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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 16, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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the the word of the day. do not be a misandyrist. please remember the spin stops here. breaking tonight, the national media starting to take a hard he look at the presidential campaign of hillary clinton. as the former secretary of state marks another day of avoiding tough questions or any questions, from her troubled tenure as secretary of state to her ongoing e-mail scandal. welcome to the kelly file. across the political spectrum, hillary clinton was the top story but the coverage was far from flattering. was she still declining interviews? the fact checkers are digging into what she has said, who she has met with and the so-called ordinary americans it turns out are simply acting as political props to a carefully scripted
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presidential campaign. we are learning some of the ordinary iowans were selected, vetted and driven to the campaign for a seemingly just impromptu sitdown after hours and hours of vetting. plus after mrs. clinton told a small group of business owners about her grand parents' experiences having all immigrated to the united states. that's not true at all. tracking the developments for us. >> hillary clinton is being billed the candidate of the people. but there is no mention the people are hand selected. during her opening campaign stop, those involved in her roundtable discussion were not random. instead, the daily mail points out, they were democratic insiders including austin berg who interned with the obama campaign in 2012 and once chauffeured vice president joe biden during a trip to dachbl port. he said he was contact by the campaign vetted and then driven
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to the diner. of course planting participant is nothing new. in fact, clinton supporters call it careful coordination. some experts say the contrived event may not play well in iowa where politics like football is a contact sport, where the outcome is supposed to be uncertain. we should note the report orders hand for the campaign stops are all believed to be legit. though there is some concern about the legitimacy of hillary clinton saying all four of her grandparents had immigrated -- >> all my grandparents came over here. my grand father went to work in a lace mill in scranton, pennsylvania and worked there until he retired at 65. he started when he was a teenager and just kept going. >> the statement is 75% false considering two grandparents were born in i will and i will one in pennsylvania. the clinton campaign says, quoting here her grand parents always spoke about the immigrant
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experience and as a result she has always thought of them as immigrants. of course, grandparents have been known to say they walked 10 miles to school in six feet of snow. >> joining me from the american enterprise inls institute and a former chief speech writer. good to see you. so the real people like the whole listening tour so she can understand real ordinary people. apparently she's really going to only understand people who work for planned parent hood and drove around vice president joe biden and were democratic campaign operatives. >> exactly. they specifically decided to launch this campaign with a listening tour to listen to ordinary americans. so she pulls in with the scooby van into a chipotle where there are actual real sxherns she puts on the big sunglasses to try to avoid being recognized. when she goes to a coffee shop where she is supposed to meet
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ordinary americans, they're planted operatives. she actually staged a coffee shop visit. they're real americans but they're fake, ordinary americans. who does that? who fakes a visit to a coffee shop? are they going to vet everybody? >> we've been looking into this. a lot of campaigns do this. what they typically do is pick real people. then they vet them so the candidate doesn't to have sit down with some convicted felon to make sure this is an appropriate person for someone like hillary clinton to be sitting with. then they go forward. but this business of pulling out these specific campaign operatives. democratic operatives and then pawning them off as regular folks seems a little less common. >> i guess she doesn't want to be asked about her server by an ordinary american. this just shows that her own campaign is worried about her
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interaction with ordinary americans them don't even trust her to meet an ordinary american. you can't vet everybody you meet across the campaign trail. they'll be exhausted if they try to vet every single person they meet over the next 16 to 18 months. >> that gets to the heart of it. here we are, day five of her campaign. and they told me that commercial she came out with on sunday, it was an introduction. that she would be making a big speech with all the policies. have we heard that? she made some remarks? was that it? should we be confused about this? >> also, that video was an example of fake real americans. so they had democrat on that trayvons. an abortion lobbyist who was the director of wendy davis' campaign in texas. they're either putting political operatives into her campaign video as ordinary americans.
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then you heard trace mention this business about, she made a comment about how she was speaking about illegal be immigration. they work and pay into the system and they don't really have any hope of ever getting that money back. in that context she said that all of her grand parents came over. which isn't true. she only had one grand parent who was an immigrant to this country. then you saw this statement. her spokesman said admitting it after the fact quote, her grand parents always spoke about the immigrant experience and as a result, she has always thought of them as immigrants. now i can't help it. that reminded me the only other person who could really challenge her for this nomination. that happens to be elizabeth warren who got into trouble for claiming she is part native-american when she isn't.
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remember this explanation? >> my aunt bee has walked by that picture at least a thousand times, remarked that her father, my papaw had high cheek bones like all the indians do. >> remember that? they told her she was native-american so she believed she was just like hillary clinton's grand parents spoke about their immigrant experience and she always thought of them as immigrants. >> you are what you believe you are in the clinton world. this just shows, these, in her first week she is stumbling around like this. the big problem they face is she is no bill clinton. what democrats are being promised is the old clinton magic. the clintons are this greatens constitution in the democratic party. and bill clinton doesn't need to have fake people to interact with. he can interact with anyone. he is charming and affable.
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she has none of his charm. >> not according to laney davis. she said she would charm the pants off you. can i tell you, not just laney. i don't have his permission to reveal this but age very powerful person, a republican, who is familiar with hillary clinton and said they meet for drinks sometimes and she charms him too. maybe she'll meet an ordinary american and we'll find out. >> listen. how long can they keep her corralled? she is running for president. she is going to have to glad hand. she is going to have to get out there and she's going to have to sit with the press for a real live interview. >> you're absolutely right. you can't vet everybody in a presidential campaign. you're going to meet an ordinary american. she is going to meet republicans. the idea of a campaign is like you're trying to convince people in the center on the other side to come along. all the republicans out there want the old reagan democrats
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back. she ought to meet a republican sometime and he might ask her a tough question like about the server or benghazi. she will to have deal with it. this is big problem. they're betting everything on one horse. if that horse stumbles, they're in big trouble and so far they don't seem to be comfortable with her to let hillary be hillary. if walker stumbles, there's bush. if bush stumbles, there's rubio. the democrats have nobody. they're very nervous. >> we could have the first cherokee president. >> okay. got to leave it at that. great to see you. >> remember the old controversy? she checked she native-american to get into harvard as a teacher and she wasn't. any way. i digress. tonight after days of hearing milwaukee officials in particular, the mayor, try to blame governor scott walker for
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gun violence on the streets there, we went to milwaukee to ask questions for ourselves. >> violence is a major problem in milwaukee on. monday the mayor said he can't police away the problem. >> we'll hear from the police chief next. plus, guns and ammoer girl is here. plus, hillary clinton and kim kardashian tonight share one thing in common. go to and tell us what you think it is. we'll tell you if you are right when james rosen joins us. plus, critics have been yelling all week after the dash cam video shows intentionally running down a suspect with his car. but we will break down what you are seeing here to show why you this officer's boss now says he did nothing wrong.
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new developments on blaming scott walker for gun violence. it started last week with a traffic accident. after a man struck a 2-year-old child with his car, the child's uncle, as it turns out, came out and shot and killed that driver. he also ended up shooting and killing a 15-year-old who happened to be his own nephew when he opened fire on the driver. then the man fled and was eventually apprehended. and in the course of that apprehension we learned he killed himself. almost immediately after this incident, the city's mayor tom barrett started blaming governor scott walker for this. saying he signed new laws allowing concealed carry in the state of wisconsin. so the kelly file went down to milwaukee to investigate for ourselves. here is what the police chief is saying in a news conference about the matter today. >> one of the hardest things to
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do is to rationally talk about the connection between violent crime and firearms without awakening the sleeping beast of the second amendment, defend here's have never met a gun law they liked. if we can all turn off our a.m. radio stations for a couple days and engage in discourse about what it takes for criminals to carry firearms, we might make some progress. i don't think there's any coincidence that there has been a little lag time between this law being passed and the impact in the most vulnerable communities already afflicted with violence. is it the sole cause? of course not. does that mean we as a mature society have no ability to change our laws to our benefit? i mean, my god. this looks like the nra's vision for america. and it shouldn't be. and i would like to think that someday we can elect legislators who have the guts and moral
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fortitude. >> are you saying that it is the concealed carry laws that pass that had are causing an uptick in violence? >> what i'm saying is there is a nexus between very weak firearms laws and what we have. they have passed a law in which you don't need a background check to sell a gun on the street. does that make sense to you? okay? it doesn't make sense to me. they passed a law -- >> and he goes on. joining me now to weigh in, dana who will be gracing the cover of guns and ammo magazine this june. she has a different view of the matter as you might guess from the magazine cover. that seemed like the most compelling one. you can buy a gun on the street without having to pass a back ground check? >> yeah. thank you for having me back. that's insane. and i don't think anything
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different from a politically poinld police chief as opposed to a locally elected sheriff. >> he doesn't like scott walker. >> exactly. so he is on the same page as tom barrett. this idea that you can just walk down the street and purchase a firearm. first off, the whole gun show loophole, all of this. it is a myth. you have federal firearms licensees who sell these things. that's if you're buying it online it has to go through. when i moved from missouri to texas, and when the movers took our stuff, i had to send my stuff through that. that is how the federal law is. >> so they're making it sound like the wild west where you can buy a gun without anybody having to be licensed. >> and in 2001, the justice department study came out that showed that less than .7% of federal and state inmates actually just went to a gun show
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and purchased a firearm and used that in their crime. there is no statistical basis. >> so he is going on hit the gun show exception. what about the concealed carry. he is saying, he doesn't like the concealed carry law and he is suggesting that in some way, i guess this affected this terrible crime. >> right. i don't know how it would affect them. >> yeah. ricky childs, he did not have and he is the suspect who was the one who has shot and killed someone. he took law into his own hands and ended up killing himself. he was the convicted felon. he is convicted, robbed a bank. he was on probation in terms of that, he had to maintain strict sobriety and he could not pass the firearm. that did not put a firearm in ricky giles' hands. i'll tell what you does. the recidivism rate.
9:19 pm
it is the majority repeat offenders, felons not able to legally possess a firearm that keep perpetuating these crimes. >> last night, there were stats about gun ownership and i know you said he was wrong. you hear these a lot. >> do you have a gun in your open, you're four times as likely to be shot with it as to use to it defend yourself. if you have a gun in your home, you're twice as likely to be a victim of homicide three time likely to be a victim of suicide. >> and you say? >> that's a nicely debunked study from a guy which came out in the late 1990s. his methodology was flawed and he padded the statistics and used cases of armed criminals who went at innocents away from the home and used that in order to inflate the numbers. in fact, this study has been debunked six weeks to sunday. a lifelong democrat and a criminal research here teaches down in florida was the one who led the charge, along with john
9:20 pm
watt, a criminal researcher. they have to make stuff up to support their argument. but it is tried and true. i wrote about this in my book. concealed carry actually lowers crime rates. the florida model, that's one of the reasons after florida implemented it. when law enforcement and citizens started to look and see the results of that, they saw that people innocents were safer. they wanted to implement that in their own states. there is no statistic that supports this. >> we've got to get mayor barrett come on the show with you. or chief flynn. have a frank discussion about this issue. it is great to see you. >> always good to see you. >> and they're invited. of course, they haven't said yes so far but who would not want to sit down with dana and have a conversation about guns. clearly the folks at the magazine would love to. also tonight, the plan to add a new monument to a veterans memorial now causing controversy. we'll show why you some vets
9:21 pm
cannot believe the reason why this is apparently objectionable to somement. and up next, james rosen is here to explain why hillary clinton, elizabeth warren and kim kardashians may soon be besties. and espn reporter has been suspended. wait until you see this. ♪ miranda: ♪ i got red dirt stains on my boots and jeans. ♪ ♪ calloused fingers from my guitar strings. ♪ ♪ wild like the wind in the tall pine trees. ♪
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the world is filled with air and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at annual time 100 came out today. the people that "time" magazine identified as the 100 most influential peel in the world. musician kanye west actor bradley cooper, each getting their own cover. while inside hillary clinton made the list for the eighth time. senator elizabeth warren for the third. and reality star kim kardashian finally made the list this year. james rosen volunteered to cover that story. he's our chief washington correspondent. this year, not exactly apolitical. >> no.
9:25 pm
it is an intensely political list from those who make the list to those asked to write about it. this year massachusetts senior senator elizabeth warren, a populist democrat who many wish were running, instead of hillary clinton with deep ties to wall street was written up by none other than hillary clinton. the likely presidential nominee who wrote in time, i quote. elizabeth warren never lets us forget that the world of teenage wall street's irresponsible risk taking is far from finished. and she never fails to hold powerful people's feet to the fire. it is one of a number of gestures that clinton has made to dissuade her from causing problems from clinton's candidacy even as warren herself declined to endorse the candidacy. asked if clinton represents the future of the democratic party she said i think we have to see first of all if she declares and
9:26 pm
what she said she wants to run on. i think everyone running for president should be talking about what they will do to strenlssen and rebuild america's middle class. this has been my lifetime's work. we should note hillary clinton herself made the time 100 list but so did florida former governor jeb bush. >> and that exchange between miss warren and mrs. clinton to me seems like i don't think that's laudatory at all. i think it was weak, what hillary clinton said about elizabeth warren. maybe elizabeth read that prior to making her comments about hillary clinton's comments. >> it is an elaborate dance. >> if they asked me to write your time 100 entry it would be this is too disgusting. we can't even print this. >> let's get on this. >> you can't get me. you should get the guy who wrote hillary clinton's who called her one of the greatest modern creations. she is not familiar. she is revolutionary. her judgment and wisdom.
9:27 pm
>> i think it is a creation still in process. >> let me ask you about kim kardashian. it is not often that she often finds herself in that list. maybe she'll get fashion tips. she'll show ruth how to do a selfie. >> look, people wonder if kim kardashian is a force for good. >> that's what i asked. >> i think in strictest terms, she is what the scientists and the clinicians call a placebo. she is a pleasing and harmless diversion. and the reason she garners so much attention most likely boils down to the fact that she is pleasing to look at. >> i don't know if you're right about. that pleasing and harmless, pleasing, yes. harmless? she seem like a nice person to me. whenever you hear her give an ew she
9:28 pm
seems very kind. but you know, the message, the underlying message to the little girls is, you got to look like that to have it going on. and nobody other than kim kardashian looks like that. >> couldn't you spin at this time other way and say that kim kardashian is a good role model in that she is not, she doesn't look like she has an eating disorder, at least on the side of not eating too little. and she gives a positive body image. >> no no. the if you could achieve that with like zero waist and a totally flat belly and enormous naturally, that would be something we could hope. no. that's obviously genetically engineered. >> you said it. >> i'm really jealous because i don't have them. i was on the time 100 last year. my doug and i went to the party. and we'll be going to the party
9:29 pm
next week. and i am hoping that i will bump into kim kardashian. most of all, hillary clinton. what do you think should i ask her if i bump into her? >> when are you coming on the show? >> you mean kim, of course. >> this is what differentiates us. you were on the time 100 list. and i look forward to reading it every year. >> great to see you. i will write your entry when you get in. >> when a small college organized intergalactic night for a group students it decided to serve some mexican food to the hungry sci-fi fans. you remember college, you take anything for free. do you think you can guess why everyone involved now has to go to sensitivity training? plus critics have been yelling all week after dash cam video shows a police officer running over a suspect with his car. it is disturbing video. but we'll break it down to show why you the officer's boss is now saying this cop did nothing wrong.
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logts of controversy this week after dash cam video surfaced showing a police officer running down a suspect with his cruiser. you may have seen it playing over and over on some channels. you may not have noticed a couple details that could seriously affect what you think of the outcome. we want to warn that you this next story includes the video and some viewers might find disturbing. let me get this right. my apologies, here's the story. >> if a picture is worth a thousand words there's no selling how many words came to the mine of the police chief the first time he saw this video. >> it is one of those things the
9:34 pm
first time i saw the video whoa! holy crap. were the exact words out of my mouth. >> an armed suspect who had just stolen a rifle and a box of ammunition from a local walmart now roaming the streets and not listening to the commands of local police. >> you don't want to do this. you don't want to do this. >> what's worse, the offers tried to talk him down. a man and his child pull up the police, telling them the suspect poses no threat. that the gun he just stole has a trigger lock on it. >> it's locked. >> seconds later, we learned that's not true. >> okay. never mind. >> one round just went out. >> as the suspect swings the gun directly toward the patrol car. the good news is, surrounding businesses are locked down thanks to officers who get the word out immediately. >> what happens is this guy gets past us and gets into the control or runs into the coke cold. a we're running into an absolute
9:35 pm
hostage situation and potentially something even worse. >> but that never happened thanks to the com who had nearly ten years of professional experience before that with tucson police and nypd. >> that's not an easy decision. that's a tough tough, tough decision but he made it. and you know when we when the dust settles and everything clears everybody in coca-cola all of our officers are safe and this guy walks away out of the hospital two days later and is booked into jail to be held accountable for his crimes. >> wow! our thanks to the reporter in tucson. joining me with more, our fox news legal analyst and a new york trial attorney and mark furman. already the lawyer for the man
9:36 pm
who was hit by the cop is saying this was obviously excessive force. she said this is not dissimilar to a police officer shooting a fleeing suspect in the back. mark? is she right? >> he's absolutely wrong. i don't find it disturbing. i think it is a great tactical move by the officer to make that decision. when you look at the video, there is a black and white at 1:00 that is now in the frontal view of the suspect carrying a rifle. the officers and the charter you hear, they all know this suspect is not only armed, committed three armed robberies but he's already shot at the police. he takes out this suspect so he cannot engage the officer, the vehicle to his right, the vehicle to his left and the one at 1:00. he takes out this suspect. no different than getting out of the car and shooting him with a shotgun. >> they say he could have, there were other ways to de-escalate the situation. he didn't have to just run him
9:37 pm
down. >> first of all, that i think video is disturbing to anyone who watches it. i'm sure the police officer involved is disturbed. you heard what the police chief saidism guess i can repeat it. he said "oh crap" when he heard it. the police chief characterize that's maneuver as unorthodox. so it is not an everyday occurrence. and the other thing is the police officer whose dash cam we're actually seeing, the one most engaged, the one following the whole time, that police officer did not choose to take that action. the other police officer came -- >> but they said, mark that the reason they chose to do what he did was he was getting close to a group of buildings and he had committed several felonies that morning. >> well, you know, when you look at this. every officer has a different level of experience and a different level of how they're going on engage and how confident they are. this man spent a lot of years at
9:38 pm
nypd. i'm going to tell knew large agencies, they teach you your vehicle is a tactical weapon. a 3,600 pound bullet. if you can use your vehicle instead of a firearm to take out a suspect that sung a danger to not only officers or the public, that is engaging with a firearm you take them out. >> let's see the video that's not being shown. i don't want to see him get hit over and over. i'm talking about where he has the gun, he shoots up in the air go he puts to it his chin which he had threatened to kill himself over and over. he didn't actually shoot at an officer. >> no. that was the turning point for me that i at least feel that i can accept the decision not to charge the officer. that was the point was that the weapon was discharged. all that banlt better the trigger lock, the rifle can't be fired and then it is fired.
9:39 pm
that escalates everything. he is heading to a crowded area. he does have a loaded deadly weapon. how fast was that cop driving that vehicle? >> the guy is in the hospital but he is now out. >> is he going to sue? >> of course. they're going to say it is excessive force. unorthodox, not in the police patrol guide to say this is how you take down somebody so yes. they will sue. >> the com's boss has exonerated him. go ahead quickly. >> megyn, i'm sure the vehicle is very much a tactical weapon that can be used and it is taught in the academy. and i would like to say the reason it is disturbing is people don't see the actions of people that are suspects or the police on the street. but it is not disturbing to this officer. he knows he probably saved at least one officer's life and
9:40 pm
probably saved the suspect's life. so i don't think it is disturbing at all. >> great to see you both. >> up next, tackling some hot headlines including why a group of veterans the. and what does a college intergalactic night have to do with illegal granlts? you will not believe this story. plus, a story goes viral for all the wrong reasons and wait until youer what has happened to the reporter. >> do you feel good about your job? so i audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping
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. a sports reporter finds herself in hot water after video goes viral after berating an employee with a slew of insults. >> [ bleep ]. >> i'll play your video so be careful. >> i have a degree. [ inaudible ].
9:45 pm
>> do you feel good about your job? so i can be a college drop-out and do the same thing? i'm on television and you're [ bleep ] . >> she's a charmer. the co-host of fox and friends. so that is brit mchenry who is obviously very immature and very insulting and finds herself in some trouble tonight. >> right. she got personal. she went on education, somebody's looks, somebody's weight, everything got personal. this is a woman i called the
9:46 pm
restaurant. a chinese restaurant. she goes there sunday night. tuesday, monday in the afternoon, she is tweeting. i cannot believe those bleeps stole. she was totally normal in the chinese restaurant. something happened leading up to that booth. in fairness to her we don't know what that woman was saying to her. >> that's an important point. was she antagonizing her? was she being insulting toward the report he? >> she came out and said she did not come out and apologize. she came out with a statement that she didn't have said it. >> she said it was insulting. and she said i allowed my emotions to get the best of me. >> she is suspended for one week. she is somebody with a master's degree in journalism. a soccer player in college at set theson university. the d.c. bureau of espn. now her name will be common place. we all know britt mchenry.
9:47 pm
this is not a good thing but now everybody is talking about it. would you say this? we've all been in a situation you lose your temper. >> you say things you wish you hadn't said. however -- >> i went to a-1 towing. it is called advance towing. >> it's a tow company. you're being redundant. >> insulted a woman's weight, a woman's teeth, a woman's intelligence, her lack of a college education. now she goes on the air. she needs to do better on that apology. let's move on. the veterans want to put up a memorial to fallen vets. what city is this? >> milford, michigan. >> what's the problem? >> they want to do this to punctuate and be the center piece of this display for the
9:48 pm
military. and a salute to the military. and this is a great idea. he has the best name i've ever heard. bearhall. >> not as good as kit. so this is a great move. they say, wait a second. i love the veterans but i don't think it is good to have a gun in a park. >> what's up with the gun? snb it's a veterans memorial. as far as i can tell, you win wars with guns. >> is that right? >> this is the way they do it to salute in the field. this would be very powerful. it might strike up a conversation to say son, daughter, let me tell you how we won this war. >> and now they find it too alarming which leads me to my next topic. my new animation. this is their will be the name of my story. go ahead. roll it. >> cupcake nation. that's mine. and that leads to us what is happening at stevenson college
9:49 pm
in california which is now apologizing to the students for serving mexican food during the intergalactic tuesday night suare. ready for this? >> that's what i thought. why? i've been going to uc santa cruz. each month we do a different theme. so they came one intergalactic with aliens and spaceships. space doesn't get enough attention on college campuses. and they said what do we serve for food? them, well, i like mexican. so they served mexican. >> like tang? >> that's it. that's all they have in space. so they said we pickedpicked mexican randomly, no offense. >> duh. >> are you saying illegal aliens like space food because they used the term alien in intergalactic celebration? mexican students or hispanic students became vocal and protested this. >> you cannot make it up.
9:50 pm
>> right. listen to this, they got a three-paragraph apology. goes on to say as a result of this incident i will require cultural training for program staff in addition to implementing the mechanisms for future program planning. >> that's a college administrative o you are a moron.moron. >> she says that the -- by the way, the communications department got right back to me.epartso here's the problem. if you do want to salute, for example french night, paris exampl night, they knew what to do.ey kne they servedw potatoes for harry potter night i'm not sure why.not r but for intergalactic it's a problem. but we do have one answer. it's the quick cereal.'s a space alien cereal, tastes like styrofoam. >> we'll be right back. every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand in america.
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new details about a doctor
9:54 pm
accused in a murder for hire case, trying to take down a professional rival. trace gallagher reports. >> it turned into a chapter out of a bizarre crime novel. 54-year-old cardiologist dr. anthony had a professional dispute with a rival doctor. didn't say what the dispute was. only that he wanted dr. martin handler out of business either by being killed or badly beaten. he allegedly offered two men drugs and gun to burn down the doctor's office and then kill him. when the sprinklers put out the fire, court documents say he had to go to plan b, which was to hire another hit man to either badly beat dr. hammer or kill him. that hit man turned out to be an undercover cop. take a listen. >> today we charge a doctor a cardiologist, a man who took an oath to save lives, with a
9:55 pm
complex scheme aimed at ending the life of another doctor. >> the story gets better, because when police raided the long island home down in his basement they found a secret room accessible by a motorized bookshelf. inside they discovered more than 100 weapons, including knives guns and a hand grenade. his lawyer said investigators have it all wrong, that the good doctor is a family man who takes care of his parents. he pleaded not guilty. and posted a $2 million bond. so far, no word from the doctor who was allegedly targeted. >> unbelievable. up next, two guests who are refusing to leave the set. sing to introducing the new can-am spyder f3. with a cruising riding position and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...
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what are you still doing here? >> here it is, the intergalactic night, the food that will bring healing to the university of california santa cruz. this is the quisp. >> that will be a big comfort. you're just here for the eye candy. that would be a big comfort to all the students who have now been directed on how to report hate and bias incidents as a result of their attendance at the intergalactic seminar that had mexican food. live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. isis fighters advancing on the iraqi city of ramadi, not far from a base where hundreds
10:00 pm
of american troops are stationed. but u.s. officials said there's no plans to withdraw them. the pentagon says it's more concerned about isis advancement in the home of a major oil refinery. the pentagon saying losing that area to isis would be a major blow to iraq. the pilot of a small helicopter that landed on the capitol lawn has been charged. doug hughes, a florida postal carrier, has been ordered to stay out of washington, d.c. unless he's due in court. he pulled off the stunt drawing the attention to campaign finance reform by flying under the radar. many lawmakers are not happy and are calling for a security review. i'm patricia stark. "hannity" starts now. for all your headlines, logon to fox tonight the spring break nightmare continues. >> the string of violent incidents that is now considering whether to end the party for good. >> i am absolutely outraged by this. >> after a month of violence in panama city beach,