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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 17, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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tonight. miss megan warming up. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. because we are definitely looking out for you. >> the media and 2016, i'm megan kelly. the kun stri gearing up for a presidential campaign that will decide the direction of this country for four possibly eight years. four politicians declared candidacy. only three faced media grilling n the days since throwing their hats into the ring, three republican kanld dates, senators ted cruz, ran paul and marco rubio sat for 20 televised interviews. but mrs. clinton, six days in has yet to do a single one. she kicked off her campaign last sunday with a video and then we learned she would be driving to her first official campaign stops in iowa, the trip setting
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up a furious media effort to track down mrs. clinton's self described xooby doo van. on monday there was breathless coverage of her first lunch stop. at least one political pundit found this illuminating. >> she looked like she is having fun and doing for her new stuff. we never seen her get a burrito before. >> maybe some day we'll see that again. it was followed tuesday by a reporter stampede or as one writer saw it, "teenage girl chasing after the beatles "as the media jumped at the first chance to capture the scooby van arriving in iowa. the outline of a head. the same day a competing network promoted the first exclusive interview with the candidate herself. that turned out to be a tad bit oversold.
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>> how do you win this time? what's your strategy? >> i'm having a great time. i can't look forward any more than i am. thank you. >> really? really? which brings us to last night. when the media learned after the fact that mrs. clinton ended her iowa campaign swing, boarded a reeblg regional jet and flew back home coach. no reporters were told, of course. two journalists were there. and mrs. clinton's efforts to avoid any questions from reporters officially so far a total success. chris joins me now. so good for her. if she didn't want to talk to the press, banner week. she clearly didn't want to talk to the press. >> and she's coming on the kelly file monday. >> yeah, that's getting up in the can. >> that's coming up next for the easy questioning. >> if i see you at the time 100 next tuesday i'm going to shout
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a question at her across the room. then i'm going to bill that as my exclusive. my exclusive interview. >> hey, go with what works. look, here's the deal for hillary clinton. this press corps, well mshgs in the press corps want to be punked. they just are dying to be punked. they want to be impressed by her ability to smack them around. >> it's the whole 50 shades craze. they're like, yeah! i want to be sub. >> that's right. exactly. and for many in the press now, they are oohing and ahhing over her ability to defeat them which is kind of weird if you think about it. and basically this we have in real time if you think about it this way, we had in real time breaking news on the central issue about hillary clinton. central issuehillary clinton is trustworthiness. we had issues with her servers
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and talking about her digital hygiene while she was on the campaign trail. you know what report erdz did about it? nothing. they were penned up. they couldn't get to her. but at a certain point, you just would have to get sick of it. remember they were screaming at mitt romney when walking across to go lay a reej in poland? what about your gas? what about your servers? >> yeah. >> well they don't seem quite as agitated about getting questions from mrs. clinton. they ran. they want to get the picture of the head in the van. but no questions were shouted that would make any news. i don't -- who knows? i was too busy laughing at them. >> right. >> but this is all strategy by her. it remind me of what jarrett said. he kept them from reporters and she said that was a way we put out surrogates on video, david plus, she said that was a way to get our message out without having to talk to reporters. we controlled it. as opposed to the press controlling it.
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and by the generally election, very rarely did we communicate anything through the press that we did not absolutely control. >> for any reporter that is not concerned about this back hand. for any reporter not worried about the trend line think how much worse things have gotten in the last seven years for journalism at the white house. how much more control? how much less access and accountability has gone on with this administration? everybody agrees that it is mix ownian or worse in its level of control over reporters. if hillary clinton is given the opportunity to build upon that monument to secrecy what do you those she will do? >> you don't think she'll be holding a lot of press avail if she becomes president of the united states? >> mirror cat. >> maybe build will hold them. he seemed to like the ones that
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our current president held. all right. good to see you. joining me with more, leslie marshal a progressive radio talk show host. so far bril yabtly done really. if she didn't want to speak to the press, she managed to avoid them. and she is pursuing this method that valerie jarrett said got president obama elected. >> no question. i think any candidate left or right and whether you're hillary clinton or whether you're ran paul, they do want to control everything on this campaign. when you have ran paul sitting down with a reporter that, is all orchestrated, who it's going to be, what network it's going to be. not always the way that you answer the questions. i think the quedz will come in the future. she will have scheduled interviews. she has. to she can't avoid it. certainly there will be debates. there will be reporters that can throw questions out when they can catch the scooby van. right now it's a few days into it, this is a very sh very
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different style of campaigning. that won't be for long. >> it also, she may have also shown the american public that she is scared and she's not ready for prime time. what is so scary about sitting dwoun a down with a reporter? really? there is nothing i can ask her about that she doesn't know more than i do on when it comes to her policies. nothing. she knows her policies better than anybody. there was a moment when she was asked about her plan for cracking down on campaign finance and she said we'll have a plan on the plan. i mean it was like she -- i don't know if she's ready. >> i would agree with you that she's ready. i think she's more than ready. this it is. >> for the interview, i mean. >> she has that one shot. what she clearly wants to do is
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say look, i know you know the hillary that was first lady and senator and secretary of state. bill's wife and the scandals. let me show you the hillary you don't know. when the ram rrnlt rolling, that's the way they're starting it out before. they have any rallies and any it isdowns. she should sit down with you. you have a great audience. she needs to show that. i think she can shine in that capacity. i think that is forthcoming. i think it's unavoidable. >> i love the way you make me sound. by the way, i want to correct myself, it wasn't valerie jarrett, it was anita dunn. but listen why do you think it is she's doing it other than a calculated reasoning that it won't behoove her or she isn't ready for it. she knows she has to. so why not just get your you know, take your licks. take a few punches. do whatever you're going to do. she has to get her sea legs
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back. we have to get going. the other guys are out. there they're getting issues out. they're getting pummelled. they're working on the methods. they're only going to get better. >> true but she's had an image problem. she knows this. she's been looked at and is certainly a 1%er. she had a terrible book launch. she needs to change. that she needs to sit down in the setting where she is most comfortable which is that small group and one-on-one. she needs to show people that, look, i may have millions of dollars but i can grab a burrito at chipotle. >> she did that. she did that. let me just say. but she did that and it had to be people who were like democratic campaign operate ifdzives she sat w it wasn't real people. then she kept repeating the stuff she said in the infomercial shehe came out with on
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monday. she was saying i think the american people need a champion. that's not -- what is that doing for her? >> i think it's early. many republicans say i like it. it's different. it doesn't mean they'll vote for her. she's not going for the people that hater or she has to vote up. she's going for the people that really aren't sure about her or the other kanld dates. i think she's starting -- she's going to walk before she runs. >> can you imagine sitting in coach and having hillary clinton sit down. well, hi. of course she probably wasn't seated -- i don't know how it works. it's fun to think b great to see you, leslie. see you shortly. >> thank you. >> also developing, a top republican candidate says there say big scandal coming that he claims could derail hillary clinton's entire campaign.
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we've been doing digging, we'll have a full report. >> our panel has some thoughts on. that and senator ran paul turns the table on democrats when he is asked about abortion during an interview. up next tony perkins on why this may be a very big deal for republicans. >> you go back and ask deb qui wasserman shultz if she's okay with killing a seven pound baby that is not born yet. ask her when life begins and you ask debbie when she's willing to protect life. when you get an answer from debbie, come back to me. >> thank you. i love life, but really i love my chico's life. i take good care of myself and i love what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection only at chico's and
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quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. s. ed media wasted no time challenging kanld dates on abortion. but then something interesting happened, ran paul put the democrats on the defensive. in a back and forth tw the chair of the democratic national committee. trace gallagher in our newsroom with what has become already a big moment in the opening weeks of this race. >> ran paul is saying the other side of the debate should say why a baby doesn't have rights.
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when paul was asked about exemptions for rape incest and the life of the mother in danger, he posed this question. listen. >> why don't we ask the dnc is it okay to kill a 7 pound baby in the uterus? you go back and you ask debbie wasserman shultz if she's okay with killing a seven pound baby that is just not born yet. >> wasserman shultz responded saying here's an answer i support letting women and her doctors make this decision without government getting involved, period. end of story. but storty was just beginning because she didn't answer rand paul's questions. on cnn she was asked if it's okay from her perspective to kill a 7 pound baby in uterus. again, the dnc chair side stepped the question and was not pressed any further. but when she appeared on the kelly file wasserman shultz was reminded that 80% of the public is against abortion in the third trimester. and then there was this
9:16 pm
exchange. >> the stay has the right to set limits. they have the right to set limits. so he's trying to get to the democrats position on at what point is it appropriate to say it's no longer just between a woman and her doctor? >> what is appropriate from our perspective, i'll speak tore myself. i think i can speak for most of my party and that is that a woman's right to make her own decisions about her body should be between her and her doctor. >> wasserman shultz was unable to pick a specific date and time for when life begins. rand paul has said he's 100% pro-life but has said he would also support an exemption if the mother's life was in danger. megan? >> thank you. joining me now, tony perkins, president of the family research council. great to see you, tony. and what a moment that has turned out to be in this campaign already for the first time to hear abortion being talked about in this manner. >> that one question whether or not miss shultz would draw the
9:17 pm
line at a seven pound baby really has turned the tables. because tests have shown just how extreme the democratic party is on the issue of abortion. i have to say this megan. not just the democratic party. really the media. that for years, that i given cover to those who just want to play these gotcha questions on the exceptions issue. >> by and large, i would say many republicans believe in life period. time of conception forward. they want that baby protected. but by and large, republican candidates have said we're not going to mess with abortion rights in the first trimester given the law as it stands. you know, you have to really repeal roe versus wade and casey and so on. the media goes after these republicans trying to make them seem like they're going to roll back all these rights which would be very hard to do. and the republicans now are starting to switch it back on the democrats. >> this actually has been a number of years in the making. you go back in early '90s and
9:18 pm
there was the partial birth abortion ban. took a decade to get that in place. now that's the law across america. >> it was afforded the bay been 80% of the american public. >> primarily because of science and technology. technology is given us a window into the womb, to see that these are in fact children. over a dozen states have the pain capable bill. those are children over 5 months old in the womb that experts say can feel pain. and so 12 states have banned abortions after that period. but what's been interesting about this is that this goes back to really two years ago when kermit goznal in philadelphia who was sentenced to life in prison for murder. that has really drawn back the curtain on what miss shultz is defending. and what the response -- >> some of it. her response is so sweeping. i think a thoughtful response, you know, the democrats say
9:19 pm
safe, legal and rare needs to emphasize the rarety and the extreme cases in which they think that will be appropriate as opposed to refusing to set the limit. >> she draws a big circle and includes everything in it. the response to her comment and part to your program you had her on has shown that american people are not with him. and the democratic party is more in line with kerm it goznal. >> if not the democrats should clarify. that because safe, legal and rare should be -- the third trimester should be an easy one. it should be illegal except in the most extreme cases. a mother's life is in danger. why can't they just say that? >> on the issue of the mother, when the mother is the first patient, that's not an abortion. >> when the mother as life in danger, she's the first patient. >> that's right. >> but what happens here with the media continuing to push this issue of exceptions and the democrats going after the republicans, it's avoided the more -- the deeper questions
9:20 pm
about, number one, addressing our laws as it pertains to adoption. make ago dopgs more of an option. it talks about trafficking. right now in the senate, a trafficking bill is stopped over this issue. >> that's right. >> this very issue. >> this has been a bit f of a third rail. they don't want to talk about social issues. it's a kickoff issue in this campaign. tony, always great to hear your perspective. major left leaning newspaper praises hillary clinton for not having any nips, tucks or injections before laufrnling her presidential campaign. applauded for looking her age. this is this a fair topic or is this a bit sexist? we'll have a fair and balanced debate next. and senator marco rubio's presidential announcement had one media personality saying he is just a little boy compared to hillary clinton. her experience and wisdom. a closer look at the coverage of the gop presidential hopefuls and how the candidates themselves are pushing back. >> now just yesterday a leader
9:21 pm
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a clunlist for the "l.a. times" praising hillary clinton
9:24 pm
for experience confidence and for not going under the knife before this campaign. really? so leslie her name is megan dom and she praises hillary clinton for vying for the most powerful post in the free world with jowls, face creases and less than pilates toned physique. is this sexist? is it a reality or both? >> urnnfortunately it's a reality that we look at female kanld dates. i'm a woman first before a democrat. i think that this is sexist. i was so surprised a, a woman wrote it, b, the "l.a. times" reported it. here in l.a. they're thinking about putting botox in the water much that's irrelevant when someone is running for office. this is not supposed to be about her hair, what color if her breasts are hanging to her knees, if she had botox or
9:25 pm
dental work. this is sexist. >> they say that can help you out. someone said on larry king live, it is called a face lift. sorry. i digress. the headline is like, what? she's getting praised for not getting a face lift? >> talk about setting bart low, number one. number two, talk about a back handed compliment. congratulations, you look like an old bag and we think that's great and all that stuff. geez, thank you. there is that side of it. but look, men and women alike are judged relentlessly on their appearance. >> oh, come on! >> no wait. wait. >> leslie? >> i'm pretty. so i don't have to worry about it. it's just a look that i have. it's okay for me. i don't have to worry about that part. but bill clinton his own self recently had to respond or through proxies respond to the fact that "new york times"
9:26 pm
pointed out that he looked every bit of his 69 years and seemed much more grandfatherly and he wanted everybody to know he was still vigorous and vital. so age and potential -- >> your one example does not prove that there is not a double standard for men and women. and can i tell you, i heard this discussed with apologies to the "l.a. times" writer who is taking a hit in this segment i heard other people discuss. this like it is surprising to them that she didn't get a face lift before she went out to run for president because she needs to seem yublg youthful and in command and vibrant. they don't say that about the male candidates leslie. >> no. i'm not hearing anything about the tie marco rubio was wearing or rand paul needs to lighten his hair color or even talking about chris christie and his weight. we're hearing -- >> we did hear that. brit hume raised that. >> rand paul's hair chris christie's gernlg andirth and other
9:27 pm
topics come up. there is a sexism part about it talking about plastic surgery. we talked about joe biden and his hair john kerry and his face. that is the whole thing. but yes, women -- >> chris, you know women are not allowed to age. that is the official rule. we can get older but we can never look like we got older. that's apparently the rule. and that's what this writer is talking about. she is talking about how women somehow become repulsive as they age. like age on a woman is somehow repulsive. >> and quite frankly, cares what their experience is, what their education is, what their politics are, what their campaign is about. how did their eye shadow look and did they get a mani and pedi. >> do you think margaret thach her to go through this? >> yes she did. >> did she get kudos for not getting plastic surgery? >> they didn't have et then. >> i bet marilyn monroe would argue with that. there were things to be done.
9:28 pm
all right. i got to go. interesting discussion. >> one gop presidential hopeful says he knows what the next big clinton scandal will be. he actually says he believes it will derail hillary clinton's campaign. details on that just ahead. and while some reporters are happy to adoringly chase the former secretary of state like they chased the llamas on the highway, they haven't shown exactly the same love in pursuing ted cruz, rand paul and marco rubio for just a moment on camera. howie kurts is next on what that means for 2016. ♪
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headquarters a gas line explosion in central california friday injuring at least 11 people while shutting down a major highway the blast sent a fireball into the sky, reportedly happened when a work crew using heavy equipment struck the gas line. traffic stopped on both sides of highway 99 north of fresno. two people are in critical condition. >> civil rights groups in south carolina are demanding a federal investigation of shootings involving police n a county where a white officer fatally shot a black man this month. revealing the police involved shootings date back to 1994. now back to "the cell eye file" file."
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grounded by the lessons of our history i announce my candidacy for president of the united states. >> that is marco rubio and his run for president earlier this week. like the other republican contenders, he was immediately hit with some tough coverage. watch. >> no. like hillary clinton, marco rubio. >> and i would -- maybe this is my ideology. >> watch that screen. >> i'm sorry. >> that's a little boy and that is an experienced accomplished woman that was elected to senate twice, served as first lady and served as secretary of state. >> your fellow republicans have been very critical of president obama over the last six years on domestic policy and foreign policy. and i know you've heard the chorus. some in your party said we should have never lekted a first term senator and here you are six years later, a first term senator. do you expect them to change their tune? >> well, there's a difference between barack obama and i. i think our histories much much
9:34 pm
different. >> you're casting yourself as a candidate of a new generation but there is an issue where you're very out of step with younger voters. on that issue same-sex marriage, senator you're the candidate of yesterday. >> those are both very fair questions. the first was a comment that you wouldn't -- that you might expect on that channel. but the fact that republican candidates would face those kinds of questions did not stop them from doing a series of national tv interviews right after jumping into the race and taking the heat. senator ted cruz sat down winlt views here. senator rubio refused to shy away from the post announcement media questioning sitting down for nine interviews and six networks in the first three days out. all of them join "the kelly file." joining me now on "the kelly file," howie kurts. one of these things is not like
9:35 pm
the others. he has not visited "the kelly file" nor any other media outlet. >> was it that woman who ordered the burrito? yes hillary clinton. she's been in this protective cocoon while the other candidates and i agree that matt slaur asking fair questions and taking the heat and engaging the media primary. this is what you're supposed to do when you make an announcement. you show you can handle the tough pitching. >> yes. but the issue with marco rubio and the republicans has been they've gotten hit in some instances by people who really don't like them. that's what that first clip shows with mica saying she's a little boy. i don't know whether she purports to be a straight news journalist. she does, right? >> she used to be but not. >> she is a left leaning talking head. >> there is nothing wrong. >> but that is so condescending. so much she's a commentator.
9:36 pm
like o'reilly is never condescending. she's allowed to be. fwhut is what he's up against. most in the mainstream media thinks the way mica thinks as opposed to the straight news journalists who may be more fair minded. >> not only did his rollout get overshadowed by the hillary xraf granza, but i think he got short trip from the mainstream media in another way. a lot of the stories were about, for example not just question about his experience as the first term senator but his home state florida rivalry with jeb bush. kind of like a soap opera kind of thing. then the new york observer that found a picture of marco rubio in high school participating in a play in which he was a chippendale. he was in high school. and i think the reason here is that a lot of the press which is slavishly follows the polls and concluded way prematurely that he doesn't have a serious shot at the nomination which i don't think is true. >> okay.
9:37 pm
but here's the question. eventually hillary clinton has to come out of the cocoon and speak to reporters. how are they going to treat her? i don't know that slobbering love affair that they had with president obama will be there. what do you think? >> i don't think so. i think we have actually a sneak preview if we look at the book tour which was kind of her prepresidential wink and a nod rollout. you know, there was some soft interviews. she got a lot of tough questions. she was so rusty she made mistakes like saying that she was dead broke when she and her husband left the white house. i don't think there is any love lost between the two sides. i think the presidents is going to be feeling extra responsibility because they are pretty tough on the republican candidates, not to roll over for hillary clinton. and i think if they do they will get called out on it. >> okay. we shall see. we have, you know, year and a half to go. at some point the cocoon must open, the butterfly will spread its wings and fly. great to see you, howie.
9:38 pm
>> same here megan. >> when charles had a chance to weigh in on the media coverage and what we can expect, he wrote -- brace yourselves for a glorious republican punchup. punctuated by endless coverage of the democrats coronation march. after which we shall decide the future of our country, just the way the founders drew it up." rich lowry is a fox news contributor. it basically means you're talking about the coverage while you're in the coverage. it's all the thing is what you're talking about. >> it's all very confusing. >> i wish people wouldn't say meta with all due respect to charles. he is basically mocking this race already and saying it's the most unusual thing we've seen in history. >> right. she is not really running against anyone. she's running against herself and against her own standard. and we saw for someone who has been at the summit of american politics for 25 years and supposed to be this grand elder states woman of american
9:39 pm
politics really a bizarre and madcap launch to her campaign with her reporters and chasing after her van like the llama and assessing over the chipotle burritto bowl. i'm sorry, i have to get this correct. >> i'm not sure it was a llama. >> i have to get my facts straight. please forgive me. but look, why didn't she do just what most big politicians would do a big speech you? build a crowd. you give an inspire talk. it captures the core of your message. >> let me ask you that same question. so chris is of "the washington post." i always screw up the last name. >> you got it right. i got nothing right so far in this segment. >> sorry. it's fine. as long as we correct ourselves. he writes -- he gives credit to the "washington post" who ran after hillary and found her in an unscheduled stop in mt.
9:40 pm
vernon. they asked her to explain about her reform to fix the finance system. she response is we have a plan. we have a plan for my plan. so my question to you is maybe that's why we haven't had the big speech because there is really no plan for the plan. >> she doesn't have it yet. she has people in dozens and dozens of people cooking this all up and looking at the focus groups and she'll land in the perfect place to cater just enough to the left of the party without getting herself out of position in a democratic -- in a general lection. >> which of these republican candidates do you see as the most risky when it comes to dealing with the media? and i know rand paul had his testiness with some reporters. take that out of it. let's assume he can get past that. >> i do think it's rand just because that's an element of who he is. and you have to work carefully to control it. you look at marco rubio. he got tough questions this
9:41 pm
week. he acquitted hum self wonderfully. he is such a smooth and fluid communicator. ted cruz if nothing else is always on message. jeb bush has been around this game forever. some of the lesser candidates i would worry about scott walker still needs -- he's a little rocky on national policy which he hasn't familiar with. but it is -- this is a very deep and very solid republican field. it's going to be ugly at times. it's going to be chaotic. but given all the alternative of where the democrats are having all their eggs in this one basket which at times seems fragile and having this deep republican feel that is going to havek file" tive e file" ac i'dl file" l file" ra a y file" re ublican. >> rich great to see you. >> thanks. >> coming up, is there a new scandal on the horizon for hillary clinton? that is one of the top 2016 contenders is telling our own carl cameron. details are next.
9:42 pm
>> i think they're going to make people question whether or not she ought to run for president. >> can you tell us what you're talking about? >> and it wouldn't be a secret anymore, carl. it's a secret right now. it's coming soon. your buddy ron is always full of advice. usually bad. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor you knew better. the e series. legendary quality. unexpected low price. every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand in america.
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rand paul predicting a secret scandal will soon become a big campaign story. >> there's going to be stuff coming out about the clinton
9:46 pm
foundation and there are donations from different companies that get special approval from the secretary of state. coming out the next couple of weeks. are we going to hear any questions from the media? will it be a love fest to hillary clinton? >> joining me now with more, allen combs. >> he is saying i want to be president of the united states and i don't bant towant to face hillary clinton. scandal is coming. >> it's very strange, right? >> it's a great tease. >> he is trying to titillate people. either you got it or you don't have it. >> show what you got. >> getting people all revved up and putting scandal next to clinton, can't happen, right? >> just say to carl, then it wouldn't be a secret. >> what does he know? not sure i want to be there.
9:47 pm
>> i'm not sure he wants to. >> clearly, he is trying to set some hey maybe he doesn't want to run against hillary clinton and find a way to get her out of contention. >> i'm sure manufacturey of the republicans feel that way. she is the most powerful democrat. >> so if they can put her aside. >> let me ask new all seriousness. he expanded early on a little bit on. this he told our own shawn hannity she's in charge of approving business deals as secretary of state. anything that relateses to our security, he said there is going to be something coming out about companies she approved the deals for. hannity asked him, she was first against it and then became for it after money went to her foundation and rand paul said significant amounts, over $100 million being given to her foundation coming out in the next two weeks. it sounds like she denied them for secretary, they paid the foundation and then she approved something. >> this is all speculation. if it's true that she a, gets to approve business deals and as
9:48 pm
stekt secretary of state and then approved a deal that benefited the person who got the deal and concerning a decision she can make, you'd have to prove all that. that's a lot. that's a lot of heavy lifting. >> but, you know, what they really need to do if they want to disqualify hillary clinton is disqualify her with the democrats right? >> that's right. >> she is by far and away the leader of that pack. i mean if something like this even potentially going to bring her down? >> no. people are not focused on 2016. you know we love the stuff. we love to look at the stuff. viewers of fox news love all this stuff. many voters are not even thinking about 2016 yet. and they're throwing this stuff at her now which helps her. throw what you got, get it overwith and then by the time -- >> if she would only speak it to. if she doesn't speak it to weeks go on and then this is all the stuff they want to talk about. >> does she have to talk to every tease? every allegation? all we have is a tease. coming up next -- >> it's not my fault.
9:49 pm
take it up with rand paul. he was saying there was going to be a disqualifying scandal coming about her. >> let her come on this show and address it directly. that's the way she should do it. >> i like the way you're thinking. up next with have determined whether it was a llama or elpaca. now we know the difference. >> even though the 2016 campaign is under way, the late night comics are finding plenty of material to make us laugh. we put together some of our favorites next. >> hillary clinton is running around in a van that stopped at a chipoltle in ohio a gas station in pennsylvania and she is fastidious librarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned.
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9:52 pm
the late-night comics are finding plenty of material in
9:53 pm
the 2016 race for president. here are some of our favorites so far. >> supporters are saying her stop at chipotle proves she's a regular down to earth person who has the common touch. that seems to be their theme. in fact, hillary was seager to prove she had the common touch we got the photos minutes ago. just pretend. to she stopped by a water park to o. show she's a regular -- yeah, [ applause ] >> whee! she fought for a sweater at the dress barn. just like a regular -- yeah. >> it's funny. as soon as a person announces they're running for president, they have to pretend they're not rich anymore. hillary clinton is a at t drere multimillionaire and they have her crammed in the back of a van eating jalapeno poppers.the back >> top things in hillary clinton's van.n.>> t iowa? i thought we were going to see fish. number nine, this is my ing van-ghazi, get it?o see get it?ni
9:54 pm
number six, no one wants to sit my on your lap, bill. >> the news media didn't cover si secretary clinton's fast food choice, they went all in. >> >> the only clinton sighting di came at a f >> she's like us, eats at chipotle. >> security video captured her n ordering. she thought had a chicken burrito bowl with black beans. >> she also ordered an iced tea. >> how many napkins? i bet it was three. it could have been four.sociated jon stewart associated press, how many napkins? i bet it was three. could have been four. you call yourselves a news network. how many [ bleep ] napkins? >> the water slide was the best.rselve first, coming up on hannity.leep ] >> if you know the open rst, com canisters, i'm just surprised there's not more deaths with kids going into the water and drowning.ow because the majority of them are
9:55 pm
whacked out. if you see the standby people, heir thes bystanders standing around watching that young girl getting randy and no one doing anythingw -- >> nobody lifted a finger in broad daylight. on >> it's ate a point right now where you've got to do in something. otherwise she should be thrown out of office. 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are. so i use quickbooks and run my entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it.
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9:59 pm
that's the alpaca over there on the right. the llama tends to be two times as big as the alpaca. now take a look at the video and you tell me, what are they chasing? yeah. >> llamas. >> the team was right, llamas. it was the two llamas on the loose. llamas tend to be independent, and alpacas are more shy and smart. fyi, they have different ears. my apologies to the llama and alpaca enthusiasts. man, they got a lot of play. go to kelly file. tell me what you think. thanks for watching our special. i'm megin kelly. live from america's news headquarters. i'm patricia stark. california health officials declaring the measles outbreak linked to disneyland is over.
10:00 pm
no new cases have appeared in 42 days. the outbreak started in december when it was believed someone who caught the virus overseas visited the park. it spread to six other states, mexico and canada. 147 people fill ill in the u.s. fortunately no one died. many who got sick weren't vaccinated, sparking debate about children who don't immunize their children. the man accused of planning a terror attack in the u.s. pleaded not guilty in court on charges of supporting terrorism. he trained with militants overseas and talked about doing something, quote, big in the u.s. like going to military bases and shooting soldiers. i'm patricia stark. welcome to the special edition of "hannity." sadly, our dire warnings about the dangers of spring break have now become a reality. tonight we want to make