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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX News  April 11, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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what's going on there. i think she pooped on the rug. >> we forgive our dogs. baxter. >> send your photos to us. log on to fox and for more of that. >> see you tomorrow. to the growing terror scare not over there but right here at home. a u.s. citizen charged with plotting to explode a car bomb at a military base in kansas. the same week a wisconsin man charged with trying to join isis. they're not alone. home grown terrorists getting nabbed all over the u.s. look at that. that's a scary map. do we need to spend more to secure america no matter the cost? hi, i'm brenda buttner. this is "bulls and bears." here they are the bulls and bears, gary b. smith, jonas max ferries authorities nabbed all
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these guys but are we doing enough? >> there is good news. the good news is so far we've been catching these people. they've been stopped again and again. the bad news is that odds are eventually one of these people is going to slip through the cracks. isis is a ferocious and their mission is strong and they are nuts. maybe not this year but it's going to happen eventually. there are three options. one is we realize what amateurs these lone wolves are, or it could be something like the boston bombing which was tragic and terrible but survivable, or it could be 9/11 and shut down a whole industry. it could happen in a fast food restaurant, a theme park or a mall. it can be very, very bad for the economy and all americans. it could be really serious. the problem is a big problem. usually governments don't spend money on something until the problems occur. it was well known new orleans was right in the line of a
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hurricane and couldn't sustain a hurricane. katrina had to happen for all the money to be spent. are we spending the money? no. should we? yes. >> gary b. you are not a big fan of spending more government money. what do you think about this though? isn't this scary? >> very scary. i's grow with everything suzy said until she started talking about spending more money. let's just say this is under the umbrella of the department of homeland security. they started with a budget in 2002 of $18 billion. it is now $60 billion. are they the most effective? no. this is just like every other government organization. they are trying to build a new headquarters here in d.c. it's already $1.5 billion over budget. this is the way the government works for crying out loud. the chart for homeland security
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is like some rubic's cube. you cannot figure it out. i'm all for spending money if it's spent appropriately. department of homeland security has been a mess from day one. so what do we do? we do the easy thing. we ask the taxpayer to spend more money because this sounds like a mom apple pie argument. it's not. let's spend the money we now have more efficiently. >> isn't this a little bit different? the government did nab these guys, but they were pretty inept. isis is very smart at learning from something like this. they will learn from this and not make the mistake again. >> yeah. this is different in that sense. 9/11 of course that is an anomaly and hopefully something like that never happens again. costs us $2 trillion, all the wars, the departments. the d.c. sniper froze the east coast in terror.
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something like that can cause a lot of economic harm. for that we need to be spending the money this guy was inept. good night in kooens actually had fbi agents with him when he went to buy things like ammonium nitrate. that tells you that this guy was inept. the fbi was very good. they have been very good about catching nearly all of these lone wolf type bombers. they kept us safe. we are spending a lot of money overseas right now that is absolutely unnecessary. we can go over there and kill the bad guys. i am 100% for that. we don't need to build government, securing foreign borders. we need to spend that money. we've got the money. spend that money at home. >> jonas you say there are, like suzy did say, there are crazy threats and there are legitimate ones, but you say perhaps this is not the latter. >> just the photo doesn't look like a criminal master mind. let's be honest. he changed some of the words here. some crazy person said they would join a martian attack.
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they wasted government time saying they would build a bomb. this person needs medical help not to be thrown in some terror cell. i think we've got to separate real terrorist threats from people that are crazy. throughout history we had groups that looked to the bad side as good. we had nazi supporters communist sympathizers. real terrorists in 1910. i don't think these cranks need to be followed by every government agent and preemptively thrown in prison. >> that is not fair. timothy mcveigh with ammonium nitrate killed a lot of people in oklahoma city. i don't think you can dismiss this as a crank. >> they missed the big attacks then go up to these cranks as if they are going to be a big attack. >> how do you know? >> what are you a mind reader? >> they missed 9/11 they missed timothy mcveigh. they missed the boston bombers.
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>> hold on. >> you don't know it's a crank unless you are a mind reader. >> does that sound like a master mind to anybody here? >> suzy, you are anxious -- >> who is a crank and who is a terrorist? all terrorists are mentally ill when you think about it. they are crazy. who is to say their psychosis happened to found terrorism. they are crazy as a person who has no reason to kill somebody. terrorists have no reason to kill innocent people. we can't say this is a crank and this is a real terrorist. we have to have the money. we'll spend more money after one of these things happens than if we throw the money at it now. there will be waste. that is what will happen. we can't parse that right now. >> you spend money you will find stuff. you spend $100 million looking for terrorists, you'll find maybe terrorists -- >> the guy was buying bomb materials. >> with fbi agents. he just wanted to pull the
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trigger. >> he didn't know they were fbi agents. >> we don't know all the inside stuff on it. >> neither do you. >> why are these stories getting in the press other than to make the government look good? >> suzy is right. we have every is mentally ill. we are not spending enough on mental health. these people are clearly on the fringe of society and looking for opportunities on the internet to join radical groups. we need to crack down on the internet. do we take a cue from twitter and bar isis having twitter accounts? we crack down on the websites of the isis recruiters? i don't see enough of that happening. there are outlets for these mentally ill people. we don't have to put it in our defense budget. put it into other preventtive
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measures with companies. >> what do you fwhing that spending? >> it's always a simple argument made to the american public. we need to spend money and fill in the phrase. on national defense on cyber security, on terrorists whether they are crazed jackpots or part of some group. the problem is we never hold government accountable. to jonas' point, if we want to spend $100 billion, great. show us what we are getting for the money. it goes into this huge government filter and it gets spent. jonas is right. there is a report here. that's great we spent $60 billion but could we have done it with $50 billion or $20 billion? for a country that honestly is broke right now, we need to start asking some of those questions. >> but how can we know? we don't know what terror attacks were averted by the government. >> we don't know unless they
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tell us. if i were them i would tell us to justify their very existence. i think they are doing a good job. we have not seen terror attacks. the government's hole is to protect us. if they can -- >> are they doing a good job for the dollar john? >> won't it make us more vulnerable if they announce every time there is a potential terrorist attack? don't you think other countries are going to get a cue from that? it's opening that up and making us more susceptible for more terrorist attacks. >> i want to get to the point gary b. made to john. he is saying, is it worth the dollar? >> that is the question. >> how much? what if i said the budget was $10 trillion? at point is it not worth the money? >> that's the point you have to decide based on what we have to spend. we've got enough to spend right now. i think our budget is fine right now for our military. we are spending a ton of money right now overseas fighting terror we could be fighting at
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home. we agree that money is enough to fight. that's the answer about how much money. >> great debate, guys. we've got to go. thanks. cavuto on business about 20 minutes from now. charles is in for neil. what's up? >> we let them go from gitmo, then had to hunt him down. another former guantanamo bay detainee back to his old ways. coffee seller serving up a private market fix for soaring college costs. see you soon. >> thanks, charles. up here first, it's that tax bill you just had to pay doesn't make you angry, a new report showing some ways the government spending it will. did we really just pay to produce an anti-american film? let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would.
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live from america's news headquarters. prosecutors say 20-year-old john booker wanted to set off a car bomb at ft. riley in kansas. agents busting booker after he tried to arm what he thought was a bomb. it was actually a dud. a second person arrested on charges failing to report booker's plans. >> funeral services today for the south carolina man killed by a police officer one week ago. walter scott was running away unarmed when officer michael slager shot him during a traffic stop. slager was fired and is now charged with murder. investigators questioning a passenger in scott's car. new dash cam video shows an officer patting him down. i'm gregg jarrett. now back to "bulls and bears." tax day just four days away.
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a new report exposing millions in government waste may have you seeing red. john from an anti-u.s. movie to $15,000 to study shower habits of hotel guests. just more money down the drain? >> yes. i say we create a website. won't cost much money. won't be like health it's going to be i'm stupid and i wasted the money of the we'll put pictures of all these idiots to spent money. $297 was spent -- this is out of the movie "borat" flying iraqi film makers to los angeles, to hollywood. we give them money. they make anti-american films. what's bad about this? they don't list the names. some goof signed this. you have 6.5 million americans according to the social security roll over 111 years old.
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>> you are not so outraged. why? >> the whole million, when tom coburn used to do these there was more heft to it. what about the missile defense? we've got strike fighters costing money. i think the $200,000 movie made anti-america people are going to love america. they give you money to make an anti-america movie? i don't see how that is such a waste of money. >> you want to produce movies against our own government? spend our money to get them to like us. >> it's difficult to understand. >> $117 million that is 3% of the budget? i know you know, every single person knows it's more than
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that. get in your car and drive around go to the dmv it is so much bigger than this. that's why you have rand paul announcing for president saying we are here to take back our country and ted cruz saga bolish the irs. washington is like detroit before it went bankrupt. there's too many employees. 2.7 million employees for too little work. they are all entrenched, unionized workers. you couldn't call them out on the waste if you wanted to. there is nothing you can do about it. for detroit, you could get bailed out by washington. washington is not going to get bailed out by detroit. it's a big problem and not $117 million. >> i think this is a gimmick. they would complain about spending but do nothing to prevent it. should we have more oversight? absolutely. maybe these congressmen campaigning against the spending but not funding things that invest in america like transportation, infrastructure, health care, things that make america better and not reliant
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on social security checks every month? we need to be putting some sort of preventive measures in order. >> we tried to do that, but politicians do not want to lose their jobs gary b. that's part of the problem. >> to nomi's point we have the constitution. somewhere we decided we are going to ignore the constitution. we cannot blame washington. it's like blaming a scorpion for being a scorpion. to get elected they are going to bring the pork and spend the money. we are going to have to change at the systemic level. let's adhere to the constitution. let's have a balanced budget. let's make sure we can't raise taxes on people by having a flat tax so the revenue side of that balance budget doesn't get distorted. that's the only way to do it. if we can do that, god bless.
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>> i'm not holding my breath, sorry. thanks, guys. >> cashin' in just over an hour from now. what do you have coming up? >> a deadly police shooting caught on a cell phone. would paying to put body cams on law enforcement officers protect the public and police? >> surf's up surfer dude. how states are fighting back against folks abusing food stamps. we'll be watching. up here first a rash of hacking attacks breaking out from the faa to the white house, even our police departments. how can we take this threat out? hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the hassle by guiding you through the whole process step
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from hacking our sites to hacking the white house. why cyber criminals could be hurting our economy. if that scares you
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all this hacking is getting more than scary. seems like they are everywhere. the faa, white house, one police department forced to pay a ransom to cyber criminals. you say spend whatever the heck it costs to protect our economy from these guys. >> what they've got is evil. what we've got is genius. that's the great virtue of america. we've got genius minds. the minds that created amazon google brilliant minds. we need the government to buy these minds. i don't mean have them work for the government but deploy these minds with rich government contracts to deploy this genius up against their evil. that's the only hope we have. otherwise we are going to get back to the day where everybody is picking up the phone or meeting with people in a room and having conversations. it touches everybody. it touches the government and corner shop that has all their software blow up on them. >> gary b.?
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>> i agree with suzy. this is like the argument we had in the first spot. we are already spending a zillion dollars. let me show you the chart for u.s. cyber. can you figure this out? knock can. if we were to fight the hackers with acronyms, we would be in great shape we have so many out there right now. we should just outsource this to the guys at google and amazon together to come up with a vertical orb chart. >> i wish gary b. would get more emotional about this. >> what do you think? >> i think suzy and gary are right. we need a coordinated effort here. it's not that we have to completely outsource this. our government is spending billions of dollars you have targets walmarts, jpmorgans spending billions of dollars. we need a coordinated effort where we share valuable intel to
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build a cyber security. this is the biggest threat facing our country and our business and economy today. >> nomi, quickly. >> i wish it was so simple. this is a complicated situation here. not only do we have to worry about domestic terrorism cyber security and our companies but worry about -- france got hacked this week. they had information that leads our country insecure. >> i've got to get jonas in. >> the billion dollar geniuses in america are not going to work with the government when they are making billion dollars with start-up money. our government workers are not up to this task. we need to have a system that is hack proof. maybe blow out the computers in the storage bin. we have to seriously deal with this in an old fashioned way and separate data important from the internet. >> john, last word, ten seconds. >> horse is out of the barn. you have to deal with it in a
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modern world. >> thanks, guys. thank you, nomi for joining us. it doesn't matter who wins the masters tomorrow. we've got the name that could be a hole in one for you. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade our passion is to power yours.
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predictions. >> online shopping. i love fedex. up 40% in the next year. >> jonas? >> in an effort to deliver airline customers something they can charge us more is develop a sleep hammock for coach. you'll never sleep in coach without proctor and gamble's reformulation of zzzquil. >> jordan speith wins the masters. >> i can tell you i was looking at the big fat under armour
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logo. that looked hot. great company. >> the real life nba will be a bestseller. suzy is a great golfer, too. next "cavuto on business." another release from gitmo a no-no? i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. after we gave him up, u.s. officials helping to hunt him down. a release guantanamo detainee arrested in uganda over the killing of a prosecutor there trying a terror case there time to stop letting these gitmo guys go? . >> more than 100 known terrorists that left gitmo are back on the playing field. they are determined to do serious damage. i have the list sitting right here. that doesn't even include suspected


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