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tv   Sunday Housecall  FOX News  April 12, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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that. and we thank the panel for being here with us, there is another big announcement coming up tomorrow, that is marco rubio who will jump into the race. we already have ted cruz, rand paul, now a third senator will do that in florida, that is where campaign carl cameron is standing by. we'll get to him right after the break.
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even before her big announcement, hillary was and now remains a favorite target for those who hope to face her or any democrat, for that matter, in the general election. and to that point, another republican is looking to jump into the race tomorrow, campaign carl cameron is live in miami. better to be in miami than iowa, huh? >> reporter: yes, and you're not talking about me jumping into the race, you're talking about marco rubio.
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tomorrow, the florida senator will announce his campaign at 6:00. the prime time news and the questions for republicans is gee, will all the attention overshadow marco rubio? and the answer from some of them, no, it's an opportunity to have a fresh face that the republican party is excited about. he has appeal with the younger voters and cuban americans, he has put out an announcement that will come under the banner that has his name, marco in red, rubio in blue, and there will be a new american century, a direct reference to hillary and the clintons being from the past century. and to some extent, jeb bush, the governor who was the speaker of the florida house. today, rand paul actually put out the first attack ad of the
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campaign, and as you may expect it goes after hillary clinton on a whole number of things. republicans have a litany, a real bill of particulars as if it's a federal indictment and of course it's already planned for her to be called for the house benghazi oversight committee, the select committee, trey gowdy wants her to come and testify. that will be in the next month from the rally that she plans now. and there will be the first tv ad in new hampshire and south carolina, watch. >> it's time for a new leader and a new way. rand paul. rand paul's plan to defeat the washington machine, balance the budget by law. require the congress to read legislation before they vote on it. term limits on washington politicians. >> so that is the back half of an ad in which rand paul starts out with a blast at hillary clinton. santorum was actually second in
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line. we saw a reaction from jeb bush's reaction to hillary clinton, and rick santorum's is pretty critical, his reaction to the campaign, watch. >> it has been exposed, america's own secretary of state sent thousands of sensitive classified e-mails through a personal unsecured account. and it has placed america in even greater peril in an already dangerous world. if hillary clinton has created this type of disaster as our secretary of state, how could we ever feel safe with her as our commander in chief? >> so this really points out something fairly interesting about the clinton campaign's plan to keep her small, sort of
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a listening tour in new hampshire and iowa and not sort of be inevitably campaign appearance. and now three candidates formally announced, marco rubio, tomorrow, and rand paul as well as ted cruz, who we've got into the race now fully two weeks ago. the quieter she is, the louder they will sound as they criticize her. janet? leland? >> and to that point, carl, you're talking to folks on the republican side who obviously made this point that the clinton campaign wants to keep things small. did the republicans think that would only be the chance to keep things small, that the clinton campaign is holding her like the faberge egg, and the campaign saying look, we have a battle if she doesn't get into the race. >> hillary clinton doesn't like the race, that is fairly known
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in democratic circles and doesn't do particularly well at it. it is something that is not easy for a lot of politicians. they hate something being uncertain, and when you walk out among the voters anything can happen. clinton is usually quite restrained in those type of situations, but by making it small it serves her purpose. they need to get out in iowa and new hampshire and really mix it up. with martin o'malley, jim web, bernie sanders, maybe they can really get serious buzz going for them. hillary clinton is going to have to acknowledge the huge immensity of her campaign. republicans would love to be as big as her but you know the numbers can cut against you. there are more people, 38% of the voters are prepared to not only vote for hillary clinton, as opposed to 18% who decide they will vote for her. in the case of hillary clinton everybody knows her and has a
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pretty solid opinion and it has not moved much in months. >> all right, and as we know in iowa, the things are moving. and on the ground for marco rubio's big announcement tomorrow. thank you, carl. all right, we have the official announcement. we have the official logo of hillary clinton's campaign as she makes another run for the white house. coming up, you will hear from our political panel and hear tweets and reactions from the political spectrum from chelsea clinton to ted cruz, we'll share all that and debate it with our panel coming up next.
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you're looking live at hillary clinton's presidential announcement, she made it official about 45 minutes ago. will the former secretary of state's rollouts over shadow the florida senator? it will be a busy 24 hours here for a fair and balanced debate.
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and we have the former press secretary for the white house republican, good to see you both. >> good to be here. >> we finally have the announcement we have been expecting and waiting for. i want to pull up a bit of a statement we got from former governor martin o'malley, and the former democratic governor who has been visiting the important states. there is a lot of speculation about whether anybody will challenge hillary. his spokesperson said he is considering running for president. he talks about how it's important to have a robust debate in this primary. but christie, is hillary really going to get one? >> yeah, i do think she will to some extent. and i believe that o'malley is serious that he will run. and i believe that other people like bernie sanders will at least get into the conversation a little bit. but if today is any indication this is going to be hillary, hillary, hillary from the republican side and the
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democratic side. everybody sort of wants to talk about and scrutinize and analyze everything that she is doing. i believe that o'malley is sincere in that he wants to give her a debate. i believe that it will be difficult for him to actually execute that debate. >> and everybody knew this announcement was coming today, short of aliens landing on this planet, we knew it was coming today. and they all have statements ready, on those who are making a play for hillary or drafting for hillary. they're saying yeah, we know who she is, and as she attempts to define herself a little bit more, does it give them a united target, giving them a focus to go after her? we know they will have to go after each other at some point but now she is officially in, and they can go head to head. >> absolutely, if you look at who was ready for hillary today
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it was the national committee. they are going to get 100,000 signatures today, you have seen the party rally around it. it goes to your point yes, we all may battle and fight down the road but today we have the same target and that is hillary clinton and the campaign they rolled out. >> it is interesting today, we talked about the chair, debbie wasserman-schultz, she said to all the other candidates who will come, we expect this robust debate. it sounds like they are not all saying we're just going to have a coronation for her, there could be others. >> given the fact it is april 2015, we're still a year and a half out, it is natural and human to say i don't know that i'm ready to really give my vote up right now. and that could be for a variety of reasons. you may be a very strong
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democrat and not necessarily be ready for hillary because you think she is too centrist or hawkish or a number of other reasons or you may like her very much but just want an opportunity to hear what she has to say. she just announced today. it is a normal and rational statement to make. >> all right, amos, what does it do regarding the announcement for senator rubio, who is announcing tomorrow. will it overshadow him or will he have a great day tomorrow? >> i think this helps him, everybody knows hillary was going to run, saying okay, we have three candidates on the republican side as of tomorrow. and we know who probably the candidate will be for the democrats. this actually helps rubio, because there will be a lot of media coverage over the next 24, 36 hours, he is very well positioned. >> how do you think the two will match up, christie, she says i'm going to be your champion. i'm a champion for everyday
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americans. they know her. he husband has been president. we hear a lot about the clinton dynasty, the bush dynasty, rubio is a little bit different, in that he is younger. he is a different candidate. >> but, i think that is what he has going for him. he still seems fresh, he is a little younger. he doesn't necessarily subscribe to every republican issue. he has certainly got in trouble for -- >> on immigration. >> on immigration, et cetera. and i think it would be a little disingenuous for republicans to embrace him given that he is young and youthful and somewhat inexperienced given the charges they have levied against barack obama in the past few years. so i think given the fact he has not been much of the conversation even up to this point talking about the 2016 races, that hillary clinton would crush him. >> what do you think, amos? quickly last word.
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>> and i think every republican candidate, we have a strong line out there, is excited that they think hillary clinton is going to be the candidate. >> i think it will be interesting to watch. when both sides are fully up for grabs and there are heated debates on both sides. but we'll see. thank you for joining us. leland? >> shannon, hillary just tweeted out right now that she is earn your votes. that's the same tag line we heard in the video, a big part of earning your vote is going to be discussing her record. big part of her record, her time as secretary of state. coming up, we break down how she did on issues like ben gassy, russia, syria, and other parts of the globe coming up. ibrarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on...
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as she has said on twitter, facebook, and every other kind of social media imaginable, hillary clinton is running for president. part of her pitch is her experience as secretary of state. many argue it is at best a checkered record. to help us break it down, former adviser to six secretary of states, including president bill clinton. aaron dillard. is that an asset. >> it's going to be an asset.
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but there are tricky issues. benghazi, clinton gate, the clinton foundation, and there is the reality she presided over the secret channel that red led to the breakthrough in iran as well as recommended tough sanctions. >> and the recent with russia and everything else? you said it's tricky and you listed everything that would be seen as failures. what's the successes. >> the success is we live in a dangerous and cruel world, 24/7 breathless crisis. and she is confident compare that to her respective republican pony sneents last time she ran on that topic. remember the famous 3:00 a.m. ad? who do you want to answer the phone when it is a crisis at 3:00 a.m. she seemed to think it was her. >> obama wanted change and they wanted young and new. the question is what do they
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want now, new or experience? who knows. >> we will see. we appreciate you coming, aaron david miller from the state department shlg former adviser. appreciate your time. last night i had the honor of take part in an event len benefiting luke's wings, the focus for employing flight so that wounded service men and women can be with loved one as they cover. last night, fashion takes flight. it was amazing. the crowd loved them. our audiences is very supportive of luke's wings and all they do. happy to be a part of that last night. >> the first time they were on tv here was in great form. we'll see you next weekend. cor? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. [ bottle ] ensure®. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,
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fox news alert. hillary clinton officially entering the race to become the next president of the united states. hello, and welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm greg. >> i'm arthel neville. within the last hour the former secretary of state released this video telling americans she will be hitting the road to earn their votes. let's go straight to chief white house correspondent ed henry live in de mine, iowa, where mrs. clinton is expected to visit early as this week. what did mr. clinton say about her reasons for running in thatv video. >> this is the worst kept secret that it was coming. we were it wag for what


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