided with that object as it's pulling into a station in brooklyn. thankfully no one was hurt. but one subway motorman saying that prank is no joke. a lot of people could have been seriously injured or even
11:22 am
killed. police in the uk arresting a 14-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl in an anti-terror sweep both accused of plotting terror attacks. kitty logan is live in london. what more can you tell us about these teens, 14 and 16, really? >> that's right. police said on sunday these two teenagers were arrested on suspicion of preparing acts of terrorism. we don't know yet what those acts of terrorism might be. police say that they gathered evidence on electronic devices which led to them obtaining a warrant for the arrest. but they're not giving too much more information out on this as is usual in these kind of cases. and bear in mind these are two underage teenagers and they will be eligible for a certain amount of protection from the court. what we do know is the two were arrested in the north of england at separate home addresses in manchester and in lancaster. the first, a 14-year-old boy was arrested last thursday.
11:23 am
a day later a 16-year-old girl was arrested in manchester. police say both are to be bailed until may 28th. but until then, we're not expecting to hear any more information or details on this particular case. >> those were not the only terror arrests. tell us about the half dozen arrests south of london over the weekend. >> that's right. on friday, police detained six people at the port. they say they were arrested on possession of syria-related charges. those people are still being questioned by police and people have conducted a number of searches in the city of birmingham where those people are understood to have lived. but this is part of a number of arrests which are ongoing. police are cracking down now on people traveling to and from syria to join islamic state. up to 600 people from the uk are thought to have gone out there to fight with extremists. there's a great deal of concern here about what may happen when
11:24 am
those radicalized people come back to the country. the uk terror threat at its second highest level now. >> thank you very much kitty. democrats pushing an aggressive new strategy for social security. why they're looking to boost your benefits, but how that could hurt hillary clinton. plus, nsa leaker edward snowden prepares for what he thought would be a softball interview on a comedy show and he got raked over the coals. but what do americans care most about? national security or the government looking at their nude photos?
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a suspicious letter filled with white powder was received at a jewish center. no one was hurt. police are investigating. dzhokhar tsarnaev trial still ongoing. and a van crashes on an interstate in georgia. the driver apparently fell asleep, lost control and struck a tree. word now that democrats are thinking of changing a key party strategy and that could create some problems for hillary clinton as she considers a run for the white house. democrats reportedly rethinking their stance on social security. moving now not just to defend those benefits but actually increase them.
11:29 am
chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live in washington with this. what else do we know about this new push from some dems? >> massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who many liberals would love to run for president offered a budget amendment ten days ago calling for an expansion of social security benefits. only two democrats voted against it and all republicans opposed it. but it obviously showed strong democratic support for the concept. meanwhile, democratic congressman chris van hollen is co-sponsoring a bill this the house expanding the program. it would raise tax on upper income people to provide more generous social security benefits. then out on the stump, a potential democratic presidential candidate made this pitch in iowa -- >> to make the dream come true again we must expand social security benefits and not cut social security. >> that is opposite the view that the only way to save the program is by cutting benefits to future retirees.
11:30 am
>> where was hillary clinton on the issue of social security in her last campaign? >> well as you know, we'll soon be hearing a great deal from hillary clinton on the full range of domestic issues. back when she went toe to toe with then senator barack obama in april 2008, clinton sounded like she favored a bipartisan compromise to fix the entitlement. >> you've got to begin to rein in the budget, pay as you go to try to replenish our social security trust fund. and with all due respect, the last time we had a crisis in social security was 1983. president reagan and speaker tip o'neal came up with a commission. that was the best and smartest way. because you have to get republicans and democrats together. >> soun kind of deal which would allow some benefit cuts in an exchange for an increase in taxes. clearly clinton will change some of the approach of her 2008 campaign. we'll see if she has a new vision on this issue. >> very interesting story. mike emanuel great to see you, thank you.
11:31 am
remember nsa leaker edward snowden? he faced tough questions about his wholesale release of government secrets. and they're from comedian john oliver. she got some laughs but he did not pull any punches. >> how many of those documents have you actually read? >> i do understand what i turned over. >> there's a difference between understanding what's in the documents and reading what's in the documents. >> i recognize the concern -- >> because when you're handing over thousands of nsa documents, the last thing you want to do is read them. >> simon rosenburg is a former clinton campaign adviser and david avella is the chairman of gopac. we want to get focused on this interview because some of these late-night comedy shows, a lot of people watch them, believe it or not to get their political news. and in this case, it seemed like
11:32 am
edward snowden simon, thought maybe he was just going to have a walk in the park with this interview and it was nothing like that. >> no. the interview was incredibly funny. it's also as you pointed out, john oliver really put snowden in a place that i don't think any other interviewer had done before. snowden's been very effective at creating ground rules in these interviews that don't allow them to go into touchy areas. so hats off to john oliver and his team for shedding light on a tough issue and not pulling any punches while also being unbelievably funny. >> david, did viewers actually learn something from this interview and had a few laughs at the same time? >> well, it's the lasting legacy of jon stewart and stephen colbert. for those newsmakers and those politicos who like to go on those shows to look mainstream and to look like they're going to get an easy interview to get their message out, that's not the case anymore. when you factor in that 10% of americans -- and you referenced
11:33 am
it, 10% of americans get their news from late-night shows, primarily from those who start their show with a monologue that has political jokes in it. 12k3w4r >> right. >> even more to that point, 47% of americans between the ages of 18 and 29 use late-night talk shows as their primary source for getting political news. the days of fluff on late-night shows are over. >> let's say that john oliver did a good job of co-mingling the two, making news and having fun. it has to do with the question of what americans actually really care more about and the whole edward snowden thing -- is it national security or nude pictures? >> the good news is there's no program named the [ bleep ] program. the bad news is they are still collecting everybody's information, including your [ bleep ] pics.
11:34 am
>> this is the most visible line in the sand for people. can they see my [ bleep ]? >> all right. simon, we had to do a lot of bleeps there. but people get the general idea that according to ed snowden the government is looking at our nude pictures if they exist. >> if you watch the interview, they don't bleep the stuff out, by the way. if you want to hear the whole thing, you can. what i thought was that snowden, frankly, ran with -- he realized he was getting cranked a little bit. and i think he did a pretty good job. at first, he was a little surprised. i'm no fan of edward snowden. i think he's much more of a traitor than a patriot. but he ran with it. and oliver tried to use this as an example of how much the nsa is getting into people's business. and it was actually while being very funny and a little crude i thought it was effective by oliver. >> david? >> it underscores while people
11:35 am
in general don't have a problem with the nsa and their surveillance programs when it comes to personal information, they have a big problem with it. and it's also interesting to note in light of that interview, that this morning folks in brooklyn woke up this morning to one of the revolutionary war memorials had a head statue of edward snowden put on it to memorialize him, which is the second time this has happened in new york. so certainly and unfortunately he has his followers. >> right. >> but the interview does underscore people's concerns about personal informations the government may have about them. >> according to them they do have our nude pics if they exist. i won't ask you guys that question. >> by the way, who sends newsude pictures of themselves over the internet? >> anthony weiner. >> well, that is one. i'm sure there are more. guys, got to wrap it there. have a good rest of the week.
11:36 am
>> thanks. we're about to show you some scary surveillance video of a truck losing control, drifting into oncoming traffic. happened at a busy intersection in china. the truck was going back and forth heading tragt into traffic and smashed into a conduction fence. an alcohol test conducted at the scene determined the driver had been drinking. luckily no one was hurt. police chase comes to a sudden stop when the suspect crashes into a building. surveillance video capturing the moments the driver barrels through a -- look at that. barreling right through the storefront in portland, oregon, glass, metal and wood flying pass the cashier and customer there. thankfully, no one hurt in this either. that driver suspected of drunk driving. two of them now facing additional charges. time to check in with shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. hope you had a great easter weekend. how are you doing, shep? >> really did. thanks a lot.
11:37 am
a lot coming up in the next hour including the fact that analysts say al qaeda's most dangerous splinter group is expanding thanks to the chaos in yemen. one commander tweeting photos of himself hanging out in a presidential palace. officials say al qaeda in yemen is also giving advice to other terror groups on another continent continent. we'll speak with a former u.s. ambassador who says the united states doesn't have many options in yemen except putting the country on lockdown. that and much more, top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." see you then. >> thank you very much. "rolling stone" getting a campus rain story so wrong, a top university calling it a journalistic failure. now the fraternity with the smeared reputation says it plans to sue that magazine. do they have a case? and march madness coming down to these two teams, wisconsin and duke, squaring off tonight for the national championship. who do you have winning it all? plus, a peek at my bracket. thanks to my 10-year-old son, guess what?t
11:38 am
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time to check out what america is clicking on today. it's the sheepdog of the future. two brothers in ireland using a drone to help herd more than 100 sheep. they attached a camera and posted this time-lapsed video online. they say they don't use it every day but depending on the weather, it's easy to do. daniel craig underwent knee surgery over the weekend. and wisconsin moving on to battle duke for the college hoops title. it will happen tonight after a huge upset win this weekend over kentucky.
11:42 am
saturday's victory over kentucky destroyed lots of brackets. but look at that, i have the final two teams in the ncaa championship game tonight. now, you can see that's not my writing. why? because that is my 10-year-old son's writing? i copied his bracket and look where it got me. love you, babe. back to our top story at uva the fraternity named in the now discredited "rolling stone" article about an alleged gang rain now plans to sue the magazine. the president of the university of virginia also releasing a statement saying, quote "rolling stone's" story, a rain on campus, did nothing to combat sexual violence and it damaged serious efforts to address the issue, irresponsible journalism unjustly damaged the reputations of many innocent individuals and the university of virginia. "rolling stone" falsely accused some university of virginia students of heinous criminal acts and falsely depicted others
11:43 am
as indifferent to the suffering of their classmates. while "rolling stone" has retracted that as a story and apologized to the university, neither its managing editor nor the writer of the article will be fired despite what a report found with serious missteps in their reporting. lis wiehl is a fox news legal analyst. and if she were a lawyer in this case representing the fraternity, do they have a case? >> an excellent case, on either side. clearly here "rolling stone" through their independent columbia report says "rolling stone," you were negligent in this. i don't use that legal term but they did not go through the processes that normal journalists would go through to find the suspect. they didn't do that. they were reckless and negligent. and was the fraternity damaged by that? absolutely. >> weren't they suspended? >> yes.
11:44 am
and the reputation and not just this particular fraternity but all the chapters worldwide or countrywide were damaged by this. >> the fraternity can sue "rolling stone" and would they sue for money? >> absolutely. emotional distress, too, by the nine -- nobody was named. but there were nine that were talked about. and there's a potential there you could figure out who some of those are. and those people obviously if they came forward could say, you could figure out who i was. that cuts both ways because they don't want to name themselves. but absolutely this particular fraternity, everyone in it has a great case. >> what about uva? we heard those very strong words from the president. but it's a state-owned school. what does that mean? >> go back to a 1964 case, "new york times" versus sullivan. if you are an agency of the government which a state school would be, then you cannot sue for libel. you cannot sue for defamation.
11:45 am
whether i think it's right or wrong is for another day. but they cannot sue. >> what about the alleged victim in this story? we don't really know what actually really happened. >> jack siie. >> "rolling stone" eventually lost contact with her. >> she's got her own lawyer now. >> what happens if they're able to prove that she made up this story? >> it's interesting because she can also then go back and say hey, "rolling stone," you took from me more than what i gave you. her allegations are, to some extent that, look, i didn't say some of these things you wrote. that's going to be a real nasty back and forth because it will be a she-said, she-said to the reporter. >> lis, thanks so much. time for my take on this. the greatest tragedy in this whole "rolling stone" story is what will happen to future victims of rain. women who are really telling the truth about what has happened to them. will some simply not come forward now?
11:46 am
and will some have a tendency not to believe real victims? the stats speak the truth already. one in five undergraduate women experience an attempted or completed sexual assault during their college years. one in five. and only 20% of college campus sexual assaults actually get reported to police. and here's what uva rain survivor alex pinkelton told the columbia school of research team investigating "rolling stone's" journalistic credibility with this story. she said it's going to be more difficult now to engage some people because they have a preconceived notion that women lie about sexual assaults. "rolling stone" has done irreparable harm to that whole notion. ironically in an effort to get out a story about rain to potentially help women, they've accomplished just the opposite. you can find my takes every day on my facebook page and at things don't go quite as
11:47 am
planned for a would-be carjacker. woman hangs on for dear life as he tries to take off in her car. how a good samaritan stepped in to save the day. and police snapped a burglar suspect thanks to the help of a brave 12-year-old. the system he and a 911 operator used to keep him safe while the burglar was in his home. >> luke did you see -- did he have a weapon in his hand? >> i don't know. >> just yes or no. you don't have to talk. >> mother and son join me exclusively to tell me their amazing story next.
11:48 am
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11:50 am
amazing story to tell you about.
11:51 am
good samaritan stops a carjacking in atlanta. at a car wash the thief driving off in the honda. the owner hanging on for dear life. the bystander jump into action, pulling his gun, firing one shot, hitting the suspect in the shoulder. police arresting the suspect. but three accomplices did get away. now to another amazing story. a brave 12-year-old being hailed a hero after he helped police catch a suspected burglar in his own home. luke fornier home sick when a man tried to break into his home outside boston. luke hid in his mom's closet and dialed 911. the officer gave luke a code so he could answer questions without making too much noise. listen to this -- >> i'm going to have a bunch of police officers coming as we speak. >> i don't know. he's knocking at my door. >> okay. okay. okay. luke, listen to me. listen to me. i'm going to ask some questions and all i want you to do is
11:52 am
press either 1 for yes or 2 for no. okay? do you understand me? press either 1 for yes or 2 for no. [ tone ] >> when police arrived, the suspect had already taken off. thanks luke's description, he was caught a short time later. on your screen there. police say he had items linked to another break-in reported earlier that day. luke fornier and his mom join us now. it's great to have you on "the real story," the both of you. this is a real-life story. luke, i can imagine this is one that you really didn't want or expect to happen the day you're home sick from school, right? >> yeah. >> so bring me back to before you get on the 911 call. you're home sick, your mom's at work. when did you know something was up? >> when i heard him banging on the door like i heard loud
11:53 am
bangs, so i called the police. >> and nancy, he also called you, right? you were at work and on your way home. what did you think? >> yeah. i was on my way home. i was -- it was -- i was in shock. i didn't think anybody was there. he said someone was at the door ringing the bell. i said, you know, don't let them in obviously, the first thing you say. he knew enough to -- call 911. >> right. >> luke -- he said, i think someone's coming in. >> right. >> luke, you actually got a good look at the guy. apparently you had a hammer and a copper pipe and he was going start to try and break into -- was it the kitchen door? >> yeah. >> so you saw him with the weapons? >> no. i only got a glimpse but did see him. >> you ran into your mom's closet, locked yourself in. you called 911. that's the snippet that we heard. i can't imagine how scared you
11:54 am
must have. but didn't really want to speak because you didn't know if he was in the house or not, right? >> yeah. i thought he was in the house. >> so tell us what the operator told you to do. >> i was trying to whisper like very, very, like, lightly. so like my mouth was really up to like the phone. i was trying to talk quick. then he says "just listen," and he says, just going ask me yes or no questions. he says, "one for yes, two for no." he asked if i'm home alone. he asked if i'm in my parents' bedroom. and all of these things. >> you were able to know one or two and you were able to punch in yes and -- >> yeah. >> the police got there, and they found out that he had already left, and you were safe. before you go, nancy you got to
11:55 am
be proud of your son. we teach our kids lessons like this but we never know if they're ever going to be put in these situations and if they remember. you must be proud. >> that's exactly right. you drill things in their head tell them things before you leave the house or what have you and wonder are they going to retain it. we are extremely proud of him. am just hoping this never happens again. >> no doubt. luke are you so brave to have had the mental compass 270 stay on the phone, to lock yourself in the closet and get the help from 911. you are a hero today on "the real story." luke and nancfornier thank you very much. >> thank you. >> great story, right? it ended nicely at least. well, earlier we mentioned congressman mark sanford of south carolina is someone who may endorse rand paul when he makes his 2016 announcement as reported in "the national journal." the congressman's office called to say they haven't endorsed anyone yet and take issue with
11:56 am
what the "national journal" is reporting. everything was going okay for this kid until the cops caught up to him. wait until you hear the unruly conduct he gets taken downtown for -- how baaad could this cute guy really be? book 'em, dano. when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. i'm a bull rider make it part of your daily diabetes plan. so you stay steady ahead.
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this little crazy kid busted for bad behavior. police nabbing a disorderly get to caught doing what goats do -- headbutting a home at a door in new jersey. the little fella was not hurt. one florida dad and professional wrestler has found a new way to pull his son's loose tooth. watch this. >> you ready? >> yeah. [ engine revving ] [ laughter ] >> all right. decided to use string and his red camaro. we asked you what's your best tooth-pulling trick?
12:00 pm
bob says, play hockey. another suggestion, we use airheads candy, works every time. a good one. another, when i had a tooth that was really loose, i would eat all the apples i could get my hands on. also a very good way to get the tooth out. thank you so much for being part of "the real story." i'm gretchen. here's shep. teenagers and terrorism. a 14-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl arrested on terror raids. what could they have been plotting? plus, israel warns it still has the option of a military strike against iran's nuclear facilities. despite last week's framework for a new deal. it's and how president obama's defending his administration's plan for iran. and poisoned in paradise. an american family went on vacation and ended up in the hospital. the question now -- was it because of a pesticide that workers used at their resort. let's get to it. >> now, shepard smith reporting


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