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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 11, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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thank you for spending your saturday with us. welcome to hour 2. >> here is what making news now. fox news confirming that hillary clinton will be announcing she's making it official tomorrow and will be using social media to let folks know she's definitely in the race. even before she makes that official announcement, a chorus of critics. we'll bring you the latest with a live report. historic handshake. president obama reaching out to raul castro at a panama city
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summit. there's the handshake, to to end decades of a frost are relationship. you'll hear from the congressman from florida. and cuban-american carlos -- and a wild tale of ten marriages. the amazing story of how one bride got busted for being a serial spouse. hillary clinton is finally ready to tell us what we already knew -- she's running for president, again. sources tell fox news that the former secretary of state will launch her presidential campaign tomorrow, expected to announce via social media perhaps by video reintroducing herself to the american voters. she believes the first appearance will be in the all-important state of iowa. voters there didn't do much for her last time. she finished an embarrassing
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third behind them senator barack obama and john edwards. as she get ready to launch her bid, there is a lot of democrats with serious questions about her. >> no doubt about it. good to see you leyland. we have heard this argument that she's going to be tied to failed foreign policy initiatives by president obama, what they're attacking, whether it be the iran nuclear deal, the fight against isis the president originally suggesting they were the jv squad. you've heard carly fiorina about how getting on a plane and flying around the world does not mean you had a lot of accomplishments. what's fascinating when we call up with some of her potential rivals, and o'malley in particular is mirroring what carly fiorina said by questioning clinton's accomplishments. listen. >> the amount of time she spent
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traveling to countries, you ambassador and the secretary of state that she was for the new obama administration had a positive impact on american's image but we're going through uncharted time with failed nation states, with the rise of non-state actors with terror, so this is all still very much a work in progress. >> now of course the argument that clinton may use to push back is in that dangerous world of failed nation states that o'malley referred to particularly in the mideast she can make the case that she has more experience to be commander in chief than anyone on the democratic or republican side. leylande leland. >> voters are really used to seeing candidates in the local custard stand barbecue shack,
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didn't work out well for her a couple years ago. what does she need to do differently this time around to try to win iowa? >> well interestingly, the republican national committee is out today, in fact with some of the swing states they're basically making the argument that if she has a lot of money, endorsements, it's going to matter what she actually does in talking directly with real voters. that's not far from what some democratic activists are telling us here on the ground. they're saying her problem last time is she simply took democratic votes for granted something she's going to have to do a lot differently this time. listen. >> i think iowans want to see hillary clinton first and foremost. this really is a state where the candidates have to be on the ground, they have to be connecting with voters from day one. it's not sending a matter of sending in a professional team,
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or having lots of money. it's about face-to-face connections with candidates. >> that's why even some of the clinton's own advisers have admitted to me privately, look, she just didn't spend enough 250i78 here on the ground. as you noted leland she actually came in third behind barack obama and john edwards. that was humiliating. >> humiliating and the beginning of the end. one poll struck us ed, if she becomes the nominee, it's an important stay. head to head against rand paul 43% to 42% rand paul is ahead. what does it say there in iowa in terms of this, and do you get the sense there's a lot of people who are excited about hillary, or just feel she's the inevitable candidate there? >> well on the negative side, it might suggests she's old news to someone, if someone like rand
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paul or marco rubio gets in on monday, they may be the new flavors and voters may be looking at the new candidates. but you'll heard from the clinton people in days ahead. she's still in the margin of error. if you go beyond that she might be rusty when she comes out to iowa in the neu few days, but she was a candidate in 2008. jeb bush wasn't, rand paul wasn't. by the way she got 18 million votes for president. so she's done this before. the key for her, can she learn from the mistakes of last time leland. >> we'll see it tomorrow. ed henry in des moines, race to the white house continues for 2016. thanks, ed. uma? >> and two contenders have already made it official. kentucky senator rand paul and texas senator ted cruz with their debut. what impact are they having with
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independent voters? is their message making any difference with the critical voters? pollster and frank lunts is joining us. >> folks really responded more favorably to rand paul than ted cruz on the these opening days. >> it's interesting to me that both of them had very public-centered announcements, that they environment via twitter or social media. rand paul's announcement in terms of visually has not seen something so good in many, many years, the flags behind him rather than people, the intensity, the emotion, a very well-contexted speech, but subject count ted cruz out. we've got a couple clips to show you all about why ted cruz did so well. i'll have you call them. >> i want to bridge up the point where ted cruz starts in as the
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outsider in washington even though he is a senator he does refer to the fact that the answers are not going to come from washington. let's listen. >> this is our fight. the answer will not come from washington. it will come only from the men and women across this country, for men and women, from people of faith, from lovers of liberty, from people who respect the constitution. >> so when you take a look at that, does that suggest authenticity? particularly by the fact he is already a high-profile senator in d.c. and is trying to paint himself as an outsider. >> he really is an outsider as an insider. he'll have very few endorsement in the senate. other candidates have communicated, even ted cruz himself has communicated the
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anti-washington message more effective than what you saw right there. >> very interesting. what was interesting about rand paul, particularly when he talks about the concerns about the debt, that is something that a lot of people felt was positive and he was focusing on specific, and he was able to laid it out quite well with this sound bite. >> we borrow a million a minute. this vast accumulation of threat threatens not just our economy but our security. we can wake up now and do the right thing. quit spending money we don't have. >> quit spending money we don't have. he goes for a very specific concerns among a lot of voters. that probably playing very well. >> it does play very well. the fact that he used that statistic is something that really stands out. in our work for candidates we have advised them, you have to have one factoid to wrap around the attitudes, the language, the messaging that you use.
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that's what ted chris was missing in the clip you show the. the language was powerful. >> isn't that particularly important route now. ? of coursers want to see someone that grasp the fact that they are in need of leadership, and they want specificationing about changes. >> yeah you got it and they want -- everything should be gone in threeing. give them three facts, three k356r78s of what you're going to chak. give them three messages. if you do it in threes, you prove the point. i have to go back to rand paul. it caused people who were questionable to him to move towards him. that's very rare in a single political speech that you can actually see movement. in our focus groups, there was
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movement. >> at this very early stage of the game. this is something that ted cruz is it he wants to make it clear this is something he's going to deal with. let's take a listen. >> imagine health care reform that keeps government out of the way between you and your doctor, and that makes health insurance personal and portable and artable. >> how is that different? >> because personal, portable and affordable. he actually did exactly that. i didn't realize that was the clip that was coming up. he gave three specific examples of what was wrong with health care and what he would change. you watched even the democratic line go up there instantly as he starts to do it. that's the proof point. three examples is proof that you're going to bring about change. in fact for ted cruz his crusade against obamacare is
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probably his single strongest message. >> very interesting. on the issue of foreign policy, critics of rand paul say he does not favor as well, because many people believe she is not strong on foreign policy. he did go for the very specific concerns that people have about radical islam, and about defeating the enemy in his opening speech. let's listen. >> in my vision for america freedom and prosperity at home can only be achieved if we defend against enemies who are dead set on attacking us. without question we must defend ourselves and american interests from our enemies, but until we name the enemy, we can't win the war. the enemy is radical islam. you can't get around it. >> did he do enough there to convince voters that he's serious about defense and
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security issues? >> two points here. let's make no mistake. national security and foreign policy are going to be significant in 2016. the fact more important than any presidential election since 2004. second is that you have as to be able to convince voters that not only do you have the capability to keep america safe, but you actually know what to do. this president right now, the democrats are at a disadvantage of a about 20 percentage points versus the republicans in terms of which political party is more likely to keep people safe or which you identify more, so rand paul has to be addressing this issue, and he has to do it from a position of strength. one more point it wasn't in that clip. several times on the campaign trail, rand paul references ronald reagan. ronald reagan to republican primary voters is still the king. if you are following reagan's foreign policy, the primary voters will trust you.
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>> i thought it was interesting. he did that right away. as you point out there frank, always great to see you. i notice you're watching everything closely. we'll be checking back with you. >> i look forward to seeing you early, late and often. >> thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. we love hearing from you at home. we want to know, what do you think about hillary clinton's low-key plans for her 2016 campaign launch? you can tweet us your answers. and we're going to read some of your thoughts later on in our show. an alert out of the middle east. isis is continuing to fight for a refugee count that's just miles from president assad's power base in damascus. amid this rebel forces are pounding a government-held neighborhood. in aleppo, as the civil war
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continues and becomes ever more complicated. john is on the ground in the middle east. >> leland, it's a bloody fight for control between government forces an also those rebel fighters as we've been talking about. this has been on the front line of syria's civil war for several years. let's start there. syrian rebels, according to the latest reports that we're getting from the ground hit a government-held building earlier today, killing at least five people. we're also hearing that helicopters gunships have been firing on rebel-held sections of aleppo, including a busy market. that today killing another eight people. but we're waiting for more confirmation from our sources on the ground and with officials from various human rights group that have been getting the
10:16 am
updated reports. ahelpa is located in the northwestern part of syria. as i said, has been on the front line of syria's civil war, really a bloody tug of war for control between syrian government forces loyal to president bashar al assad and the rebel factions fighting for overthrow him. now i want to shift and move to the south in syria and to the worsening humanitarian crisis in the palestinian refugee camp of yarmuk. it's on the outskirts of damascus. aid workers have been desperately trying to get in relief supplies as an estimated 18,000 people remain trapped. we're talking about men, women and children that are starving and dies from disease at this point according to human rights groups. again we're getting the updated information from those folks on the ground.
10:17 am
isis militants as we know stormed the camp last week now control most of it basically is caught in the crossfire between government forces and those isis militants. as one foreign official told me it's sinks to the deeper depths of inhumanity at this point. also, u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon described the camp as the deepest circle of hell. so really now, leland the question is how to get those remaining refugees out of there how to save them, or at least fight back those isis militants that have created a living hell there. leland? >> it's so easy to forgetd-pwy in these conflicts the civilians caught in the middle. john huddy, thanks. and the fight with nigerian officials claiming a win against
10:18 am
boko haram. a spokesman say they have been pushed out, by journalists say that boko haram still has the pourer and continuing their attacks. and there's much more to come on "america's news headquarters." coming up, this woman liked marriage so much, she did it ten times without bothering to divorce any of the guys as she went along. we're going to tell you how this bride, serial bride got busted for her marriage scams. and haven't we all wanted to go on a space walk? it looks incredible. nasa is going to take us along for a ride. coming up.
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isn't this amazing? high above earth, the astronauts, using a go pro camera to capture that shot, and bring us these views. it's part of nasa's work to
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prepare the space station for future commercial space stations. so many cuban-americans are saying, say it ain't so. president obama is shaking hands with raul castro. they're both attending the summit of the americas. it comes months after the controversial decision to begin thawing relations between the united states and cuba. we have a congressman from florida, also a cuban-american. pictures are worth 1,000 words. what did you think when you saw it? >> it's quite disappointing. the united states for the better part of the 56 years of the cuban -- that's hong the castros
10:24 am
have been in power, the united states has always been on the fro side of the cuban people and on the side of america's long-term nauert security interests. now for the first time the president is sitting with the dictators at the take holding hands, shaking hands. the only thing that's a priority is the personal legacy goals of barack obama. that's a very cephalic and reckless way of conducting foreign policy. the president of the united states shakes the hands of a lot of leaders of a lot of country that are equally if not more repressive. there is a lot of bad folks in the world. what makes cuba so special? why is this person? >> the cuban government for 56 years have done everything they can to oppose the united states and hurt or national security
10:25 am
interests. they have exported anti-americanism all over the world. they have murdered american citizens. when they used to be cash-rich, they had their military deployed all across the world fighting against the united states and illustrate allies. this government has not changed. just about a year ago they were caught shipping arms illegally to north korea. just a few weeks ago, there was a russian spy ship parked in havana harbor. this is any enemy of the united states. they are dictators, and have not changed. >> there's been a lot of discussion of taking them off the list of terrorism, you have so much talk in congress -- is there anything congress can do when it comes to cuba? >> yeah unfortunately again, this is about the president's personal legacy. it's not about cuba no longer being a safe sponsor of terror.
10:26 am
the cuban government has a long and well-documented history of supporting groups like the terrorist group farc, so what we can do in congress, if the president proceeds with this irresponsible decision, is there is a review period and congress can actually vote to block any removal of cuba from that list. >> you think you have the votes toss that? >> we're going to have to see. we get back to washington on monday. we're going to be having conversations about this but we certainly need to do everything we can to make sure that our country has a policy that is consistent with the long-term strategic national security interests of the united states, not this administration 'policy of appeasing or enemies whether it's in iran, cuba. >> quickly though. we'll make you president foot
10:27 am
next 60 sects. what the your policy be? >> number one to deny the cuban dictateorship the resources it seeks from the united states. there's only one company in cuba, the cuban government. so the question that congress lift all sanctions and essentially reward the cuban dictator for holding alan gross hostage for five years we cannot proceed that way. we need to continue a sanctions policy that's strong, in solidarity with the cuban people, and that advances america's national security interest. >> your 60 seconds at president is you want. we appreciate you being here. carlos curl car curbela jeb bush just tweeted out obama meets with raul castro but refuses to meet
10:28 am
with netanyahu. this is quickly becoming a topic in the 2016 race. thank you very much congressman. uma? coming up white house hack? how the latest compromise of our government cybersecurity is a textbook example of the any threat we are facing from global rivals.
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welcome back everybody. a muslim cleric in kansas coming out today, claiming the young man accused of plotting a bomb attack is mentally ill, this as a second man is facing charges in connection. claudeia joins us now with more. >> according to the complaint they shared the same views, and
10:33 am
kind of business partners to carry out the attack. the complaint says blare loaned booker money to stash the bottom-making materials. booker mean thai could get life if he is found guilty, including attempting to provide material support to isis. he had been on the fbi's radar ever since he joined the army in february of this year and took to the internet to post his jihadist aspirations, writing, quote, i will soon be leaving you forever, good-bye i will wage jihad in the hopes i will die. a few days later -- getting ready to be killed in jihad is a huge adrenaline rush. booker admitted he only joined the arm to commit an insider attack. he even made a propaganda video in arabic and english to be played after his death. that included this warning to families.
10:34 am
>> he said he wanted members of the public whose sons and daughters were members of the military he wanted to get their loved ones out of the military, because the islamic state is coming for them. he said they were targets in their homes as their bases, recruiting stations or in the streets. >> that video obviously a key piece of evidence in this case which goes before a grand jury next week. sources tell me federal agencies spend months last year trying to convince booker to give us his criminal ideas, even getting the imam at his mosque to try to interare interveered. he resurfaced, and yet was arrested near a utility gate. agents say no one at ft. riley was ever in any danger, because the materials booker had acquired to make his suicide car bomb came from an fbi informant and were inert. uma? >> thank you very much, claudia.
10:35 am
news that russian government hackers were behind an attack on white house computer systems isn't that surprising. what is shocking is they were successful, as they were against similar unclassified systems with the department of state. the attacks raise questions about how safe we are from cyber attacks that have major national security implications. after all, if they could nfl trade the white house, shutting down power grids doesn't seem that hard. e k.t., we appreciate you joining uss. has this gone out for decades and simply hacking is the latest version of it? or is this new? >> well it's new, and in fact much more serious. why? because we're the most vulnerable country to any kind of cyberattack.
10:36 am
why? everything we do is on the internet on computers, but leland there's a new things, and that's, you know, in the good old days when you had large mill tears you needed a navy an air force, an army to wage war. now all you need is some guy with a computer so the barrier of entry is very low. then finally the problem is you don't see this coming. it's almost impossible to detect where a cyberattack is coming from. there's no return address on it. so it becomes very difficult for us to get out ahead of it so far all we're doing is playing catch-up. somebody hacks into the white house? we defend ourselves. the problem is the hackers have moved on to the next level. >> does the united states have hackers that can then go after these hackers in terms of retaliatory responses? we saw what happened when north korea when its internaught was shut down coins didn'tally.
10:37 am
if so, are we using that capable. >> that's a really good question. a lot of that is classified. i'm assuming, and most reports are we do have a limited cyber-offensive capable but if you say for example, the chinese. the chinese have a cyberunit in the military whose job it is to look at american defense industries steal blueprint and use them for the chinese. if we wanted a offensive capability in response, what are we going to steal from the chinese? they're not making stuff we want to steal. we don't have that ability to go tit for tat. i think what we ought to do is take it to the next level, though, and the offensive capability is to tear down their cyberwalls. who is hacking into the american grid? who's hacking into the american government? it's china, it's russia, it's iran, it's north korea. what do these countries all have in common?
10:38 am
they don't let the people see what the world wide web is doing. they censor their population's exposure. you want to come into the white house? we're going to take down your cyber-wall. we're going to take down your firewall, then you can deal with a population that isn't terrible reply happy about what you're doing, and the reciprocity multiplier best gins k.t. we appreciate you as always. thank you, ma'am. >> thanks leland. all the best. check this one out. always a bride never a bridesmaid. this woman had many marriages as she has fingers. she was a bride over and over and over again. you won't believe the next story, coming up. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports physical energy with b vitamins. one a day 50+ hmm... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent
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just to take a second and think about this next story. ten marriages in 11 years. that's what one runaway bride in
10:43 am
new york is accused of. she currently has four husbands on the books and you guessed it, is now facing years in prison. brian has a lot of el details. >> yes, she's been married ten times since 1999. at one point she was married to eight men at the same time. now the alleged serial bride is facing two felony fraud charges for filing a false marriage license in 2010, where she stated it was her first and only marriage. prosecutors say she was running an immigration scam, charging a fee to marry the immigrant men, six of whom filed for permanent legal residence status largely within a month after their weddings. seven of the men she married came from so-called red-flag countries countries suspected of harbors terrorists.
10:44 am
in fact her eighth husband was deported back to pakistan in 2006 after a joint terrorism task force investigated him for making threatening stapes against the, in 2002 she married in six times in different cities, getting hitched on valen tie's today to a man from georgia, two weeks later to a man from turkey. two weeks after that, according to court documents, to a man from czechoslovakia. now amazingly wearing a wedding ring on friday she pleaded not guilty, telling investigators, according to "new york post" she only remembers marrying two men, remarkly re-arrested after she was caught with her niece trying to sneak onto a new york city subway without paying a fare, reportedly telling the officer who arrested her, quote didn't you see me on tv? she was released without bail.
10:45 am
again if convicted, she faces up to four years in prison. she'll be back in court may 18th. >> there's just not much you can add to that one. >> no that's it. >> bryan, thank you. uma? coming up on confession america's news head quarters" a fascinating new study. and a silver anniversary. you will hear from aaron tippens who celebrates the debut of his new album.
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there's frying new research which may allow a rethink of our healthy diet. middle-aged people who are overweight may be less likely to get dementia. they developed 29% less on which, and the underweight folks were found to have a 34% higher risk. all right. now the bad news researchers saying the results were unexpected, obviously and warn, though this is just a preliminary study which they
10:50 am
say means you cannot use this studdia and your desire to avoid dementia as an excuse to eat pints of ice cream. sorry. well he's known >> well he's known for his catchy tunes and profound love for america. we are talking about country music artist aaron tippen who is celebrating 29 years in the industry. and recently i was able to chat with him more about this remarkable mile stone. >> 29 years being in the music business is remarkable anyway. if you look at it. and to still be out there making a living and making music it is awesome. i'm very blessed. actually, the first ten years of it i didn't -- i forgot to have fun. but let me tell you something, this 25 from here on out, i'm going to have a good time. >> you say you forgot how to have fun. in what way? >> well, yesou're trying to climb the ladder, and the gold and the
10:51 am
platinum records and the song writing awards i would say, that's great, next, next. now i'm enjoying it. >> sounds like a lot of fun. you wrote all the new songs from this new album. >> oh yeah. you know, the cool thing is there's ten of the old songs. this is 25 songs on a double disc album. and cd. and there's ten of the old hits. and ten of the new ones that you never heard. then there's five songs from different genres of music that you wouldn't expect aaron tippin to do maybe. cool thing when we do a gospel tune with all the tippins singing on it. plus, one with my son tom singing an old al green tune. you get to hear aaron do a little bit of frank sinatra. >> wow. >> we call it hank sinatra in nashville. >> many of your early hits had patriot themes to them. what is it about the country that inspires you and what was it about those songs that you really feel connecting with the audience? >> you know, my dad was a great
10:52 am
patriot and he instilled that in me. when you hear my songs of patriotism, well, you hear all of the aaron tippin work, you hear my dad through was my hero in life. i so looked up to that guy. he was an airplane pilot. he taught me to fly and to love the outdoors. he was an awesome guy. when you listen to my music you get to know my dad. >> what is it about the country that you want people to understand why it's so important to you personally to remember why this nation is so great? >> it's something i was included, i was raised that way and taught and taught to love this country. i visit our troops. as a matter of fact, my career started off christmas in 1990 with bob hope going to saudi arabia and entertaining our troops. i'm very, very proud of that. it's a friendship that's 25 years old now with aaron tippin and the u.s. military. i'll be back there this thanksgiving in iraq. >> that's wonderful. you served the troops, a and what is it about that relationship that's so special
10:53 am
to you? ♪ i pledge allegiance to this flag ♪ >> you know, i never have been in the military so i feel like i'm kind of putting a little bit of a down payment on my freedom when i travel down range to entertain them. it's -- it's wonderful. i mean to get to see the finest fighting force on the face of the planet at their height of professionalism is incredible. >> and your inspirations come from love of country? >> absolutely. absolutely. you know, i have since a little guy. reminds me of the days when i was in school, man. we said the pledge of allegiance and we said the prayer before we started the day. and, you know, that's -- that's always been a part of me. you know, i teach my boys that, you know? they're being raised to be patriots. >> do you think we're missing some of that today in today's schools? >> i absolutely do. absolutely i do. i think some of that old world stuff could come back and it
10:54 am
would do a lot of good. i think it would bring a lot of pride back into our country, in our kids and be proud of who we are. we are the greatest nation on this planet. >> well, it's great to have you on board today and before we go to break, i love for you to play one of your new songs from the new album celebrating 25 years. thank you very much. >> thanks so much. i appreciate it. it's called -- a little tune called "god's not through with me yet." ♪ ♪ there was a man working overtime back in 1993 ♪ ♪ i was gone in the z-23 and outrunning anything ♪ ♪ it was somewhere between third and fourth gear where i lost it ♪ ♪ and i walked away without a scratch and good lord only knows ♪ ♪ and i know it mind sound kind of strange ♪
10:55 am
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10:59 am
scandals. thanks to all of you who weighed in. appreciate it. >> well just in time for the cherry blossom festival here in d.c., the world renowned trees are hitting their peak bloom. visitors from across the country and actually around the world have come to the nation's capital to celebrate. the trees were gifts from the country of japan all the way back in 1912, more than a century ago and they were planted under the supervision of first lady helen taft. they're in bloom around the capital as well. it's a gorgeous spring as we speak right now. >> breathtaking indeed. >> that's all for us here in washington. we'll go out and enjoy the nice weather. we hope you have a great day. >> i'm uma pemmaraju. as we leave, we give you more aaron tippin. ♪ because you pulled me back from every trap that the devil
11:00 am
has ever seen ♪ ♪ i wonder about the plan that he's got for the time i've got left ♪ ♪ all i can say is he puts me to rest ♪ ♪ i guess god's not through with me yet ♪ this week on "the journal editorial report," hillary clinton is ready to run. what her candidacy means. plus, the white house kicks off a campaign of its own in an effort to sell the iran deal to skeptics. are they changes any minds? as california faces the worst drought on record, a look at how green policies are compounding the damage. welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. well she's ready to run. hillary clinton is expected to officially launch her campaign for president tomorrow on twitter. followed by a barn storm of


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