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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 12, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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happy sunday. it's the 12thfá of april 2015. hours from now hillary clinton will make her 2016 run for the white house official. we're getting a previewi] of her campaign message. so will it quiet her critics like this? does the cover of today's new we report and you t(decide. then president o&i extending anok olive branchjffá to thecubanym dictator vowing to, e1t(ñrquote, turn the page. he's not interested in battlesq since before he was born. should he be?
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>> we've all had moments like this,x> don't tell jfmom. >>é >> definitely pulled that card. one mom admitting she takes her kids to mcdonaldskod not around. he thinks( it is disgusting. doxd youká"t your kids sneakg stuff "fox & friends"xd begins right now. there's that andñi also the where you know dad will sayxd no sor >> yeah. the playoff. you have to have ar fsmnt. ìáhp &hc% >> everybody choose to back up. >> good morning! >> we're glad to seeq youu this morning. there's a lot going onym today. we havó a huge show for youe1 thisçó morning, of course, hillary clinton's bigt( announcement. .bert reactionqñok from bill clinton's former ererqxdçó
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counsel. whatr about kothis? = and they'll beñiñi there+ fortw that.ñi andi] former white house press ñá5ju (áv dana pshs t(qerino. >> they're on for quite a bit of tyko this morning. first, it is happening finallyq today. to come out at noon today on twitterñi making her 2016 campaignt( officia,í her supporters are onlining what the campaign is about this morning in some "%2%19 >> sort of likefá marching orders and añi mission statement leaked yesterday and fox news got the hands on the memo.lz÷a!%11ie for america, jffái]quote, our purpose to every family, every small business, and every american a path to prosperity byq electing hillary clintont( -- it
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came out yesterday. >>r the big message is on economic security and ñii]opportunity apparently. she's going to be announcingq@ cf1 o today on twitterok at noon and í07qq # árju(k ew hampshire. iowa. she lost to president obama so now she's going to be starting fá there. >> can we saverorc the r hilariousness. >> second she's running on restoring the middle class. she's running asi] a third term of barack obama. the middle class has beenq crushed under thew3 two obama terms. the obama administration butlp i'm going to reverse it completely?
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>>x you read the new york times this morning½ to figure out how to position themselves with barack obama or try to distance them. al gore trying to distance himself fromt( president billq clinton. president obama came out yesterday and threw his hat behindxd her and saide1r >> she was an outstandingu!ñk secretary of s!i+e. she's my friend. e÷ i think she would be an excellent i]president.e1re255áu(j focussed and working on important policy initiatives. one thing i can say, she's goingçóñr to be able toe1 handle herself very well in a conversation based aroundjf foreign policy.okñi and her track record with respect to domestic policiesxdt( cares about working families. >> will she try to align herself with himxd or not. you think about the midterm with
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referendum and obamacare andq the democrats running for the hills. are theyw3 going to be running forc >> they're going to beçó poring through it. zp care? no. probably not. align yourself onçó president # out of the direct, perhaps. that seems to be where sáe " ájjráfá tie their wagon. on foreign policy, that'sa5 purely her foreign xdpolicy. >>r the world and say we've done a great job managing the chaos in the middle east. we've madet(xd it worse and her "2%b policy. she pushed for the killing ofxd t pgadhafi in libya. has the country gotten better? no. it dissented into total chaos. i'm amazed that they're openly saying we're running as obama's third term. is they have noñi choice. remember what happened to al ko gore. you try to distance yourselfym --
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i think they're seeing where they canxd alignko withñi independentw3 voters and african-amer19 voters. is she going to distance themselves? >> you're right. she hasñi no choice. >> the new york post, look at this for a minute. she's wearing some kind of spearhead as a necklace.c@ cf1 oéi#- andxd underneath "no, no, no!"çóñii] seven! >> she's close toñi her expiration date not on her date but her polit&ip& age she's/pbeen running for the white house since she leftfáq the white house as a first lady. >> saturday night live had funñi preppingçó for the field. >> gosh i don't knowlp if i have it in me. i'm scared. i'm kidding. let's do this.
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>> wei] thought it would be fun if youi] filmed the video yourself on your own phone. that way it seems more personal >> personal and intimate. yes, i better take off this k(t&háhp &hc% jacket, çóthen. v0fyñ don't sayr name. >> that will be easy. gott( it. >>xd hello, it is i,ñr hillary clinton. >> again. >> you said i andq your full name immediateb9v r(t&háhp &hc% >> oh, shoot.r i did. >> don't okworry. t t that one off your phone. >> i know a thing or two about jf tf!"9 >> remember, it'sq a newjf hillary, it'sqq humble and. >>çó i'm sure i'll facexs5% competition from my democrats people like martin o'malley who can really givee1 me a run for my --
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[ laughter ] i'm sorry. i broke. it's too funny. martin o'malley he sounds like a r census character. >> you know who could, though,fálp according to the democratic trat eh5eñ coming up. >> martin o'malley soundsxd like -- >> in iowa support is growing in amar tin o'malley is where hillary clinton is heading after -- >> i i]know. bute1 that's i think that democrats desperate for at( choice. ismr he did such a bad job in maryland. he was beaten by a republican nobody ev uá >> right. let us know y/+oñ tpo!qm9ñ we'll have more throughout the show in the morning. go to "fox & friends" and weigh in. now another fox news alert. r high alert afterr control. they took control of the website
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forw3 hours this morning beforee1 i0 no direct threats were made against the airport. isis is once again placing a target on the united states. a newxd videoó will burn america and wage violentzv jihad in another =wpej" rjt attackn the video noti]xd authenticated. >> president obama holds a his ticki] meeting with rulee1 castro with the summit of america in panama city. the presidentko saying he wants to turn the page onxd divisions betwmtñ the nation while acknowledging their differences. thelpxd communist leader said he'sxd willing to discuss sensitive issues and blames past + presidents. >> a lot of things he referenced took place before i was born, and part ofñi my message is the cold warñi is over. >> president obama also met
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privately witha5+ venezuelan president telling him washington willok continue to support democracy but doesn't want to threaten the country. and hundreds walter scott'sxd funeral. the black mane1 killed while running from a police officer in south carolina. the pastor telling the crowd the shooting was motivated by racism but encouraging people not judge allçó policeok for this one officer's action.ko michaelw3 slager has beenr arrested. the long road to recovery. residents return home toñiñr the illinois town hit by açó half mile wide tornado to assess the damage. the çóef-4 tornado packed winds up tojf 70 miles per hour. two peoplerñ$u >> peopleñr upstairsxd that certain man is watching over usjf but he
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couldn't save all of us. >> a miracle following thei] destruction. a man whose home was destroyed two days ater. some thought missy had died but she got scared and ran away. she was found two and a half miles away. i love hearing stories like that. >> it's pretty great. all right. over to rick is standingq by. >> he9/ño cf1 o good morning, t(rick! >> it was maybe the first time i spokexd all day. >> youñr have to do ilp love uniquefá new york. >>q their weather !+ there for the next couple of days. here is your temperatures as you're waking up this morning.÷-pyou see it's warm across the plains.yr(t&háhp &hc%
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chilly around parts of the great lakes for the morning. it's going to warm up today getting better. the one troubler for this weekxd all the way through wednesday will be rainr showers across parts of the south. at times they'll be heavy. some areas might be up to six areas of rain. that could cause localized flooding. it's going lift to thei@dorth so places like atlanta and birmingham. a little bit of rain moving across kansas city eventually toward st. louis and rain and mountain snow across thefáxd pacificxd northwest. temperature wise things arexd looking better. take a look at theé@?ñá yellow and green on the map, guys. that's a goodçót( thing to see wide spread 60s an 70s for most of the country. >> guardardeningjfr >> wee1 earned it. >> yeah. we'll be miniature golfing on thexd plaza xdlater. >> yes, wew3 are! of thet( masters.
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president obama meeting with rule castro. israeli prime minister is on thefá rocks.lp and aó incredibl% story. how an 11-year-old boy managed to save his grandmother after áá$nd it's caught on camera. that's ahead. expected wait time: 55 minutes. vo: in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the hassle through the whole process step by step. and they'll even call your old provider. it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. after 50 years with the policy not changed on the part of the united states my belief -- >> president obama meeting with president castro yesterday yu
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yet refuses to meet with benjamin netanyahu. here to weigh in is the new york congressman. >> the idea of using travel and trade with cuba, many would say is a bad idea. it legitimizes them on an international stage and gives them economic stability more. if that is what cuba is getting. what is america getting? >> that's a great point. he hasn't detailed what he wants changed on the part of the castro regime. castro may like the weakness but he doesn't respect it. it's made up of bad, intolerant dangerous people. if president obama wants to help oppressed cuban people he doesn't have to kiss the ring of castro in the process. i'm hopeful that the president moving forward can approach more consistent foreign policy. the inconsistency in his foreign policy would prevent a hope and
3:18 am
change bumper sticker on any leader's vehicle. >> if democrats and republicans have refused this. why is president obama doing it now? >> it's hard understand. first of all, i don't feel like he's playing to the same team that i do. i like the president to be strengthening america's ties with our friends. he's for getting them when he's not working against them. it's important that he pursues in the next 18 to 20 months left in his presidency a much stronger, more consistent foreign policy. >> when you have prime minister netanyahu saying the framework for a new deal with iran is basically giving them an opportunity to have a nuclear bomb and look out. and that israel is in trouble yet we're forgivefwe're forgiveforforgetting him and president obama won't meet with him. >> he won't with netanyahu but you'll meet with castro.
3:19 am
you would think it would be the other way around. the president, with the negotiations with iran. just like with castro talking to people who do not negotiate in good faith. they're untrust worthy. when he gets plated in the negotiating table all of americas get. >> on from the obama administration just a problem all the way around. you mentioned iran. that deal. that deal with cuba. and the bergdahl for the top five taliban. is it unraveling all the way? >> the list goes on and on. what we face in the middle east all across the globe the president's relationship with putin. it's unfortunate. he's cashing in on the good will of service-members over the course of generations risked life and limb to get america to this point of a free
3:20 am
exceptional great country. >> yeah. america is an exceptional place to live, breathe and be part of the armed services. let's lead from a place of strength rather than weakness. >> when the president was sitting there with castro, i'm thinking you're not equals with this man. >> congressman, thank you so much for your time today. >> 20 in thes after the hour. the fate of the boston marathon bomber in the hands of the jury. would giving him the death penalty play into his hands? a new warning about what is happening to our nation's border. a wrandbrand new wave of illegal immigrants about to come across.
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border agents bracing for another wave of immigrant children. analysts say nearly 40000 of them will try to enter the u.s. from mexico in central america this year. that's down from last year, but it's one of the highest totals on record as is the overall immigration rate. in boston, the police officer shot in the face during a traffic stop is out of the hospital. john moynihan is home recovering from serious injuries but basically okay. police released the video showing the moment he was shot outside a suspect's car last month. the man was subsequently killed by police. boston bomber dzhokar tsarnaev found guilty on all 30 counts. will he face the death penalty? one professor at northeastern university said that's what he wants, saying quote if the guy gets the death penalty we'll hear more about than what we wanted to hear about dzhokar tsarnaev playing into the hands
3:25 am
of the terrorists. joining ing doc, nice to see you this morning. >> thank you. it's great to be with you. >> will he be martered if he's put to death? >> her perspective is myopic. certainly the terrorists will find whatever narrative they want whatever happens. she seems to forget the last two major terror trials in boston. lady al qaeda, remember isis tried to trade her for foley before they beheaded him. and then the -- we can't allow ourselves to be appeased by what the radicals will make of whatever we do. whether it's the death penalty or putting them. as a muslim i've been waiting for muslims all over the country to say we demand the death penalty. >> what shows more strength?
3:26 am
putting him to death or letting him rot in prison? >> i can tell you there's nothing that shows more strength than putting him to death. they'll make whatever narrative they want. don't give him a muslim burial. the mumbai terrorists didn't get a proper burial. they'll find whatever narrative and we can't give them that. if we want to, by the way, they're looking for their soldiers. this is a battle. there might be a sort of win if he gets the death penalty and becomes a martyr, but nadal has hassan is on death row. >> it smells a bit like appease appeasement. you make the point based on the terror backlash is what lead us to be naive about hassan's
3:27 am
motives. >> exactly. you defeat them through strength. you can't allow them the perception of victory. the same nonsense of giving bin laden a burial. we can't change the way we deal strong blows to terrorists and show them we'll deliver them our justice system. >> they weren't -- the same jury will go into the sentencing trial. do you think they'll give him the death penalty? >> i hope they do. i hope they don't use an external reason not to. this man not only maimed so many brave americans but he needs to be made an example of what happens to radicals that attack our home lane. >> doctor, great to see you here on "fox & friends." thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next on the show, the story is horrifying. a 2-year-old child falls into a
3:28 am
pit of cheetahs at the zoo. >> does this sound familiar, parents? >> don't tell mom! >> don't tell mom. >> don't tell mom! >> don't tell mom! >> this morning one mom's story going viral. she said dad doesn't like mcdomds. she sneaks it to her kids. do you let your kids sneak stuff, too. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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comfort keepers can provide a variety of in-home services for your aging loved ones. we'll assess their needs and create a custom care plan that can change as their needs change. ♪ ♪ oh! it's the final day of the masters. anna, tucker, and i are terrible at government. so we decided to do minigolf on the plaza today. we'll be playing out there and learning tricks. i'll see if i can get -- >> we'll see who can get the most over pars instead of under pars. i'm working it here. parents within come on over. we've all done this. i think we've all been there.
3:33 am
have you ever had this moment unfold in your family? watch this. [ ominous music playing ] >> don't tell mom. >> don't tell mom! >> don't tell mom. >> don't tell mom! >> don't tell mom! >> don't tell mom? >> yeah. >> the best stories you'll ever tell start with "don't tell mom." >> the hundredcar commercial behind that. >> a mom sneaks giving her kids mcdonalds. she does it unbeknownst to her husband who said he doesn't want to hear anything about it. it's gone viral because he thinks it's disgusting. she said she likes to go there and sneak and give mcdonalds to make them feel a little happy. her name is carolyn wood.
3:34 am
we call it sneak meal. >> we used to try to get my dad to go to the grocery store because he would come back with every soda pop like the sweet flavors, you know. the chocolate cookies. >> it's funny because there is a role reversal. most families i know the mom is a nutrition enforcer. certainlyhouse. she's very intent on eating vegetables, the green ones. >> i think this is a good way to do it. she's only doing it once a month. she's not having breakfast during the day. she's teaching them to have a healthy relationship with food and it's a treat. >> my guess the treat -- i don't know my kids try to do this. i don't know if they'll ask my wife ahead of time whether or not she's given permission with the treat and they'll come to me with the puppy dog eyes. it's getting near bedtime.
3:35 am
what did mommy say? she's okay. then i'm radios for backup. >> was she watching you. >> we like to keep a youunited front. when animals sense weakness. when they sense a breach in the defenses they stream over. >> whether it's food or spend the night. can i spend the night at sally's house. no. >> okay. where is mom. >> it's so hard. rewarding kids with processed food. >> show now weakness. my advice. >> let us know your thoughts. go to facebook and weigh in. >> even if it's not food for kids. you hide anything like money for purchases over $100. >> you bought them a toy. >> a offshore bank account. a secret credit card. capitol building back to normal after a terrifyiedyied
3:36 am
tourists witness a man commit suicide. suicide. >> turned around and he was lying on the ground and the suitcase was next to him and officers started panic -- everybody started panicking and screaming. >> the lock down lasted for several hours. police say there doesn't seem to be a connection to terrorism. a day at the zoo for one toddler turns into a terrifying walk on the wild side. >> you heard the kid screaming and you look and someone is like there's a kid in the cheetah pit. >> the 2-year-old is recovering from a leg injury after falling into the cheetah exhibit at the zoo. the zoo plans to file child endangerment charges to the boy's parents. they dangled the toddler over the railing is what witnesses
3:37 am
say. grandmother slides some 150 feet down an embankment and her 11-year-old grandson is credited with saving her life. the 70-year-old was walking above a river with her two grandsons in washington state when she slipped and fell. the oldest boy stayed calm and dialled 9-1-1. >> it's spring break for them. they were at grandmother's house and she's gone out on walks with them before but never like this. it's steep and a far way down. >> rescuers used a raft to save the woman. she hurt her back but expected to be okay. billy the kid you know the name. and now you can learn what made them famous. >> all right. go do it boys. >> fox news's channel new series
3:38 am
"legends & lies." it will feature different figures from american history. those are your headlines. >> he was suited up with a nice 10-gallon hat just like rick. >> guys, this put put golf look -- putt putt golf looks amazing. >> for the rest of the show. there's like nine holes and we have three and a half hours left. i think i can have it mastered. i'm excited. >> i'm excited about the day we'll have. take a look at the weather map. areas of the northeast that have been obviously cold. we've talked about it for too long. i'm sure everybody is stick of feeling or us talking about it. take a look the average is down at the bottom of the of the thing there and the next three days temperatures. every one of the cities above average for the next three days! we have not sayid that in -- i
3:39 am
don't know, seems like years. less windy than yesterday, sunshine and temperatures climbing by almost six to seven degrees. down across the southeast this is where the trouble will be this week. we'll have the front stalled across the area and it will continue to bring showers and some heavy at times. there could be spots around new orleans may be picking up 7 or 8 inches of rain by the time the week is over. you get the idea. a lot of rain. not much severe weather. we could see maybe bits of hail and kansas city and st. louis today. nothing tornadic. and across the west disturbance moving into the northern rookies bringing snow and more sunshine across the southwest. that's it. >> i've been working on that one. >> can't wait to see. thank you, rick. what happened in benghazi her e-mails, and the foreign money. none of that is going to hurt hillary clinton in 2016,
3:40 am
according her friend former special counsel to the clintons. he said there's a republican scandal brewing that overshadow it is all. a fair and balanced debate next. and justin timberlake -- the big news everybody is talking about this morning. next. scott: appears buster's been busy. man: yeah, scott. i was just about to use the uh... scott: that's a bunch of ground-up paper, lad! scotts ez seed uses the finest seed, fertilizer, and natural mulch that holds water so you can grow grass anywhere! seed your lawn. seed it! audible safety beeping
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3:44 am
justin timberlake has plenty to celebrate this morning. ♪ ♪ make that suit an extra small for his brand new son. timberlake and wife jessica biel welcomed their first child. congratulations! hours from now hillary clinton will officially announce her 2016 presidential run. will her scandals come back to haunt her. joining us now is lady davis. a long time friend of hillary clinton. it's great to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> we've been talking about the clintons for about 20 years now amazingly enough. every time i talk to clinton friends, advisers and i ask about scandals i get the same answer. we've been going through this for years. it wasn't real. when are you going to stop
3:45 am
making charges. does 0 dour people that maybe the smoke leads back to fire >>well that's what they said about white water that $70 million later there was absolutely no wrong doing by the clintons. we do have a back record that gets in the way of the smoke. i think the american people want to look forward and what does hillary clinton stand for. how is she going to solve our problems? that's the challenge she faces. >> that is a challenge. it's kind of hard to mount a campaign on behalf of the middle class when the administration you worked in presided over the obstruction of the middle class. but, you know, does it bother you as a good government person. as an attorney. you have a public official whose e-mails belong to the public and she deleted them without any oversight from any other government official. would that be prima facie wrong. if it was a republican wouldn't
3:46 am
you upset? >> on private versus official e-mails every member of congress, every presidential hopeful, and tucker carlson, probably has to distinguish between fox e-mails and private e-mails. i think if she i did it over again she would have had two black we areberryies versus one. >> you may be right about the politics. i'm not debating that. the question is who gets to decide what is personal and what is job related. you don't get to decide there needs to be oversight. isn't that the premise of good government that we have oversight that some impartial decider makes that decision and she made that decision herself. isn't that wrong? >> well the law says it's right. the law says that every public official has to make a decision what is private and what is public. we want to change the law and have some independent overseer review every public e-mail
3:47 am
including members of congress who make the distinction all the time. i'm okay with a new law, but let's not do it post facto. i go back to she admitted she would have done it differently. the american people want to know how you're going to lower the disparity, middle class incomes. even tucker carlson is a member of the upper middle class i think. >> yeah. i'm working hard to do it. i have to say it's hard under the obama/hillary clinton administration watching the middle class wither and die. you said there are republican scandals that will be center stage in the election. scott walker lack of a college degree. chris christie bridge gate, and bobby jindal out of state
3:48 am
travel. scott walker not having a college degree. is that someone who cares about the middle class. hillary clinton i'm a fan of the working class. don't butcher the guy because he didn't go to yale. really? >> yale is my alma mater. i don't think in any of those things should be issue. only if scott walker points at the finger at hillary clinton. certainly christie has his own problems. i think none of those issues should matter. i think issues should matter when senator paul decides that personal and nasty is the way he wants to launch the campaign. that's not a good idea. he should be talking about ideas. >> i hear hillary clinton talking about what a victim she is. a victim of the glass ceiling, sexism it's time to defeat men and put a woman in office. >> can we agree that hillary clinton is no long aerovictim. >> i don't think she has use
3:49 am
those words. i think she said that women have suffered a disparity and wages of 78 cents compared to a $1 for every male. i don't think she's talking about she's a victim. all the years i've known hillary clinton >>well, we'll have more opportunities to talk as the campaign drags on. great to see you. new terror threats have one airport on high alert. eye and the government investigating a website offering top dollar for your old cell phone. the cyber guy is up next with how to get the top dollar. stay tuned for that.
3:50 am
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feds are investigating a popular phone trade in sidete which has complaints after they don't give the amount they said. how can you spot a scam and where can you goat your money's worth for the old gadgets. joining us now is the tech guy. >> i feel like it's a scam. the kiosk in the mall. >> criticism about the one at the mall. it's called ecoatm. there's an occasional complaint. put people in the phone and you get the estimate. if you agreed to it off it goes except there are a few people stealing phones putting them in
3:54 am
there and the rightful owner gets notified and they're complaining it's difficult to get their phone back. out of sparks, nevada, a company coming under criticism by the ftc and cash for iphones as you mentioned. the state attorney is investigating the company. if you look online we were looking earlier. you can see one after another complaint. it's this website here. >> 900 complaints from customers and they're sending in their phone in and getting a quote and they're being told that the customer doesn't have enough time basically to get the phone back. what tips can we use to make sure it doesn't happen. >> the scam going on here -- for example in one case somebody put in the phone and said we'll give you $121 for the old iphone. they send it in and get a revised estimate saying it's worth $11 to us. i don't want to go for that. you call the company in the three-day window. you can't get through. if you do, often times people are complaining even though it's been two days they've already
3:55 am
recycled your phone and sorry it's been recycled. >> you can't get it back. >> you have $11 now. >> let's go through tips to make sure if you send in an old phone. so you to wipe the phone. >> you're going to give me your hand me down phone or pass it on or sell it or trade it. say even the wireless carrier you use have tradeup programs. you want to wipe it. make sure your data is gone and double check that and make sure when you open your e-mail, look at all of your personal data on there, your contact data base your address book it's got to be zeroed out. >> you go to the apple store they have a trade in program. you want to make sure the stuff is wiped. >> make sure you can get your phone back. >> right. >> you want to know what is the scenario with any of the companies i'm dealing with. when do i get the choice to say i don't want the deal and how quickly do they give the phone back? we have georgiaaga zeal is a good
3:56 am
one. next worth is good. they have great reputation. the terms are spelled out. the phone number is clear to see, you want to see that. you want to make sure you have yourself covered so if it isn't a deal you want you can walk away. >> good stuff. thank you so much. >> good to see you. coming up on the show, president obama extending an olive branch to rolle castro. he's not interested in battles from before he was born. they wow the crowd now the blue angels breaking a new barrier. when eating healthy and drinking water just isn't enough to ease my constipation i trust dulcolax tablets. i take dulcolax for dependable overnight relief and in the morning
3:57 am
i am back to myself dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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4:00 am
good morning. today is sunday, the 12th of april, 2015. it's clinton time again. hours from now hillary clinton will make her 2016 run for the white house official. but we're already getting a preview of her campaign message. critics are already saying it sounds a lot like something we've all heard before. >> then as the unreported story that could affect hillary clinton's campaign for president. what does bill, her husband think of her plans to run? we have the inside details from ed clooichb. >> and we remember the dress that broke the internet. the weird color. what color is it? who knows. it captivated us. now it's a cat tucker. is it going up or down the stairs? >> down! >> i don't know. >> why do we get so obsessed over the mind-bending images? we'll discuss ahead. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now.
4:01 am
♪ >> no if, ands, or putts about it! >> it's in honor of the masters. the final day of the masters in augusta augusta, georgia. we thought we would amateur it up here today. we'll be out on the plaza. we'll see if anyone can score a whole in one like jack nicholson. >> and jordan spieth breaking all kinds of records. >> look at that face! >> oh no! that's the headline of the new york post. today is the day hillary clinton is going to announce her plans to run for president today at noon. she's going to do it by a twitter from her headquarters in brooklyn because she's young and with it! and part of the new generation. she's running for president.
4:02 am
>> she'll do it on twitter and facebook video. we got a sneak peek what the message would be. a memo was sent to supporters. fox news got its hands on it. our purpose -- here is a mission statement of the campaign. after the announcement she's set to go to iowa where she came in third, you'll remember in 2008. pretty miserably. it set the tempo for then senator obama to rise to the so indication. he was seen to connect with voters. she's sitting down at a town hall meeting. >> new hampshire will come next. because she lost to obama in 2008 a lot of folks said it was
4:03 am
setting the stage for what ultimately happened. let's take a look at the new quinnipiac university poll that came out. senator marco rubio would get 40% with hillary clinton getting 43%. rand paul 43%. hillary clinton 43%. they're all pretty much neck and neck. >> i clipped this note the rationale for running. i'm gouj going to use it the next time i'm on the road with hillary clinton. i'm going to say it's not about hillary clinton relisha give $1000 to the first hillary clinton staffer who says to secretary clinton i'm sorry, it's not about you. i said it it's not about you. >> it's not about hillary clinton. it's about 25 years of plotting and planning to become president. maybe it's good or not bad.
4:04 am
you can't say it is not about hillary clinton. yeah, it is. you brought up she's announcing on twitter trying to be young hip and cool. and setting up in brooklyn where all the hipsters are. i would imagine she's probably struggling to get her voice on which voice is she is going to want to be using to try to connect with voters sense the likability factor is not the best when she comes out with the book saying we're dead broke. >> the pollsters are in the front of the room in myany meet and they said they're concerned about income inequality. let's make our campaign about it. there's one problem. you're a part of the obama administration which presided over an acceleration of income inequality inequality. you've been a big supporter of
4:05 am
wall street. she's the standard barer. is she the appropriate person to be the standard barer of the appropriate message. doug schultz said guess what? >> this is all about keeping elizabeth warren out of the race. because unlike the others elizabeth warren can beat hillary. no one else can. >> why? >> she a appeals to the authentic voice to the progressives. who see her as a voice against income inequality and the banks. >> against the banks is a big question. keep in mind for a little contact doug is not some random guy. he was hillary clinton's pollster. this is his view. he worked for her for years. >> one person who does think hillary clinton is up to the task is her daughter, chelsea. she's going to be on the cover of "e.lle"elle" magazine.
4:06 am
she said it's important to have a female as president. like robert denear owe who said it's time. >> remember it's her daughter. when you ask about the important stuff having a woman president. yes. it's important. for symbolic reasons. symbols are important. >> i love when rich people play the victim. the daughter of a former president who is lecturing us about how she's a victim just like her mother. i'm a victim. really? you're the most powerful woman in the world and you're a victim. if victim can be a victim, aren't we all? >> the idea of becoming
4:07 am
president flattens the field and makes everyone equal and i mean, look about the income inequality in the country now. look at black youth unemployment in this country under barack obama. >> did it all go away? >> yeah. or get worse? >> it got worse. >> you take over the white house and everything becomes equal. >> >> as a woman i would love to see a female president but i don't want her elected because she's a woman. it's offensive. >> president obama meeting face to face with raul castro pledging to, quote, turn the page on divisions between the united states and cuba. >> critics slam the meeting with the communist dictator after president obama snubbed benjamin netanyahu. >> good morning. endsing decade of silence between the u.s. and the island nation. cuban president and president obama putting the past between them during the historic meeting. it's the first time there's been substantiative talks in more than 50 years.
4:08 am
the leaders acknowledging it will take time to rebuild the relationship. ties became severed before president obama's presidency. >> i think if we can build on the spirit of mutual respect and candidness, that over time we will see not just transformation in the relationship between our two countries but a positive impact through the world. >> very emotional when they talk about the revolution. i apologize to him because president obama had no responsibility with this. he has no responsibility with this. there were ten presidents before him. >> a reaction was swift. critics questioning the president's priorities. florida governor tweeting obama meets with castro but refused to meet with net are anetanyahu.
4:09 am
texas senator ted cruz writing keeping up with the disturbing trend of the administration president obama is in the process of striking another very bad deal. now with the communist dictatorship of cuba. remember the u.s. has not removed cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism but the president did say he's reviewing it. >> thank you. it would be nice if he met with the many dissidence in cuban prison. other stories making headlines. a fox news alert an australia airport is on high alert after an isis hack attack. terrorists took control of the website for hours this morning before authorities shut it down. no direct threat were made against the airport. isis is once again placing a target on the united states. a new video just released warns isis will quote, burn america and wage violent jihad in another 9/11-type of attack. the video still not authenticated.
4:10 am
an overwhelming turn out hundreds attend the funeral of walter scott, the black man shot and killed while running from a police officer in charleston, south carolina. the pastor telling a crowd the shooting was motivated by racism but encouraging people not to judge all police for the one offer's actions. officer michael slager has been arrested for the shooting. he said he fired after a struggle for his taser. an illinois judge reinstated the policy forcing all state employees to pay union dues even if they're not the union. last month the governor issued an executive order banning the required dues argue the fees are necessary to cover the cost of nonpolitical union activities that benefit all employees. and history taking flight. katie higgins the female pie lot to join the blue angels.
4:11 am
she suited up and soared over the skies of south carolina. she will fly the c-130. she hopes to be an inspiration to little girls who dream of flying. those are your headlines. >> rick is standing by for a look at the weather. he was doing putt putt. >> you had a difficult time out there. >> he did a good job. >> it's a difficult course. i got a whole in one on the first and then downhill. >> just get ready. we're in the middle of tornado season but only six weeks away from hurricane season starting. >> that's great. >> i wanted to let you know. the first forecast for hurricane season came out this week and we're expecting a lower than average hurricane season. we have an el nino blooming. you don't need to know the details but generally keeps hunter activity down in the atlanta. doesn't mean we can let our guard down but overall less activity, i think. today in the short term we have rain showers across parts of the southeast.
4:12 am
there's a front straddled across the area. it will slowly move to the north. we'll see rain by the birmingham area tonight also jackson. showers across part of the kansas city area. a front drops in and severe weather there later on today. could be looking at some pretty strong wind and hate and maybe an isolated tornado. a few light showers across parts of south texas. a few thunderstorms in that area, as well. >> thank you. coming up on the show a bombshell report said american workers are being fired and replaced with cheaper foreign workers through federal immigration policy. our next guest is exposing the impact this loophole has on the american work force. and they thought getting to drop the ceremonial first puck at the nhl game was their big moment then this happened. >> oh no! don't tell me! >> sergeant daniel! >> i adopt think they're complaining. i don't think they're complaining one bit.
4:13 am
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u.s. immigration law could not be clearer. it's crystal clear. the hiring of a foreign worker will not adverseiveely affect the wages and condition. that's the law least followed. reports surfaced that a popular visa program one that everybody supports is doing the opposite. it's being used to fire u.s. workers and replace them with immigrants. they thairp cheaper.
4:17 am
join -- they're cheaper. unless i'm mistaking this, this is the kind of high-skilled worker program that no one complains about. in fact, it's held up as something that works. this is every politician i've met is for this. >> not every politician and certainly american workers not quite happy about the programs. the tech industry has done a lot to paint the picture that these programs are really good. it's sort of mother hood and apple pie when in reality it's undercutting americans. >> i should be clear senator jeff sessions of alabama called out the program as contrary to the interest of workers. but tell us how it works. so u.s. workers we know for a fact are being displaced by foreign workers with the program. >> that's right. what happens is these are actually not immigrants. these are guest workers who are brought in for up to six years on what are called h 1 b visas. and the way the rules work the
4:18 am
employer can bring these workers in way below market in this case 40 or 50% less than american workers. there's an incentive for employers to bring the workers in and replace americans. and what is going on they're going to the american workers in the case of southern california edison there's 500 i.t. workers that lost their job. they're selling them you need to train your foreign replacement. we're going to fire you because we can hire the cheaper folks. you need to train your foreign replacement. >> we'll put on the screen the wage differences. foreign workers who replaced them $65 to 1i7d$71,000. it's not an example. we often hear it of a job there are no american workers to fill. we don't have enough educated people in the country. there were workers filling the jobs and they were displace.
4:19 am
>> they were being replaced and training the people. it's not a skilled gap. the foreign workers have less skills. they're being trained by the american workers. t not about skills. it's the fact you can bring in the guest workers atless money. >> i wonder what is happening to the middle class. immigration undercuts -- this is economics 101. >> thank you. it. the newest tool to fight cancer. dogs. wait until you hear how unbelievably accurate they are. over 90%. we'll have it coming up. and clint eastwood's son gets new star status. "the longest ride." kevin mccarthy has all the details. stay tuned. >> keep it. toenail fungus? don't hide it... tackle it with fda-approved jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor.
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welcome back identified$60 million in jewelry. that's how much thieves stole in london's diamond strict. they entered through an elevator shaft. 90% accurate. that's how good specially trained dogs are at detecting prostate cancer. they sniff out check calls linked to the disease. researchers figure out how it can help patients. and 16 under. that's jordan spieth's score heading into the final round of the masters. it's a 54-hole tournament record. the masters wraps up this evening in augusta, georgia. scott eastwood heating up the silver screen in the
4:24 am
"longest ride." >> you have to quit! >> i can't. this is what i do. >> it's 8 seconds. >> that girl could be the rest of your life. >> i don't know how to make it work. >> i don't either but i know i want to. >> it hit theaters this weekend. is it worth your money? joining us now is kevin mccarthy. good morning. >> hey! good morning. honored to be on with you. and the longest ride opened this weekend and scott eastwood is starring in the film. it's a parallel love story, essentially. you have a modern day romance with a professional bull rider in the movie and they also flash back to an earlier romance from the '40s with jack houston which is an amazing love story. i gave it a three out of five i think it's a solid date movie. go to a matematinee and then dinner. it's the tenth film adaptation for nicholas sparks.
4:25 am
this movie is a tree out of five. i spoke to scott eastwood about the bull riding scenes in the film. >> we had, the pbr guys, the real dudes there and every day, really they pretty much bucked bulls every day. they were all about it. i mean, you know, they just wanted to buck as many bulls as they could and get as many angles. i did a lot of getting in and out of the chutes on the real bulls. they were able to parse it together with the footage of the guys bucking the bulls. >> i guess he wanted to keep his ribs intact. >> exactly. >> kevin i was following you on instagram this week. seeing the photographs i thought am i seeing things. taking photographs with mark ruffalo. you got to sit down with the cast of the avenn gers already. >> it's time for us to get -- i don't know if you remember this.
4:26 am
the first time i appeared on "fox & friends" was three years ago. at that time we were talking about the first avengers in 2012. the other night i was walking into the movie and sitting in the back of the theater was mr. hulk himself mark ruffalo. i went over to grab a quick selfie. the movie opens up on may 1st. i sat down with iron man himself and i asked him when iron man is flying and he lands down and the costume peels away from the body, how does it look on set? check it out. it's pretty wild. >> you always have to lean into and be comforted by the fact even though i feel like i feel like a smuk now while i'm stepping out of nothing into nothing it's like somebody who is not a good dancer but they're out there bringing it, you know and you're like i lovee that confidence. that's what you need to really make the effects work. you have to sell it like it's
4:27 am
happening. like, because, i get excited as you do. >> nerd tears. i get so eked out i have tears. neerd tears as i watch the actions. >> that's awesome. >> clayton, you and i always nerd out. we need to get tucker and anna to nerd out with us. how can we get a group together. >> wear the glasses he was wearing in your interview. what are those? >> i don't know. >> tucker i'm with you, man. i want to get a pair for myself dude. i do. >> we'll do it with super hero and we go fly fishing with tucker and soul cycling with me. >> deal! >> with me it will be an easy afternoon go to movies and eat popcorn. >> by the way, my full interview with the entire cast are available on twitter. i'll see you next sunday. thank you for having me on. >> great to see you. >> thank you. how cool is my wife? she comes home to surprise.
4:28 am
she bought avengers tickets for us for may. she's like i'm surprising you. >> that's a good wife. >> did your wife do that? >> is my wife better than yours. a terrifying story for any parent. a 7-year-old little girl dropped off by her school bus miles away from home. she's okay and the school said it was her fault. is that fair? one of the greatest presidents in american history. so what can we and all of the 2016 candidates learn from president abraham lincoln of illinois? we're going back in time. that's next. not to be judgmental, but from where i'm sitting... it's your gas that's out of order in this court. the pressure. the bloating. get gas-x. it relieves all those symptoms
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the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. this sunday is the premier of "game of thrones." this season focuses on a woman from a once powerful family who will stop at nothing to claim her rightful place on the throne. based on the true story of hillary clinton. [ laughter ] i guess that does explain hillary clinton's new campaign slogan "winter is coming." sources say that tomorrow hillary clinton will formally announce her presidential campaign. early polling shows that hillary has a substantial lead over her nearest democratic challenger the margin of error. >> that's tough. that margin of error. >> that is true! >> the winter is coming. >> throw herging her hat in the ring
4:33 am
today. does her husband want her to do it? >> the answer may surprise you. other stories making headlines this sunday morning. dash cam video released showing a deadly brawl between family members and police officers at the arizona walmart. [ yelling ] >> more officers to arrive to question the family after a walmart employee said one assaulted her. that's when the father and five sons started throwing punches. minutes later 21-year-old enoch gabber gabber grabbed an officer's gun and shot him in the leg. the officer will make a full recovery. hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to deploy troops to battle ebola in africa. at the height of the crisis
4:34 am
president obama promised to build ebola centers. by the time they were finished 28 patients only needed help. this could have been prevented that's the word from parents in boston outraged their daughter was dropped off miles from home after getting on the wrong school bus. the 7-year-old wanderered the streets until someone called the cops. her brother tried to report her missing but was ignored. the school is pointing at the finger at the child saying she didn't have to get off the bus in the first place. we'll be hearing from the family this morning. an a heart warming story for one family as they're about to drop a ceremonial first puck. >> we have a special delivery to the gab puck. please direct your attention to the tunnel who is home from afghanistan is sergeant daniel we areman! >> army sergeant is back from
4:35 am
afghanistan and gave his parents a big hug and kiss on the ice. the whole family ended up dropping the puck together. i don't think they're minding their bruises from that fall. he got two minutes for icing. >> different from a golf brawl. rick is outside. >> there's going to be one guys. later on. trust me when we try to take on the holes here. take a look at this quick. it looks like it's not very daunting these are some incredibly difficult golf putts. let's talk about the weather as you're waking up this morning. here is what is going to happen. if you're looking for rain or maybe even snow, this is where we'll see it over the next seven days. you see the spot across colorado and new mexico. hefty snow. eastern colorado get ready for that along with that could come severe weather. look at the bull eye a heavy rain across part of the deep south. looking at flooding. across the northeast for the day
4:36 am
today. take a look. hardly a cloud in the sky. it's going to be a spectacular day. temps warming up into the 50s and 60s for almost everyone. down to the southeast you see the showers lifting to the north. we'll see the rain moving in across the northern georgia and northern abby the time tonight. still rainy across parts of texas. one storm system moving out of kansas through part of iowa. a cold front drops in tonight and some of the storms likely severe toward oklahoma and kansas city area. watch for that. across the west we have a little bit of that mountain snow in the northern rookies to start your day. a pretty spectacular day. that's it. i'm going to practice up again for later on. >> 150 years ago this week, our nation was in mourning. dramatic events played out in washington. across the country people gathered along the train rutdoute
4:37 am
to watch the fallen leader. maybe our leaders can learn something from the most praised president. what do we learn from president ab han lincoln. here is james hampton cooke. thank you for coming on this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> he was a controversial president in his time, but the farther we have gone maybe the clearer the outlines are. what are the key lessons we learned from the presidency? >> he was a plejdlegend in is own time by some. a free slave who made dresses for mary lincoln asked if she could have lincoln's glove. and she said i want the glove as a momento of the man who has done so much for my race. he's been a yes hoelegend back then.
4:38 am
it's grown over the years. we look back at his legacy and seeing he was a practical, humble guy who did hard things. >> what did the candidates learn from president clinlincoln. you mentioned the humble reports. i was struck by the report that hillary clinton has people to teach her to be less humble. maybe taking a page from lincoln might be appropriate. >> he had some self-deep i are candidating humor. washington would have done it if his time had come. it wasn't all about him. that's what is missing sometimes. life is about the candidate when it needs to be about the american people. i think that projects further down the road. >> what lessons can candidates
4:39 am
take away? we have two hats ss in the ring. what do you think? >> lincoln came in with the policy of containment. i'm containing it to the south. we're not going to expand in the west. then he changed. it would have been easier to let the country to split in two countries. that would have been easier sometimes the harder way is the long-term better way. that's a lesson i think our candidates can learn today. and that's the most important promise is the promise that they take when they take that oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the united states. that's what lincoln did so well. >> he certainly did. it took a lot. 800,000 people died. jane hannity cook. hillary clinton hours away from announcing her 2016 campaign. she's doing it on twitter from brooklyn. woo! that's hip! is her husband on board with this?
4:40 am
one insider said maybe he's not. up next. we remember the dress that broke the internet. now it's a cat. is it going or down the stairs? why do we get so obsessed over the mind-bending images? we just want to be heard!
4:41 am
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4:44 am
dlanding the park return admission costs to every visitor for the past four years. and the university of michigan for american sniper 150 students attended after the school initially cancelled the screening. only seven people watched the other option was paddington. less violent. bill clinton said he would support hillary clinton's decision. >> whatever it is, i expect to support it. >>well, it looks like it's time for bill to make good on the statement. according to the next guest it might not be what he wants to do. joining us now is ed kline. author of "blood feud." good morning. >> good morning. >> you said the former president was on the fence and he's leaning toward no? >> what he's leaning toward is conflict. his concern is that if hillary runs and loses it's going to
4:45 am
damage the clinton brand. worse, if she wins what happens to the clinton foundation? because it will come under tremendous scrutiny. he'll probably have to step aside. and worst of all he'll be able to fly around with a bunch of movie stars and pretty girls. >> he said i have to assess what she wants me to do and we have to change the foundation rules again. it's a long road. >> they have to come up with under scrutiny if she's president of the united states. i mean he's getting most of his great donations from these foreign governments, which is something he won't be able to do anymore. he knows that. his current lifestyle is so
4:46 am
separate from hillary. he lives, a lot of time in little rock. he flies around the world doing whatever he wants to do. he won't be able to do that. >> how much will we see of him on the campaign trail. will he be on the trail from beginning? he said i don't know if i'm good at campaigning anymore. i'm a grandfather now. i enjoy hanging with my grand baby. >> he said he likes to take a backseat but if things get hot for hillary clinton be sure she'll wheel him out. >> you remember in 2008 that was a disaster. south carolina. we remember what he did. there was a number of instances where he said things contradictory to hillary clinton. upstaged her. has the new hillary clinton campaign figured out a way to manage bill? >> bill is unmanageable. let's face it. bill is a loose cannon whenever he might be.
4:47 am
there are some people in bill clinton's inner circle who feel there's a kind of almost unconscious conflict about whether he wants her to be president, because after all he was president and now he'll have to take the backseat. there's even talk if she becomes president he won't live in the white house. which would be a huge break from tradition. >> imagine that. first man in the white house. how would bill -- would bill be out making a garden. >> that's exactly the way he feels. >> unbelievable. all right. >> it's just beginning. ed, this afternoon what do you expect hillary clinton to do in iowa? is she going to be able to get and do the retail politics like she was unable to do in 2008 sit down and connect with voters there? she's heading there this afternoon. >> hillary clinton has been taking lessons how to become
4:48 am
likable. she's been taking lessons from steven spielberg's people in hollywood. >> really? >> from people in washington it remains to be seen whether hillary of today will be any better of hillary of 2008. >> is she manageable? i mean, you said bill clinton is unmanageable. she's bringing in advisers to make her more humble. can she do it? >> she's probably in a whole team of advisers. but at the same time she still has her old team in place. it remains to be seen if they can mesh. >> who do you think she is most intimidated by? >> marco rubio is her most significant challenger. he's young hansom, articulate, he knows foreign policy very well. >> and fresh and new. she's going to have to be running on the policies of
4:49 am
president obama since she was involved in that as secretary of state and also, you know, it's tough for somebody to get three terms. >> it's remain to be seen. that's what the new york times said today. whether the obama administration will get behind her. there's been some real tension between hillary and valerie jarrett and the obama administration. >> is this her last shot? >> absolutely. >> we'll be watching today hillary clinton set to make her announcement for 2016 in a little while. thank you very much. next the story is horrifying. a 2-year-old child falls into a pit of cheetahs a the zoo. now the zoo wants to sue the parents? we remember the dress that broke the internet. now it's a cat going up or down the stairs? what do you think, ed? up or down? >> to me it looks like he's going down. >> you're on my side. >> why do we get set on the
4:50 am
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4:51 am
by visiting
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4:53 am
it was the dress that broke the internet and not in a good way. now a photograph of a cat on a staircase is dominating the internet. joining us now is chris ruby. good morning. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> i can't get away from the suspiciousus is spugs that social media and iphones are making america dumber. >> yeah.
4:54 am
[ laughter ] >> we want to ask you about -- >> okay. the cat. let's show you the picture. we'll go along with it. the picture of the cat. >> i think it's going down. >> you see it going up. >> what is -- where did the picture come from. . how does a cat picture take the world by storm? >> you know what is interesting the optical illusions that people are obsessed with. you used to be able to look at them in the comfort of your home or school. now because of social media it goes viral so fast and people want to share devicive content. i think that's what it's about. that's why it's going viral. >> viral used to be ebola, chlamydia, now it's a good thing. >> for something like this it is. the internet is divided when things go viral it can change the publics' opinion on it. >> okay. >> it has the ability to sway publics' opinion. >> if there are 90 comments and
4:55 am
most are going down then you will. the internet making us stupid. it's making us have shorter attention spans. >> what? >> yeah. do that again. >> it wasn't just a distractions. it was posted on imageer six days ago. they have over 500,000 views. we have caught up in the bad news isn't it a nice distractions. >> it is a nice distractions. but people get so into it and obsessed. it causes wars online. >> do they make any money off it? >> i don't think so. >> do we know the answer whether the cat is going up or down? >> i say the cat is going down. >> has the owner of the photograph weighed in with an answer yet? >> no. >> really? >> and there's so many going viral. like the marilyn man rowonroe and einstein one. >> no. >> you haven't seen it? >> what is that? >> it's freaky looking.
4:56 am
what is this? how can that be marilyn monroe. that's a picture of marilyn monroe. >> people say it is. >> keep looking at it. the longer you stare at it the lower our gdp gets. is that whaurt you're saying? >> do you spend your life in the world and you seem so every effervescent and sharp. >> i stay on top of what is going on and the changing trends. >> let us know. you can weigh in. is the cat going up or down the stairs? it's sunday. it's a fun distractions. coming up next hillary clinton's official 2016 campaign announcement is just a few hours from right now. where does she stand against the field of republican candidates. chris wallace will join us coming up. a couple can't decide what to name their baby. they're leaving it to the internet. what can go wrong there?
4:57 am
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hi friends. good morning. today is sunday, the 12th of april, 2015. it's clinton time. hours from now hillary clinton will make her 2016 run for the white house official. we're getting a preview of her campaign message. so will it quiet her critics like this? does the cover of this paper say it all? we report. you decide. and president obama extending an olive branch a hand of friendship to communist dictator raul castro vowing to, quote turn the page. i'm not interested with battles that began before i was born. is an ignorance of history repeating it? >> a 7-year-old girl gets on the
5:01 am
wrong bus and off at the wrong bus stop. the school said the little girl should know better. her parents join us. "fox & friends" hour three begins right now. hey everybody. we're playing putt putt on the plaza today. >> we're at the final day of the masters we thought we would celebrate on the final day of the masters to see if we can put on a -- >> pathetic performance. >> yeah. we're going see if we can get it through the clown's mouth and the lighthouse. we have so much on the show today. it's almost unbelievable. first, we have breaking news. after 25 years hillary clinton is making it official. she's running for president. she's announcing today sunday at noon on twitter from her hq in brooklyn, new york. she'll be sending a clear message about what the campaign is about. we have a memo to her supporters
5:02 am
that spells it out. here is what it says -- it's not about hillary clinton. very doubtful of that. >> it's insane. it's precisely about hillary clinton. it's her turn. she earned it. that's the message. we need a woman in the white house. it's about her specifically. >> to be fair though, not from her campaign we haven't heard the message it's about her. we heard it from the hollywood elites who are come out. we're getting a preview of chelsea clinton's interview in "elle" magazine. she said it's time for a woman to be president. she doesn't mention her mom but she's obviously leading that way. >> president obama asked this very question on hillary clinton and he stood firm next to her.
5:03 am
listen. listen. >> she was an outstanding secretary of state. she is my friend. i think she would be an excellent president. she was focussed in working on really important policy initiatives. one thing i can say she's going to be able to handle herself very well in a conversation based around foreign policy and her track record, with respect to domestic policies, i think one that cares about working families. >> let's pause for a moment and remember back in 2008 or right after president obama was elected and how difficult it was for saturday night live to find the comedy mechanism to have a little fun with the president. the liberal media didn't want to criticize the president. it wasn't until after number of years that unfolded.
5:04 am
last night on saturday night live they managed to make a little fun already. take a look. >> i want to be a voice for women everywhere. >> did someone say women everywhere? [ laughter ] >> this election is about you. i don't want to hog your limelight. i'm leaving. look at me go. i'm gone. >> aren't we such a fun approachable dynasty? at the end of day, america, you deserve a leaders who cares about you and that's why i would make a great president. >> and surprise! i'll be her vp! and if anything happens to her, god forbid i'll happily be president of the united states again. bill clinton ii bigger and blacker.
5:05 am
all right. >> he's joking america! my vice president, of course, will be me. hillary clinton in charge. it will be a brand new white house ♪ ♪ oh who am i kidding? buckle america! the clintons are back flchlt. >> they're back. >> i'm amazed though, by the rationale for her campaign. on the one hand it's her foreign policy experience. really? you can't say good job hillary. she's running on behalf of middle class which has been destroyed under the obama administration for the past seven years. is she going look at that say you want more that have? >> if you read the new york times the advisers seem to be lining up that way. it seems like the economy that isth president presided over one of the worst economies since the great depression and chugging along now can hillary clinton align herself that way?
5:06 am
she can't do it on hillary clinton. she wasn't there for that of course. her foreign policy, of course, is the biggest sticking point. >> it's a third term for obama and he's begin g-- giving her a ringing endorsement. will it help or hurt hillary clinton? she's doing a quiet rollout on twitter which guarantees a good first day. she's not taking any questions from the media or anything. it's nice. what are we going to see from the media? what we're seeing on the cover of the new york post. "oh hill no!" >> and see pages four, five six and seven. >> and he said that, you know, she's -- she's going to be 69 on the day of inauguration if she wins. she's old and this is her last shot at it. not just her chronological age but her political age. she's been essentially trying to run for the white house since she left the white house.
5:07 am
>> i'm fascinated by the bill question. what role will bill clinton play in this? remember how mismanaged he was in 2008. ed cline was on this morning. here is his take. >> if hillary runs and loses it's going to damage the clinton brand. worse, if she wins what happens to the clinton foundation? because it will come under tremendous scrutiny. he'll probably have to step aside. they won't be able to take foreign donations as they have been, which he loves to do and worst of all, he won't be able to fly around the world in the g 650 with a bunch of movie stars and pretty girls like his current lifestyle is separate from hillary. he lives, a lotful time in little rock, he flies around the world doing whatever he wants to do. he won't be able to do that if
5:08 am
she's president. >> will he live in the white house? >> i think he wants her to run. will he live there if she wins? i can't wait until someone asks her. president obama meeting face face with cuban president raul castro pledging to turn the page on divisions between our nations. critics, and there are a lot, slam the meeting with the communist dictator after president obama snubbed benjamin netanyahu. elizabeth is live in washington, d.c., with more. >> good morning. it's the first time there has been substantiative talks in more than 50 years ending decades of silence between the u.s. and the island nation. cuban president raul castro and president obama put the past behind them. acknowledging it will take time to build the relationship. but neither feeling discouraged. president obama said the severed ties came long before he was in office, he wasn't interested in keeping the relationship cold. >> the cold war has been over
5:09 am
for a long time, and i'm not interested in having battles that, frankly, started before i was born. >> critics argue maybe he should be more interested in years past. one congressman said he needs a a stronger more consistent foreign policy. >> the president won't meet with israeli prime minister but he'll meet with raul castro. you think if anything it would be the other way around. the president with the negotiations with iran just like with castro he's talking to people who do not negotiate in good faith. they are untrust worthy. >> former florida governor marco rubio and john mccain were among others who were very vocal. >> thank you very much. and welcome back from maternity leave. >> thank you. we have other stories making headlines. we start with the fox news alert. isis once again placing direct
5:10 am
target on the united states. a new video released warns isis will burn america and wage violent jihad. the video is not awe then candidated. isis destroys ancient ruins in second. a new video appears to show the terrorists blowing up an ancient city. this just the latest in a string of attacks on ancient ruins in iraq. an overwhelming turn out. thousands attend the funeral of walter scott the black man shot and killed while running from a police officer in south carolina. racism motivated the shooting but discouraging them -- officer michael slager has been arrested for the shooting. he said he shot him after a struggle for his taser. residents return home from an illinois town hit by a half mile wide tornado to assess the damage. the ef 4 tornado pack winds up
5:11 am
to 200 miles per hour and all 70 bill buildings in fairdale were destroyed or damaged. two people were killed. >> that certain man is watching over us. but he couldn't save all of us. >> and what many are calling a miracle following the destruction. a man reunites with his dog two days after he lost his wife and home in the tornado. he thought missy had died but she had run two and a half miles away from home fearing the storm. amazing they were reunited. that's great. >> rick is telling us about tornado season but hurricane season in six weeks. >> yeah. but we have tornados the big one now. here is good news you live in
5:12 am
d.c. how are the cherry blossoms? >> i haven't been there any awhile. take a look at the video. we have video out of d.c. today is the end of the yearly cherry blossom festival in d.c. a spectacular year of it. the festival has been going on for a few weeks. today is the end officially. it doesn't mean the blossoms are gone. if you have a chance get throughout and see them before they fall. what a spectacular site right there. weather today is going to be spectacular in the d.c. area. cool start to the morning. temps in the 40s. belle we'll be in the 60s by the end of the day. all the troubles across the gulf states. some will be pretty strong. we'll see it last for a number of days. a front dropping down out of the rookies is going to bring severe weather across parts of kansas and missouri. mostly hail and strong winds. we can't rule out an isolated tornado. tomorrow stronger storms across
5:13 am
parts of texas. nothing that is going to be huge. certainly nothing like last week. temperature wise enjoy it. the green on the map and the yellows are comfortable temperatures there. we'll have those all week long. there you go. >> all week long. >> all week long! >> the cherry blossoms are bad news for anna. >> man my allergies. >> the bombshell new report american workers are being fired and replaced with cheaper foreign workers. they claim there are no americans to do the job. it turns out it's not true at all. you can thank the president's immigration policy. does this sound familiar, parents? >> don't tell mom! >> don't tell mom. >> don't tell mom! >> don't tell mom! is mom doing it, too? this morning one mom's story is going viral. she said dad doesn't like mcdonalds so she sneak it is to her children.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. you've been waiting decades and hours from now hillary clinton will make her run for the white house official. >> take a look at the new poll out of iowa, because that's where she's heading. all within the margin of error now. it's going to get interesting. >> mauro marco rubio is expected to throughout his hat in the ring tomorrow. chris wallace joins us now. >> good to be with you.
5:18 am
>> what do you make of the quiet rollout on twitter? >> it's interesting there's been a lot of talk. this will be more informal. she won't be imperial. the interesting thing i look at the video she released. it came out. her announcement exactly the same way in february of 2007 she was sitting with a soft light in her home here in washington. she said let's chat. let's have a conversation. and couldn't have been more kind of homespun. it's actually exactly what she did in 2007. in the end i think it means absolutely nothing. it's going to come down to calm of issues. do people think she has an agenda, a program that will make their lives better or do they think she's running because it's her turn and she's somehow entitled to it. and secondly, i think the e-mail scandal brought this out concerns that people have about the clinton school dans, sense
5:19 am
they play by one set of rules and everybody else plays by another. when you saw how it played out in the polls a couple of weeks after the scandal broke suddenly a majority of people -- more people thought she was untrust worthy than honest and trust worthy. you can see it's a vulnerability for her. she's going to have to work on that. >>. she said she's running to help the middle class. do you think she'll be running on that for a year from now? >> yes. look everybody runs on the middle class. you're not saying i'm run for the rich. that's what she'll say. you can argue whether or not she'll have viable programs that are any different than the obama agenda. but sure, i'm fighting for the middle class and building it out. the other thing interestingly enough, she's saying she's a pragmatist who knows how to get washington working again. there's an implied criticism of president obama there. he came to washington in the
5:20 am
partisan gridlock and it doesn't go well. she's saying i have to clean up what this president failed to clean up. >> hillary clinton's foreign policy tied directly to the press. you're talking about foreign policy today on the show. tell us about that. >> we'll have a couple of guests that talk about hillary clinton and president's foreign policy. mitt romney we'll have him on. he's going to discuss hillary clinton's entry into the race. in addition, this crowded gop field. marco rubio going to be the third u.s. senator joining. we'll have a bunch of governors and former governors. it's going to be the dirty dozen before it's over. and senator bob menendez a fierce critic of president obama's foreign policy. this will be his first television interview since he
5:21 am
was indicted. >> we'll be watching. check your local listings. coming up lost, alone, and miles from home. a 7-year-old girl gets on the wrong school bus and gets lost. the school said she should have known better. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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5:24 am
hey, how are you feeling? quick look at the headlines. the boston police officer shot in the face during a traffic stop is now out of the hospital. officer john moynihan is home still recovering from his serious injuries. police just releasing video showing the moment he was shot outside a suspect's car last month. that man was killed by police. and you don't want to ride with him. rapper tell mely arrest -- nelly arrested for drug charges. police found meth, marijuana, and handguns on board the tour
5:25 am
bus. lost alone and miles from home. that happened to the 7-year-old massachusetts girl after she got on the wrong school bus and got off on the wrong bus stop. she wandered the streets crying until someone called the police. while her parents waited in total panic. now they want answers. 7 7-year-old anastasia and her parents join us. nice to see you. welcome to "fox & friends." >> thank you for having us. >> georgia, what happened that afternoon? you were standing at that bus stop waiting for your daughter. what did you think had gone on? >> well when i see the bus pulled up i noticed my son was standing next to the driver and i was immediately thinking he's going to be in punishment for standing up. he should have been sitting. as he stepped out he looked disoriented. he wanted to tell me, mom, anastasia is on the wrong bus and i told the driver and he
5:26 am
told me to sit down. i'm thinking the baby is missing. she's out there somewhere. what bus is she on? but my son, he knew what number bus anastasia was on. >> when you got off the bus the street didn't look familiar to you at all. you were scared, right? what did you do? >> yeah. >> what did you do when you got off the bus? >> i started running -- i started run gning and crying. i didn't know if i should have run left or right. >> didn't know where to go. >> when you found out the school was saying look, it's her fault. what did you think? >> i thought it was preposterous. you're blaming a 7-year-old for getting on a bus. i understand she got on a wrong bus, but it could have been avoided if the other bus driver the normal bus driver of our bus
5:27 am
would have allowed my son to get his sister when they were still on school property. >> georgia, that's the issue here right? the bus tonoston public statement states -- is that enough for? could have the bus driver have done more? >> yes, definitely. it would be very enlightening if little children such as anastasia who is only 7, in the first grade, knows the policy, but i know as a mom i don't know the policy. i know, the majority of parents don't know the policy. for those that don't know the policy how do they know if they get on the wrong bus they shouldn't get off the bus? i don't know, first we have to get that out there for all the parents all over the united states who have little children
5:28 am
who when something tragic like this happens know what to do. >> anastasia can you recite the boston school bus policy? do you know the ins and out of the policy? >> well it was 5 through 7 -- >> no. clearly not. jonathan, i mean how does a 7-year-old supposed to know whether or not you're allowed to get off? it's ridiculous. you want a petition signed to make sure it doesn't map again. >> absolutely. i mean there should be something still in place, you know, for buses to be able to have monitors. so many different things happen on the buses, as an advocate and cochair of parent counsel for the elementary school, it is my responsibility to not just advocate for my daughter and my son but advocate for the other 6 or 700 kids there, and not just
5:29 am
that but, you know, everything i do with young people in church fashion, in community fashion, and then in school fashion, you know, it just is important for us to be able to join together as a community to make sure that the kids are safe when they are doing what they do when they go to the school, communities and going home >>well, said jonathan. thank you, jonathan, georgia, and anastasia. we're glad a man on a bike got you rescued with police. we appreciate you joining us. thank you very much. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. >> bye. >> that little girl. bombshell new report american workers being fired or replaced with cheaper foreign workers. you can thank the president's immigration policy for that. an incredible story now. how an 11-year-old boy managed to save his grvm after she falls down a 150 foot cliff. it's caught on camera. straight ahead.
5:30 am
andmother after she falls down a 150 foot cliff. it's caught on camera. straight ahead.
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
5:34 am
that should be our motto. we don't even have to try it's always a good time. it's shot of the morning. who needs the masters? we have the minigolf. >> we set up our "fox & friends" fairway on our plaza on sixth avenue and 48th street. >> we'll see if any of us can score a wholehole in one like jack nicholson. >> it's a tough course out there. is it hard or is it good? >> it's hard. >> you heard it from her. it's hard. the guys from the big bounce theory set up party supplyies and they brought us a portable nine-hole minigolf course. a spectacular thing. next hour we're going to be competing on this, guys. just so you know, i'm practicing
5:35 am
for the next hour. because it needs it. trust me. take a look at the weather now as you're waking up. we have a great picture coming from daytona beach florida. this is sunrise from yesterday morning. we're talking about a pretty nice start to the day. 71 degrees. a little bit humid and later on today we'll see a chance of a thunderstorms popping up around parts of that area. not as goods of a day today. across areas of the northeast a spectacular one. the nicest day we've seen in ages. even portland, maine, getting up to 62 degrees. down to the southeast we'll have the scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the day today. a little bit of localized flooding this week. some areas may see up to 6 inches of rain. across the central plains stomps later on evening. a lot of wind across the rockies. all right, guys.
5:36 am
that's it. get ready! >> good luck out there. >> themes fighting words. >> all right. we have other stories making headlines on the sunday morning to tell you about now. newly released video shows a deadly brawl between a family and police officers at an arizona walmart. [ yelling ] this is unreal. four arrests arrived to question the gaber family after one of the employees said the father assaulted her. the father and five sons start punching her. one shot an officer's gun and shot him in the allege. another officer fired back and killed the man. the officer shot will make a full recovery. u.s. immigration law is meant to protect american workers. a popular visa program is giving your hard earned jobs away to
5:37 am
immigrants. many of the foreign replacements don't have the required skills. >> they're telling the workers, look, you need to train your foreign replacement. we're going fire you because we can hire these cheaper. you need to train your foreign replacement. >> many times they get paid tens of thousands of dollars less than their american counter part. in a dramatic rescue to tell you about. a grandmother slides 150-feet down an embankment. the 70-year-old was walking with her grandsons in washington state when she slipped and fell. the oldest boy stayed calm and dialled 9-1-1. >> it's spring break so they were at grandmother's house. she's gone on walks with them before but u never like this. it's steep. and way far down. >> rescuers used a raft to bring the woman to safety and rush her
5:38 am
to hospital. he hurt her back and expected to be okay. don't tell your dad what you had for lunch. a mom admits she takes her kids to mcdonalds but doesn't tell her husband. despite a backlash. for children it's a story going viral. carolyn wood said we call it our sneaky meal because my husband thinks it is disgusting. he doesn't want to know anything about it. teach your kids to be sneaky and it's okay to lie to daddy. >> it's a trip to mcdonalds not a lifestyle change. >> never say to your kids don't tell a parent. because it forces them to be a sneaky person. and if pits one parent against another. never put your parents in that position. >> our viewers are wise. >> speaking of putting your children in an uncomfortable position. at the cleveland zoo yesterday
5:39 am
afternoon a 2-year-old boy somehow wound up in the cheetah enclosure. eye witnesses say they believe his parents dangled him and somehow let go of him. he dropped 10 feet and hurt his leg. the parents jumped over the fence and rescued him. the zoo is upset and pushing to file endangerment charges. >> a child is recovering after a leg injury after falling into in a cheetah pit. his parents dangled him over. it could have ended worse. >> yeah. let's listen to the zoo's executive director. take a listen. >> unfortunately we have a number of eye witnesses accounts that point to the strong likelihood that the child was dangled over the railing. the cheetah made no attempt interact with the child or his parents at any time. >> i'm hard wired to look at the
5:40 am
bright side. it's pretty irresponsible to dangle a pit. but the child survived. it's a huge advantage later in life. >> are you hearing what tucker is saying now? survival of the fittest parents. throw your -- >> i'm not encouraging anybody drop a kid into a cheetah closure. that's two. it's too young. now that it happened and it survived him. it will make him stronger. he breaks his arm in a bike accident. i survived a cheetah -- >> to the cheetah pit which is a new york city racy nightclub instead. that will set him up for success. it will have all kinds of emotional problems. >> how many people do you know say i survived a cheetah pit. >> my parents dropped me in a cheetah pit! >> if it's true, this is
5:41 am
probably in the the first thing. >> they're not coddling him. >> oh, my gosh. >> take him to the whale watching expedition. coming up his kidney could save her life. now he may not be able to donate it because strangers raised too much money and now the hospital said it is unethical. the man who said that money doesn't matter said he wants to save a life. he's joining us live next. and rowing the boat but anything but gentle. a fishing opportunity for those with nets! whoa! we'll explain. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping
5:42 am
audible sa the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites.
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5:44 am
at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. welcome back. time for some quick headlines now. he's probably the most popular
5:45 am
kid in school. 13-year-old accused of taking $25,000 from his grandfather's house. and handing out $100 bills to his classmates. police are working to get parents to return the cash, but some have already spent the money. they have collected $7,000 so far. parents let their kids spend that money. where did you get that? i don't know. row your boat gently down the stream unless you're attacked by fish. giant asian carp flopped around the college rowers in missouri. you could club them with an oar. tucker? >> i love it. thank you clayton. the story we've been following for some time here. a maine man volunteers to donate his kidney after a single mother posted her plea on her car window. hundreds of people were so impressed by his self-lessness they have given 48d $48,000 for
5:46 am
lost wages for the donor he'll be out of work. it seems the hospital in question is stalling on that transplant over the amount of money raised saying it raises ethical questions and violate the law. back with us today is the man hoping to donate his kidney. thank you for joining us this morning, josh. >> thank you. >> so i think that was a fair representation of the facts of the story. i want to clear up at the beginning. a federal law passed in 1984 prohibits selling of organs body parts. selling them. you are not donating this kidney in order to make money, correct? >> correct. i actually started the process six months before this go fund me page was created. >> right. >> right. so these are people, the people who donated the $48,000 to you who heard about your willingness to donate your kidney and then just stepped up and said we want to help the man and reward him for his selflessness, correct? >> correct.
5:47 am
i these are people i don't know. >> yes. >> i think the problem it's so much money and this is one of the first cases where a donor has raised so much money. >> so we have a quote here from a doctor from the medical center of portland. i'm not exactly sure what that means. what is the hospital telling you or go forward with the transplant or not? >> they're telling me they're going to go forward with the process, and actually at the end of it i have a few more meetings and a cat scan for them to choose which kidney. other than they reached out their lawyer who reached out to my wife and i. >> good. they're going to err on the side of helping the patient rather than on worrying what their lawyers say is that correct? >> correct.
5:48 am
>> why did you do this? you've been asked the question a lot. i find it inspiring and amazing. why give your kidney to a total stranger? >> well i saw the message on the back of her car who said 2-year-old little boy needs his mother. i just had twins myself, and seeing my wife with my two boys and knowing how important my wife is to my sons it really resonated with me. so if i could do something to help and keep this mother with her child longer, then i was going to try to do that. >> boy, that is really inspiring. i'm not at all surprised it's happening in the great state of maine. a place filled with great people. thank you. appreciate it. josh dall-leighton. a couple can't decide what to name their babies. what are they doing? leaving it up to the internet. american sniper is shown at
5:49 am
one university after a school reversed the decision not to show the film. probably for political reasons. what does the man who killed bin laden think about this? rob o'neal joins us to react next. don't miss it.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
niversity of michigan for american sniper. with more than 150 students attending after the school originally planned to cancel the screening and show the movie paddington about the bear instead. this comes after another school postponed the screening of the film after muslim students
5:53 am
complained. here to react is the man that killed bin laden. an honor to have you on the program. thank you for being with us. >> how are you? >> fantastic. thanks for asking. was this the right move for u of m to make the reversal? >> of course. this is supposedly a place all universities where, you know diversity and different types of thought and all of a sudden there's something they don't agree with even though it's real and they decide just to shut them up and they made the right decision. they showed the movie and whether or not they agree with it they should have the opportunity if they're going to show it. >> yeah and the head football coach after u of m said they weren't going to be showing it said i'm going to show this to my football players and there was backlash from students on campus and the university reversed that decision. how important is it for students at liberal universities to speak up? >> it's important for them to see this because whether or not they agree, this is a great movie, a lot of americans have
5:54 am
seen it. it's not about the violence of war even though it is violent but that's reality. it shows what families go through when the men and women that have been to work come back. whether or not you agree it happens. people need to know what's going on with these heros and that you are families. >> and chris kyle the most decorated sniper in american history is being honored with a guitar. it's a one of a kind les paul guitared auctioned off to help the charity he helped to found and you have some involvement in this as well. tell us about that. >> this was the brain kieldchild of a friend of mine who is a recording artist in nashville. they made a les paul inspired guitar. it's based off one of the emblems that chris kyle helped to design. it's really cool. the volume knobs are made out of two pieces of spent shells. and it's just a really cool
5:55 am
guitar and they're going to donate it with 100% of the proceeds going to guardian for heros it's called. the guardian for heros downation. you can find it at charity buzz. it started off at 3000 dollars and it's going up. it's a great piece and 100% of the proceeds going to help those with post-traumatic stress. >> veterans with all sorts of disabilities. we love gibson guitars and the les paul guitar. toured the factory there in tennessee several months ago. amazing. a great company. made right here in america. as far as the foundation goes do you know what the money specifically is going to be going to? >> 100% of the proceeds will go to his foundation. it provides help for disabled vets. a lot of stuff with post-traumatic stress. individualized support. everything from exercise machines to their hole so they can workout. life coaching.
5:56 am
getting people together. one of the things that helps vets suffering from pts is getting them together to do projects and build houses and whateverful one thing is music. get people together. it's a team. everyone maying an instrument. this is symbolic of that. it's a great idea and with the money going to help the vets it's a great cause. >> from getting physical to getting musical. i love that tim montana's song is called came here to party. going viral. great stuff. thank you for your time today. >> have a great day. 56 minute afs the hourter the hour now. attention parents the secret to your kid's success is letting thelda fail. the author and dad that wrote the book on it is joining us next. hillary clinton says it's time for a female president but can she run on that? she says it will take a lot more. she joins us live. come on in. ♪
5:57 am
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>> hi friends, happy sunday. it's the 12th of april, 2015. this is fox and friends weekend. it's clinton time again. hours from now hillary clinton will make her 2016 run for the white house official. we're already getting a preview of her campaign message and critics are saying it sounds a lot like something we've heard before. >> so miss clinton says it's time for a female president but can she run on that exclusively? can that be the core of her campaign? she spent a lot of time inside the white house. she says it will take more than that to get back there. she joins us live in just a minute. >> we all remember the dress that broke the internet. remember the internet exploded because of this dress? what color is it? now it's this cat. is it going up or down the
6:01 am
stairs? dana is here in moments to weigh in on this mind bending phenomenon. fox and friends hour 4 starts right now. >> dana said hour four is when the wheels come off. >> that's so unbelievable. there's not enough starbucks in the world to keep us level. >> it's not just in the fourth hour because we asked about the cat as well. >> that's true. >> it's been one of those days but we're glad to see you anna. >> yeah, we'll be playing miniature golf on the plaza in honor of the masters. so stay tuned for that. >> rick has been working the last three hours. he plays large par five courses throughout the world. >> his caddie is very frustrated. >> she is 8 years old. we have a fox news alert. isis is places a direct target on the united states. a new video just released warns isis will burn america and rage
6:02 am
violent jihad in another 9-11 type attack. the video not authenticated. in iraq isis destroys ancient ruins in seconds. a new video shows the terrorists blowing up an ancient city full of priceless relics. president obama holds a historic meeting with cuban president castro in the summits of americas in panama city. the president saying he wants to turn the page on divisions between the nations while acknowledging their differences. the communist leader agreeing it's time to rebuild relationships blaming previous u.s. presidents for a troubled history. the cold war has been over for a long time. and i'm not interested in having battles that frankly started before i was born. >> at the summit president obama slammed republican senators john mccain and mitch mcconnell for
6:03 am
criticizing the deal saying partisanship has gone too far. >> an overwhelming turn out. hundreds attend the funeral of walter scott. the black man shot and killed while running from a police officer in north charleston, south carolina. the pastor told the crowd racism motivated the shooting but discouraged them from judging all police. he says he fired at scott after a struggle for his taser. >> a mom to be hates the name her husband has come up with for their baby so the couple is letting people online settle the debate. online, really? dad wants to name the child spyridon after his father. mom says she can't pronounce that and prefers michael after her father. so far mom is winning. only four people signed the petition for the name spyridon. >> all right.
6:04 am
someone who needs no introduction. we're going to introduce her anyway, our friend, one of the smartest people at fox. >> wow. >> dana joins us this morning. >> no pressure. >> on the day hillary clinton announces. >> can you believe that? you would think it was a consequence. >> so she basically has helped us. she gave us the cliff notes for her campaign for president. >> 14 years ago. >> she gave us a memo that explains why she is running. our purpose of the campaign to give every family every small business every american a path to prosperity. the campaign is not about hillary clinton or us it's about every day americans trying to build a life for themselves and their families. can she run on helping the middle class given ball balm's record with the middle class? >> she'll have a hard time running on anything based on president obama. any political party that had the white house for two terms it's
6:05 am
hard to win a third term. think of john mccain. he already had an uphill battle trying to follow george w. bush. remember it was the third bush term. president obama is about at 45% approval rating and i think that the republicans will effectively be able to define her as running for a third obama term. >> let's talk about messaging. a former white house press secretary you know this well. how important is it for her to get out in front of that message before americans start painting her as the third obama presidency. >> the lead up to this campaign has been the longest ripping off of the band-aid in the history of american politics. a lot of us are just relieved like finally just get this over with. i think she actually moved up her announcement based on what you heard from chatter around her circle but she moved it up and there's a couple of reasons. her poll numbers are sliding in particular in the main states
6:06 am
she needs to do well in. you showed it earlier, iowa, florida, colorado. trust and honesty are on the slide. they needed to figure out a way to get in front of that. and also she risks being identified as the person that thinks she should just be able to walk right into the oval office because she deserves it. they're going to try hard to disabuse people of that notion. >> you mention the trust and honesty. she'll have to introduce more about the foreign contributions for her family and this scandal. i want to get you take on this. chelsea is going to be on the cover of elle magazine next month and she says it's all about symbolism and it's time for a woman president. it's important for symbolic reason. symbols are important. we heard robert deniro say it's her time. she earned it. >> symbolism has limited value. it has some value and it will
6:07 am
mean something to a select number of voters out there and let me tell you something, the women's magazines are going to be insufferable. for the next year and a half their love for the clintons is going to be shining through. that's not the people they have to worry about. they don't have to worry about convincing them to vote for hillary clinton. they have to get them to the point. >> she goes on to make a pretty provocative point. she says women should be in positions of power not just because they're women but because women govern differently. this will be a better country. are there any differences so profound that a female president will be different than a male president do you think? >> she believes and that the dell cats believe that and the republicans have been working hard to find more women to run and they have done a really good job just in the last cycle because of winning women which is this effort, they actually elected 8 more republicans. now there's still fewer than there are democrats but that
6:08 am
actually was significant progress. >> as a woman it's offensive that that would even be mentioned by chelsea clinton, right? >> i mean -- >> if a man said the same thing, men are just better leaders. >> think of her audience. she's in elle magazine. this is preaching to the choir. >> but she's saying the problems that america faces are the results of male leadership. >> it has a limited shelf life. you cannot rub an entire campaign saying vote for me because i'm a woman. >> let's take a look at this new poll out this morning, it asks whether or not you'd be more inclined to vote because of gender 83% it doesn't much matter. 12% say they would be more inclined to vote for her because she is a woman. >> it's something people say. there's the question and we were finally able to talk to a pollster who convinced him that i was right and he was wrong.
6:09 am
you all would have guessed that. whenever we argue about this upcoming election he says republican women will be more likely to vote for hillary clinton just because she's a woman rather than voting for a republican man. i said that's just not true. i cannot believe that's true. that was a gut instinct of mine. we talked to a pollster that says in the battleground poll he does time after time that does not bear out. it could be significant for a handful of republicans but it's not a big number. >> it's about that moment they'll say that publicly but when they go into that booth if you're a woman and you have the tuntd opportunity to elect the first wol wol in history. >> they want to feel their children and their family are safe. the number of people that think that they will be the target of a terrorist attack is up to 70%. >> personally. >> they personally. and not just in the major
6:10 am
cities. it's all about america. anxiety about national security is at an all time high. that helps republicans. another thing is i want to make sure i have enough time in my day to get everything done and make sure that my family is financially secure. whoever is able to convince voters that they are the better person to lead america down that road they will be able to win the election. it won't be because she says i'm a woman, vote for me. >> what about bill clinton in this? this is not just some side factor. this is a huge factor. >> it's her biggest asset. one of the things that she has that other women in america can't have -- there's not very many women that can raise $2 billion like that. the reason they are able to do that is because of a lifetime of building up a network across the country of supporters and fund-raisers that supported bill clinton and feel responsible and funded the clinton foundation. they have funded their entire lives. >> i'm not sending anymore more to the clinton foundation.
6:11 am
>> i'm not. >> they're going to be heart broken. >> it's upsetting. dana is staying around for this. will hillary clinton's timing steal the thunder of marco rubio. dana says hilary is the one that should be worried. >> lost, alone and miles from hole. a 7-year-old little girl gets on the wrong school bus and ends up lost and the school says she should have known better. her parents are outraged. hear from them next. does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek!
6:12 am
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we all enter this world with a shout and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year. and that w ould be something worth shouting about. cvs health, because health is everything. good morning. just hours from now hillary clinton expected to announce she is running for president. >> this is marco rubio gears up
6:15 am
to make his own presidential announcement coming tomorrow. will it be overshadowed by hilary's day today? >> dana is back with us to weigh in on that. marco rubio, will he be up staged or should hillary clinton be worried? is he the one contender that should really worry. >> you had differ people thinking different things. what did it mean? is she more worried about marco rubio. it's consequence. they had been planning for a couple of weeks to get this out there in this way so she could get to iowa and start dealing with the poll problem she has. marco rubio has not seen any drop off according to his folks and, in fact it works well for him. she is going to do a staged stale video today for social media. it will get a lot of tv time. and then you'll contrast that with something new and fresh and someone who is fluent in spanish and excited and he chooses the freedom tower in miami and he'll explain that venue tomorrow. i think that it actually works in his favor.
6:16 am
>> it's an opportunity for him to show case his differences right? and a lot of media outlets that may not even cover politics their eyes will be on 2016. >> presidential elections are always about the future. she has been running for president for about 14 years, maybe longer. and it feels lake she is running for obama's third material. it's anticlimactic. he'll be on hannity tomorrow night and hitting the road. that contrast will help his chances. >> so he's all in from what we're hearing. he's not running for that senate seat again? it's president or bust. is that true? >> i don't know if in florida you can run for both at the same time. but tomorrow he's not going to announce he's running for re-election to the senate. he'll be talk about running for president. >> rand paul is doing both. >> rand paul is getting to try to do both. >> here's a new poll out of iowa and it shows how rubio shapes up
6:17 am
against hillary clinton. take a look at this. 40% versus hilary at 43%. rand paul 43% up against hillary clinton 42% and ted cruz 40% versus hillary clinton's 42%. you can take my word for it. hillary clinton didn't do well in iowa in 2008. she came in third place there and she large i wasly was criticized for not being able to connect with voters. maybe she was too big for it. now she's all in sitting down retail politics. >> so she is kicking off her cam pain. what's the big difference. she had competition then. now she doesn't. so she does have to go to iowa. she has to show up and that's a state that is sort of -- it could be purplish red maybe. that would be tough for a republican but scott walker is certainly going to make a big go of it there. so she knows she has some trouble in iowa but she done have competition like she used to. >> what about that there's a
6:18 am
consensus that everyone seems to believe the only person that could knock her from her perch is heelizabeth warren. >> i don't believe that. >> who else would there be? >> she flatly has said i'm not running. >> she has a vision that's real. >> i think she is running for president of the united states. >> why wouldn't she jump any wonder? >> hillary clinton has the ability to raise $2 billion across the country. she has a she has a whole organization. she has dedicated staffers who are all desperate to get back in the white house. they've wanted to work in the white house again since bill clinton left the white house. elizabeth warren doesn't have that. i think she'll be effective in a couple of things. this is good for the republicans. he liz she's pulling the party farther left than president obama. there's hardly anymore moderate democrats. warren doesn't help that. she has to make a choice. did you tell it matter to her to
6:19 am
have a vice president like elizabeth warren that will help deal with the left wing of the party unhappy with president obama believe it or not. or is she going to try to pick somebody that might help her with a constituentrycy like hispanics. they'll all be able to talk to hispanics like we haven't seen from a republican candidate. >> and ted cruz, rand paul marco rubio also fresh faces compared to a hillary clinton. how is she new to the scene. >> i would point you to if you have time and you're interested in this issue, national journal and he appears on fox as well he spent a lot of time in iowa and talked to over 2 dozen folks there. people involved in the presidential process and they're skeptical of hilary because of the way she treated them last time. that's why after she makes this announcement she'll head to iowa and new hampshire and listen to people. >> listen. i've heard that before. >> it worked for her in new york. >> it did. if you want win a statewide race
6:20 am
in new york as a democrat it's tile to go sell insurance. dana the author of an upcoming book, and the good news is -- i have read the galleys. it's so good. >> you can preorder it now if you want and it's out april 21st. you said you want your kids to read it. it's going to be good for graduation. >> there's real advice in there you can use. >> and a good story about some dogs. >> go to amazon. >> you're so humble. >> thank you. >> president obama extending an olive branch to raul castro vowing to turn the page. he's not interested in battles that began before he was born. but should he be? >> ever met a parent like this one. >> it's not your son's fault. it's yours. you have to hover your kid's shoulder to force them to succeed. it's called helicopter parenting. >> yeah. we've seen that before. our next guest says that's all wrong. the secret to success is letting
6:21 am
your children fail. the father and author that wrote the book on it joins us live coming up. ♪ the new s6 hits the stores and i'm like... whoa. open the box and... (sniffing) new phone smell. jump on a video chat with my friend. he's a real fan boy, so i can't wait to show this off. picture is perfect. i got mine at verizon. i... didn't. it's buffering right out of the box he was impressed. i couldn't be happier. couldn't see him but i could hear him
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6:24 am
get up. let's get moving. border agents bracing for another wave of immigrant children. nearly 40,000 will try to enter the united states from mexico this year. that's down from last year but still one of the highest totals on record. a russian fighter jet intercepts an american spy plane over the baltic sea. it happened in an unsafe and unprofessional manner. the military claims the plane's transponder was off making it invisible to them. a parental debate coming up with
6:25 am
the boys. >> crying baby alert. you may be able to relate to this. >> hey, boy, why don't i do that for you. >> isn't this supposed to be my project? >> all the other parents are doing it for their kids. now stand back and i'll take it from here. a little further back. >> do you want me to watch and learn. >> no that kind of creeps me out. >> well turns out if you're taking parenting tips from homer simpson stop right there. our next guest says you ought to let your kids fail once in awhile. he is a pediatrician that specializes in adolescent medicine at the children's hospital of philadelphia. he's also the author of raising kids to thrive from the american academy of pediatricsful thanks. thanks for joining us this morning. >> the word pail your is such a final word and it feels so scary. we want our kids to fail so they can succeed.
6:26 am
failure creates opportunity. failure is what creates growth. failure makes us understand our limitations and ends up having us come up with the second, the fifth, the tenth try and that's where we meet with success. the key is that we have to let our kids fail under our watchful eyes because if we don't they're going to fail as adults and not have anyone then that's going to protect them. >> which brings us to point number two here which is don't step in. maybe the hardest thing to do when parents watch their kids fail. >> it's profoundly hard. your child is trying to answer a question and the question is who am i. imagine that that is a puzzle. a 10,000 piece puzzle. how do you put it together? you first start by putting together the boarders. that is what parents do when we put discipline in place rules in place. what's the next thing you do? you look at the picture in the box and you say what kind of puzzle am i building? that's what parents do when we
6:27 am
are role models for our kids. what next happens? she shove and they push all the pieces in the middle. the pieces with the jagged edges. they experiment. this might fit. this might not fit. let me try again. that's where we get out of the way. that's their work. >> fascinating. >> you say the consequences and lessons of your actions look past the immediate goals. >> right. so we have to remember that we're trying to raise successful children and when we look at our child we have to look at the 35-year-old we're raising and what is it that we want? we want that man or that woman to have a sense of meaning in their life. we want them to be compassionate. to be emotionspathetic. to be able to collaborate with other people to say hey you take this one. we want them to be able to be coachable. we want them to be able to take constructive criticism and we
6:28 am
want them to be resilient. to be able to bounce back during tough times. all of these lessons. being able to take constructive criticism, being able to bounce back. being creative being innovative. coming up with new ideas. being entrepreneurial, you learn this from failure and retooling and trying again. >> i love it. in the book you talk about being a lighthouse parent and helping kids navigate the rough waters so they don't have to be a helicopter parent. a beacon to help them guide. nice to see you this morning. the author of the book raising kids to thrive in the great city of philadelphia. thank you doctor. >> my pleasure. >> fascinating. coming up a university bans a screening of american sniper but when they reversed the decision, students packed the house. the man that killed bin ladaden reacts to the controversy. >> and while the biggest golfers in the world battle it out at
6:29 am
augusta today, we're doing something similar. we're playing minigolf. you can see our own pro out there sinking putt after putt. stay tuned. ... take time for sunday. just know that your truck... has a little thing for monday.
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6:33 am
this is the shot of the morning. it's a feline trying to catch some rays. shows two annoying dogs who is boss when she tosses them into the pool. >> two annoying dogs? i'm on the dog side. >> yeah. >> president obama pushing to turn the page on divisions between cuba and the u.s. in a historic meeting with communist leader castro. >> but critics are slamming the trip since president obama refused to meet with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> elizabeth is live in washington with the latest on this. >> good morning guys. these talks put an end to decades of silence between the u. s. and the island nation. president obama says since the ties were cut long before he came into office he wasn't interested in keeping the relationship cold while acknowledging it will take time to build a partnership. >> if we can build on this spirit of mutual respect and
6:34 am
candidness that overtime we will see not just a transformation in the relationship between our two countries but a positive impact through the hemisphere and the world. >> but critics argue maybe he should be more interested in history. one congressman says he needs a stronger more consistent foreign policy. >> president detailed a list of american concessions to cuba but he hasn't detailed what he wants changed on the part of the castro regime. if president obama wants to help oppressed cuba he doesn't have to kiss the ring of castro in the process. >> we heard other critics including the venezuelan president that spoke out against white house sanctions. back here in the states senator ted cruz, marco rubio and john mccain are the strongest critics among others. >> thanks a lot elizabeth. other stories making headlines we're following, this could have been prevented. that's the word from parents in
6:35 am
boston outraged their daughter was dropped off miles from home after getting on the wrong school bus. her brother tried to report her missing but he was ignored and now her father is starting a petition to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> there should be something still in place for buses to be able to have monitors because so many different things happen on the buses. it's just important for all of o us to be able to join together as a community to make sure that the kids are safe. >> the 7-year-old was wandering the streets until somebody called the cops. the school is pointing the finger at the child saying she didn't have to get off the bus. a packed house in the university of michigan for american sniper. more than 150 students attended the screening which was initially cancelled because some students thought it was antimuslim. the man that killed bin laden joined us earlier and said the school made the right call. >> this was supposedly a place you know all universities where diversity and different types of
6:36 am
thought and all of a sudden there's something they don't agree with and they decide just to shut them up. finally they made the right decision. they showed the movie and whether or not they agree with it they should have the opportunity if they're going to show it. >> the school also showed the animated movie paddington about the bear but only seven people watched that one. have you been cativated by the feline yet? the image taking the internet by storm. look at your tv the question is, is he going up or is he going down? you have been e-mailing us all morning a he says it's obvious the cat is going down. look at the stair traedeads. >> the cat is clearly walking up the stairs backwards. >> but phil says it's neither the cat is walking on a level floor and stepping over bars. what do you think?
6:37 am
it's like the dress controversy. keep your comments coming. >> good morning. >> hey, anna thank you very much. 21-year-old jordan spieth may be wowing golf fans setting a 54 hole scoring record yesterday. >> but who needs the masters when you have your own minigolf masters here. >> we're here on the surface of the sun today but will it be up to par facing the sun. he is from the big bounce theory. big bounce you can order these and bring them to birthday parties and corporate events. >> school functions, camps, backyard parties, this is one of the things that we do. we built and designed our own course. we couldn't find anything we liked. we wanted something that would be different. >> rick has been saying how challenging this course is. which hole might be the most challenging hole here? is it the alligator? >> the alligator is pretty tough. >> i mean, you know -- >> i have to be honest i felt
6:38 am
these portable golf courses i thought are going to be pretty simple. like the ones you'd have in your office. not the case at all. except for the alligator. there's no real trick to the alligator but it's the other ones. which one do you want to do? >> i'll start it -- i'm going to start on the wind mill. >> we're going to do the same one. >> okay. so this might be the most difficult one, right? >> this is pretty challenging. >> you built this whole thing right? >> yeah. >> now this is what, a par 5? >> yeah on a good day. >> okay. all right. >> maybe a par 6. >> it hit the rim. >> need it to go again? >> go ahead. >> anna. >> this is hard. >> just got to hit it nice and easy. >> lock me up and throw away the key. >> what is the key to these mar -- >> be the ball.
6:39 am
>> i think it's just hitting it straight or just to go around it. >> that's nice. all right. >> you do golf courses what are some of the other things? you do the bouncey houses? >> big inflatables bounce houses, water slides all different things. >> you've had all morning and it's not going to help at all. trust me. >> what's her name? >> this is my daughter lily. >> lily. i bet you can put us all to shame. >> come on lily. >> use your ball there. >> she has some skill. >> hit it as hard as you can. >> make sure to get all the other balls out of the way. you don't want any distractions. >> you built this? >> yeah we designed it. >> she did better than all of us. >> you're the leonardo here. do you want to try it? >> thanks for putting me in the spotlight here. i'll give it my best over here. >> oh! >> i got it through.
6:40 am
>> i'm impressed. >> and this is exactly how the pga golfers prepared for the masters. >> all the time. have them give me a call. >> it's great to see you. >> thank you. is your westbound site going to be able to handle all the traffic you're about to get. >> i hope so. more fox and friends in two minutes here if i can get around this. >> all right. critics of joe biden still trying to sell his bosses community college idea but the question remains who is going to pay for it? maria has the answer and she says you're not going to like it. stay tuned.
6:41 am
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>> two years of community college could become as free as high school is today if we're going to make this permanent and well into the 21st century. >> that was the vice president of the united states touting the plan to give students of community college the first two years pree. is that a good idea. >> somebody has to pay for it. >> who is going to pay for this? >> we are as taxpayers. it sounds like a great idea. free college. how fantastic. the problem is school is expensive and somebody has to pay for it and right now we already have an $18 trillion debt. so you have to wonder where, in fact, this money comes from. the other idea is its sort of assuming that everybody should take on this path. there are plenty of people who have decided, opted out of college and have become entrepreneurs and have done
6:45 am
their own thing and have been highly successful. >> is there any evidence that subsidizing something with taxpayer dollars makes it cheaper and better or is it the opposite? >> it's the opposite. if you look at other government programs you can see how bigger government has been a failure in terms of health care and other free stuff. so again i have to look at this critically and say, well, okay, free college sounds like a great idea and you're putting people on a path of certain course work. we had on the founder of code academy. everyone wants to learn how to write software and this person dropped out of college. what about trade schools. what about after high school going to a school to learn specifics about a certain industry. why put me on this path and tell me that you're going to pay for it. >> whether it's community college or trade school some sort of continuing education which is a good thing. can you play devil's advocate
6:46 am
and see the other side. >> technology has changed virtually every industry and there's certain skill sets that are required in order to thrive in this economy and many of the ecos say they can't find the employees they would like to hire because they do not have the skill sets. >> and furthering the argument, debt. these kids saddled we norith enormous debt. isn't that a good thing? >> i totally agree. i said the first thing sounds like a great idea. remember there are assistance programs out there for tuition for those people that need it. let's not forget. there's a lot of them and to say the first two years of community college is free is a great thing until you start peeling back the onion and trying to figure out how are you going to pay for it. >> sunday morning futures, greatest guests on fox. who do you have? >> we are geared up for hilary's big announcement. could come during our show. we have a great panel geared up to talk about that including
6:47 am
byron york. also going to talk to senator johnny issacson from georgia. this will be about foreign affairs. which is why we want to get his take on what's happening in the on going iran talks in term of the frame work ahead of the june 30th deadline ahead of the conflict in yemen which put the saudis and iranians as far apart as possible. >> in 13 minutes watch maria on fox newschannel. during weekdays watch her on the fox news network. thank you. >> see you later. >> coming up you've heard his hit songs like this from zach brown band. now the man behind that music is revolutionizing the music industry by signing a record deal with you, the fans. singer song writer levi lowery joins us live ahead. ♪ you can't predict the market. but at t. rowe price we've helped guide our clients through good times and bad.
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botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. ♪ ♪ she'd take colorado if he'd take her with ♪ ♪ closes the door for the winter lets the cold in ♪ get ready to be wooed by amazing music this morning. he's known for writing hit songs like the one you just heard "colder weather" for the zac brown band. singer/song writer levi lowery is revolutionizing the music industry with his latest album "my crazy head."
6:52 am
gentlemen, thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having us. >> we'll get to the performance in about three minutes but first i want to talk to you, levi. give us an idea of some of the artists that you've cowritten with along with the zac brown band? >> i've written several songs with zac and randy howeser and some other folks as well. >> you decided i'm going to go out on my own because why? >> well, my fans are very loyal and they've always been very supportive, and they'd be spreading the word anyway so we figured we'd give them the tools they need to make a little profit from it. >> you're cutting out the middleman by joining forces with loud music. sam tell us about loud music. there's so much noise in the music industry. >> that's what it is artists doing real record deals with their fans. levi is the perfect example of why we exist. he loves his fans. his fans love him. there's no reason to have a lot of middle clutter.
6:53 am
>> of course. i remember when myspace got popular, and with napster and youtube and all that. this may be revolutionizing everything. >> fans partner with their artist, they rep. their favorite music by sharing it on facebook, twitter or text and it's really the digital word of mouth. that's how most of us have heard of our favorite music anyway. so we just allow that to happen, get out of the way, and let the relationship between the artist and the fans be the magic there. so what happens is the artist makes money and for the first time in history fans make money. >> certainly word of mouth, you go on man you got to pick up this album and wow, i went to this concert, you have to see them live. i'd drive clear across the country for them. what's it been like for you to be behind the scenes and all of a sudden now you're front and center pinching yourself i bet. >> it's been a run for sure. the support has been amazing. the fans are really latching
6:54 am
onto the idea. everyone gets excited when they see the first little bit of money show up. >> ching ching, coming in and all your hard work paying off. i'll let you get to your performance and see the energy come through with that. guys, thank you so much. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ i've been making the same mistakes again ♪ ♪ and every time i think i quit, i'm right back in the middle of it ♪ ♪ cigarettes, that's the easy part ♪ ♪ i can't see the strength in me or the crooked in my heart ♪ ♪ me and my head ♪
6:55 am
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6:56 am
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thanks forewatching everyone. enjoy the masters this afternoon. >> bye! hillary clinton erases the question mark. hi, everybody good morning, i'm maria bartiromo. this is "sunday morning futures." will she or won't she? an official answer is due any time now. the former first lady, former senator, former secretary of state becoming a presidential candidate for the second time. we will get expert analysis this morning and you can bet our panel has plenty to say about it. foreign policy the next drive of the presidential campaign season as we head toward a final nuclear agreement with iran. senator jonny isakson is


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