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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 12, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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like to share with us? we'd love to hear it, send me an e-mail or go to our web site >> hello. go to our web site welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeaninepirro. tomorrow hillary rodham clinton healthing announces her candidacy for president of the united states. i want a woman president. given our current president and all that we've been through, i want someone who says what she means and means what she says. i want someone who stands and respects the judeo christian ethic. iment someone who cares about us, someone who cares about the american people. hillary clinton is not that person. she is only out for herself.
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it's never her fault. it's all about convenience. she didn't know. in the end what difference does it make? if you think that hillary clinton, the self-ascribed champion of women and children cares about you, your kids, or nen else for that matter, you are sorely mistaken. if you care about children, you don't gloat and you don't laugh about a 41-year-old pedophile charged with rape of a 12-year-old sixth grader. take a listen to lawyer hillary still with her arkansas twang on recently unearthed audiotapes from the mid 1980s talking about the very rapist she represented in 1975. laughing about the fact that her client actually passed a lie
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detector. >> he passed. >> really funny when a pedophile beats a polygraph, isn't it? and hillary, he destroyed your faith in polygraphs, as in you knew he was guilty, but still passed? and, by the way, didn't you just violent the attorney-client privilege? you are so proud of yourself. you gloat on tape that if you can get a particular expert interested in the case, he will testify so that it comes out just the way you want it to come out. when you get that expert ready to testify the way you want, you if to the prosecutor and tell them this. >> you are laughing because you know it's not a miscarriage of justice, aren't you?
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hillary, that's not all. you go for the kill. you decide to -- so beaten, so damaged she ended up in the hospital with her mother at 4:00 a.m. never able to have children. so damaged she suffered decades of depression. so damaged that at the tender age of 13 she tried to kill herself. in your papers, hillary, you say without any proof other than your own concoction that the 12-year-old victim had made up previous attacks was emotionally unstable, sought the company of older men, and fantasized about it and she was from a dysfunctional or as you call it disorganized family. you blame the victim and laugh it about it. you take a bow and you game the
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system proudly announcing that you got the rapist two months instead of 30 years to life. you want us to believe that you are going to protect us? some of the files in the case were destroyed. what wasn't destroyed was the victim's memory. she says you tack her through hell. that she had never been attacked before. that she was a 12-year-old virgin. that she spent five days in a coma and months recovering from the beating that accompanied her rape. she says you're a liar. she says if you become president, she fears you won't tell the world the truth. in pure clinton fashion, in your book "living history" you talk about this case. and how difficult it was for you. torn because of the emotional and the ethical issues. you set up an arkansas rape hotline because of it.
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interesting, though. no mention of that hotline on the tape at the time. you defended your clients to the best of your ability. you're right. as a judge i've assigned manufacture you to rep the worst of the worst. it's totally another thing to laugh about gaming the system that laugh that you trashed a victim, laughing about a 12-year-old raped by two men. how can we expect the woman as cold and calculating as you to be a protector of all americans? i want a woman president, but not you. that's my open. you're not going to want to miss my second open later in the show when i take on the boston bomber and my old friend jihadi mom.
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tell me what you think about my facebook page. _#open. and with me now a conservative columnist and author ann coulter and fox news political analyst and former advisor to president bill clinton, doug schone. all right, guys. you trust thathill hillary rodham clinton will be a protector of all of us? >> i think notwithstanding your open has been a reasonably good senator. she certainly is better on foreign policy than president obama and, you know as a judge that a client is supposed to receive zealous representation from their lawyer. looks like that's what hillary clinton did in a very, very sad story. >> no. what is sad is when a lawyer gloats about gaming the system and trashes the victim know whatting she is saying is not supported by the evidence. it's about a narrative. you know like that benghazi narrative, that video thing. narratives are kind of things
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that she kind of connects herself to. go ahead, ann. >> that's right. i almost wish you hadn't reminded everyone of that tape because i want to swipe the slate during the campaign. i think it's absolutely devastating, and to her, yeah, you can represent the client without laughing about a pedophile raping this 12-year-old girl and leaving her infertile, and i don't think she was that magnificent on foreign policy wrush i think it was revealed -- >> paired to obama? >> well, i think it was revealed on your show -- well, she isn't president. she's secretary much state. that she went up to the father of the navy seal that was killed at our embassy at the funeral -- at his son's funeral and said don't worry, we're going get the guy who made that tape. as secretary of state she spent $70,000 running ads in pakistan -- >> apologizing for the tape. >> as america we are so far -- >> even though we were exercise it -- >> can we tell pakistanis about the first amendment?
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>> what do you we think about the -- >> she has no competition. she's leading some polls, not all polls by double digits. she's going to roll out her message slowly. she's going to have to avoid difficult issues from the press. >> saying stupid things like we were dead broke. >> i don't think she's going to talk about her personal finances toe tomorrow. >> really? >> i think it has to be an announcement on twitser because you know she should go with a tammy w wr nette accent or fake black accent. this solves all that. >> why social media? why, ann? >> probably because she's 120, and just -- >> oh, come on. you are discriminating against her because are you? >> i think she's specifically using twitter to seem useful. she doesn't know which dialect to use, and she doesn't want questions from the press. >> you mention that she's beating most in the polls.
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>> you have rand paul beating her in iowa? >> it's a smart decision to make because she was weak in the caucus there in 2008. she wants to run her campaign like she has a competitive caucus. she doesn't, but she's running scared, which is the right dexz decision. >> scandal after scandal, she's still dominating the field. do you expect more scandals, and how does she survive? >> yes, with hellry you can always expect more scandals. i mean, we'll see what happens. i don't think -- i don't think i'll defer to doug on this, but i think the left is wildly enthusiastic about her. certainly not like they were for obama. there is joe biden. there is governor o'malley. there are a lot of other candidates. there's always the hope of elizabeth warren.
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>> elizabeth warren can beat hillary. >> why? >> because she appeals to the authentic voice of progresssives and it's against income inequality and against the banks and for middle class. >> claire mccasketel. i think she's an undersold democrats. >> because she supported hellry. >> which is why i would like to go back and kill todd achan for blowing that election because we almost took her out. >> i saw elizabeth warren this morning, and i have to tell you, she comes across as rather personable. she comes across as real. you know, i mean, she may be a progressive. she may not have the ideology that you do, but i get the sense that she believes in what she's saying. >> right. that's right.
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>> compared to hillary clinton -- >> she's want a murderer. she's not a killer. >> i keep starlgt again. compared to hillary clinton, anyone will come across as better than the doctor because hillary is extremely unpersonable. she does not have the normal political skills. why? how did she get there? because of whom she happened to be married to. she didn't -- like elizabeth warren, like joe bideern, like claire mccasketel, she didn't run for an office and demonstrate her political skills. she doesn't have the political skills of any democrat. >> what is her greatest strength, though? >> her greatest strength is she has broad appeal. she has a husband, as ann suggests, who was a popular and remains a popular ex-president. she has the breadth and depth of experience that will let her rub on a reasonable record.
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>> what has she done? >> support women. >> what is her best strength? what has she done instead of talk the talk. come on, ann. we're running out of time. >> i know. i'm trying to come up with something, seriously. >> i'm answering your question seriously. >> we have to go. >> she hasn't accomplished much, and she was a disaster at secretary of state. it's only because of her husband. >> it's going to be the latest and most important flash point. >> that's the only part of the world that is blowing up. >> anyway, ann, thanks for being here with us tonight. making a turn to the historic frame woshlg of the nuclear deal with iran, this week a lot of signs that it isn't all that the administration claimed. iranian leaders promised no deal
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unless the sablgzs are immediately lifted and the facts released by both governments don't match, let's hear from what former united states ambassador and fox news contributor john bolton has to say. all right, ambassador. i want you first to listen to what the president said a while ago about an iran deal. >> they're focused on how can we show that it's not possible to bet a good deal. my simple point is let's wait and see what the deal is. >> interesting. what do you think? >> well, he has created his own problem by this artificial deadline. it's the end of march which he didn't meet and the zeal to put out statements from switzerland about where the negotiations
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were that have been shown in the past week to be riddled with holes and inconsistencies. we know a lot about what the deal is because the white house has leaked out portions of it that they thought were beneficial to them over the past year. john kerry made a long statement in switzerland. the white house put out a fact sheet. not that people are looking for deficiencies. this is what the administration itself has wrshgsdzest the problems and the failures that. >> i have to tell you, the ayatollah, what the white house is saying is a lie, and the white house is putting out their piece that is the exact opposite of what the ayatollah is saying. how the heck can we finish the framework of a deal that we don't have the fundamentals on? it's basic law school contracts. there has to be a meeting of the mind before you have an agreement. >> i think that's exactly what
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this shows. there is no meeting of the minds yet. let's take the question of when the sanctions get lifted. there is simply no way to square the circle that the ayatollahs are saying lift it immediately, and the administration is saying lift it after adequate perform wrans. take the question of the sanctions and then snap it back if iran violates the agreement, which i view as 100% certainty. probably starting on day one. does that mean the security councils. if that weren't bad enough. there is an outstanding op ed in the "wall street journal" this past week by former secretaries of state that point out they don't really take good details of the deal. they take the big picture on, and ehave is rate it. the administration responds to that.
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>> if the president is upset, he should be with his own administration. >> what about the fact, you know, iran has been such a wash. you get the sense that they're pushing this and pushing this. you read that the break-out time, and the obama administration says we have to get it done even when everybody is walking away from the table. americans saying we have to get it ton. is it almost like it's a situation where we know what they've got and they're going to do it anyway, and who wants to protect his legacy? what's with the rush? >> well, i they the president's main concern is the growing opposition to the deal in congress among democrats. he is fighting every day to override a veto of any las vegas that tries to gut the deal. time still works in favor of
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iran. the sanctions regime was disregarded, vialed, not enforced from the get go. it's crumbled even further as these negotiations have gone on, and companies particularly in europe are more and more willing to test the outer boundaries. so, sure, the iranians want the sanctions lifted. that's why they're at the table. not to make concessions on the nuclear program, but to get relief. the negotiations of the ayatollah says just a few days ago is he happy to extend the june 30 deadline. time is on the side of the proliferate whered zoosh ambassador john bolton, thanks for being with us. all right. >> coming up, russia hacking white house. isis hacking tv stations. what you need to know about the danger throughs our power grid. after hillary's social media announcement, what question
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would you tweet her? facebook or
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>> this week multiple stories all bringing the danger to the united states power grid, and hour lack of security into the
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spotlight. the d.c. blackout. u.s. officials claim russia has the white house and the state department. then awe frefshlg tv station hacks taken over by isis. u.s. aerospace command planning to move to an underground bunker for protection from an electromagnetic pulse attack. bev been talking about the vulnerability of the grid, and it looks like it's already happening. former united states -- good evening, tony. what is the military doing to prepare for a possible cyber or emp attack? >> well, we'll be right back. first off, the army war college, cyber -- recently where they pulled everybody together to talk about the hard issues, and more importantly, northern command has taken action. >> you have credible nuclear
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threats. iranians are in the path of weapons, and have you to have something that can sustain a nuclear attack, and also something called spiders. a program that northern command has actually shepherded and created to not only harden the power grid for dod and leave the pieces they control. actually, create the ability of the bases -- the military bases all throughout the nation to become essentially islands of resilience. >> but, tony, let me ask you a question. >> we've been talking about this for over a year, and in this bunker that was already there and they apparently left it and are now going back? >> it indicates they better take action to harden their command and control, which is what the cheyenne mountains are about, and the grid. this program we're talking about, spiders, actually started several years ago. they kept it under wraps by the fact they wanted it to be nonpoliticized. dhs, department of homeland security judge isn't doing anything, and that's part of the problem.
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d.o.d. is seeing that to be -- to be able to do what they need to do to protect the american people they have to take action on their own based on the threats. dhs for the most part, judge, they like riding really nice memos, publishing really nice complex regulations, but they aren't taking the appropriate action. >> you are saying that the department of defense is not trusting that the department of homeland security is capable of protecting us. >> i don't think dod would say that, but i'm saying that based on my oaks, that's exactly what's going on here. >> what is the -- you know, without getting into the department of homeland security, what initiatives are in place around the country to upgrade the u.s. aging infrastructure? i think you talked about islands of resilience. what's that about? >> well, each military base back in the 1940s and 1950s was actually created to be a self-sustaining entity. everything from food to power. they could basically do their own power. build -- they have all these
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things they could do on their own. >> we saw the power go out this week. we know that the internet are real. basically the d.o.d. decide thad we not only have to protect our own equities, but we need to be able to build these islands for the american people to come to should a catastrophic failure of power and internet happen because for goodness saying, they aren't doing it. >> moving to an emp proof bunker. that doesn't bode well for the rest of us, does it? >> i think it does in the sense that we are seeing the military
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stepping up to at least protecting some of their critical assets, and perhaps through this spiders program dwink to make their bases more resilient. i don't know how much that's going to provide in terms of protection for the rest of us. if it allows the military to do its mission, that's a step in the right direction, and it underscores the point that, as you say, you have been reporting on now for over a year. that is the vibltsdz that are understood by our enemies how to exploit them to our extraordinary detriment. they are known to all of them, and it's simply unimaginable we're not seeing the government of the united states beyond the military making this a top priority. >> and, you know, without going into perk and nirk and the corruption and all that garbage, think about it. isis is actually breakingnto french television saying --
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scary. it's nen inside the electric control systems and some of our friends and allies around the world for two years. that's thanks to hacking they've engaged in. the russians, chinese, maybe north koreans have been very aggressively targeting, it appears, our electric infrastructure and the means of controlling it through cyber techniques. it was unusual. >> as i understand it, one of the provinces was not blacked out. a major city that relies upon power from iran continued to vm
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the lights on when the entire rest of the country, basically, was blacked out for at least ten hours. still unclear what happened, but the question that i think ought to be on all of our minds is if it happened there, could it, of course, happen here. ? might it not be for just ten hours, but for a period of time, again, horrific consequences. >> thank, think about it. think about the fact that iran has that bunko fordo, and we're just going back to cheyenne now. all of these countries that are not as technologically advanced as we are are mart enough to resides priorities. real fast, why aren't we? >> i think we've long since stopped thinking about our viblt vukts. basically, we decided to get rid of missile defenses back early in the cold war, and we've never really recovered. let me just say, if i might, the good news is at the state level, i think some very important
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thechgz are beginning to happen. we'll be testifying along with other colleagues, and i think that florida may be the fest state in the country to do something to harden its grid, and it will be a wake swrup call for the rest of the country. >> frank gaffney. coming up, my second opening statement on the heels of the boston bomber verdict. i check in on an old favorite of mine, jihadi mom. you won't want to miss it. "jus
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jeanine." now for the second opening statement. jihadi mom, it's been a while since we talked. the tsarnaev family, a father, a mother, two sons, were granted political asylum in 2002. we opened our arms to them. showered them with food and money and housing and education and all the freedoms of american
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citizens. look at how they repaid. a lot has happened since then. none of it good. then again, nothing involving your theiving, terrorist, hate-filled, drug-filled spawn is ever good. tonight your youngest terrorist son dzhokhar stands convicted of blinding, dismembering, and blowing the limbs off of many. the next step, will the jury spare him and give him life in prison or impose the ultimate penalty? death. i remember when this happened you that issed your sons were framed because they were muslim. dzhokhar's defense claims that he was simply a follower of his older brother, your other jihadi son, tamerlan. not so. dzhokhar stands alone in his capacity to commit evil. he is said to have regularly viewed videos of beheadings.
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dzhokhar intentionally put a bomb behind an 8-year-old who died. let's not forget he drove over his brother tamerlan with a car while making a getaway, and didn't stop. yes, jihadi mom, he stands alone in his capacity to commit evil. you have been reported as saying that he is the best of the best and that we americans are the terrorists. if we're the terrorists, why did your family come here in the fist place, claiming a need for political asylum from other terrorists? is the world a scary place for you? if we're the terrorists, where would we give you education, medication, housing, food stamps, social services, scholarships to your kids, each of them arrested at least once? if we're terrorists, why would we let you drive your mercedes and let your family go back and forth to the country from which
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you claim political asylum? by the way, jihadi mom, you and your husband left the country just before the bombing and never returned. did you know what was coming? now, you all seem to share the same family values. greed, theivery and hatred of america. if are you such a great mother and your family is so good, why not bring your criminal daughters home with you and rid us of this stain on america? back to the original question. should dzhokhar live or die? now, i remember you said if they kill him, i don't care. well, if you do want him to die, then i want him to live. i want him to live the rest of his life in solitary confinement. i want him to know that the world is passing him by, to know that he can never be a part of
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the human race again. now, i believe in an eye for an eye. i believe he should die because of what he did to so many. if you commit the ultimate crime, you forfeit your right to walk freely among the rest of us, to breathe our air, to eat our food, to share our space on earth. we should not be required tone dur your existence for a moment more than necessary. that truth is irrefutable. because you want him to die and be a martyr, i want him to live. that's my second open. >> over 120 christians killed last week in kenya. targeted for their beliefs. the response from the president? he chastised christians at an easter breakfast.
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take a listen. >> sometimes when i listen to less than loving expressions by christians, i get concerned. >> i wonder if our president is concerned with a less than loving expression from islamic terrorists? would they now be one of the leading spokespersons for christians in the middle east author of defiling isis, reverend johnny moore and navy commander and founder of the islamic forum. >> the fact is that it's responsible for tens of e-mail yonz of lives, and country after country and our lack of response to this period has emboldened other people to persecute people
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and religious minorities. we're talking about tens of millions of lives destroyed. we haven't taken it seriously enough, and if we don't start taking it more seriously, more will die. >> how many christians do you estimate have died since barack obama has been president? >> would i say millions. killed. probably 100,000. >> tens of thousands. the. >> the bottom line is the repeat is that you have to address the fact that political islam, the islamists are killing these people, are making them move out of their homes, et cetera, because they are christian. whether it be cops or the sear yap christians oosh iraqis. if you don't address the fact they're christian, he doesn't have to address the fact that it's the islamists that are doing this. there's no doubt he is avoiding the elephant in the room.
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>> talk about the fact that we all know this is happening, and, yet, christians, what are they doing? let's assume the president doesn't want to do anything. all right. he doesn't want to recognize it. he makes fun of christians. we're at a high worth. i am a christian. let he many me be on my high horse. they're killing us now. what do we do? >> who is the person who runs this, who helps them? >> it's no convince convince. >> many cities like mosul and iraq -- this is a city that had -- >> what do you do? >> we all know this. what do we do? >> we need to provide immediate -- no, we -- the united states of america has recognized it's a threat, and
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provides security. >> he has to stop demagoguing muslims and be hyper secular to christians, and by the way, it's muslims that are ensulted. muslims that need tough love because there are reformers on the streets of iran on the streets of saudi arabia who listen to our president and laugh and see him choctaw to the -- choctaw to the islamist in saudi arabia. if you want to bond with reformists that will protect christians, it's the reformist that is are trying to have revolutions against these dictatorships and theocrari. >> he said, hey, guys, stop with this craziness, tell the muslims the radical islam is not working, and you have abdullah proof jordan. i haven't heard another thing from anybody. >> exactly. this is the thing that you have leaders who are acknowledging what naedz to be done.
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>> coming up, tax day is almost here. how it can take a bite out of
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>> tax day is almost upon us. many of you probably dread it. this year, sorry to say, it might be even worse. why? obama care. if you were mad that you couldn't keep your doctor just wait until you can't keep your refund. here to explain it all author of beating obama care bets where i mccoy. all right, betsy. break it down for us.
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what impact is obama care having on our taxes? >> first of all, it's going to be paperwork hell. for people who got obama care subsidies, millions and millions of people, the bad news is, according to the irs, 96% of those subsidies were wrong. only 4% were right. many, many people are in danger of losing some or all of their refunds. >> you cover the boem care. >> you may have to write a check to uncle samantha you weren't expecting to have to write. you know, the fact is that if you get a raise at work or your wife gets a job your car payments don't go up. your obama care premiums do. the plan that looked affordable to you is suddenly not. it's retrospective. >> they are monitoring how much money you make and the more you make, the more they're going to charge you for --
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>> that's right. so success is punished. >> where is this bad, though, for the sickest? >> who would design a system that's wrong 96% of the time? >> let's talk about the sickest people. we know it's not fair. what happens to them? >> well, clearly the sickest club get clobbered by obama care because they no longer have access to the doctors and hospitals they were using. especially cancer hospitals. also, the uninsured are getting whacked because they're going to pay peblt this is year for the first time or fill out form 8965 to try to get out of the penalty. if you are planning on filling out that form, cancel anything you were going to do that's fun this week because the instruction book rhett for that form is 12 pages. >> all right. you say the next year is going to be worse. why? >> well, we should look at next
1:50 am
ye year. >> sheet take her pen and write a new law? >> or change this law. the fact is that mrs. clinton's plan, when she announced in 1994, is far more coercive. she really tried the hands of doctors, and here's the obama administration trying to get people to sign up. they're using ads and street fairs and fines. she said you will sign up or we will automatically enroll you. you will pay the premium or we will garnish your wages. that's how coercive hillary care was. >> this affects people in all brackets. let's say the top whatever. >> well, the high earners get whacked hardest because they are also suffering under tax hikes, included in this big law. for example, an increase in the payroll tax just for them. .9% extra.
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>> pear aing loy lot. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be back with more justice after hillary's social media announcement tomorrow. what question would you tweet her? facebook or tweet me at judge jeanine. would he tweet her? >> would i tweet --
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>> tonight after hillary's social media announcement tomorrow, what question would you tweet her? patricia wra says do you really think we're fwog forget about benghazi? they died, and you lied? devin says how much would it take to keep you out of the running? lawyer wra says you can't manage your money. how could you manage our future? hey, laura, do you mean the fact that she couldn't figure out if she was rich or dead broke when she left the white house? or how much money was miss whenning they ran the state department. $6 billion. >> would you be available to -- >> would you be lying to us from your blackberry or ipad?
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thanks for the great responses. i love reading what you guys think. you are a hoot. make sure you log on and send me your thoughts on tonight's show, and check out moye thoughts on all the news throughout the week. great behind the scenes photos, and it may be april, and it may be warm where you live, but this is what i need to stay warm this week.
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♪ >> a deadly shark attack off the coast of maui. >> the sharks are coming. are your kids vaccinated. >> there are now 70 cases of measles tied to an outbreak at disneyland. >> this is a medical crisis as well as a national security crisis. >> it all sounds so scary. what should we do about it? >> some things need requirement of big brother. >> life or death. that's our show tonight. ♪ >> and now, john stossel. stossel: i don't want to die. but i'm not sure what to worry about. because when i watch the news, i see so much to worry


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